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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 27, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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include several blocks. >> kate larson is life in walnut creek with the details on the ongoing search for a murder suspect. >> reporter: dan, ama, we are onninling vaal lane buena vista, three or four blocks from first avenue where the shooting occurred. we are going to pan off. there are some motorcycle officers who just showed up at the end of the block. that is where police are searching for the shooter's car. they are also searching a wide area. let's look at video were here at the scene earlier. there was a partial s.w.a.t. team here with their rifles and units. they have got shields. there were also canine officers on scene. everyone looking for shooter in this area. walnut pd looking for the folks this this area of buena vista and gary to go ahead and shelter in place since the suspect, possibly armed is on the loose. this all started around 1:30 this afternoon when someone shot a woman multiple times on first
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avenue. that is right along larky park. police and paramedics arrived, but unfortunately, the woman died on scene. now, witnesses say the shooter drove off southbound on buena vista. and we spoke to a woman who believes that she heard that suspect car speed right by her home. heard a car speeding like really fast. and then whip around the corner, tires squealing. and i checked outside. i heard -- saw a cop car going by you. >> don't see stuff like this too often. for it to be happening kind of in our neighborhood it's just kind of crazy. >> reporter: all right. and wheat sky 7 overhead as well. this is extremely unusual for walnut creek. this is the first homicide of the year. the last homicide that happened was august of last year. usually, the past 20 years they have only had one homicide every other year. unusual crime activity for this neighborhood, and really all of walnut creek. we do know that police have been moving in the past 20 minutes. a lot of the s.w.a.t. team
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members took off from this area right here on the lane, on larkin lane and they actually moved southbound, we believe, to san lewis. still a very active scene. again, folks in this area are meant to shelter in place right now. back to you. >> thank you kate for that update as the story develops get the latest from the abc7 news app. download it now and enable push alerts to get the latest news as it happens. another story we are following today the apprehension about what would happen in berke lee following all the controversy over ann coulter's canceled speech at cal. >> even with several large demonstrations just seven people in total were arrested in the city and on campus. minutes ago she spoke about what she would have said. >> it was obviously going to be a searingly brilliant speech on immigration but the main point of which was federal written law on the books about immigration developed over generations by both democrats and republicans should be enforced.
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>> today everything was much calmer than what we've witnessed in the last few months when clashes between groups on both sides of the political spectrum turned violent. >> we have had reporters both on cal's campus and in the city all day to observe what's been happening. >> let's start with you are live team coverage, with abc7 news reporter laura anthony at civic center park tonight. laura? >> reporter: hi dan. i'm on the edge of the park at this point. the rally itself ended at about 4:30 this afternoon. this has been pretty much the seen ever since. these some of the rally participants on this side of the street. across the street near berkecally high school there have been some counter-demonstrators, but this has been more of a staring contest than a stand off. >> fur for free speech and you reschedule something, you better follow through. >> have you noticed trump supporters now, we are the hottest ticket in town. i mean, they can't get enough of us. >> reporter: the speeches went
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on without interruption at berkeley's civic park. speakers that say they were taking the place of a conservative commentator ann coulter and standing up for free speech. >> i raise it supporting donald trump. >> we may be donald trump supporters but we support all free speech. liberal, republican, i don't irka, left, right, center, you have a right to free speech. that's what i'm here defending. >> u.s.a.! >> reporter: the police presence was large and visible. many of those who came to the rally wore helmets, masks and in some cases protective padding. >> there is a remedy for speech that you don't like. more speech. i'll tell them when i think they are fools. i really support their right and their obligation to make themselves known to the rest of us. >> reporter: some came here to help keep things calm. there was an ever thee tent and a man walking arched offering hugs. >> what felt like was missing was love. i'm taking a leap of faith that
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everybody deserve as hug. everybody likes hugs and maybe it wuld insert a little bit of peace. >> reporter: there has been a considerable police presence here throughout the day. this has been their posture. they have been visible but pretty much standing down. we did see a few tense moments. fripsz we saw two people on opposite sides of the political spectrum presumably shouting at each other, a man and a woman. there was a crowd around them. at the ends of the shouting match they basically looked at each other, shook hands, and walked away. in berkeley, laura anthony, abc7 news. google noticed a change today by 10:00 a.m., civic center park on google maps was showing as much busier than usual with a large pink spike compared to the usual traffic shown in blue. berkeley high school which is across the street from the park was dismissed as scheduled as 3 '03 this afternoon.
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the school didn't have to cancel sports activities. parents did have to pick up students from the south side of campus. and a few demonstrators did stand in front of the school. everybody remained peaceful. civic center park is less than a mile from berkeley university. demonstrators gathered by sproel plaza. so did police. >> it's just strange. there is never this many police on campus. >> there were a lot and they came prepared but looked pretty calm most of the day. wayne freedman continues our team coverage live from the cal kamm camp with us a look at activities there. >> reporter: good evening, dan. today you see berkeley looked like a beachhead waiting for an invasion that never came. they had a lot of police officers here. take a look around. the police officers are still here. 200 of them at one estimate not only from this campus, but also from ucla, oakland police, from the san leandro police, from the california highway patrol. from what we saw today the
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protesters were greatly outnumbered by the men and the women in uniform. >> reporter: if a person saw only the police presence, how they marched, how they prepared, it might be easy to assignment that the worst happened at uc berkeley today. just one small complication. >> she is not even here. >> reporter: leaving us with what might be described as the ann coulter no-show show. bracing for violence that never materialized. >> this is definitely not an appropriate use of police when clearly nothing is happening. >> reporter: officers blocked buildings. they put up barricades and then for most of the day listened in on a larger than use usual dose of political rhetoric here in the home of free speech. >> everyone around here should be sounding the alarm about this fashionist regime in the white house. >> reporter: the only problem for anyone speaking, making sure that their voice would be louder than the person next door. >> let's have a meaningful dialogue.
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>> reporter: on the positive side n this nation where citizens enjoy the luxury of expressing opinions that is exactly what happened. call it political theater, but a little light on the drama with a twist of the existential in the dialogue. >> it's confusing. and it's hard to understand. it's not really an argument about free speech. not really an argument about keeping the peace. it's just lot of absurdities. >> reporter: as we come back live on the campus, this is a group of law students who are protesting what they say is the arrest of a third student on campus, a ph.d. candidate. other students arrested one for carrying a knife on campus and another for carrying a sign more than 30 inches across. we hear there is third student arrested on campus. we haven't confirmed it. live at uc berkeley, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> wane thanks very much. we have been leading up to
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this day almost a month ever since ann casualtier was invited to uc berkeley. last month the university said they could not act date her due the safety concerns and needed to reschedule. this week, debate raged where, when, and even weather coulter's speech would go on. again, only seven arrests and no acts of violence. we have new details tonight. we are hearing newly released audio from a deadly confrontation between three sunnyvale department of public safety officers and a man with a knife who was shot and killed. the district attorney's office is now saying the officers acted lawfully. abc7 news reporter chris nguyen has the details from santa clara county. >> reporter: it's been more than 18 months since the deadly exchange between moses nerio and the officers. tonight audio released. >> stop walking towards me or i
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will be forced to shoot you. i don't want to do this. >> put the knife down now. >> stop would walking towards me. put it down right now. >> reporter: in a 44-page report released by the santa clara county district attorney's office deputy d.a. lindsey walsh concluded the officers acted lawfully and were left with no other reasonable option under the totality of the circumstances but to fire their represent at mr. nerio until he no longer posed a threat to them. this after the officers made dozen of attempts to deescalate the situation. they responded to a call claiming mr. nerio sexually a assaulted a relative. >> put the knife down. >> it's not worth it. brktd gunfire ] >> reporter: a justice studies lecturer says transparency is key to restoring trust between the police and the public. >> the facts of this case will absolutely serve to increase the awareness of the way through which law enforcement officers
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have been trained to assess threat and respond to that threat. >> reporter: nerio's blood alcohol concentration was five times the legal limit to drive. the da's office says he also had a history of mental health issues. in sunnyvale, chris nguyen, abc7 news. the worst moment the year on an airplane came to a quick resolution today. [ screaming ] >> united has settled with a man who was dragged off that plane. it's only part of the steps the airline is taking to make things right. >> i'm spencer christian. wind is currently gusting 25 to 45 miles per hour across the bay area. i'll give you a closer look at this and a big warmup coming our way in just a moment. it is never too early to start enghajing young people to think about careers in science technology engineering and math. and i did say it's never too early, right? that story coming up on
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seemed to heed the advice shared by that plane. the banner it pulled read "don't take the bait, fly above the hate". police officers were spread throughout berkeley and cal's campus today in case protests over ann coulter's canceled speech became violent. they made a total of seven arrests. united airlines set set s case with a passenger dragged off a plane in chicago. kristen is here with the details. >> reporter: who could forget this viral video that caused outrage around the world?
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passenger david tao, a condition ken doctor, dragged off a flight to make room for united employees that needed to fly that happened less than three weeks ago. today tao's attorney sent out this press release announcing they reached an amicable settlement with united. the terms will remain confidential. but the attorney praised the ceo for this acceptance of corporate responsibility united is to be appla applauded. >> this is a turning point for all of us here at united. as ceo it's my responsible and my mission to make sure we all learn from this experience. >> nun yoes announced new videos in that video. compensation for volunteers who give up their seats is increased up to $10,000. seated customers won't ever be forced to leave unless safety or security is at risk. a new customer solutions team will be set up to help agents with creative solutions and overbooking will be reduced. for more on the united changes and the tao settlement, go to
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our website, abc7 the fallout has other airlines responding. southwest announced today it will stop overbook its flights. that's a standard practice that helps airlines make up for no-show passengers. but it is a been under discrete me since the united incident. happening now. an expert panel in san francisco debates how the start of donald trump's presidency has and will impact the bay area. the new president will reach the 100-day mark on saturday. meanwhile, the white house today defended itself from a new investigation into the president's first national security adviser michael flynn. the defense department inspector general opened a new investigation into the retired lieutenant general whom democrats say was warned in 2014 to get approval before taking foreign money. the white house today deflected sfwlim his clearance was last reissued by the obama administration in 2016 with full knowledge of his activities that occurred in 2015 as you point
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out. >> president trump is also waiting to sign a one-week extension tomorrow to keep the government open on a longer term spending plan. negotiators are still finalizing a deal to extend funding through the end of september. the abc7 news i-team is looking into rats going crazy in cars causing thousands of dollars of damage. >> you have got to see this. dan noyes is here now with a closer look. >> dan and ama, you may have of heard of rats building nests and crewing on car wiring but some mechanics and class action complaints allege organic car parts now in use may be more appetizing to rats. we talked with owners who felt the bite this their wallet. >> we have got bad news for you. you have got $3,000 worth of rodent damage. they have been eating the wires of your car. >> reporter: what goes through your mine when you hear that? >> i was flabbergasted. i was like what? >> two major car make remembers facing class action complaints but they say rats and other rodents have long been a problem in cars and there is no proven
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connection between organic car parts and any increase in rat damage. tonight at 11:00 the i-team will tell you what may be under your hood and what you might want to look out for. >> fascinating. >> thanks. dan. time to check on our weather. it was warm and a little windy today. >> a little bit. and it's going to get less windy and a lot warmer, right spencer. >> you got it right. what do you need me for? let's talk about this warmup. we'll use san jose as our indicator. the average high this time of year in san jose is 73. tony's high will be 74. notice how the warmup taking us into next week will take high temperatures up to 89 degrees and then to 91 degrees -- well, 88 and 91. but 89 will be in there somewhere middle of next wee. that's indicative of the warm up coming to the entire bay iria. let's look at current conditions. live doppler 7, we have sunny skies across the bay area. that aforementioned wind is
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gusting briskly, 45 at sfo. 26 gust up in the north bay at santa rosa and novato. 34 miles per hour at half moon bay. gusty around the area. a nice view from mount tam where the camera is shaking in the gusty wind. only 59 here in san francisco, which means we have a bit of a wind chill effect. mid 60s in oakland. 57 at half moon bay. look at this view from sutro tower overlooking san francisco. blue skies. more temperature readings for you. mid to upper 60s in santa rosa, napa, novato and fairfield. 68 in livermore. this is a few looking toward the golden gate under a sparkling western sky from emeryville. forecast fee yourtures, sunny and warmer days lie ahead all week next week. it will be breezy tomorrow along the coast and in the hills. mid week next week we will see high temperatures reaching 90 degrees or even higher in some of our inland areas.
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tonight, though, continued breezy at the coast. clear skies. low temperatures dropping into the mid to upper 40s in the inland areas, and low 50s around the bay. tomorrow high temperatures continue rising. upper 70s in the inland areas, especially up in the north bay. mid 70s in the inland east bay and south bay. 72 in oakland. 73 at fremont. on the coast, breezy with highs in the low to mid '60. let's take a closer look at the wind gust animation. starting this even about 7:00 we will see winds gusting over 30 miles per hour over 35 miles per hour in somepla places along th coastline. notice though the winds won't be very strong right around the bay at that hour. and they will continue in that breezy mode through the overnight hours. tomorrow afternoon still breezy near the coast and inland. we'll have gusts inland in the range of 25 to 30 miles per hour. but the winds will be a bit tamer around the bay and down into the south bay. on we go to the accuweather -- whoa, let me talk about weather
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wellness before we get to the seven-day forecast. with the strong winds allergy sufferers may be concerned about tree pollen and grass volumen. uv index is going to be high. apply some sunscreen if you are going to have extended exposure to the sun. now here's the seven-day forecast. winds will diminish and calm down over the weekend. mid week next week once again we will be looking at inland highs at or above 90 degrees. >> geez. >> welcome to the first week of may. >> thanks spencer. all right. nothing to wear, perhaps? >> the warriors are going to change that for a thousand oakland high s
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people in daly city are celebrating marshawn lynch signing with the raiders. one of our viewers sent this picture of a bill boshd at the mall that says welcome home marshawn. lynch was born in oakland and played at cal and was a force running back for the seattle seahawks as you may know. while there, he picked up that nickna nickname, beast mode, which he will now bring to oaktown. people hoping to attend a block party at lynch's store in oakland called beast mode apparel were out of look. they were instead greeted with a sign saying sorry, you were misinformed, there is no block party today.
6:25 pm
people wanting to party beast mode will apparently have to wait another day. the warriors are helping hundreds of high school students bet ready for prom. it is the project of lessee west, the wife of forward david west. she and the warriors are teaming up with the oakland unified school district and the oakland public education funds. this saturday any current high school student in oakland is eligible to pick up a dress for prom or another special occasion. you just have to register. we have a link on our website, abc7 one, two, three. [ cheers and applause ] >> today, executives from hewlett packard cut the ribbon on a unique new learning partnership in richmond. information technology students at the high school will use hp computers to prepare for computers in web design. coming up, we will take a closer look at an elementary school that's been deemed not earthquake safe and is
6:26 pm
the same problem that did so much damage during the loma prieta quake. >> our peak activity time we were averaging one fire per minute. it was a firefight like no other. 25 years later we were looking back at the l.a. riots with a firefighter who was in the thick of it then and is now the head of the department. it may soon be easier than ever to brew your own beer at home.
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live, where you live, this is abc7 news. >> u.s.a.! u.s.a.! >> if we continue to stand up. >> a clash of opinions and ideas, not force. a series of loud rallies organized by groups that describe themselves as the far right took place in berkeley's civic center park today. but at least so far there has been no repeat of the violence seen at similar rallies earlier this month and last month. the speakers today say they were taking the place of conservative comment tater ann koulter and standing up for free speech into we don't have to hide from these terrorists no more.
6:30 pm
we will stand tall. and the more that they push back, the harder that we will push back. >> let's have a meaningful dialogue. >> there was a large police presence throughout the day to keep the peace. police formed a line to keep two groups of demonstrators separate. there were few reports of any trouble. seven people were arrested today. like we mentioned everything remained largely peaceful. >> which is certainly a relief to everyone over there. well the end of the school year could be the ends of the line for an alameda elementary school that is not seismically safe. >> officials are trying to find out if a substandard foundation and loose soil could spell danger at the school in the even of a powerful quark. eric thomas has more. >> reporter: the future is not bright for this elementary school. >> one option is closing the school. >> reporter: the educational foundation there has always been solid. it's the real foundation that's not up to modern earthquake standards. and the soil around it is even worse. officials found that out when they tested the soil prior to a construction project. >> the initial test showed us
6:31 pm
that the soil under the elementary school could be susceptible to significant liquefaction. >> reporter: investigators say they have tested the soil at other schools in the district but so far this is the only one with the potential liquefaction problem. liquefaction occurred in san francisco's marina district during the 1989 loma prieta quake where loose soil amplified the quake's energy and caused massive degree instruction. fearing something similar to happy happen here they are considering a range of options including closing the school. >> we have the capacity at our elementary schools to take the students and teachers. >> any time there is anything related to safety and children there is a sense of panic. >> reporter: parents were notified this week of the problem at the school. >> it's shocking but i know they are going to take care of it. i know they are going to deal with it okay. >> we just i think as a community want to know that every possibility was looked at.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: school officials say they are looking at other option, including retrofit or building a new school but both of those would be expensive and kids would have to be taught elsewhere in the meantime. they plan to further update parents at a school board meeting tony. in alameda, eric thomas, abc7 news. >> you can learn about the soil and read the engineering reports from the school grounds on our website, abc7 developing news a. san josan man who was being held at an immigration detention center in florida is on his tonight. he is gay and hiv positive and seeking asylum from his native russia. his legal advocates say he is expected back in the bay area around 8:30 tonight. there is no words if any charges against him have been dropped. this weekend mark as quarter century, belief it or not, since the riots that erupted in los angeles after the verdict in the rodney king beating case. abc has a special documentary on
6:33 pm
those days airing tomorrow night that we hope you will join us for. tonight we are getting perspective from the firefighters who battled the flames that seemed like they would never end. rob haze from our sister station in los angeles has the story. >> reporter: six days. that's how long rioters took to the streets. >> quite frank lesion we were overwhelmed. >> reporter: looters rated businesses. and shop owners opened fire. [ gunfire ] not only was los angeles coming apart at the seams, it was burning. >> we had about 3600 fires. it destroyed 1100 buildings. during our peak activity time we were averaging one fire per minute. >> reporter: today ralph is the l.a. city fire chief. in 1992, he was on the verge of promoting to captain, little more than eight years experience as a firefighters. he had never seen anything like the mayhem fire crews were thrust into. >> this was people setting arson fires.
6:34 pm
it wasn't just won, it was the entire block was on fire. >> reporter: the kooif chief talked about the riots with l.a.'s horizon behind us. 25 years ago it looked like this. 3600 fires, 3500 firefighters. >> we drove by more fires than i can recall. we did not stop. i lost track as to how many fires we had been on. because you didn't go to sleep. just non-stop. >> reporter: but the flames and the smoke were not the only dangers. >> the bullet came across, struck me on the jawbone, went into my neck and severed by carotid artery. >> scoot miller was driving a hook and ladder truck through south l.a. during the riots and shot in the face and nearly died. word traveled fast lieu the department. >> for the first time ever i felt threatened by the people we were trying to protect. >> look like a war zone. >> it was in the back of my mind that we could get shot.
6:35 pm
>> reporter: armed escorts became the norm, the california highway patrol providing can snufr they had machine guns and they were protecting us on both sides while we were fighting the fires. >> reporter: and another precaution. underneath their fire gear, firefighters began sporting -- >> body armor. we never hit before but now it's a standard piece of equipment. >> reporter: fortunately, no other l.a. firefighter has been during that time, scott miller became captain scott miller, now a 36-year department vet an. and chief terazas tries to focus on the positive that came out of the six days when rage and flames spread throughout the city. >> there were some valuable lessons learned. i hope we never need to use them. >> in downtown l.a., rob hayes abc7 news. >> tomorrow abc will look back at the events that led up to the riots. l.e.d. let it fall airs at 9:00 p.m. on abc7, followed by abc7 news at 11:00. coming up next, how kids blasting rockets into the sky
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might inspire them to launch careers to take us to mars and beyond. and it is a great day to be outside. as we look live in santa cruz. and the weather is going to get even nicer this weekend. spencer will prove that to you as we continue.
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a big effort is underway to channel young people into science and technology careers set on this dak your daughters and sons to work today employees at sunnyvale's lockheed martin took took that seriously. we have a story on how hands on experiments 1,000 people. >> reporter: this 10-year-old is showing an understanding of drag resistance and aerodynamics in design of rockets. she was analytical, choosing this blue one. >> it's narrow, a sharp point and smooth ridges on the ends here. >> reporter: her father, a mechanical engineer brought her to cork today, one of 1,000
6:40 pm
daughters and sons who visited lockheed martin, the goal, to kindle interest in science, technology, engineering, and math careers. 240 volunteers were stationed at 45 different activity sites. >> what i'm hoping what the kids out out of here is how much fun rocketry is. there is plenty of math involved, but there is plenty of time to learn that math. >> 5, 4, 3, 2 rks 1, blast off. >> reporter: marlena is glad she rejected this rocket. >> it has a heavy thing on the end so it might not go as far. i thought this would actually go really far. but it only went ten feet. >> reporter: others got to explore mars with augmented reality goggles or assess their drone navigational skills or launch bottle rockets. >> to inspire them to be in science, technology, engineering, and math one day is
6:41 pm
absolutely fun. >> reporter: this man is now an arrow naughtical engineer. he was only 12 when he went to space camp. he is hoping some of these children will be likely inspired. abc7 news. it appears real books are back. new data shows sales of e books plunged 20% in the u.s. last year. at the same time safls paperback book jumped 8%. hard back sales 4%. they say it comes as many people are trying to limit screen time. publishers admit that some genres are better suited to good old-fashioned paper. were books the brews. next michael finney
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listen to this. the publisher of home brew beer magazine tells 7 on your side ha what keurig did for coffee a new brewing kid will do for beer. >> michael finney joins with us the story. >> you saw it here first. beer enthusiasts are predicting what's about to be unveiled about deliver home brewing to
6:45 pm
the masses. >> cheers. >> reporter: veedo enjoys the fruits of his labor. he has won national awards for his home brewed beer. all crafted in his garage in concord. he has been brewing his own beer for about nine years. >> i enjoy draft beer in enral, drinking beer. i enjoy cooking as well. it intrigued me being able to create my own beers. >> reporter: he just accepted a job with moore beer. they are going to sell brewing kits you. >> want to be able to create your own flavors. >> reporter: you can get a basic starter kit for $75 and a premium one with all the acce accessories for $500. hundreds of recipe packs for a wide range of beers are available. you can even mill your own grain at moore beer. ies and hops are also available. >> in the last three years it's just gone nuts. >> reporter: annie johnson is the director and brew master at
6:46 pm
peco brew. the seattle based company sells an automated home brewing kid for $799. an economy model is being offered on kick starter for less than half the price. the campaign has already raised more than $1.4 million. that's four times its goal, with two weeks still remaining in the campaign. >> add water, they push the button, and it goes through the whole brew process. >> reporter: it takes about two hours. ten days later, you have got a delicious beer. peco brew has agreements with 160 craft breweries. longtime home brewer veedo says he is excited about the prospects. >> be it extract, all grain, peco brew, any of those styles, i think it's great. >> reporter: 21st amendment, a bay area bar and brewery is one of several in the bay area that licensed its recipe to peco. >> what was surprising to me is how similar it is. >> reporter: we put peco brew's version of brew free or die
6:47 pm
against the same beer brewed at 21st amendment. we asked beer drinkers if they could tell the difference. peco brew fared pretty well in our taste test. to hear what your testers said about it go to our facebook wage. you will see what they said. now i want to hear from you. the 7 on your side hotline is open monday through friday, 10-2. you can also reach me on facebook and through abc7 remember, you saw it here. >> we did. >> what a fun story and a cool idea. thanks michael. the bay area of course is a beautiful place. viewers continue to prove it. >> instagram user tugboat dickey captured this great sunrise over the bay this morning. the picture has the hashtag abc7 now which helped us find and it feature it here. >> sprenser joins us now. >> as you already know, we have clear skies, sunny skies across
6:48 pm
the bay area right now. the breezes are strong with guts up to 35 miles per hour right now in some spots. overnight breezy conditions at the coast. under clear skies, mid to upper 40s inland, low 50s around the bay. tomorrow sunny again. breezy at the coast again and milder than today with high temperatures climbing into the upper 70s in some of our inland areas. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. temps climb steadily into the middle of next week. over the week low 80s in the inland areas under sunny skies. warming continues next week, tuesday and wednesday we'll see high temperatures at or above 90 degrees in the warmest inland locations. loaded with 80s around the bay. low 70s on the coast. temperatures start to drop off a little bit next thursday. >> wow, great. thank, spencer. a lot the talk about in sports. big stuff. >> larry beil is here. >> the nfl draft is underway as we speak. what a night for stanford football and david shaw fwochlt
6:49 pm
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with larry beil. >> good evening. the nfl draft kicks off at 5:00 p.m. pacific time. there was so much speculation what the cleveland browns would do at the top of the draft and how that would affect the 49ers who were picking second. after all the smoke screens and the rumors, cleveland did exactly what they were expected to do. >> the cleveland browns select miles garrett, defensive end, texas a and m. >> miles garrity, 6'4", 272 pounds rush end from texas a and m who is expected to come in and reek havoc on quarterbacks immediately. he had 31 sacks in 4is his college career. the 49ers have so many needs. they traded back wisely sending the second overall pick to the chicago bears in exchange for three selections. chicago then took a quarterback. mitchell true business kyi, started only 13 games for the tar heels but most scouts felt among all the quarterbacks in this draft he was the best
6:53 pm
prepared to step in and play immediately in the nfl. the niners with the third pick take defensive end solomon thomas out of sanford. interesting. he and niner gm john lynch actually attended the same class at stanford together a couple of years ago. 6'2", 268 pounds ghiss the niners something they desperately need, a guy who can rush the passer. >> this is what i wanted to happen. i'm happy to be here. i'm happy to be a 49er. you know, i bring a player who is going to be the best person he can, be the best team player he can to hess teammates work by their side, be favoriteful to them. >> christian mccalf recame off the board minutes later chosen by the panthers as the eight chtd overall pick. he can play tail back, play in the slot. excellent receiver, great on special teams. and he gives cam newton a swiss
6:54 pm
army knife in the backfield for the panners in. the raiders pick 24th in round one. on to baseball, after a draumtd tenth inning win over the dodgers last night they don't themselves in extra innings again tonight. warriors star kevin doesn't in the front door. corey seager, his fifth of the year. 1-0, dodgers. rookie chris narrowo scored brandon belt. moore settled down. he went seven innings allowed just a run on two hits striking out eight. codiy bell i thinker looking to end the sevenths. the dodgers had only two hits through 9. but three hits in the tenth alone, including tolls, base loaded single make it 2-1. giants relief pitchers walked four men in the tenth.
6:55 pm
hunter strickland walked one of them on four pitches. dodgers win tonight. and the a's play the angels tonight. depending when the second round of the playoffs begins the warriors will have either five or seven days of rest. won't find out their next opponent until the clippers/jazz seies ends tomorrow or on sunday. for mike brown, he is handling practice wheel steve kerr seeks medical attention for persistent headaches. but kerr is very much involved in the planning for round two. >> steve is going to be a part this process all the time. and you know, really, almost before i do anything, i'm going to consult with him. the only time i won't consult with him, during the game -- is probably during the game. at least -- i don't want the nba to know i have got a little chip right here that i can communicate with the man in game situations. we'll keep that amongst us. >> the warriors would prefer to play the chippers in the next rounds but the jazz lead their series 3-2.
6:56 pm
we'll see how it turn out? thank you larry. join us tonight at kofi 20 for abc7 news. we continue to monitor the cal berkeley campus where police are watching for more potential protests. >> reporter: and there is a man hundred to find a killer in wall nut creek. >> at 8:00, gray's anatomy. at 9:00, scandal, and stay with us for abc 7 news at 11. on jimmy kimmel, julia louie dreyfuss and actor kevin me lon. >> thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. for spencer kriv, larry beil, all of us, we appreciate your time. we will see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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