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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  April 27, 2017 1:37am-2:08am PDT

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new silver and black helmet and smile told the story today. retired after injury-plagued season in 2014. raiders hope he still has skittles left in his tank. warriors got a few days off after sweeping the trail blazers. steve kerr not at practice. looking for help for debilitating headaches. >> healthy for the rest of his life is main concern. not just so he coaches in the playoffs. want him healthy for living everyday life. looking forward to him getting better. positive and optimistic. and looking forward to his return as well. great story on morse. at hunter pence's wedding and ran into the gm.
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all right that's our report. appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz, for sandhya and larry, all of us, thanks for joining it's an all new show with great viral videos, "right this minute." wild dogs come across some
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cheetahs chowing down. >> there's more of us than there are of them. >> see which side is going to leave with lunch. >> calling all the boys in the neighborhood. going to need everybody on this one. a little girl's at the mall with grandma when her -- >> leg and foot get caught in the escalator. >> how some heroes jump to action in a frantic rush to set her free. a bride marches down the aisle at -- >> the spam museum. >> the couple committed to canned meat. >> you never have to guess what your man wants for dinner. and a parody of a sorority recruitment video. see which nails it. >> yeah. cheetahs in this part of south africa is really a rare treat. but this pack of wild dogs just kicked it up a notch for grant. he said he was driving through and these dogs spotted three cheetahs who had taken down a wildebeest and were having a
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male. t -- meal. the dogs thought there are more of us than them. let's see if we can steal their lunch. >> when you're hungry, you'll do just about anything to score food. >> they start includesing those sounds that they're making until it gets to the point noise. you can hear the dogs getting even louder. >> they're calling all the boys in the neighborhood. that's what's going on. yo, steve, mike, earl, bert. going to need everybody on this one. >> you need a few more names. it was more than three. >> kyle, kevin, eric! >> all y'all! >> then one of them finally grabs it and pulls it toward the pack of dogs and the cheetahs run away. >> you don't let somebody natch what you worked for. this is the story of the stag and the senior.
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81-year-old there, that is a stag that comes up to her window for a little food. check that out. she's feeding it bread and she's been doing this for the past four years. look at this. you can see how she's feeding it a piece of bread and pets it. >> this is how you see people on the news. i've been feeding it for four years. i don't know what happened. >> she calls it flipping. >> and flipping is going to be flipping out one day. >> he's flipping crazy if he doesn't come back for free bread and a pet. how many of us have a problem with carbs? i identify with this animal. 6-year-old laila was at the shopping mall with her grandmother and here she is stepping onto the escalator. grandmother behind her, looks like they're having a conversation. >> this is bad. >> suddenly little laila's leg
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and foot gets caught. you see someone from the other side hop over to help. grandma is tugging. another man runs down. >> push the emergency button to stop. >> security sees what's going on and hits the button. it was too late. she was injured. authorities at the mall are not taking responsibility for this. they say there's a protocall. and parent adults are supposed to ride facing the child. grandma should have been riding backwards to prevent this. >> i'm 40-something years old and i've never heard protocol for riding an escalator. how does it swallow a foot? >> your guess is as good as mine. it's now trending again after it happened in october. it's a good reminder to watch your little ones when on an escalator. >> the elevator in this next video was working just fine until it wasn't. the people at this residential building were stuck on that elevator for about an hour and a
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half. they're now crawling out. one by one they do make it out. >> come home from work, the elevator drops on the basement floor. everything turns off but the light zblps this is one of the ladies that was stuck on the elevator. she now has to take the stairs all the way to her place. >> called 911. they said they can't do anything. fire truck's not coming. for us to stay calm. >> it's 2017. it's hard to believe that this kind of stuff still happens. >> on the bright side, they made it out of there and they're all okay. a lot of places -- a lot of beautiful places you could host a wedding at. this couple decided to do it at the spam museum in austin, minnesota. >> this would be my dad's dream place. >> hey, maybe. he know he could eat spam any kind of way you could think of. >> wow. well, yeah. look. even their cake is spam
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inspired. in fact, mark the groom is a huge spam fan. so much so, guys, he actually changed his middle name to i love spam. >> no. >> what? for real? like legally? >> for reals. >> legally? >> legally. >> a judge allowed that? >> yep. he's found a woman to marry him. and right here in the middle of the museum with onlookers, with other museum patrons and spam's senior brand manager as the fish i can -- officiant, they got married. the flower girls are their daughters. they exchanged vows, wore rings. and she vowed to love him forever. in fact, she now will be an love spam. >> if that floats his boat and she loves him, good for them.
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i'm not mad at them. >> it means a lot to me. >> i forgot to mention the fact that they flew into the state from the uk for their wedding. >> came all the way to the united states to get married and they went to spam museum. wow. >> on the brugt side, you never have to guess what your man wants for dinner. >> i was just thinking that. what are we going have for dinn dinner? there's never a good time to have a blowout, flat tire. the worst time to have a blowout when you're going recklessly fast. these guys in a mercedes, they are really pushing the limits of this car as the driver himself is recording the responsibility right there. it says 240-plus. that's kilometers per hour. that's 155 miles per hour. >> they should have both hands on the wheel. >> oh, no.
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>> oh. >> did you hear that pop first? >> yeah. you can hear it. it's very faint -- >> yeah. you hear the thud first. then the rat tat tat of that rubber coming off the tire. then there's no chance for these guys to hold control of this car. looks bad, sounds bad, it was bad. here's the aftermath pictures. >> wow. that thing looks like it went through a war zone. >> it rolled three times before it came to a stop. >> wow. that thing was crushed. how are the people inside? >> no word on the two guys that were inside this car. reckless driving has no bounds. these guys in a bmw m-5 racing through the streets of what we believe to be either russia or the country of georgia. just splitting through traffic with no regard for anyone else around them. now, the driver, he's not wearing a seat belt.
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neither are his passengers. >> know where you have to be is this important. >> now listen to this close call. watch the reaction of the passenger. the kid in the passenger seat just turns into a puddle. he is, like, freaked out. they're laughing but that's like a nervous adrenaline rush laughter. thankfully i don't have a nasty ending to this video. but what a stupid thing to do. >> the possibilities of what could go wrong is many. >> it's getting renewed attention now likely because of the fast and furious movie that's just been released. this cutie has learned a new trick. >> and from his sippy cup he's flicking water at dad. >> oh, got me again! >> the video that's making a splash. plus, fabio is responding to his fans. >> fabio's famous for being
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closed captions provided by -- breakthrough allergies with allegra®. he asked for it and the
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folks online responded. what am i talking about? 300,000 subscriptions. fabio hit that number. he promised if he did, he'd let the people decide what his next stunt would be. >> fabio's famous for being awesome on a bicycle. i love this kid. >> you got to know when you ask the internet and they respond, it's going to be outlandish. and because he is that dude, he went for it. here's the thing. they challenged him to do a back flip off a bridge into water while wearing a penguin suit. >> well, if someone could do it, he could. >> that's exactly what i would ask him to do. >> his version of the penguin suit is a little eh. >> it's go time. >> snap. >> and we've got it.
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>> perfect. this kid is a magician on two wheels. >> he gives us several different views and angles. >> sitting here thinking he didn't have a life jacket on. and that water is moving quick. they think to set somebody up down river to pull him out? >> luckily everything went well. he makes it back to the edge. >> he did it. next challenge. >> you've been on our show for two years, maybe it's time for our viewers to challenge you to do something. >> heck no! >> yeah. what do you guys think? what should charity do? these three videos take us on a journey to try to figure out what goes on in the minds of babies. >> well, good luck with that. >> because what is it they always find so funny? in this case most of us would
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think, all right, well he's got his little sippy cup. and from his sippy cup he's flicking water at dad. >> what was that? something happened on tv. oh! >> he's like, forget the tv. boop. >> and of course dad's reaction obviously helps the laughter. their cat's ears are also apparently super funny. >> the world's most patient cat because it hasn't walked away yet. >> yeah. kids love to antagonize the pet. i'm shocked that he didn't find the tail and start swinging it by the tail. >> he's just fascinated by the ears. now, in this last video, we're strolling down a park where little nora at 12 months old already walking is multitasking playing the harmonica.
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she's learning how to walk. she's still a little wobbly on her feet. >> sometimes kids are like that. you need some good tunes. create your own. >> she's got another show after naptime. the task? create something eye catching. if you're a mechanical engineering student, i might think you have succeeded here. it may look incomplete at first once the train goes down, but you quickly realize that this is a robotic loop created by student christian search. you can see the train go right through the gripper of that robot arm. that triggers a switch and tells the robot to go quickly. pick the track up in front of the train and start all over
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again. >> oh, and he's going to change tracks now. >> it's a pretty simple project, but it's mesmerizing to watch and i would say eye catching. >> it is. it's also showing off a little bit. like look how fast i can clean up while this train is not halfway down the other. >> and look how many jobs that robot is stealing. the truth hurts. >> the neat part about this is christian says it will be featured in switzerland. >> i bet lots of people are going to stop and just look at it. >> people are going to train their eyes on this. this little driver is a bit distracted. >> distracted biking in this case. >> see what had him on cloud nine. >> oh, no. and mayor k. is taking us around the world. >> he decided to leave his comfort zone.
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promotional considerations provide bid -- strength. so for 24 hour symptom relief be wise all take new xyzal. allergy symptoms and nothing gets you closer than nasacort because unlike antihistamines nasacort stops more of what makes you miserable. i think we can all agree that if you say somebody's the life of the party, they're like mayor k. there he is in new york city in 2016 because he says just a year ago, he decided to leave his comfort zone. i know it's hard to believe that he has a comfort zone. this is a man known to throw parties. he said he decided to travel solo and see the world. and he went to places like
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australia, canada, indonesia, colombia, france, new zealand doing the same two step. not only did he go places, he decided to dance. and he danced with friends and strangers to just agreed to dance with him. >> because why not? >> when he's 80-something years old and gets to look back at his life to see what he did, he can pull up this video and say i saw things, i went places, and i just lived. >> yeah. and danced because if you make it to 80, he may not have moves anymore. >> somebody did have moves and it's like a scene out of a jackie chan movie. it's amazing what this man has done over the past year. and we seen some of the videos he's made in different places. but he put them all together in one video to show how he's been traveling the world for 12 months. he said he created friendships for a lifetime and he discovered something about himself because he went solo. when you go solo, you have to figure things out alone.
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you have to depend on other people if you're unfamiliar with the territory. looks like he had a good time doing it. rosie here loves to play catch. >> oh! that was stylish. >> ball goes flying. she makes it over that fence. >> well, the wind caught her a little bit. you could see the breeze. she got so high. >> if you notice, at the end she landed and keeps running. >> nailed it! >> i'm so glad they got that on video. it's so beautiful. i could watch it over and over. >> we have. >> now, this video is a little bit older, but it's a doozy. no wonder it's trending. now over to sweden where this little guy learns about distracting driving. distracting biking in this case. passing by on the shuttle. >> ooh la la. >> oh, no!
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>> like hey lady, ooh la la. >> and that is the blueprint for the rest of his life. >> the only thing that's going to change is he's going to get a bigger bike and a better helmet. >> the lady at the end checked in on him. his uncle says he's fine. he just started recording at the perfect time. >> now, some people will think this is set up. but based on what we know about men in general, i'm going to go with real. it's the sorority recruitment video that keeps on giving. >> huge production value. very popular all over youtube. i've got the latest one that's just dropped. >> entertaining parody that's spot on
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...until we found a connection. you have the power to change your child's life.
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the boys town national hline can help. (tdd# 1-800-448-1433) in there. >> the possibilities are endless. if you need to know how beautiful and sunshiny the world is, just watch one of these
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popular videos. ♪ sorority recruitment video. huge production value. i've got the latest one for you guys. this one put out by the vanderbilt football players. the vanderbilt football sorority. this in case you haven't figured out yet, a knockoff parody video which is spot on. >> they got brothers in there. ♪ >> you see them going in and just making a ton of fun out of those sorority recruitment videos. they seem to match scene for scene some of them. holding the flag, smiling, waving. >> because that's what football players do,


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