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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 3, 2017 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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interesting job. you're inviting strangers into your personal space, into a very small, enclosed personal space, and trusting them that they will pay you at the end of their ride. that's what these two guys are discussing here. the cabbie on the right, the fare on the left. >> whoa! >> oh! >> that fare did not have the approximate $25 for the end of his rides, so the cabbie threatens to take him to the police station. that's when the guy on the left says, "don't make me kill you," and attacked him. >> what is in his mouth? there's something black he appears to be shoving in -- >> the lighter -- >> i wish it was just the lighter, and i bet the cabbie does, too. if you look at the cabbie's shirt -- >> is that a switch blade? >> he's covered in blade. i don't know if it was a switchblade, but it was sharp. the cabbie was stopped. you see him in the car after the fare had fled holding his chest. at first he thought he had been
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punched. it was after the guy took off that he realized he was bleeding, drove himself to the hospital. doctors told him, my friend, are you so very lucky that that knife missed your heart by less than a half an inch. >> crazy. >> goodness. he drove himself to the hospital after this is incredible, as well. >> yeah. >> the adrenaline. >> when you see that broad thing, i believe that's the weapon. it's hard to tell. the can -- the cabbie was able to bite the guy's hand. he has the thumb in his mouth, clamping down. that may have been enough to save the cabbie's life. this was just terrifying all around. >> for $25, $26 of a fare you almost kill someone? >> were they able to find him? >> as far as i know police are still looking for the guy that welcome to off after this incident. this is in budapest, hungary. you see the man gently moving the dirt from this hole.
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>> oh -- >> kittens? puppies? >> kittens. >> no -- >> why are they buried? >> some human, a man, buried them. >> several of them, too. >> there were three kittens buried. they were only a few inches down. somebody heard their cries coming from underground. >> you've got to be some heartless, cold, dead person inside to be able to do that. >> that is cruel, man. >> leave them to die. >> bury them alive. here you see the babies being put inside a crate. they're being taken to a vet's office. i want you to see who shows up on the scene. >> no freaking way. >> mom? >> yeah. they say mom was nearby. there's somebody willing to take them in. police know who did it. they wouldn't release the man's name. they say an investigation is ongoing. i think it's pretty clear he's probably not going to escape with just a slap on the hand. >> gayle, give me good news after that. that's heartbreaking. good news? another cat rescue.
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this cat's paw was stuck, and it doesn't want to be rescued. >> it's scared and hurt. that's why it's trying to fight back. it doesn't know that this person is here to help. >> ooh. >> yeah. >> nearby -- [ howling ] >> there's mom. mom like, what are you doing with my child? but eventually the cat is freed. they don't live far. apparently they're living in this little basement area in this house. the guy comes back with some food and quite a bit of it. good news is that somebody knows they're there. somebody really cares enough about them to go get them some food. i think, nick, that's the good end that you wanted to see. >> thank you. my tender heart was broken. rap music is universal. this is a rapper, and in this video he does cool shots from
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around berlin. ♪ the beat is dope, the lyrics are hard. that's not what has everybody talking about this video. it was posted on line. and it received hundreds of thousands of views. if i take you to the two minute and 27-second mark of the video, you see the man with the blazer and baseball cap. he looks like a normal part of the video, right? >> uh-huh. >> wrong. that's a 17-year-old known as jonas. jonas was missing for about a week up until they spotted him in this rap music video. >> get out. wait, he was just a man on the street while they were shooting this? he was attracted by the lights and the camera and boom, you captured jonas in the clip? >> yeah. and the rappers mentioned that they saw him, and they asked him to move out of the way. and he didn't want to. they're like, all right, cool, but you're going to be in the music video. >> yeah --
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>> that interaction was captured on video and posted to instagram. imagine how relieved his parents must have to see him there. prior to that he had last been seen at an underground station. that they had no idea where he was at. on top of that, his mother says that he has a mental disability and is not aware of danger and the dangers around him. they've been freaking out only to see that quick glimpse there. two days after this was posted on line, they found him in the states. >> you're kidding -- >> crazy, right? >> does he get residuals? ♪ >> no, but let's mark this in the win column for rap music. this video is like many surfing videos we've seen on the show. this surfer is in her second trimester. >> oh, that means she is with child. >> yes. in fact, her second child.
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she's an experienced surfer. she uses a special board that's softer and does not put pressure on her belly. she does also say put your child's safety first. she knows what she's doing. she was taught by her father how to surf when she was 9. she's been doing it for a really long time. she's very comfortable out there. >> the hardest part is probably getting into the wet suit. >> i was going to say, maternity wet suit? i wonder. why not, right? >> hey, if people can run marathons and they're pregnant, good for her. it's good that she's showing you don't have to be stuck at home eating potato chips. you can go out and do something. >> i remember we've seen something like there on the show before -- pregnant women working out, wake boarding, staying active throughout their pregnancy. >> i'm kind of surprised that we're still surprised and shocked and intrigued by women with child doing stuff. it shouldn't be ooh, ahh, it should be like, you're pregnant,
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act®. smile strong. china's a pretty crowded country. when you stuff that many people into a city or into an area, things like this are bound to happen. you've got two ladies here, they've got a bit of a beef over that mannequin. >> that's my man-equin. >> they're shopkeepers in this crowded market. each have a stall, and each stall is right next to the other. the one woman put the mannequin out, and the other was like that's my space. get it out of here. it just explodes into a full-on cat fight! >> boom! >> ooh! >> wow. >> two big kicks -- knocks her back into her stall. >> that was impressive. >> you see other ladies looking on. this beef had been brewing for a while. eventually, though, people get involved.
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>> wow! this been brewing for weeks, months, if not for years. when it went, it went viral. >> eventually you see security guys walk in, separate these two. the ladies will face charges and could face as much as a week in jail. >> what? >> yeah. also in china, another fight here between a 31-year-old man and a 68-year-old man. >> he slapped that old dude. >> oh, you see him throwing these big old swings and landing them on that guy. >> why? >> the story behind this one is the 68-year-old man is a street cleaner. he saw the 31-year-old guy litter, and he said, excuse me, would you please not do that? well, instead of taking that bit of advice, the guy took it as an insult and started swinging at the older guy -- don't you bring shame upon me. for that reaction, he, too, is likely facing a week in jail. >> good. >> good!
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tv continues to push it when it comes to his girlfriend -- he's played several tricks on her, and she's had it. his lady and his mama are about to set him up real good. >> i have the shower head here, and i have the pepper spray. >> she puts the pepper gel in the shower head. you have the regular shower head and a detachable shower head. she pours it into the detachable shower head. >> she must know that he uses the detachable shower head to like rinse or whatever. >> yeah. >> or get tender bits. >> here he is taking a shower. everything seems normal. and then he turns on the alternative shower head -- [ beep ] and you notice it spits out yellow water first. then he chokes and starts to cough. a mouthful of it, man. >> yep. >> she immediately runs in and looks at him and hits the floor. he's choking. his face is red. the rest of his body -- well, bless you, my brother. >> he needs some milk. >> we'll get to that.
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for now all he can think about is putting water on his face. >> stay in the shower and rinse it off. don't rinse it off in the sink. >> at that point i'm not sure he knows where it's coming from. he needs to get out of the hot spot. [ scream ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ] >> the family jewels are on fire! that's a concern -- [ bleep ] [ bleep ] beep b[ bleep eep ] on fire! >> she offers milk. >> did he ask what the heck happened? >> prankster. >> and he's also done this to her. i'm pretty sure it -- in his agony he realizes what happened. >> oh, my god [ bleep ] burns so bad. >> yeah, it does. in my downstairs area when you put pepper in the -- [ scream ] >> now, he didn't. he did? >> i remember that. >> yes. yes, he did. >> and she had -- >> at this point he pours the milk in a bowl. >> oh, my god.
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the milk -- >> ah! >> soaked him? >> pretty much. if you're going to prank people, there's certain areas of your body that should be off limits. >> well, that's the thing. there are no limits in these relationship relationships that involve pranksters. you get what you got, and he got. >> see you later. >> done. put the camera away. [ bleep ]. he set the world record for -- >> the world's longest slack line. 4,000 feet across. >> find out how long it took him to get across. plus, a woman taking care of those rough feet sees the camera but -- >> she don't give one single snap. >> why the people in that butcher shop might care, though. >> oh! i'm leaving you, wesley. but why? you haven't noticed me in two years. i was in a coma. well, i still deserve appreciation. who was there for you when you had amnesia? you know i can't remember that.
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years in the sun causing dark spots? gold bond dark spot minimizing cream. 81% saw improvement in the appearance of sun-damaged skin. gold bond. i told you guys all you had to do to make a record is spend your day walking -- however, you would have to do that 800 feet in the air. that's exactly what samuel hilari did in turkey. he set the world record for the longest slack line. it's 4,000 feet across this -- i don't know -- canyon in turkey. it's pretty incredible -- especially when you think about just rigging that thing up. >> right. the degrees -- >> took him two days to get this fully connected and rigged. they were fighting seriously high winds while they were at it, as well. but once they got it all set up, samuel then walked the line on
3:20 pm
sight. once he gave it -- give it a go. started walking, and there you go. 74 minutes. >> 74 minutes? >> crazy. >> you would hoothink how wieb- would be in the zone. he was jamming out. >> was that the distance -- >> the 4,000 feet. it was the 620 feet further than the previous record. i think he thinks this doesn't come with danger. after they finished, a thunderstorm came through and actually ended up cutting the line because of electrostatic >> make sure the weather's right before you try it. well, this is disgusting, the two videos are going to make you gag. this is in china. this woman is being recorded
3:21 pm
scraping dead skin from her -- some people find themselves in that funky situation. >> are they in a salon? >> good grief. what's all over the floor? dead skin, or is she removing a foot? >> if all that white we see on the floor is all coming from her foot, but she -- according to reports -- is scraping the dead skin with a butcher's knife. why a butcher's knife, you might ask? >> she is at a butcher shop? >> she is the butcher. >> does she know that there are plenty of places where she could get a pedture plus a $-- pedicure plus a $5 remover? >> she knows she's being recorded and doesn't give a snap. she's there with fresh pork ready to be cut. >> nasty. >> ew. >> authorities have caught wind of this. the video put on line, getting a lot of attention. while we don't know what may happen, this is under investigation. now over to russia where the
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next video comes from. we're apparently at a school cafeteria where the cook is serving students with their meal -- it looks like rice or oatmeal or something of that consistency. but she's serving it with her bare hands. >> mno gloves? >> there's a spoon in the pot -- >> she's not using it. using her bare hands, exposed skin to serve this. it doesn't sound like she lost her job, but a formal complaint was filed. hopefully this will force her to wear gloves from now on. that she needs to lose her job over this. a groom serves up delicious vows. >> you're reliable like arby's classic roast beef sandwich. >> he was not kidding. >> the story behind the restaurant-inspired moment that made for the perfect wedding dayies are bee. >> ahh.
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>> one of those weird, interesting bits of science that makes camping oh, so much easier. going golfing. ♪ there are wedding vows, and then there are these wedding vows -- >> i would like to start by saying that these vows were brought to you by a's restaurant corporation -- arby's restaurant corporation, incorporated.
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arby's, quality is our recipe. >> i didn't know you could get sponsorship. >> it's not. >> the circumstances under which we met are not normally the ones that form in a relationship like the relationship between arby's and quality fresh meat. >> she's giggling and asks him -- >> arby's? >> yeah. >> okay. >> and he was not kidding. >> when you meet someone at a lame party like the one i across my mom's back porch a few years ago, you expect it to be a brief but spicy fling, like the brisket sandwich available for a limited time only. >> he went through the menu like assigning something in their relationship to each menu item. >> she says that before going out to eat at any restaurant, she always pulls up the menu before she goes out. but in this case, she was so caught up with the wedding and the planning and all that stuff, she left the menu up, forgot about it on the computer, and he at 3:00 in the morning, while he's still trying to finish up his vows, sees the menu and decides -- bingo, that's my
3:28 pm
vows. >> we kind of rushed into things. moving in with each other after a month of dating. that is exactly the opposite of how arby's low cooks its beef brisket for 13 hours. >> this wedding happened in october of 2015, but she just got around to posting the video. >> you know, if he's lucky, this video goes viral, arby's sees it and is like, well done. much like our steak sandwich that we have -- here's a lifetime supply of arby's. >> arby's has responded. they've seen the video. they loved it. and they said arby's going to send them something. >> you're the sauerkraut to my roast beef, the au jus to my sandwich. as long as they serve quality sandwiches which is forever. thanks for joining us. you can catch the next episode >> hi, everyone. i'm lizzie bermudez. welcome to "bay area life," the place where lifestyle, interests, food, and entertainment all come together.
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there's so much to explore. on today's show, a look at shn's 2017-2018 season. >> i've never gotten season tickets before, but i'm glad i did. >> then, the perfect cheese and charcuterie place. that tastes so good. >> yeah, isn't it good? >> all we're missing is a glass of wine. and we're exploring the yucatán state of mexico. culture, cuisine, and natural beauty. >> when people come here, they learn how to live and how to enjoy life and how to enjoy nature. >> all of this fun driven by your northern california honda dealers. ♪ >> hi, everyone. i'm lizzie bermudez, and one of my favorite things about living in the bay area is the theater. there's nothing like live entertainment. i'he


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