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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 3, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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today it's june 3rd, i'm chris nguyen. first a look at the weather, lisa argen is tracking live doppler 7. >> hey, chris, good morning to you. check it out. we are shrouded in the low clouds. with that, we are a couple degrees warmer. we are also looking at a few degrees cooler by the afternoon. as we go through the next several hours, it will be a grey start and you will notice right on through about 11:00, we're still looking at grey skies and it will be afternoon time before we clear. so right now, numbers in the upper 50s from concord, 57 in san jose, the forecast today calls for sunny skies. coast inland upper 50s shore line. near 70 inland by noon time,
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mid-80s in our warmest inland valleys by about 4:00 this afternoon, along the breeze, kicks off along the coast, it's the first weekend in june and we'll talk about the week ahead in a few minutes. lisa, thank you. there is a water main this morning in san francisco at a mysterious breach at a water tank. people are told to avoid drinking the pap water in the sunshine gardens neighborhood. >> reporter: residents pulled into this water bottle pickup station off chestnut avenue in south san francisco. it's not exactly the friday they planned. but these families need drinking water. >> i'm taking two, taking two for now. >> reporter: residents learned by e-mail about a breach at the smaller water tank on this hillside in sunshine gardens. >> i am afraid now to think how did they, were they able get into the watert?
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i thought it was safer than that. >> reporter: water officials say vandals broke a lock around the tank and sprayed by graffiti. >> there was a biggm. we don't know what that means. they are investigating right now. >> reporter: preliminary water testing doesn't show contamination. as a result, they flushed out thousands of gallons of water from the tank. they are asking customers not to drink the water for now. >> i'm hoping to hear it's okay. but now i'm kind of leery. >> i will come back tomorrow, if i have to get another case, we will have to get another case. we have gone through a water drought before. >> reporter: they will update the results once final results are back saturday afternoon. >> five bay area restaurants may have served ahi tuna containing hepatitis a. the hawaii fish company recalled the frozen tu na cubes.
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it came from vietnam and the philippines and was distributed to these restaurants last month. the blue ha way cafe, the bonito poke and the poke shack and fenix and noelani's bar and grill in san carlos. symptoms include fever, loss of appetite and stomach pain. so far, no illnesses have been reported. 14 people were poisoned after eating toxic death cap mushrooms in the bay area t. poisonings all happened last december. a new report released be di centers for disease control says three people needed liver transplants, including an 18th-month-old girl. a woman has permanent damage to her muscle system. they flourish in the wet winter months. a san jose state basketball player arrested for a violent robbery has been kicked off the team. terrell brown was taken into
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custody in union city along with four other people in the attack one week ago. abc 7 news reporter kayty marzulo has the details. >> we believe it was an active random violence and premed indicated. >> reporter: police believe terrell brown's ex-girlfriend lured him to a park and three others stole his wallet. they were arrested a start time later after using the victim's credit card at a nearby in and out burger. >> he identified them, we believe the girlfriend is the one that set this all in motion. and so we arrested her for the same crimes. >> reporter: this is youtube video of brown during a san jose basketball game posted by campus insiders. the university says terrell brown, who completed his fetchman year at the san jose state university as a member of the men's team was released for
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violating rules. >> especially, they have a lot of discipline. i would say it's kind of shocking. >> it makes me a little ashamed, because he has san jose's flame attached to him, everything he does. >> i just hope the basketball team can move forward with this situation. >> reporter: brown and the others are charged with four felonies, including robbery and conspiracy. two men had been detained but not charged in the killing of an australian tourist who is visiting san francisco. police say 33-year-ld math true bay got into an argument outside the davinci hotel early saturday morning. >> that led to a fight. police do not believe there were weapons involved. they later died at the hospital. when police arrived, they locked down the hole, not letting people leave. >> how do we get out of this hotel? police are like, why do you want to go out? so everybody is kind of like a
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suspect i think. >> police detained the suspects a short time later. the australian embassy is assisting bates family. berkeley police are asking for the public's help to solve a cold case involving a missing woman. heather bloom hasn't been seen or we heard from since 2005. >> reporter: heather bloom is a dependent adult, last seen in 2005, living at this apartment complex on parker street in berkeley. police say heather and her mother visited from brooklyn but then heather stayedwith her sister sherry plume when the mom returned to new york. >> she must be hiding her or something. >> reporter: here's a sketch of what heather might look like, now at 40-years-old. her mom reported her missing back in 2009. police say she has down's syndrome and requires daily medication and care. >> our hope is that she's being cared for somewhere at a medical facility and that somebody working at that medical facility
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sees the picture. >> reporter: sherry plume moved in 2007. i spoke with the landlord of the building, he says he never saw heather. he evicted sherry after about a year, because he says she owed anywhere from 13 to $14,000 in missed rent. we tracked down sherry to a former employer. they say she left about a year ago, moving to norway on a student visa. our attempts to reach sherry via e-mail and phone have been unskechl. anywith under that pay recognize heather is asked to call this morning, people are being warned to stay away from an unstable building in downtown berkeley. abc news was at mlk and austin way just across the street from berkeley high school. the building is be, restored as a part of the housing project involving at least two buildings on the property. yesterday, a construction worker driving a bobcat bumped into the building, knocking it off its temporary supports. the owner says it should be
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fixed later today. it looks like there will be no summer abroad concert, celebrating the anniversary of the iconic year. the san francisco recreation and parks department provided a permit for them to throw a celebration in golden gate park. for a second time, this week, houston received a denial letter from the department saying the event was larger than previously discussed. he didn't have a proper event coordinator or infrastructure planned and this hand-drawn map of the area was not up to standards. 5:08 is the time. lisa argen is here with the accuweather forecast. >> it's cloudy. the weak weather system will cool us down a bit today. it's 57 in san jose, 52 up in santa rosa. so you can see the camera shaking a little bit. it will be breezy at the coast. but it should be a pretty nice afternoon, pretty decent weekend. i'll explain next. >> lisa, thanks,. also next, this weekend
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marks six months since the deadly gosha fire in oakland. we discuss the possible civil and criminal charges in this tragedy did and what might happen next. the east bay score is handballer 1: you know what i scrambled eggs and pancakes. crave van! jack: hey, guys. try my jumbo breakfast platter with sausage or bacon, plus 8 mini pancakes, eggs and a hash brown for just $2.99. you crave it. we serve it. crave van!
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this weekend marks six months since the devastating fire in oakland. yesterday was the last day for loved ones to make a claim against the city of oakland. we look another the criminal and civil charges. >> reporter: at the ghost ship this week, they say they can't wait to take it down. it would be best for everyone. but the civil and criminal cases but first play out. >> that could take many months, maybe years. the director of stanford's criminal justice center. >> so many people contributed to this. as a matter, the district attorney will have to make some decisions about how many people can charge. >> you are saying it's not a question of if charges are coming but how many people will be charged? >> that's my supposition. >> reporter: weissberg believes conditions of the ghost ship led to the fire the hatch hazard electrical wire that often sparked. the rvs parked inside the
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building. the artwork and collected junk t. rickety staircase made out of wooden palettes that easily burned. he believes charges are coming because of many complaints made to the building's owners and to the men who leased the warehouse and disco ship about the dangers there. >> manslaughter charges and probably manslaughter convictions seem extremely likely here. there is as egregious a case of homicide liability for a fire as i've seen. >> reporter: the alameda county district attorney's office said they have a team that consists of multiple attorneys, inspectors and victim advocates, all dedicated to this matter and we are conducting a careful and thorough criminal investigation. officials for building the resident declined to comment, where now defense attorney tony serra are working for the man who leased the building. they released this report claiming the fire actually started in the building next store and said the reasonable
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doubt here is overwhelming, and that should reasonably foreclose any criminal negligence charges against mr. almena. recall that the atf could not recall where it started. >> tild being did not start next store. >> reporter: on the civil side, marial sander is lead attorney. she named the building's owner the man that ran ghost ship, pg & e and many other. she has 11 victims as clievents and is working with lawyers for other victims. i reached them through facebook. they would not comment directly on the case or what happened that night. mika allison said simply thank you for reaching out. prayers and medicine are the best medicine for us right now. derek al mena said the story of my criminal worthlessness is killing me, no proud and sorry i am the lies and hate deep e keep stabbing my eyes out, so i live every day blind for future hope. it's matness.
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i must endure. he asked for help, saying none of the money raised for the ghost ship victims has reached him, his wife and their three children. i am posting their entire message on abc small business advocates are voicing concern over california's proposal to establish a single payer health care plan. the senate approved the $400 billion overhaul on thursday. a recent study found businesses would actually save money because they wouldn't need to pay for health care. critics, though, remain skeptical. >> between minimum wage, between gas tax. all of the general mandates that the legislature keeps heaping on small businesses, they certainly have not proven that they're looking out for small businesses or working families. >> if the assembly does add taxes to the plan, it will require a two-thirds vote of the assembly as well as the senate to pass.
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5:15 is the time t. warrior's owner has been appointed to the regions. he is one of four people appointed to the board. the 75-year-old has been the chairman and ceo of mandalay entertainment group since 1995. he co-owns the group. the state senate must confirm all te apointees before they can start serving on the board. the warriors' explosive game one is not the only reason to cheer them on. yesterday, the team helped transform an east bay school. wayne freedman shows us the big changes at west lake hills school in oakland. >> reporter: there are ribbon cuttings, some isell plys. but in oakland's west lake middle school the students and faculty have never seen a day like this. >> there school really >> reporter: the director says this is what happens when your local teams go to the finals and
5:17 am
along with the leak and local sponsors picks your school as a legacy with all the perks. >> everybody is on a high. this is the most excited i've seen school ever since i have been here. >> reporter: the nba says it's helped some 1,100 schools around the world. here at west lake, it means an upfwrad to the gym. mirrors and pliendz, a separate room for learning and playing and not far away, a parent's room as they call it, complete with all the comforts of home. >> for example the washing machine or their -- broke. >> reporter: randy porter still had one burning question. >> how come the blind gets away with this, commissioner? we want to know the answer to that. >> reporter: we asked. >> it's the same way as any other case. >> reporter: are you standing on that? >> absolutely. >> reporter: so play on. at west lake middle school in oak, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. [ music playing ]
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[ music playing ] >> santana plays before game two nba fine alleges tomorrow. this is him performing at game two of the finals last year. the nine-time grammy winner will hopefully be good luck for the warriors as they try to take another game from the cavs. if are you not going to the game, you can watch ut only on espn and abc's coverage of day two. the nba finals starts tomorrow at 4:30. right before the game, join larry deal and mike schuman on the pre-game show. they will be live tomorrow at 4:00. now, your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> hi there, everyone, starting at live doppler 7. you can see the clouds streaming over the area. high clouds and low clouds obscured from the high cloud deck. we will have a slightly cooler day today, in fact, a slightly
5:19 am
cooler weekend. yesterday, we were in the upper '80s around the bay area. right now, you notice the low clouds. can you see them obscureing the thomas of the buildings here and invisible not much of an issue, about two miles at the coast. it's 53 in san francisco, 54 halfmoon bay. 55 in gilroy and 57 oakland, mountain view and san jose this morning, an advantage point from sfo. still looking at at at at construction up to two hours. 52 santa rosa and novato. 55 if livermore. as it ramps up, it is an indicator that we will be slightly cooler today in our inland valleys. we have those upper '80s, more like low '80s today, finally from santa cruz, lots of grey right now. cloudy skies for everyone. looking for cooler weather this weekend. still pleasant and the warm-up to start the workweek, with temperatures coming up a few more degrees, not too much.
5:20 am
but enough to notice. so as we go through your hour by hour forecast, notice by about 10:00 the clouds begin to thin out from san francisco, across into fremont, and then looking at a sunny day today, even at our beaches. it will be a little bit breezy from time to time. the temperatures look like there is half moon bay about 62. 73 in santa cruz. if you are further up the coast, 58 in the bay. certainly typically cool there as we look at napa, you will fly to in the upper 70s today, it should be about 79. but as which go through the weekend, comfortable, your average, 84 on monday and tuesday, further out in antioch, you will notice those upper '80s come into play by monday and tuesday, who ill the weekend looks pretty comfortable, low- to mid-'80s here, then you will notice the cool down into next weekend. so elsewhere around the bay, look for 75 in palo alto, 78 for you in villejo. upper 70s replace the loweriates
5:21 am
from santa rosa at 73. don't forget to download the accuweather ap, you will be able to track the live cameras and the cool down that's under way for the weekend. >> not bad, lisa, thank you. just ahead the old bay bridge is finishing before our eyes. we will have more on the
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>> cal-trans is planning to implode three of the remaining bridge piers this remaining fall. they put out a video showing the elaborate planning for the project, it includes a bird watch zone and a place for seal and sea lions and an eel grass zone. the implosions are set for september and november. crews will then remove the rubble from the bay floor. one of the most influential people in the history of surfing has died. jack o'neill transformed the sport 65 years ago when he created the first suit. he built an apparel empire ought
5:25 am
his shop. a few years back, he spoke about his life on his company's website. >> i was thinking of going to a surf shop down at the beach and have a few friends >> he was known for his down-to-earth demeanor and trademark eye patch that covered an eye he lost while surfing. he was 94-years-old. the uptown theater in napa is the latest to can cancel an upcoming kathy griffin show because of a parody about president trump. she held up a likeness of the president's severed head. griffin revealed he is being investigated by the secret service and she has been getting death threats. she says she feels bullied for expressing her first amendment right. >> it's hurtful, yeah. it's censorship is what it is i
5:26 am
am going to make fun or him more now. >> earlier this week, we have been apologized for going quote too far. the republican party mike reed called the news conference a desperate attempt to change the conversation. welcome to a new dimension before we know it, augmented reality will clang the way we live our lives. abc 7 news is in santa clara where the emerging technology is on display. these special goggles and headsets allow you to feel and touch virtual objects sensing hot and cold through your fingers. it could revolutionize online shopping. >> i can feel the popping feeling. >> in the future, augmented reality may not need goggles or special glasses. you can find a lot of hazards on the golf course at lakes and rivers even at the
5:27 am
ocean in carmel. head to alaska, a bear might show up. a man was about to putt when a plaque bear looked like it might hold the flag for him. he and his family were playing at pass run creek course in anchorage when the bear approached them. the pair made some menaceing noises to scare the bear away. undaunted, it followed them to the next home. it eventually wandered into the woods. coming up, will president trump try to block fbi director james comey before testifying to the american people. what the white house is saying and what comey is now preparing to tell congress. a race for haiti, an
5:28 am
5:29 am
>> good morning, thanks so much for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. here's meteorologist lisa argen, she is tracking the conditions
5:30 am
where you live. >> hey, chris, this is our r our east bay hills camera. you see the sun put through there. vicious sunrise, 5:48. current temperatures look like this. 53 in the city, 57 oakland, san jose, 54 with 3 mile visibility at the coast. high clouds and low clouds, can you see the abundance of both, 52 santa rosa, 55 in levermore, finally the golden gate bridge. >> we will talk about how your sunday looks in a few minutes. on capitol hill, former fbi chief james comey is scheduled to testify on thursday about his conversations with president trump. >> that is unless the president invokes executive privilege to
5:31 am
stop him from testifying in public. the white house is not ruling that out. here's abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas. >> reporter: fired fbi director james comey prepares to testify before the american people, the white house wouldn't say if the president will stop it. when asked if he would invoke executive privileges, the president acknowledges no decision has been made, they're not blocking tout ideas of blocking comey. >> obviously, it's got to be reviewed. i'm saying, my understanding is the date for that hearing was just set. i have not spoken to counsel yet. i don't know how they're going to respond. >> reporter: counsellor to the president kellyanne conway says it's up to the president. >> the president will make that decision. >> reporter: comey is expected to testify before the senate intelligence committee. whether he was asked for a pledge of loyalty from mr. trump
5:32 am
and whether the president asked him to go easy on former national security adviser michael flynn, who lasted 24 days on the job and congress is expected to ask mg about what could be the most revealing piece of evidence yet. those memos he kept after those meetings with the president t. firing came after the president once joked with him, you are becoming more famous than me. weeks later, allegedly calling him a nut job in the oval office with the russians. the term legal scholars say, if the president tries to stop comey from testifying, it could be a tricky move. then invoking executive privilege at this stage could be a challenge, especially since president trump has already spoken publicly about himself with his private meetings with comey. comey better hope there are no taeps of our conversations before he leak to the press and says this about their dinner. >> we had a very nice dinner. at that time he told me i was not under investigation. >> the concern is publicly commenting with his discussions
5:33 am
the white house, itself, might have inadvertently waived the privilege. >> reporter: abc news learned comey is angry and wants the public to understand his side of the story. he is prepared to answer questions over memos about president trump. in one he is said to recount how the president suggested the fbi should gut the investigation of general mike flynn. i hope you can see your way clear to letting this go. comey reported president trump is telling him that day, the major questions, will comey bring his memos to capitol hill? some democrats want him to read them aloud. pierre thomas, washington. world leaders are prejudiceing to reduce efforts to curb global warming after president trump withdrew the u.s. from the paris climate accord. here at home, abc 7 news was in berkeley yesterday as a local doctor announce as new effort to get president trump removed from officer in reaction to his
5:34 am
decision on thursday. the doctor says he wants to change the constitution to allow voters to recall presidents, instead of waiting for possible impeachment hearings involving congress. >> it is my hope an amendment which will make presidents accountable to again give the power back to the people. >> from 2009, the doctor was behind a failed effort to recall california governor arnold schwarzenegger. president trump says he is thrilled to be back in the u.s. over his first trip overseas since taking office n. his weekly address, the president reflected on his eight-day trip, where he visited four countries, he attended several summits to deliver a message of unity to the country's allies. >> our first trip was joined by many and old friends we have paved the way for a new era of cooperation. one that calls upon each nation
5:35 am
to take more responsibility to bring peace to their people. one that works together to defeat the scourge of terrorism. >> the president and first lady also visited american military families before heading back home. 5:35 is the time. the congressman delivered this tweak's democratic address, he talked about the impact of president trump's education budget. >> trump budget ends loan forgiveness for teachers, social workers, police officers, firefighters, nurses and others serving our communities often in low-paying jobs. this budget freezes programs without investing inflation, making it much harder for low income students to get aid they need. >> he says he and his colleagues are trying to help struggling students pay off their loans. the congressman says despite president trump's agenda, house democrats are committed to extending american families freedom to dream for a better
5:36 am
education system. ariana grande has returned to manchester for a star-studded benefit concert for the victims of last month's terrorist attack. few victims show her remaining in the hospital following the attack. she brought them presents and signed their t-shirts. tomorrow night the pop star will be joined by katy perry, miley cirrus, cold play and ferrell williams. the terrorist attack came at the end of her concert in manchester, arena. 22 people were killed. can you watch the concert on abc 7. we will have all the best moments tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. immediately followed by news at 11:00. for the second day in a row, high school students in the east bay found offensive racist graffiti on their campus. it happened at castro valley high school days before the summer break. abc reporter laura anthony has more. >> reporter: we won't show the entire message, but these
5:37 am
pictures, taken by students, show the second incident of racist graffiti at castro valley high school in two days, in this case, controlled on a bathroom mirror. >> i was disgusted. like it was hard to view. i went down the hall to see a hate towards me. >> reporter: on thursday, she was the first to see the same phrase written on a locker and across some poles. >> it said f -- >> reporter: the classmate was walking with her. >> we were walking down the hall and she noticed that there was lettering on the poles. >> also like saying it's giving an opportunity to say it to other minorities. >> reporter: the superintendent says the district sent a letter home to parents and won't shy away from the issue. >> it is something that's isolated to one school, one student or one classroom.
5:38 am
i think it's something that we need to address all the time. >> it brings up a whole lot of history that they're uneducated about. >> reporter: these students jump started with a lunchtime public forum and messaging. >> they talk about hate. because people need to be educated on what we had to go through as students not only students but african-american students. >> school official versus yet to identify those responsible for the graffiti incidents. happening today, hundreds of people plan to march across the golden gate bridgeer gun laws. it's a part of a national movement on national gun violence awareness day. participants will wear orange the same colors hunters wear. the march starts at 10:00 this morning on the san francisco side of the bridge. it is set to reach marin by 11:00. also happening today, a north bay tunnel will reopen
5:39 am
after some much needed repairs t. baker barry tunnell connects sausalito to rodeo beach. crews closed it in january to make improvements to lighting and to fix cracks and leaks, water and sewer lines have been replaced. the tunnel is scheduled to reopen at 7:00 there morning. still ahead on abc 7 news, we will take you inside a young museum for a speak peek at a new exhibit opened this weekend. first the time is 5:39. we are taking a live look outside from our abc 7 kamg. >> reporter: lisa argen will have your
5:40 am
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>> this is video from the zhao. each gondola can overlook that 650 feet above sea level. >> for the next year it will be an attraction. it will be a way to get up to it to have lunch. next year, it's a way to get to the site so they can walk around to see wild life in the park. >> the new california trail opens next year. it will double the size of the zhao and include grey wolves, grizzly bears, bald eagles. bart shut down its newest indication i station this weekend so it can work on adding
5:43 am
new stations. warm springs closed today and tomorrow. bart will provide free buses for passengers. the agency has a ten-mile extension planned with two new nations, one in milpetas and one in the area of north san jose. bart is instrahling new software and running test trains to make sure it all works. this is the first of two weekend closures t. date for the second one hasn't been announced. overall, we aresov to a mild start across the bay area. >> the temperatures are in the 50s, it's grey out there t. low clouds increased the high clouds, check out the view from mounts tam. this is pretty nice. the sun has been up for 45 minutes. it is shrouded. it is 52 in novato and santa rosa. everyone gets sun today, just not as warm as it was yesterday. i'll explain coming up. >> great, lisa, thank you. also ahead, an offensive explosion for the giants and philly this family is excited philly this family is excited for a different
5:44 am
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who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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>> in sport, later this morning the warriors prepare for game two finals against the cavs. this afternoon the as play the nationals. they have the best record in the national league t. first pitch is at 1:oa. the giants are in philadelphia to take on the phillies the worst team at the majors at citizens bank park also at 1:05. last night the offense showed up against the phillies. here's the highlights in this morning's sports. >> reporter: good morning, well the struggling giants grab an attempt to find some offense. the latest, austin slater, a late round pick from stanford, slater throwing into the fire, starting 8th. he became the first giants' pitcher and walked three times since fine 69.
5:47 am
he scored on two of those three times. eduardo nunez makes it 3-0 in the 2nd. slater, first rbi hit in the 6th makes it 6-0, his family scamperred up from jacksonville to see his major league debut. they are thrilled a. 10-0 shutout. the as and nationals match up 2-zip in the 3rd. the as first hitter of the game by pester strasburg. after that all nationals. jason, see ya in the 6th to make it 7-2. he's cruiseing, allowed four hits and seven innings, seven strikeouts, including a visibly crushed davis. naats win it. stanford and cal-state fullerton and head coach final season at stanford. up 4-1 in the 6th.
5:48 am
the rbi single. mowing down cardinals, struck out the side of the 7th. stanford loses 4-1. they play byu in an elimination game this afternoon. they had a 22-point victory. remember, last year they won by 24 in game one, lost in seven. let's not get ahead of ourselves. it was a donk-a-thon against the season. he had more dunks than turnovers. 7-4. they expect to caves to come back sunday. >> it's tough getting a dose like that. i know they're not going to affect them on sunday. they just want to come in here and get one. that's the goal of the road team. we have to have the mind set for win. they'll take care of business. >> game two set for sunday and
5:49 am
only here on abc 7. 5:00 p.m. kickoff. stay tuned. we break down game two. that's the what i the ball bounces, i'm mike schuman, have a great dray. >> now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> good morning to you, sunrise 5:flath i 48. we have a lot of cloud cover from mount tam. >> that will scour out. we will see a pretty nice day today. in fact, temperatures will be near the average for this time of year. we will give you a couple cities to look at. can you see where we stand. here we start with san jose the average high is in the upper 70s. yesterday you are at 80. take a look where we go all week long. we get a spike here on monday. in concord, a little warmer. in fact, we are talking about temperatures that will climb to the upper '80s by the early part
5:50 am
of the week. from our roof camera. you will notice, they are uniform. as we take a look at our satellite picture. looking at high clouds streaming overhead t. low clouds below. >> that will allow for cloud cover for all of you this morning. at 10:00 we see things brighten up, that cloud cover scatter out. it is buried in the low cloud deck san francisco in the low vits. 57 mountain view and san jose. so looking at mild conditions from our east bay hills camera. it's a grey start. temperatures coming down today. yesterday at the concord area, it was 87 degrees. it's 52 right now in santa rosa as well as novato. livermore checking in at 55 degrees. so we're looking at numbers
5:51 am
fairly average for early june. but this morning with that generous low cloud deck. the visibility is three miles at the coast. we have all this construction continuing here at sfo. so delays could be as much as two hours this morning. cloudy skies for everyone. we will see cooler weather this weekend by about five to seven degrees in the inland yaels biel look for temperatures on the mild side. more 60s. elsewhere in the bay, look for numbers, 78 for new san jose, looking atp 77 in milpmilpmilp
5:52 am
65 downtown today. you will notice numbers are cooler in the bay. 78 in sonoma. scene in san leandro. you head inland, not as warm as it was. one in pleasanton. looking at slightly cooler weather this weekend. but we will look for that summer spread to kick up the number, monday and tuesday. if you don't like the heat, it won't be around long, in fact, it will stay cool at the coast. looking at temperatures comfortable. this is what we do best around here. the low clouds, that temperature spread 30, 35 degrees. >> lisa, thanks. san francisco's region of honor and the young art museums are recognized for having some of the best collections of american art in the world except that something has been missing. this weekend, works of art by
5:53 am
from 90 african artists are on display. >> reporter: jack levine's burning hand depicts guard dogs attacking plaque men. a reality of the civil rights era you no embedded in the fabric of american history. yet art world failed to celebrate african-american art. >> a lot of the african-american art was left there. it wasn't appreciated. >> reporter: they have acquired 22 african-american artists. they will now be a part of their permanent american art collection. the museum took on it a year ago and notice as gaping hole. >> a big trap is missing. >> that is in this case the whole story of appreciation of african-american art especially from the deep south.
5:54 am
>> reporter: most of the artists were born in the jim crowe celebration carrying with them the memory of their ancestors. the slaveship is a moving image of their transclick voyage while reve revealing, they touch upon yours am issues. >> racism, poverty, religion, class and say it's a story we all relate to, whether we have that unique african-american experience or whether we're from the south or whether from the bay area. >> reporter: the board member melba davis believes it's an acknowledgment of a complicated past. >> it triggers human emotions to connect to our souls and ourselves. it really makes me emotional. >> reporter: the exhibition will be in this gallery the next ten months before it moves onto the permanent collection. in san francisco, abc 7 news. next, whale watchers get an unexpected try et if monterey
5:55 am
bay. while what they saw was so rare. true radiance comes from within. new radiant toothpaste by colgate optic white. whitens teeth both inside and out. for a radiant, whiter smile. be radiant by colgate optic white.
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a reminder tonight's jackpot is estimated at $337 million. a rare sight off the shores of the central coast. whale watchers spotted two groups of whales near monterey bay. they captured two pods last saturday ten miles south of carmel bay. marine biologists identify them by their short blows and long feet. they believe the whales were following food by squid. these whales can hold their breath for up to an hour, which
5:58 am
makes them nearly impossible to track. next on abc 7 morning, at 6:00, a mysterious breach at this peninsula water tank. why neighbors are being told not to drink what xoms out of the tap. -- comes out of the tap. the search to find this woman last seen in the east bay.
5:59 am
6:00 am
today is saturday june 3rd, it is great to have you with us. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a first look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, lisa. >> hey, chris, good morning to you. we do have a good deal of cloud cover keep streaming in over the bay area. not only is it the low deck. everyone is looking at grey skies. this was really just overwhelm with the low and high clouds. low 50s


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