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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 22, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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in finding cures and saving children. visit . >> it is saturday, april 22nd. good morning, thank you so much for joining us. here's meteorologist lisa argent. >> thank you, chris. we have a cold front. you see a few returns on the screen here. boy, temperatures are clearer this morning. started out in the south bay, upper 40s santa clara, 54 in the north bay. you are feeling the chill and also along the peninsula, there, anywhere 3 to 6 degrees cooler from the peninsula, palo alto
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into the north bay. grab the jacket if you are out early, 7:00, partly cloudy, 40s and 50s, look for temperatures approaching 70 by noon time. we will have plenty of hot clouds throughout the day. we look for the numbers to range from the 60s at the coast and 70s inland. check it out, we are talking a few more showers ahead. details coming up. passengers at sfo come to the defense of a tearful mother after they say a flight attendant baby with a stroller. in this case, there was a much quicker response from the airline involved over what could have been an international incident. >> a mother holding her baby openly wept in front of a plane full of passengers waiting to
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leave sfo. passengers came to her defense attendant violently grabbed her stroller, hitting her and just missing one of her children. >> she's very upset. she pulled it. violently yanked it and stormed off the plane with it. >> reporter: he took the video and this picture which appears to show the woman and her children being escorted off the plane. passengers say they were traveling from argentina and she may not have understood instructions to check the stroller at the gate as she stood there in tear, one man's anger escalated. >> hey, bud, do you that to me, i'm not in class. >> the tension builds a it is employee appeared to egg him on into a fight. >> we know what the story is. >> no one is hurt. >> they he explainies he got involved. >> that baby almost got hurt. >> that fired me up. so that was it. i don't want to make a big deal
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about it. >> american airlines lifted the employee from duty and promising a full investigation. in a statement the spokes woman says, what we see on this video does not reflect our values or how we care for our customers. we are deeply sorry for the pain we have caused this passenger and her family and to any other customers affected by the incident. american airlines allows one stroller checked at the gate for free. passengers cannot take strollers onto the plane t. spokes woman for american says the airline upgraded the womd and her kids to first class and put them on the next flight, where the crew took special care of the family. if you watch that videos from inside the plane in its entirety, go to abc 7 or see it on the abcp news app. in san francisco, power has been fully restoreft the outage shut out a huge portion of the city. it affected 88,000 customers. it all started at a pg & e
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substation. sky 7 was above the station. a circuit breaker failed causing the fire, which shut down the power. which didn't return to many people until about 5:00 last night. drivers struggled throughout the day as 300 traffic lights went out across the city. you can imagine, it was one of the many problems caused byty outage. abc news reporter has this story. >> reporter: the state lights are reset and businesses are open again, but there is still fallout from the power outage. there were plenty of elderly at the bar. >> we have a nice crowd for the after work crowd. this evening has been slower than usual. especially for a friday. rush hour traffic was lighter than usual because so many people left early. >> i basically can come home. i went home to the presidia. >> with no power at home, she brought friends to the marina which had people waiting outside
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him some of her neighbors made the best of it. >> we sort of decided, okay, we're not going to get much done today. it's a beautiful day. let's make picnic and go to the beach. >> today was a san francisco snow day. >> that in any event you couldn't get a school, you couldn't do normal things. >> her son and his friends did go to school but got out early. >> did you still have class? >> not exactly. >> oh. >> we didn't have to do any work today. if you go to the bathroom, it's snow white. you you have to take candles. >> it hopes to have a big purse >> so i brought my proceed dryer and curling iron to the office. >> reporter: stalled elevators were another problem. san francisco fire crews responded to 41 elevator rescue calls. >> and check out this nerve we'll be right backing scene t. power outage stranded two window
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washers at 650 california street. their aerial platform was stuck when the elect triss the they were suspended for several hour hours. bart passengers were struck. the lights went out and escalators stopped running. bart station closed it as a precaution until generators were brought in. st. fr st. francis hospital remained running. st. francis finished all surgeries under way and sent other passengers to the city. they performed only emergency surgeries. there was one upside to yesterday's mess. tourists found it easier to take pictures on the cable cars,
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without traffic signals, they not safe to operate. we sent out pressure alerts on the power outage all day long. even people who did not have power can receive breaking alerts. 5:07. an outrageouobbery at a wntown walnut creek watch door t. overer pulled his gun and multiple under surveillance cameras caught the robbers in action. here's abc 7 news reporter. >> reporter: thursday at noon this watch shop owner was halloween the counter when three men in construction gear came in. one with a clipboard telling them they needed to sign off on electrical work. the owner and a customer were sprayed with mace, almost simultaneously, a suspected suspect used a bat to smash the
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case and passed watches to a person outside until the owner confronted them with a gun. >> i pointed it at them and began to rush them towards the door. he obviously fled very quickly. >> it was three suspects, three black male adults in construction attire. >> they waited until they were nice and they came out, hey, really casual, really playing the part. almost like lifetime criminal. they're good at what they do. >> reporter: police say all three drove off in this new dodge chlenger with paper plates. they are looking at other possible connections. the owner believes this man came in to case the store a week ago. >> that customer you saw criminal himing on the floor, he had just been maced right after the robbery but ended up buying the watch he was shopping for n. walnut creek, abc 7 news. >> the man accused of killing
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seven people at an east bay university has been deemed mentally competent to sta suspected gunman juan goh out a yesterday. he has been charged in the mass shooting at oikos university. a judge determined that he had a mental illness. he is now scheduled to be back in court wednesday to set a date for his trial. in berkeley, police lifted a shelter in place last night and called off a massive search for a man reported to be armed with a gun. sky 7 was over the neighborhood just west of martin luther king, jr., pacific park as officers went yard-to-yard. they used k-9s. however, they did not find the man. new details about a former richmond teacher convicted of child molestation. our media partner in the east bay time's reports he is sentenced to 931 years in prison. he taught at making waves
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academy and founded a youth program, where he took 11 and 12-year-old boys and molested them. the judge also ordered him to pay $1 million in restitution to each of the 15 victims. 5:10 the time this morning, a san jose teacher is facing child important charges. authorities say they found the images on 41-year-old jan hyden's computer. he was arrested at pine high school, where he is a teacher. police say he has no prior record of inappropriate conduct. they are investigating his previous employment to make sure there is no other possible illegal activity. police have arrested someone in connection with a theft at a san francisco opera house earlier this month. eight computers were stolen from the by aview offices on april 6th. san francisco police arrested albert brown last week. photograph nor have they booking recovere the computers. all right, atherwise, what are we up to on this fine saturday morning?
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>> it's feeling like spring, certainly on the cool side. we will bring in the clouds later on today. here's a look at emeryville. 53 in san jose. but we're in the low 40s from the north bay to about 25 halfmoon bay. so we'll talk about the high clouds, the sunnier but cooler sunday and a week ahead in just a few minutes. >> also ahead, how this officer in southern california is prompting change in her police department. >> reporter: i'm at silicon valley comic con, i looked to find the best escort. i think i found the right guy. chewy, what do you think? >>
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new this morning the san diego police department's first transgender officer is opening up about her experience as a cop. christine garcia was born christopher, dot married and had two kids, but two years ago, garcia transitioned from male to female. she says her fellow officers and her wife have been supportive. the police department has implemented new policy, including using the pronoun of the gender the person identifies with and the name they want. not what is listed on their driver's license. garcia las a cell phone that people in the lbgt community can call to report hate crimes. >> you don't feel comfortable reporting a crime to police. to any pice officer. they are allowed to call to my phone. have responded at home to reports of hate crimes to talk to them about complaints at offices. i dream of the day i don't need the cell phone. >> garcia will be honored for her community work next month at san diego's lbgt center. sky 7 shows a terrifying
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moment in san francisco yesterday. a man slipped down a cliff at china beach and couldn't get back up. he barely held on to rack face when a chp rescue chopper pulled in to save him. firefighters stay man is okay. he refused treatment for his minor injuries, though. a san francisco startup has shut down. plastic is considering filing for bankruptcy. company video shows a product. but can hold up to 20 cards in one place. despite raising millions of dollars up front, the company was not able to fill pre orders or raise enough money to keep going. now today, students and researchers at uc berkeley will be out on the streets for earth day, in addition to the march for science in san francisco, uc brkly is hosting a non-partisan scan for science ramally. abc 7 news was there yesterday as students made posters. they were at best concerned with what they see as an anti-science
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agenda in washington but believe they can make a difference. >> especiallyith the political climate going on, thear studying environmental biology here at uc berkeley. i feel in some way i can be a part of the larger picture. the stand up for science rally at uc begins at 11:00 a.m. t. march for science in san francisco starts at noon. happening now, stage 4 of a major highway overpass project is under way on the peninsula, cal-trans has closed the overpass over highway 101 and northbound to burrellinggame until around 10:00 a.m. today. when there, the overpass will make it easier for hotel guests near the airport to get to downtown burrellinggame. abc news was on a minor road yesterday where work to replace a bridge to collapse has finally begun. the small 97-year-old bridge caved in during the storms more than three months ago and
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getting those crews out there was not easy t. city council had to extend a state of emergency to get the needed permits and ensure fish can still pass through. that fix will cost close to $3 million and should be done at the end of june. from "star wars" to star trek and everything in between t. comic con did not disappoint t. main attraction also known as captain kirk. he had the audience in the palm of his hand. abc 7 news reporter has the details. >> reporter: william shatner is the comedian of comic con. fans raised serious questions about his future roles got >> getting the authors and possibilities is thattrue? >> no offers! nobody's offered me a thing p. >> reporter: don't let him fool you. the 86-year-old starts filming a
5:18 am
new movie on monday. >> he really loves interacting with the audience. he's very, very good with everyone. >> reporter: meantime across the stree street. >> the star trek fans are the best people in the world. >> reporter: shatner's former co-star michelle nichols thought she'd take a joke on him. >> take a little break and sit in the front row. >> reporter: she would have left behind some very disappointed fans. it's not just the celebrities and iconic characterers that attract people to this comic con. >> it is a community. >> it's great to build myself as a person is something ki get here. i can't get out of other shows. >> it's very family friendly. there is something for everybody. >> reporter: the fun continues throughout the weekend in san jose, abc 7 news. >> good morning. we are starting out with some clouds in the north bay, you see
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some returns. this is a weak weather system that will send much of the moisture to the north as it does, woo elt be left with cloud cover. you can see the northern part of the state really encompassed with the rain shower activity. forrest of the bay area, it's cooler temperatures along the coast in the north bay, 40s, 45 around half moon bay. it's 48 san mateo, 53 in san jose and a live look outside. we do have some breezy winds, upper elevatn, anywhere from 20 to 25 miles an hour. so get set for a cooling trend this weekend. we look for the numbers to come down dramatically tomorrow. northwesterly winds will aid in that cooling trends. looking at less in the way of sunshine today. isolated sprinkles are possible with this system and there are several systems behind this one that will allow for the possibility of some light rain next week and on and off cloud cover. so let's go through your
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forecast hour by hour. this is what you will notice, the cloud cover, a few sprinkles to the north. as we no through the day, it's high clouds, sunshine with filtered sunshine, allows for temperatures to be slightly cooler. ten as we get into sunday, notice we are clearing out. northwesterly winds as they help us clear out will allow for temperatures, anywhere from five to perhaps 15 degrees cooler. check out san jose today with a high of 73. we should be about 71. so just a couple degrees above average. you have the high clouds and with the passage of the cool front, we are cooler, tomorrow, monday, tuesday, you notice by the end of the week the temperatures rebound. eel see sunnier conditions. in livermore at about 71 today, near average and looking at temperatures to be pretty cool throughout much of the week. in the 60s. by the end of the week, looks like more headed our way. how's today with breezy winds in
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the afternoon. 65 in san francisco, 64 half moon bay, look at 68 in san mateo. 71 in palo alto, santa cruz 72, as we look at the overnight lows, temperatures remain in the upper 40s to the low 50s. so the accuweather 7-day forecast with highs today in the mid-70s a. mixture of high clouds and sun, breezy at the coast, cooler tomorrow, sunnier, look at the numbers, upper 50s to upper 60s. we see sprinkles or showers mainly north on monday. >> that could continue into tuesday. the clouds could dominate the skies, by the end of the week looks sunnier and milder. eh, it's not great, but we're getting some sun here and there. >> 70s is not too bad, though. >> no. >> thanks. just ahead, a tortoise makes a slow escape from its home in the east bay.
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perfect weather, puppies and pizza. abc 7 morning, is planning your weekend with the help of our partners. >> i'm not sure how far it is hoodline could present a more mass appeal weekend plan. if you don't like one of these things, i got nothing for you. let's start with pizza art. chicago pizza in oakland as just as colorful as their beloved fries. they've held contests for people to host pizza-inspired art on the walls. it happens every two years. snow iour chance. >> i love this one. done by a young artist. >> indeed, she is 6-years-old,
5:25 am
simone. she entered in 2016. it's clear on the poster. we really love that. >> why do you guys do this? >> it's a great way to involve the community and our neighbors and being a part of zacharys we get to be a part of the community in a bigger way. >> don't interview someone with cheese hanging from your mouth. hundreds of people submit their work. get going, you have until the end of next month. the tenth annual dogfest happens saturday from 10:00 to 4:00. bring your pup to this afternoon that benefits mckinley elementary. pizza puppies are pop star. yep, are you right t. dance class compan of that same name has been working harold on the beyonce flash mob. this is video of a recent class with beyonce's actual choreographer. can you catch them along the embarcadero. for exact times and specific
5:26 am
locations, go to our website. we'll link you up. have fun in the sun. >> 5:25 is our time. it's official, bart has a new police chief. yesterday they allowanced carlos rojas will assume the role in late may or early june. he has been santa ana's chief of police for the past five years. he's been in law enforcement for 27 years. bart applauded his experience and community politician in homeland security. he exceeds the former chief who retired on december 31st. they may not have special powers, but every day super heroes were honored. the big sisters gala was held at the four seasons hotel. it honors the mentorsho change more than 800 childres lives a year in san francisco, san mateo, santa clara and contra costa counties. abc 7 news anchor dan ashley served as the emcee.
5:27 am
check out what p walking on the streets yesterday. a tore toys. people were circled around taking pictures when animal control arrived. it wasn't far from home a. family said the plummer must have left the door opened within they vacationed in tahoe. until they return, the tortoise will stay with animal control. still to come on abc 7 morning, president trump is closing in on his 100 days in officer. a look at the president's hits and misses. smoothing things over, what vice president mike pence
5:28 am
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half a century of driving performance. there is a place where heroes hspider-man.... black widow... captain america... and eddie? so, what's the plan? breaking out the guardians, pal. come celebrate the all-new guardians of the galaxy-mission: breakout! during the summer of heroes, only at disneyland resort. hero up! good morning, everyone. i'm chris nguyen. hope your day is off to a good start. lisa, we're off to a mild start? >> you notice you see the
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clouds, you have a little bit of green up there. we have a weak frontal band that's pressing through the northern part of the state and as it does, you can see a few sprinkles up to cloverdale, otherwise, it's all about the cooler temperatures, north bay and along the coast. in the south bay, it's 50 in sunnyvale, looking at 55 in alameda, the clear numbers all at 43 degrees. so it's anywhere from 3 to 7 degrees cooler. otherwise, 40s and 50s thi morning, looking at partly cloudy skies, high clouds will dominate the afternoon, with numbers in the 60s and 70s. breezy later on today, right along the shore line. so keep that in mind, tomorrow will be the sunnier day, it's going to be cooler, chris. >> lisa, thank you. president trump is closing in on his first 100 days in office, with a milestone aweek away from today, president trump
5:31 am
is pushing on action on a new health care deal and promising to unveil a massive tax cut package. here's the chief white house correspondent jonathan carl. >> reporter: president trump was greeted with cheers as he walked into the treasury department. he was there to sign yet another executive order designed to cut regulations. he also dropped this surprise. >> we will be having a big announcement on wednesday having to do with tax reform. >> reporter: the president tells a.p. he will propose a massive tax cut, adding he believes it will be bicker than any tax cut ever. this comes as the president nears a keel milestone, his first 100 days in office. during the campaign, he made big promises about those first 100 days. >> just think about what we can accomplish in the first 100 days. it's a set of promises for what i'll do in my first 100 days. my reform plan will lift
5:32 am
millions out of poverty, raise wages dramatically and create at least 25 million new jobs in ten years. and we can enact the whole plan in our first 100 days. >> reporter: there have been accomplishments. he slashed regulations. he has a supreme court justice confirm. this president hasn't gotten congress to pass any major bill. his travel ban has been blocked by the courts and there is still no movement on that border wall. now, trump is down playing the 100-day marker, tweeting about what he called the ridiculous standard of the first 100 days. >> this white house is not going to be pressured by artificial >> reporter: still trump has his eye on the calendar. >> no administration has accomplished more in the first 90 days. >> reporter: in his final week, he's trying to put points on the board, not only is he promising
5:33 am
to release a plan for that big tax cut, impacting both individuals and businesses, the white house is also trying to revive health care. senior administration officials say they believe a revised bill could pass the house as early as next week. >> thank you, folks. >> reporter: jonathan carl, abc news, the white house. new this morning, vice president mike pence is in australia, where he said the u.s. will honor a refugee deal made with the country in the closing days of the obama administration. >> president trump has made it clear that we'll honor the agreement. he doesn't admire the agreement. looking back on the last administration the president has never been shy about expressing frustration with other international agreements. >> president trump had previously called the deal quote dumb. under the agreement the u.s. would take more than 1,200
5:34 am
refugees that australia houses in detention camps on the pacific island nations. many of those refugees are from iran. reuters reports they would resettle refugees from guatemala and el salvador. tre is a new twist over conservative speak ann coulter. lawyers are drafting a document against the university. they said they to did not have a secure venue for her. >> reporter: they say the lawsuit filing against uc berkeley is not about money or anne coulter. >> this is about berkeley's persistent refusal to honor the constitution when it comes to conservative speech on campus. >> reporter: dylan says this is the third time of canceling conservative speakers. >> the same constitutional requirements and bait and switch that berkeley did with the
5:35 am
miloi miloyanopolis speech. avenue after initially can selling her april 27th visit the university proposed a may secretary alternative a. date coulter says she is not available. >> it permits limited use of its space for certain viewpoints, it is required under the constitution to provide equal access to other groups. >> reporter: while berkeley college republicans and young america's foundation support legal action, a third group that initially invited coulter ridge usa does not. >> to take this to court when they're trying, at least making some efforts is not the right solution. >> reporter: in its letter the iversity says its actions have been wholly consistent wh its obligations under the constitution to protect free speech rights and safety and security of the university community. in berkeley, abc 7 news. controversial conservative
5:36 am
excepttator milo the former breitbart news editor was scheduled to speak at uc berkeley in february. but the university cancelled the event because of violent and destructive protests. he promises to release details in the next few weeks. no, no, no! >> a number of san francisco firefighters and community members will take part in today's annual nert training. it stands for neighborhood emergency response team. they will set up command center and other disaster response drills. today's training starts at 9:00 this morning at marina middle school. college students can now buy emergency contraception as easily as a can of soda. the wellness to go reason
5:37 am
arrived at uc davis this month. it offers advil, pregnancy tests and plan b and condoms. it's the result of two years by former uc davis senator. >> the more skeptical negtist i got kind of pushed me more. >> under the oma administration in 2013, a plan b became available to all women without a prescription. happening now the california dental association is holding a free dental clinic this weekend. patients will be seen on a first come, first serve basis. services include filling, cleaning, root canals and help with finding future dental health care t. foundation expects to serve about 2,000 people over the course of two days. doors opened at 5:30 this morning. they will open the same time tomorrow at the san mateo events center. a popular consignment store
5:38 am
in walnut creek declared chapter 7 bankruptcy. consignment plus is north-of-downtown, customers are concerned they won't be paid the money they are owed tolling hundreds or thousands of dollars. laura anthony has the story you will see only on abc 7 news. >> there is not chump change. >> reporter: she is angry and upset. she dropped off several pieces of waterford crystal for consignment at this water creek store. some sold, the rest is now locked inside, she is due a check for $476. >> about a week ago, he gave me a calm. and they had some funds for me and they asked me if i want to come in and pick up or what have you but never indicated that they would be closing. >> the doors are chained and it says permanently. they're closing up. >> reporter: regina nolan told
5:39 am
us she has been happening is her for years. they came to look this time, but that's not going to happen. >> this has always been a very interesting and wonderful place to come to. >> it's closed. that's disappointing, because i really like the store. so it's unfortunate. >> consoviet union imt plus home funnishings is now closed. ro the message on the phone line gives customers little guidance except to wait for a call or letter with further instructions t. same thing with the sign on the front door. so far no one we talked with as received that information. >> is this a what i to do business? >> absolutely not. i'm so disappointed. >> reporter: we reached out to no response.atty evans, so far, in walnut creek, laura anthony, abc 7 news. still ahead on abc 7 morning. you already know the bay area commute can be stress. . did you know it can also affect your life span? who is most at risk?
5:40 am
implts first, as we head to break. here's a live from outside from our east bay hills camera. you see traffic moving along, no problems on the bay bridge right now coming into the city. lisa argen returns in a bit
5:41 am
5:42 am
today is earth day and if you are looking to celebrate mother earth, you might want to head for the john muir house in martinez. muir famously took teddy roosevelt camp income yosemite is to be the father of environmentalism. he did much of his writing at the stately martinez home.
5:43 am
today's earthday celebration begins at 10:00 a.m. oftentimes, lisa, on earth day, we are talking about showers. today it will be looking good for everyone taking part in the peacetists. >>t is, we will have high clouds, sprinkles in the north bay, probably around cloverdale, outside looking at our roof camera. 64 degrees in san francisco and mountain view and concord, low 40s in the north bay and along the coast. today will be the milder day of the weekend. also will feature more cloud cover. i'm explain in just a few minutes. >> lisa, thanks. also ahead the giants on the wrong end of history in denver. something that hasn't happened since 1950. we have more
5:44 am
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good morning, everyone, 5:45 is our time. i don't know about you. i think this is a mesmerizeing shot of the bay bridge. clouds out there you can see.
5:46 am
lisa argen returns to let us know when the sun will break through, throughout parts of the bay area. in sports, a big nht for bay area sports fans t.arriors take a lead in their best of seven playoff series. tonight the series moves up to portland, golden state at modus center. tip-off at 7:30 p.m.. you can watch our sister network. the sharks are fighting for survival in game six against edmonton. the oilers lead the series three games to two. later today the giants will send matt moore to the monday against the rockies in denver, hoping to snap a two-game losing streak. yesterday the team announced bad news about mason bum gartner. here is larry biel with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybody, terrible news for the giants.
5:47 am
their pitcher mason bumgart fer has a sprained soldier and if he was there, he wouldn't have let him on that bike. c'mon, where is mama? i need mama? johnny cueto has never given up a grand slam in his career until this one. bottom trevor story, to the opposite field. are you kidding? rockies go ahead 4-3. later in the fourth. hunter pence slips, loses it in the lights inside juice thompson's 1950 top five brandon bell, his fourth of the about chicken and waffles.
5:48 am
yummy. cuyahoga seiger frozen. trevor plugh. no doubt about it. his second bomb if as many nights bottom 6. to infinity and beyond. kevin durant remains questionable for game three of the warriorslayoff series tonight in portland. thearriors coach is pretty frustrated. just came back after five-and-a-half weeks out with a knee injury, wants to play, in the long run, better safe than sorr sorry. >> i hope to get to play soon. it's not the end of the world. i want to be out there.
5:49 am
>> it's threatening. >> game three clippers and jazz, utah, blake griffin bruises his toe on this play, he couldn't get in the second half the status going forward, unclear, showing up. he had 40. utah was up as many as 14 on the home court coming in the second, huge pockets to the rack. cliffs winner, 111-106 have a great weekend, everybody, i'm larry biel. >> hi there, good morning, we're waking up to clouds in the north bay. cool temperatures. look at the green up to the north there. maybe a few light showers, a few sprinkles. but it really won't reach further south because this activity is in northern california and here is the system that continue to push up on oregon on live doppler 7.
5:50 am
with that in mind, we have clouds that will move through today at the beach at santa cruz, quiet right now. so we're looking at the explore torium mera. 44 in santa rosa. look at the nrts in napa, novatot. east bay dropped to 48 in livermore. concord holding in the mid-50s. we're looking at a schooler start for some of you near average, a cooling trend under way this weekend. friday. we are looking at not only the cooling trend, extra cloud cover today. the winds kick up tomorrow. >> that will clear the skies out. in the meantime, a chance of a few isolated sprinkles. behind this system the activity
5:51 am
remainings fairly prominent to the north of us. it will keep us in cloud cover and a few light raindrops. i'll explain further. as we look at our forecast hour by hour. this is what i showed you. the high clouds throughout the day, filtered sunshine, the winds kick up. they'll stay with us throughout the day tomorrow. we have more clearing. it will be breezy and much cooler. 10 degrees cooler in spots on sun. check out saturday we are right around normal. 70s, the numbers drop to the early part of the workweek. it will take all week long until we recover into the mid and upper 70s. if you go into the east bay, pretty much the same story, highs near 70s, look what happens, numbers in the 60s right through wednesday. so it will remain kind of unsettled. could see a few sprinkles in the north bay come monday and
5:52 am
tuesday. otherwise, temperatures on the mild side, 60s to 70s notice the high clouds. if you are headed over to oaklan it looks like a nice game for baseball with 64 at 12:30. the mid-60s at 3:30. by the end of the week, it results in warmer temperatures. >> lisa, thank you. it turns out biking may be the healthiest what i to commute to work a. new study shows how benefit official it can be for your health and how it can add years to your life. >> biking in the city can come off as pretty stressful.
5:53 am
a new study shows those cyclists may be on to something. >> you don't have to sit there feeling road rage in traffic. you just get to feel the wind in your hair and being on your way. >> the cardio vascular benefits are clear. researchers at the university of g glassgow can cut it in half. not surprising. bike east bay, an organization that aims to make cycling fun, safe and accessible. >> we know that biking in traffic is frequently people's number one concerns. that's why we're advocating for new bikeways and upgrate grading the streets. >> the study was conducted over five years, involving 260,000 bridge commuters. those whoing to transportation to work were more likely to be diagnosed with cancer during the study. a reminder the dead time typically taken up by a work compute can be used to benefit your help. she can't imagine computing a
5:54 am
enother way. >> exiting yourselfo riding your bike to and from work is a built-in fwarn tee that you are going to get that exercise in your day no matter what. >> reporter: in fact, according to a u.s. census bureau, she is among the 15,000 workers in san francisco who bike to work on a daily 3w5i68s. those numbers are expected to climb in the coming years. >> by the time you get to work, you are alive, vibrant. are you ready to rock 'n' roll. >> a chance to break a sweat to live a longer, healthier life. the bay area bike-to-work day will be held on thursday, may 11th. for more information, just head over to our website, abc 7 5:54 is the time. bald eagles living atop a tree in a school in south bay. why they have become a bicker
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> welcome back, everyone. here are the winning numbers from last night's mega-million
5:57 am
drop. 1, 12, 13, 32, new details this morning about a pair of bald eagles living on the campus of mopetas elementary school. the bald eagles have attracted a lot of attention since they were spotted if january. the mercury news reports a parent had been watching the eagles said the eveninglet was born two-to-three weeks ago. students have seen the eagles fly over the schools several times. an airline passenger flying out of sfo has a run-in with a flight attend apt. whatay what nearly happened to the woman's baby. fake utility workerstorm an east bay store t. owner takes matters into his own
5:58 am
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it is saturday april 22nd, good morning, thanks so much for joining us, i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a first look at the forecast. here's lisa argen, she is tracking live doppler 7 for us. >> hi, chris. notice the northern part of the bay looking at clouds or sprifrgles. elsewhere, it's clear, temperatures are on the cool side. as we check out the perspective from live doppler 7 and widen the view, you notice the activities, the cloud cover and sprinkles, we will be left with high clouds, making for a nice sunrise, low 50s in san francisco and san jose. oakland 51. 47 in gilroy. 43 in half moon bay, from our roof camera, you can see the high clouds there. 46 in novato. 45 in livermore. if you are headed out early, your earth planner calls for numbers in the 60s.


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