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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 3, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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is hundreds of people calling for investigation. >> mnot knowing whether or not another foreign forrer ask middle in election is stre important. >> similar approaches in more nan 100 cities
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>> about a hundred people att d attended make america great protesters applauding president trump's decision saying american families feel the intense regulation. when i object to is when consumers -- to politically connected green energy executives. that's got to stop what trump decided. >> abc 7 news
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gate bridge. the wear orange movement began after the shooting death of in 2017 this seven dead frand four inju d cows worth up $5 nowitzki each. $5,000 each. they've been missing ten days. >> cal water says residents cannot have tap water. after vandalism was discovered at a water tank. a lock was cut and water service was worried water may have been contaminated.
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and cities going green. and a legal way to reach you on the cellphone. what the fcc is considering right now. a spectacular start to the weekend. bright and breeleezy out t
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drone delivers could play a role in fighting climate change, as they greatly reduce the carbon footprint. can use a lot less fuel than ups or postal service trucks. trucks are better for bigger roads but packages to rural locations drones provide a great option. fcc is considering rules to allow tele marketers to send you voice mails arguing by not interrupting consumers lines by ringing phones are not violating
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the tele phone consumer protection act of 1991. the fcc has not set a date on a decision. pride month kicks off today in the castro. led by several lgbt leaders. and it's going to be breezy this weekend but could end with a bit of rain. next, the accuweather forecast. looking forward to game two between the doves and the cavs,
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mon pride month. san francisco gayman's chore uss commemorated the occasion honoring 24 h h h over the world. >> the leadership they've shown is something we will never forg forget. >> the parade will end the week saturday june 26th. now to the forecast. >> the numbers are going to by the end of the week tracking some rain. really quiet out there. early fog cover but nothing but wall to wall sun coverage at
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this time. that sunset today happening in a few hours, at 8:28 p.m. a wit of a breeze keeping temperatures around normal. 60 at san francisco. 58 in the bay. san jose 71. inland near 90 degrees. 79 in fairfield and concord checking in at 82. overnight plenty of stars. after midnight patchy fog along the coast. most spots will have clear skies and temperatures holding in the mid-50s in the next 12 hours. let's break it down hour by hour. around 7:00 with coastal fog. by the afternoon nothing but sunshine however we're still going to have that breeze at times, ten to 20 miles an hour. mid 80 and mid 70s around the
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bay and lower 60s around the coast. game two of the nba finals you can see only right here on abc 7. tons of you sunshine. 84 and by 8:00 down to 62 degrees. enjoy if you have a ticket. highs 76 says san jose. breezy but bright. downtown san francisco nothing but sunshine, 65. daly city 60 degrees. north bay 87 santa rosa. cooler at the beach at 59 stinson beach. 68 in rich monday. richmond. 81 the number in liver more. as we go into thursday night and
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friday morning a weak piece of energy is going to sink in from the north and what it will try to do early friday morning bring few drops but it's a quick moving system around 8:00 or 9:00. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. sunny afternoon. tomorrow and tuesday it's warm and nice and sunny and continui continuing, cooler temperatures next weekend. >> amazing temperatures thanks drew. >> now abc 7 sports. warriors and cavs set for game two sunday at oracle right here only on abc 7. since 2011 four of the six game winners won on to win the series. practice today for both teams at
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the warriors facility, a concert tonight at oracle. game one is ancient history for both teams. cavs have to tighten up the defense. both players want more players involved in the top four. cleveland's richardson said they'll be ready. >> they shot 42% from the field, one of the best shooting teams in the history of the nba, how far are we? not very far. it also shows it only takes you to be i little off in order for things to get very, very ugly. >> we've been in this position before. one win doesn't satisfy anybody. i don't think we dwell on be the past as much as people like us to. i think it's all about right
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now. staying locked in the moments that's right now. >> all right to the diamond. a's hosting washington. former bishop all-star joe ross pitching for the nats, dusty baker with his 1800th victory yesterday. jed lowjed lowrie -- give up seven runs. healy four for four. two rbi. first ever home run game. a's hit four today and win, 10-4 your final. giants hosted by the phillies. 1-0, dwiengiants in the six man.
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cueto ties the game and onononon rookie gave up four hits in one run and seven ingles. austin grounds into one of two double plays. bases loaded. herrera stays in the park still a three-run double to ice the game phillies win it 5-3 and giants fall short and fall to the last in the national miami edinson volquez zero the d backs, 98 pitches, 10 strikeouts including the side and the ninth and dedicated to one time teammate who died in the off season and would have turned 26 today. byu and ncaa tournament. that's gone over the left field wall.
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cardinal goes up 3-1. stanford puts it away in the seventh. his eleven manying of the year his eleventh of the year, it's 5-1. it's back-to-back jack. stanford wins it 5-1. will force a game on sunday. jason did you hawith a five nine under tied with bubba watson. 6 under on the back nine to finish his birdie on 18. he's four back of the leader danielda daniel who also fired 13 under, he's three shots ahead of matt kutcher heading into sunday's final round.
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tonight on abc 7 news at 9:00 on coffee tv 20 and abc 7 news at 11:00 following the terror attack on london bridge authorities will keep eye and urge everybody to stay vigilant. space x became the first private company to launch the same cargo capsule into orbit more than once. inside was a science experiment to help measure how heat and humit behave in outer space and nasa will transmit the data back to earth. some smart kids there. >> pretty cool knowing your experiment is going up in that capsule. >> that's it for abc 7 news at 6:00 see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. have a good evening everybody.
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