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my left. he's working on his hook shots right here. but this is where it's happening. this is it. the wait is over, and finally we are going to get the warriors and the cavs. you want to call it the rematch, the trilogy, whatever you like to describe it as, we are here and it's never happened before in nba history that we've had the same two teams in the final three years in a row. you would have thought maybe lakers and celtics would have happened way back when in their glory years. this is it, first time ever. so many story lines. you pick whatever your favorite is. kevin durant was criticized widely for joining the warriors super team. this is a chance for him to silence his critics. haven't seen k.d. out for his warm ups yet. the star players often come out a little bit later. how about redemption for draymond green suspended in the finals last year because of the activities with lebron, they got into it in game four. and a reasonable person might
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assume if draymond had not been suspended, the warriors would be back to back nba champions. so, draymond more than anybody else, he wants the cavaliers, and he wants -- as he said, a direct quote -- he wants to destroy them. steph curry as well, two-time mvp struggled in the stretch last year. the injury, the knee, the ankle, he wants the cavs. one last story we're following, this story has gone back and forth. steve kerr, he's been sidelined, mike brown has been coaching. there have been some media reports indicating kerr might come back tonight to coach in the finals. we have no indication that that's happening. that's the other story we're following. lots to talk about and we will do so in the next hour and our pregame show brought to you by chief at 5:00. for now that's a wrap. dan, alma, back to you. >> outstand being larry. so many fabulous story lines. appreciate it. >> oakland police gets ready. they tweeted this photograph today of her sporting warriors
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socks. >> the parking lot at oracle arena is filling up as we look live from sky 7. tonight's game is a total sell out. >> planning to attend the game is hip-hop artist capital d who has a long history with the warriors. >> long and complicated really. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman is outside the arena with the story. wayne? >> reporter: capitals these days may not be familiar to you, but if you attend the game tonight, or if you watch it on television, trust us, his work, his handy work, is all around. strictly business just another day at the office, everybody gets some slack, especially here. the warriors, everywhere. >> i don't know that i have a favorite. >> reporter: nor should he say because this isn't just any office. it's the warriors front office and david kelly, the team's top lawyer. what is locked up in your head that you can't tell me? >> i can't tell you, but it's locked up in there. ♪ >> reporter: here's what's not
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locked up. ever see this video, hear of hip-hop artist capital d? david kelly is one and the same. the same expression for master of language who likes to write whether those words are legal or come from the street. >> you'll have your slang, your term, your street terms that become slang and you have your business terms that become slang. people don't recognize a slang. people like to say on the business side it rate. innovate, all these new words. idea ate. a cadence to certain things. these are slang words people use in the business world. >> reporter: he grew up in chicago, dropped out of howard university for a record deal, went back, attended law school and still kept performing. there is a lesson in that, about having a back up plan. what would be your best advice for inspiring a hip-hop artist? >> create options. go for it, believe in yourself. >> reporter: and maybe, just maybe they'll find the best of both worlds.
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♪ in oakland, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> now abc7 espn coverage of game one of the nba final starts tonight 5:30 right here on abc7 news abc7. you see the count down clock showing 1 hour 26 minutes five seconds before coverage begins game one. larry beil and mike shumann for the #dubson7 pregame show brought to you by jeep. that's just ahead at 5:00 p.m. >> well, we have plenty more news to cover this afternoon. in fact, we have breaking news out of the south bay where we are waiting for the verdict in the case against three jail guards accused of beating an inmate to death. let's take a live look at the superior court in san jose where a decision will be announced in about ten minutes. we are at the courthouse awaiting that announcement. former santa clara county main jail guards are accused in the 2015 murder of michael tyree and could face life in prison if convicted. we're going to bring you that decision as soon as it comes
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down. >> the other breaking news today, president trump's decision to withdraw from the paris climate accord and potentially renegotiate it. that decision is sparking a lot of backlash this afternoon. the leaders of france, germany and italy say the deal cannot be renegotiated and they will step up efforts to support the poorest and most threatened nations. tesla ceo elon musk says he is leaving the presidential councils of which he is a member. in a tweet he says, climate change is real, leaving paris is not good for america or the world. abc7 news reporter janai norman has more now, reaction from washington, d.c. >> reporter: another campaign promise kept. >> i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh, not paris. >> reporter: president trump announcing in the rose garden today the united states will officially withdraw, joining syria and nicaragua and not being a part of the paris climate accord. under the agreement more than 190 countries committed to cutting greenhouse gas emissions
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in an effort to combat climate change. trump wants to increase fossil fuel output in hopes of reviving the coal industry, more americans are in coal washes, theme parks and even arby's ploys more workers than the coal industry. >> global warming, it's a hoax. >> reporter: the president had strong opinions coming in from both sides of the inner circle. the it is a win for chief strategist steve bannon who along with 22 senate republicans pushed for trump to pull out of the deal and it marks a loss for ivanka trump, jared kushner and even the pope. apple ceo tim cook and tesla's head elon musk who all lobbied to stay. >> i think withdrawing from the paris accord is a historic monumental mistake. >> down here in south florida we understand the environment and the economy are one in the same. >> clearly the agreement remains irreversible. >> reporter: withdrawing from the paris climate agreement won't happen overnight. the u.s. has to wait three years
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before it is eligible to withdraw and then another year before that takes effect. president trump is essentially stuck with the agreement until just after the 2020 election. janai norman, abc7 news, washington. >> in response to the president's decision, governor brown says this. donald trump has absolutely chosen the wrong course. he's wrong on facts, wrong on science, totally wrong. the governor elaborated in a call with the media this afternoon. listen. >> this is an insane move by this president. the world depends on a sustainable future. he is going the other way. it's going to affect people's health, the stability of countries. our entire future. so, yes, this is bad. it's tragic. but out of that tragedy, i believe america and the rest of the world will mobilize. >> governor brown talking with reporters today. now, the governor travels to china tomorrow to talk about climate change. the founder of the bay area organization that advocates for the environment today called the president's decision foolish.
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>> he is basically attacking the american people. i think he's leaving -- he is abandoning american leadership in the world. he's basically decided we don't have allies, we don't work with other people, and we're not going to lead the world on a moral and economic basis. >> tom steyer from next general climate says environmental research will suffer greatly. he calls on cities and states to implement their own environmentally friendly policies. >> developing now in the philippines, police say an attack on a resort is not linked to terrorism. >> i can hear gunshots. oh, my god. [ screaming ] >> at least one masked gunman opened fire on hotel guests at resorts world manila. an upper floor of a nearby mall was on fire. the national police chief says robbery may have been the motive. the gun men stole gambling chips and poured gasoline on gaming tables. police are still searching for
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him. >> cannot give you specific details of the operation because that could jeopardize what they are actually doing inside the building. >> there is no word on the number of injuries. >> well, new at 4:00, a pastor in menlo park is accused of sexual assault. police say several victims, both children and adults, have come forward at the el senor el senor justicicia. he is charged with six counts. investigators say there could be more victims. >> a 20-year-old vallejo man is out of surgery and resting after he was shot by vallejo police. it happened last night in martinez on ellis road just off pacheco boulevard. officers say they opened fire after the man rammed a car into their police cruiser. his family isn't buying that story. abc7 news anchor eric thomas is live in martinez at the scene . shooting. eric. >> reporter: everything came to a head last night just before
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10:00 in that rocky that you see behind me. that's where vallejo police shot and wounded kevin de car low. they have opposing views of what led up to the shooting. the suspect 20-year-old kevin de carlo was conscious and moving when they loaded him into the ambulance suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. >> i just heard rapid, you know, gun fire. >> we heard a pau-pau-pau type thing. >> reporter: what they heard was vallejo police opening fire on de car low after the car he was in ran off into this ditch. his father believes they used excessive force. >> he had no gun on him. why would they go and run somebody off the road and shoot him like ha? >> reporter: vallejo police wouldn't go on camera but they released a written statement. it says a $100,000 warrant was issued after police unsuccessfully tried to pull de car low over for reckless driving may 25. two days later officers spotted him again when he got away after ramming his car into a police
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vehicle. last night they traced him to a home on ellis road where he tried to drive away and rammed the police car again. that's when they say they opened fire. >> i'm not saying my boy is an an gel, but he does not deserve to be shot at like this. >> he's a young kid and they do this to him? they tried to kill him [ bleep ]. >> reporter: a vallejo officer suffered minor injuries. it is being investigated by the val vallejo police and contra costa. eric thomas, abc7 news. >> san francisco is taking a harder line on drug use and homelessness in the city. this morning mayor ed lee presented his two-year budget to the board of supervisors. it included resource centers for the homeless. fund's new efforts to eliminate tent cities springing up and an outreach team to control problem areas. >> public drug use is not acceptable in san francisco. it is harmful to the people
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injecting drugs. it is harmful to the people witnessing the abuse. >> the budget also creates a $60 million reserve in case the federal government dee funds the affordable care act or other social services. >> planned parenthood said three services are going to close coming up. why these locations were chosen. >> spencer christian. warmer, cooler, much warmer again. all in the accuweather forecast coming up. >> spencer, thank you very much. plus new information and new video on one of the most
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sky 7 is live over oakland international airport which is expecting a lot of private jets for tonight's warriors game. last year celebrities including dave chappelle, drake and ashton kuchar came for the finals. they are making adjustments so flights are not delayed. people who live nearby might hear more planes than usual. >> warriors fans have been showing team pride using the hashtag, #dubson7. >> abc7 news anchor kristen sze is here with pictures you shared with us. hi, kristen. >> it's like asking which warrior is your favorite. here we go. andre a shared this video of her boy, check out the adorable dance moves. pretty cool. patricia mitchell of concord sharing this video of one year old riley also learning his cheers. imagine you can hear the music. a young fan.
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eryn shares this, dubs license plate. plenty of fans in the animal kingdom. jim shows this cool cat doing his best lebron stare down. and here is scooter. he's a therapy dog all decked out in fan gear. workers at the alameda county social services agency shows an office that cheers together stays together. and the family from san jose proves there is truly strength in numbers. we'd love to share your warriors photos all through the finals. just post them on social media using the #dubson7. dan and alma? >> kristen, thank you. heads up on jeopardy, wheel of fortune fans, they won't air at the usual time because of the warriors game. wheel of fortune will air at 9:30 this evening, jeopardy will run at 2:12 in the morning. set your dvr's. >> we were hoping to tailgate at the arena. stay outside, the warriors will have a great game. >> wae're starting to feel that
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warm up, spencer. >> we are indeed. i'll show you the next seven days. generally the warm est locations in a warm up, concord will be 85 degrees. the entire bay area will cool down a few degrees, not much, low 80s in concord. most locations will see a 2 to 3 drop off. temperatures back up again monday. tuesday high temperatures in the upper 80s near 90 tapering off gradually to low 80s again. right now we have clear skies, sunny skies around the bay area. mild out there. nice commuting weather for those going to the warriors game tonight. right now we just got a little patch of coastal fog, but it's sunny everywhere else. this is the view from the rooftop here at abc7 looking out over the embarcadero and the bay. 63 in san francisco, 67 in oakland, 72 mountain view, 67 half moon bay. emeryville, there will be more traffic headed toward oracle
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arena shortly as tip off is 6:00 p.m.? yes, here at abc7. 80 santa rosa, 81 napa, 75 novato, 75 at livermore. these are the pregame weather conditions. sunny skies, breezy in oakland going into the late afternoon, early evening hours. about 68 degrees at 5:00 p.m. so, weather won't be a factor as you are trying to get to the game. traffic might be. temperature will drop about 10 degrees or so going into the mid evening hours. this is the view of the golden gate bridge where skies are mostly blue, and these are our forecast features. sunnier and warmer tomorrow. brief cool down this weekend as i pointed out earlier with the graphic showing concord's high temperatures. it will be warming up again early next week. let's take a look at our fog cast animation. going into the late night fog spreading inland as it has. temperatures will be bottoming out in the low to mid 50s in most locations at 5:00.
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by midday we'll see the fog pulling back to the coast line. notice the warm up. by midday low 80, mid-'80s in places like concord, livermore up in the north bay, santa rosa, napa, low to m mid-'80s. 68 the high in san francisco tomorrow. half moon bay high of 65. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. notice the increase in clouds. not a lot. high clouds, coastal fog will be there. breezy, slightly cooler saturday and sunday. monday, tuesday, temperatures bounce back, tuesday we'll see inland highs 90 degrees, 80s on the bay, gradual cool down next week. week of lovely weather ahead. >> yeah, it does. thanks, spencer. >> enter the world of south park, next a brand-new fest valve comes to san francisco and it's nothing it laugh at.
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>> and let's give you a sneak peek inside oracle arena. we'll check in live with sports director
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oracle arena is ready. check this out. 19,596 t-shirts are waiting for the fans who will be attending tonight. sold out game one of the finals, fans and players alike are seeing this series as a do-over for last year when the warriors led a three-game lead, 3-1 lead, remember, slip away. the warriors are a perfect 12-0 in the playoffs this year. so they're coming in pretty hot to the finals. >> leave last year behind. >> quickly fading. >> yes. corgis, ice cream, beer festival happening in save. >> reggie from abc mornings has those ideas from our partners at hoodline. >> hoodline is taking us to
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camp, beer camp. sierra me vac sierra nevada has the beer camp. it comes to pier 48 in mission bay. it will feature hundreds of tastings. one admission gives you access to them all. live music will have a beer drinking contract for you and food trucks are there to balance out the brew. if you're looking for something a little more artistic, hope more dance is doing a show called precarious. friday and saturday you can make this actually a whole evening by starting with the walking tour through soma and the tenderloin and ending with this show. the theme of the night is the history of labor in the city and the struggle of art as they keep getting priced out of their spaces. if all you want to do is eat ice cream surrounded by dogs with stum pi legs, that is available this weekend. submit eni-- cream with corgi and do cor
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zbr gi things. you can get to it through our website, hope you have fun this weekend. >> the stage is almost set for the debut of a new kind of comedy festival. it's called cluster fest and it has taken over san francisco's civic center. 50 comedians will perform including kevin seinfeld and kevin heart. visitors can wander around a replica of seinfeld's living room, hang out in the bar in philadelphia or experience the world of south park. >> all of the sort of photographic opportunities, these great instagram moments, the greatest south park episode. we have 14 different places where you can go and take photos with things from the boys by the sign post and all of these great iconic moments. >> cluster fest kicks off tomorrow. the festival is being put together by comedy central and the promoters of outside lands.
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>> that looks fun. coming up next on abc7 news at 4:00, speaking of fun, we're going to go back live to oracle arenas we get ready for game one of the nba final. >> you're going to meet a fan who says his ought graphed toaster is one reason the dubs keep winning games. >> plus where planned parenthood patients can go after three bay area clinics close at the end of the month. >> and we continue to monitor the superior court in san jose where we are expecting breaking news, a verdict in the case of
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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> and here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. plup has decided to withdraw the u.s. from the landmark paris climate accord. the decision has been met with, of course, criticism. this afternoon the leaders of france, italy and germany defiantly said the agreement cannot be negotiated as president trump has demanded. a lot of that criticism is coming from the business community. sales force ceo has been particularly vocal tweeting this. deeply disappointed by president's decision to withdraw from the paris agreement. we will double our efforts to fight climate change. at least one democratic senator has broken ranks to support the president's decision. west virginia senator joe manchin tweeted this statement saying, the agreement didn't ensure a balance between the environment and the economy.
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now to the nba finals, we're getting close to tip off at oracle arena. the golden state warriors will take on the cleveland cavaliers the third straight year. abc7 news sports director larry beil joins us live from oracle. hey, larry. >> we are knee deep in media here. we are surrounded by guys. we have to shew them away to get the live shots done. fans are starting to stream in. steph curry just came out for his warm ups. draymond green, i tell you, draymond is so loose and looks so relaxed. when he was warming up, at one point he grabbed a member of the media who happened to be standing on the side that said, hey, pass me the ball. he was working on his three-point shot. the guy was looking at him, you want me to what? he said, pass me the ball. he would catch the ball in rhythmic fashion and shoot it. the media guy was like totally stunned. draymond, at my last check, was
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taking pictures with a bunch of people. if the warriors are feeling any stress at all, it certainly is not clear. now, they haven't played in a long time. nine days off and they've only played 13 games in the last 46 days. you just saw a shot of steph curry there going through his warm ups. i think that's much more preferable than the situation last year when steph was hurt, hobbled through the okc series. the warriors were able to overcome a deficit in that series, but he struggled in the nba finals. one final thought to wrap it up. steve kerr talked about playing with joy. some of the assistant coaches in the warm ups were talking about that's great, but against the cavs we need grit and we need physicality. certainly when dealing with lebron jim cramer. in 15 minutes i'll talk with an old friend from espn. there is a huge international contingent of media here.


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