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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 2, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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break. abc7 news reporter laura anthony is live at the school with a story you'll see only on abc7 news. laura? >> reporter: hi, kristen. well, we just got off the phone with the superintendent. she is disturbed by this incident. she told us she is determined to find those responsible. we were already here today doing a story about yesterday's graffiti when we learned a second incident had happened this afternoon. >> i was disgusted. >> reporter: junior sakina brown told us her reaction was immediate. as soon as she saw thursday a racial slur across the halls at castro valley high school. >> it said [ bleep ]. >> reporter: classmate was walking with sakina. >> we were walking down the hall and she noticed that there was lettering on the poles by the slide board. >> reporter: then it happened again today. students sent us these photos showing the same phrase written across the mirror in a boys bathroom. they say this represents a
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larger problem. >> there is blatant racism at this school. people say it, people write it, people say it on social media. >> that graffiti was targeting students based on their race and we don't tolerate that. >> reporter: superintendent parvina madi sent a letter homes to parents and won't shy away from the issue. >> it isn't something that's isolated to one school, one student, one classroom. i think it's something that we need to address all the time. >> reporter: these students jump started the conversation with a lunchtime public forum and some messaging of their own. >> i feel like this situation right now, like this does need to be talked about, it needs to be heard. people need to be educated on what we have to go through as students. not only being african-american students. >> reporter: school officials have yet to identify those responsible for the graffiti incidents. in castro valley, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> san ramon valley high school officials say they have taken further action in a recent
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bullying incident. earlier the school suspended one of its students for filming a girl urinating in a bathroom staal, then posting it on intagram. that student was later arrested for invasion of privacy. today school officials say the two students will never be enrolled at the same campus again. it is not clear which student might be transferred. school says the student privacy laws will not allow them to reveal that information. the family of a 21-year-old man who was shot and killed by vallejo police is demanding authorities release his autopsy report. they believe the report will help them determine if police were telling the truth about the circumstances surrounding the death of angel ramos. abc7 news anchor eric thomas is live in vallejo with their story tonight. eric? >> reporter: and, dan, ramos would have turned 22 years old tomorrow. that was one of the factors on his family's mind today as they protested in front of the solano county courthouse in fairfield. they want that coroner's report
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to see if vallejo police were justified in shooting and killing him. family and friends of 21-year-old angel ramos took their protest to the lawn in front of the solano county courthouse this morning. >> i mean, now that angel is gone, my house is just empty. >> reporter: that's angel's moment who says vallejo police could have resolved the fight at a house party without killing her son. >> my son wasn't a monster. they were saying he has a knife lunging. no, no, that wasn't the case. >> reporter: but vallejo police say that is exactly what happened in the early hours of january 23rd when officers were called to break up a fight at a party in the 1700 block of sacramento street. an officer on the scene said ramos was standing over a 16-year-old holding a knife and that's when the officer opened fire. an attorney for ramos's family says the coroner's autopsy report may show whether the police version of events is true, but the county won't release it. >> their version of the events would indicate that he would have been shot from the back or from the side and that was not consistent with what was shown on his body.
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>> reporter: the solano county police say they can't release the information yet. >> whether it is an officer in1r06i involved or not, those rohr records aren't releasable. >> reporter: we reached out to see when the issue might resolved, but received no response. they filed a claim against the city, the first step to suing over his death. they may go to the county to release the autopsy results. eric thomas, abc7 news. >> a former fremont elementary school teacher has been sentenced to 195 years in prison for molesting two young students nearly 20 years ago. one of the victims was 8 years old when frank defended his single mother. police were closing in on montenegro in 2001 when he fled to mexico. he was on the run for 14 years before he was captured in los angeles in 2015. you are looking at a former san jose state basketball player
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who is accused of taking part in a gang robbery. today san jose state kicked 19-year-old terrell brown off the team following his arrest. the freshman from hayward was one of the team's top players this past season. union city police say brown and four other people robbed a man of his wallet and cell phone near a mariner park early saturday morning. officers captured the suspect at a fast food restaurant after seeing that the victim's credit card had been used there. >> oakland police are looking for a hit and run suspect who ran down and killed a 68-year-old man out walking his dog near lake merritt today. officers shut down harrison street for nearly two hours after the incident near 23rd street. this was about 9:00 this morning. police say the driver of a van hit the man in a crosswalk, got out of his vehicle, looked at the victim, then got back in the van, and drove off. the man died this afternoon at the hospital. the dog was not injured. police say the suspect was driving a dark gray chrysler van. sky 7 shows you where a man
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was hit and killed by an amtrak train in richmond. it happened along giant road about 11:45 this morning. the victim died at the scene. no one was hurt on board the capital corridor train. amtrak police are trying to find out why the 56-year-old man was on the tracks in the first place. >> fire ripped through a home's roof and flaming in south san jose today. sky 7 shows the home on fishburne avenue, you can basically see right through it because of fire damage. they did not report any injuries. right now they are in the salvage stage setting up fans and tarps to help remove water and smoke. today marks six months since the ghost ship house fire in oakland that killed 36 people. ed alameda county district attorney has not yet filed criminal charges. abc7 news reporter melanie woodrow is live in oakland with more. melanie? >> reporter: well, there was a meeting here on-site today between attorneys for the owners of this building and the victims' attorneys as well as investigators the victims'
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families have hired. the owner of this building wants to repair the roof so that businesses can operate here. while the victims' families and their attorneys want to make sure that any evidence that is still inside the ghost ship warehouse is preserved. six months after the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire, a tribute remains for the 36 people who lost their lives here. >> that's a tragedy that will never leave me. >> reporter: the council man recalls standing outside the ghost ship warehouse surrounded by young people realizing they had lost their friends. the fire opened up an endless stream of questions for the city from accountability to the need for affordable housing. >> i said within the next year, the city will see tremendous growth in housing. >> reporter: the mayor says the city will hire more fire inspectors. >> fema grants that have been submitted to give our fire fighters in the field hand held devices so they can refer the need for further inspection. >> reporter: council man says it
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is not just fire safety. residents have also sinceoached and other unsafe living conditions. >> the end of the day, it is up to the property owner to take care of their property. >> reporter: the alameda county d.a.'s office has not filed criminal charges against the property owner or the one who leased the building. the d.a. says it is still investigating. another tribute to the victims remains along lake merritt. many of the 36 victims' families have joined civil lawsuits that name the city, pg&e, ing, ion and others. in oakland, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> one of the most influential people in the history of surfing has died. jack o'neal transformed the sport 65 years ago when he created the first neoprene wet suit in his small surf shop at ocean beach in san francisco. o'neal would eventually move to santa cruz where he built a surfing and apparel empire from his shop on 41st avenue.
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a few years back he spoke about his life in a video posted on his company's website. >> i was thinking i was going to have a surf shop down at the beach and have a few friends, and i never dreamed anything like this would happen. >> o'neal was known for his down to earth demeanor and an eye patch that covered an eye he lost while surfing. o'neal was 94 years old. >> now to a health warning if you or anyone you know has eaten tuna at a restaurant. hawaii based tuna is recalling tuna cubes that tested positive for hepatitis a. it came from the philippines and was distributed to the east in the bay area last month. the blue hawaii cafe, poke truck and poke shaq all in san francisco. fenix in san rafael, and nolani in san carlos may have served
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the contaminated fish. no illness has been reported. symptoms for hepatitis a include fever, loss of appetite and stomach pain. if you think you got sick, see your doctor right away. four families are back in their homes after a major water main break in belmont. the homes on san juan boulevard near monte chris toe drive were evacuated after a water main break that ran for three hours before crews finally shut it off. roughly 120,000 gallons of water was lost before the leak was fixed. >> a father turns his private grief into a public attack. tonight the death of a young man and the new push back against sanctuary cities. >> a bay area company sells software that claims to be a secure way to use a cloud. now it's been hacked. plus. >> many of our scholars travel from different parts of the city. >> scholars, otherwise known as students. and now the nba is pitching in to help them and their parents. >> many of our scholars travel from different
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a southern california man is asking president trump to withhold federal funding for sanctuary cities. he is doing it through an ad paid for by californians for population stabilization. abc7 news reporter lyanne melendez spoke with don rosenberg who lost his son in 2010. she joins us live from the newsroom. lyanne, that is a name bay area residents will recognize, kate steinly. >> reporter: it is. many have used the steinly case including president trump. don rosenberg is one among many fighting to stop california from becoming a sanctuary state. don rosenberg is no stranger to lawmakers in washington. in 2015 he was handcuffed for interrupting a hearing on sanctuary cities on capitol
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hill. >> i'm don rosenberg. >> reporter: now rosenberg is speaking to a much larger audience. >> imagine if kate had been your daughter. jamil or drew your son. >> reporter: his son drew was killed in 2010 by roberto gallow who was here illegally and driving without a license. rosenberg wants to stop senate bill 54 from passing in the state assembly. it would help deportations in california. we spoke to him from los angeles. >> they want to not just protect the person who killed my son, but now they want to use my tax dollars to help him not be deported. >> reporter: gallow was eventually deported to honduras. the ad also features kate steinly, the 33-year-old san francisco woman who was shot dead by juan lopez sanchez, an illegal immigrant who had been deported five times. san francisco mayor ed lee has stood behind sanctuary city policy. >> we stand united that a safer city is a city that doesn't
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allow its residents to live in fear. >> reporter: rosenberg and the nonprofit californians for population stabilization are also pushing president trump to cut funding to all cities in the state. >> how many more will we lose before politicians understand, california should be a sanctuary for californians. >> reporter: in san francisco lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> a service designed to help you remember just one pass word says hackers may have gotten hold of customer information. you're looking at promotional video for one log in. one log in allows customers to use a master pass word to sign onto multiple web sites and other online services. the pass word manager admitted in a blog post hackers could have obtained keys that contain encrypted data like stored passwords. the company says it is providing customers with security recommendations. >> a generous donation will help expand stem studies at santa clara university. the thomas and dorsey leavy
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donated a million dollar to the complex. it is the second biggest donation ever, just behind $100 million from susan to help pay for the same project. this is an artist rendering of the complex described as a campus within a campus. it should open in 2020. in oakland today, you could say it rained basketball on a very fortunate middle school. it arrived in the form of upgrades to a campus that's almost 100 years old. west lake middle school is not far from lake merritt. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman is there to tell us more. wayne? >> reporter: well, this is one of those stories that only happens on the off days between final games. and it's one of those days where everybody turns out to be a winner. have you ever heard of an nba legacy school? i'm now standing in the middle of one. at west lake middle school in oakland, this was a day for some very large bodies to mingle with some grateful student ones. have you ever been more excited -- >> no.
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>> reporter: jason jones meets the golden state warriors and the nba brass. this is what happens when your local team goes to the finals along with the league picks your school to become what they call a legacy. this is the most excited i've seen students ever since i've been here. >> reporter: he runs the music program on this almost 100 year old campus. those were his kids certificate n serenading the dignitaries as they arrived. work began more than a month ago. legacy school status brought with it new backboards in the gymnasium, simple but upgrades to the dance center. >> mayors, something as simple as blinds. we didn't have blinds. >> reporter: in the library principal showed us a new play and study center and not far away, a parents room complete with all the comforts of home. >> for example, the washing machine or their dryer broke. they're more than welcome to connell mcshane here and they can use the washer dryer here. >> reporter: how much money does pro babble spend here? we don't know.
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it doesn't matter. that's what legacies are all about. maybe a few superstar memories to go with them. in oakland, wayne freedman, abc news. >> carlos santana no less will perform the national anthem for game two of the finals. this is video from the nba of him performing at game two of the finals last year. so, this is an encore for him. the nine-time grammy winner will be good luck for the warriors we hope as they try to take another game from the cavs on sunday. >> and remember, you can see game two this sunday right here on abc7 news, espn's coverage right here starts at 4:30, tip off is at 5:00. be sure to join abc7 news's larry beil and mike shumann for the #dubson7 pregame show brought to you by jeep and after game two stay tuned for the toyota after the game show. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with sandhya patel. >> hi there, everyone. the weather turned out to be fantastic to end the workweek. here is a look at how the
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weather is shaping up. for petaluma high school's graduation tomorrow morning, it's at 10:00 a.m., at ellison field. the temperatures will be quite comfortable. upper 50s, eventually warming up to about the upper 60s. so really you don't have to worry about the weather not cooperating. congratulations to those graduates there. live doppler 7 right now showing you a few wispy clouds across the bay area, but fog is not in the picture just yet. that will change. compared to 24 hours ago, we are running warmer, up to 10 degrees fairfield concord, livermore. we got up to the low 90s inland in places like concord and low 60s right near the coast line. people are enjoying santa cruz the beach there as you take a live look right now. beautiful day lots of sunshine. 63 in san francisco to 69 in oakland. mountain view, san jose, you're in the 70s. half moon bay 59 degrees. and a lovely view from downtown oakland. this is from our emeryville camera as you see. bright skies there, 86 in santa rosa. you're in the upper 80s, still
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fairfield concord, 83 in will livermore. and one other live picture, a little hazy from our east bay hills camera. the breeze is beginning to pickup. the wind was lighter today which allowed the warm th to take place. overnight cooler weather this weekend. we're going to warm it back up to start a new workweek. south beach camera showing you the sun shining as we look toward at&t park. here is a look at the evening planner. mainly clear, still comfortable at 7:00, but later on this evening the temperatures begin to drop as the sun goes down. so, this is when you will need a sweater or jacket. patchy fol fog appears later on at night. 50s, 60s between 9:00 and 10:00 p.m. at 7 when you step out if you do, it will still be clear. by midnight we are looking at patches of fog near the coast. high clouds will be moving overhead towards tomorrow morning in addition to the fog right near the coast. for the afternoon i think most of you will actually be able to see the sun, except for a few areas near the coast that will hang onto some of the fog. tomorrow morning temperatures upper 40s to the mid 50s. so, starting off on the cool side, but it will be a nice mild
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one for your saturday afternoon. just not as warm as it was today. we'll go low to mid-'80s inland, sun will be shining right around the bay in the 60s and right near the coast lineuper 50s is what we'll do with the fog lingering and the breeze kicking in. you will need a sun screen for your saturday afternoon. if you have outdoor activities on sunday, the weather still looks good. you can always download the accuweather app. it will heap you keep track of hour by hour minute by minute changes happening and we'll see changes this weekend. cooling it off by a few degrees both saturday and sunday, temperatures will go from the mid-'80s tomorrow to the low 80s sunday. for the warm est spots we take a break from the heat. monday the heat returns, 90s inland, 60s coast side. we'll have our summer spread but then as we head toward the middle of the workweek, cooling it do you know, bringing a little more cloud cover and dan and kristen, one model wants to bring in a weak system perhaps some drizzle, maybe a shower in the north bay. not putting it in yet. >> thanks, sandhya. >> always competing.
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>> not very agreeable. >> thank you. something sweet and something sour.
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well, today is national donut day. it's 79th year, the annual affair happens on the first friday of june. san francisco today salvation army volunteers served doughnuts and coffee to veterans and anyone else who wanted one. >> we are here at the va's downtown clinic which principally serves homeless people in the downtown area. this is a wonderful program here. they have showers and other services for veterans. >> the salvation army started national donut day during the great depression. it commemorates the donut lasties who provided emotional
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and spiritual support to soldiers in world war i and handing out baked goods which included doughnuts. it's a fun day but has a serious history, important history. >> absolutely. we are talking about food. that is our favorite subject. >> doughnuts? >> on donut friday. not that maybe, but michael is here to talk about yummy -- >> free stuff. >> vice vinegar, have you heard of that? >> totally. >> i like that. anyway, here, take one and pass it on to your neighbor. there we go. rice vinegar from nikano, i love their phrase. they say cut the calories and keep all the flavor. it comes in a bunch of different flavors. balsamic. you use it just like any other vinegar. clearly i'm the only one out to lunch on this. but anyway, it's a $5 value that you can get for free and try it out. it's great on salads. i've been told. that's being really good. >> oh, my gosh. >> look at those babies right
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there. okay, this is a local baker's take on the oreo cookie basically. the name is sift dessert bar. they have one in san francisco, five in the north bay. this is called the o.g. cookie. yeah. >> the mother of all -- >> we're going to giveaway a bunch of those. you're going to have to go pick it up. you can printout the coupon. >> my kingdom for one of these. [ laughter ] >> great question. all you do is go online to, look for the 7 on your side page and go to finney's friday free stuff. >> i'm transfixed. >> i'm eating one of those. >> thanks, michael. looks good. the bay area's newest attraction unveiled, the construction is over and now the public gets to fly high and eat at the oakland zoo. that's next. >> we want to thank abc7 news viewer michael. this is gorgeous.
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you can share your pictures with us on social media as well using #abc7 news now. >> you may see it on our newscast or online at
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i'm alma daetz. coming up on abc7 news at 6:00, a critical deadline today for victims of the ghost ship fire. tonight's i-team reporter examines possible criminal and civil charges in this tragedy and what is next. drama found on the court in the warriors game but in the stands. it all revolves around kevin durant, pop superstar and an apple executive. and back in the swim of things, 7 on your side resolves a backyard boondoggle. the timing couldn't have been any better. all that plus much more coming up on abc7 news at 6:00. dan, kristen? >> thanks, alma. see you then. >> finally tonight a treat from the oakland zoo and it has nothing to do with the animals. >> check out this view of the bay. this video was taken aboard a
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brand-new gondola that made its debut at the zoo. >> it can carry up to eight passengers to a hill top restaurant that overlooks 650 feet above sea level. >> it is the only urban gondola in urban kfrl. it has a spectacular view of san francisco bay. yo know, you've got to go worldwide before you have anything comparable to it in any zoo. >> it will have a more specific purpose by next year. that's when the new california trail opens. >> it will double the size of the zoo and include native california animals like gray wolves, grizzly bears, bald eagles and jaguars. i feel like having a pair of skis. >> those are beautiful views, stunning. >> great way to enjoy the view. "world news tonight with david muir" is coming up. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm dan ashley. so far sandhya patel and michael finney, we appreciate your time. >> you can always connect 24/7 at bye-bye. >> see you in half an hour.
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tonight, major developments. will the white house try to block the fired fbi director james comey from testifying before the american people? what the white house is now saying. and tonight, what james comey is now preparing to tell congress about what he wrote in those memos. pierre thomas is standing by. also tonight, the backlash after president trump pulls out of the paris climate accord. and the white house is asked, does the president believe climate change is real? and vladimir putin's message to america. new images tonight, coming in of the de t tourrampling each other. now at least 36 dead. tonight, isis claiming responsibility. police with a different story. we also have breaking news at this hour. a major concert evacuated amid a terror threat. tens of thousands rushed out. and, your money.


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