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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 25, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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we have that one chance of some showers tomorrow and then, yeah, you'll want to find sunscreen because you'll need it for the next several days into the weekend. here's a few of those high clouds that continue through our sky but it's dry on live doppler 7. here's the breezes out there and expect those to continue, especially over the bodies of water today. so 47 to 54. petty mild this morning. by noon 57 to 63. we'll be 58 to 65 this out 57 to 62. so temperatures a little cooler than average. look at the temperatures when we get back in the forecast next. alexis? you can see the mt. tam camera bouncing around. we have a high wind advisory for the bay bridge and we have one for the venetia bridge so if you're traveling 680, as mike just mentioned, once you get over those bodies of water it could get gusty.
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we'll look at drive times up next. happening today, google's self-driving car company looking for riders. hundreds of self-driving minivans are about to hit the road. you'll have to go south, though, way south to get in one of these. abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson live for us in mountain view. hey, tiffany. is. >> that's right, natasha, if you want to be among the very first passengers you'll have to move south to phoenix. google's self-driving car company called waymo is accepting applications from passengers who live in the phoenix area. that begins today. they want several hundred passengers to test the expanded fleet of chrysler pacifica minivans. early riders will get free rides and give feedback about the passenger experience. waymo will have a test driver in the vehicle during this trial. however the long-term goal is to provide a fully self--driving car that needs no human intervention. currently california does not allow passengers in self-driving
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vehicles but that could change soon. this morning the dmv is holding a public hearing in sacramento to discuss proposed regulations for testing and public use of driverless vehicles. official rules could be in place by the end of the year. google has competition. so far 30 companies have filed for test driving of the self-driving vehicles in california alone. live at google headquarters in mountain view, tiffany will so abc 7 news. and let's talk about apple's self-driving car project. the company never officially confirmed it but it seems like it's happening. apple plans to start live tests of its self-driving cars in california according to the business journal. the cupertino company submitted training documents to the dmv earlier this month which accidentally released names of some of the test drivers and they include former nasa and tesla engineers. they'll use lexus suvs controlled bey a joy stick and
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drivers have to take part in a seven-part test before they hit the road. we want to give you an update to developing news involving southern california. a car involved in an amber alert has been found in pomona but it was empty. no sign of the one-year-old lexi segura on the right there. authorities say she was abducted in rancho cucamonga last night by her father. daniel secretary genergura is c armed and dangerous. investigators believe lexi's life could be in danger. a bystander is credited for stopping a kidnapping in san francisco's pac heights neighborhood. a woman was walking on steiner street when a man grabbed her out of the blue and tried to pull her inside of his truck. an on coming driver saw what was happening and scared off the suspect by blinking his brights and honking his horn. neighbors are understandably on edge. >> it's frightening. i assume my own safety but i guess i shouldn't. >> the suspect got away but not for long.
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police won't say how but they managed to track him down the next day in petaluma after a high-speed pursuit and crash. police aren't releasing his name due to the ongoing investigation but we know the 46-year-old man is from sonoma county. an employee at the boys and girls club in petaluma is accused of offering up a six-year-old girl for sex. benjamin goerke was the program director. police say the 22-year-old posted a photo of a girl who was in one of the club's afterschool programs in an internet chat room for child foreign. he also posted her home address and parents' phone number. he told police he access it had club's computer remotely from his home. in a statement, the boys and girls club says its mission is to keep children safe and it's fully cooperating with that investigation. president trump may be willing to delay pushing for funding for his border wall in an effort to avoid a government shutdown. he reportedly said his administration could get funding for a wall of the mexican board they are week or they could come
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back to it in cemeseptember. democrats say if mr. trump takes that off the table they could pass a bill by friday. nancy pelosi has called the wall an immoral, ineffective and unwise proposal. guys, big news out of the white house this morning. it could impact so many of you who travel internationally. the trump administration is considering banning laptops on all flights from europe. it would ban any electronic device larger than a smartphone. basically expands that ban already imposed on eight middle eastern countries last month. that's accordin to a british official who spoke the guardian. no official word from the white house on the issue quite yet but we will be watching. natasha? >> jessica, thank you. blurred lines between the president and his personal business are brewing new controversy now. on april 4,, a web site run by the state department promoted mar-a-lago as the winter white house and detailed its history. according to "usa today," the u.s. embassy in london broke the
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story. democrats called it a conflict of interest. the post was quickly taken down and apologized saying the intent of the article was to inform the public about where the president hosted world leaders. there will be a public hearing on a very heated topic in tiburon, trees. specifically 42 of them near the mckegney green soccer field. most trees are eucalyptus. on one side of the debate you have those who believe trees add character and beauty and should be the other side those who believe the trees are dangerous because they're highly flammable and can fall without warning. rob herwin is in that group. he helped pull together $70,000 to cover expenses related to the removal. >> it's a good investment to save the homes from burning down and from your kids from getting injured. >> pages of letters and studies from both sides have been submitted to city officials. today's public hearing will take place at town hall, it starts at
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6:00 p.m. >> we know the bay area real estate market is you have to. now we're learning more and more people could be given up and heading east. police in the north bay need your help identifying this man. the damage he left at a dozen businesses over the weekend. taking a live look outside with abc 7 news now, a live look from mt. tam, jostling a bit from mt. tam, jostling a bit with the w
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mostly cloudy and dry this morning, about 50 to 54 along the peninsula. the coolest spot, woodside 47. most of us are around 50 to 56 degrees. fairfield about 49. so temperatures close to where they were yesterday at this time. a slight jump tote a lot of mid to upper 60s, low 60s at the coast. a little decline because of the chance of wet weather. 63 to 76. that's just the first warm day. check out the gorgeous sunrise at sutro tower. watch out for the tree pollen. the water is a little breezy this morning. low to mid-50s tonight, see the green? that's a chance of rain tomorrow. i'll tell you about that next. a look at the golden gate bridge right now, a little pink showing up in the sky but everything looking great if you are coming up in the north bay. we have a muni issue though.
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there's been a switching rob reported near van ness. so we have delays between van ness and castro stations. crews are working to clear it right now. i know i promised drive times, we deal that next and a new problem on the b. police say this man vandalized 12 businesses, three vandalized 12 businesses, three cars and several streets signs. if you have any information, call police. another reason to exercise, it could be good for your memory. the types of activities that help the most as you get older. are allergies holding you back? break through your allergies. try new flonase sensimist instead of allergy pills. it's more complete allergy relief in a gentle mist you may not even notice. using unique mistpro technology, new flonase sensimist delivers a gentle mist to help block six key inflammatory substances that cause your symptoms.
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brentwood police need your help finding this missing teenager. 17-year-old kamryn bresee was last seen six days ago at her brentwood home. she's 5'5", 150 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes. she was last seen wearing a black top, red shorts and black shoes. she may have been seen in pittsburg friday afternoon. please call brentwood police if you have seen her. the san francisco board of supervisors will consider a resolution supporting annual mayday demonstrations. community groups gathered outside city hall to call for a general strike on may 1. last year some workers got
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disciplined or fired because they didn't go to work when they took part in the mayday marches. the resolution calls for the city and county of san francisco to support international workers' day. >> we've taken every measure to make sure employers understand if you're a business that hires mostly immigrant workers than your business should be out there marching with us. the may 1 demonstration will begin at 11:00 a.m. with a rally in justin herman plaza. marches planned in other cities including san jose, oakland and santa rosa. if you want to stay sharp after 50 hit the gym. we're not talking about training for an iron man. experts out of australia say just a 45-minute session of moderate exercise like yoga or tai chi helps you improve thinking, attention and memory skills. moderate exercise is easier on older joints and helps brain function by increasing blood flow and oxygen to the brain. >> interesting new study shows many people in the bay area are looking to bye a right now
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but they're lki sacramento. the brokerage firm redfin found 20% of potential buyers are finding bay area home prices too high. in fact, the san francisco metro area, including san jose and oakla oakland, the top market for house hunters are most likely to leave, sacramento is the most common in-state destination f those headed for the exits. can you guess what the most common out-of-state destination is? seattle. >> surprising. >> this is also surprising to me. if you're thinking about mother's day right now and what to get mom and looking at roses or jewelry, a tokyo-based research firm says that's not it. only 10% of moms want those things. about a quarter will get jewelry anyway but fewer than 10% want that. so what does mom want? turns out she wants you to take her out to eat. mother's day is happening may
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14. that's good to know. i wish mother's day was as easy as father's day for me and my dad just says "reggie boy, get me that pseusu >> i love your dad impression. >> what are you going to do for your wife? >> next two weeks are tumultuous, dad's birthday, mother's birthday, mother's day. >> may i suggest sudoku? >> it's like oprah winfrey, you get one, you get one. i'll spend a lot of money. that's all i know. >> just give them good weather. >> yeah, that doesn't work. for everybody else it might. look at this. suit roe tower was owning this morning's sunrise. still pretty awesome. especially back lighting the mt. diablo there. but let me show you what's happening on the explore or the yum. our storm track bumps north
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briefly today and that will take rain out of the forecast. . it will come back tomorrow. look at that. yeah, oohs and awws. absolutely. just posted a picture of that. i'd love to sit here and look at that but i have to move on. so we shall. last chance of showers for possibly the entire rain season is tomorrow and a breezy transition to a warm weekend. i put the storm impact scale on. it will be a light storm, most of us won't receive rain because of scattered showers. it will be breezy tomorrow so let's roll out our future radar. 4:00 tomorrow morning aechlt little drizzle possible by the end of the commute you see scattered showers, light because they're green. in the north bay they're starting to move into the heart of the bay. 4:00 some redeveloping just about anywhere. by 7:00 in the south bay, by 9:00, bye-bye, adios, they're gone. look what happens in my accuweather seven-day forecast. gets breezy thursday and friday
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but that's ushering in warm weather. near 70 at the coast. alexis? somebody lost their camper shell so rough start on the benicia bridge here. it's on the northbound side before we get to the toll plaza. sounds like a couple people have already hit that camper shell so chp on the way to the scene to get that removed. a quick check of walnut creek. we had reports of a disabled semi in the area around treat boulevard. not spotting it on camera and traffic looks like it's moving along okay at this point. i'll double check and make sure that hasn't cleared. hope flip that's the case here. quick check of drive times, westbound 80 you're up to 28 minutes in the yellow. westbound 80 across the bay bridge. not too bad at 15 minutes. san francisco to sfo, the green at 10 minutes. "good morning america" coming up at 7:00. >> and amy is live at new york city with a look at what's ahead. good morning, amy. >> good morning natasha and
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reggie. coming up next on gma, new reports president trump may be willing to back away from including his border wall in the federal budget, a move that could help avoid a shutdown. first daughter ivanka landing in germany to meet with top female world leaders on an invite by germany's angela merkel. we'll have much more on that just ahead. and then bill o'reilly back on the airways with his own podcast. he's speaking out about his plit surprised when the truth comes out. plus elton john in recovery after contracting a mystery illness while on a south american tour forcing him to cancel a string of u.s. concerts as he heals at home from his reportedly rare and potentially deadly infection. dr. jen ashton here with more coming up and patti labelle is phere as well on joogma. >> miss patti! we're excited. >> that got our attention. thank you. coming up next, the best time to book plane tickets if you're planning a trip to hawaii
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and the timing of this may surprise you. mark zuckerberg and his wife priscilla ready to help more bay area kids. their new investment in education. 6:21. we want to help you get a better start to your day. a live look from walnut creek. we'll keep weather and traffic through the entire commercial break so you here in the know as you start your day. you start your day. we'll be right back.
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time to ask finney. joey has a question about traveling to hawaii. >> 7 on your side's michael finney has the answer. >> reporter: when's the best time to bye airline tickets to hawaii? >> you planning a trip? the best time to buy tickets to hawaii is about a month in advance. why? well, airlines know these are leisure travelers so there won't be any last-minute business travelers to fill any empty seats so they drop prices in an effort to get leisure travelers to fill any remaining open seats. now, it is a gutsy move, though, because it doesn't always work out. now, if you're thinking about weather, on average, july and august are the warm et ceteest
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while january is the coolest. i'll post a link to on our web site. go to joey, have fun, thanks for your question. >> and send us pictures. if you have a question for michael finney, record it on your smartphone or tablet, share it on social media with the hashtag "ask finney" or go to our web site. you can see your question answered here on abc 7 mornings. dr. priscilla chan, wife of facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is in talks with san francisco officials to open up a charter school in the city. the examiner reports the talks have been going on for a year. the school would be modeled after the primary school, the private institution the zuckerbergs opened in east palo alto last year. it focuses on the health and education of at-risk children from before birth through eighth grade. >> students at college of marin will be able to earn a bachelor's degree as part of a deal with sonoma state university according to our media partner. details still being sorted out. college officials are hoping to launch the program in fall of
6:26 am
2018. they're trying to determine whether to offer the bachelor's degree at kenfield or marin valley campus. police are searching for the people who ran into an apple store and got away with thousands of dollars worth of gadgets. a vacant building in san francisco's mission district could soon see new life. but this plan is olearizing neighbors. >> and here at the live desk watching live images from los angeles. a high-speed chase. it looks dangerous. this car weaving in and out of the highway in downey. i'll have the latest information next. stay with us. and on the weather side, much calmer over here than yesterday. highs will rebound for most of us under this dry weather. us under this dry weather. how about four to six degrees
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. coming up on 6:30, good morning on this tuesday, april 25th. being greeted by a great-looking sunrise and we have a great-looking forecast. mike is about to tell you there is a little rain tomorrow. >> we just need to push through it then we're greeted by days of solid sunshine. >> yes. >> okay. >> done. >> we sold it for you, mike, take it away. >> i'm supposed to follow that up? okay. let me fill in the blanks. let's start with looking at live doppler 7 which is dry and will
6:30 am
be dry all day today. we have those high and mid-level clouds that have been illuminated from underneath. check out my twitter if you want to see some of that. here's the golden gate bridge. you can see it's breezy. 51 to 56 temperatures during the morning so like it was yesterday. more sunshine as the day wears on, temperatures in the upper 50s to mid-60s at 7:00. i'll talk about one more chance of rain but also those 80s coming up, too. here's alexis. we have a problem on eastbound 380 so if you're traveling between 280 and 101 we have one lane down on the connector to southbound 101. sounds like just a solo vehicle crash. someone lost control, hit the right hand guardrail and that's facing sideways in the right lane so emergency crews are there but we have a back up there on eastbound 380. we also have a problem potentially in walnut creek. we'll head back there in less than 10. here at the live desk, tracking a wild pursuit in southern california. i want to show you a live look
6:31 am
at the car they are chasing. police following this vehicle now on surface streets in bellflower, california. that's part of los angeles county. they have been going after this person in this older model four door sedan, kind of a light blue/gray color for quite some time now. this person was on the highway weaving in and out of traffic. now this these residential streets. going through a parking lot just weaving in and out of the entire area. very dangerous situation. no word on exactly what this person was originally wanted for but making it worse by the second. endangering folks on the surface streets so we'll continue tracking the story at the life desk and i'll let you know. hopefully it ends peacefully and ends well but we'll keep an eye on it. reggie, back to you j. >> jess, thank you. a marin county apple store missing $24,000 worth of computers, iphones, ipads, the
6:32 am
work of a group of burglars. >> this is not the first time the same store has been hit. amy hollyfield live in corte madera. >> >> reporter: police said they just missed these guys. officers pulled up the front as the five thieves ran out the back. the countertops at the store, they'll have restocking to do today. they have some empty spaces where the items were stolen. police say the five young people ran in just after 8:00 and grabbed iphones, ipads and computers. about $24,000 worth of stuff. we saw several attacks like this during the holiday season. in san francisco they released surveillance video of the attack of the apple store on chestnut street that happened in december. we have seen robberies of apple stores in palo alto, berkeley and corte madera. apple hasn't commented on the crimes. the different police agencies are working together to see if these cases are at all linked.
6:33 am
no one has been hurt in the robberies which are over within a matter of seconds the officer i spoke with says the store at the village of corte madera does have a camera. they are hoping to get the video from apple today so they can try and figure out who did this. live in corte madera. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. bart revealing two of its police officers were at the coliseum station in oakland when dozens of teens jumped on a train and robbed passengers. up to 60 teens jumped the fare gates 9:30 saturday night. they swarmed a car, robbing and attacking passengers and two people were hurt. at first bart officials said none of its officers were at the station. now it's admitting two officers were patrolling the parking lot when the gang hit. the suspects grabbed five cell phones, a purse and duffel bag before running off. investigators are combing there surveillance video but aren't releasing it because the attackers appear to be minors. san francisco police are
6:34 am
trying to determine how two explosive devices ended up in a neighborhood. someone found a pipe bomb and a hand grenade near 22nd and wisconsin streets around 5:00 yesterday. police had to close off streets for almost two hours while the bomb squad checked it out. they ended up determining those devices were safe. they gave the all-clear a short time later. conservative commentator ann coulter says she will be at uc berkeley on thursday despite the university rescheduling her planned speech. no word where where koucoulter l speak or when but school leaders say there is no safe place for her to speak on campus. the two groups sponsoring her appearance filed a federal lawsuit accusing the university of trying to restrict conservative speech on campus. the attorney claims the school has a secret policy that limits conditions for certain speakers. >> it's not in writing. it's not been publicized but it has been used to shut down two speakers that the berkeley college republicans have brought to cal.
6:35 am
>> reporter: the university says it's trying to avoid the same kind of violence that erupted before a speech by yiannopoulos in february. yesterday coulter retweeted a weather forecast with the words "nice day for an outdoor speech in berkeley." today advocates and victims of hate crime will rally before the santa clara county board of supervisors meeting. they say they expect the rally to be similar to this one in san francisco to show the board how critical certain items are that are up for discussion. one, the need for safe shelter beds for transgender people. another to help families with an emergency plan in case a parent is picked up for deportation. also happening, the albany school board will discuss this racially fuelled instagram page that, look at that, included an image of a student with a noose around her neck. the page was up for two months before school administrators became aware of it. the students responsible got suspended but some parents say they should have been expelled.
6:36 am
there's going to be a chance for public comment about tonight's meeting. arkansas just had the nation's first double execution in more than 16 years. it was marked by controversy and accusations one of the prisoners suffered in his death. jack jones and marcel williams both died by lethal injection. the state executed jones for the rape and murder of a book keeper in 1995. three hours later williams was put to death for the murder of a young mother in 1994. a judge temporarily blocked williams' lethal injection because his attorneys argued the first execution was inhumane. they say officials spent 45 minutes trying to place an iv in jones' neck before they had to put it elsewhere and he gulped for air as he died. the judge allowed both executions to go forward. 6:36. to developing news this morning on the korean peninsula. officials in the south claim the north conducted a massive show of force with large scale artillery drills. the exercise marked the anniversary of the founding of its military 85 years ago and
6:37 am
coincided with military exercises held by the u.s. and south korea in the yellow sea. earlier today a nuclear-powered u.s. submarine arrived in south korea. tomorrow president trump will hold a rare briefing with the full senate to discuss growing concerns over north korea's nuclear weapons and missiles program. president trump expected to name a retired two-star general as the new service director. randolph tex alice served 35 years in the military before joining the u.s. customs and border patrol. the head of the service is appointed by the president and doesn't need senate confirmation. a new poll shows most americans prefer we keep obamacare. 61% of those polled by abc news and the "washington post" say the affordable care act should be kept and improved. only 37% say it should berepealed and replaced and when asked about top priorities, 62% said they want nationwide covered standards for things like preventative services and prescription drugs and 70% said they wanted coverage for pre-existing conditions.
6:38 am
many residents of san francisco's mission district are not happy about a new temporary homeless shelter planned for their neighborhood. the location is in an empty building at van ness and 26th street. some residents said not here, not now. others want the center to open quickly. >> i know we need to get these people in homes but adding 120 people to the area is not the right solution. and also they're going to end it with no exit plan. that's another big issue. >> every single day we delay folks who are living on the streets are still out on the streets and around getting the services they need and neighbors still continue to have to deal with these tent encampments. >> a second community meeting will be held about the issues because last night's was over p. marin county has an interesting problem -- they have too much money. they'll be swimming in it by the end of the fiscal year and there's suggestions on what to do with it. county officials said marine
6:39 am
should see a $5.5 million surplus by the end of june. they suggested the money could be spend on improving roads damaged during the storms and contributing to the county library's reading program for pre-schoolers. supervisors will have the final say on where the money is spent. let's start with temperatures in san francisco, 51 in westportal, that's the cool spot. we have about 55 in the financial district. in the kas tree 53. richmond and belmont along with union city and tracy. petaluma and santa clara, about 51 degrees. here's the high temperatures today. 61 at half moon bay. 64 to 68 around the bay and 67 to 70 in our inland neighborhood so a little rebound from yesterday. you can see the san mateo bridge dry looking busy as we look westbound. a little breezy on the east/west bridges. breezy and choppy for a ferry ride. mass transit no worries. here's 280 at 17th down the san
6:40 am
jose with the tree pollen that will be high today. grass pollen moderate. mold spores low. temperatures tonight 50 to 55. that green is coming our way tomorrow and hour by hour look at one of our last chances of rain possibly for the entire rain season. alexis? >> i like the sound of that, mike. looking at our traffic maps, good news for walnut creek. we did have a disabled semi that was slowing you down on southbound 680. this was just before you get to treat boulevard. looks like chp has left the scene and that has cleared. we are still seeing some delays on southbound 680 but most of that is the typical delay we have along that stretch. this time of day the drive times aren't too terrible. our awesome pink clouds have gone away as we continue into the morning but we had beautiful sunrise shots including the bay bridge toll plaza. maybe thinning out a bit but those metering lights are still on. i have a mass transit update for muni riders. they're having a switching problem with subway service.
6:41 am
switching issues near van ness so that's delayed between van ness and castro. they're saying you should consider alternate routes and alternate means of transportation at this point because the delays are getting so long at this point so i'll keep an eye on that. we'll check drive times next. >> we tell you all the time about how thieves are targeting people's mail. now you have a way to fight back. how you can see what's in your mail before it gets delivered. >> imagine seeing this flying overhead? how a silicon valley company plans to elevate your commute. >> and this high-speed chase in southern california coming to an end. the car just stopping. police opening -- we'll have -- i think they have opened fire on this vehicle. this vehicle. we are going t
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
welcome back. we continue following breaking news in southern california. a crazy high-speed chase that has now come to an end. the driver getting pinned in the parking lot, forced to stop. he tried to make his way around the police cars but it didn't work for that person. we are not sure if police opened fire. they may have. we're not sure if the suspect fired back at all. this all began in long beach stretched across several different cities in l.a. county
6:45 am
right now they are in bellflower. that's where it's come to an end but they went -- this driver went through various different cities going on the highway as well as surface streets at some points reaching speeds of 90 miles an hour on city streets. we don't know what this person is wanted for. i believe -- this is in norwalk? okay this came to an end in norwalk my producer just giving me that information right now. but we are hearing this suspect may be wanted for possibly a stolen vehicle. no word on whether or not there's anyone else in the car you see him right now if you see his hands are up. it appears that suspect is still alive or at least some person in that car climbing out of the window right now and looks like he is going to peacefully surrender. this high-speed chase now officially over as police try to get this person into custody and get this situation wrapped up. luckily he didn't hit anyone,
6:46 am
didn't hit pedestrians or other cars as he made the wild run across los angeles county. reggie, natasha, back to you. >> glad to see that's over. jessica, thanks for taking us through it. google's self-driving car company is looking for riders. >> you see these minivans? hundreds of them are about to hit the streets. there is a catch if you want to get in one of these. you'll have to be in arizona. >> tiffany wilson is live at google headquarters in mountain view. hey, tiffany. >> reporter: hey, good morning. yes, the free passenger trial program is only for phoenix area residents and they can start submitting applications to be among the very first passengers today so big news if you live in phoenix. it's also big news for everyone interested in the self-driving vehicle market. these are going to be among the first passengers in google's self-driving cars. they will get free rides and give feedback about the experience.
6:47 am
waymo, which is google's self-driving car company, will have a test driver in the vehicle but the long-term goal is to provide a self-driving car that needs no intervention. california has not yet approved passengers in self-driving vehicles but the dmv is holding a public hearing in sacramento to discuss proposed regulations for testing and public use of driverless vehicles. official rules could be in place as soon as the end of the year. live in town tim kaine view, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. >> tiffany has your cars on the ground. i have your car in the sky. a south bay company appropriately called kitty hawk says this product is safe, it's tested and legal to operate. you don't even need a pilot's license. the company says the kitty hawk flyer is for recreation only right now. it can be flown only in uncongested areas like a body of water. someday people can fly themselves to and from work in something kind of like this
6:48 am
vehicle. we showed the test flight video to drivers. >> i think it's cool. we can get there at some point like in "back to the future ii." if i could afford one i'd probably buy one. >> it looks like fun but i would worry about the safety issues. >> if it looks like a giant drone, well, you're right, that's basically what it is. as for how much this will cost, that hasn't been revealed. police are encouraging you to sign up for a new tool to help fight mail theft. a free service from usps called informed delivery. when you sign up the to feel service sends you photos of the mail you're supposed to be getting. the images are taken as your mail goes through sorting equipment. police say the cool can help you alert police if something is missing. the service is limited to letter-ized mail. if you're interested, we have a link on our web site, >> more cuts being announced by sears as the company struggles to cut cost and return to
6:49 am
profitability. the company will shut down 50 sears auto center locations and 92 kmart pharmacies across the country as part of an effort to cut more than a billion dollars. sears holdings announced it would close 150 sears and kmart locations and it sold off the iconic craftsman line of tools. whole foods could soon have a new owner. albertson's is considering a takeover of the high-end grocery chain. the merger comes as whole foods deals with a sales slump. in february the chain announced it would close nine stores by the end of the year. from the live desk, another story i'm watching closely, we are moments away from fireworks in florida. wells fargo executives and board o directors will face what's supposed to be afternoonry investors at their shareholder meeting in jacksonville. this is the first meeting since the scandal surrounding the bank's sales practices. that cost san francisco-based
6:50 am
wells fargo hundreds of millions of dollars in fines and forced them to apologize to two million customers who had accounts opened for them without permission. it led to a damaged reputation. that meeting starts in just about 10 minutes so we'll follow that throughout the day. natasha, back to you. >> all your warriors fans get your credit cards ready. >> tickets for the first three games of the next round of the nba playoffs go on sale tomorrow. abc 7 news was at green sports bar as the dubs eliminated the trailblazers in a blowout 128-103. they look not as excited as i would want them to be. >> kind of pensive. we caught them at an off moment. >> the team will face whoever -- >> look at that. >> what's happening? >> what is happening here? we won't know until friday at the earliest who that will be and at that time hopefully these people will be more hyped. coach steve kerr not on the
6:51 am
sidelines but we captured him at practice in portland. he's taking a step back from coaching indefinitely because of on going complications from back surgery. >> you can leave get well wishes on our facebook page or share this badge on our own page. like us on facebook at abc 7 news for the latest updates on kerr's conditions and the warriors progress. dry weather, one more spot of rain to get to before gorgeous weather to come, mike? >> a little roller coast they are week. it starts with a few breezes, oakland and sfo and in our mountains are where we have the fastest ones. gusting up to 31 on mt. tam. some will reach down to the ground so dry, brighter, warmer. mainly gray with a stray shower, likely our last chance of rain for the rain season, extended dry and warm pattern developing. let's look at what's going on tonight. irish heritage night, dodgers and giants. let's go for two in a row. 60 at 7:00, dropping down to 57. we'll put the storm impact scale
6:52 am
on it's 1. you can't get any lighter than this. a little breezy tomorrow afternoon. ear's the clouds that will be on the increase. drizzle through 7:00 and then showers from 7:00 to 9:00 in the north bay. scattered showers, the greens popping up at random elsewhere all the way through 4:00 and a few more through about 7:00. most of us will miss out on the rain tomorrow. here's my accuweather seven-day forecast. it will be the coolest day tomorrow. 60s upper 60s to 80s around the bay, coast and inland this weekend. alexis? >> we'll take it. back to 380 on our traffic maps, with had an earlier crash on the southbound 101 off ramp. we had a significant backup but it looks like that's improved. we haven't gotten the all clear yet but we will shortly. a quick check of drive times westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze 36 minutes for you. 18 across the bay bridge and southbound 101 san francisco to sfo in the green at 10 minutes.
6:53 am
sfo in the green at 10 minutes. we're back in
6:54 am
welcome back. here are the seven things you need to know before you go and number one from our live desk, breaking news in southern california, we've been watching all morning, it just came to an end, a dramatic high-speed chase in bellflower. it went all through los angeles county and ended when the driver pulled into a parking lot in a stolen car. officers opened fire. the driver was killed, a passenger survived.
6:55 am
there's been another smash-and-grab robbery at a bay area apple store, this time corte madera. police say five people swarmed the store before closing making off with an estimated $4,000 in products. number three, police looking through bart surveillance video hoping to identify up to 60 teens who robbed passengers on a train on saturday. the teens ambushed riders and pushed several people. number four, an amber alert continues for a missing girl in southern california. police say lexi segura was abducted by her father in rancho cucamonga last night. a car involved was found abandoned in a nearby city. number five, it will be dry today and warmer for most of us, at least outside of san francisco and oakland, about four to six degrees warmer. don't forget, our last chance of rain tomorrow. we have a muni issue tomorrow, subway service experiencing significant delays, that's due to a switching issue near van ness station so those are delayed big time between van ness and castro. you should consider alternate
6:56 am
routes. the warriors on to the next round of the nba playoffs. tickets for the first three home game of the next playoff series against either jazz or clippers go on sale tomorrow. >> nice. >> we're still thinking about steve kerr hoping he can still make it to these games. >> no kidding. >> who knew he was suffering so much for so long? >> but pushing through it with sheer force of will. >> amazing. >> incredible. >> thank you for joining us. we're back there 25 minutes. gma is next. >> have a great day.
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good morning, america. backing down. new signs president trump willing to compromise on his demand that congress fund the border wall right now, as he tries to make a deal to avoid a government shutdown. an unusual meeting at the white the president summons every senator to help tackle the north korean threat. first daughter ivanka trump takes the world stage. making her first big international trip, attending a summit of women leaders. the personal invitation coming from one of the most powerful people in the world. overnight, the former fox anchor speaks out on his podcast for the first time since being fired. he says there's a lot more to the story. >> i'm very confident the truth will come out. >> we'll have his response to those harassment allegations that ended his fox career. ♪ and i think it's gonna be a long long time ♪ and elton john's mystery illness. the legendary singer hospitalized in intensive care


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