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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 3, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> breaking news out of london. police there are reporting two terrorist incidents. the bbc reports at least one person its dead, first police say a van drove into a crowd of pedestrians on london bridge. then, officers responded to nearby borough market where there were reports of stabbings and shots fired. there was a third incident, another stabbing, but police don't believe it is connected to the other attacks. the country's terror threat level recently lowered after last month's bombing that killed 22 people at a concert in manchester. abc 7 news checked with san francisco police, who say they are monitoring developments and
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collaborating with local, federal and state partners. there are no known threats in the bay area, but we are going to stay on top of this breaking news. stay with abc 7 news. and sign up for push alerts through our abc 7 news app. stay tuned, after abc 7 news at 5:00 for world news at 5:30. >> hello, i'm eric thomas. now to our top story. growing political divide on display around the country today. this is being called the march for truth. protesters in new york, chicago, boston, washington, d.c., among those rallying today against president trump. those demonstrators joined with ralliers here in the bay area to ask for impartial investigation into russian interference in last year's presidential election. abc 7 news reporter, cornell bernard joins us from the newsroom. >> push back from the trump administration getting louder in the bay area. many democrats are angry and getting organized. >> all people need to stand together. we can no longer afford to allow ourselves to be divided. >> march for truth in the
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streets of san jose. h >> hundreds on the march near city hall calling for independent investigation into alleged connections between trump's campaign and russia. >> i think that our democracy is in peril, not knowing, whether or not, another foreign power is -- meddling in our elections is important. >> similar protests happene, including this one in new york city. >> in oakland, activists kicked off national campaign by democratic national committee called resistance summer. >> the trump administration wants to take away health care from 24 million americans. are we resisting that? >> yes! >> east bay congresswoman, barbara lee, urging vol unl tears to help take back congress from republicans in 2018. >> we need this wall of resistance in the house of
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representatives to stop some of these horrific budget cuts and tax breaks for millionaires. >> getting millenial voters involved its the challenge. cal grad student is leading the charge. >> getting people saying yes i support the resistance to yes, i support the resistance. i am going to go stom where to do that or call people. >> these people say their resistance won't stop. in oakland, cornell bernard, ax 7. >> people who support president trump's decision to withdraw the u.s. from the paris climate deal, made their voices heard today in front of the white house. the supporters were just a few feet away from protesters rallying against the administration. abc news reporter, gloria riviera is in washington with the story. >> pittsburgh -- >> support and resistance on display in washington, d.c. >> we got your back, mr. president! >> americans weighing in as the fallout from the president's decision to withdraw from the paris climate accords spills into the streets.
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>> he's done too much damage already. we really need to stop him now. >> the paris accord will be a disaster for the united states. >> dozens of the president's supporters gathered in front of the white house in a rally dubbed pittsburgh not paris. >> i personally believe that global warming is bogus. i think it's -- it's, human arrogance to believe that human beings can control the weather. >> but they were vastly outnumbered by protesters at march for truth rallying in the shadow of the waush monument an in cities across the country. >> we have off to get to the bottom of the craziness that its happening in this administration. >> i think it hurts him for a number of reasons. first, 70% of the country is for staying in paris climate accord. one. two, he is actually -- dissing an industry that is growing, which its clean energy industry. >> president trump's agenda at risk being overshadowed by the russia controversy. this week, fired fbi director james comey expected to testify
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on capitol hill. administration officials refusing to say definitively whether they will invoke executive privilege to block comey from talking. and, trump's deputy attorney general says he is ready for the investigation into russian meddling to turn its focus on the choice to fire comey and his own role in that decision. rod rosenstein telling the ap if there is a need for me to recuse i will. gloria riviera, abc news, washington. abc 7 news on the golden gate bridge where people marched against gun violence as part of the wear orange campaign. demonstrators walked from san francisco to marin and back calling for a change to gun laws. >> we live in a country where we have 90 people a day shot by guns. 33,000 a year. we have more gun deaths, 20 times more gun deaths than any other first world country. we can and should do better. >> the wear orange campaign
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started by friend of the chicago teenager killed in 2013. they chose orange because it is the color that hunters wear in the woods to protect themselves from gunfire. >> in richmond, all lanes of cutting boulevard are open after a driver hit and killed a man crossing the street. it happened just before 10:00 this morning at south 16th street. the driver, stayed at the scene and is cooperating with police. the victim has not been identified. >> now to new details on the killing of an australian tourist in san francisco. police have just announced the arrest of one of the two people they detained for questioning. this is a picture of the victim, obtained by abc news, partners, 9 news australia. they identify him as 35-year-old, matthew bates. the victim was punch in the head outsiede the hotel in the russin hill area. bates died on the way off to the hospital. >> good news for 3,000 people in south san francisco. you can drink the tap watter
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again. cal water officials got back final test results saying the water is safe to drink. people living in the sunshine gardens neighborhood had been told to drink bottled water after an incident yesterday morning. a lock had been cut from a vent on top of a 32-foot water tank. worries that someone could have contaminated the water. >> we apologize for inconvenience to our customers. we are doing this just for the safety. we really, care about the safety of our customers. want to make sure they're safe. >> cal water handed out free bottled water, but if you bought some, you can be reimbursed. >> the wave water park in dublin opened daily for the summer today as investigators continue to try to figure what caused last weekend's accident that injured a 10-year-old boy on opening day. video from media partners shows the boy being thrown off one of the slide. that slide and three others are still closed. the boy walked away with scratches. city spokesperson told us they don't know when the slide will reopen.
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historic east bay church destroyed by a fire last fall is back open for services. much of the campus surrounding first church in berkeley damaged by the october fire. but the remodelled sanctuary reopened two weeks ago. cause of the fire is still not known. tomorrow there will be a special service with berkeley firefighters, to celebrate the church's return. >> comedian bill mahr saying he is sorry. the two word he said on his show that angered some of his fanned and his critics. plus -- >> there is a lot of energy to hate someone. i am not going to spend my time hating cleveland, you know. >> draymond green doesn't hate cleveland, what the warriors' star does want his fans to know on the eve of tomorrow's big game two. >> i the's tracking warmer weather, but also the
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space x launched the first cargo ship off to the international space station. three hours ago, the unmanned falcon rocket blasted off from cape canaveral. on board an experiment by san jose middle schoolers. ten students at stratford school want to see how heat and humidity behaves in micro gravity climate. >> to developing news, calls for bill mahr to be fired using a racial slur on his talk show. told, ben sass he should visit nebraska more. the senator made a joke about having mahr come work in the fields. which mahr made a joke saying he was a house n word. hbo called comments inexcusable,
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tasteless and removed the segment from any repeat airings. after returning home, senator sasse, tweeted. here's what i wish i'd been quick enough to say in that moment. hold up, why would you think it's okay to use that word. >> tweeted this of maher and kathy griffin under fire. cornell william brooks, said great comedians make us think and laugh. when our humanity is the punchline. >> late this afternoon. maher apologized. last night was a particularly long night as i regret the word i used in the banter of a live moment. the word was offensive and i regret saying it and i am very sorry. >> on the peninsula today, celebrating the smallest aircraft. some of the biggest fans, the smallest children, we'll take you to the biggest little air show. >> winds gusting over 20 miles per hour in spots. and that wind is going to warm us up in the coming days. i will
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abc 7 news in san carlos, 4th annual biggest little air show held at hiller aviation museum. jets, drones, radio controlled helicopters took to the sky. the runway closed to regular traffic couple hours while the show went on. >> near sacramento. woman in jail for a bizarre incident caught on camera. the security camera video shows rosalynn fipps ramming her suv into three cars in the gas station. passengers suffered injuries. police questioned and released her the day of the incident arrested her last night after the investigation. charged with vandalism and
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assault with a deadly weapon. this time tomorrow, we'll be watching the warriors in game two of the finals against the cleveland cavaliers. dr draymond green talked to "good morning america" about the third straight finals meetings, storied rivalry between the two teams. >> i don't have -- i don't hate them. take is a lot of energy to hate someone. i am not going to spend my time hating cleveland. you know, end of the day you want to beat them. simply what it is. and step on the floor, they're in our way of what we want to accomplish. are we going to be best of friend on the floor. absolutely not. >> got to have a little edge, don't you, draymond. watch it only on abc 7. espn/abc coverage of game two of the nba final starts tomorrow at 4:30. bree before the game, join us for the dubs on 7 pregame show. brought to you by jeep. larry and mike live at oracle tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. >> now your accuweather
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forecast, withdrew tooma. >> headed to oracle tomorrow. do so under sunny skies. come portable temperatures. then early next week, those numbers are going to warm up. live doppler 7, satellite. ton of sunshine out there. had early morning clouds. they quickly burned off. that means nothing but sunshine from the coast. to the bay. and inland. outside we go. live look, showing you a beautiful sight. you have the golden gate bridge. right-hand side of your screen. left-hand side. beautiful san francisco. north bay in the background. look at all of that bright blue. we have upstairs. temperaturewise, running cooler than we were yesterday. the reason why. look at the wind. they're ak fctiactive. gust, 30 miles an hour. sfo. 20, fairfield. certainly breezy afternoon out there right now. wind will stick with us, the next 24 hours. current numbers, about 3-6 degrees cooler right now than we were this time yesterday. 62 in oakland. breeze. 62, san francisco.
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74 in san jose. move away from the coast. 81, fairfield. santa rosa comfortable with the current temperature 78 degrees. the call. overnight tonight. mainly clear skies. lot of spots. probably the lone exception. immediate coastline. half moon bay. little fog. fog will not be widespread overnight tonight. temperatures will hold in the mid 50s in a lot of locations. your day planner, sunday. break it down. hour by hour. 12 hour planner. 7:00 in the morning. little coastal fog out there. watch as sunshine dominates our afternoon. it will be breezy once again by 4:00. temperatures pretty comfortable for this time of year. miff mid 80s. 70s. 50s, 60s along the coast. highs on your sunday. microclimate. 76, san jose. 75, cuppertino. along the pa nins larks no fog in sight. it will be breezy. 70, redwood city.
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61, high in pacifica. breezy, daly city. bright. 60, 62, the number. sunset. north bay. # 0, santa rosa. 80, the number. tomorrow in oakland. nice, comfortable. 70 degrees. 72, freemont, 68, richmond. 80 in concord. 79, sunny in san ramon. future weather. jump ahead into late next week. what we are watching, yes, rain in the forecast. not unprecendented. not a lot of rain by any means. if it does happen. this would be late thursday night into early friday morning. this its 2:00 friday morning. you see green on the screen. but, really quick moving system. so, it is out of here, 8:00, 9:00 friday morning. what it will do is bring a cooler end to our week. accuweather seven-day forecast. something we are tracking. you track it with the accuweather app on your phone. sunny afternoon. sunday. summer warm lt monday. really nice, sunny tuesday. then, numbers start to drop wednesday to thursday.
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with increasing clouds and there is that chance of a shower on friday. and, that will just bring cooler weather to round out the seven day forecast on to saturday. >> all right, sir. thank you for the delightful forecast. hope game two is delightful in our favor. tomorrow, like game one was. >> how come the weather is so good when i leave. be at cleveland. >> can you leave more. >> wow. off awe all right. the cavaliers getting ready for game two sunday. here and only here on abc 7. both teams, mainly cleveland, making adjustments. hoping to steal one here at oracle. we'll look ahead next in sports.
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warriors and cavs set for game two. sunday at oracle. since 2011, four of the sick teams lost game one in the nba finals went on to win the series. that they why we have seven games, so much can happen. we saw, just that last year. practice today for both teams at warriors facility. concert tonight at oracle. game one is ancient history to both teams. win game one means nothing if the doves don't get game two. you have to hold serve at home
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in the finals. cavs have to tighten up their defense. both teams want to get more players involved in the top four. cleveland's richard jefferson said today, they will be ready. >> we turned the ball over 20 times. nine dunks. one of the best shooting teams in the history of the nba. how far off are we? not very far. but that also shows you, it only takes you to be a little off, in order for things to get very, very ugly. >> i can play better personally. so that's how i stay. one way isn't going to satisfy anybody. i don't think we dwell on the past, as much, people would like us to. here and the now. staying locked into the moment that is right now and ahead of us. >> all right. to the diamond. as/washington, star, joe ross
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pitching for the nats trying to hand the athletics third straight loss. 1800 victory as manager. rough start in front of the home crowd. bottom first. jed lauery, ryan healy, two run homers. and gives up seven runs. bottom seven. and alonzo and healy go back to back. make it 10-4, as. goes 4-4. three rbi. first ever two homer game. as hit four homers today, win, 10-4 your final. giants hosted by, the phillies. 1-0, giants. former, joint. cuedo. will tie the game at one. phillies rookie, ben lively made the major league debut. giants cannot solve him. gave up four hits. one run. seven innings. and, grounds into one of two,
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double plays. bottom seven, bases full of -- hererra. hunter strickland. grand slam. stays in the park. still a three run double to ice the game. little premature celebration there. phils win it 5-3. and, giants rally falls short. all right, elimination game, stanford, byu, ncaa, baseball regionals. tied at one in the third. man on for jack klein. that has gone over the left field wall. cardinal go up 3-1. stanford puts it away in the seventh. quinn brody. 5-1. next man up. daniel bax, back to back, stanford wins it 9-1. face cal state fullerton tonight. must within to force a game sunday. no hitter tonight. we'll have it for you at 6:00 p.m. here on abc 7. of course can't wait for the game too. seems like forever when they ha
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coming up new. a missing herd of cattle now found dead with the owner thinks happened and livestock. if telemarketers found a legal way to reach you on your cell phone. details at 6:00. >> and that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00. keep it here. much more on the two terrorist incidents. and coming up next on abc "world news tonight," and again on abc 7 news at 6:00. i'm eric thomas for drew and
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shu, see you back here in half an hour. tonight, breaking news. terrorist attacks in london. separate violent incidents. a van mowing down people at london bridge. people at a restaurant attacked. police telling everyone in the area to, quote, run, hide, tell. eyewitnesses describing seeing bodies on the streets. our team on the scene. also breaking tonight, president trump changing his stance on climate change. first, calling it a hoax. now his administration saying he believes it's real. this, amid a global protest over the president pulling out of the paris accord. crossing the line. bill maher's controversial segment with senator ben sasse. >> i'm a house [ bleep ]. tonigh >> tonight, the calls to fire the comedian and what that senator regrets about the moment. texas shootout. driv


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