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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  May 30, 2017 1:37am-2:08am PDT

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off mattiace he can home who just happened to step on the ice. 3-0 pittsburg after one. the breds claw their way back and manage to tie with 3:30 left in the third. goudreau his first and we're tied at three. penguins with only 12 shots on goal for the entire game. jake againstal with pittsburg's first shot in 37 minutes and it beats peca hin nay. 5-3 the final, the pence take a 1-0 series lead. steve kerr subbing for the substitute today. mike brown had the flu. kerr med the media as the warriors continue their preps for the finals thursday on abc. kerr still not ready to re-sioux coaching. >> i would like to tell you i'm ready but i'm still feeling a lot of effects what i've got going on. the team's really healthy. the bad news is the coaching staff is dropping like supplies hopefully he'll be back soon and feeling better. abc7 sports
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
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that is our report. hope you enjoyed this memorial day. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> for drew, larry, all of us, for joining all of us. >> good night. it's time for an all-new show "right this minute." a pregnant patient endures
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something that -- >> usually never happens. >> the medics who then let it happen again. >> freaking kidding me? >> you got one job. turn around until i tell you. >> is somebody in for a brand new toy? >> better than that. >> the story behind the surprise that delivers itself. the water's cold and he's stuck. >> and everybody else is getting a hoot and holler out of watching him struggle. >> why getting out is going to take one muddy miracle. and get ready for -- >> mac drad eidel in the >> we guess real or fake. >> oh, oh, oh, oh. this situation should absolutely never happen under any circumstances. >> you have got to be freaking kidding me. >> you got one job. >> how bad is the situation for
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this woman? >> this is a 16-year-old and she's 8 1/2 months pregnant. she has preeclampsia so they bring her in. they're not done. they prop the gurney up and time to put her back up there. >> oh, my! >> and again they drop her. >> at that point, woman, just get up and walk yourself. because i would not trust these people anymore. >> do you even want to go into that hospital now? what else is going on in the hospital? take me somewhere else. >> she'd already been in the ambulance for several hours. the doctor she needed to see didn't have privilege at that hospital so they were working out some administrative stuff. she's sitting there waiting. when they do bring her out, this is how they handle her. >> was she okay? >> was the baby okay? >> they did deliver the baby via c-section. the baby is fine. the mother is in icu. they've got to make sure they get this right. the baby is healthy and they got
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to do better. the bravery of one of these ladies saved their lives. that woman is lying on the ground and police are carrying her to safety. the woman went out hiking when it started to rain. instead of them seeking cover, they tried to run down the mountain and lightning struck. one woman was struck in the hup. >> by lightning? >> yes. she went unconscious. her friend ran back down the mountain, found the police, the police came and this is where the video picks up. they take her to the hospital. >> holy moly. >> and look at the bruising. reports are that she also suffered some burn injuries and she was hit in the torso and the lightning exited through her foot. both women are expected to be released from the hospital. the boys are out playing in south jersey and they found themselves a mud pit. oh, man, what are you going to do when you find a mud pit? go straight for it. steve redmond there is the guy
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behind the wheel there. and erve else is getting a hoot and holler out of watching him struggle. the water is cold. it's not quite full-on summer yet. they've got other device there is that they could pull him out with. so they hook up the quad. >> [ bleep ]. >> i've done my share of offroading, but i would have thought they would have parked the quad out on dry land. they spun their wheels in mud. >> steve is essentially at this point nothing more than balanced. it's a miracle he didn't. >> but if it works, it works. >> it did work. steve's out and he's fine. he's not hurt. just a little cold and wet. all the toys out in this next video. got the drone up in the got the razor coming through the trees to capture all the action. you got lucky you did not crash
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and you got a pretty cool pirouette video captured by the drone. >> he meant to do that for a drone. >> knowing a drone is there, he tries to put a bit of flair on it and it's too much. mom's got a gracie and ivy. >> she's saying don't turn around a couple of times. the older one, gracie, she is of the age that listens. but baby ivy? that horse is out of the barn. she's not turned back around for her surprise. >> turn around, gracie. >> they are so happy to see daddy. christopher nelson, he's been working in afghanistan. >> are you happy, gracie? >> man, they are so happy to see him. they haven't seen him in three months. they get to spend a month with him before he has to go back. now for the marines.
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here's this lieutenant. he was redeployed to the middle east in february and had to tell his little sister i'm going to miss your graduation from luther college. but he's a marine. so there she is graduating. they announce her name and something extra. >> i failed? i failed? >> through the door -- >> a wiww. >> and they hug and hug. >> how cool. he gets to escort her across the stage. >> not just escort her. he also gets to put a pin on her. the family as you can see, quite happy that he's home. >> semper fi. collin is back with -- yes. he's got himself his own little mini show within his youtube channel. where it seems that almost us, we, the viewers can send in our
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problems and collin will fix them. >> this is one of your ideas. >> yeah. so this dude making food in the microwave. those two minutes luk today's society, he gets board. he doesn't know what to do? can you fix it? you bet he can. and he's going to solve it but with this. >> the play away. >> it looks like a microwave, but there are some differences. you can spot them. >> i see inputs. >> a little extra switches and inputs down here. yes. built into the door. we got a screen. >> it means you can get anything that's got those cords, plug it in -- >> games. it's not just a microwave. it's a game as well. >> you can microwave and play at
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the same time. >> you better be real quick at your video game. you've got to beat the level before the frozen burrito is done. >> sets it for two minutes. collin said it solves problems we never knew we had. >> oh! he's being blocked in -- >> they're trying to jack this person. >> they are trying to kidnap this person. >> hear the ludicrous story behind this kidnapping. and forget sunbathing when you have this company. >> i think he wanted her place on the towel. >> yeah. >> a look at the inconsiderate behavior.
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untreated hearing loss can keep your loved ones from enjoying what they cherish most. (woman) dad, can you hear me? (narrator) don't let that happen. speak up about hearing loss. you'll be glad you did. closed captioning provided by -- amel. thankfully she uses act® restoring™ mouthwash. it restores minerals to enamel for 40% stronger teeth. act®. smile strong. we're on the streets of buenos aires in argentina. pulling off a good job with parallel parking. but it's immediately followed up by a perfect example of appalling parking. you see this car pull up and crosses in front. even goes up on the pavement. it's then when you notice there are two guys walking along and they walk right up to this car. watch this. >> they're not parking.
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they're blocking him in. >> yes. they're trying to jack this person. >> they are trying to kidnap this person. >> whoa. >> and you're going to see just how quickly it happens. because while they're using that car to block. you see as these guys come up alongside, the dude opens the door slightly. goes inside. now this white car drives away with this dude inside. >> no. what happened? >> inside the car, described as a celebrity lawyer. he's well known because he was dating an actress at the time but they've recently broken up. once he was taken away, he was forced to shut off the gps on his phone and forced to call his grandmother when they asked for rans ransom. ransom they paid. $1800 u.s. he was released on the side of a highway. his car was also recovered. you're thinking great. no. they released him but not until roughing him up. he had a broken jaw and ribs. over to china now. keep an eye on the right-hand
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side. as this woman is cycling along, the guy is running up behind her picking her pocket. >> how do you not hear the foot steps of somebody running behind you? i guess all the traffic noise? >> yeah, yeah. pretty loud. he's being sneaky. but the second he took it, the hero on the motorbike responds. you give it right back and guess what. they do. >> yeah. >> that's why motorcyclists wear all that cool looking gear and helmet. all you have to do is point. >> it was like the dad thing. hey, say sorry, give that back. >> get going. i know your dad. that lab is in oklahoma. he's wet and rolling around in the dirt and on his owner. >> why you got to be that way, man? >> at this point in the video, after he does this for about a minute, this is what i figured
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out. i think he wanted her place on the towel. >> yeah, obviously.shameless. that is inconsiderate. she's out there just trying to get some sun rays. >> good boy. >> enabling. >> we go from labs to golden retrievers. this is at the golden friends forever resort for this breed. >> breed-specific dog spa? >> yes. >> okay. we've reached peak world. >> they say they treat guests like champions. i'd say champion is for pooch. i love how some of them are running around. there's a little one on the side. you can see some of them are running back and forth before they do the final jump. at the end of this short video that was on their instagram page, most of the dogs were in
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the water. >> they have a better life than us. she's getting revenge on her man. >> remember last week when i brought you the story of slaman cheating on his girlfriend kate? >> this guy is asking for it. >> but see her interesting comeback. >> i'm just not in love with you. >> oh, come on. this is such a soap opera. plus an episode of when a golf cart flies. >> oh. i'm leaving you, wesley. but why? you haven't noticed me in two years. i was in a coma. well, i still deserve appreciation. who was there for you when you had amnesia? you know i can't remember that. stop this madness. if it's appreciation you want you should both get snapshot from progressive. it rewards good drivers with big discounts on car insurance. i have news. i've used most of our cellular data. come on, susan lucci! ♪
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remember last week when i brought you the story of slaiman cheating on his girlfriend kate? >> this guy. he's just asking for it. >> yeah. he doesn't get enough. >> pretending like he cheated on her was too much. so now she's right outside his house. she calls him. asks him to come out. >> wish me luck. >> he comes down to the car. gets inside. >> what's up? is everything all right? >> the other day, like, when you did that thing and, like, pranked me by, like, pretending like you cheated on me and stuff, like, just made me feel, like, really crap -- like, my boyfriend wants to make me feel like crap and then put it on the internet for a laugh. >> a girl can only take so much. >> that's part of his business. i hate so say it, these pranks, that's what he does. that's how he earns a buck. >> so that's for you to take
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back. >> she even takes a ring he bought her for her birthday. >> i bought this for your freaking be d. >> i know, but i don't want to keep, like, those mementos and memories i don't need to be reminded of, okay? >> he tries to convince her to stay. she's got more news. >> right after i graduate, i'm going to be moving to london. >> you're going to london? >> yeah, i am going to london and it is an awesome opportunity and it's a job i would never get to do in australia. especially straight out of university. >> now he goes back to his house and disappears. he comes back. >> my whole world is coming to an end right now because you're my world. i don't know. >> yeah. because how's he going to maintain his youtube channel if he doesn't have a girlfriend to torture? >> let's face it. people are watching this channel for her. she's the cute one. >> one day i was going to give this to you because i saw a future with us.
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>> he's holding on engagement ring she starts crying and confesses this is all a joke. >> i'm so sorry, slaiman. i was just joking with you. i'm so sorry. i had no idea. >> the thing is, now he's the one that indignant by this prank. >> don't be upset. i'm so sorry. >> it's a soap opera. >> call it a truce. give youtube a break. >> slaiman. >> to be continued. this is what you would call mental. >> yeah! ooh! oh, no. not going to end well. >> i would call that a spinal compression. >> wait for it. oh. >> oh. >> i'm genuinely impressed by
2:02 am
the amount of air he managed to get out of a golf cart. >> i'm impressed the amount of air he thought he was going to get to begin with. >> well, what happens in your mind and what the reality is is really different. >> that's exactly my golf game. speaking of golf game, little jace here. this is his first time. as y'all know it's frustrating. he's like hit it in the hole, son. and well, no. >> stop. now do it. >> there's a delicate touch required to putting that isn't quite there for the younger kids. take my kids to mini golf, it's like, come on, guys. >> and now he's right there. you're there, kid. you're there. >> what comes next? has to teach him the putter throw. >> oh, he's got that one on it. don't worry. >> i'm done. >> the end.
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it's time for real or fake starting with a trippy view of a camera under a running faucet. >> oh. >> that's pretty cool. >> then he's riding that ride like a boss. >> totally fake. you can't stand up in that without a nasa suit. >> and something spooky in the middle of the
2:04 am
2:05 am
sell it. that's the question. >> hit us up on twitter, chris. >> that's amazing. ♪ grab your coffee, maybe your wine. it's about that time to hang out with our boy mac dreidel. >> that's right, that's right. mac dreidel back in the scene. stacking that green. you know what i mean? let's roll the clips. >> it's payday. >> don't be teasing us like that. >> video number one.
2:06 am
>> oh, this is like the underside of a faucet we're looking at. >> okay. >> that's pretty cool. >> almost making it look like a stream of water coming out of your faucet. it's like hollow on the inside. >> maybe that's the illusion. but i think they're showing us how it is you can see through the water. >> so what is it, my friend? >> i'm with you. it's real. almost looks like a black hole or so warped situation. but it's just a faucet. >> second video. >> watch this closely. >> no. >> that's a cardboard cutout. >> i believe it. if you've got strong core strength, this could be a possibility. >> let me tell you.
2:07 am
>> totally fake. you can't stand up in centrifugal forces like that. i think this is totally possible. >> i'm going with real. >> in fact, i think he may even work on this ride. >> so the table is split. >> this is what i like. the tie breaker. so i've been on a lot of carnival rides. you know, gravitron used to be my favorite. there were experts on that ride that would walk. and walk around in a circle. if they can do that, i'm going real on that. but it was a close call. >> last video. >> oh, oh, oh. >> they're coming across what looks like someone sitting down the middle of the road. >> fake. they set it up. >> i'm with you. i think it's fake. first you get inquisitive. >> i think it's fake. the reaction sucks. because i would be o


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