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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  May 23, 2017 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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it's may 23rd. time for new viral videos "right this minut" motorcyclist drives his way to an -- >> absolutely incredible video. >> one hard hit leads to one weird bounce. >> stop! stop! stop! it's an internet hit that's making people happy. >> push the button, the bubbles blow. >> now look who we spotted by the back yard bubble machine. >> hey! rescuers quickly realize this homeless dog recently -- >> gave birth to puppies. >> find out about the mission to find a bunch of forever homes. we've got christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle ek braing down the best on the web including a patient on the exam
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table. >> you will not believe what the nurse pulls out. >> why you'll be stunned. >> we have gone too far. absolutely incredible video. look. no traffic in l.a. holy cow. that's incredible. i swear this is l.a. this is southbound 170. my goodness, it's moving along at normal highway speeds. >> oh! >> okay. back to being l.a. >> stop! stop! stop! >> motorcyclist here was in the hov lane which also applies to motorcycles. you can also travel in that lane on a motorcycle. that double yellow line is there so people don't just cut over into that . >> [ bleep ]. >> and this is why. >> and cause an incident like this. >> what's the plate on the car? california plate? >> it's not. i noticed that. a lot of times in california when we see folks from other
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states, we're like y'all don't know how to drive our roads. >> that is an out of state license plate andcar. >> are you joking me right now? >> the motorcyclist gets off the back of the car and approaches the car. >> bro, are you kidding me? you know i almost just died, bro. i was on top of your car. dude, not sorry. you almost killed me. my leg is [ bleep ] right now, dude. >> driver and the passenger can barely say anything to this guy. they are probably equally as freaked out as the rider. we did speak to california highway patrol. the driver wasn't cited but he was at fault. he'll get points from his insurance company on his license. this is trending now because may is motorcycle awareness month. >> i can't believe you, dude. >> he mentions his leg is a little injured but he's up, conscious, alert, and able to call 911 and give the guys a
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peace of his mind as well. >> stop! stop! stop! hope for paws says a segment about them was on the air and a woman remembered them and gave them a call because a dog moved into her yard. and soon after gave birth to puppies. her name is spring and you can see right there, they didn't really have to rescue her and go find her. she comes right up to them. >> the problem is spring has sprung. >> spring sprang nine times. you can see that here because while she is super friendly, she needs help for her little ones. the woman says they've been there about five days but she's kind of been caring for the mom a little bit and called hope for paws thinking they're going to need to come get her. you can see her right there saying yeah, these are my babies but you can pet me too. >> they're so little and sweet. i love puppies. they just cuddle up. >> they put mom and the babies down for a milk break. then one by one they start putting the babies in a carrier.
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mom is invited to get in too. >> they're so gentle and allow the dogs to make its own decisions even though they're guiding it. >> then when they get them to the center >> i need one called rolly pollee so we can be friends. >> well, charity, they are all available for adoption. they are available for adoption. even mommy. and mommy begins to get a makeover because she needed one. all the babies were healthy. mom had to be checked out. look here. here she is with her new hair cut. >> looking fabulous. >> hope for paws, they rely on donations, so they're asking people even five bucks, that will go to help with the rescues, with them getting moms fixed and getting them their shots and housing them until they get their forever home. these fellas in china look
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like they're watching television not paying attention. they're inside of a supermarket. they didn't realize they had company until it was too late. a van pulls up, one of the guys turns around, the door flies open and these men in masks start shooting up the joint. everybody goes running. >> what are they shooting with? it doesn't look like gunfire. it's shooting sparks and stuff. sit fireworks? zblit looks like a shotgun blast but it did nothing. >> yeah. that doesn't look like gunfire. they don't spray sparks like that. >> regardless of what it was, it wasn't a good situation. they take off. reports say two people were injured. >> it's really weird. they literally just shot and left. >> it looked like maybe they were trying to send a scare message more than anything. the fellas in this next video decided to do this. >> attacking the camera? >> they pull up and strike that traffic camera with a slingshot. they told police once they caught up to them that they had
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been practicing and wanted to try it out on the traffic camera. it's also recording. >> that little detail. >> so the video went up on social media. the accomplice saw it and was like, you know what? just take me. the other guy was i hit it, did you get it on camera? the fact i shot that it's amazing. >> he'll also get a mug shot with that. they're going to jail for five days. >> really for a camera? >> worth it. >> it's vandalism. yes. this is the prettiest, most lovely hula hooping has ever been. this is how devon supertramp has captured this amazing hula hooper who goes by the name no sleep 'til brooklyn. now they're on the island of oahu in hawaii doing cool shots of her hula hooping. obviously she's been at it awhile because the things she
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can do are super cool. >> i love what they're doing in the background. of course playing with the whole hoop and circle thing. it works so beautifully. >> i know. i thought i was cool when i could do one hula hoop. >> can we see more of her? >> on her instagram. and you can see the behind the scenes video. they show you exactly how they were able to get all of these sh a man decides to brave the smoke -- >> because his wife and kids were inside. >> see the incredible moments as he pulls off one heroic rescue. >> he's superman right now. and -- why little mila's got a story we can all relate to. >> i didn't know. i'm two. >> you know it's bad when a 2-year-old is annoyed by you.
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closed captioning provided by -- gets you closer than nasacort because unlike antihistamines nasacort stops more of what makes you miserable. smoke pouring out of this fourth or fifth story apartment building. but for one man, it was a call to action because his wife and his kids were inside. this husband and father ran into the building to try and gain access. you can see right here and he's between two balconies with those security bars over. he went through his neighbors, he sawed through the latch of the bars and now he's trying to get his family across to safety. >> oh, my gosh. >> as he's literally just holding on by his feet.
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wow. >> the love of a father. the love of a husband. he got up there and he did what was necessary. you can see there at the end as his wife is making her way across. >> he's superman right now. >> the interwebs is hailing him as a hero as well. let's also give these guys props. they are volunteers. volunteers who daily put their lives on the line to save the lives of others. in this case, these two guys have jumped into their dinghies to try to rescue a victim who fell off nearby cliffs. they made it to a beach and are making their ways across rocks. then we understand what's going on. >> we are with the dog. dog is happy. unscathed. >> in this case, it was a little pup. a dog had fallen, taken a tumble and these guys had been mobili e mobilized to get the dog back. all right time to get it back to where it goes. >> you can tell by the body
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language how crummy it feels. >> the owner there hugging the dog has that look as well. but the guys, they make sure to assure them they did the right thing. >> thank you. >> you did the absolute right thing. well done. very recently we told you about a family in florida that had set up a bubble machine. you push the button, the bubbles blow. i've been doing it almost daily. until last week when the camera went down. >> no. >> that's devastating. >> you may have been able to tell, i'm a little sad. i'm happy to announce today the camera is back up. and there's a bit of a twist. >> hey! >> gayle bass just chilling with the bubbles? >> yes. >> it appears to be that our family of mike and andy in florida have a house guest. our co-host gayle is in this picture live right now. >> can we just talk about the fact we're sitting here at work and she's sitting with bubbles
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and a drink in her hand. aybass, i'm so jealous. >> living the life in florida. this is what she does when not at work. apparently she has fun in somebody else's back yard. >> can you please fill this back up, please? >> she is holding out the drink. >> oh! >> are you kidding me? >> wow. >> the neat thing about this, they set this website up. they bought the bubble machine way back in 2000. because andy, the wife of the family, loves bubbles. they thought it would be fun to have bubbles going when the kids came to the door for trick-or-treat. ever since, they thought let's make this work to our advantage. they've had it going for awhile. recently, though, it's become very, very, very popular. all the bubbles you see right now -- wait. it's my turn. i'm going to hit the bubble. >> sending bubbles. yea. >> we did request a skype interview with gayle but she
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refused saying she's on vacation. >> i don't blame her. well, it's official. 2-year-old mila is a viral video star. her latest video has just over 1 million views. >> well, it happened. >> when you sit next to people who just want to talk and talk and talk. >> and you want to be polite. you don't want to just be rude and tell them -- >> i'm trying to relax. >> i wish i could say this. the way that mila does and still be so cute. but if i say it, i'm going to be rude. so i'll let her fi. >> i didn't know. i'm 2. >> hello? give some crackers and juice and leave her alone. >> what do you want to be when you grow up? toilet trained.
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>> you know it's bad when a 2-year-old is annoyed by you. >> how to get the lady to stop talking to me. >> that's the million dollar question. all of us are still trying to figure it out. >> take your finger and >> you want to talk? she got something for you. >> then miracle happened. poop diaper. >> that's a good way to make adults zip it up. .> you should try that next >> no one talk to me after that. alone in the ocean on a tiny kayak when out of nowhere -- >> surprise! >> next "right and still to come, a nurse tends to a wound and then things get weird. >> she cannot believe what she just pulled out of the guy's belly. >> why what she finds inside is enough to bring her to tears.
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and it's the kind of thing that certify his life. it's taken him all around the world. seeing what you're seeing him do in this video. he just likes to balance things. it's a skill and art, if you will. many people want to see it. that's because it's incredible. the video is still playing on in the background. he's taking these three very round rocks and ever so slightly manipulating them. it's all about finding e kw equilibri eq you have to manipulate these things. when it happens, it's incredible. >> i think the people that can do this are amazing. i've seen this before and it almost looks unreal. >> the amount of patience is just mind blowing. >> i'd have been like ahh. >> and the jerk in me wants to go ahh. >> this is why i love this video so much from the beginning to the end, there is not one single cut. you can tell because there's a flowing river behind him. there's cars on the bridge in
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the background. there's no trickery. there's no fakery. it comes down to this moment right here where he just lets go. >> that is amazing. >> he walks away and leaves something impossible. >> bet none of his friends want to play him at jenga. i'm about to make a big statement. but even by russian standards, this is bizarre. >> yikes. >> this guy is seeking medical treatment. there's a gouge in his belly. there's a nurse there that is going to help change the dressing. we actually get a really good look at the cut. it's deep. but that's not the craziest part. you will not believe what the nurse pulls out of this man's gut. >> a shard of a baseball bat from a road rage incident? >> is it a boomerang?
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>> it's not but it's going to shock you. the nurse opens the wound up and she pulls it right out. she starts crying. >> wait. wait pl no, no, no. oh, no, no, no. >> a wedding band? >> no way. >> his creative way of proposing to his girlfriend whom is a nurse. >> see, i told y'all, we have gone too far. y'all can call me a hater all you want to, but i'm here to tell the truth. we have gone too far. >> he actually convinced a surgeon to cut him up, put the ring in his stomach, dress him up -- >> that is the dumbest thing i've ever seen in my entire life. that is so stupid. >> it was an engagement ring she just pulled out of his gut. >> if a guy proposes like that, say no. i love you, but no. >> they say the best way to a man's heart is through his stomac >> and maybe in russia that
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doesn't translate so well. >> she says yes with loving tears. if you want to see the entire uncensored video, just head on over to, click on tv show or check it out on our mobile app. grandpa hits the beach, spots the slack lines, and -- >> just wants to give it the old college try. >> is it going to hurt? >> but
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mark but i was still on par from where i was in 2014.
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you know, sometimes old schoolers need to show new schoolers what it is. these kids nowadays think they started everything, that they know everything. and so ben snyder here rolled up to the beach, let these kids know what it was like in his day. >> grandpa used to do some tight rope walking and he saw this. he just wanted to feel it. there's no way i'm going to let you do that. no. >> it's really high too. >> no, no, no, no, no. >> so you'll notice ben there is dressed up and just wants to give it the old college try. meanwhile the young people here are like, i don't know if that's a good idea. it's kind of high. >> everybody spot him. >> it's a little bit scary at first. gets on, a little lopsided. now people are gathered around because if he's going to do it, we're going to watch. >> back in my day we called these tight ropes, see. and it was a rope really tight.
3:27 pm
small like this, see. >> and after he gets his the rhythm, he makes it look easy. >> are you kidding me? >> he holds his hip. goes down get his hat. gramps ain't done though. >> he has a plastic hip. >> people at this point start trying to give him tips. like here's a tip, sonny. >> you guys want to see some more? >> of course they do. and so he gives them quite the show. and ben snyder is clearly not a senior citizen and he is a professional slackliner. that's why he's just like ta-da! >> give grandpa some love! yeah! i love this. it's hilarious. and they have done it once that's all for today's show. thanks for watching. we'll see you on the next br
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tonight, breaking news as we come on the air, from manchester, england. after the deadly terror attack at an ariana grande concert -- >> oh, my god. >> -- just moments ago, the british government raising the threat level to its highest point, now at critical. and tonight here, new images from the explosion. 22 dead, many of them children, young people. the little girl who was just 8. tonight we're with the community, still looking for their children. the mother, still missing. also tonight, the suicide bomber now identified. the new image posted. authorities blasting their way into his home. the 22-year old it turns out was known to authorities. and back in the u.s. tonight, the fbi call late today to field offices across the country, from concerts, to sporting events, the concern at home.


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