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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  April 24, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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seem to be you biabiding by the limit. live in walnut creek, wilso wilson, abc7 news. and officers got reports of a possible drowning at a home near olive drive around 6:30 p.m. when they arrived police found family members giving cpr to the child. he is listed in stable condition now. anybody with information is asked to call the special victims unit. two men in their 20s died and a woman in another car was injured. police state vehicle the two men were in crossed over into oncoming traffic near native dancer drive. it happened at 7:15 last night. they slammed into the car the injured woman was driving. she is expected to survive. and it was a tough day at
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san francisco international airport yesterday and dozens of flights already called off this morning. sfo has 19 delays and 49 cancelations for today already at this hour. constrtion work on one of the runways is part of the problem here and it led to big delays and can sa cancelations yesterd. and they are repaving it, and work is going to take place every sunday through the middle of july. matt keller is at the airport talking to travelers and will join us live coming up later on. you have to feel for steve kerr, he will be out tpob game four and longer as he tries with chronic back issues. he could be out the rest of the post season. he missed game three on saturday. he is suffering from intense
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migraines and back pains his back surgery. >> as of now, i am consulting with my doctors and hoping for improvement. if i get improvement i will get back on the sidelines, and i will not do that unless i know i can help the team. i am not going to coach one night and not the next, i will not do that to our team. >> assistant coach, mike brown, will coach the team until kerr returns. >> dub nation, you know kerr has faced health problems, and the pain in 2015 he said he could barely enjoy the title in the victory parade, and then in 2016
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he went on to miss the next 43 games and he called that time away unbelievably frustrating. he only miss add single shoot around before a march 2nd loss where he smashed his clipboard where he smashed his clipboard in frustration. now a. live desk update. >> i am watching big changes in new orleans. confederate statues being removed across the city in getting away as what some people see as racist or intolerance signals. they just wrapped up getting the statues down lowmenmoments ago.
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there is a group that wants these statues to stay up. the city says the other three statues will come down in the next three days. >> happening today, the tennessee teacher accused of kidnapping a 15-year-old girl is in custody since friday. he and his former student were found in a tabb cabin redding on thursday. he is expected to face even more charges. the man arrested for the murders of four people in fresno is admitting he gunned down the victims. >> did you kill three white men and shoot at four other people on tuesday? >> yeah. >> that's kormuhammad in a
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jailhouse interview admitting he shot and killed a security guard at motel 6 because williams was being disrespected to one of his friends. and then a few days later muhammad found out police were looking for him. >> i was going to turn myself in, and then i started thinking about flint, michigan, and i started thinking about the crack cocaine, and i started thinking about all the injustice that my people go through, and that's when i snapped. >> muhammad said he shot at white men. >> i am glad they did not get hit, i would have not been able to live myself if i hit a woman and a child. >> he is expected to be arraigned on may 12th. and then lawmakers are
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finding their hands are full. this week alone they are expected to deal with a new health care bill as well as a deadline for fund the border wall. >> we're going to defend our workers, and project our jobs and finally put america first. >> his administration heads into a tough week with lawmakers all complicated by a potential showdown over the border wall with mexico. >> i think that's a fight worth having and a conversation worth having for 2018. >> american taxpayers begin paying for the wall despite promises mexico would pay for it. >> i can't imagine the democrats
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would shut down the government over an objection to a downed payment on the wall that could end the >> and mike pence is returning back early from his overseas trip to abc news and the "washington post" polled 1,000 people and found 42% approve of the job he is doing and 53% disapprove of his presidency, and 96% of supporters said they would vote for him today. he is holding a rally for supporters in pennsylvania instead of attending the white
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house correspondence dinner, and no white house staffers are going to attend that dinner either. no rain yet on the way. a one on the storm impact scale. you will notice all the cloud cover. we have showers and mixed precip in the sierra, nevada. mid-30s there, and a weak system is headed our way. 54 in walnut creek right now. looking at mid-50s mountain view and san jose. notice the activity sinks into the north bay, at 9:00 this morning. we could see a renegade shower through the peninsula through the afternoon and then it does break up. 54 degrees today in san jose, below the average. check out the temperature trend, 70s by thursday. we're talking 80s over the weekend. over night lows tonight in the 40s with cloud cover. we have a giants game to talk about coming up and look more in detail about your highs today around the bay and your 7-day
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out look in just a moment. alexis has an update on your commute. we are doing okay in the immediate bay area. you mentioned mixed precipitation if you are going to be traveling to the sierra. i did check and you have to chain up there across donner pass if you are around interstate 50. sounds like a vehicle hit a deer on northbound 101 before you get to the marin wood off-ramp. doesn't sound like the vehicle is drivable so they have to call a tow truck to the scene. and the bay bridge along just fine. we will take a look at the central valley coming up next. a new neighborhood is rise wrg candlestick park once stood. the honor for some sports legends marking a new era for the city. president obama has been
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president obama has been laying low since
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welcome back. new this morning defense secretary jim mattis making an unannounced visit to afghanistan. this is video of him getting there via helicopter. you can see in the video he will be walking with members of the
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military and he is there to help the administration decide whether or not to send in more u.s. troops. this is three days after an attack on northern afghanistan, an army base there that killed more than 100 people. mattis has been in the area in europe as well trying to build relationships with allies and partners in the war in afghanistan. he is now the first member of the trump cabinet to visit afghanistan. happening today, former president barack obama will make his first public speech since leaving office. he is expected to address community leaders and students at the university of chicago. it's being build as part of his post presidency goal to encourage and support the next generation of leaders. mr. obama just got back from nearly a month on an island in the french
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medians on friday night, saturdays and sundays. many of the drivers park there to attend nearby churches or to visit delores park. muni considering doing away with cash payments on cable cars. not exactly a new idea but gaining new urgency after a conductor was arrested for pocketing cash he collected from drives. other transit agencies are turning to scanning systems to avoid dealing with cash. and the first step is to extend the bths where riders can pay. the 49ers and giants are
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going to get streets named after them on the new development site of the new candlestick park. >> former 49er, jerry rice, holds up a street name bearing his name. >> i never thought i would have a street named after me. it's a great recognition and i feel very fortunate. >> legends from the 49ers and giants are getting the honor along with the owners who made it happen. >> everybody that put on the san francisco 49ers uniform made this all possible and made it possible for the city. >> that is so gorgeous. the late coach bill walsh was also honored. >> joe montana wanted his street sign to be changed. >> i would like to share this with a very special person, and i would like to change this to montana/clark drive.
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>> clark was alongside montana when he announced he has he caught from montana to win the championship in 1982. the new candlestick development will encompass 7,000 new homes, retail shops and restaurants. a new neighborhood soon to channel the spirit of bay area sports legends. abc7 news. i promise it's going to get nice in a couple days. >> not today, though. >> not so much. hi, lisa argen. >> maybe you like the cool showery activitynd then today is your day. another two to four inches is expected here in the sierra, nevada. at home we are in the 50s. 54 in walnut creek with numbers in the low 50s, san francisco.
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it's a one on our storm impact scale today, expecting anywhere from a couple 100s to a an inch of rain. you will notice by 1:00, we could see a few isolated showers along with the peninsula, and maybe even in the south bay and we are talking very scant. we go into the overnight hours into tomorrow, and it's out of here. it's a one-day event. we will look at overnight totals as we go through tuesday, as we go through tuesday, anywhere we are looking at 50s in the highs today, and grab an umbrella and check it out. there are your 80s in play by the end of the week. good morning, alexis. >> yeah, looking like a good weekend forecast. today we are looking okay
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for your morning commute. everything looks great here. southbound 680 as you make your way to the walnut creek area, that's how all of our traffic cameras look at this early hour. a quick look at drive times, the only area i am starting to see start to build, 580, tracy to dublin, 34 minutes so you are in the yellow. we'll check on overnight roadwork in the south bay coming up next. take a close look at your screen. this is video of a water rescue that took place saturday east of nashville, tennessee. that's a firefighter wading through the rushing f to help a teenage boy clinging to a light pole. he and the firefighter made out safely and the boy was treated for hypothermia and otherwise expected to be just fine.
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you will see the large ocean going-ferry slam into a break water. it happens moments after the vessel left the port on friday. five of them needed to go to the hospital. the impact severs a fuel line, and now crews are cleaning up spilled fuel from that in the atlantic ocean. bay area restaurants blaming rising costs for a number growing of closures. while most of us were sleeping an american as astronaut smashed a record. a special phone call she is about to get. and terrifying moments for a little 4-year-old hanging on and falling to the road. the driver that jumped into action to save her life. first, this morning's tech bytes. >> uber on defense. the ridesharing service have been tracking former users even after they deleted the app from
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their phones. and then the galaxy s getting rave reviews, and some calling it the best phone on the market. that's a much-needed lift from samsung amid the reports they had exploding devices. and then the final shipments reach stores today. i grew up with this one. >> we all did. the classic will be sold on a first come first serve basis. first come first serve basis. you will als
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this is incredible. a 4-year-old girl in arkansas can thank her lucky stars that a certificated emt was driving behind her church bus which she fell out of it. you see the door fly open. there's a little girl holding on to the door. seconds later she falls to the ground. look at that. the emt with his dashcam rolling rushed to the 4-year-old and cradled her in his arms. >> once the adrenaline and shock kicked in in her little body, she started kicking and screaming, where's my mommy and stuff like that, and stuff like that is really heartbreaking. >> i don't know how this possible but somehow the little girl only suffered a broken jaw. the bus driver did not return
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for 15 minutes. the church says it is no longer using that bus. happening today, the winners of what could be called the green nobel prize. one of the winners this year is from california. his name is mark lopez. he lives in l.a. and is being honored for persuading the state to clean up battery plant. and peggy whitson marked days in space, and that's a record for an american astronaut. in 2008 she became the first woman to command the iss, and also has the record for the most space walks by a woman and president trump is supposed to
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phone her at 7:00 this morning, and a fellow astronaut will join him on the line. clouds increased overnight. we are mild, low to mid-50s right now. headed out the door, grab the umbrella. showers will be light and scattered. by the afternoon, the showers really will dissipate. it's from about 8:00 this morning in the north bay through 12:00 or 1:00. stay with us, we will look at a changeable forecast coming up in the next few minutes. not much happening at this early hour, which is a good thing. overnight roadwork is wrapping up on southbound highway 17, around saratoga and los gatos road. we saw a brief delay. that is thinned out and they should be picking that up any minute now.
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and a look at 101 and 880, and we have maybe a minor issue off on the southbound side and that should not be a major problem either. hearing about a motorcycle crash in the concord area. many bay area restaurants blame rising costs for driving them out of business but there may be another fact as well. yel yelp. one factor is the minimum wage, one factor is the minimum wage, but with difference. and back on the track. if you ever wanted to use your shopping cart like a mario cart, here's your chance. as you can see, especially themed shopping carts.
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that transformation will last until the game is released on friday. calling all you bing watchers. why wasting hours and ne netflix may be good for you. bumbling burglar gets more than he bargained for after break into a clothing store. reggie aqui grew up in hawaii. >> got married there. >> and has the aloha spirit. reggie loves his dogs. >> would stock. >> great name. >> he once sang a duet with dolly pardon. >> great debater. >> reggie always listens to your side. side. >> that's what makes
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good morning, north bay. good morning on this monday, april 24th. yes, monday is here. we're here to help you through it hopefully. lisa has a bit of a rainy forecast for you. >> yes, and that's good. we are sti spring and we could u a few showers, and as we get going this morning you want to perhaps grab an umbrella. it's not widespread but from the north. temperatures as a result of the cloud cover, mild. your temperatures in the 50s this morning. this afternoon a chance of showers sliding from the north bay into san francisco through midday and then scatter


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