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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 29, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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recognizance. >> woods on "good morning america" two months ago talked about his determination to play in the masters this year. >> i know the mind is sharp. i just need to get the body willing to do it. that's the hard part getting the prep time in. i haven't been able to get as much prep time in. >> reporter: just weeks later back problems forced him to withdraw from the tournament and following his fourth back surgery since 2014, woods wrote on his blog i haven't felt this good in years. want to play professional golf again. right now, my sole focus is rehab and doing what the doctors tell me. >> he's not going to be coming back unfortunately barring an absolute miracle. it would be fascinating to watch him try to become tiger woods again. i don't see him doing it on a national level. >> reporter: the last time he won a major tournament was 2008. since then he has battled a number of injuries and more off
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course problems including the high profile divorce from his wife after he admitted to cheating on her. right now, we are still waiting to learn if this arrest involved alcohol or drugs or both. police are expected to release more details tomorrow. reporting live from new york, abc7 news. >> thank you. to a story we first told you about with a push alert. two people killed and five injuries when a truck rolled ever in alameda. a truck in a second car was also hurt. >> this is the crash on park street and lincoln avenue and you will see this only on super bowls 7 news. laura live with the investigation. laura. >> reporter: let's look what's happening behind me. we are on park street in alameda. this is the mangled pickup truck. they are just removing it from the scene. they are just removing it.
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for those who know it it can be quite crowded and not many on the street. this truck came roaring down the street and clipped another car and went airborne. >> this shows the final seconds of the crash on alameda park street, the full sized pickup truck flipping down the road. >> it was just like -- >> reporter: silvio heard it from his martial arts studio a few yards from where the truck landed. >> it was a terrifying scene for this little island here. >> reporter: the pickup was carrying seven people, one died at the scene, the other in the hospital and another in critical condition. it first clipped this mini vand the woman inside was not seriously hurt. >> i saw her car roll down the street. >> reporter: this man did not want his face shown. he told us he saw the truck mid-flight. >> it look like a movie car
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going through the air and rolling down the street. something you see in the movies but never think you would see something like that in real life. >> it was horrible from the boom, the sound impact. >> reporter: jessie hill was working at the waffle site beyond the crash site. she and her customers were shaken by what they heard and saw. >> today, it's memorial day, for this to happen on memorial day day, really sad. >> reporter: abc7 news. >> a deadly crash on eastbound 5 in livermore closed all four lanes just before 2:30 a.m. one man died after his car crashed into a wall and ended up in the middle lanes. two other cars land in the stalled toyota and crashed and another person take on the hospital with mild injuries. >> investigators reviewing dash cam and body cam video to find
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out what happened to a suspected car thief. they tried to pull over the driver and he pulled off and police started chasing him on 80. police tapped the stolen car's bumper causing him to spin out at the outlet mall. two officers then opened fire. the suspect died at the scene. the police haven't said why the officers fired and one hospitalized with minor injuries. >> turning to holiday weather. live look out of emeryville, pretty shop right there, a little bit of sun. not quite like this everywhere. >> a lot of gloom out there, too. spencer christian with the forecast. >> there was lingering gloom that hung around until late afternoon and the sun burnt through and gave us mainly sunny skies through the bay area. we have low clouds and fog through the coastline and a few high clouds inland. bright and breezy right now with winds gusting to 31 miles an hour at fso, 21 at san carlos.
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58 degrees in san francisco. low to mid 60s in oakland, mountain view, and here's our view from emeryville mostly clear skies for now. the fog back this evening. 73 at santa rosa, 70, napa and novato and 67 in livermore. and we will see the fog pushing the temperature in the low 50s across the bay. and may be a damp spot or two but the sun will be brighter and i will give you a look at the forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you. turning to memorial day observances across the country. president trump on his first memorial day for the men and their families at arlington national cemetery. here in the bay area one artist stirred up controversy by including mr. trump in a parade.
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live at the mill valley. cornell. >> reporter: the parade is over and in the middle of it was that political statement hard to miss. some found it down right hilarious, others not so much. this parade had things you'd expect to see on memorial day, veterans who served our country and lots of red, white and blue. >> families are here enjoying themselves. good energy. >> strong sense of community. it's really nice. good vibe. >> reporter: then there was this entry. artist and activist fabrice flooring created this float called the liberty theater versus donald trump who delivers fake news across an electronic ticker tape. >> americans don't care about my taxes. >> reporter: trump gets scolded with liberty's torch.
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>> wrong, wrong. >> reporter: florence says this political statement was created out of frustration with washington. >> we created the theater as a way to present how we feel about the world and about mr. trump's actions in it. >> reporter: many in the crowd ate it up. >> people expressing their political belief against a president who frankly is an embarrassment is great. >> i'm a patriot. i'm a patriot, i want to see more flags. >> reporter: not everyone was amused. saying trump bash is not appropriate on memorial day. >> what about all the kids that died in afghanistan? right? what about honoring them instead of their own egos? it's all narcism in this marin county home. >> oh, no, it's tiny trump. >> reporter: florin doesn't expect everyone to agree with his message which ends with the musical message of the poem written for lady liberty.
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>> san jose held its 99th annual ceremony today. a major point of discussion was whether it's appropriate to say happy memorial day on this day of reference. >> speakers brought it up several times. david is in san jose. >> reporter: traditionally we do think of this being a solemn observance. on a day when many are having picnics and barbecues some are starting to change their opinion to be free and happy in a country free from terror is why they served. some of them are starting to say happy memorial day may be okay. at age 95 this sharpshooter doesn't forget being part of the invasion of normandy. >> i was 20 years old at that time. >> reporter: this navy ordinance specialist doesn't forget about being shot in the head in afghanistan and living to tell his son about it. >> i'm an american patriot.
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>> reporter: we remember those killed in the line of duty on memorial day. it's true, those who came home we learn of the threat to freedom. retired general james livingston one of the most decorated marines in the corps's history worry americans are too sheltered from dangers overseas. >> i'm seeing most american people don't realize the importance of what's going on in the world because they're not connected to it day-to-day. we really need to reconnect to what's going on in the world. >> reporter: while some veterans keep silent about their valor, there are others who feel they must share combat experience with the next generation. having a son and 1-year-old daughter. >> i want them to carry on the patriotism my family had. my grandpa served, my uncle serve, i come from a line of people serving. i was proud of my grandpa for it. i would love to see him carry that down and him be proud of it.
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>> reporter: the general points out less than 1% of americans have served in the military and hopes schools will educate about the price of freedom. abc7 news. there was a special salute to those who died in world war i in san bruno. this year marks the 100th anniversary of the united states entry into the great war. about 30,000 military personnel who fought in the first world war are buried at golden gate cemetery. a crowd gathered together at walnut correct to honor the service today at the gazebo in civic park. >> reporter: families celebrated the graves of fallen loved ones and special cemetery included music and marching and patriotic stories. you can help by sharing this badge and find it on our facebook page. kids and parents return to a water park following an accident over the weekend. >> i'm glad that the kid wasn't
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severely hurt. >> i think that the others -- >> the investigation under way right after a child flew off a slide in dublin. >> anger after officials pulled the plug in the middle of a few fighter song. >> speaking of anger, a bench clearing brawl in the giants game. this was wild. we'll tell you why this happened. >> taking a look at the skyway in san francisco on this holiday. looks almost average. maybe a little lighter traffic than usual. still slow moving on the right hand side, cars heading on the left hand side trying to get to
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most baseball fights feature a bunch of guys standing around, yapping and jawing. not today. giants and nationals really got into it. hunter strickland and bryce harper throwing punches with bad intentions. >> been a great job. hunter strick hand, here we go, hunter is charging the mound. oh, my goodness. >> it's on. hunter and strickland both landed punches before the rest of the benches jumped in. he missioned by a mile with the helmet. and right around there, crashing into teammate michael morris, both guys go 6'5", 240. this fight was years in the making. harper hit a couple of homers off strickland in the 2014 playoffs and apparently that still bothers strickland who had to be dragged off the field by
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his teammates and they kept pushing and pushing him back. suspensions from the league will be coming. inspectors were out at the wave water park in dublin today trying to figure out what caused saturday's accident that injured a 10-year-old boy. >> leslie brinkley joins us this evening live from the water park. leslie. >> at this moment, no conclusive answers yet as inspectors zeroed in on the slide called the emerald plunge. they'll be considering the drop and water flow and height and weight requirements. a brisk wind chilled the memorial day crowd up on the slide platforms at this dazzling new dublin water park. 4 of the 6 slides are now open. one had a flow meter problem that was fixed is reopen. the city of dublin said cal osha inspectors today met with the
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manufacturer and contractors to figure out what happened on the emerald plunge on saturday when a 10-year-old boy hydroplaned off the slide. >> so far they're not drawing conclusions. they would like to speak and have questions for the manufacturer and our collective goal to get to the bottom of it. >> parents made their own risk assessments. >> i thought i'd check out the slides first to make sure it's okay and let them know which ones to go on and not to go on. >> what did you decide? >> i told them to stay away from the open ones. >> accidents do happen. i'm sure people are taking care of that. >> the 10-year-old boy is recovering at home from the scrapes he got when he slid off the slide only 90 minutes after the park's grand opening. the green slide and the one next to it will remain closed until the investigation is complete. i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. the bottle rock music
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festival came to an abrupt end last night. ♪ ♪ kevin kline the morning show host showed the organizers pulling the plug on the foo fighters last night. they had only been on the stage for an hour. this is the second time it happened. it happened in 2014. >> wow. with that huge crowd there. my goodness. the main runway for fso opened after a weekend closure that resulted in big delays. crews are doing extensive repaving on the runways. incoming flights were delayed by an average of 1 hour 40 minutes. next weekend is scheduled to be the final weekend closure, friday night at 8:00.
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homeland security secretary john kelly says he might improvise a ban on computers coming into the u.s. and he said he was considering banning it on flights departing the united states. any decision will come in his words when the time is right. currently electronic devices larger than a cell phone are banned on airplane cabins from some flights originating from african and other airports. >> it was sunny in the day, cooler than average, breezy now. we have a few closed and high closed over the inland areas. bright out there and breezy. cooler than average, pleasant enough for lots of folks to get out there on the beach under mainly blue skies. we will see clouds continuing to expand overnight with
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possibility of damp spots. bear that in mind if you're an early morning commuter. an early june warm-up begins the end of the week. 52 degrees at half moon bay, low 60s mainly around the bay and a few 70s and 80s at brentwood. when we go to overnight conditions we see it spreading across the bay and mainly inland and main there in peninsula and higher elevations and temperatures in the low to mid-50s. bear in mind there could be a couple damp spots from the drizzle in the early morning hours. here's our fog forecast animation. it will be rather widespread having pushed across the bay and inland already. it will remain that way until the early morning hours. by mid-morning we will see it coming back to the coastline inland but fog will linger at the coastline.
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cooler than average once again tomorrow. looks like a pleasant day. breezy at the coast mid-atlantic 60s to upper 60s up to 70 at fremont. we will see mid to upper 70s in our inland areas and get a significant warm-up the end of the week the first couple of days of june. we will see high temperatures by friday in the mid to upper 80s in our inland areas. mid-70s athe bay. low 60s on the coast and gets warmer by the weekend assisted by a nice warm flow of air from the south circulating around the center of high pressure anchored to the east in southern nevada and it will bring up warm air from the south and temperatures continue to rise friday through monday next week. here we do. the accuweather 7-day forecast, partly cloudy, breezy, cooler than average the next two day, brighter skies prevail and starts friday over the weekend and next monday.
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high temperatures inland mid to upper 80s. low to mid 60s on the coast. early june and the weather will be appropriate for that time of the year. >> thanks. >> while the warriors are getting ready for the nba finals, you can also gear up for the big series, we'll show you exactly how. they're a big part of disneyland but these horses no longer live i
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making it easy for fans to get geared up for the nba finals, abc7 news, visit oracle's team store fans were grabbing jerseys by the handful because road jerseys were buy one get one free and fans were taking full advantage. >> i have a curry and klay thompson. >> it might break him out of his slump. >> we already have curry and klay thompson. >> you have two? >> two. one for my husband and one for
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me. >> i'm looking for a medium draymond green jersey for the wife. >> she loves the intensity he plays with. >> another curry. picking them upper for families. >> spending some cash. the oracle arena store closes in a half hour. you can get the same deal at the walnut creek store open until 9:00 tonight. you can watch abc's coverage thursday with the pregame at 5:30 and tip at 6:00. warriors are home for the first two games of this series and then will move to cleveland for games three and four. you have to see this. time lapsed video of an impressive chalk drawing of steph curry by our very own abc graphic artist, laura. she does this gigantic, not quite murals but sketches and you can see more on our "abc news" 7 facebook page. >> i don't know how she does it.
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brilliant, incredible. >> she looks at a picture like this and puts the picture down and goes. she doesn't do like an outline, once it's in her head, she worked for hours and hours to get steph just right. laura is amazing. the new season of bachelorette" previewed. these two were sent home. she revealed she did find love on the show and is currently engaged and we have to find out who is her lucky fiance and among those, brian moved in for a kiss. and this morning we asked the bachelorette what it's like when the world is watching for an intimate moment. >> i thought it was bold and he
4:26 pm
wanted to do it a second time, i'm like, let's do this. going back and watching it, i was like, my god, sorry, mom, sorry, dad, it was a little intense. >> you gave him the rose and he's still around. >> i said i wanted to be entertained. lucas did that. did i get it? do i understand? absolutely not. still don't. >> you can watch a special two hour episode of the bachelor rhett tonight. celebrity ashton kutcher celebrity advice. "abc7 news at 11":00. honoring those who gave their lives this memorial day just ahead from the tomb of the unknown soldier at the national cemetery to honoring the men and women who gave it all in the bay area. in honor of asian pacific american heritage we're using
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live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> here are the stories making headlines at 4:30.
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golf icon, tiger jail. he was arrested in florida. they haven't said if it's alcohol or drugs. >> an 82-year-old man attacked a burglar who attacked his wife and him at home. former president obama tweeted a thank you to our service people who fought for our nation. and president trump laid the wreath for the fallen soldiers a reminder this holiday isn't about beach trips and barbecues but fallen heroes. megan. good afternoon. president trump, exactly as you said, staying on script today and really staying out of the political fray as he interacted with grieving families. >> reporter: gold star families
4:31 pm
lining up at arlington national cemetery to tell president donald trump their stories. >> he's looking down so proud. >> if you could remember him, that would mean so much to me. >> reporter: trump seemed to put behind him the feud with the gold star parents. >> every gold star family, god is with you. >> reporter: trump, laying a wreath, observing a moment of silence and honoring the fallen. while across the country from the hill of flags at boston commonhe motorcycle group rolling thunder rolling through washington to upstate new york signs of gratitude for sacrifice. trump's political foe, hillary clinton with her husband wouldn't talk politics. >> i think it's important to honor everyone who sacrificed their lives in pursuit of our rights, our values, our freedom. >> reporter: vice president mike pence welcoming a group of wounded warriors and first responders on bicycles at his
4:32 pm
home. >> this is a day we remember those who served and did not come home. >> reporter: on board the "uss intrepid" is new york city, a 100 foot american flag, rival salute and raw sense of loss after navy's parachute failed to open in a jump over the hudson just yesterday. >> this has been a fleet week that started with such joy, the fleet weekends, it ends with deep deep sorrow. > at that event on board the "intrepid," jersey city first responders were given a special thank you for their efforts to help that navy seal. in washington, abc7 news. larry. >> thank you. right here in the bay area, a special celebration was held at the uss hornet sea area and space museum and band for those who made the ultimate sacrifice. another special cemetery.
4:33 pm
>> a solemn yet uplifting memorial day cemetery in milpitas. ♪ >> reporter: a few hundred people gathered at the veterans plaza to honor those who gave the ultimate in sacrifice and service to the country. denny is a korean war veteran with the navy's second highest decoration. >> we are indebted to those who gave their lives that we might be free. his reflection. >> too much not being taught in schools and histories being lost. without these people we're honoring today it wouldn't be able for you and i to be standing here talking. >> reporter: names milpitas residents to lost their lives during times of war were read out loud, followed by the ringing of the bell and placing of the wreaths. a day of reflection and opportunity of gratitude even
4:34 pm
for those who served. >> you shouldn't be thanking me for my service. when i grew up, it was a duty you did. you grew up, you went into the military. the people we really need to be thanking are the families of those who never came back. >> reporter: milpitas supports its veterans year-round. they're holding a car show in october. all the money raised from that will go to veterans in the community. in milpitas, matt keller, abc7 news. abc7 viewers shared these images. posting this picture of a flag flying on top of knob hill. and steve posted this image, we honor the fallen. you can post your images using the #abc7now and you might see them online or here. the veterans administration are investigating possible opioid drug theft by hospitals nationwide. 36 cases opened by the inspector
4:35 pm
general's office from october 31st to the 19th brings it to 108 an increase during a similar period the previous year. we're learning more about that deadly attack in portland, oregon, three good samaritans stabbed coming to the aid of a muslim woman being harassed on a train. >> the mother of a surviving victim on a fatal train attack in portland. >> if he hadn't been there. >> reporter: thanking those who helped save her son's life. >> there would be three dead people. >> reporter: he was one of three men police say tried to intervene and stop 35-year-old jeremy christians's anti-muslim tirade thursday. >> he told us to go back to saudi arabia and get out of his country. >> reporter: sitting with a muslim friend who was weari weai
4:36 pm
hijab, he started hurling insults. 33-year-old and a 53-year-old tried to calm him down but police say christian stabbed all three. >> they lost their lives because of me and my friend and the way we looked. >> reporter: abc affiliate ktu obtained this video of a man appearing to be christian one day before the attack. >> we have a christian or muslim bus driver, i'll stab you, too. >> reporter: president trump condemning the train attack calling it unacceptable and the victims standing up to hate and intolerance. >> christian now faces multiple murder charges. "abc news," los angeles. an emotional evening in manchester, england, hundreds attended a vigil a week after a
4:37 pm
terror attack killed a dozen people and injured more. 1:32 local time was the exact moment the attack took place. authorities in green britain made another arrest. they arrested the 14th person now in jail. manchester police took this photo of a suicide bomber, carrying a blue suit case in the days before the blast. they're asking for the public's help trying to track it down hoping it may provide additional crews. a tiger killed a female zookeeper in what's described as a freak accident. it happened today at the zoo park 70 miles north of london. officials will only say the zoo keteachekee keep-zookeeper died only after
4:38 pm
he entered the enclosure with her. cleaning up after a weekend of wild weather across the country. i'm spencer christian. this has been a day of calm weather. sunny skies right
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so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. it's the lowest price ever on our temperature balancing i8 bed, save $700 plus 36 month financing. ends monday. go to for a store near you. authorities in indonesia are assessing the damage following a strong shallow earthquake today. the magnitude 6.6 quake rocked a
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central province and frightened residents ran from their home in panic. shallow earthquakes tend to cause more damage on the earth's surface and no reports of any daths. cleaning up after a weekend of wild weather conditions, authorities in memphis say it could take more than a week to fully restore power after severe weather left 200,000 customers in the dark. heavy winds knocked down trees and power lines. in missouri, two deaths are blamed by flash flooding and it could delay million offers people traveling home after this long holiday weekend. on this breezy relatively cool afternoon, a look at doppler 7. a few clouds overhead. bright skies and in a moment we see the fog advancing across the bay and inland overnight and could be spotty drizzle on the coastline and overnight lows, low 50s and a couple damp spots for the early morning commute. we are looking at bright sunny
4:42 pm
skies with a few high clouds and breezy at the coast with high temperatures ranging from upper 50s at the coast and mid and upper 60s in the bay and upper 70s inland. tomorrow night at at&t park giants taking on washington nationals again. they played today. evening game tomorrow starting at 7:15, partly cloudy breezy conditions, temperatures in the mid-50s and players wearing boxing gloves tomorrow as a result of today's activities. the accuweather 7-day forecast, mostly sunny, breezy and cooler than average. the warm-up begins friday and we see high temperatures rising in the upper 80s in some inland conditions. setting aside their differences. >> as people we have the same heart. >> that's how it heals, one person at a time. >> using shared grief to overcome decades of anger this memorial day.
4:43 pm
remembering jfk on what would have been his 100th birthday today. this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios.
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because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
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the french president flexed his diplomatic muscles as to vladamir putin. he said he had frank direct talks with putin with cooperating with sir yand isis and discussed lgt issues discussed about spreading lying propaganda. angela merkel says berlin is still committed to transatlantic relations coming day after she suggested merkel can no longer rely entirely on the u.s. she made the statement after they couldn't reach an agreement with the president on climate change. managing to do what many of
4:47 pm
us cannot, set aside their differences, here's "abc news" reporter, maggie, on how they found common ground. >> reporter: more than 50,000 americans died in the vietnam war. on the other side, countless vietnamese lost their lives as well and the two sides are trying to overcome decades of anger. tis memorial day two sides of the vietnam war are looking together. >> let's move from the past and to the future. >> reporter: finding common ground. >> as people we have two hearts. >> reporter: the nonprofit connects those who lost loved ones on both sides of the conflict. >> that's how you heal, one person at a time. >> reporter: after 26 americans traveled in 2015, it was their turn welcoming four vietnamese for the first time. standing beside the memorial,
4:48 pm
they showed them where their parents' names are etched. they started the project. >> i hated them. >> reporter: her father was a fighter pilot in the war and died when she was just 2 years old. >> after a while i realized i didn't want to live with hatred anymore. i knew my dad's bombs probably killed a lot of people and probably a daughter on the other side that lost her dad. >> reporter: at the memorial that hatred feels so far away. she says the tears she cries today is that of joy for having brought the two sides together. >> this feels like we're coming full circle. >> reporter: they say they want to continue their mission he'll those affected by the vietnam war and any in the future. . also remembering former president john f. kennedy, america's 35th president
4:49 pm
born 100 years ago and was killed by an assassin, however his daughter says her father's legacy is still inspiring people today. to commemorate the milestone of the jfk library and museum in boston will kick off a year long celebration of events to help new generations find inspiration and values that formed the kennedy presidency. we are celebrating a special anniversary at abc7. reporter david louie is celebrating 45 years working here at abc7. >> that's amazing. before we get to david, abc7 news anchor dan ashley takes a look back at david's storied career. >> reporter: the flood waters 5 feet deep. >> reporter: it's no wonder david can handle whatever the news throws at him. he started training when he was just 5 at a public affairs program in ohio. he started in 1972 back when the program was called new scene, by
4:50 pm
the 1980s live feeds allowed instant coverage. >> the streets are completely shut off to people. we better watch out. >> reporter: over the years, david has reported on many of the bay areas biggest stories, the kidnapping of patty heather, the loma prieta earthquake. here he is in san mateo in 1982 during a moment he might like to forget, slogging through one of the biggest bay area floods and during the 9/11 attacks with norman mineta secretary of transportation. he had to shut down the entire u.s. air traffic system. >> reporter: david was one of the first asian-american tv reporters in the bay area and been on the air the longest and traveled to asia many times. in 1986, the went to the philippines during the people power revolution that ended with fernand marcos going in exile. >> we were warned they might be turning against us. >> reporter: he was one of the
4:51 pm
first american reporters allowed into china. >> much of the cargo will end up in the port of san francisco. >> reporter: david became the abc7 news business reporter. david is not all business all the time. long before the food channel, david was doing a feature called "friday feast." >> definitely memorable. >> incredible. congratulations, david, on 45 years. we love the fact we get to work with you. do you have a favorite story you've worked on? >> reporter: that's really difficult to answer. lots of fun stories. you actually let the cat out of the bag. you showed that one of me falling in the flood waters back in 1982 on the san mateo county coast. our photographers are fantastic but good at capturing my backside. the back of my bald head or me falling headfirst into the water they're really good at that. that was a lot of fun.
4:52 pm
recently, we did the story about the dominos over at the children's discovery museum. that was a lot of fun, too. >> that was fun. you were picking up the dominos that had all been knocked over. >> when you started on this day in 1972. >> make myself useful. >> in 1972, could you imagine you would still be going strong at this point? >> reporter: absolutely not. that's one of the amazing things, you keep wondering how long can a career last. we've been very fortunate at abc7, we've been surrounded by really great people, producers and writers and managers who really get it and are really really focused on doing the best job we can covering the news in the bay area. it's been great team work and they've been always very supportive of me and what i've always appreciated and one of the reasons i lasted so long. >> one more question. you got 45 more years in you? >> reporter: no, i don't think so. i don't think so. that would be nice. with modern medicine, you never
4:53 pm
know. i won't say no. >> what's the one story. we saw you traveled all over the world. is there one thing you really want to do that story you haven't covered yet you think, i really want to do that. >> reporter: i really would like to go to russia because i studied and minored in russian in college. no one knows that and it's rusty and i would like to do a story over there and with all the news breaking i'd like to cover that. >> a good time for that. david, congratulations and thank you so much. >> what a great guy. >> reporter: thank you. disney doesn't horse around when it comes to its animals. >> ducky is the type of horse that would like to cuddle up with you on the sofa and watch tv with you. >> there's no tv but disneyland's horses are getting a new home. a glimpse inside the circle d ranch. >> and abc7 news at 5:00.
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>> let me offer my congratulations, a pro's pro. >> i see my wife is bloody. >> we request this person whose house was broken into and they were assaulted. >> despite being hurt this man turned the tables on the attacker holding that person down until police arrived. we have the story. new reaction in the south bay to new reaction in the south bay to prom ♪ new reaction in the south bay to prom ♪ ♪ new reaction in the south bay to prom
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as "star wars" prepares to move in, disneyland's horses are hoofing it elsewhere. they moved to the circle d ranch in riverside county. anna shows us around. >> reporter: burt, bill and bob just moved into their new home. they're three of disneyland's 18 horses. >> we have percherons and belgian horses. >> ducky would like to cuddle up with you and watch tv on your sofa. >> reporter: tvs and sofas are not part of the ranch but their new home away from home. with "star wars" moving in, ducky and his friends had to move out. >> we're actually on twice the size of property we had in anaheim. the horses love it and we moved here saturday. >> reporter: it is 35 miles away from the happiest place on earth. >> we have 20 stalls inside this barn. >> reporter: it seems fitting because the riverside county
4:58 pm
city is known as horsetown usa. the mayor says it's a perfect match. >> this is a perfect example of what our lifestyle is. >> we've always been part of the norfolk community doing parades the last three or four years and a lot of our services we use for the horses, the businesses are located here. >> reporter: before you see them on main street they first go through lengthy training. >> main street training takes about six months to a year. chief just started working on main street, one of our newer horses in and completed his training and working on main street. >> reporter: saying it's a pretty cool gig, now paired with a cool new home. >> this facility really exemplifies the great opportunity our horses have working at disneyland. everybody wants to be a disneyland horse. >> reporter: abc7 news. >> thanks for joining us for
4:59 pm
abc7 news at 4:00. i'm larry beil. abc7 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> she was a tiger. very strong. >> a san jose man fights a woman who attacked him and his wife. a sheriff's department is calling him a hero. >> in alameda, a rollover crash, two people dead and six others hurt. now the search for answers. >> inspectors on the scene in dublin today where a child flew off this slide. how did it happen? the ballpark brawl at the giants' games today. pumps were tossed and benches cleared. and a student whose prom invitation was called racist. >> live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> i see my wife is bl >> we request a person whose house was broken into and then they were assaulted.
5:00 pm
>> despite being hurt this man turned the tables on the attacker holding the person down until the police arrived. >> good evening. >> thank you for joining us. an 82-year-old san jose man whose am in is nothing but a number fought off a burglar who attacked his wife and held the suspect until authorities came. >> a story of incredible bravery. >> that blood is from my wife's head there. >> reporter: he shows us where the terrifying attack from his 76-year-old wife happened sunday evening. she was in the backyard on key road about to put on her shoes when a burglar struck her with this stick. >> i bent over she hit two times my head. oh, my god, she hit my head and tried to hit me and i run from her. >> reporter: he heard his wife call for help and he jumped into action. >> a sea


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