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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  May 7, 2017 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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time for fresh viral videos "right this minute." it's not exactly a genius idea at the gas pump -- >> oh, my god. i can't believe that. >> why the other drivers couldn't either. a legend is back with us. >> maui wowy. >> the touching story behind the trick of a lifetime. she's decked out in -- >> opera gowns. >> find out how much one woman spends to dress her beloved dog. >> and a wife gives a man a pricey toy. >> in the neighborhood of $250,000 to $300,000. see why this gift comes with a major hitch. >> wait, what? >> aaah. >> let's jump into the world of
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complete morons. in kazakhstan, they're fueling up. he's filling up a fuel contain are. >> everybody knows you're not supposed to fill a fuel container in the trunk. take it and put it on the ground so it doesn't spark. >> i wish this was the mistake that he made. this guy is a professional moron because as he's filling it up, to make sure it's full, he needs a little bit of light. >> how stupid do you think it would be to do this? >> i have a feeling i'm going to see a lighter. >> he whips out a lighter. >> are you kidding? >> no. now this burst of flame. how can he make it worse? let's get everybody else involved as well. >> oh, my god. i can't believe that. >> this person in the suv tries to -- it burned out pretty quickly. the reason it wasn't terrible is because he was pumping diesel. had that been gasoline, this
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would have been -- we're heading to russia where everything appears to be quiet and calm. and it's really not. >> wait for it. boom! wait. there it comes down. this truck wheel explodes. goes cartwheeling through the air and pancakes that toyota corolla. what do we think happened in this video? >> somebody left something on? >> that's actually exactly what's going on there. somebody started pumping up that truck tire and then forgot. >> i've got another video showing the aftermath of this one. fortunately nobody was inside that car. nobody was anywhere near it. >> ironic that a big tire caused a flat car. maui wowi. heard that phrase and this video really makes us understand why people say maui wowi.
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he's headed of eed out to pull e aerial footage. he pulled off one of the first 540s but since then has been off the radar because he had back-to-back serious injuries. first a back injury. then a knee injury. taking him out of the surfing game for a while. this video called numb accompanied by the song "numb" by gary clark jr. covered by his sister. >> that's cool. >> none of those injuries have slowed him down. >> he's confident in his physical abilities now. you can see him just laying out some incredible tricks. some of that stuff where he lays the board way flat, to me, looks like a whip in motorcross. >> i just want to do a 45. >> does shape his own board which also, i believe, probably gives him a bit of an edge out
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there in the surf. right here you see him carve in memory of jeff. one of matt's good friends jeff hunter, a free diver and spear fisherman just recently died. so matt kind of dedicated that board to him and sends out this video as well because this is what he pulled off. >> wow. >> i didn't even know you could do that on a surf board. >> very close to being a 720 which is next to impossible. what matt just did there, he's calling a 540 to revert 720. one of three guys to only ever do something like that. to come back from an injury and nail something like that is incredible. >> hello. i'm 10 years old. >> officials are calling this 10-year-old boy a hero. he just got home from school and his mom was pulling into the
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backyard with the car door open. closes the door and she's got some company. >> i saw they were going for the car. >> and the first one creeps up behind her. >> oh, no. >> meanwhile, the second hooded guy creeps in behind the first. they step out of frame and then suddenly, they drag her back out near the car. >> oh, gosh. >> they are yanking at her ears trying to snatch her earrings, her watch and other jewelry. >> so scary and those two guys against her. >> out comes the dog and the other guy just starts to kick at the dog while the first guy continues to push and pull on mom. she does her best to hold tight when suddenly a friend inside the house runs out and chases the guys off. now all this was caught on cctv footage but there's her 10-year-old son. he witnessed all of it from the house. just feet away. he sounded the alarm and was able to identify these men who had already been involved in a
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string of robberies. the situation happened in june. they were arrested in august and recently sentenced. >> it must be just awful for a kid that age watching your mother just being roughed up by these guys. >> in your own home. right there. >> reports say that he has since had nightmares. he was able to identify them and they'll be off the streets for a while. my idea of being a dog owner is you made sure they have a place to live. you feed them. make sure their medical is taken care of and then there are these dog owners. >> my name is shawn and this is my chihuahua lily. i love her to bits. >> girl, cut the string already. she has an entire closet full of clothes. >> that dog has more than $12,000 on wardrobe. all of her dresses apparently cost an average of $100. >> look at the smug look on that
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dog. every time i look at the camera, like, i got it better than you. i got more clothes than you. >> she is 20 years old and is a dog groomer. she goes out to walk the dog in perfect like opera worthy gowns. >> it's weird. how weird is it? you see people that have dolls that spend $10,000 on all these outfits for their dolls. >> if she's spending all that money on the dog and some day needs health care for yourself and starts like a go fund me page to care for herself, i'll have a problem with it. >> the dog isn't even 2 years old yet and it has more clothes than probably all of us put together. >> combined, yeah. >> designer clothes there, too. i saw some coco chanel. >> some tiffany's. one of the collars is louis vuitton. >> if she want a friend -- >> you can pet my belly for a
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and their passengers. you have this driver. he pulls up. >> hi, chelsea. how are you doing, honey? >> food. >> how your doing? >> now chelsea just called for a ride and he greets chelsea -- >> what are you up to today? >> working. >> so what do you do? >> [ inaudible ]. >> oh, cool. >> she's a working girl? >> yes, a woman of the night. >> busy day? >> she certainly propositions him and he declines saying his girlfriend probably wouldn't like that. you're a smart man, my friend. >> what are you doing? >> what do you mean? >> just figured it out. >> that's not even chelsea is it. >> he picked her up on the side of the street. >> yep. she looks for people who slow down in their cars to get in them. >> that's pretty much what happened. >> i'm good, thanks, honey.
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>> you want to get out? >> yeah, i need to make some money. >> he's really polite about it. he backs up and drops her off. lpts her out. still calling her chelsea. see you later. bye. >> incoming call. guess who is on the line. >> no way. >> hey, how are you. >> chelsea. >> oh, my god. i just had some random in my car who said she was chelsea. >> the video is there. >> where's the sequel. >> he connected with chelsea and he says that it was all just rather uncomfortable. made for a really good story. uber, lyft drivers, taxi drivers. >> my girlfriend wouldn't like it too much. sorry, honey. >> take a fabulous trip to jordan. this area of the treasure is one of the new seven wonders of the
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modern world. he's already standing above the treasury at his exit point. his buddy holding the parachute because he's only standing roughly 210 feet from the ground. >> that's not enough space for me. >> keep in mind that he has been jumping for many years. 4,299 b.a.s.e. jumps under his belt which is also why he wants to make this his 4,300th jump. >> did they have to get special permission to be able to jump at this kind of place? they probably don't let people just do this. >> he's a member of the red bull air force team. i think they probably had it covered. either way, it's amazing. generally you need a few hundred feet to deploy because you're falling kind of fast. in this case, he trusts his skills. he hopes for the best and then jumps. >> see ya! look how gnarly this looks.
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>> wow. >> wow. >> yeah. >> can it be open perfectly? he's able to guide himself away from the face of the rock, down this canyon. that is only about 100 feet wide. for 15 seconds he is going 20 miles an hour landing perfectly safe at the bottom. >> that's awesome. >> oh, my goodness, this is tight in here. >> i'm not impressed. he should have flown right into the treasury. just kidding, miles. awesome jump. sawyer is in trouble. >> oh, my goodness. >> give him a piece of her mind.
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whale but this is rarely seen off the coast of spain. they have the drones up in the air to check out the water quality and watch as the whales migrate this time of year. however, they were really excited when they spotted this one. this mom and her calf. mom is believed to be about 75, 78 long. the calf about 26 feet long. >> i was sitting there because they look monster. i was wondering are these teeny tiny or -- >> they look kind of skinny. >> they're going to an area that's protected for them so they can eat freely and build up whatever they need to once they get there. >> it's really beautiful footage. >> it makes you want to travel there and go see this area just to see the water. but amazing for them because this group is committed to documenting the migration of whales through spain. for them, this is basically a high holiday.
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♪ >> he's in trouble. >> [ inaudible ]. >> this is 2-year-old mila and she saw sawyer in the park. sawyer is kind of her boyfriend. >> at that age? they're too young. >> she's going to take that phone and give sawyer a piece of her mind. >> she going to throw it? >> no. >> what are you doing? i saw you.
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hey. why are you mad at me? [ inaudible ]. so sad. >> she's sad but she's pretty mad. she's been taking notes from someone where you start shouting and then go back to mad and, you go, girl. >> don't ever again be and call me later. >> no, don't call him later. going to call back for round two. >> never, ever, ever do again. >> never, ever. >> i have a surprise for you. >> she's making her man's dream come true. >> open them. surprise. >> i got you a car, baby. the one you've always wanted. >> but that's not the only
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♪ ♪ can i show you something? i have a surprise for you. >> jerry's wife dee has a huge surprise for him. jerry, come on outside. i got something to show you. >> their surprises get tricky. she was surprising him with kids and all that not too long ago. >> close your eyes, baby. surprise. isn't it so cool? >> i got you a car, baby. the one you've always wanted. >> mclaren. he's like, thanks. >> that's a joke. >> it's a toy car. but the toy car matches the one that's right behind him. >> no! >> all right. >> what?
3:56 pm
>> beautiful. brand-new spanking mclaren 650s. >> they must be making bank. >> jerry doesn't buy it at first. no, no, no way. and it takes her awhile to convince him. honey, this is real. >> this is mine, for real? >> yes! >> he is over the moon excited. >> what's the big deal with the mclaren? it's a formula one racing car. this is one you can buy built by a racing team. >> big, jaw-dropping gift. >> it's a beast. it's gorgeous. even just up and down the street. everybody watching this video was waiting for that shoe to drop. ha, ha, honey, it's a prank. but it wasn't. so people were like, that's incredible. i cannot believe it. until a few days later. >> what? >> i feel really bad. so about that mclaren, i have
3:57 pm
something to tell you. >> she drops the news on him that she actually didn't buy the car. i rented it for a few days. >> she had rented the car for four or five days. he was driving around, getting groceries with it, making videos about it. >> i'm like so scared right now. >> you are laughing. jerry is not. >> no, you lie. like i'm just -- all the lies you told me. >> so when i prank you, you're mad, but -- >> you went too far. >> going to play the lady mind games. i'm just doing it to motivate you. >> no, it's payback. >> at least you got to drive around it in a few days. think of it that way. hope you guys enjoyed yourself. if you're looking for more headto our website,
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>> hi, everyone. i'm lizzie bermudez. welcome to "bay area life," the place where lifestyle, interests, food, and entertainment all come together. there's so much to explore. on today's show, we visit a full-service butcher, bringing new meaning to "farm to table." >> the idea is you can come here, shop for your meat, go home, and cook up an awesome meal, or forget about it, and we'll take care of you at the restaurant. >> then, a french pastry chef gives us a lesson on preparing authentic macarons. >> it has that crispy and then the chewy... >> mmm! >> ...and the creamy. >> are you kidding me?! and aubrey visits her two old friends who started a business honoring their culture and cuisine. >> we're adding our own personal twist in being able to share not only a part of our culture, part of our family, and a part of some of the things that we love. >> plus, we head downtown for some home cooking. >> now, these chicken legs we have roasted in our charcoal oven. so, you probably don't have a


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