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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 29, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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try zyrtec® it's starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec® and muddle no more®. our country's going up and it's going up fast. >> the president gives himself positive grades as he marks 100 days in office, but tonight he's not the only one doing the grading. hello, i'm eric thomas. here in the bay area critics say president trump hasn't accomplished much while his base says he's changing washington. and some of those supporters are meeting in the south bay this weekend. cornell bernard is live in san jose where the convention for california college republicans is happening. cornell. >> reporter: yeah, eric, and those young republicans are praising donald trump at their annual convention this week. but olkers in the bay area have a lot of criticism for the new
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president. >> california republicans say donald trump doing just fine, his first win hin days on the job. even reagan would be proud. >> he's been hit a spectrum of ideas whether it's with his new tax plan or foreign policy. so for every type of republican there's a way to agree with him in the last 100 days. >> 300 college republicans holding their annual convention in san jose had year. >> silicon sprael is at the heart of innovation, creation, disruption and those are kin of the themes that donald trump ran on. >> the first 100 days of my administration has been just about the most successful in our country's history. >> president trump gives himself high marks but others might dispute that. >> 100 days of chaos, corruption and dysfunction. >> in oakland, harsh words for donald trump at a rally and march about climate change. >> ♪ when dump shouts shuts his big mouth ♪ >> in san jose the raging gran
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niz give him a failing grade. >> is there anything lower than an "f." >> he's actually been worse. >> failures are too many to mention. and the failures will add up he's not done with trying to go back and specifically about environment and particularly about war. >> i don't even watch him. i don't like his face. >> he has changed the tone in washington but has not pace passed a single piece of legislation. the repeal and replace obamacare stalled for now. his temporary travel ban on muslim majority countries blocked by the courts. his biggest victory, a new conservative justice on the supreme court. in san jose, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> and president trump is make mashing his win hundredth day in office by heading to a rally in pennsylvania, one of the states that propelled his election trick i victory. he's expected to sign an executive order directing his administration to conduct a study of u.s. trade agreements. he says he will not attend the
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white house core correspondents dinner tonight. more now on the climate margins held -- marches across the nation today. in washington, d.c., large crowds made their way down pennsylvania avenue in sweltering heat. they encircled the white house. the national parks service issued the march a permit for 100,000 people. organizers said the crowd exceeded their expectations. he say they object to trump's roll back of restrictions on mining, oil drilling, and greenhouse gassy missions, a coal-fired power plants among other things. they say about 300 other protest parjz are expected around the country. the epa has removed most of the information from climate change on its website. they said yesterday the website is being updated to reflect the approach of new leaped. epa leaders say they have doubt about the reasons behind climate
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change. the bay area is basking in a warm sunny day. just perfect beach weather and abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma says it's going to get warmer. >> what a pay you've from that wet within the. now we enjoy this nice sunny and warm weather. we are just soaked in sunshine in the south bay and temperatures are responding very nicely this afternoon. 77 currently in san jose, 71 in oakland, 77 navarro, 607 and 80 anteiac. no weather worries it's warm and bright through 6:00, plenty of stars by 10:00 and even by midnight clear skies and temperatures on the mild side, in the 50s. take a look at the heat to our south. palm springsz at 88 degrees. that heat is headed our way. the numbers are going to continue to rise. take a look at when this heat peeks is coming up in the full weather forecast. >> new details on a shooting involving threw cpd officers
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that left a suspect dead. just a few hours ago they said officers interrupted the suspect while he was trying to car jack someone. it happened just after 5:30 yesterday afternoon north of highway 92, all northbound lanes in san mateo reopened just before 1:00 this morning. a witness shared this cell phone video that shows the seconds before the shooting. the investigators say the man opened fire on officers and say they roifrd his gun at the scene. no officers were injured. he tried to car jack a woman who had been involved in an accident and the chp stumbled upon him as they sponld to the crash scene. in oakland an suv slammed into a pole this morning. it happened at 9:30 this morning. it appears the doors of the suv were taken off to get the people inside out. and happening now, live picture from sfo. work crews are working to repair the second largest run way. they told us delays are half
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raging between a half hour and one hour and most delays affect flights to and from other west coast sies is it the airlines have cancelled 201 plooiz flights today, last weekend passengers were caught off gored by hundred of delays and cancellations. the work will continue nearly every weekend through mid-june. a suspicious device caused a scare for people out enjoying the day shopping. abc 7 news was in the west field shopping mall where the bomb squad responded to a call of a suspicious device. around ten 10:00 this pork they closed the mall to inspect the device and tended up being a boombox. a hacker now claims to have fold through on a threat to release search episodes from the upcoming season of the orange is the new black. the hacker who goes by the name of the dark overlord announced the move on twitter today and released a link claiming to contain ten episodes for download. hacker threatened to release the entire season if netflix didn't
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pay up. netflix says a small production vender that works with several tv shows. the fbi is now investigating. a group of tech workers used hardware to work on a brick and mortar project to brighten children's lives on the peninsula. this is at brentwood acami. that's where 200 microsoft employees helped upgrade the school's playground. >> every single project that's happening today is going to be touched by the children. they're going to walk in on monday morning and their eyes are going to be wide and not know what to touch on play with and they're going to have so many surprises out here on the yard and then into their classrooms what they're going so to find is there's also i care park age on each desk. >> this included an outdoor classroom and painting muir ralz. bees are back. coming up the reason bee keepers say you could see a lot more of the insects this spring.
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also. >> guys, how sad is that? >> neighbors fwhach disbelief after a house goes newspaper flames during a severe storm in the midwest.
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parts of northern california. yeah, i said it, with a big increase in bee swarmz this is the time of year when bees start the colon zation process again and the rains have kept them inside until now. >> this year, the weather affecting us, there's so much out there for them to eat, drink, plenty of wild flower for them. so they're way more active than a couple years ago. >> bee keepers in sacramento say their calls about bee swarmz have doubled. they say the come back is impressive after losing so many colonies in recent years. these folks honor one of north america's influential civil rights leaders. they were in the district for the chavez festival. today's festival also celebrated the mini cultures that make up the mission district. a local event is helping
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teenagers shine on prom night. that's next also. >> people can come here and meet some of their favorite sneaker influencers. >> that's right, he said sneaker influencers. we'll take to you an event in the south bay where sneakers haven't just shoes, they're a way of life. >> temperatures and warm spots in the 80s, but it's about to
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a group of volunteers help people take steps today to find out if they're at risk for a potentially deadly disease. we were at the san jose market, the. idea is to help people find out if they're at risk of kidney disease. >> the rights of diabetes and blood pressure are so high and they cause kidney failure were so that's why it's so important to get tested. >> today's free convenient also
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i concluded classes on exercise and healthy cooking. an effort today in the east bay helped make dreams come true for kwun thousand student. abc 7 news was in oakland for the dress by west from dress give away -- prom gres dress give away at any oakland school. david west hosted the event. she bought 600 of the dress dollars and says the other 400 were donated. >> i remember going to the prom and the dress was very big part of the extent ture. so if i can help alleviate the cost of a dress of a young lady so she can go and enjoy it before she graduates, that makes me feel worthwhile. >> she has been giving away prom dressing dollars for 13 years in whatever city david west is playing in. people in the know about footwear faesh shone celebrated their passion today. they were at the sara clara convention center when they marjd in for the sneaker con.
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while some shopped for new shoes, other lined up to meet the sneaker guy. he has nearly 2 million followers. >> everybody in this building is a neeker med and i have a line and a lot of people who follow me because i make a lot of sneaker content and i can relalt late to my audience. >> i put myself in their shoes daily blogging and going out and buying shoes just like them. >> not really because they wear their own shoes. the hottest sneakers in the world right now, almost any of the designs created by music superstar kanye west. lightning is blamed for sparking a house fire in indiana. >> look at it collapse in the house, guys. >> wow. nothing they can do, guys, it's burnt up. >> hurry, fireman. >> they just want to keep it from burning that other house down. >> you're look at what happened as firefighters raised raced to the scene. a couple and 3-year-old daughter escaped from the burning home after smelling smoke and seeing flames. firefighters couldn't save their house but they did keep the
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flames from spreading to other homes. several hundred miles away lightning lit up the skies across oklahoma city. and high winds knocked down power lines causingous ages. >> now your accuweather forecast withdrew tuma. >> while severe weather is to our east here we're dealing with nothing but sunshine, warm temperatures today, and it will get hotter as the days go on. here we go. live doppler seven you're enjoying the sunshine today and when you have sunny guys the doppler radar is quiet. it deserves some time off. the numbers are going to be key the next couple of days, and they're going to rise the next seven days. take a look at san jose for example, we're well above that average high of 73 degrees tomorrow, 82 is the high. and those numbers go up and up and by wednesday that heat is going to peak. we're talking our first 90 degree day of 2017 in many spots
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midweek this week and then temperatures go boom, they're going to tafrpg as we head towards the later part of the week. so something for every in the seven-day forecast. look at this gorgeous shot from our east bay hills camera. baby blue skies soaked in sunshine. get used to this picture we're going to do it all again tomorrow. out there right now 60s, 70s, 80s. 71 in oakland, 77 san jose conrecord right now warm at seat 2. along the coast sea breeze kicking in, 63 in half moon bay, santa rosa toasty at 81. over night here's the call, plenty of stars out there will keep the cool skies. numbers are going to cool off into the upper 40s and lower 50s for your starting temperatures on your sunday. going to repeat the forecast once again. you like today you're going to love tomorrow. sunday it's that bright start out there were no clouds in the sky and we're going to warm rather quickly and by 4:00 we're calling it mild to warm. 60s on the coast, even some low 80s around the bay and once again inland we're going into
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the mid 80s for a second day in a row. highs on your sunday enjoy new love the warm weather. 74 in san francisco, 82 in san jose, 80 in oakland, 83 vallejo, and 83 that number in santa rosa. future tracker temperatures will show you the numbers will get very close to 90 degrees inland as we go into monday. it's going to be a warm start to the work and school week. as we head into tuesday they're going to continue to climb. we are just hot out there. starting to see some 90s on the board, even around napa, ante okay, santa rosa close to 90 degrees. and then this is going to peak. wednesday we do expect a lot of 90s away from the coast. the coast is going to be warm, san francisco 76 is probably conservative. i wouldn't be sur pricesed to have our first 80 degree day in san francisco. this is the first heat spell of 2017 pit know, take it easy we're not used to the heat just yet. stay hydrated with water this week, wear lightweight clothing. check on seen years and pes
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they're the most susceptible to heat this time year. the 7 day forecast, warm winds on sunday, it just gets warmer around here on monday. by tuesday, it just feels like summer out there. there's our 90s. by wednesday it is hot across the board and then we'll start to cool off and by friday it's going to feel refreshing around here with 70s in our warmest locale. >> that's quite a span in temperatures. >> it's quite a span, that time of the year. >> well, we have sports wi rick kwaun. >> mike taking the day off just like the warriors. coming up we'll hear from the warriors as they patiently await their next opponent and the nfl draft wrapped up today. the raiders weren't shy about
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when the warriors opened the second round of the playoffs on tuesday they will have been off for more than a week. golden state will finally find out its next opponent tomorrow when the jazz and the clippers square off their game seven. this isn't the first time they've had a long break between playoff games so they know what to experience. >> you learn from it, what went right, what went wrong, how you want to approach it next time and moeflly do you it better next time spot for us to have gone through this you understand to pace yourself but still keeping edge mentally and physically. >> if we were a younger team i'd have a little bit more concern about this or an inexperienced team in the playoffs.
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but this is is a veteran group and then our nucleus has played deep into the playoffs and they've swept teams before and so they've been put in this situation. >> the 9ers and raiders were busy today as the draft finished up with rounds 4 through 7. they slektd running back joe williams who was at his home in pennsylvania. during his two seasons with the united states, williams ran for almost 2,000 yards and 13 today's. he finished his career at levi stadium rushing for more than 220 yards in the score in you the's win over indiana. they had six picks today, iowa tied in george kittle and trent tailor were takement fifth round in the in the sixth they took a pair of defensive lineman, d.j. jones and peta toe mowa penta. culvert was selected in the seventh round. >> i'm proud to say with the 129th pick in the 2017 nfl
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draft, the oakland raiders select david sharp. >> that's nevada governor announce the fourth-round pick from their future home in las vegas. is he a 6'6" offensive lineman from florida. in the fifth round they took linebacker mar cell lee. they had four picks in the seventh and final round. washington state's safety, lieu womanny, official state tackle jill lon wear, eliejya hood and tray van hester. two more bears were drafted today, wide receiver chad hanson was picked by the jets notice fourth round. last season had he-mile-per-hour than 1200 yards receiving and 11 touchdowns had the he was taken by the titans in the second round. the "a"s are playing in houston trying to snap a five-game losing streak. j.j. wat throughout the first
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pitch. with one out in the first astros had two on and carlos chases and then gets carlos bell reason to to strak out in the inning. it stayed scoreless till the fourth. muss grove hits a no doubter into the right field stands. now in the bottom of the fourth the "a's" lead 1-0. and later on tonight that i try to make it two straight wins over the padres. >> j.j. wat has a nice change up i want to see his fastball. >> he's very athletic. >> it was a strike. now, this is just awkward had the up next a kiss
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coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00 a north bay lake that's the site of two sewage fills. should they be concerned in and how the maritime past sin spierg young ship builders of tomorrow. you know, it should have been a sweet moment but it went wrong. take a look. there will be no kiss from these two on the milwaukee buck's kiss cam during thursday night's game. you can see the guy mouth, that's my mom. and her expression says it all. okay. camera guys, you should -- >> they tried. >> see a little age difference there. we'll talk later. that's it for abc 7 news at 5:00. thanks for your time i'm eric thom pass drew tuma thanks for
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inviting us into your homes tonight. we'll see you right back here at 6:00. tonight. the first 100 days in office. the praise and protest. tens of thousands marching against president trump's policies as the faithful line up in a key battleground state to hear the president tout his record. extremely dangerous. the manhunt for an escaped prisoner. the fugitive's distinct tattoos police want you to see. torrential storms. life-threatening flash floods sweeping across the central u.s. millions of americans in the threat zone tonight. the popular netflix series possibly hacked. the ransom demand and the threat to leak new episodes. plus -- hot mess. the fancy music festival promoted by supermodels called a super flop. tonight organizers finally explain what happened.


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