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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  June 2, 2017 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live. where you live. this is abc 7 news. a rude and wet awakening for several families on the peninsula. their homes flooded after an early morning water main break, their problems are not over yet. thanks for joining us, i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm jessica castro. there is a big cleanup effort under way. janine is live in belmont with more on what evacuees are dealing with. >> reporter: jessica, this neighborhood is in the hills and right now we are at the top where that water main break happened. you can see behind me they have this area roped off and we were
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told that the city determined that the foundation under this driveway it's not stable. there are people from the water district here right now that actually told us to move because we were parked right here in this area and they told us it was unsafe just because it was hollow underneath. a section of san juan boulevard in belmont is a muddy mess, thousands of gallons of water rushed down from up above, it backed up against two homes below. >> i mean, i can't believe it was so -- it was so violently coming down the hill. >> so i looked at my wife, i said, get the kids in the car, we're getting out of here. >> reporter: at 3:45 this morning a six inch pipe broke. police were told by the mid peninsula water district that the water line dated back to 1968 and it failed due to its age. >> the estimates we're getting from the water department now is that it flowed for a little over two hours at approximately 1,000 gallons a minute. we are looking at about 120,000 gallons of water. >> reporter: four homes were
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evaluated because it was unclear if they were structurally unsafe. city engineers spent the morning assessing the area and let all the families back into their homes except for one. >> they did advice us not to be in the house because there's erosion under the trees and the trees could come down on the house, as well as the structure up above us, i don't know if it would come down, but the hillside. >> reporter: back out here live that family that lives down below this hillside is getting help from the red cross, it's unknown exactly how much party e. water damage some of the homes sustained because it's still muddy in those areas so they are waiting for things to dry out. >> thank you. developing news, san francisco police are questioning a couple of people after an early morning fight in a hotel that resulted in a man's death. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live with the laters. >> reporter: police tell me this looks like an argument that turned physical. they are investigating and trying to find out exactly what
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happened right now. it happened outside the da vinci hotel at 2:15 this morning in san francisco. police say the victim got into a victim with two others, he was injured in the fight, taken to the hospital where he later died. they have not released his identity. when i asked about his age they said it looks like he is in his early 30s. i asked police about how he was killed. >> how did -- what was their weapon? was it a fistfight? what did they have, knives? >> it's all being looked into but it appears it may have something to do with a physical altercation that occurred. >> that means fistfight? >> possibly a fistfight. >> you don't know anything about weapons? >> no weapons have been mentioned, no guns, no knives at this time, but, again, all of it's going to be looked into what exactly transpired. >> reporter: i asked if alcohol was a factor. they are looking into that. they haven't made any arrests at this time. this happened in front of a hotel which tourists could find unnerving. police did say the public is not
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considered at risk. that visitors should plan their sightseeing today just like normal, not make any changes to their day. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. amy, thank you. oakland police are investigating an early morning shooting that left two people dead. it happened just before 1:30 this morning on 85th avenue near international boulevard. police say both people were pronounced dead on the scene, there is no word on a motive or possible suspects. today marks six months since one of the worst tragedies in oakland's history. 36 people died when the go ship warehouse caught fire last december. still many questions about safety at the building, how it was being used and why people at a concert there that night could not escape. today is also the legal deadline for relatives to file claims against the city, county and state. new details todayed on the cause of a deadly balcony collapse in berkley nearly two years ago. our media partners at the bay area news group obtained new
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documents from state regulators. experts studied why the balcony gave way in 2015 with 13 people on it, six people died. the reports list several construction failures including damage from dry rot, also says more water resistant plywood should have been used. in april the state revoked the license of the general contractor who built the balconies saying the company used cheaper material than specified in their plans. in san francisco sky 7 is over park prisidio boulevard and lake street where a mother and her child were hit by a vehicle. police are at the scene directing traffic around the location. the san francisco fire department says the mother and child suffered minor injuries. right now paramedics are taking them to a hospital, this is a very busy area near highway 1 where it enters the presidio on one of the main' proechs to the golden gate bridge. the mother and child both expected to be okay. happening now crews are using a giant helicopter to
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position equipment needed to clean up a mud slide along palo maris road. parts of the road have been covered by tons of rocks and debris since february. the safest way to deal with the problem is to lower equipment into the slide area. california plans to join several other states, foreign countries and at least 60 u.s. cities in a growing alliance to support the paris climate accord. this comes just one day after president trump announced the u.s. would withdraw from the pact to fight global warming. one of mr. trump's biggest critics, house minority leader nancy pelosi spoke out this morning. >> trump says that he's putting america's jobs first, but the accord would have created an explosion of green energy jobs foreign the future. >> why should we front load so much of the economic burden in this agreement to the detriment of the american worker? >> france's newly elected president emanuel macron spoke
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in english and invited american scientists to study climate change in his country. meanwhile governor brown traveling today. >> he's traveling to china to talk about climate change. before he left he said california will resist the president's decision. >> this is an insane move by this president. the world depends on a sustainable future. he is going the other way. it's going to affect people's health, the stability of countries, our entire future. so, yes, this is bad, it's tragic, but out of that tragedy i believe america and the rest of the world will mobilize. >> brown told "politico" he will spend the week in china participating in a global climate summit and meeting with high level chinese officials. let's switch gears. warriors fans have that friday feeling, it's good. >> yeah. >> after the dubs blow out win over the cavs in game one of the finals last night. >> kevin durant dominated the cavs scoring a game high 38
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points, steph curry had a huge game splashing six threes, the warriors cruised to a 113-91 victory and leads the series one game to none. >> we could be a lot better than we were tonight, but in the finals you get a w, we will take it. >> we've just got to be ourselves and don't worry about any other story line, anything that doesn't matter to the game and we were really, really good in that department. >> with the victory the warriors become the first team in nba history to start a post season 13-0. >> the team is now looking ahead to sunday and possibly having head coach steve kerr back on the sidelines for game two. sources tell mark spears from our sister network espn kerr is feeling better. they say if he feels well over the next few days without any setbacks kerr could coach sunday's game. kerr has been out since the middle of the first round of the playoffs due to complications from back surgery nearly two years ago. and all the talk this morning on social media is about
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k.d.'s apparent stair down with singer rihanna who was sitting court side. it happened in the fourth quarter after a three-pointer. it appeared that rihanna heckled durant and he gave her a look and shook his head. k.d. was asked about it after the game. >> you shot a three putting the dagger into them and looked toward the crowd toward rihanna, was that on purpose or do you remember that? >> i don't even remember that. >> don't get in that trap. >> yeah. i'm cool. have fun with that. >> good advice from steph. there was another incident at the froe line. our sister network did some digging and found out it was rihanna's friend sitting next to her who yelled brick as k.d. took the shot. durant may have been staring down the person next to rihanna after that three-pointer as well. she is known as being a hard core lebron james fan. >> she has been a fan of his since at least 2006 when he
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played for the heat. another musical powerhouse will be at oracle arena for game two on sunday. >> the warriors announced this morning that carlos santana will perform the national anthem. the nine time grammy winner will hopefully be good luck for the warriors as they try to take another game for the cavs. see his performance and all the action from the game on abc 7. >> our coverage starts sunday at 4:00. join abc 7's larry beil and mike shumann for did dubs on 7 pregame show. espn coverage starts at 4:30, then tip-off at 5:00 followed immediately by the toyota after the game show. it's going to be exciting. emmy award winning singer is hospitalized, the star that had to be taken off a flight and rushed to an l.a. hospital. and a south bay city trying to help your daily commute, why you could soon cruise in an extra lane when you take the highway through san jose. if you are looking for warm weather this weekend you may
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have mother nature yell brick at you because it's not going to happen. today it is a little bit warmer out there, temperatures about 2 to 5 degrees warmer than average but the breezes will come back. i will show you how much the temperature is going to drop this weekend before
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new this morning grammy award winning singer brandy norwood is in the hospital. the 38-year-old fell unconscious on a delta plane just before it pulled out of its gate at lax.
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airline employees called for help. paramedics treated brandy on the plane and she regained consciousness before being escorted on to the jet way and rushed to a nearby hospital. it's not clear what caused her to lose consciousness. this morning kathy griffin responded to the fallout over her recent controversial photo shoot, images showing her holding a bloody decapitated fake head resembling trump. in a news conference the comedian said her apology still stands but she refuses to give into there et cetera from the first family. >> if you don't stand up you get run over and what's happening to me has never happened ever in the history of this great country which is that a sitting president of the united states and his grown children and the first lady are personally, i feel, personally trying to ruin my life forever. forever. you guys know him, he's never going to stop. >> griffin has suffered
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financially since the scandal broke. she lost her new year's eve gig with chris nguyen, an endorsement deal and at least two scheduled stand up performances. we know a lot of you desperately wish your commute was less of a hassle. vte and the city of san jose have come up with an idea that could help. flex lanes way be coming to the 87 corridor. they would start at highway 85 and go north to 280. the mercury news says vte and the city are spending $225,000 to study the idea and explore different ways to alleviate traffic jams. flex lanes serve as an extra traffic lane during commute hours and then as a regular shoulder the rest of the time. the study is expected to be finished by the end of the year. >> it's not like they would add a new lane, it would be taking the shoulder and making it occasionally drivable. >> exactly. it's national doughnut day. love that. >> we have the perfect treat to celebrate and celebrate the dubs win in game one. find out where to grab them while they're hot. speaking of hot not quite
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there yet but definitely warming today from the sfo camera, seeing
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the warriors big win in game one of the finals. take a look at these fun pictures and videos that have been shared with the abc 7 newsroom as the warriors continue their run, show us how you're supporting them. share your posts using t the #dubson7 and we may feature it on abc 7. a san francisco bakery celebrating finals fever and national doughnut day in a sinfully delicious way. >> these look great.
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look at that. feast your eyes on these special warriors-inspired doughnuts. twisted doughnuts and coffee in san francisco sunset district started cranking these babies out at 6:00 a.m. >> listen to how the shop's owner has described one of their hottest sellers. >> it's a cake doughnut with a royal blue icing, we have gold sprinkles and gold w across it to celebrate the win that we had last night. >> okay. everyone, we called the shop just a few minutes ago to see if there were any warriors-inspired doughnuts left. unfortunately they sold out. so you don't have to hurry over there today, but the shop will have more on sunday in honor of the next win. >> yeah. it's the perfect way to have your warriors viewing party, right? >> yes. sweet. >> uh-huh. >> so sunday i know we will be indoors for the game, but how does it look overall? >> cooler. absolutely cooler, breezy all weekend and temperatures will drop after today. check out the clouds.
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i put separate ways there, if you watch the clouds in the fore gront they're heading north to south, the clouds out over the ocean they're heading south to north -- i should say north to south and the clouds in the foreground are south to north. it is starting to clear along the coast also. if you're looking for sunshine it's coming. warmer this afternoon but the warmth will ease and our hottest days will be monday and tuesday. hopefully your business has air conditioning and you can enjoy that. 71 in san jose and fremont, 71 concord, 73 santa rosa, 63 oakland, san francisco 63 degrees. we do have a small craft advisory starts at 2:00 through 9:00, if you are going to do sailing, kayaking, canoeing, whatever, it's going to be breezy and choppy. over the ocean until 3:00 monday morning got a small craft advisory. lok what it's doing, it's a dryer breeze behind that dry cold front yesterday and it's
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taking away the clouds. if you want sunshine today is our best way of the next three to have sunshine at the coast. temperature there 66 at half-moon bay, san francisco 68, mid to upper 70s around the bay, low to mid 80s in our inland neighborhoods. here is a look at santa cruz right now, a few people enjoying the sunshine and it's extreme to put sunscreen on. blustery but bright at our beaches and on the bay, slower breezes if you're going to be south of the bay bridge. game tonight, the nationals just took a day off, then they decided to go across the bay bridge and visit the a's. 66 at 7:05, dopg down to 58 degrees. the rest of today 77 and 72 are why are noontime temperatures, 58 at the coast. you can see we get a little warmer, 60s, 70s and 80s at 3:00, all of us back in the comfortable 50s and 60s by 8:00. one just about to start, 73 degrees and sunshine in santa rosa for you, we will be in the 80s by the time that's over.
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cappuccino high school, at 1:00 it will be 68 degrees and you sunshine, breezy by 2:00. milpitas high school 6:00 it will be 7 had degrees, dropping down to 70, even 67. finally san ramone valley high school at 6:00 that sunshine will start to ease, the temperature 76, becoming breezy, a little more comfortable at 7:00 at 72, as you start grad night it will be 67 degrees. here is my accuweather seven-day forecast. tahoe will be in the mid 70s all weekend. the seven-day forecast cooler saturday and sunday, 90s inland monday, near 80 near the bay and low to mid 60s at the coast. perfect pet coming up next. it's time for our most adorable feature of the week. >> today we have a dynamic duo, mike is back to introduce us to our perfec
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coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00 the bay area has a history of attracting top talent but a new report shows fewer workers are moving here. where they're going instead. and the bay area's newest attraction unveiled. construction is over, now the public gets to fly high and eat well at the oakland zoo. that story tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00. what a view. >> incredible view.
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now that it's friday, speaking of incredible, what a great way to kick off the weekend than with our perfect pet. >> mike is here to introduce us to not one but two new friends, double the pleasure. >> today we're featuring two young cats looking for a forever home. boa and jenna from the east bay spca. both are ten years old. volunteers at the shelter describe them as a cuddly pair that are full of playful antics. they love to cuddle together and it would be great if they could go to the same home, both cats do have a chronic respiratory issue but that doesn't slow them down. right now adult cat adoption fees are waived through the end of the month. it's only the second of the month so plenty of time. for more information about that and to adopt boa and jenna call the east bay spca at 510-564-2965. >> they look super playful. >> they want to stay together i would think. >> i think it would be best.
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absolutely. always nice to have two so they do have something to do when you are not around. >> it's like having kids, may as well have two, entertain each other. >> thanks for joining us. who wants to be a millionaire is coming up next. >> the news continues now online at abc have a great day.
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>> some people in this world think they have all the answers. well, if you happen to run into one, send them our way, because i would love to give somebody a million bucks. come on, let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] i am too. let's do it. today's contestant is a father of three and grandfather of two who lives across the country from his family. with a million dollars, he'd finally get more time to spend with them. from olney, maryland, please welcome errol krass. hey. >> hey, chris, how are you? oh! >> you came in hot. you're ready to go. >> oh, i'm ready to go. i have been ready to go for 17 years, i've been trying this, in the contestant pool twice, and we are here,


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