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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  April 20, 2017 1:37am-2:08am PDT

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jason vargas, seven scoreless, struck out nine. sruck out side in the third. madison bumgarner, only allowed a run with two outs here. and royals go on to win 2-0. a's and rangers, row your boat to the coliseum. or captain please take me to the game please. chris davis in the fifth. and mike hauschild allowed three homers and chad pinder with first homer of the season. a's take it. abc7 sports by river rock casino. game three for the
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i could get another tumor from it. right now, it's changing my life. babies aren't fully developed until at least 39 weeks. a healthy baby is worth the wait. live doppler 7 taking you down to street level. light to moderate rain from san francisco heading into the east bay. mike will be here 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. tracking the storm. >> that's our report. appreciate your time. time for an all new show with great viral videos "right this minute."
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baby thomas has a rare condition. >> and they have to be incredibly careful with him because they say he breaks at least one bone twice a month. >> the touching moment he experiences independence for the first time in his new power chair. >> this is like the baby's first steps. wow. time for some jet boat racing. >> the idea of jet boat racing here is to avoid the rocks. >> see how it all goes down. >> ooh! plus it's kyle's first time roping. >> nice to see kyle branching out here. >> but see the rookie mistake that tosses him like a rag doll. >> oh oh oh! >> hang on. and if you need advice on how to approach women -- >> i've broken it down into ten simple steps for anyone and everyone to follow. >> find out if they'll help you seal the deal. >> we've already done five and
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it's closed. >> the game is to be sold and not told, oli. kids are amazing in their ability to just be happy and resilient even when facing adversity and you'll see that so clearly in these two videos. in this first video, dad comes home, walks into the living room where there's a surprise waiting for him. that's his son thomas. in a wheelchair that he just got. and dad is seeing it for the very first time. little thomas is 16 months old and he's already learning how to use the little joy stick. >> this is like the baby's first steps. wow. >> yeah. this is a particularly special moment. thomas was born with a lethal form of brittle bone disease. but it's also caused him to have
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dwarfism. so he only weighs 12 pounds. and they have to be incredibly careful with him because they say he breaks at least one bone twice a month. >> wow. i mean, that's why that chair is going to be so useful as well. it will enable him to get around, move around. now, this next one is one of those precious video where is a child in this case hears for the first time. they're activated her implant. they get to enjoy this moment together. >> i love you, harlan. >> hi. hi. >> and as a big brother he'll be able to teach her the ways with this implant. >> so when mom is yelling at you, turn it on.
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maniac 313 is piloted by two guys and it's a jet boat racing down the salmon river. this is a popular event in idaho. this is the 33rd annual jet boat race. the idea here is to avoid the rocks. that's difficult to do when you see all that water. 12k3w4r oh! >> oh! >> ooh, oh, ooh. >> bad, bad, bad. >> did he notice it wasn't like a big giant rock that started it off? it was just those little ones over there. >> that's enough to get this boat driving up into the bigger rocks and then cab sipsize trap the two underneath. but wait. there's one bright yellow helmet. and two bright yellow helmets pop to the surface. much to the delight of the onlookers watching this race. >> seconds running up to that
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crash, one of the people was like look no hands. >> i noticed that too. i'm not a jet boat racing expert, i have no idea. maybe at this point in the race just having a darn good time. but you do see the two guys get out of the boat and rescue boat quickly on scene. reports say that neither of these drivers were injured in this incident. but still, a quite spectacular crash. >> over the last two years, we heard a lot of people talk about the drought that happened in california. for a lot of people hearing about it is one thing, but seeing it is another. it's hard to officialize. at least it used to be. this is from lake tahoe. you'll see what i mean instantly. as it comes up over the dam, suddenly it switches. and every time it's in the summer, that's 2015 -- but every
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time we get to winter, that's 2017. it's showing you just how much the waters have come back. watch here. this pier surrounded by water suddenly the picture changes and you see the full scale of what people have been going through. >> yeah. if you grew up going to lake tahoe and then got to experience it again when it was like this in 2015, it really was heart breaking. it was confusing. so to see it come back is such a relief. it's such a beautiful place. >> if you saw it in person, it took you by surprise because you're accustomed to this place that's so blue and full of water. >> some of the most jarring shots are right here. it switches again. now you are in a winter wonderland and you would almost be convinced it was a completely different place. >> thank you for creating these videos, dude. it really drives a message home and it really paints it clearly what the problem was.
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how would you like it if you started a new job and your boss is just putting some of the first things you do on the internet? that's what this man did. but he says this is instructional for everybody including him as a boss. >> i would call that this show. >> i was going to say my first day there were millions of people. >> kyle is his son's friend and wanted to learn the tree trade. he says he doesn't really blame kyle for what you're about to see. he says when you explain one thing to somebody, you can't just assume they know what you mean. >> if you're going to learn the basics of looking after a tree, maybe start on a smaller tree. >> nice to see him branching out here. >> said let it run. kyle didn't know what it meant. >> neither did i. >> when you tut the top, you let it run quite a ways before you stop it. >> but kyle held on tight. >> there it goes.
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>> oh oh oh oh! >> like the keebler elf. >> he was tossed around like a rag doll. >> good grief, man. >> this is kyle shaking his head after the incident. >> kyle's never going to make that mistake ever again. >> hang your head low there, kyle. meanwhile in kansas, this is joshua hanson. he'd been cutting trees in the pature because they're preparing it for a burn. he pushes on that tree, but -- the other trees fall down. >> i love the fact that literally every tree but the one he was pushing fell over. >> he says he's just happy to be alive. this dude says it may not be as emotional for everybody else, but when i look at it, gives him a few shivers. a horrific accident is caught on camera. >> oh, no no no no no no!
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by --
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this video starts in a relatively calm scene in china. there's a lady already half dozing in a chair and a car starts backing up in the alleyway behind her. once that car clears the pillar just there, the video takes a tragic turn. >> oh no no no no no! that's a baby! >> oh! ran over it twice! >> that is the thing. a little 1-year-old girl was behind this car. the driver runs over the child once and then continues to back up and the child is again run over. this is when the lady who was napping, the mother of that child jumps up and picks up the child off the street. >> but be careful. i mean, if there are any injuries -- >> it is a terrifying and scary video to watch. now, the drooiiver was the son a father's friend.
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he was just backing up the car. miraculously, minor scrapes. the parents of the child decided not to press charges because they know the person driving and the child is relatively fine. hopefully this is the last time we see one of these videos out of china. except it's not because i've got a second video out of china. guess what's going to happen. >> now, you could clearly see this child right here. >> right. we can. what's the person getting in the car doing? >> he's on his phone not paying attention. >> yes. not paying attention whatsoever. you see this little 2-year-old gets in front of the car. person inside still on the phone, shifts it into gear and just like it's nothing, drives over the child. now, watch it again. you'll realize the child just got knocked back on his back and the car drove over the top. >> that guy was way out of it. >> this boy was okay. and this is catching news on the internet for attention to
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concentrate and look around. how many of us have found ourselves with our messes in our homes and thought i need more shelves? i must say, this product is quite appealing. these guys have created what they're calling the sky shelves. it is a system of stackable shelves that don't require any screwing. it literally is just magnets. they're designed in a way where the legs actually fit into the shelves kind of like lego pieces. right? the great thing is that you can just redesign, move to fit what you need. for example, say, you added more books to your shelf. >> that's what i need. >> i don't need all that negative space at the top. >> this is perfect because you can customize it. when you go to the store, it's never just right. >> and you don't have to replace your shelves every time your place changes, you can adapt these. which i found really smart. >> little bit of a game changer, but it's going to pay off.
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>> for sure. >> all right, though, is this just some cheap plastic stuff though? what's the quality? is it going to look good or look like a cheesy piece of plastic there. >> based on the video i think it looks okay. and they do move it around and shake it around so you can see that they actually hold together quite nicely. >> just black? >> they do have five different colors and if you want to get in on the action, they do have a campaign going on right now. the cheapest one is about 50 bucks and it goes up to $500 from there. i got to give a little bit of props to the background of this video. you know what they say about jumping out of an airplane? >> what do they say? >> why would you jump out on a perfectly good airplane? a fourth with a camera follows behind. these guys are going to try one of those aerial maneuvers. we see them on this sew we're like that's cool. how'd they do that? >> practice. practice makes perfect.
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>> right. but sometimes practice doesn't go just -- >> oh! that's not what you're supposed to -- that was close. >> right. that was super close. they're trying to do the three-way stacking. two of them in position but then it fell apart. they crashed into each other. thankfully it didn't end up being catastrophic. they regroup and it still didn't quite go the way they wanted. but they made the best of it. >> the technique they're going for is on top of the canopy and they loop their feet around the guide ropes. then you can steer each other. >> exactly. it didn't work out that way. they wind up with one guy on the other canopies. and two other skydivers in entanglement there. in the end they all just separate and land safely. so now they know for the next time they go out what they can change and do differently. he's got some amazing gardening skills. >> a little flair to it. there you see he takes out a piece of the fence.
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he's like, i own you. >> why working outdoors has never looked this fun. >> he's putting on some olympic performance. plus -- >> these guys have a trike, have a chain saw, chain saw trike. >> yes! perfect combination. >> see what happens when you marry the tw ♪ the sun'll come out for people with heart failure, tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ i love ya, tomorrow in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto helped more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine, don't take entresto. the most serious side effects are angioedema,
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sorry dishwasher. finish® jet-dry. for drier, shinier dishes. ♪ so soft, thin, and two times more absorbent you hardly know it's there. carefree®. free to be you™. promotional considerations provided by -- brushing teeth - easy! new act kids toothpaste strengthens and protects developing teeth, and helps prevent cavities. new act kids toothpaste. who says working outdoors can't be fun? >> me. i was just doing it this morning. >> me too. but this guy, he adds a limttle
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flair to it. he takes out a piece of the fence. he's like, i own you. >> dude, this guy was a drum major. he totally was when he was in school, right? part of the marching band leading everybody along. yeah. >> or maybe he was in the military haen to do rifle skills. >> he's got some type of experience because his baton twirling skills are off the hook. >> i have to be honest, i totally judged that book by its cover. i thought he was going to get angry and trashing stuff much like i do, but no he's putting on olympic performance. >> he's killing this routine is what he's doing. >> that dude's about to hit him with a shovel though. >> look at his buddy. he's like are we done yet? i ain't got all day. well, granny's got skills too. you might just get served. >> go granny, go granny, it's your birthday, it's your
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birthday. >> if i try to pop and lock anything, my knees will pop out. >> i know. my lower back is hurting watching her. >> she's a grandma. >> and she's got the track suit to prove it. >> she's got the moves to prove it. >> unless we're getting pranked here. unless it's something dressed in a blue wig. >> it is not a getup. this is a granny and this is her grandson. he knows that granny got skills. she is out there serving the people. i don't think anybody is going to step to her. these guys have a trike, have a chain saw, chain saw trike. >> yes! perfect combination. >> but i am not kidding either. they've got one of the tiny trikes you can get there. but they realize they also have a chain saw engine. what they are going to do is marry the two together to create something awesome and ridiculous in equal measure. >> this could work. >> oh, it will work.
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they have to do a bit of macgyvering, though, to make sure the trike will be able to accept the motor and to make sure everything runs. so they have to do a little bit of metal work, a little bit of welding. they put in a few things here and there. but before you know it -- >> and they don't even need a whole throttle assembly. they just got the trig for out. what a great shop project. >> and now for the grand launch! >> go! not now. you got gas in it? >> go go go! >> oh. spun the chain off. all right. >> but it's all right. a little bit more testing perfecting it. now time o cruise. >> yeah. and two sunglasses. >> if you're going to be traex cool, wear two pairs at the same time. but then this point on, it's just this guy cruising around campus on this teeny trike. they're solving the transportation issue in big cities. >> cycling.
2:04 am
>> he's not the only one with an interesting vehicle. they rigged some motor into that one as these two adorable idiots go cruising around the street doing things that we wished we could do. hi. nice to meet you. >> he's the smooth operator. >> going to show you how.
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was able to land the plane safely. approaching women, it's not that hard. right? >> over the years i've gotten many requests regarding my confidence. to be more specific, how i approach women. today i'm here to tell you guy this secrets, the rituals, the answers to prove to you that it actually is as easy as it looks. >> step one is preparation. >> i like to sit in solitude and feel the energy. some of the inner confidence before i go out. >> work on your breathing. >> [ bleep ]. you got this, man. you got this. >> and then just go.
2:07 am
step two, the approach. >> i see what i want and i go get it. >> as long as the girl doesn't see you doing that, you're cool. you can walk the nerves off. >> luckily for him, she's all into her phone and not paying attention. >> hey. hi. >> she's on tinder. >> a lot of people think you have to have some sort of clever pickup line or a way with words. if you're one of those people, welcome to the club. >> no. no pickup lines. >> you know from way off over there in the distance, i was even still able to tell you had it going on. >> that brings us to step four. >> i found that showing affection too soon pushes them away. >> nice to meet you. i feel high affection for you. like love kind of. >> really? you just met me though? >> i know. i feel like we could turn into something great. do you want to hang out some time? >> yeah. >> yeah, sure. your tongue a all tangled up, but i'll hang out with


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