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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 19, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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showers return to the bay area tonight. looking live towards richmond where the clouds just opened up. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. begin with the rain as band of wet weather sweeps across the bay area. live look. showers started a few minutes ago. >> sandhya patel is tracking it. >> we have a spring storm dumping good rain around parts of the bay area. east bay, yellows and oranges are downpours around pine street and martinez, across 680 getting heavy rain and looking at rain rates, about half an inch an hour is what we're seeing. north bay, tiberon, paradise
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drive, moderate pockets as well. san francisco, bal bo with a, it's coming down. reports from twitter on this. level one. up to quarter inch of rain. scattered showers. will be slippery spots driving or walking tomorrow. ferry, light chop expected. hour by hour look coming up. as that light rain moves in stay on top of when showers will arrive where you live with the abc7 news accuweather app. developing news out of the east oakland hills. police are searching for armed man who shot a resident during a burglary. chimney rock. victim taken to hospital and expected to survive. zblp ann coulter insists coming
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to berkeley even though insist can't find a safe venue. sent out tweet instructing the student group to rent a venue. new details. >> reporter: more of a debate over scheduling as opposed to free speech. ann coulter says the event canceled by the university, officials say they can accommodate her but not in the time frame organizers and she hopes for. >> definitely speaking at berkeley. >> promise from fox news after a politically neutral campus group invited her to cal. >> only way to fix the political divide is humanization. that happens talking to people that you disagree with. >> a liberal professor spoke monday and coulter aesz talk is next week. >> i agreed to all of their demands and wake up this morning
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and send out letter saying how much they love the first amendment and freedom of speech but canceling here anyway. >> university officials haven't found venue. signed agreement without checking on venue. >> coulter agreed to it five weeks ago. secure venues for hundreds of people already booked and threats of violence. people clashed in the park last saturday. >> berkeley students are not causing the violence. radicals are coming in. prevt that from happening instead of labelling the students. >> can accommodate coulter but not on short notice. >> say still working to find a venue, perhaps off campus. b.a.r.t. service back on schedule after a man threatening
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suicide led to closure of station for hours. man climbed a wall and dangled from the elevated platform level. fearing for his safety and safety of riders b.a.r.t. closed station entirely leaving some passengers using bus bridge. >> comes with the territory, do this long enough, things like this happen. never fun. >> he had a good attitude about it. after three hours negotiating he surrendered and climbed down. cable car conductor is cud fares. bay and taylor street where albert williams of napa was arrested today. muni spokesperson say they suspect he pocketed hundreds of dollars in cash. no luck finding plane of missing santa rosa couple.
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took off from truckee monday afternoon but never arrived in petaluma. focusing northwest of truckee. airport manager said they're expert pilots. >> flew often. competent pilots. flew all across california and very competent about what they did. >> richards have four daughters. no signs of this fisherman juki dang's wallet and keys found in the capsized vessel. it's taking on water. coast guard looked for dang but so far no luck. man accused of following a stanford student into her dorm and exposing himself. police searching for the guy. katie marzullo is life with reaction from students at
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stanford. >> reporter: unsettling crime. stanford police are actively investigating and asking students to be alert and report anything or anyone suspicious. just before midnight tuesday a stanford student said a man followed her into residence hall. in common area exposed himself and took off. student was rattled when got alert. >> worried about intentions, how he got in to the dorm, worried about -- shocked and scared. >> reporter: man is in his 30s, 5'10", heavyset and dark hair. doesn't match the zrichgs man accused of groping two students april 7th. he was short and bald. >> don't run at night because of that. biking or with someone. >> reporter: most students said they felt safe but with each of the incidents they know they can
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always be more careful. >> it's hard because consistently getting e-mails about sexual assaults and other problems around campus. so makes you kind of nervous. >> reporter: stanford police remind students never let a stranger into campus housing, travel in groups or call for free safety escort. abc7 news at san jose state university where police are warning women after a man tried to assault a woman last night. jogging when a man grabbed her. broke free and run. he chased after him. got into another student's vehicle to get away. people who lost home in oakland fire start seeing financial help city council approved grant funding. 54 people eligible now, 6500 to
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$12,000. fire ripped through the building march 22nd, killing four people. some surgeons just saying no to patients who smoke pot. >> reason some marijuana users are denied a life-saving surgery. how would you like to never have to worry about forgetting a password again? facebook's plan too make passwords a thing of the past. took all the guts i have. >> get to the truth. "jimmy kimmel live." >> here's tonight. >> mitt romney a huge fan of the show.
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tomorrow on 4/20, thousands of people crowd golden gate park for the annual smokeout. last year arrested eight people and crews cleaned up many pounds of garbage. not a sanctioned event but city trying to control it. >> no drugs for sale, no unauthorized music. no permitted concessions, no alcohol. >> city partnered with business owners to raise $100,000 for port-a-pottys, security and help with cleanup. a utah man is recovering from treatment in california after a utah hospital refused to hut pim on the transplant list. why? marijuana use. transplant policy in california? >> you can't disqualify a
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potential donor because of cannabis use but still a factor doctors take into account. within ten days sent to the hospital, lungs collapsed. needed a new pair but university of utah hospital refused to put him on the transplant list. tested positive for thc. >> he wasn't a big smoker but smoked pot. he's a young ski guy. >> said we don't transplant organs in patients with active alcohol, tobacco or -- >> liberalized policies regarding marijuana. >> transplant -- at ucsf. unlike utah, other medical centers in california forbidden by state law to deny a patient
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solely for marijuana use. no longer test for it but ask patients if they use and to what extent. one of many questions that doctors say helps them determine who will thrive post surgery. >> don't have enough organs for all the people who need them. what we do for selection is select the patients that will do best. >> reilly got a transplant in philadelphia and expected to remain in the hospital for the next year. abc7 news. problem with the golden gate bridge toll collection software caused half the lanes to be closed today. down to four open lanes at one point. down from the eight or so usually open. tonight two lanes still closed because of the issue. spokesperson says they're not affecting traffic. facebook wants to make passwords pointless in effort to make the internet saver.
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launched delegated account recovery. if you forget a password, uses facebook to verify who you are. instead of security question, prove yourself recognizing friends' photos. still in beta testing. art installment. truth booth. visitors asked to finish the state the truth is -- expected philosophical responses but found heartfelt replies. >> not something i talked about, wasn't proud. now i feel absolved of sins i guess. >> one of the last stops on the nationwide tour. organizers will put together a video with more provocative responses. highway patrol on interstate
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80 last night determined not to let one suspect get away. frightened pup dodging traffic. officers pulled up and puppy bolted. hitting top speed of 22 miles an hour. determined officers captured the dog in berkeley and got him to vet. wouldn't let him get away. no chance. rain has returned. >> believe it or not. sandhya. >> check out rain on live doppler 7 right now. light to moderate pockets and as we get in closer, show you exactly where we're seeing the rain. downpours from western san francisco, daley city, chinatown, pacific avenue, mission district it's coming down pretty good. and in pacifica and east bay. i want to widen out right now to track the batch of showers
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moving from san francisco coastline towards east way. going west to east. into alameda at 11:38 then heading in. today's date. almost end of april and snow showers in sierras. not unheard of but rain on 80 to snow. interesting. unbelievable, four times what they normally see up there. temperatures are 50s, 60s, mild outside. slippery roadways to watch out for tomorrow morning. not because of a lot of rain but lingering showers. it's a one on the storm impact scale. light system. scattered showers, up to quarter inch of rain and less than a tenth for the rest of you. hopefully rain won't be coming
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koun down too hard and wake you up. 4:00, early commuters watch for slippery roadways. and then isolated showers and 9:00, sunshine across the entire bay area. partly cloudy at 7:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m., low 70s showing up. 50s and 60s by 7:00. temperatures running higher because of the cloud cover and showers, mainly 50s. don't worry about a jacket tomorrow afternoon. shades. mid-60s to low 70s for thursday and friday, warm it up. i'm getting complaints on social media so bring in the 80s. near average on sunday.
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60s and 70s. accuweather seven day forecast. afternoon sunshine tomorrow. after morning drops warming up on friday. 60s to 80s. mild. 50s, 60s coast side and 70s inland. tuesday another level one system. tracking another chance of rain just when you thought it was over. you can download the app to track the rain. every time people are saying this is it right? not good. >> one more. 10 the bear says pass me
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well the shot of a lifetime, maybe the scare of a lifetime for a photographer in alaska. drew hamilton was set up in a chair when large bear wandered over. massive beast looked like just woke up from nap. groggy. next to his chair and then bear walked off. nothing to see here. move along. >> that's crazy. >> nothing to eat here. >> fortunately. >> for drew. he might have been lunch. only few feet away. >> i know. no kevin durant but warriors
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didn't need him. they had javale mcgee. outscored damien lil
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good evening, warriors took a let's play is safe route with kevin durant. sat out game two of the dubs playoff with portland because of the strained calf. would golden state have enough firepower? oh, yeah. so cute. 9-6 blazers early. here come the warriors. 12 rebounds, ten assists and
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klay going splash. 16 points and blazers turnover, steph curry's turn. you know you're good, don't have to watch it. doing the merton hanks chicken dance or i don't know what that is. javale mcgee. 7 for 7. 15 points. dubs led by nine at half. portland get to within one at but belonged to steph curry. this was from way out. 19 for the baby faced assassin, mom loves it. damian lillard and krj combined for -- dubs up and after the game draymond asked about javale. >> it's kind of awkward with him sitting right here. >> be nice. >> no. no he was amazing.
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energy he brought off the bench obviously showed up in the points. >> javale is as good as anybody at catching that lob. even if he doesn't get it, he's a threat and forces defense to react. >> just try to do what is necessary for me in the minutes i'm out there. feel like doing a good job at that. baseball, giants and royals ending a quick two game series. jason vargas, seven scoreless, struck out nine. sruck out side in the third. madison bumgarner, only allowed a run with two outs here. and royals go on to win 2-0. a's and rangers, row your boat to the coliseum. or captain please take me to the
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game please. chris davis in the fifth. and mike hauschild allowed three homers and chad pinder with first homer of the season. a's take it. abc7 sports by river rock casino. game three for the
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live doppler 7 taking you down to street level. light to moderate rain from san francisco heading into the east bay. mike will be here 4:30 to 7:00
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a.m. tracking the storm. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- julia louis-dreyfus, kevin nealon, cousin sal does funny things, and music from yo gotti. and now, if you don't mind, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everybody, i'm the host. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. i'm glad you're here. i'm glad i'm here. i will say, i'm glad everyone here's. did you know we almost got hit by an asteroid today? true. a 2,000-foot asteroid came within 1 million miles of earth. sods


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