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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  April 25, 2017 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the major turn in the case of fired national security adviser michael flynn. tonight, both the democrat and the republican leading the house committee on whether flynn broke the law. ivanka trump's rough reception. her first major foreign trip. how the audience responds when she says her father is a champion of families. the deadly highway inferno. at least two big rigs and several cars collide, going up in flames. pictures coming in tonight from the scene. did police go too far? five young boys coming home from a game detained at gunpoint, one crying in fear. the plane crash. the pilot killed. the son who crawls out. and the new warning tonight
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about certain products that claim they prevent cancer. good evening. great to have you with us on a tuesday night. president trump, approaching the 100-day mark. the major headline involving the national security adviser who did not last long on the job. nothing in the records that would lead them to believe that retired general michael flynn co co complied with the law, failing to report payments from russia. here's mary bruce. >> reporter: tonight, as president trump approaches day 100, he's forced to deal with what happened on day 24, the firing of his first national security adviser, general michael flynn. today, a turning point. the top republican and democrat on the house oversight committee emerging in agreement, saying flynn failed to disclose his
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business dealings with russia and likely broke the law. >> as a former military officer, you simply cannot take money from russia, turkey, or anybody else. and it appears as if he did take that money. it was inappropriate, and there are repercussions for the violation of law. >> reporter: in 2015, flynn received $45,000 to appear at this moscow gala for the russian propaganda network rt. that's flynn shaking hands with russian president vladimir putin. flynn also received more than $500,000 lobbying on behalf of the turkish government. for that, he was recently forced to register as a foreign agent. >> general flynn has an obligation to proactively seek and obtain permission, and it doesn't appear as if he did it. >> reporter: so you think he broke the law? >> i see nothing in those records that would lead me to believe that he actually complied with the law. >> reporter: flynn talked a lot about breaking the law during the campaign when it came to hillary clinton.
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>> all: lock her up! lock her up! >> that's right. that's right, lock her up. >> reporter: but now, if it's true that flynn broke the law, he's the one who could face prison time -- up to five years. tonight, the white house won't say if any laws were broken. deflecting questions about whether flynn was properly vetted. >> the white house has refused to provide this committee with a single piece of paper in response to our bipartisan request, and that is simply unacceptable. >> reporter: but the white house insists they're not stonewalling. >> to ask for every call and contact that a national security adviser made is pretty outlandish, if you will. >> let's bring in mary. general flynn had indicated before that he would take an immunity deal, and tonight you're hearing from his lawyer? >> reporter: in a one sentence statement, flynn says he did brief the defense department
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extensively on the 2015 trip to russia, but didn't go beyond that. david? >> thank you. in her first overseas trip as presidential adviser, ivanka trump getting a rough reception after saying her father is a champion of families. it was during the moment, the moderator asks her, did you hear that response from the crowd? how ivanka trump responds. here's linzie janis. >> reporter: ivanka trump stepping out on to the world stage. the president's most trusted side kick on her first trip abroad as assistant to the president. at a women's summit in berlin. >> your father, as the president of the united states, the american people, or your
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business? >> i am rather unfamiliar with this role as well, it's quite new to me. >> reporter: where she spoke about her signature issues, affordable child care and paid family leave. but the crowd's response, audible. >> he's been a tremendous champion of supporting families. and enabled them to thrive. the new reality -- >> you hear the reaction from the audience. >> i've heard the criticism from the media, and that's been perpetua perpetuated, but i know from personal experience, and the thousands of women who have worked with and for my father for decades are a testament to his belief and solid commitment to the potential of women and their ability to do the job as well as any man. >> reporter: she's already
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joined her father alongside meetings with world leaders. and tweeted this photo sitting at the president's desk in the oval office. but a new poll, revealing 34% of americans approve of having ivanka and her husband in high positions. some protested her visit, others were intrigued. >> a very beautiful woman, and i understand, a very powerful one. >> i know her from being a rich lady in a rich family, and having her own business. >> reporter: ivanka addressed criticisms that she's too loyal to her father. >> i don't like the word accomplice. one of the things i value about my
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ideas. >> ivanka pushing back on a report that eric trump said she was the one who influenced her father's decision for the strike on syria. what's her response? >> reporter: she called it a flawed interpretation. saying ultimately, his decision to act was made from the highest levels of government. and the other major countdown tonight, three days until the government runs out of money. is president trump willing to put funding for the wall on the mexican border on hold, at for now? here's jonathan korl. >> reporter: president trump today insists he's not backing down from his number one campaign promise. >> the wall is going to get built, folks. just in case anyone has any
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question, the wall is going to get built. >> reporter: but not right away. >> who's gonna pay for the wall? >> all: mexico! >> reporter: mexico says no way, and now the president is backing down on his demand that congress start paying for the wall now. it's part of his effort to cut a deal with democrats to avert a government shutdown. >> it's really good news that the president seems to be taking the wall off the table in the negotiations we're having. >> reporter: so the president is not insisting that he has money for actual construction of the wall in this current bill? >> look, i'm not going to get into -- there's -- we're still in discussions with the house and senate leadership, but i think the president has been clear that he wants a wall, he wants it done as soon as we can do it. >> reporter: in fact, white house negotiators are now willing to accept they won't get any money to pay for the wall until october at the earliest. but the actual construction can wait until the fall? >> no, it's not a question of wait until the fall. i think there are a lot of things that have to happen. it's like any construction. >> reporter: before you can start construction? >> well, you've got to start doing planning and things. we'll take the first steps now and then we will continue to
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seek funding through the fy '18 and further budget to make sure it is completed. >> reporter: expect a big fight in the fall. getting democrats to agree to money for the wall will be just as hard then as it is now. >> jon, it's not just the wall that appears to be on hold tonight. you have news on the federal judge blocking another part of the president's key immigration policies? >> reporter: a federal judge in san francisco has blocked a key provision of a trump executive order to deny federal funds to so-called sanctuary cities. the judge said that denying those funds would cause irreparable harm to those cities. >> thank you. tensions on the northern border as well. the trump administration imposing duties up to 24% on soft wood imported from canada,
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claiming they're unfairly priced. prime minist prime minister trudeau saying it hurts people on both sides of the border. and authorities believe that some of the fire could be able to reach the south korean capital. meantime, a u.s. navy submarine is in port off the southern peninsula. a briefing at the white house is tomorrow. back to a crash on one of l.a.'s businesseest freeways. the 5 freeway halted for miles. drivers stuck, witnessing the entire thing. here's kayna whitworth. >> reporter: tonight, a fiery collision along one the busiest freeways in los angeles.
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six vehicles, including three semis, sparking an inferno. >> big rig has gone through the center divider and is on fire on the southbound side. >> reporter: cars pinned underneath that big rig. >> the camry is underneath the semi truck. >> reporter: authorities say at least one man was killed and ten injured, one critical. for hours, rivers on both sides of the freeway at a standstill. >> as we close things off, start collecting evidence, determine where the vehicles were driving and approximately how fast and then what caused the collision. >> reporter: david, tonight, the investigation is ongoing. the big question, what caused the semi to jump the divider? >> thank you. next tonight, new images from the united airlines flight. perhaps a new perspective, and for the first time, what the officers who pulled him off the
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plane had to say about why he was injured. here's linsey davis. >> reporter: new video tonight showing dr. david dao and his wife boarding that now-infamous united flight. less than two minutes later his wife runs off, and then back on again, the reason unclear. then, this call to police. >> the airline overbooked the flight and they need two passengers to get off and they are refusing. >> reporter: dao was dragged off after refusing an $800 voucher offer to turn over seats to a united crew that is later seen boarding the flight. but the newly released police report appears to blame dr. dao for his own injuries, saying an aggressive, phyiscally abusive dao lost his balance and smashed into the armrest when he knocked the officer's arm away. dao's lawyer calling that nonsense, saying his client lost two teeth, had his nose broken, and suffered a concussion. after being dragged from the plane, a bloodied dao runs back in, but is eventually taken to an awaiting ambulance. how is dr. dao? >> he's hurt.
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>> reporter: no plans for legal action? >> i'm doing what i'm supposed to be doing and that's getting ready. >> reporter: united has promised to release results of an internal review and the actions it will take by the end of this weekend. david? >> thank you. next to the weather tonight. rivers flooding in the carolinas. heavy rain moving into washington, d.c., new york city, and boston. this woman escaping through a driver's side window. rushing water destroying this bridge in virginia. rob marciano, what do you got? >> reporter: david, the rain and wind has picked up in new york city. but the center of this storm is all the way down in virginia still. the huge rain shield, and the lines indicating the strong onshore winds are cranking in. d.c., philly, rain will end tonight.
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but still raining in new york tomorrow morning. from shreveport to st. louis, winds, hail, tornadoes all in play. and we continue a very active pattern this week. david? >> rob, thank you. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. the new fda warning about products that claim to prevent cancer. and five boys, coming home from a game, one crying in fear. did police go too far? and the chase that ended in gunfire. news about the suspects. and the fiery plane crash. the pilot killed. his son crawling out of the plane. we'll be right back. is data that can make the difference between winning and losing.
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your smile says (brett) my ta lot about you, what does this say? (announcer) you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now. next tonight, parents outraged, saying police went too far. you will see the tense confrontation between the police
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ask t and five young boys in michigan. stopping the boys at gunpoint. one of them in tears. here's alex perez. >> reporter: tonight, this police stop of five boys in grand rapids, michigan, under scrutiny. >> hey, come over here. keep your hands where i can see them and get on the ground. >> reporter: an officer, with gun drawn, stopping the group of african-american boys on their way home from a basketball game last month. on the body cam video, you hear the boys, ages 12 to 14. they appear confused and frightened. one begins to cry. >> what did we do? >> we've give you directions, okay? >> reporter: another officer arrives as they try to figure out if this is the same group of boys who had just been in a large fight nearby. one neighbor reporting he'd seen a gun. >> how do you want to do this, troy? want to just approach? >> reporter: one boy consoling another. >> i'm not gonna die, bro. >> you're not going to die, dude. >> reporter: police move in, but find no gun. the young boys then released to their frightened parents.
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>> y'all didn't see a gun, but y'all pulled guns on my kids. >> reporter: as officers defend how they handled it all. >> you have to understand our position as well. we have to investigate. the way you're acting -- >> i can't help it. that's my baby. >> i understand. >> i apologize to the young men and their families. >> reporter: the police chief apologizing, but standing by his officers. >> what if one of our babies had made a wrong move? they wouldn't be here with us tonight. >> reporter: david, the police officers involved remain on the job and were not reprimanded. the chief insists they followed protocol. when we come back, a major retirement in racing. and the fda warning about certain products that say they prevent cancer. and the small plane crash, the pilot killed. his son crawling out. how he survived.
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irresistibly planters. try new flonase sensimistgies. instead of allergy pills. it delivers a gentle mist to help block six key inflammatory substances. most allergy pills only block one. new flonase sensimist. to the "index" of other news tonight. the deadly police chase in southern california. two suspected car thieves trying
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to outrun police from long beach to bellflower, speeding up to 90 miles an hour. police recovering a handgun they say was tossed out the window. the suspect turning onto a dead end street. police opening fire when a suspect began driving towards their cruisers. the driver was killed. the other suspect, under arrest. to the deadly plane crash in connecticut. the pilot was killed, his 21-year-old son crawling from the wreckage. police say the father and son were practicing landings. the ntsb and faa investigating. and the fda warning 14 companies that make preventing cancer. they have 15 days to respond or risk heavy fines or possible criminal charges.
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"america strong." the high school senior, her fight, and the devoted team taking her to the prom. she was the little girl who always loved school, and loved dance. now, a senior in grand rapids, michigan. but last year, she learned something, and she was determined to explain her diagnosis to her friends. a rare blood condition. >> it's basically, your bone marrow is not working. it's failing. >> reporter: she began intensive treatments. for the past three months. a hospital teacher giving her an ap biology lesson. when she turned 18, they brought the birthday party to her. >> there are a lot of people who love you. so, happy birthday ♪ happy birthday to you >> reporter: at the end of 69 days in isolation following a bone marrow transplant, the
3:58 pm
celebration. but she's still vulnerable to infection. she was afraid she'd miss the prom, but the team at the hospital was at it again. a 1949 cadillac picking her up. on the way to the prom, her friends waiting. >> i think today was amazing. they went beyond my expectation of what i thought it was going to be. >> determined to take her to the prom. we're rooting for you. thank you for watching. i'm david muir. we hope to see you right back here tomorrow. good night. >> announcer: now from abc 7 live breaking news.
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>> today's ruling is a message that no one individual is above the law, not even the president of the united states. [cheering and applauding] >> breaking news this afternoon, bay area communities celebrating a huge win against the president after a judge rules the trump administration cannot block funding for sanctuary cities. good afternoon. thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil. >> and i'm alma daetz. the judge issued a preliminary injunction in two lawsuits. one in san francisco and one in santa clara county. >> both communities spoke in support of the decision within the past hour. the judge said the president does not have the authority to attach new conditions to federal spending and, therefore, cannot block federal funds to the nation's 600 sanctuary communities. >> santa clara county estimated it could have lost $1.7 billion, san francisco estimated 2 billion. >> the president sought to bully local governments with an unconstitutional executive order. threatening all of their funding. he sought to coercion local governments into holding people in jail beyond their release
4:00 pm
date. today the court said unequivocally that that tactic violated the united states constitution. >> the injunction will stay in place while both lawsuits work their way through the system. sanctuary communities are those that refuse to use local resources to help the federal government find undocumented immigrants. >> a new study shows the number of mexicans coming into the country illegally is the lowest in a decade. they made up 50% of more than 11 million immigrants in the country illegally in twiktd. the number of undocumented in the u.s. has been shrinking since 2007. it peaked at the total number of unauthorized immigrants. >> now to a shocking story out of petaluma, benjamin gorky is accused of offering up a 6-year-old girl for sex. >> h


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