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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  April 22, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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time for an all new show with great viral videos "right this minute." get your tissues ready, because -- >> it's an incredible story. >> the moment father and daughter come face-to-face for the first time. >> this is so sweet. i mean, you know, it's so beautiful. plus -- >> we're in a quiet street in a quiet town. everything is so quiet. nothing's going to happen. >> sure, oli. there's quite a bit of layering in there. >> brother took matters into his own hands. >> he chopped up aurora's hair. >> find out why he's quite the barber. >> want to see you hair?
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and right-handed individuals get challenged to -- >> try being left-nd for a day. >> why this isn't as easy as you may think. >> stay in t lines! it's been quite the 12 months for esther. she already has a young daughter. she has twins. and she found out who her dad is. >> so i just went outside to the mailbox. and it's here. >> identi've been wanting to do. >> she says years ago her mom was dating a man. they went separate ways. she tried to look for him, she couldn't find him. fast forward to now, she get this 23 to me kit. >> to find out what my dna says my ancestry is. what my heritage is from. because i don't know my biological father. >> with 23 and me, they get your
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dna and they will connect you to somebody who has the same dna. they found her cousin who doesn't live very far from her in arizona. 97% persian. cousin is like i know exactly who your father is. here she is meeting her dad. >> i'm nervous. >> wow. get out. >> well, what makes it so cool is we know esther. esther works on our web team. i'm, like, invested in this. >> here she is meeting her dad. >> this is so sweet. i mean, esther is a sweetie pie. this is so beautiful. >> as you can see right there, there's no doubt that's daddy. she discovered she had a half sister. but he found out he's also a grand dad. here he is at the house meeting the first grand baby. and then he meets his son-in-law and he meet this twins. and here esther says something really interesting about how
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connected they are. when she first points out eleanor. >> this is eleanor and you can tell because she has a beauty mark. >> like your mom. >> no. >> yeah. like, on her cheek. >> yeah. >> she discovered when she was looking at pictures of family members she never met, that her daughter has the same beauty mark as her paternal great grandmother. >> did he even know he had a daughter? >> let's ask esther. >> this is your life, right? >> so hold on. you do this test. this manas no idea you even exist? >> he had no idea. he always wan for his daughter to have a sister, so it was really great for him and for her. he was in france at the time visiting my sister julia. somebody called him to tell him you have another daughter. and he couldn't believe it. and then he was told not only do you have another daughter, but you're a grandfather to three granddaughters. so he called me from france. we talked about my mom. he remembered who she was and he
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told me when he saw my picture, he knew i was his. >> so you're in the airport and you lay eyes on him. what was that moment like? what were you thinking? >> just imagine your whole life you don't look like your brothers, you don't really look like your mom. and you see somebody that looks like you. it was just beautiful and amazing. and i was in shock. >> that's amazing story. >> thanks for sharing. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> congrats as well. >> thank you. sometimes here at "right this minute," it can get a bit frenetic. let's calm it down, slow things down. where better to slow things down than the uk? we're on a quiet street in a quiet town. and everything's so quiet. nothing's going to happen. >> good grief. they shooting a movie? >> there's a bang. then it crashes. does a full rotation around banging into all these other cars as well. vehicle comes to a stop and you see pretty quickly as the doors
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open -- >> oh. there they go. >> yeah. that guy in the red shorts just immediately leaves it. >> and leaves his buddy behind? >> what a coward. >> yeah. >> the passengers from the car also get out. you can see they even grab themselves a dog before they themselves then wander off the opposite direction. >> was that car stolen? >> all i heard is apparently they were then brazenly spotted out on the roads nearby trying to flag people down to get out of the area. didn't seem to be that anybody was reall hurt. you could see why i slonotion as soon as the car makes impact. every air bag in that car has deployed. so the people, at least they were okay. for our next video we'll head to the "right this minute" sponsored intersection. >> yeah. >> this video was sent to us on our website submitted to us because guess what's about to happen.
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bang! >> and then you stopped. >> i'd love to say this is probably going to be the last time we see this, but it'll never be the last time. we'll see another one of these next month. there's never a dull moment for sam and nicole. and they document it all. they've got these little ones. and in this edition, things get really real. >> trying to assess the damage to see how much brother had cut off. >> yeah. valor's been hard at work. he chopped up aurora's hair. and it's not good. but wait. there's more. can you guess what that is? >> did he cut the other sister's hair too? or his own? >> his own. >> so he evened it out. >> what do you think about that hair cut? you ready for mommy to fix your
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hair? >> he took a big chunk of hair right out of the front. >> no big deal. he's young. hair grows. grows fast. >> he' grinning now. but when mom gets to work, he starts having an emotional meltdown. look at him. first he's like what's going on what's going on. i don't like this. and as the hair hit this ground, they pan back up to his face. yeah. that smile starts to change. we'll take you up here to the top. it's starting to sink in. it doesn't look that bad. but once they're done, he starts to rub his hands across his head and he flips out. [ crying ] >> yeah, he's not feeling it. >> he felt the top of his head and started bawling. >> kids get over things pretty quickly. as we know, they're resilient. >> your hair will grow back.
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okay? there are some areas in southern california that are huge, wide open spaces. desert perfect for riding. if you look around, you'd say not a drop of water in sight. there may be just enough water out there to get you in trouble. >> what happened? >> right there looked like it was dry but it wasn't. >> so you fell in it? >> yeah. i'm in it. >> and your bike. >> yeah, it's in there. >> this kid is just walking through the desert. >> colton is pretty darn good on motocross bikes. he is the current endurocross champion. he has a blog. not only is he getting help from colton, he's getting help from the champ. look where this kid got his dad's bike stuck. >> dad's bike. >> be careful.
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>> colton can't do much for this kid at the moment. can't really pull it out himself. he heads off to get the guy's dad. brings dad back and dad has the tools that you need for this dirty job. >> there you go. holy moly. >> at the end of the day here, the kid who got his dad's bike stuck not only got out with a little bit of dirt on his bike but also got to meet colton. >> look. a lot of the mud already came off. it's going to be clean by the weekend is over. ross is hanging out with his grandma and getting some pearls of wisdom. >> have faith. live every day to the fullest. >> that's great advice. >> stick around to hear all of her life lessons. >> oh, every once in awhile you have to party. and you'll have to have a margarita. and check out these amazing aerial images. >> let's go. >> get a first-person look at
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closed captioning provided by -- icyhot lidocaine. desensitizes aggravated nerves with the max strength lidocaine available. icyhot lidocaine. this video was captured by the 366th fighter wing. this is an f-15-e. doing a little training session. >> you can always tell the f 15 because they've got the twin
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tail. >> this is video just from o of their training missions. i've got to say, it is spectacular what they can do, what you can see. the landscape, capabilities, everything. >> this is really great because you get to see what these guys are going. how they're training. and bring us along. >> honestly, the fact the f-15, you're not going to see much of this. they've all been on the multi-role strikers. >> look at the landscape, that curving river. wow. what a beautiful country we live in. but what a spectacular military we have. they're so talented. . they make it look easy like getting in the car, you know, except you've got a little bit more oomph to your ride. it's grandma wisdom week. did you know that?
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>> no. >> yeah. that's why ross is hanging out with his grandma. she's a sweet one. >> what's your proudest achievement? in your life. >> my family. having my children. >> of course the kids and the family. and what about the grandchildren? >> what about your grandchildren? >> oh, yes. my grandchildren and great grandchildren. >> and who's the best one? >> there isn't. they're all equal. >> yeah, sure. that's what they all say. are there any other proud achievements you've had in your lifetime? >> i've always worked and that's made me strong. >> grandma built car parts and bombs for world war ii. he took grandma swimming. any advice? >> keep swimming, buddy. don't give up. >> that's great advice. >> sweet little moment to make a wish. >> i know what you wished for. you wished for a monster truck. >> what would you say to the rest of the world that's watching this right now? >> have faith.
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live every day to the fullest. and work hard. >> but don't forget all that hard work, there's still time for a little woop woop. >> what does woop woop mean? >> every once in awhile you'll have to party. and you'll have to have a margarita. >> margaritas are the key to health. >> work hard, play hard. >> you know why everybody likes to go to grandma's house? that's where the party and margarita are. >> and the candy dish. if you could be any animal what would you be? she says bird. >> chirp chirp. >> give us a bird call. that does kind of sound like a hawk. >> no. >> a hawk on fire. >> she's pretty good at that. >> the funniest part is ross and her seem to have such a beautiful, fun, friendly relationship. that's why it's fun to watch these videos. >> and that's the granny wisdom.
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spicy. >> pepper spray would be between 500,000 to a million. so it's pepper spray. >> there are many places you don't want this spicy extract. >> i can think of a couple. >> so ryan is going to take s satan blood and put it right there, but not on himself. on his girlfriend. >> oh hell no! has he lost his mind? >> y want to be single. his girlfriend lays out her clhes before she changes. she is out at an event. so he's going to use this as a time to prepare her thong. he puts it in the back end of the thong. then he blow dries it. she gets home, now we're going to change. they start running it. >> is my skin red? >> there's nothing on you at all. >> it, like, itches. it's weird. >> at first she thought it was a
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little itch. she's embarrassed telling him. but then it starts getting hot. >> hot hot! >> yeah. >> satan's blood. he would never sleep again around me. >> he pours water down her pants and she starts running home. these got to come off. so she runs to the house, she runs into the kitchen. you know, milk is supposed to help. except it's almond milk. i'm kind of with you guys on this one. >> it's an easy thing to fake. i don't know. does he fess up? >> he does fess up. and she's not happy about it. that's when she goes to the shower and throws her pants at him. it's one of the world's most unoriginal jokes. what people do when they see a diy car. >>ar wash. >> wash me. >> but there are some original people out there.
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and this is one of the best. he goes by the name on instagram of proboy nick. he is a bit of a pro. as he starts walking his way down the side of this beamer. >> wow. >> how does he do that? >> i know. it's a black beamer with a white shark on the side of it. and this is just the start of what he does. you go through his instagram for example on the side of this truck. >> holy cow. i love this. this is graffiti without the destruction. >> yes. >> it's really good. how long does it take him to do that? >> i don't know. he does it sometimes with paint brushes, does it with his fingers. he does it for all kinds of things. you can see here. just incredibly detailed pictures. that octopus is astounding. >> i would drive around this dude's neighborhood with a dirty car just hoping he would hit mine. >> then spray something over it. >> this is dope. >> it is that indeed. that's probably why he's got about 18,000 followers. that's going to shoot up once
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these videos start getting out there. right-handed people try being lefties for a day. >> i even tried cursive with my left hand. >> see how we handle the challenge. >> you look like a
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>> eating healthy. >> you are welcome, america. buzzfeed has some folks try being left-handed for a day. >> i have no strength in my fingers right now. i am not proud of myself. >> i'm not proud. i look like a 2-year-old wrote
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this. >> i think you can tell what i wrote. but it also looks horrendous. >> this is my writing with my right hand because i happen to write and box left-handed. do everything else with my right hand. >> i even tried cursive with my left hand. >> that's what i'm doing. >> all right. left on the top. right hand on the bottom. not that dissimilar. >> i went with the cursive too. >> you look like a doctor. doctor's writing. completely illegible. >> left on the top. and right at the bottom. >> this dude tries using chop sticks. >> i'm not even kidding. i can't do it. >> i grew up in hong kong so i can chop stick no problem with my right. but the left -- >> no way. we're like 5-year-olds when mes our l >> all rht. cool. >> this one -- oh, this one.
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this girl tries shaving her legs. >> i don't think i'm doing a good job but i'm not cutting myself which is great. >> yeah. that would have ended up with big scars. >> don't even talk about the legs. try shaving our faces left-handed. that would be scary. >> yeah. >> nick's left and right. as if one wasn't enough. >> so here you go. here you go. >> eye liner. >> how'd i do? >> this is easy. you're so beautiful. >> try eyeliner now. >> the folks at buzzfeed learned a lot. youtube may have learned a lot. you're just -- well, you're never going to learn. >> i've realized that my left is
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weaker than my right. >> this was a good experience. i'm going to go back to using my right hand though. thanks for watching always fresh, always new "rtm." (narrator) imagine, wiping away the appearance of crepey skin. on your arms... (female narrator) on your legs... (male narrator) and even your neck. (female narrator) what would your reaction be? -can i look now? -yes. are you serious? oh my goodness! (female narrator) and now paidresentatn for epe erase. (male narrator) a breakthrough targeted body treatment brought to you by trusted guthy renker. (female narrator) and featuring emmy award winning actress jane seymour. (male narrator) beloved little house on the prairie actress melissa gilbert. (female narrator) figure skating legend, dorothy hamill. (male narrator) and 12-time olympic medalist dara torres. plus, everyday women whose lives and skin are being transformed with crepe erase. (female #1) i never thought i'd have my mother's skin. i had the turkey neck.


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