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tv   ABC7 News 9  ABC  June 4, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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good sunday morning, it is june 4th. we're going to start with a quick look at our weather with lisa argen. >> that's right a few high clouds in the north bay. you see we have a few rounds in santa rosa, but the fog has scattered out. doesn't that look nice? temperatures in the mid 50s in the 60s. still 55 at the coast, and from emoryville, temperatures will climb through the 60s for a high of 70 there today. finally from the golden gate, planning your afternoon it will remain cool at the coast.
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daily city, half-mo moon bay, t we'll look at numbers in the 80s. pleasant, 70s on the peninsula, your entire forecast with rain coming into play on the second half of the workweek. >> we have breaking news out of the east bay this morning. police are investigating a shooting involving two of their officers. it happened around 3:00 this morning on st. mary's avenue. a while man tried to get a way in a stolen began. two officers shot the suspect who is expected to sir vooi. >> no officers were hurt. >> developing news out of london this morning. they are arrested 12 people in east london over the london bridge attack. this shows you how close the attacks were. three people in a van ran down
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pedestrians on a bridge. they used the fan that you see here in this video with the back doors open. london's police chief says the death toll has increased now to 7 people. three of the attackers were also killed, and at least 48 other people were taken to hospitals including two officers, one of them who was off duty. abc news reporter has more on that chaotic night. >> this was the third attack since march. it was two very busy attracti s attractions, especially on a saturday night. >> it turned into may hhem and murder when this van plowed into a crowd. one person tweeting a photo of the immediate aftermath. people trying to give aide to the injured. police and ambulances swarming the scene.
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>> once they crashed that van, three men got out and they were armed with long knives. >> people ordered to evacuate. police asking radio stations to tell those in the area to run and hide. word came from near by borogh market of the knife attack. >> they stuck a girl 10 or 15 times. >> get away. >> heavily armed police gunning down three suspects. >> they responded quickly. bravely confronted the three individuals, shot them and they are dead. >> the attackers were wearing what looked like explosive vests, but police say they weren't real. teresa may condemning the attacks. >> we believe we're experiencing a new trend in the threat we face as trrms breeds terrorism. and perpetrators are inspired to
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attack. >> president trump tweeting whatever the united states can do to help in london and the u.k. we will be there. we are with you, god bless. president trump also tweeted this is another reason for his controversial travel ban. he said we need to be smart, vigilant, and tough. in london, abc 7 news. >> nancy pelosi released a statement in response to the terror attack. the shock and outrage of the brutal attack. terrorist threats and defend the security of all peace loving people. the u.s. embassy in london is urging all u.s. citizens in the city to be on high alert and listen to directions from authorities.
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should we become aware of any affected u.s. stsdss. travelers arriving at sfo and those coming to the kingdom are sharing their thoughts about the attack. >> it is a busy saturday at sfo's international terminal at travelers leaf the country. juli learned about the trars attacks in london. the trip to london was her daughter's graduation gift. >> it is within five mile lgs of where we're staying. i think we're doing slightly different things err wean going to be careful, but she and others are trying not to stress. >>. >> i try to keep it in the back of my mind and just enjoy the trip. >> they are heading to southafrica. they have a six hour layover in
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london heathrow. >> it is horrible we live in a world where we have to deal with that right now. >> it is hard not to think about life back home. >> we try to stay away from people. >> when you see what happened in manchester just a few weeks ago. it is where i have come in as well, two recent attacks in london. so it is hard to feel safe. >> for gary security and safety is harder to preserve. >> yesterday's attack was less than two weeks after a suicide bomber killed 22 people at an ariana grande concert. 200 miles north of london. today grande will ahead a star
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studded concert benefitting the victims of the manchester attack. you can see the lielts here on abc 7 at 10:00. the last terror attack in london was also on a bridge in march 22nd. driving a car on to the sidewalk, hitting and killing four people. he then staffed and killed a police officer. we first reported the attack with a push alert at 3:07 yesterday afternoon through our abc 7 news a. you can get breaking developments on your phone or stab let. the nba finals, they continue right here on abc 7. we are even hours, 21 minutes away. it will be coverage of game two of the nba finals.
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we have cornell bernard >> i have to say tip off may be hours away but there is definitely a buzz of excitement around here. workers showing up here, getting read kwi fy for strength in numbers, right? what a game it was in weekend practice. they were calm and cool on the ko court as usual, but steph says they're not taking anything for granted. >> most guys are self motivated and self-driven. we understand what it takes to motivate our game, get better
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every year, use our practice or individual sessions to stay sharp. but when you have a culture of guy that's work, guys that want to be great, not cheat the game, it is huge. you can feed off of that energy. >> get this, tonight is the 238th sellout game for golden state, but verified resale tickets are still available online. there is an a's game today at 1:00 p.m. and i'm told there is enough parking for everyone, but fans are encouraged to take bart to the game. if you have to bring your car, leave yourself a lot of extra time. >> thank you, hopefully people
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watching this will not drive over there. warriors fans are still asking when will steve kerr return to the sidelines. they say a return is on the substantial. mike brown has lead the team to 11 consecutive wins this season. >> they said you're the coach until we tell you oregon. so it is simple for me to plan that way. and if there comes a time that i'm not, i will be prepared to coach the game if i needed to, but it's easy for me to take a step back. >> he has not coach ed since gae two, he has complications from a back surgery he had in 2015. if you're not going to oracle, you can only watch the game right here on abc 7. game two started today add
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and you can join us for the pregame show brought to you by sleep. very exciting day in the east bay, and you keep showing that emoryville shot and it is so great. >> yeah, you see that the wind is blowing a bit here, but nothing but sunshine on a the way. temperatures are in the 60s. so a summer-like battpattern foe first several days of the week, we're bringing in measurable brain. >> and bill mahr apologizes as some call for his firing. what he said on his show that outraged some fans and critics, too. [ minion gibberish ]
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one hero was on a mission to pasave snack time., watch babybel in the great snack rescue. you want a piece of me? good, i'm delicious. creamy, delicious, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. and we're taking you live to oracle. coverage of gain two begins tonight. we'll have coverage throughout the afternoon and the evening. and moving on, relatives of an
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australian tourist are in pay area to try and find out what caused his violent death. we have the details. >> matthew was visiting san francisco with three other friends from australia. they were returning to their rooms after celebrating the warriors win at around 2:00 a.m. friday morning. but he got into an argument as he walked away his family believes he was sucker punched. >> i feel very, very bad for the young man. >> police were quick to respond. they searched the hotel and found a lead on the third floor. >> four men were on the floor. they were asking him questions and they ended up andcuffingandg
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them. we want to remember matt as someone that lives to the fullest. he was an analytic chemist and arrived a few days ago. >> yeah, it is a quiet and safe place. >> they're still struggling with the details and the possibility that he could have died from something that has happened in australia for years. >> the one-punch campaign informed people about sucker coward punches. just a few hours ago, the international space station released the signas cargo spacecraft that will support the
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deployment of four small satellites. you see that foe to there, and it will stay in orbit until next sunday and it will burn up in the earth's atmosphere over the pacific ocean. meanwhile, they are scheduled to arrive tomorrow. it is the first ever recycled cargo ship that is headed to the space station. now your accuweather forecast. >> starting out nice and sun any out there, we're not picking ung on any fog. really broebke up the low clouds and fog. look at the delays of 2 1/2 hours because of the construction on the run way, notice all of the sunshine.
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a nice week, a nice day. it is. getting into that summer time feel with the low clouds, the fog, the sea breeze. plenty of sun throughout the day today and that summer spread stays with us tomorrow and into tuesday and wednesday. things really change dramatically by thursday and friday. not only a cooler air mass, it looks like rain will be associated with this. as we look at the chances for rain throughout the week, shurd up to 80%. so we will take you through hour by hour, our forecast into wednesday. we have clouds, and by thursday morning we are looking at some rain and santa rosa and county. san francisco, vallejo. so if we add up the totals, i know, a quarter of an inch in the north bay, lesser amounts in
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the south bay. any way you look at it, a much cooler second half of the workweek. this is how redwood city looks. it should be nice tomorrow into tuesday and wednesday. by thursday and friday temperatures come down and we could see rain. today lots of sun, half moon bay, the winds getting up to near 20 and 30 miles per hour at times and about 70 today in santa cruz. it will be a nice afternoon with low 60s, near that around daley city. mid 70s for you. look for about 80 act to. 72, san mateo. game two, upper 60s, tons of son. download our accuweather app and it will look and feel very nice
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in the next few days. cooler weather, a chance of showers, and by next weekend it looks like the temperatures are rebounding. so very -- not very, a little unusual for later in the week. >> good luck sunshine today for the warriors. we have to get our umbrellas out. weird. >> just ahead, pride month kicks off in san francisco's castro. a special honor given
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the long families is coming to an end. now their pools and spas are completed to their satisfaction. >> i'm very excited. >> this construction project has come a long way since we visited in september. a contractor left their family pool like this. when we returned in february, their pool had filled with rainwater. this is what it looks like today. water falls cascading down into a luxurious pool with a spa right above. >> it made me happy because it is done in time for summer and i can from friends over. >> a few miles down the road,
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3-year-old cameron is thrilled too. >> we can play volley ball. >> the family can truly enjoy their spa now that leaks that plagued the pool for two years are fixed. >> there is a tremendous weight off of my shoulders. >> ryan bruce says the same contractor that left their pool unfinished left his with leaks. the court allowed him to file bankruptcy in 2007. we tried to get a comment from him for this report but he has not returned three calls. prior to his bankruptcy the state revoked his license accusing him of abandoning various projects. someone else stepped in to to complete the work at both homes for just the cost of materials. >> if not for your follow up, i don't think they would have really helped us out.
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>> michael fine and i have yours. >> as for cameron, he is most looking forward to jumping into this plastic pool. >> i'm ready to go in my pool. >> my pool. >> your little pool. your $6.99 walmart pool. >> prior to hiring a contractor, they recommend to check for recommendations. bouche was licensed and had no finishes when the families hired him. >> june is pride month, and the san francisco gay men's chorus is getting the celebration under way. >> the san francisco gae
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men's chorus had a yesterday. and we are counting down to the abc espn coverage of game two of the nbi finals. we go back to oracle arena to get you ready for the big game. what kevin durant and the warriors are expecting from the cavs. >> meet the warriors fan who says his autographed toaster, yes that toaster right there, is yes that toaster right there, is one ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century.
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got it? move it!...i gotta go! there is magic for days! welcome back, we're going to start this half hour with a look at the weather.
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here is some interesting news later on for the week. >> yes, check out this gorgeous view. a few high clouds streaming it will be breezy, upper elevations with gusty winds right now, but the numbers are mild. 55 along the coast, and from our east bay hills, a warm day with temperatures. concord at 65 degrees. as we look at the pro fifile fo the next several hours, we have 80s in play. and the coast remains clear and cool. it will be several beautiful warm sunny summer like days until we see major changes. we'll have them for you with our forecast. >> the nba finals continue tonight on abc 7. you see from our count down clock we're less than seven hours from the start of abc and
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espn's coverage of game two of the nba finals. we have cornell bernard live at oracle arena. i know you a preview and i love your warriors colors. >> thank you, i appreciate it, i worked a long time to put this all together. good morning, game two, two hours away. one dubs fan told me it smells like victory around here. that is for sure, right? we're hours away be through is a lot going out here at oracle. we're getting ready for game two as dub nation descends here in a few hours. strength in numbers. they are comin a 22 point victory. what a game on thursday it was. steph curry and kevin durant seem calm and cool on the court as usual. but kd says that he is really taking nothing for granted.
9:32 am
his teammates know what they have to do tonight, they have to energize. >> just try to be aggressive and use them as help as well and we try to just work well with each other and work well off of each other. and you know, we know our next game will be totally different physical game and we're looking forward to it. and you never know who will come up, show up for >> >> ntonight is the 238th sel game for golden state. retail tickets from $279 to $25,000 for v.i.p. seats. what? last come back out live. there is an a's p.m. i'm told there is not space for everybody, but fans are encouraged to take b.a.r.t. if you drive take extra time to get here. carlos santana, grammy award
9:33 am
winning georgia guitarist willsl performing the national anthem. go dubs. you can celebrate at the art and wine festival where they're going to stream game two. the event started at 11:00 this morning and will end when the game is over. there will be food, drinks, arts and crafts for kids. admission is free and it will be at heather farm park on north san carlos drive. we're counting down to abc and espn's coverage of game two. the warriors have all of their gear, especially superstitions. including this man who has a lucky toaster. >> to the naked eye, it looks
9:34 am
like any other toaster, but to ronny reyes this toaster has special powers since he signed it in march. >> ever since then we have been undefeated. >> 27-1, actually. the loss came when thompson wasn't playing. >> here is a photo of him signing it at an autograph. >> rerecognized davidly and draymond so i'm like yeah, it's draymond and david lee. >> since then he at thd jim barr net. he and his toaster have become celebrities among his co-workers. >> do you let it out of your sight? >> not at all. >> and he will never, ever, use it. for it's intended purpose. >> it just burns the logo on to
9:35 am
the bread, it doesn't toast it that well. >> that's okay as long as they toast the cavs in the finals. abc 7 news. >> the warriors are get dub nation filed up. at midnight they tweets "officially game day." you can watch it right here on abc 7. right before the game, downour larry biehl and mike schumann for the dubs on 7 pregame show. that will be lye at oracle at 4:00 p.m. >> bill maher is apologizing for using a racial slur on his show. abc 7 news reporting ron
9:36 am
clayborn has the latest. >> an apologize for using a racial slur. >> i have to get to nebraska more. >> you're welcome. love to have you working the fields with us. >> working the fields -- senator, i'm a house itself a joke. >> hours later he took to twitter saying just individualing last night wasn't good enough. wish i i'd been quick enough in the moment to say hold up, why is it okay to for you to use that word. >> many taking to twitter to express outrage and call for his removal from mbo saying bill maher has got to go, there are no explanations that make it
9:37 am
acceptable. the fire brand host is issuing an apology. in is statement saying last night was a particularly long night as i regret the word i used in the banter of a live moment. the word was offensive and i regret saying it and i'm very sorry. >> it is difficult for people to get past the use of that word by a white comedian and he took it too far. >> today, a church destroyed by a fire last fall is back open and they will lost a grand celebration. most of the campus is still damaged by that september fire, but the remodelled sanctuary just reopened two weeks ago. the cause of the fire is still unknown. there will be a special service with berkeley firefighters to celebrate the church's return home. still ahead, students at a
9:38 am
peninsula school are learning a lesson you can't find in a book. a teacher's critical need for a new kidney is inspiring kindness and compassion. a live look from our roof cam, beautiful blue skies. ...where each drop was formulated to be smarter.... ...even smarter than that...
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>> i get queasy just watching that. the fourth annual biggest little hair show was shown at the miller aviation museum. the airport runway was closed to regular traffic for just a couple hours. very cool but i will watch from the ground.
9:41 am
>> took awhile to clear, but today we're looking much sun year. a live look outside. breezy in the upper elevations. so it will be a nice day today, pretty much everything you frpt coast to bay and inland. we'll talk about it also the probability, a good one, of rain. >> also next, the warriors and the cavs are getting ready for game two. tonight is the nba
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welcome back, we're taking a live look at oracle arena. it is a very exciting day here in the bay area, and of course at abc 7 where you can catch all of tonight's games and preshows. in sports, tip off for game two for the nba finals is just minutes away. six hours, 45 minutes. later today the warriors will try to take a two games to none lead over the cavaliers for the second straight year. you can watch it here on abc 7. both teams practices to prepare for today's pivotal game two. we have mike shehu man here with
9:45 am
today's sports. >> expect game two to be much more physical as they try to knock the warriors off of their game. they're expecting them to change it up and try to control the pace. the former warrior is addiment that the cavs don't have to change anything. >>. >> they shot 94% from the field, one of the best teams in the nba welcomes how far off are we? not really very far. it is a whole other >> nashville is down to the penguins, but they had a chance to get back in the music city. a tradition throwing catfish on the ice. a little help, off of the glove
9:46 am
of the penguins forward forwardd rowney. high glove side, predators get one more before the end of the period. james neil at the side of the net will score. they still trail in the series two games to one. to the island, the a's in the slot as they took the slumber out of their lumber yesterday. a rough start for ross in front of the home crowd. two run homers off of ross. goes three innings and gives up seven runs. let's go they go back to back. the a's hit four and win 10-4
9:47 am
for the final. the giants and phillies. former giant's farm hand tommy joseph goes just in the foul poll of johnny. ben lively made his major league debut and the giants could not solve him. he gave up four hits and one run. the bases are full, it flips like he has a grand slam. still have three-run double. and the giants fall to last play. the a's have a day game and parking will be a nightmare for the warriors game. we suggest b.a.r.t. or get there early. we'll see you at oracle. good morning,
9:48 am
y, of cour yes, of course, emoryville a big day with the warriors and the athletics. it will be very nice out there, but we have big changes, so big that we have to highlight them for you. >> looking at thursday here with an 80% chance of rain. we're looking at a beautiful sparking day out here on the bay. if you have a chance to enjoy it, you should. this shot is lacking in fog for the next several days as result. a sunnier start. temperatures warming up in our inland valleys. 64 in san jose. 60 in oakland, 54 in san francisco with the coast,
9:49 am
stipically cool at 55 degrees. just a gu clouds around. miking up the next few days of it until we get to the middle of the week. concord, temperatures will top out the summer spread taking to wednesday and cooler days and rain. it slippery out there. in the peninsula it looks
9:50 am
wet weather and afternoon it will be gray and drippy out there. a quarter inch of rain. so it will be cool, breezy, gray, but today nothing but sunshine. 75 in gilroy. and in san francisco we have the breeze going once again and that will keep you from getting out of the 60s today in the north bay. over to the east bay, a beautiful afternoon. numbers near 70s. you'll notice that it just feels like we're cruising along right to summer. and with the sunshine today you want a little fog, but we won't see any of it into the evening hours.
9:51 am
terms will plummet, and if we saw rain it would be nice, we still have a long way to go for summer, so why not. >> and a nice day for folks the a's game. >> still clear skies. >> i always think that is good luck. thank you, lisa. a teacher who is in need of a kidney transplant is learning an unexpect lesson in faith and perseverance from her students. >> at a school in san ma day owe. there are words to describe this edge near turned educator. >> mother, believer, advocate. >> she has been kaeching for 26 years, students will tell you that she hearing aid may a profound impact on their lives. >> that letter was the hardest
9:52 am
thing i ever had to do in my life. >> in a message, she opened up with her battle with renal failier. she has been told she needs a ked nid transplant to survive. >> the question was how do i be there for her, because she has always been there for me. so far, dozens of people have stepped up to see if their kidneys were a match. >> i felt an obligation to do something that was not that difficult for me, and yet critical lesson about love from those around her. >>. >> it made my realize there are
9:53 am
so many agreement people around the world. >> hope is a beautiful thing. >> thank you, chris. coming up, lunch with a legend, what you can do to dine with warren buffett, one of the world's richest one hero was on a mission to pasave snack time., watch babybel in the great snack rescue. you want a piece of me? good, i'm delicious.
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here are the winning numbers
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from last night's powerball drawing. the power ball number was 25 but nobody picked all six numbers. wednesday night's jackpot is estimated at $375 million. bidding for lunch with warren buffett begins today. he has hosted a power launch for the last 17 years. it donates millions to a foundation, but the minimum bid on ebay starts at $25,000. you'll need to win that powerball jackpot first. last year the winning bid was $ 3.4 million. it begins today and goes through friday. a lot of money there. we have our warriors gear out, and we all have the folks up stairs wearing gold and blue, and lisa, we do have a good weather day for everyone.
9:57 am
>> yes, tomorrow and the next day and the next day until we hit thursday. the accuweather seven-day forecast. we're warm until the arriv arrives, get ready for that. >> i got a jump start on our warriors gear, go warriors. i'm kate larson in for carol tyler. don't forget that abc 7 is the home of the nba finals. we'll get you ready for game two with the dubs on 7 pregame show and followed by nba count down, the calves and warriors tip off at 5:00, and the after game around 8:00. they will be inside of oracle with the post game reaction. abc 7 news continues at 11:00. have a great day, go dubs.
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♪ >> aww, what a celebration! richard, 125 years in business, selling furniture. >> no, no, no, no. not me. my family! >> yeah, obviously it's not just him. he's only been doing it for 80 years, but the family -- >> just about. >> tell us. >> in 1892, grandpa started a furniture store in chicago. >> mm-hmm. >> and obviously my father followed, and then me, then my daughters, and now josh. so, josh, this would be your great-great grandfather that started the business. you know what his first name was? >> josh.


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