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tv   ABC7 News at 430PM  ABC  May 21, 2017 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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i just can't really fathom this happening. >> a father in disbelief after his son, a football player for san jose state, is recovering from a knife attack. hello. i am eric thomas. >> i am kate larson. the student in critical condition. chad miller's family is seeking answers and demanding justice as he recovers from surgery. hi, lillian.
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she is live and spoke with the family. >> reporter: chad miller is in the icu. his family and friends are at his side. they have been here off and on since miller was transported here after a fight that got out of hand. >> right now we're just concerned about him being alive. >> reporter: brad miller says his son is in stable but critical condition. the junior plays safety for the san jose state football team. he was enjoying a night out with friends in downtown san jose when he encountered trouble. >> a fight erupted, and he ended up getting stabbed. he wasn't initially involved in the fight, but somehow he got stabbed. >> it happened on poe street. san jose police took security video from nearby businesses but so far they have not announced any arrests. miller has been in the news before. in 2015 a teammate struck him in the head with a skateboard. his friends who showed up at the hospital today say miller is a chill guy who is not out looking for trouble.
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>> he minds his own business. he really cares about, like, all his friends too. i know he would, like -- if any of this would happen to one of us he would be here too just like we are for him. >> reporter: anyone with information is urged to contact police. in the meantime they're hoping he makes a full recovery. lillian kim, abc 7 news. >> young soccer players came together today to help the family of a former teammate who died following an accident in the water off santa cruz. >> players cheered the family of alhahned roe lopez. he played in the earthquake's academy program for up and coming soccer players. one of his former teammates played in a benefit match for his friend's family. >> honored to be able to represent -- just to play for him. i used to play with him all the time. i just loved the kid.
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i would do anything for him. >> the earthquakes collected donations from fans at today's double-header with the money going to the lopez family. president trump took center stage today at the arab islamic american summit. his message to muslim leaders there, do more to root out extremists in your countries. >> reporter: president trump surrounded by leaders of nearly every muslim country, an incredible photo-op, unthinkable just months ago. the president issuing a direct call. muslim nations must take the lead in fighting terrorism. >> america is prepared to stand with you. in pursuit of shared interests and common security. but the nations of the middle east cannot wait for american power to crush this enemy for them. >> reporter: left behind on this first overseas trip, the fiery rhetoric from the campaign trail. >> i think islam hates us. >> reporter: instead, the president focusing on building
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relationships and coalitions, getting muslim nations to work together. >> a better future is only possible if your nations drive out the terrorists and drive out the extremists. >> reporter: the speech was the centerpiece of the president's two-day visit to saudi arabia. this morning a whirlwind schedule of meetings. while the president has received a very warm welcome here, critics say that's because he has avoided any tough talk on human rights and is not pushing for democratic reforms as president obama did. >> we are not here to tell other people how to live. instead, we are here to offer partnership. >> reporter: the first overseas speech for president trump very well received in that ornate auditorium. the king of saudi arabia even echoing the president's call for muslim countries to step it up in the fight against terrorism. president trump making it very clear, the choice is simple. be on the good team or the bad team. karen travers.
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abc news. traveling with the president in saudi arabia. >> one of the key figures from watergate joined a congresswoman to talk about keeping an eye on the white house. democratic barbara lee hosted a town hall. former white house counsel john dean joined lee on stage. dean served prison time for his role in the watergate coverup. dean, like lee, has been a critic of conservative politicians. abs 7 news was in san jose when the church. >> the major concern if another terror attack would happen is that there will be majorities of americans who might support what this administration is trying to do. we have to resist that. >> the first congregational church also spoke up against the interment of japanese americans
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during world war ii. search crew ares in the water in pittsburgh looking for a missing boater who disappeared yesterday evening to save his son after he fell from the boat. the child was rescued but searchers had to suspend efforts looking for the father last night when it got too b.a.r.t. returned to norm today. the train went off the rails yesterday afternoon. nobody was hurt but rescuers are to walk stranded passengers to the platform at the daly city station. crews worked late into the night to remove from damaged cars and repaired damage to the trackway. the 106th running of the bay to breakers is history. the whacky, one-of-a-kind race in san francisco challenged up a types of runners from amateur to elite. honestly, many were just there for the people-watching. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard was there.
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>> reporter: sky 7 overhead as 40,000 plus runners on the move for bay to breakers. elite runners in the lead. some naughty salmon in the race broke the rules and chose to swim upstream. at ocean beach the finish line clock malfunctioned but got repaired just in time as the 23-year-old from kenya won the race with a time of 34:48. >> i am happy to be the winner of today. >> reporter: for others, it's less about the race and more about the experience, and the costumes. it was a good day to be a dinosaur, or a duck. >> how hard is it to run in something like this? >> swimming is easier. it's my stronger sport. >> reporter: pink flamingos. >> pink outfit. feathers, beak. >> reporter: this year's race remembering the summer of love. >> '67. the summer of love. that's my birthday. >> reporter: it ends at ocean beach, but for many the party
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gets started here in the panhandle. this is where the race turns into the street party. police in force trying to keep four-wheeled floats off the course and enforce a no-alcohol policy. many wound up in this station called the sobriety tent. >> it's calmer this year. we don't have to deal with the urination problem, you know, not -- not too many people drunk. >> reporter: paramedics responded to medical calls for some racers. dehydrated in the hot sun. in san francisco, cornell bernard, >> the female winner had a time of 39:48. >> looked like an exciting morning, eric. >> i think it was indeed. we'll check the weather. we'll talk to drew about when things will cool down. i love the weather in the city but it's a little hot in the east. >> a live look outside from the east bay camera hills.
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fog rolling through the golden gate strait. we'll talk about it the full forecast. we'll learn about a tactic by rescue crews that may have helped this lost hump-back whale find its way. ♪ ♪ >> vta has no love for u 2 following the band's concert at levi stadium. why t
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lill . san francisco is about to launch an effort to explore creating safe injection sites for intravenous drug users. the board of supervisors president tomorrow will announce the formation of a task force to
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announce safe injection sites where people can inject drugs in a medically supervised setting. the task force will address solutions on public drug use and the associated public health threats. thousands packed levi stadium for the u2 concert. city leaders are angry that the show went on too ♪ >> wednesday's show ran past the 10:00 p.m. curfew and they're considering fining managers $10,000. the chronicle reports vta pay to get the late peace jerse home. road work will cause delays in golden gate park. repaving is starting tomorrow along a stretch of crossover drive around the 25th avenue
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intersection. it's a heavily travelled corridor. traffic will be reduced to one lane and construction will last two to three weeks. the road will be open on weekends. coming up, a little girl's frightening encounter with a sea lion is captured on video. >> take a look. it's video making people gasp. the story behind the serious scare for a group of tourists. we have a huge community of pilots who love to do drone sports. >> that's right. he said drone sports. check out sport's next big buzz that had people flying high today in san mateo. i'm drew tuma. a warm to hot finish to the weekend. but major changes are
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we feel happier. small changes you make today can make a big difference in how you feel.... and may help prevent obesity, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes. start now to turn today into a better day. we're still going, and we feel better! a wayward humpback whale in southern california has finally found its way today. the 35-foot long mammal got suck in the ventura harbor yesterday
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afternoon the whale hit the dock several times, nearly crashed into a boat propeller. rescuers say the whale figured out how to get out of the harbor overnight. they provided guidance by playing a loop of humpback whale feeding sounds near the exit point of the harbor. it appeared to be a healthy juvenile. a close encounter with wildlife went from peaceful to terrifying in a matter of seconds. you see a little girl getting close to a sea lion when suddenly the marine mammal lunges toward her. the sea lion grabbed the girl, pulling her into the water. a man jumped into the water and rescued the girl. other people actually pulled both of them back onto the dock, fortunately she wasn't hurt. now, there is some earlier video that shows visitors feeding the sea lion. officials say this is a good reminder to never feed wildlife.
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we're glad she is okay. anybody who thinks drones are just a toy hasn't met these guys. abc 7 news was at the fair for drone operators 2017. they raced the drones through obstacles. t >> i am glad to see the standard for registration is not in place. i am concern can what white transpired. >> organizers say it's the largest and longest running drone sports event on the planet. >> an accuweather this weekend, certainly feeling like summer out there temperature-wise. and tomorrow it will feel hot once again. live doppler 7 showing you, scanning the skies, trying to find any issues with precipitation. we're a-okay. a live look from the tower
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camera showing that changes are coming. the fog, the marine layer is back. you can see the tops of the golden gate bridge right now. the machirine layer is shallow the week ahead shows it deepening and bringing widespread cooling in the coming days. a huge spread in temperatures. location is key today. almost a 40-degree spread from our coast to our inland locales. brentwood is baking right now at 96 degrees. 95 in san ramon. the ocean influence, a cool 60 half moon bay. 64, san francisco. san jose warm at 88. >> we're in store for a mild evening ahead. 8:00 tonight, cool along the coast in the 50s. but away from the coastline we are sitting pretty in the 60s and the 70s. the call overnight tonight, away from the coast, plenty of stars, another mild night away from the ocean water, most spots holding in the 50s. only exception, the immediate coastline. it will get cool in the 40s as
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the figure returns to some locations. future weather. where the fog goes overnight tonight. early tomorrow morning, 6:00 in the morning it's san francisco and the immediate shoreline of the bay. it's a shallow marine layer. meaning, by 9:00 it's evaporating and pulling back to the coast. san francisco will see sunshine pretty quickly tomorrow morning after the fog burns off. tomorrow it's another warm-to-hot day across the region as the marine layer stays away from most of the bay area. highs on monday. here we go. south bay, 90 san jose, about 88 in cupertino. 87 in sunnyvale, 89 santa clara. 81 redwood city. fog in pacifico. south san francisco, 60 for daly city. north bay warm to hot. 86, sonoma. sausalito on the water at 69 degrees. 80 in oakland. 89, fremont. 88 castro valley. 79 in hercules. inland hot, 94 antioch.
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95 san ramon and 93 in brentwood. we will have issues with poor air quality inland tomorrow and in the south bay. a spare the air day issued for monday. if you can, take public transportation, cut down on the pollutants the next 24 hours. accuweather 7-day forecast. it's hot on your monday and cooler changes begin tuesday. first on the coast and widespread cooling mid-week. by thursday we'll see a 20-degree temperature drop inland. the numbers will stay cool at least through next weekend. >> good news for some. >> for some. if you like the heat, tomorrow is your day. >> i feel that. >> i feel the ac kicking right now. watch the warriors complete the sweep. >> they had the brooms out. whether they use them is another matter. coming up in sports. giants and a's going for sweeps this afternoon. meanwhile. the warriors will try to complete a sweep tomorrow night
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with a win tomorrow night in san antonio, the warriors can advance to the nba finals for the third straight year. the spurs trail three games to none and will likely not have kawhi leonard or david lee available for game four. mike shumann has more. >> warriors feeling good at practice today after a win in game three. they know closing out a gregg popovich team here at home in game four will be difficult. >> we weren't happy with everything that we did on the floor last night.
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but we did do some good things. hopefully we can do even better things tomorrow night. >> finds the rim. corner three. kevin druurant lighting it up. >> a career high 19 points in the third quarter and 33 for the game. there were issues like 21 turnovers. >> we can play better. hope to do that tomorrow. it wasn't a pretty game by any stretch of the imagination. kd did what he did in the third which was huge. >> closing out a team on their home court is not an easy task. >> the spurs play 48 minutes, play it tough. play hard. execute their system. and crowder is one of the best in the league. they are going to bring the energy. the team will bring the energy. they have a lot of pride. they're pros, man. we can't come out here and feel like, you know, we have won already before the game started. we have to take it. >> reporter: game four tomorrow,
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monday, 6:00 p.m. tipoff. mike shumann. >> the giants going for a sweep of the cardinals. the cardinals jumped on matt cain for four runs in the second. three on the bases-loaded double. san francisco got on the board in the third as last night's hero christian arroyo rips a double off adam wriainwright to score panik from the fifth. and a two-run homer. and giants lose tomorrow the team is in chicago. at the coliseum the a's going for a four-game sweep of the red sox. chad pinder in the fourth strikes again after the monster blast yesterday. he delivers a two-run shot to give oakland a 3-2 lead. boston ties the game and goes ahead in the fifth on the
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hit-and-run. dustin pedroia gets it through the infield. mookie betts doesn't slow down and scores from first to put the red sox on top. in the sixth. mitch moreland takes triggs deep to right for a no-doubt two-run shot. the red sox take the finale of the series with a 12-3 victory. a week from today is the indy 500 which you can see here on abc 7. scott dixon captured the pole averaging 232 miles an hour, the fastest four-lap qualifying average in 21 years. one nhl playoff game, defending champ pittsburgh crush crushed ottawa 7-0. they need food. water. internet we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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some of the biggest names in music are under one roof tonight. >> in minutes the music awards kicks off live from las vegas. you can see it all here on abc 7. some of the artists will walk into the awards already winners. billboard announced early winners this morning. drake earned ten awards including top rap artist and top rap album. >> beyonce picked up the award for the album lemonade. >> that's it for abc 7 news at 4:30. thanks for inviting all of us into your homes tonight. the billboard music awards is
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next. flb ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: live from t-mobile arena in las vegas, it's the 2017 billboard music awards. please welcome your hosts, ludacris and vanessa hudgens. [ cheers and applause ] >> all right. yeah. let's get this show started with one of the biggest stars in the world. >> she's earned four billboard music awards. and her first two albums skyrocketed to number one. >> and this year, she broke aretha franklin's all-time record for most hits by a female artist in billboard hot 100 history. >> yes, yes. joined by jason derulo, david guetta and lil wayne. >> both: here is nicki minaj. ♪ ♪ this one is for the boys with the booming system top down ♪ ac with the cooling sy


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