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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  May 2, 2017 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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will the man be convicted although her body was never found. he could be facing the death penalty. we are live in san jose, matt? >> reporter: natasha, emotional morning, tears in the courtroom as the prosecution started its closing arguments, making the
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case that sierra lamar is dead and torres is responsible for her death. the prosecution got in front of the jury to go over evidence already heard during the trial because such a long trial that started january 30th. the prosecute, david boyd, went through the time line, the day she disappeared, and items found like a cell phone, bag, and clothes. the defense follows their prosecution for closing arguments. legal analyst steven clark describes what the strategy could be. >> the defense portrays her as a teenager unhappy at home, ran away, and could be alive. >> reporter: the prosecution reiterated over and over again to think unreasonable for her to run away saying there was no hidden life. the jury took a break. they are led back into the courtroom at 11:00 a.m.
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scheduled to restart as the prosecution continues closing arguments, no word on if the defense starts tomorrow, more on that later today. live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you. the coverage of the trial continues on abc 7, and our reporter is at the courthouse with live reports starting this afternoon on the air. follow updates on twitter at abc 7david. download news app for alerts sent to your phone. the other top story today, the hot weather that keeps getting hotter. it's a great day, of course, to be on the beach in santa cruz. looking live, a lot of people have the right idea, but don't forget the sunscreen. our meteorologist mike nicco is tracking near record high temperatures, mike? >> hi, everybody, stay stay stay the neighbor's air conditioner kicked on this morning as i left
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for work. take a look how close we are to records today. within a couple degrees, santa row that, if you reach 92 as forecasted, that would be a new record that was set just about four years ago. if you go outside, watch for the extreme ultraviolet radiation out there. you can burn in 15 minutes. high tree and grass pollen. the heat's not your change? we have a change, 15 degrees cooler by the weekend and slight chance of rain in the accuweather forecast. >> mike, thank you. a stabbing in front of a san francisco elementary school as children were dropped off. this happened at 8:30, and police tell abc 7 news two cars were involved in a crash. the woman in the car hit says the other driver, a babysitter, did not yield and the woman got in her face, she felt threatened, and she grabbed a nice she had with her.
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new details on another story. we're talking about deadly shooting of a teenager in san francisco. rajo, this jackson, a 10th grader, and police say jackson was shot while driving this car yesterday. right there. his 16-year-old passenger was not hurt. investigators are looking for any possible suspects and surveillance video. we apologize. that's not the right video right there. we have new details on another story. we know the names of the child and manned on a crash yesterday morning. investigators say 5-year-old nivea brown and 23-year-old deon khristine were in the backseat of a bmq when they died. sky7 shows the scene of the crash near 5th avenue there. the bmw slammed into a broken down box truck on the shoulder.
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the pickup truck then hit the beamer. two other adults and a child in the car were hurt. new video shows extent of a damage after a fire burned through a homeless camp in oakland this morning. we were over the scene on 580. you see the charred tents and debris. it caught fire before 8:30 last night. they caught photos of the flames. no one was hurt. the police are investigating another student groping on campus. this the latest in a string of incidents over several months. police say the student was groped at 8:00 last night on west side of the student services center. a boy between the ages of 12 and 15 grabbed the woman riding past on a bicycle. investigator say he was with two other young men. the woman was not hurt. the suspect is still loose. five women were groped last month and five others in november. hearing from the owner of a
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peninsula restaurant after one of the employees was accused of recording video of customers in the restroom. 27-year-old pedro gone sal sal s accused of planting a phone there. he was a part-time busboy and dishwasher working there for six months. the woman found the phone recording video saturday night. two women and four children were recorded. >> everybody here's in shock, but we're all -- just can't believe this happened to our customers, and that's the part that really hurts. >> absolutely horrendous, the idea your privacy so invaded. >> the woman who used the restroom saturday between 5:30 and 6:15 are asked to call the sheriff's office. security going to the dogs, literally, k-9s are working on skills to help here in the bay area. amy hollyfield is live where the training is taking place, amy?
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>> hi, kristin, this is not the same ground the dogs are used to. they trained out there, and we went along for the ride to see how they did. this is 3-year-old dusty's first time on the boat. couldn't have asked for better weather or better setting, but this is not for leisure. dusty is here to work. the tsa watches to see how she handles the new environment. >> whether it's training on ships or at the stadium or at the bart station, there's different sites, sounds, and disinstructions that dogs really pay attention to. it's important to get them in different scenarios. they worked in the office, a little anxious wondering how she'd react to the sounds of the ship. >> some dogs shut down, and she wanted to work. >> reporter: she found two detonation cords aboard a horn blower ship, one dangling from the ceiling, the other hidden
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behind the counter. her handler couldn't have been prouder. the tsa is responsible for certifying the dogs for mass transportation systems. if a dog fails today, the tsa knows the animal needs more training, but dusty did just find. >> she likes this work, there's two words she does not like, weekends and relaxing. she loves work. >> reporter: they have land drills here for the dogs. there's a luggage course where they are looking for explosive in one of the suitcases. they have to come home and practice in this environment, and the most difficult part of this assignment has been all of them have on signs that say "do not pet me." ceo of united airlines is on capitol hill drilled right now in the wake of the infamous
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passenger dragging scandal. >> abc 7 mornings jessica castro is following the hearing. jessica? >> reporter: things wrapped up minutes ago. the transportation committee grilled top airline executives for nearly four hours after a string of bad behavior caught on camera, most notably, a shocking incident last month where a doctor was dragged off the united flight. >> this won't be a pleasant hearing. >> reporter: a bumpy ride on capitol hill. >> this committee and congress do not want half measures or temporary fixers. >> reporter: drilling airline executives on customer service. >> here today to look and hear about where we could prod, push, regulate, or legislate to get better service for passengers. oscar munoz up first and the star witness acknowledging the anger over the violent removal of dr. david dao from a flight
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in april. >> in that moment, our customers, our company, we failed. >> reporter: oscar promised his company will implement a new set of policies. >> our actions will speak definitely louder than our words. we will do better. >> reporter: american, southwest, and alaska airlines all there too. >> for our part, they are reviewing kus mother policies like overbooking, and it is our intention to further improve the experience for our guests. >> reporter: consumers and congress waiting to see if today's probing helps improve air travel experience. >> if we don't see meaningful results, improved customer service the next time we address the issue, i assure you you will not like the outcome. >> lawmakers were critical throughout the hearing. they highlighted unfair policies including the change policy on united airlines that company made about 800 million, but the change policies cost united
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nothing. jessica castro, abc 7 news. >> common frustration. all right, thanks so much, jessica. east bay drivers, listen up. some of you are getting a faster commute if you are willing to pay. express lanes set to open on 680 by walnut creek. they hope to have the system up and running in august. the daily toll is based on demand. users should go from 4-23 miles per hour faster than anyone else in peak hours. drivers we spoke with say they are excited about speeding up the commute, but not necessarily about paying for more it. >> i think it's a way for them to get more money, really, and i don't really like it, though. >> just to give you an idea about costs, express lanes in place on interstate 580 cost drivers $1.60. >> soaring salaries, not for the
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tech ceos today, shedding light on the highest paying government positions in call. >> a warning for suburu drivers. why it could be a dangerous choice. >> two wheels your speed? this is for you. why the bay bridge bike path gives locals something to celebrate today.
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new this morning, the man accused of the 2012 mass shooting at oakland's university
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just pleaded no contest to zempb cou seven counts of murder. he was upset about tuition not being refunded. he was able to enter a plea because doctors declared him mentally company tent. in exkpang, prosecutors are not seeking the death penalty. he's expected to be sentenced to seven consecutive terms of life in prison. now on to the morning money report. a new salary survey reveal three business leaders are the highest paid in california. the alameda coupe sheriff topped the most at $633,000 in pay and benefits, and san jose raked in nearly a half million last year, and our media partners obtained the new compensation data from the nonprofit transparent if you drive a subaru, listen up. there's a warning this morning that drivers might find
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daunting. they say don't ride with passengers in the front seat for the next year. why? the front passenger air bags in some models need to be replace. they were in the massive takata air bag. it could take a year for the work to be complete because of a part shortage. in the meantime, they are mailing recalls to anyone with a vehicle affected. everybody, hearts reaching out to jimmy kimmel, the moving monologue and message about kids and help. >> oakland mayor leads the way for a celebration on the bay bridge. what's new today with a bike path. >> live look outside right now. on top of the camera on mount tam. the warming trend continues
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new this morning, the bike and pedestrian path is open seven days a week. you can get a great view from the vista point. abc 7 nudews was in oakland. it officially opened. it offers views of the east span of the bridge and oakland too. the path was only open on weekends before, but now it's seven days a week. by the way, may is bike month, and, gosh, do we have the weather for it, mike. >> seriously. but too hot today? >> plenty of sun and sunscreen, you're fine, i promise you. plus, you may not want to ride this weekend when it's 25 degrees cooler and breezy then. looking outside, what's going on? >> breezy. >> yeah, i think so. first, by looking at the tower
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there, we'll open up the weather window, and, yes, it is gorgeous outside. grab the sunglasses, record warmth today and tomorrow, 15-25 degrees cooler this weekend, breezy, and showers saturday, especially in the north bay. one of the reasons why it's up to 8 degrees warmer right now than 24 hours ago, we should be around 45-50. we're anywhere from 50 in 74 degrees. that's all it cooled to this morning. that's always one of the first areas, that highway 4 corridor out there, that uses the air conditioners first. look at temperatures now. 61 at half moon bay. the sea breeze will prevent you from warming. 77 in san francisco to upper 80s in santa rosa. the winds are all over the map. they are light and variable. that's high pressure. that's what is on doppler 7. no clouds, no wet weather. look at that. the storm track traveling north,
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an area of high pressure gives us two days of near record warmth, not not south bay, no asterisk here. we have 90 in redwood city, that would be close to a the record is 93. temperatures 70s along the coast, 83 downtown, record high is 88. santa rosa would set a record, and all in the 90s there. look at that. 88 in oakland. close to a record high temperature. the warmest in castro valley. low 90s there. concord tieing a record, livermore, record high of 95 degrees. the flags point east. there's a little sea breeze at the golden gate bridge, and that's why there's a 15 degree spread across san francisco. here's the way the pm mapper breaks down. there's 62 at 4:00 at the bay, 79, same at the coast, 86 inlands. going to the game tonight?
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first game of round two. it'll be 74 degrees when you walk in oracle, 64 when you walk out. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. chance of showers, sea breeze wednesday afternoon, spreading to the rest of the neighborhoods thursday. the biggest drop in temperatures friday before that chilly saturday unfolds, ladies. >> all right, thanks, mike. now to very scary news for a parent. abc jimmy kimmel shares gratitude after a family health scare. his newborn son, billy, underwent emergency open heart surgery. >> it's terrifying thing. they did an ecocardiogram, a sonogram of the heart, and found billy was born with a heart disease -- >> he's broken up talking about it. he opened up about the experience in an emotional monologue on jimmy kimmel live last night. the son's operation was the
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longest three hours of his life, but it was a success. >> this is what he looked like on monday, but this is what he looked like yesterday. [ applause ] poor kid, not only got a bad heart, but my face. >> of course, you know, jokes about that. jimmy kimmel says billy is doing great, resting at home, eating, sleeping just fine. >> a lovely family. wish them the best. >> i saw his wife pregnant at the oscars, so i feel connected in that a way too. so glad to hear he's out of surgery and okay. >> ready for your heart to melt? >> yes. >> not once, but twice. baby polar bears and a proud mama in australia. check in to see how the twins are doing
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a polar bear in australia is a proud mama again. >> they celebrate the birth of two baby polar bears, right there. so tiny. they are cuddling with mama, leah. the cubs are doing well so far making all the right noises and having plenty of milk. >> leah is the proud mom of henry, the first cub born at the park in 2013.
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they hope the new cubs bring attention to soconservation efforts. >> so sweet. >> we have breaking news. >> first summer season, smog an issue tomorrow afternoon. >> good to know. >> thank you for joining us today, bye bye.
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>> welcome to teacher appreciation week. each day, we're taking some of america's best teachers and putting them to the test. and if they can ace it, they'll walk out of here $1 million richer. don't move, it's time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome. it's teacher appreciation week here on "who wants to be a millionaire." love this week. love celebrating teachers. today's teacher has received national recognition for changing her students' lives in more ways than you could ever imagine. and we are hoping today that we can make it all pay off with a million dollars. from albuquerque, new mexico, please welcome sonya romero. how you doing? >> i'm well. how are you? >> so good to see you. >> thank you. >> come on over.


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