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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 19, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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which is back open as we speak. >> it was shut down to riders for the better part of several hours. investigators spoke to the man at that time convincing him to come down to safety. the man dangled over the station before police officers we s were to close the station. >> reporter: if you take a look right there behind me, those are the regular b.a.r.t. riders, with their regular frustrations, but before, at 5:00, i showed you a line of people shuttled from the bus station over there over to where that sign is over there, it is a mess and that's the way b.a.r.t. described it. let's show you some aerials we took a little bit earlier, these people were wait forgiing for ao take them to the walnut creek
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b.a.r.t. station. in both directions, not stopping at walnut creek, all because of that man who was threatening suicide at that walnut krek station. this is what b.a.r.t. had to say about that. >> we want people to understand the severity of this and while it's very frustrating to not be able to get home, we need to make sure this person doesn't harm himself. >> it's frustrating, but it's unforeseen, and i'm going to be fine, i'm going to get hom, so think positively. >> and the people we talked to here all had that sort of same mind set that we couldn't foresee this happening, these strange things sort of happen periodically and we'll just ride with it. there are still cars coming, picking up people who have been riding b.a.r.t. to the lafayette station, we're told the trains are going to be crowded for a while and there may be residual delays, so you should be
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prepared for that, if you're coming east. prepare for crowded trains and a bit of a delay, but the crisis is over and the trains are moving once again. live in lafayette, eric thomas, abc7 news. >> download our abc7 news app to get updates directly to your mobile device. a new chapter in uc berkeley's battle over free speech. representatives for ann coulter say that her event will happen next week. three berkeley aprpolitical eve in three months have resulted in violence. last week about a dozen people were hurt and three people were arrested during a clash between groups in support and in opposition to president trump. last month a similar encounter ended with ten arrests. now remember in february, people
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set fires and smashed windows around spiral plaza on the campus of uc berkeley. here's the latest on this story. >> reporter: dan, student groups say that ann coulter will speak here on campus next thursday as planned. they're now looking at both venues both on campus and off campus and they say they'll announce exactly where she'll be speaking next week. conservative commentator ann coulter says she will speak at uc berkeley next week. instructing berkeley student group to spare no expense in renting my speaking platform. she will be speaking to uc berkeley's-after heightened security concerns following
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protests as recently as this past weekend. >> we could not find a venue that would allow us to officer safety and security to the speaker, to those who would attend the event, who are neighbors, as well as those who might choose to lawfully protest her appearance. >> this is the third event in a row that we have had cancelled. >> ann coulter will speak at uc berkeley whether bierkeley like it or not. >> there's several locations we have secured and are making sure are safe before we commit to those locations, we're always concerned about our members in particular, we have been attacked, we have been spit on, it's hard being a republican in berkeley. >> the university has an unwavering commitment to provide security for the campus and students. in berkeley, melanie woodrow,
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abc7 news. in albany, the school board has decided to hear the case against seven students. the students are accused of exchanging nazi salutes in the hallway and posting racist meme's on facebook last month. the board will meet on april 25 to discuss the policyings and procedures. a officers also discovered dozens of tubes of hash oil and thousands of dollars in cash. the driver a 30-year-old is under arrest on multiple charges. >> it's 4/20 tomorrow, and at 4:20, thousands of people are expected to light up, a joint that is. but this year the annual smokeout will be conducted by
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the city. >> reporter: this is hippy hill, a lot of activity at this joint, they're building a stage behind me, they're moval port-a-potties, they're moving garbage cans, and people high on that hill, already stake out their piece of grass. >> we have been begging for more port-a-pottyings and thempk like that. this is what it looked like year on 4/20, at hippie hill in golden state park, more than 10,000 people with a buzz. 4/20, the time and day along associated with a marijuana smoking holiday, an organic counter culture smokeout. the day also produced ten tons of trash and numerous arrests. cost to the city last year for cleanup and security, more than $100,000. supervisors president says it is
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what it is. >> this event, as i said, it is going to happen whether we want the event to happen or not. >> the city still will not sanction 4/20 tomorrow, but will try to control it. >> there will be no drugs for sale, no unauthorized music and no unpermitted concessions and no alcohol. >> reporter: for the first time, the city will partner with groups mostly from the hague. >> if you want to keep the beautiful park beautiful, right, and of course, the upper hague clean and safe. >> reporter: they have raised $100,000 to help defray the city's costs, there will be more port-a-potties, garbage cans and help with cleanup afterwards. they're paying for this fence around the perimeter with only two entrances to hippie hill manned by court. so how does this sound to those tripin' out tomorrow? >> it's been really packed and really out of control the last three years. >> reporter: it's high time, many say, for the city to do
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something about it. last year, pg&e laid off hundreds of people, increased customers bills and was convicted for crimes in the san bruno explosion, but the utility company still gave hefty pay raises to city executives. the port authority made almost $12 million, a 3.8% increase, the if the of electricity operations may went up by almost 12% and the president of gas saw a 9% increase. pg&e stock did perform well in 2016, going up more than 46%. the regulator tasked with overseeing the bank regulations of wells fargo, knew about the company's illegal sales practice in 2010 and took no action. earlier this year, the occ fired the person in charge of examining the san francisco bay's bank, wells far kboe
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employees greeted as many as 2 million customer accounts without the customer's concept. the search is on for a small plane and the people on board who should have returned on monday. the plane was supposed to land at petaluma municipal airport but it never arrived. >> reporter: that plane would have arrived about 48 hours ago, it still hasn't. this has been a frustrating day all around for people in the north bay. we have been calling the civil air patrol, the sheriff's department in sierra county, trying to find out more information. we know this at this point. there are still search planes in the air, but no trace. at the petaluma municipal airport, the flag not flying after half staff for two pilots who have not returned home. the blue plane left the truckee
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airport headed back to put lum ma. neighborings declined to speak on camera, but described them as loving parents of four daughters, bob patterson described them as excellent pilots. >> they flew the plane quite often, very comp tent pilots. i mean they flew all across california. >> the couple did not file a flight plan for their return trip, but basically on radar, the civil air patrol has been searching an year between weber lake and jackson meadows roughly 25 miles from truckee, it is rough terrain, and heavy snow. back in the petaluma diner, waited for all trucks he tried hard to speak of in present tense, but that became more difficult with every passing hour. >> she was also very nice, they were just seemingly neat people, you know, nice nice people. if that makes sense. >> and him? >> again, very soft, quiet, but
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nice. >> reporter: from the petaluma municipal airport, abc7 news. we have new details about the man who opened fire in fresno yesterday killing three people. and remember smurf the cat, he got help from the nine lives shelter, now the shelter needs your hapelp. the rain is headed our way, and i'll tell you how much and where we can expect it to fall. what is the truth in palo alto, folks have been telling the truth inside the
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kori ali muhammed said he chose his victims because they were white. >> reporter: three days after a murder at motel 6, kori muhammed's appearance was the only thing that gave him away when he visited them on sunday. >> he was just nice and calm and cool. >> vincent taylor gave it to us from behind a screen door. kori muhammed practiced politheism, he you up as korikoi
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taylor. his father says he wasn't necessarily book star, but he was very intelligent. >> kori was doing very, very well, and the black people think that the white house white people put the coke kachb out on the streets. >> reporter: he developed a hatred for white people, which his dad says he try fod talk him out of. and he got involved in drugs. police arrested him with a large amount of crack as well as a semi-automatic handgun and two rifles. his dad said that arrest may have saved a lot of lives. >> when kori went to prison, when he got caught with the crack cocaine, kori left washington to come to fresno to shoot up a church of white people. >> reporter: kori's father says he told authorities about his plan to kill white people years ago, but he says they never
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followed up. the new regulations were put in place today by the secretary of the navy, they come after a news investigation revealed service members took explicit pictures of female marines and shared them online. under the new regulations, anyone caught sharing nude pictures without consent, will be charged with failure to follow a direct order. that could lead to a courts-martial and a two-year imprisonment term. green cards are going to be getting a new look to prevent fraud. the new green card will show the picture on both sides. signature also not be on the cards anymore and there not be a stripe on the back. green card holders are legal permanent residents of the united states. well, tonight, it's game two between the warriors and trail blazers in the nba playoffs. >> the doves won the first game, but will play tonight without
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kevin durant. >> mike schuman is at oracle arena with a look at the game. >> reporter: guys, k.d. cat is out of the bag, kevin durant will not play, nor will shaun livingston or matt barnes. he went up on a jump shot, and came down and kind of tweaked his knee because he did have a bone bruise in his tibia, then later on in the sequence, he went down on the other side of the court and got kneed on the back of the calf. so contusion, they didn't feel like it was worth it to have him play, this is a marathon not a sprint. we asked steve kerr why the decision. >> it's not worth it. it's twinged. you throw him out there and he pulls its and he's out for two weeks and you feel like an idiot, so we're going to err on
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the side of caution and hopefully with a few days of rest we'll get him right. >> reporter: well, i asked steve kerr who would start tonight, he wouldn't tell me, but i think it's going to be patrick mccall. we'll have a lot more coming up in sports, i'm mike schuman live at oracle. >> now we want to see your warriors pride, share your pictures online and add the #dubson7. it's time to turn to our weather and maybe some more rain coming our way. >> boy, it's the rainy season, spencer that will not end. >> so there's little rain to our north right now, and as it sweeps southward, we're going to use santa rosa as our lookout point. we'll see almost no measurable rain until after 10:00 p.m. or so, a couple hundredths of an
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inch and it will move even farther south and into the remainder of the bay area, let's take you to live doppler 7, you can see that moisture to the north, but right now we have mainly blue sky out over the bay, these are some current conditions, 65 here in san francisco, 67 in oakland, upper 60s also in mountain view, san jose, gill roy, a temperature of 59 degrees at half moon bay. this is a view from emeryville. 62 in santa rosa right now, and mid 60s in napa, novato, fairfield and livermore. and this is a view of the golden gate where we see partly cloudy skies, we'll have light showers late tonight, early tomorrow morning. and sunny skies by midday tomorrow, and we'll have a dry pattern through the weekend. moving along to overnight low,
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generally in the low to mid 50s, and it will be generally mild overnight, and with the passing showers, will will be only wet spots with the morning commute. the approaching storm ranks 1 on the storm impact scale, that's a storm of light intensity. we're not even expecting even a quarter of an inch in the north bay. that will be our wettest location, other locations around the bay area, should see less than a 10th of an inch. this is our forecast animation, notice it will be wet up around ukiah, it will take until about 10:00 or 11:00 until it get into the santa rosa area. as the morning commute comes under way, there will be widespread rainfall at that point. by mid morning, the storm should be over and we'll have a fairly mild day coming our way tomorrow. let's take a look at the thursday planner, 7:00 in the morning, partly cloudy, with some damp roadways, but then
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sunny skies from noon right on into the sunset hour into the early evening, and here is our accu-weather seven day forecast, partly cloudy early in the morning, sunny skies, mild conditions, in fact warmer friday, we'll see highs up around 80 degrees in our inland areas and over the weekend we'll see 70s around the bay and inland. and clouds increase on monday with the next chance of showers on tuesday and that storm is also looking like a relatively light one. not anything heavy, no washouts. all right, it's pink and blue and creamy and available for the first time today. >> ah, we put starbucks new unicorn
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. in bay area, unicorn is usually associated with silicon startups. >> a drink that a lot of people are eager to try? >> the starbucks unicorn frappuccino, with it's promise of magically changing colors and flavors, it's creating quite the buzz, even with no caffeine. people across the u.s., mexico and canada are posting pictures of the drink that is pretty in pink, we went to starbucks and checked it out for ourselves.
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>> so the taste is going to be more of a sweet or a power. >> i feel like it's a sour patch kit, and there is a secret ingredient, which will be the mango sere rip and we're going to use our pink powder. >> check that out. wow. >> i am sprinkling the sugars on top, it is sweet and sour. >> this is good, actually. hm. >> like it? >> yeah, it tastes like cream a bit. >> thanks to those of you who shared your opinions on social media as well. jenny tweeted me, not a fan of the sour blue stuff, but otherwise okay. actually the blue stuff is kind of what i like, you see all that sugar there, that gives it the sour pops to offset the sweet. it will only be available for five days before flying away. it's not quite in the realm
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of unicorns, but you could get internet access from a helicopter. >> it's all thanks to facebook and apparently this is for emergencies omt. >> a dreamer deported. tonight we dig into the case of a young man sent from the u.s. to mexico. kept me calm, she told me what to do, open the door and put the dog away because the dog was barking. >> you decide who the hero is, the 12-year-old boy who called 911 or the
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we're looking for answers, we haven't gotten them for weeks and weeks, despite repeated requests to the federal government. >> looking for answers after a man protected by the docca program is deported from the united states. he was reportedly sent back to mexico in february. >> but his lawyers are still trying to figure out exactly what happened. >> reporter: it's a battle of words between a dreamer of the department of homeland security. >> why is it that the government is saying one thing and agents
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in the field are doing something else? >> reporter: 23-year-old juan manuel montez was supposed to be subject to the deferred action for childhood immigrants. >> border patrol detained him, put him in deportation proceedings and in a matter of hours and then without a single explanation, without an attorney, without a single piece of paper to let him know what happened to him, deported him to mexico. >> reporter: according to court documents, montez's attorney said she was walking to a taxi stand when he was stopped and questioned by border patrol. he was arrested for illegal immigration on april -- however the department of homeland security says it only has a record of that second encounter. reaction on capitol hill was split along party lines, iowa gop congressman steve king who
6:31 pm
has called for stronger restriction on immigration shared his thoughts on twitter, toasting border patrol with a picture of a beer mug writing, this one's for you. house minority leader nancy pelosi said in a statement, the trump administration is terrorizing patriotic young people who want nothing more than to live live, work and continue to enjoy the country they live. >> it creates more fear, within myself, my community, because this is something that anyone is vulnerable to i.c.e. roundup. >> montez' attorney is trying to figure out what happened. happening now, san francisco police commissioners may pull the trigger and request more than $6 million to cover overtime costs, part of the increased costs are because the department has hired and therefore needs to train more new officers, officers are also
6:32 pm
spending more time in court on cases, the department also -- first amendment gatherings as well as services for homeless. tonight the supervisors could vote to send more money to the board of supervisors that does make the final decision. abc7 news was there when plane clothed dmv agents checked to make sure that the rite people used the placards when they park. >> it's frustrating to see someone park in a disabled parking space and not have a placard or the plates on the car. >> we see this a lot, especially in metropolitan areas where parking can be congested or can be a problem. >> california has issued 2.4 million disabled placards.
6:33 pm
officials say more stings like today are needed to keep people from abusing them. >> a 12-year-old boy is credited with calling 911 and helped to save his uncle's life. >> look at all of this greatness here on the stage. >> reporter: 12-year-old adrian perez and 911 dispatcher cory portlock met for the first time today, their initial encounter happened when adrian was tending to his 34-year-old uncle who suffers form diabetes. >> hiss sugar was at 19 and i gave him some food and it went up to 70. but it went back down and that's when i called. >> reporter: the shy sixth grader who attends middle school in san francisco, covered his face when the 911 audio recording was played back. >> i want you to put one hand on his forehead and the other hand under his chin and tilt his head
6:34 pm
back. >> okay. >> we're going to open his airway. him being so young and calm, it kind of freaked me out a little bit because young people, they're kind of not calm sometimes. >> she was on the line until the fire department came in. >> reporter: the 911 call was placed last month on march 6. the uncle has fully recovered and the family will always remember adrian's actions, especially his grand mother merced paris who was at today's ceremony. >> he figured out what he has to done. >> both adrian hand portlock received acknowledgmentses from the city. >> the more information our children can give a dispatcher can make all the difference in the world. all right? you guys remember that. know when to call, don't call when the cat is in the tree. >> adrian says he's now thinking of becoming a doctor. >> he's well on his way.
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a redwood city an mall shelter is looking for financial helpers as it readies to make a move into a new building. the nine lives shelter is for saving a kitten who was dyed blue. the foundation needs to make some repairs at the new location and is looking for help raising $200,000 in funds and they need to adopt or foster 80 cats currently in their care. if you want to help out, search the word shelter on abc7 truth in a booth. it's an art exhibit that's popped up in palo alto. only a few more hours of dry weather remains as we look live weather remains as we look live from the abc7 explore weather remains as we look live from the abc7 explore you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me.
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what is the truth in that's what a traveling art exhibit is asking. jonathan bloom has the truth about the truth booth. >> what's the truth? >> i don't know that i want to
6:39 pm
share that with you. i did it privately in there. that took all the guts that i have. >> reporter: ike griffith just emerged from the truth booth. >> this touring inflatable speech bubble. >> the artists say it's an effort to put the public in public art. >> it's literally putting people inside an art work. >> reporter: there's not much inside, just a stool and a camera. >> it's sort of a photo booth that you can let it rip. >> reporter: for five years, they have been letting people tell the truth in afghanistan and across the u.s. >> truth is very subjective. so this is a perfect time to host the truth booth in front of city hall. >> reporter: whatever the truth is, the artists found that the telling of it can have a profound effect, mostly on the person doing the telling. >> that was emotional. >> reporter: telling a truth that she's barely told anyone. >> i was assaulted and i wanted to talk about how my truth is
6:40 pm
that i'm scared. >> the truth is that i'm hurting. >> the people that hurt the most have all left. >> everyone makes mistakes. >> people were like, you're going to get all this stuff about the housing crisis, you're going to get a lot by trump, and we never do, it's personal. >> i happened to be walking by, i was going to read my book in the park and i saw this and found it intriguing. >> it's kind of like confession. >> i was not proud of it so now i feel kind of absolved of my sins. ? palo alto, jonathan bloom. >> the truth is out there. facebook has a helicopter that can bring back the internet, it's called the tenna. these are pictures of that
6:41 pm
device. the device would hover a few hundred feet in the air to provide wireless internet access. so far this year, facebook zpok has seared in value by more than 25%. today it rose more and closed at 142.27. the dow lost more than 100 points and closed just over 20,400. the nasdaq gained 13 points today. coming up next, the dangers of dog walking. >> we're serious, and the advice we found could keep
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6:44 pm
there was a special ribbon cutting ceremony in san francisco, daggett plaza is unique in that it was developed by a private company. it is next to new housing units the company built near the ucsf campus. >> it's next to a train rail, freeway, industrial, and now we're transforming it into a real neighborhood. >> the park features public art, unique sitting areas and a fenced in dog area too.
6:45 pm
equity residential will maintain the public park instead of the city's recs and parts department. >> walking your dog can be the highlight of their day. >> all right, stay. >> at nearly 100 pounds, elvis would be a handful for any new dog owner and gary weis burger says she has more than enough strength to pull him to the ground. >> i just didn't have control of him and his sheer weight would like lunge me forward. >> more than 86,000 met owners suffer fall injuries every year, with dogs blamed for most of them. >> we have seen a ton of injuries, we have seen other animals hurt. >> reporter: but veteran dog trainer has tips, even those
6:46 pm
with large dogs or dogs that might be on the rambunctious side. and holding the leash with just enough slack that the dog won't pull against it. body position is also key. one of the most common injury scenarios happens when one lu lunges for another during a walk. he says walking by your dog's side rather than behind, gives the owners the leverage to turn their dog's face away from the other animal. >> we can just redirect. >> reporter: other tips from dog trainers, avo voivoid wrapping leash tightly around your hand or fingers, also don't grab your dog by the collar, which can result in broken fingers. the key to training is making small adjustments as you walk. >> it's very important that we control the dog, because we can't control the environment.
6:47 pm
>> and carrie says it's already helping her have a better relationship with her dog. >> some advise against long leashes because it can encourage conflicts with other animals. >> these viewers shared their dog pictures with us, using the #abc7now. >> share you're pictures and videos with us on nbc 7 news bay area. for the latest on the weather let's get to spencer. >> here comes the rain, light rain, but rain nonetheless, it's falling up to our north all right and there's some moisture that may be hitting the ground up around ukiah and points north of ukiah, this storm is a light storm, it ranks 1 on the storm impact scale, it will produce light showers for us.
6:48 pm
most other location also receive less than .10 inch. here's the forecast animal starting at 7:00 this evening, notice that by 10:00 or 11:00, we'll see light rain moving down into the santa rosa area, continuing to move southward and eastward by midnight. and by the time the morning commute gets here, we'll see scatters and areas of damp roadway, but we don't expect areas of widespread rainfall, in fact by 7:00, 8:00, it should be all over giving us a sunny day tomorrow. highs in the low 70s around the bay and inland, tomorrow highs will reach about 80 degrees inland, on friday, still mild, still dry. the next chance of rain will be next tuesday as another light rain shower comes in. and the warriors are without one of their big stars. >> the warriors could rest kevin durant,
6:49 pm
tthey are 100% made-to-order,hat which is 100% awesome. 100% beef burgers with fries from denny's. 100% seriously.
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good evening, as we told you earlier, kevin durant has a calf
6:52 pm
injury that will keep him from playing tonight in oracle arena. >> he will not play tonight, they're erring on the side of caution, this is a marathon not a sprint. k.d. went up for a jump shot, he came down a little awkwardly, and later on in the sequence, he got kneed in the back of the calf. this is a game where they don't really need him. and we asked steve kerr afterwards how did k.d. take the news? >> he's bummed doubt, he wants to play for sure. but he knows you've got to do the wise thing, the smart thing long-term and it just doesn't make sense and he understands that, but he's frustrated. >> reporter: coach kerr would not admit who's going to start. look for patrick mccall to start
6:53 pm
instead. and portland's going to have a little bit of pep in their step knowing durant is not in the lineup. >> figure to see a lot of andre iguodala tonight. the sharks finally got their offense going thanks to a 7-0 explosion, and edmonton's -- clear a frustration play. despite the big win and all those goals, tonight's a whole new game, and the fact they won 7-0 yesterday doesn't mean anything today. >> i think all the teams that are left here take pride in their ability to respond to games like that and i'm sure we're going to see their best game and our game has to get even better than it was last night. >> check out the baseball boy,
6:54 pm
that's a nice way to head to a game. a's and rangers, chris davis and ryan healey score, 3-0 athletics. davis says he loves hitting in the coliseum, but he calls ate gruny stadium and he hit two home runs, davis with 7 on the year, five have come from the coliseum. and chad pender with his first of the year comes in the sixth. and the a's held texas down with only three hits, cruising to a 9-1 victory. madison bumgarner making his first appearance since game three in the world series where he was unbelievable. al and chessler cut bert to eduardo nunez who made a fantastic grab. but jason vargas has been dealing, he struck out the side in the third inning. and right now the score is 1-0
6:55 pm
kansas city. only eight days until the nfl draft. christian mccaffrey, the nfl star, posted this video o'hf his insanely fast feet. the first thing i thought is someone must have put this in fast forward, but you can see the clicker at the bottom of the screen, which you can't see because it's at the bottom of the video, but everything else in the scene is moving at normal speed and if you had the audio there, you would see it was just -- >> that's incredible. also mike shuman had a little bit of trouble hearing me, the word on kevin durant, he did not apparently warm up. he did not do any practice, to rest the calf, they're shutting it down for the rest of the day. that will mean he has a total of five days off between game one and game three, so they really are being extra caucus and they
6:56 pm
don't want any aggravation and they want him to play all the way until mid-june. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on kofi tv. and on abc7 news at 11:00, facebook wants to make pass words a thing of the past. learn what the social media giant has in mind. at 11:35, it's jimmy kimmel. guests are actress julia louis-dreyfus and actor kevin nelan. >> see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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