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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 10, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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but then this letter, you are not able to effectively lead the bureau. the sudden news immediately setting off alarms for democrats. >> every american will rightly suspect that the decision to fire that director comey was part of a cover-up. >> the president's team countering the claims, and kellyanne conway telling anderson cooper, there's no cover-up. >> others call for a special prosecutor to take over the russian investigation. >> i have always believed that we should have a select committee or commission because it's a very large issue and has gotten larger and will get more large as time goes by. >> bay area leaders are weighing in on the firing. congresswoman pelosi is calling
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it a cover-up. >> again, you need a law enforcement that is independent and not affected by politics, and this is sending a message don't dig too deep otherwise you may lose your job. >> he tells abc7 news he wants the next fbi director to be independent of the president and his campaign. and we sent a push alert moments after the news broke. there you have a look at it. trump will have his highest level face-to-face contact with russia since taking office. this is the president's only scheduled meeting today and it will be close to the media. he will meet with rex tillerson today. they are expected to discuss ukraine and issues between russia. claiming victory this morning. morning. >> an emergency
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>> matt will explain how it will affect thousands of families. >> reporter: the problem with the ordinance according to renters is it doesn't go into affect until june, and so one of the issues with that is that landlords are kicking out and doing no cause evictions for the tenants, and there was an emergency ordinance after there was a surge of evictions before june. they have to have a just cause, and apartment owners think it will make it problem to get rid of tenants, especially those who know how to work the system. and 87,000 apartments fall under
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this new ordinance. recording live, matt keller, abc7 news. a two alarm fire broke out around 8:00 last night at the around 8:00 last night at the apartments near sierra wa investigators are trying to figure out what caused that fire. 20-year-old jacob green left for work in a lyft on monday and has not been seen since. he is active on campus and does the radio broadcasts, and greene family is flying up to help with the search. and then ac transit will decide whether or not to take
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kids to school. ac transit must make a decision so parents can plan for the next school year. and considering an emergency closure of lum elementary. abc7 news was at alameda city hall last night where many families voiced their opposition to the school board and they say the evidence is not strong enough to close the school and one parent that is an engineer san diego for a more thorough inspecti inspection. ed lee vowed to close staffing gaps that delayed the answers of 911 calls. national standards require 90% of 911 calls to be answered in ten seconds within somebody dialing for help and they are
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meeting that goal 75% of the time. the mayor is asking to speed up the hiring of could have delays at sfo. right now all is kind of quiet right there. if you are exercising today, especially out on the water, maybe not so much for other things like kayaking. watch out for strong sunshine if you are running errands here's a look from the roof camera. and that's going to really stir up the tree pollen and grass pollen, and it's going to be a burn factor, ten or 15 minutes. and then 52 to 53 until you get to the financial district, it's 54 there. and pittsburgh, 57. tracy, 58. some of the warm spots. let's look at what is going on
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as far as temperatures. up to 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. 60s and 70s tomorrow. and also into friday, but the tomorrow, still tracking rain by this time tomorrow. and some showers still possible by 9:00 up in sonoma county and that will continue through noon and then you can see that chance of showers dwindles as we head to 7:00. possibly a little wetness for tomorrow's morning commute. i want to head down to the santa cruz mountains if you are heading southbound or north b , northbound. they closed the southbound lanes overnight and 30 minutes ago i was seeing yellow and red in the areas since the roadway was reduced but looking fine now. we will see if they are wrapping this up, and they should be done in 25 minutes but perhaps they
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finished up earlier this morning. i don't have any blocking issues to talk about. a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza. and starting to fill in in the central valley. we will take a look at that coming up next. coming up next. a lot more water will start pouring down the dam. a story taking a spooky twist. twist. and then an
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two boaters are safe this morning thanks to the coast guard. they are in the boat that capsized near the berkeley marina yesterday afternoon. you can see a sliver of the overturned boat. the coast guard treated boaters from the water and were treated for hypothermia but are otherwise okay. and then stautirting at a.m., more water will be gushing out of the spillway in orville. just this week many of the same residents and city leaders told the governor in a letter they
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feel that dam is not being run safely. janet napolitano faces a call to resign facing the discovery of a secret fund. her office stashed the money at the same time it was voted on to raise tuition. sharon sylva believes janet napolitano is not worthy of the public's trust and should step down. and then a casket is discovered and inside a well-preserved little girl. and now the mystery is solved and a new twist may send chills down your spine. >> welcome to the cemetery along rossy avenue and san francisco. you might be wondering where are
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the graves? >> so she was right here. >> that's a spot where workmen found an expensive coffin last year, and inside the well-preserved body from a little girl. >> what do you do that is right for this child? >> as news of the discovery spread she was known by a name that provides dignified barrels for abandon edith howard cook. >> we fell in love with her and wanted her to have her name back, she deserves that. >> when will we discovered her, you know, i could think to myself, my gosh, that could have been my little girl. >> there's a twist to the story a. strange one. the corners never mentioned it
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until we left, and then they told us about the sound of footsteps. >> the footsteps have no logical explanation, and all of it was gone on for years until the discovery of the coffin. >> you have heard the footsteps since she left? >> we have not. >> in life, in death and in eternity, she will always be two years, ten months and 15 days old. >> if you are trying to get back to sleep, you will not do it now. and there was a dna match with a living relative, a man living in marin county. >> what a story. a man who helped define fight for lgbt rights will always be part of the er afpl, he died in march at his home in new york at 65 years old.
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jeff sheehey spread this photo yesterday. he calls baker a hero. happening today, pg&e crews clearing away storm debris that could fuel wildfires this summer. abc7 news was in orinda, and it may be green after our wet winter, and that's a good thing but it left us with high grasp -- grass that created conditions firefighters hate. >> in fact, there have already been 400 small wildfires in california this year. fire crews now say fire season is all year round. >> how is the fire season shaping up this year, mike? >> right now, yeah, there's going to be much more fuel out there than the last couple of years because of the drought,
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and hopefully most of the weak trees and all that stuff that died during the drought has been taken care of, so the two variables are going to be looked at. it's partly cloudy right now, and partly cloudy, breezy, much cooler today. we are going retro. going back to late fall or winter. a chance of morning drizzle tomorrow and then light rains possible in the north bay and cool breezes tomorrow all the way through mother's day. look at the huge area of low pressure. that is tapping some cold air from alaska and it's bringing it to us, today. so that's the game changer in our forecast. let's see what it does to your neighborhood. we'll start in the south bay. remember those 80s yesterday. 65 to 68. 68 in san jose. 61 in millbrae to 67 in palo alto. mid to upper 50s and less sunshine along the coast. only 60 today in downtown san
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francisco after hitting 75 yesterday. so 62 to about 68 through the north bay valleys. we will have mid-50s at your beaches and 62 to 66 along the east bay shore with oakland at 63. one last stop, we may get to 70 in pleasanton, and antioch. and we were 90 yesterday in concord. 69 today. talk about a change. let's talk about the accuweather 7-day forecast. could this last all seven days? yep, you bet khau. off to a quiet start on the roads today. a live look on the golden gate bridge. you don't have any delays if you are coming from the marin county. that's the theme all the way around. no blocking issues right now, so we will enjoy that while it last. westbound tracy to dublin, you
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are filling in at 40 minutes. dublin to mission boulevard, in the green at 15, and highway 101 to cupertino, 16 minutes. we will see how mass transit coming up just before 5:00. and proposing legislation to fund educational programs about japanese americans. it would set aside $3 million for the program and comes 75 years after president roosevelt issued the order sending thousands to camps. the timing of the bill is important because of president trump's proposed travel ban which critics say targets muslims. the labor department says there are 5.7 million job openings nationwide, and close to the record number of nearly 6 million set year. on the down side, some employers say it's a struggle to find
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skilled workers. an organization that helps families of sick children marks a milestone today. family house hosted a party to celebrate the first anniversary of its families yesterday. all the families live at least 50 miles away from the hospital. >> they try to create as home-like an environment as possible. about 60% of the children who stay with us are being treated as out patients. >> family house operated for 35 years in the inner sunset and runs solely on private donations, and that includes cooking and cleaning and doing arts and crafts with the kids. >> if you love coffee, make a note of this friday. the popular coffee chain offering a free cup of joe. certain painkillers can put you more at risk for a heart
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attack and now a new health warning to be concerned about, but first this morning's tech bytes. >> amazon alexa now has eyes and a face. >> amazon unveiling the echo show. the first smart speaker with a build-in camera and touch screen. >> it will allow face calls with amazon apps that are compatible. >> word is the phone's processor and other electron kwrebgz will be ready on schedule. >> the iphone 8 is set to be unveiled in september. a new twitter record. >> asking wendy's how many he >> asking wendy's how many he retreats for a year >> and then a year of free nugget >> and then a year of free
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welcome back. south koreans have a new president. he was sworn in just a short time ago. we just got this video of the inauguration ceremony in seoul. he won the election in a decisive victory yesterday. the u.s. is now watching to see how moon handles north korea. he said he will be willing to visit the north to talk about his nuclear program and will
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talk with the u.s. and china over a defense system which china fears it will be used for spying. we will see how it all shakes out. if you use painkillers you might want to listen to the next study. common painkillers including ibuprofen are already known to increase the chance of a heart attack, compared with somebody not on the drugs and that was seen as early as one week when you start taking it. researchers say this doesn't mean you should avoid taking painkillers altogether, but if you are at risk of a heart attack you should avoid long-term use and high doses. here's a word we love to hear. free. and on friday one coffee store will pour you a cup of joe for nothing at all. pete's is promoting, and you will be able to get a drink of any size for free. pete says its quote, starting
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summer early with the biggest kickoff ever. san francisco wants you to celebrate local manufacturers and their products this week. abc news was at city hall for the first time ever and 40 venders showcasing items all made here in san francisco. >> it's a key part of the economy in san francisco and supports over 5,000 jobs, and we want to continue that and support it and grow it. >> there are several events for sf made week, including classes and other pop-ups. this mother's day will be extra special at the oakland zoo. >> three new river otter pups are on exhibit. >> and little pups are pestering their mom, rose. >> she gave birth to two girls and a boy in february and rose is doing a good job taking care of her pups. >> she's running away from them. >> well, you know, she needs a break. >> they are still
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we're also told they like to eat solid foods like fish, and their dad was brought in three years ago -- >> where is wyatt sharing in the co-parenting? >> right now, planning mother's day and really stressed out. >> got it. >> and how to take care of those three rascals. here's one sign things are changes. look at this. did i mention it was going to cool significantly today? 14 to 20 degrees from 70s 80s from the 60s. let's see if we can take the series from the a's. breezy and even with partly cloudy conditions, take the sun screen. yeah, day game there for the a's today, so expect some extra traffic midday around the coliseum.
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right now we are looking nice and light pretty much everywhere. 101 and 880 in san francisco. no issues there. mass transit looking great so far this morning as well. i want to look ahead this weekend for b.a.r.t., weekend track work again on saturday and sunday between fruitville and lake phaeur sreut. and i am watching closely to see what happens with the rockets and spurs series, and there's a chance the warriors will play at home on sunday and they will have to postpone this if that's the case. united airlines adding 18 flights out of san francisco. they are trying to compete with alaska airlines, which recently expanded its schedule with routes after consumers can only hope the increased number of seats and flights will lead to decreased
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fares. james comey is out as fbi director and the candidates that might replace him. and there's another violent incident on a plane and now we are hearing from a bay area man that stepped in to stop this. a man at a b.a.r.t. station says he was punched in the face, and why police are investigating this as a hate crime. >> her sister's name is marin. >> because her parents lived here. >> true story. >> loved halloween. >> michigan football. she's from a really small town. >> no rush hour there. >> alexa tackles bay area traffic like a boss. >> her tweets save you time. >> it's
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at the mountain source. several car fires popping up in the east bay overnight. investigators say they are suspicious. >> these are not the only ones we have seen in the bay area. what is this and why is b.a.r.t. rolling it out? we are getting to the bottom of the dirty issue. >> we are saying good-bye to the warmth. nobody said anything. and welcoming another coolin trend. hopefully nobody will be upset with that. >> i will welcome that in. >> a big shapeup in the fbi, james comey is out, and the president is tweeting about it this morning. i will have that in just a few minutes. mike, not


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