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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  June 1, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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investigating 12 others. this morning we are hearing from steph curry. >> amy hollyfield is live for us at oracle arena. >> reporter: all gold everything. that is the theme today. look at the arena, here, and so the arena is ready for the big game. the warriors had practice yesterday and they talked about the epic match-up and what is on the line and facing lebron james and all of them saying they feel good. steph curry is speaking out this morning on "good morning america" in an interview, and they talk about all kinds of topics including the price of fame. >> on a daily basis, that's the hardest thing, just go to a grocery store and pick up stuff and not run into anybody and
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have to talk about basketball, something like that, can't do it. >> hard to imagine steph curry at the grocery store. there are still tickets available online. this is a sellout, but there are people reselling their tickets there and that's where to recommend you go because you will avoid getting fake tickets at reporting live, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. it all kicks off today at 5:00 with larry and mike shumann with the pregame show brought you by sheejeep. and then the coverage starts at 5:30 here on abc7, your home for the nba finals. and then graffiti on the home of lebron james is now a hate crime.
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james is here in the bay area are for the finals, and he had powerful words to share about the prevalence of racism in our country. >> no matter how famous you are and no matter how many people admire you, you know, being black in america, it's tough. we have a long way to go. >> he said he hopes the incident prompts a continued conversation in the country, and nobody was home at the time, and police are looking at survey to help identify the culprit. white house officials indicate the president will keep the campaign pledge and remove the u.s. from the deal. the president has been known to change his mind on major decisions at the last minute.
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195 countries adopted the agreement in 2015 which is aimed at reducing carbon admissions. jams comey is ready to break his science about meetings with president trump. there's word he's going to testify as early as next week, and james mueller leading the investigation has okay'd the testimony. and state news is at the top of the agenda. zuckerberg will about the fake news. while the company has taken steps to address the problem it has not gone far enough. some of the shareholders are concerned about the fake news ad facebook's representation. and then a missing girl, a
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15-year-old girl ran away from an assessment center after disappearing weeks before. cal osha is reviewing records for water slides across the state in an effort to find similar slides like the one the 10-year-old boy was injured on. it has an 80-degree angle. two slides at raging waters in cal are similar. the wave park in dublin is closed this weekend and the slides are closed indefinitely. the company that manages the big wave contest plans to sell assets to the highest bidder. this year's event was canceled and the sale includes the four years of the permit issued by
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the district, and the minimum bid is set at $1 million. the winner of the bid will be revealed on wednesday. here's one area where we are not dealing with fog. san mateo bridge, as we look westbound you can see to the other side. a little drizzle and fog, so we will say caution for your commute planner this morning. on the bay, breezy north of the bay bridge, and mass transit, damp in some areas but dry this afternoon. we could have flight arrival delays at sfo because of the clouds. weeds, grass, mold, low. uv index, could burn in 10 to 15 minutes today. in the mid to upper 50s until you get out at highway 4. and we're 60 right now, and a little warmer there and cooler in places like santa rosa and novato, and 54 in san francisco. 77, that's our average high in
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san jose. san jose. at noon we will be at 70 and afternoon, 77. the weekend not looking quite as warm as it did a couple days ago. i will show you that and the rest of the accuweather 7-day forecast next. here's sue. we had heavy thick fog on the golden gate bridge and not so much here in san rafael, and looks like our camera just went back so it looks good traffic wise. we'll look at the central valley, slow traffic for those of you headed into tracy and dublin, and still a 30-minute drive. we have a roadwork out there still in lanes northbound 101 approaching sir francis drake, and that stretch of road, the right lane is blocked there so not seeing too slow of traffic but that should be picked up at 5:00. the battle over a proposed
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cement plant in the north bay is coming to a head. those fighting it will have today to sway lawmakers. a record number of college-bound students are honored in the east bay and how they are overcoming the odds. a live look at the bay a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza right now.
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>> announcer: now a update. >> from "abc7 mornings." we have breaking news coming in. a deadly explosion in wisconsin at plant that turns ethanol into corn -- i should say corn into ethanol. one person is dead and at least two are missing. 16 employees were inside at the time of the blast. many do have major injuries. this is close to mad sson, wisconsin, and a rescue team is looking for the missing. there were multiple power outages earlier this morning and right now there are several highways closed nearby as well. we expect a press briefing sometime this morning and i will let you know when that happens. >> jess, thank you. take a look at the video. do you recognize that man? he is asuspected
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off a burglar alarm but left before officers arrived. the sheriff's office posted this video online hoping somebody will rescue him and call them. and then a controversial plan to build a ship factory. the city council will allow the public to comment at 4:00 a.m. prior to the vote. ireland-based company is appealing and they want to spend $50 million to turn a flour plant into a cement factory, and many are upset because they say it will bring waisste. and then extending alcohol sales from the current 2:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. the measure by the state senator of san francisco would apply to
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bars and restaurants. critics are concerned it could risk public safety by giving people more time to get drunk. bar owners say it would significantly help their business. bringing high speed internet into businesses has hit a snag. it was supposed to be finished this month and now it won't be completed until the end of the summer. the study is looking at the cost and partnership options of building high internet across the city. supporters of an effort to split off northern california into its own state are stepping up their battle. they rallied up their battle claiming northern county are under represented in state government, and they northe northern percent of the state have less. >> we have no representation to say how our tax money is spent.
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we can't effect events for the simplest things in our lives. >> organizers want to form their own state called jefferson. if they can't get that to pass they want a forced overall representation across the state. a record number of high schools in the east bay are going on to college thanks to special scar holarships. their persistence and determination is turning out in a big way. >> many have already overcome adversity. >> i am not standing on this stage because my dad is in prison i am here because of what i decided to do in the situation. >> she turned to theater. >> i never chose to be an activist, i just decided to not be a victim. >> she's the tip of the iceberg.
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a record number 400 students are receiving scholarships. more than $3 million are being given this year. >> i don't think i would be able to go to school i'm going to without their support. >> sending students to call knowledge with scholarship money is not enough. the goal is graduation. they connect every student with a mentor to make that happen. >> they picked me, perfect. >> a retired teacher shares her love of theater. >> she's willing to drive up to oregon and hangout with me and go see shows with me. >> the program has an 80% graduation rate, and that's four times the national average for students from low income back grounds. >> those are phenomenal statistics. >> in oakland, abc7 news. >> awesome to see. congrats to all of them. >> that's wonderful. it's graduation time and it's also dubs time.
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>> yeah, blue and gold, and i see you are wearing it and going strong there. >> i think all of us are happy for what is going to happen tonight. absolutely. good morning, everybody. let's talk about getting through the rest of the day first. we are looking at the south bay, and looking back at the bay bridge. you can see it gets swallowed by the low clouds and fog and drizzle this morning but will become mostly sunny quickly today. the weekend is cooler and definitely breezy. summer warmth we will will bupu off into next week. and then into our east bay valleys, temperatures today, a lot like yesterday, about 73 to 76 from milpitas to san jose. on the peninsula, low to mid-70s. most neighbors, guess who is the outlier, yeah, millbrae at 68. sunshine at the coast today.
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temperatures 59 to 62 degrees. 65 in downtown, and south san francisco 68. same thing in sausalito. upper 50s here you can see in the north bay. along the coast 75 to about 79 through your valleys. along the east bay shore, 75. and 76 in pleasanton. and here's a look at the cloud cover tonight. not quite as extensive. temperatures cooler, 51 to 54. here's my accuweather 7-day forecast. a little warmer tomorrow but it's brief as you can see, saturday and sunday the breezes keep us in the 60s, 70s, and then the 60s, 70s, and 80s and 90s for monday, tuesday and wednesday. we are headed to the san mateo bridge which the last couple of mornings have been troublesome. so far at 4:46, knock on wood, everything
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smooth. and then the golden gate has a fog advisory out there. heads up for those of you who are traveling through 880 near san leandro, we had a full closure of the ramp from northbound 880 to 238 and that has been re-opened. there was a toxic spill there that they had to clean up. matt keller is on the way there and he will have more on that story, but the good news is it's open for your morning commute. happening today, two students from the bay area will be among 40 finalists to put their talents to the test. >> sadly, one who caught early attention will not be with them. attention will not be with them. >> >> correct. >> that is the youngest
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contestant ever in the bee, and she could not have done better but her scores in the prelim were not high enough. the contestants in the bay area did move on. 12-year-old from san ramon, and you can watch the national spelling bee live. >> in defense of the 6-year-old, that was the easiest word spelled. fisher set up a spoon on a desk and squeezed the pudding out of the bag, and then he began to eat it and then it starts to drift away. before it gets too far, he opens his mouth and -- >> eww. >> i don't like this. >> just sucking in the pudding
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there. >> i hope you are not eating your breakfast, because, gross. and if you are ever deceived into buying one diet pill. >> and then struggling to hold on in san francisco, how an unlikely ally may step in to help. first, this morning's tech bytes. >> apple may be ready to enter the smart speaker battle. apple may announce its smart sneaker next monday. such a device would rival google home. apple has not commented. and the use of fingerprints as a border pass is being tested. >> one day it could be used to allow passengers to quickly check bags and even board flights. you are looking at the world's
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largest plane built by microsoft co-founder, paul alan. >> it has a 385-foot >> it has a 385-foot and weighs 5,000 pou
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since leaving the white house. the barack obaobamas plan to ren washington until their daughter is finished with college. passengers pay a small fee and drivers earn a small amount of money. this type of service still has a long way to go. a recent survey finds 20% of people use ride hailing to commute to work and then they do it sporadically. if you ever purchased a green coffee bean supplement, you may have a refund coming to you. and they were sold at retailers like walmart and the company deceived people saying they could lose weight in six weeks without dieting. and then putting a hold on summer mountain sports. the ski season is going to be
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one of the longest in history. the good news for skiers, and a down side for mountain bikers. it will have limited operations in the summer because they have all that snow. let's talk about when you will see sunshine in your neighborhood. here's a look at my fog cast. you can see all of us clouded over by 7:00. as we head to 9:00 all the way through noon, most of the bay clears out. there will be a few areas of fog, very limited around the bay, but the coast does open up a little bit especially across the north bay. let's talk about if you are going to the game tonight, heading in, 66. and heading home, about 60. san francisco, we see a big jump in temperatures in june from 66 to 69. our high from the first to the 30th, 53 to 54. and as warm as 103 and as cold as 46. take a look at the emeryville camera, a little hazy
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here and a solid stream of headlights through berkeley to the maacarthur maze. we have a four-car accident involving a big rig as well, and so it's early enough we are not seeing a lot of slow traffic but that will hamper your morning commute. once again, it's westbound 80, two left lanes where 580 merges in and near the albany area and gilman street as well. heads up and we will follow that for you. it's a dream come true at auction for one deadhead. one favorite tkpwguitar was sold a charity auction in brooklyn last night. the a bay area family may have
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turned to an unlikely ally to save an old part of san francisco. it sits under the shadow. it houses a clocker's black smith. the shop is still in operation more than 100 years after it opened. he still turns on the fire pit with matches and newspaper. he is still forging tools, however the business is dying. the owners want to preserve the shop but are under pressure to sale. >> we get calls weekly and we are trying to hold out and find a route to save this place. >> modernizing the shop won't be cheap. a cannabis club may come to the rescue. money it would generate would help clockers stay in business. and police rushed to look for a boy that was
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he ran away because he gave himself a hair cut and didn't want to explain that to his family. the officer steps in and gives him a new cut. all in a day's work, ri why several local planned parent hoods are closing down at the end of this month. here at the live desk, just getting this video. a train crash overseas and i am gathering the breaking details next. next. and police
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good morning, bay area. fog in the headline as you wake up this morning. you will have to take our word for it, and sue's, and everybody else's. >> you can barely see it. >> the bay bridge a little better lit but you can barely see the tower and a good reminder to take it easy as you hit the roads. >> inside oracle. no fog at all. the countdown begins for game one of the nba finals. >> looks good. >> yes. >> it's new beginnings, because it's thursday, june 1st. it's the third year in a row we are facing the cavs, and hopefully different this time than last time. the countdown until espn's coverage here on abc7 on the screen. >> kick it off, mike. >> i sold the bridge. i put the money down to the cavs -- not the cavs, excuse me. >> whoa!


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