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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 2, 2017 1:07am-1:38am PDT

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>> three south bay sheriffs deputies guilty of murder. tonight they await their punishment for the beatling death of a mentally ill inmate. good evening once again, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm alma daetz. michael tyree was beaten to death inside the santa clara county jail nearly two years ago. >> today matthew ferris, jera and rafael rodriguez were found guilty of tyree's murder. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo was live in court when the verdict was read and she is live with the report. katie? >> reporter: dan, the officers were out on bail today. they were handcuffed in front of their loved ones as they were taken out of the courtroom. their wives and mothers calling out to them saying that they love them as they were being taken away now convicted murderers. the families left the courthouse quickly after watching their loved ones be convicted of second degree murder.
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district attorney jeff rosen said justice was served. >> he is gone now, but michael tyree's tragedy was worthy of our outrage. his death will never be invisible. >> reporter: michael who was bipolar was beaten to death in his cell in august of 2015. fellow inmates testified they heard tyree screaming for help. >> even though they have long criminal histories, needed to be evaluated individually as to whether or not they were telling the truth and this jury saw that they were. >> reporter: the sister did not want to speak with us on camera, but she issued this statement. michael was a human being. those jurors recognized that. he was loved. he mattered then and he will continue to matter with this verdict. sheriff lauri smith said the death served as a catalyst for jail reform. >> the acts carried out by these three individuals have tarnished the reputation of this profession and of our entire agency. >> reporter: the jury did not reach a verdict on charges the men assaulted another inmate. the guards will be sentenced september 1st. they face 15 years to life.
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in san jose, katie marzullo, abc7 news. >> a fast-moving grass fire burned dangerously close to homes and apartments in fairfield this evening. sky 7 was over the scene near highway 12 and pennsylvania avenue after crews managed to extinguish most of the blaze. some of those apartments were evacuated as a precaution. no structures in the end were damaged. and a couple hours earlier another grass fire score muched an acre near sa soon valley road and business center drive. in both cases high winds fanned those flames. developing news, a pastor in a small congregation in menlo park is in jail. he sexually assaulted both children and adult members of his church. the reporter has reaction from parishioners. >> reporter: as members of the church, arrived for 7:30 mass, they found out their pastor was in jail. this church volunteer tells a
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friend, it's for sexual abuse of children. menlo park police arrested gomez today after several people came forward with similar stories of sexual abuse as children and as young adults. >> a person who is in a position of power is able to prey on people. it really is kind of disturbing because normally those people in power are trusted by the victims. >> reporter: she isn't surprised by the accusation. she says some people mentioned he touched a female member's breast and she then left the church. the suspect is married with three adult children who live in guatemala. the pastor has led this kongs re gags the last 12 years. police believe the assault took place right here in this building. in menlo park, abc7 news. >> new at 11:00, dramatic police body camera videos have been released in the officer involved shooting in the bay view district last month.
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listen. [ gunshots ] >> the may 21st police shooting happened near kasada avenue and rankin street where officers responded to a possible home invasion. authorities say one suspect fired first, and one officer identified as 12 year veteran thompson fired back. no one was hit. police released body camera videos from the three responding officers during a community meeting today. new tonight, the state senate has taken the first step toward creating a government-run universal health care system, but didn't spell out how or who would pay for it. the senate approved a bill to set up a system that would offer coverage to all californians regardless of the ability to pay or immigration status. the bill doesn't include a financing plan. it now goes to the state assembly. >> all right. let's turn your attention back now to the warriors and their big win against the cavs in game one of the nba finals tonight. >> that's right, you saw it right here on abc7.
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let's begin our team coverage with sports director larry beil inside oracle arena. larry. >> hey, alma, one down, three to go in this final series as the warriors take care of business in the series opener. they really blew out the cavs 113-91. as i mention, they remain perfect in this postseason. let's look at some of the highlights as celebrities came out. we had kevin hart court side along with jay z. and rhianna. they saw quite the show, a lot of dunks early on. initially inbound pass here, i don't know what was happening with lebron james. he wasn't paying attention and the result was a throw down by kevin durant who had 38, there were seven dunks by the warriors in the first quarter. in the third, block by k.d. resulted in a steph 3. he had 28 points, the warriors take the opener 113-91. kicking it, and leading the series one game to none. >> we're only going to do it together. that's just our whole mind-set. so, i just try to do my part,
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stay locked in on both ends and have some fun out there. but they're tough to stop. i think we did it as a group tonight. >> there's nothing that really needs to be said. we know we could play a lot better. we didn't play as well as we know we're capable of. we look forward to the next one. >> and lebron continued in his post game. he was asked what was the difference tonight and he said, durant. durant, he was a problem for sure. game two is sunday and be mindful of the early start. it's a 5:00 tip-off and with all the finals games you'll see them here on abc7. we'll have more in sports. dan, alma, back to you. >> thanks, larry. >> abc7 news reporter continues the team coverage. >> she's live at oracle. hi, katie. >> hi, alma. how would you like to walk into a warriors game, have it become a job and have it become a job that you keep for more than 50 years? i'm going to introduce you to that man.
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at 6'5" 1/2 inches, he's hard to miss. a former college player now puts his height to use as the warriors score keeper. a job he's held for more than five decades. >> 53 years, yeah, i was a younger man when all this started. in fact, i think i was probably 5 when i started. >> wow, yeah, i wasn't aware of how many years, but i know he's been here since before me. >> so, you recognize brad? >> yes, absolutely. >> reporter: fred walks onto the warriors organization so to speak. >> by chance, i was going to watch a warrior game back in 1963, i believe. >> reporter: a friend of his was keeping score. >> so, i worked alongside of him. the seat was better than i had when i was going in. >> reporter: he's held onto the center court seat next to warriors announcer matt horowitz. >> a lot of people don't realize this game is very fast. it helps if you're on top of your game like fred is. >> just no missed buckets for my
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dad this year. >> i have no bearing on that. i just record what's going on on the court. >> reporter: he's a fan of steph curry. >> he's probably one of the best shot makers i've seen in my 53 years. >> reporter: if there's a court side mvp, it may be fred. at oracle arena, katie, abc7 news. >> you know what's up next. game two, espn coverage starts sunday at 4:30 only on abc7. >> stay with us. only on abc7 news tonight a a story for any animal lover. >> an east bay shelter facing criticism. dan noyes is investigating. >> critics say the contra costa animal shelter is under staffed and overwhelmed. >> is there enough staff to clean the cages, to walk the dogs as much as they need to be walked? >> coming up, the women in charge answer our questions. >> i'm abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. get ready for a summer preview. i'll let you know if it will
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coincide with your weekend plans coming up. >> thanks, sandhya. new at 11:00, can you spell success? the california 6th grader coming home with a national spelling title tonight. >> here's a look at what's coming up on jimmy kimmel live after abc7 news at 11:00. jimmy. >> thank you, dan and alma. the following is a feast for your census. >> congratulations. >> thank you. two kids -- four kids. so, i guess it really is over. >> yeah, yeah, yeah.
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this is violet.
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she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
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a bay area animal shelter facing criticism tonight that it is poorly managed. >> some say they are concerned about the animals' welfare. the i-team dan noyes is here with an exclusive investigation. dan? >> alma and dan, the contra costa animal shelter in martinez has nearly 300 dogs with a thousand more animals coming in every month. critics say shelter staff seems overwhelmed and that too many healthy adoptable dogs are destroyed including at least one by mistake. >> i'm at the martinez shelter. >> i started volunteering. as i went to the shelter to adopt a dog. >> reporter: she saw peaches on a rescue group's website. when she got to the shelter -- >> found out that the dog that i came to rescue was put down
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hours before. so, i went to the parking lot and cried. >> reporter: more determined than ever, she became a volunteer and started her own rescue group. >> they have no room. they are overwhelmed. they're overcrowded. they will put dogs down for being overcrowded. >> reporter: critics say the stress on the system can lead to mistakes and one case stands out. barbie was a 4 year old pit, a rescue group had a foster family waiting. but before she could be picked up, she was put down. what happened? captain jane, executive director of the county. >> the notes weren't kept the way they should have been. >> reporter: two groups were in line to rescue barbie. the captain exists they learned from that fatal mistake. >> we have put into place some policies and procedures to make sure that we are checking and double-checking. >> reporter: she says they depend heavily on the rescue groups to get dogs adopted and to reduce the number of animals they are forced to euthanize. >> we are blessed because we have excellent transfer
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partners. >> reporter: but three rescue groups told us they have quit working with the shelter. one complained they have a poor sanitary conditions. >> this shelter in particular, i wouldn't give high marks for cleanliness. >> reporter: she leads hearts for paws. they've rescued more dogs from the shelter than anybody else this year. >> there are so many times i go in to look at the small animal cages where there's ten dogs completely covered in feces. >> reporter: she was concerned about an outbreak that led to a quarantine, highly contagious sometimes deadly virus spread by contact with contaminated feces. >> we closed those four words. >> reporter: she is the chief vet. we asked if unclean cages played any role in the quarantine. >> no. first of all, the cages are being cleaned. we have a staff that does a fabulous job. >> i have observed kennels with one dog that has had three or four incidents, three or four pops. >> reporter: animal behavior
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consultant visits the shelter every week with her rescue clients. >> when dogs are living in kennels in their own waste it is emotionally unhealthy for them. >> reporter: the shelter is woefully under staffed. is there enough staff to clean the cages, walk the dogs as much as they need to be walked? >> the good news is we intend to have staffing in a better place within the next six months. >> reporter: she tells us she has had cases where the evaluation of a dog's temperament is delayed for weeks and that means it isn't walked for weeks. >> i think it's always an issue in the shelter. we do our very best to get these animals out as fast as possible. >> reporter: dogs that go without walks for weeks can get sick or go mad. >> here's my reply, we're doing the best we can. no, you're not. if that's the best you can, you're in the wrong business. >> reporter: shelter officials tell us they are hiring a company to walk 60 dogs a week start thing fall and that no dogs die during the quarantine. we have links about this story on our website, dan and all na? >> thank you, dan.
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>> all right. let's turn our attention to really nice looking weather forecast. >> sandhya has the latest. >> we're going to see temperatures rise tomorrow, dan and alma. i want to show you a time lapse from our sfo camera. earlier this afternoon we had fog that sat around all day long near the coast line. notice that fog layer getting shallower and shallower as the day went on. and eventually we did see it completely disappear. so, tonight i do want to show you where we are going in terms of our temperatures. as we head into tomorrow, livermore will hit 85 degrees. it will get cooler over the weekend and then see those temperatures rise again early next week. it's going to be up to summer-like levels. certainly above average for this time of year tomorrow and again early next week. a live look right now from our sutro tower camera as we look at san francisco. and downtown is looking really good tonight. live doppler 7 showing you one lonely patch of fog. it is right along the san mateo coast and we're not expecting it to expand much. you'll see that in the hour by hour forecast in just a moment.
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temperatures right now, 50s, 60s, abc7 news exploratorium camera from pier 15 showing you the embarcadero center decked out in the warriors blue and gold, sunny tomorrow, brief cool down this weekend. and signs of summer early next week. so, here's your hour by hour forecast. tonight that patch of fog at 11:00 right there near the coast, not a whole lot as we head into tomorrow morning. that lonely patch will be there, and then for the afternoon fog begins to expand near the coast, but it won't quite come back until late in the day which means it is going to be a warmer friday for you. tomorrow morning when you get going, temperatures in the low to upper 50s with mostly clear conditions. it should be a nice looking ferry ride or a walk to bart if you do do that. tomorrow afternoon you're looking at mild conditions near the coast. mid 60s there. inland areas, you're warming up into the mid-'80s. it will be nice and sunny for your friday to end the workweek. and good looking weather for the graduates. milpitas high school 6:00 p.m. graduation, it's going to be
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sunny at 5:00, 76 degrees and while you're getting there still warm. then comfortable by the latter part of the evening. congratulations to those graduates and the accuweather seven-day forecast does feature a brief warm up tomorrow. cooling over the weekend. we'll put in a little more cloud cover and fog on saturday. temperatures near average sunday except inland and then we bump them up in a big way early next week. low 90s inland to low 60s coast side. cooling it back mid week. with all the temperature changes you have to download the accuweather app. >> moving too fast. >> thank you, sandhya. >> the (all with worry-free ownership. colors in your neighborhood... head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the
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people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one.
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...until we found a connection. you have the power to change your child's life. the boys town national hline can help. (tdd# 1-800-448-1433) new at 11:00, a young resident of the golden state is coming home with a national title. >> she knows what it means. >> n-a-r-o-c-a-i-n. >> that is correct. >> congratulations. [cheering and applauding] >> i want to see more excitement from her, though. ananya vinay this year's national spelling bee winner, the 6th grader from fresno was bear hugged by her dad.
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she successfully spelled the word marocain to win. she'll get $45,000. it is defined as a dress fabric made of silk. >> who didn't know that? >> you all knew that at home. come on. >> use that word every day. all right. what a great night we had at oracle arena tonight. >> that's right, we want to get live there and check in with larry beil again. larry. >> the cavs might need some novocaine after what happened to them tonight. kevin durant a lot of people criticized him after he joined the warriors. i think k.d. is probably feeling pretty good about his decision right about now. look back as k.d. explodes, steph curry as well and the
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>> announcer: abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> good evening. larry beil live at oracle arena where they are disassembling the seats. they want us to move along with this. the warriors remain perfect this postseason. now 13-0 after they defeat the cavaliers in game one of the nba finals. we'll take a look at the stars in the front row tonight at
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oracle. kevin hart was there. jay z., rhianna upon leaving oracle said the king is still the king. the king got caught napping on this play. before he realized it, kevin durant was throwing it down with authority. 38 for durant. warriors had 7 dunks in the first quarter. lebron trying to bring his team back. he said i have something for you right here. he finished with 28. steph curry one on one with tristan thompson who could only ask for his blind fold and significant rat because he is done right there. steph with a left. just before the buzzer to end the first quarter, andre iguodala. they extend their lead in the third. durant with a block on lebron. steph stop and pop three, warriors take the opener in the fnba finals 113-91, lead the series one game to none. after the game they said the warriors are the best team he has ever seen as we bring in our own mike shumann. >> well, it's -- we thought it was going to be a frenetic pace.
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it was. it was almost two on two with tyree on lebron. k.d. with 38, steph with 28. we all know it's only one game. this is a 7-game series. afterwards k.d. talked about his performance. >> it's hard to do what we want to do. it's hard to, you know, stay locked in for 48 minutes. so, just trying to do my best to be there for my teammates and, you know, to play up to my standards as an individual as well. >> the focus what's in front of you. win one game, now we look to sunday try to do it again. we've been here before and know there's a lot of work left to do. >> we're not making shots and they get off in transition off a of rebounds and stuff like that, they're tough to guard. i know we can play better. we will play better but we have to do a better job putting the ball in the basket. >> we can't relax at any time. we have to keep thinking, next play, next play, next play and our guys were fantastic doing it. >> and we talked about it earlier. it's only one game.
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every game was a blowout except game 7. they know that cleveland is a proud team. they're going to come back fighting in game two. >> i think they have a lot of match up problems. >> exactly. >> klay thompson we had the piece on him sign being the toaster. he only shot three of 16 tonight. he has to chase irving around. draymond green was in foul trouble. he never got it going offensively. if those two guys come along with steph and k.d., i don't know what cleveland does. >> tristan thompson had no points. they have to step up themselves. it will be interesting to go from here, but boy, they sent a message here tonight. >> and mike brown, the acting head coach, he's perfect this postseason. he sent shu a message. he gave a simmer like -- i thought i was going to move you a little bit. >> that's a valid -- >> that might have been the most impressive move all night. never mind the dunks. the a's lost to cleveland 8 to 4. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino.


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