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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  May 13, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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it's an all new show with great viral videos, right this minute. a restaurant boss orders another worker. >> to then slap and hit this employee. >> the video that busted the bad guys and what cops learned that makes this even worse. >> oh, my. >> woo! a family is about to grow. from three to ten. the story behind the long journey to make it official. when a drone chases a remote control plane. >> i put my feet up with a cup and tea and watched the whole thing. >> enjoy one mesmerizing ride in the sky. plus, the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini. and can she do it? >> two weeks of not washing my
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hair. >> see if lucy is up to the challenge. >> roll out the dirt and dust like my cat does, that works pretty well. >> for a cat. there is a pretty special place in the fiery furnace below for this fellow. here we are in the back of a restaurant. the big fellow is the restaurant owner. you see he's waving his hand giving orders. that's his nephew. and as he's holding on to the employee he's instructing his nephew to slap and hit this employee on the back of the head and face. he moves over to the next employee. >> he removed the glasses first. well, i don't want to break your glasses because that would be rude. now slap him in the face. >> this is so hard to watch. >> people online are saying that thing because it was posted and it went viral. they're not done, now they go on to slap the next person. >> he's ordering someone else to
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deal out the punishment for him. >> his nephew is kicking hitting slapping and goes down the line. >> he's doing all of this stuff in front of his own camerasi. what a jerk. if anyone in that kitchen turned on him it will be a different story. >> once it went viral, one of the women in the video got the courage to report it to the police. these are employees with special needs. >> oh, my gosh. >> are you kidding me? >> apparently they messed something up,b he got upset, he set these fellows after him. >> what happened? >> police are now investigating this and reports are that the owner and his nephew have been arrested. >> goo
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like these at 6:00 in the morning. listen to the way the kids react. they're celebrating. >> christmas is a month away. >> you get a clue as to why they're so excited when they go into the second bedroom to wake up the kids in similar style. >> woo! >> morning time, time to get adopted. how many kids are they adopting? there's quite a few. >> a dorm. >> yeah. they are adopting seven kids. it's a sibling group that they've been in the process of adopting for two years. finally on may 9th, this morning you see in the video, they were able to head to the courthouse and become an official family. >> i mean, they're keeping a family together and creating a new one. >> and that's exactly what
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jessica and josh clark wanted to do. they didn't want these kids to be separated. the kids range in ages from three to 14 years old. their family's going to go from three, because they already have an existing biological son, to ten. >> how was their biological son? >> three years old. >> seven older siblings. >> immediately. >> and in this next video we see them heading toward the courthouse and we learned that the group actually has a pretty cool name. >> everybody say hi. >> hi! >> what are we doing? >> we're getting adopted. >> who is getting adopted? >> woo hoo! they're going to be the super ten. we do have another shot from inside the courthouse. the judge asks them are you sure, do you realize you're adopting seven kids. >> wait, what? >> yeah, he asked if they're of the financial and mental state to be able to handle this, dad says yes and judge is surprised.
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at the very end once it's made official the judge says it's time for your pictures. now, you can imagine that they're going to need a lot of help to be able to take care of all of these kids. so they did set up a go fund me page. right now they live in a pretty small home. so they are hoping they can expand into a larger space. not just for their existing families but, listen to this, those seven siblings they're going to include in their family so they stay together. one of my favorite channels on youtube, it's a channel put together by remote control enthusiasts and for this video they're at flight fest to do cool stuff like this. alex has himself a drone and he met tim who has this acrobatic romote controlled plane. they decided to team up and
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catch something awesome. this is the kind of video i'm putting my feet up with a cup tea and watch this. >> i used to dabble with rc stuff when i was a kid and all of this is so fun. wow. >> yeah. that's exactly the word you're going to be using over and over again. they're following the acrobatic plane trying to catch it and it's basically dog fighting. there's a close call or two. right here, he's following right next to it. he's pulling this barrel roll. >> who >> oh, no, he starts putting serious moves here. goes up into the air. comes down, and does a flat spin. and every opportunity that alex can to get closer with a drone, you see this, whoa! straight past the outside. >> this is a cool intersection of technology, talent, skill, hobby and fun and creativity. >> you don't even have to be into rc hobbies to enjoy this.
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>> suddenly it becomes a helicopter. enter a hover. >> that's really cool. >> good timeout there, especially with a drone. eventually that battery starts getting low. >> kill the battery? >> guys at home i recommend you watch the entire video. let's throw it up on our website or go to mobile app, enjoy. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you'll need friday's buzz word and be 21 years old and a resident of u.s. or canada. stand by everyone. this is a rescue where you call nick calveron and say you have to see this. you have a thing for little foxes, see that? >> oh, the babies. >> hear that? they're very near the water and the tide is rising. that one fox runs over into the water then the other one comes.
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>> how you going to catch them with a laundry basket they're terrified and might bite. >> the rescuers have their gloves on and they're going to do the rest they can. >> they're so cute. >> as you can see he's able to grab one pretty quickly, gets it up there. but there's one more to grab. >> easiest way to catch a young fox is pay for their drinks. >> okay. but this one doesn't wasn't any drinks, just wants to be left alone. you can't leave him alone. they need to be rescued because the tide is rising. see that on the back of his shirt? it's the affordable lawn company in waterford, connecticut. they happen to be lawn guys who helphead out. over to east essex, england, something fell down this embankment. you're about to see it. poor little badger stuck between that wall and the building.
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>> poor. >> so rescuers had to show up. this happened to be global community day. so some of the people who were there for the rescue are just volunteers for the day. the guy who is going in between the wall, he's a professional. so he goes in, makes his way down. but didn't have to chase it down because it was stuck between a rock and a hard place. starts doing the don't fence me in dance. it wasn't hurt and was released very close by so it can go run around and be a badger another day. this jenga game is on fire. >> so is the whips they're using to knock the pieces out of place. >> finds out who wins this exciting game. and the words no parent wants to hear. >> i do have a boyfriend. >> but it doesn't end there. hear what else she has to get off her chest. >> oh, my goodness. night
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closed captioning provided by -- icy hot lidocaine. desensitizes aggravated nerves with the max strength lidocaine available. icy hot lidocaine. game night a popular thing to do among couples, jenga one of the most popular games. but april and joe play their game a little more differently than most of us. >> um, yeah, because theirs is on fire. >> so is the whips they're using to knock the pieces out of place. april is a performer for more than 20 years in all kinds of different dance and fire eating
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stuff. she's an expert, as is joe. he actually ran a fire performance group. these two know exactly what they're doing. they're knocking the pieces out and going over with a gloved hand picking up the burning piece and sticking it up on top. >> you'd be get about this because you're always talking about your whip. >> i'm talking about my car. >> they take turns, april is ahead at first, joe pulls it into a tie. in the end, april wins. >> who knew jenga could be so dangerous. >> pretty much. >> don't nobody get any ideas and do this at home. silence for josie. >> everybody, i have an announcement to make. >> oh, and it's a doozie. >> i do have a boyfriend. >> oh, no you don't. >> i saw you kissing eli at the musical. >> the plot thickens. >> you were smoothing with eli.
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>> no! no! no! no way! no, i broke up with him. >> oh, all right. that's great. >> what? >> i have nevin for a boyfriend at school. i met eli in college. >> oh, okay so she went for her m.r.s. >> he said i'm going to marry him. >> you're not getting married. you got a boyfriend, too? oh, my goodness. >> apparently she's got a boyfriend mattox and dropped this bomb shell. >> he kissed me one time. >> it got worse. >> he kissed me one time. >> it gets worse. >> on the cheek, right? >> no, on the lips. >> oh, my goodness! >> there's an amazing reaction from josie to this news. >> oh, my! >> yeah, well you know it gets even worse. >> that usually happens to me a lot.
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>> that was close. >> he's got this. it's all right. there are other people in the water but no worries, you're paying attention. >> he didn't really keep an eye out for the edge of the water. >> oh, dude. >> yeah. >> where were you looking, man? >> yeah, he goes bouncing like a ball. >> let's hope it wasn't as firm as it looks. >> it looks like he's getting back on his feet almost immediately. >> this next one you've got babe over there next to this puddle. she's wearing her little wellies there. >> this is the genesis of so many fail videos. >> laughs before. he knows it was going to go wrong. he had his camera out. >> you made it, babe. >> the good thing is she's got a good sense of humor, she's
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cracking up about this, too. astrophysicist, he's cool, he's smart, he's sitting down for an interview. first we see hot wings. >> how are you with hot food? >> i can hang. >> he has to eat progressively hotter wings. >> here's the first one, basic sriracha sauce. >> i'm going to eat the whole first one. >> he's fine. he gets to 5,700. >> not too bad. >> still fine. >> can't wait to mega death. >> you can wait. >> these days i'm sure you spend more time than you'd like debunking conspiracy theories what i'm hoping you can do is you can give me an idiot's guide for how to deal with these various issues. >> i'm an educator, my task is not to debunk the crazy ideas of adults. but establish an educational system that is incapable of producing an adult that thinks
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that way in the first place. >> let's skip up a couple. he's up to 135,600. it's called the bomb. >> how can you be hotter than zombie apocalypse. >> he's buying time. >> i took two bites. >> oh, my gosh. i just fell in love with him even more. >> that's pretty hot. >> they're now at 550,000 scoville levels. mega death sauce. >> it's tradition to dab the last wing with a little extra. you don't have to if you don't want to. but i would say this, you're holding up pretty well. just a little something for the people. >> i'm going to be disappointed if he didn't crack. he's so cool i'm curious to see when he's not cool. >> he looks like he's been eating ice cream. are you even human? >> let's see if this one does him in.
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>> oh. oh. >> finally. >> it takes him a few seconds to get his words together, but then back to being mr. cool. >> now i have the liquid. it's going up into my olfactory cavity. and now i don't have the sniffles at all. >> to watch the whole video go to and click on tv show or go to uour app. to enter you'll need a buzz word, be 21 and be a resident of the u.s. or canada. >> head over to >> you canneenter every day. >> friday's buzz word is sword. >> click on the with ipad button and enter friday's buzz word, sword. >> good luck, everybody. skipping a day or two between washing your hair is
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pretty stand. >> this is two weeks of not ♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside,
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yourself a peanut butter cookie. >> i want to try all of these. >> do it and bring them in the morning. we're no strange toors to skipping a day or two between washing your hair. >> this is two weeks of not washing my hair. >> lucy from refinery 29 is going to not wash her two weeks straight. n you rinse with just water or do you just keep it totally dry? >> in her case, she's not going to touch her hair with water.
12:28 pm
for some of us not washing your hair means no shampoo or conditioner but rinsing is okay. she's ain't doing any of it. >> this is the last time washing my hair for two weeks. my last condition. >> she wants to know and test some of these theories we've heard so much on the internet. some people argue that if you don't wash your hair, it nourishes itself and you'll have the best hair you've ever had. some people say just rinse. so many theories. >> day two, feeling great. feeling normal at this point. >> day two generally is pretty tolerable. >> day five. >> pretty brutal. >> her brother starts looking real close in there, trying to find some stuff. he finds dandruff. she's got buildup. >> there's definitely something in there. >> what is it? >> her skin is shedding. >> that's another reason some people do have to wash their hair more frequently. everybody's skin type is so different. >> roll out the dirt and dust
12:29 pm
like my cat does. that seems to work. >> not only is she not washing her hair, she's sweating because she's going to the gym. >> she's not going to rinse it? >> no. >> even after the gym. come on. >> i sectioned it off. >> right about here she does actually get some dry shampoo. every time she touches her hair flakes fall -- >> i wonder if that would go away. >> what did humans do before invent? she sees a tricologist. this is a professional who specializes in actual hair. >> what i'm seeing is a lot of flaking and buildup on the hair. and that's part of what you're feeling in terms of the itching. >> we go back to you got to do what's actually good for you and your own body. the end of two weeks, she finally gets to wash her hair. >> it feels so gross. >> she is enjoying it very much.
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thanks for watching, we'll see you next t ♪ for more than a century, the indianapolis moto speedway has pushed the limits of man and machine. those limits are defined by who is willing to risk everything. >> what the [ bleep ] am i supposed to do? >> those that take it to the edge without crossing it. >> couple more. hang on. >> this isn't merely road racing. this is a redrawing of the lines. every corner, begging. >> get it together. >> daring every racer to find a new edge. >> what are we doing for front grip? >> to the personal limits. >> be aggressive and go. >> watch out. >> to redr


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