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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  June 6, 2017 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the panic, this time a terror attack in paris. tourists running for their lives at one of the most popular tourist sites in the world. notre dame cathedral. new surveillance. the suspect with a hammer and the knives. on the inside, the people with their hands in the air. what the suspect was shouting. here at home tonight the countdown to comey. we have exclusive reporting with abc news has learned, the fired fbi director is prepared to say in front of congress and the american people. the top-secret document leaked. the 25-year-old air force veteran, behind bars tonight. and what the classified document revea reveals about the russians and efforts to hack software used in voting machines across this
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country. the accuser on the stand across from bill cosby. and the flight leaving atlanta. saying a service dog attacked him onboard. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a tuesday night and we begin tonight with the newest terror attack, this time in paris. tourists trapped inside the notre dame cathedral. we have exclusive video tonight of the attacker, targeting a police officer outside the cathedral. inside, look at this. hundreds trapped. you can see their hands in the air. so far, it appears the attacker was working alone but tonight, paris is on edge and abc's john longman leads us off from the scene. >> reporter: panic today in the heart of paris, throngs of tourists sent running, as shots ring out in front of one of the world's most iconic cathedrals. the drama began at 4:20 p.m., surveillance cameras trained on the crowded plaza in front of notre-dame capture the moment an attacker lunges at three police
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officers, striking one of them with a hammer. one of the other officers draws his gun and fires. the attacker falls to the ground. you can see the man lying on the ground here, an officer standing over him, the cellphone video recorded by an american tourist, kyle riches. >> we heard two gunshots and so at that point, my wife and i ran away to the corner, and then we turned around and saw a guy on the ground who was bleeding. >> reporter: as police rushed to the scene, frightened tourists scatter. >> you didn't know what was happening, people running towards us, so you have to keep running. >> reporter: inside the ancient cathedral fear and confusion, people told to put their hands over their heads. nancy soderberg, a former american ambassador to the u.n., was in one of those pews.
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>> they made us put our hands up, saying that there may be accomplices there so we're going to search everything. and that's when people got really quiet, and very nervous. and that was kind of scary, because people thought there might be one of the attackers inside the church. as police officers methodically check each pew, priests try to soothe the crowd, reciting the lord's prayer in english and in french. this mother and daughter from new hampshire were also inside the cathedral. >> it was nice to be with people all around the world. >> it was two hours before they were allowed to leave. tonight the attacker is recovering in the hospital. his identity still unconfirmed, he was carrying the i.d. card of an algerian student, sources tell us he is 40-years-old. and there wasn't just a hammer, he was armed with several kitchen knives. a top french government official noting a different kind of terror. "we have passed from a very sophisticated terrorism," he said, "to a terrorism where any instrument can be used for attacks."
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>> let's bring in abc's john longman if paris tonight. he's joined our team of foreign correspondents. john, great to have you on the team. the police officer attacked is in the hospital refer covering tonight. not the first time police officers targeted in france if. >> reporter: that's right -- david. just in april, that a police officer was shot in the head on the champs-elysees here. isis is specifically asking its followers to target law enforcement. this comes after the terror attack in london. the knife attacks that followed. why so many attacks in so little time and tonight the major warning signs missed as authorities now brace for more and could any of these attackers come to the u.s. with the same plan. here's abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross. >> reporter: with these new
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scenes in paris, and just days after the london bridge rampage, authorities tonight are asking if a new wave of terrorism is about to hit europe. >> the fact is, however good the police are at responding, the attacker always gets the first blow. >> reporter: authorities tonight have now named all three london attackers, identifying the 22-year-old moroccan man, youssef zaghba. like the ringleader khuram butt, he too was well known to british authorities as a potential threat. especially after he had tried to go to syria to join isis. but neither he nor butt were being tracked by the british, nor were they on any u.s. watch list either. which the homeland security secretary today said, means the u.s. was also vulnerable. >> they would have certainly been able to buy a ticket and fly to the united states. >> reporter: also tonight, new pictures and accounts of khuram butt, and his confrontational behavior reported to police again and again. the person whose family took these pictures said, he called police last year after a physical confrontation with
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khuram butt, who called him a bad muslim for supporting gay marriage. >> he ran at me with an expression of hatred in his face. a scuffle broke out, and at one point i helped wrestle him to the ground. he was full of hate. >> brian is back with us tonight. we heard so many people who have complained to police about that man before the attack. police have acknowledged they're overwhelmed. >> that's rights are david. there are some 3,000 people in britain considered the highest priority threat and another 20,000 they're trying to keep an eye on. 23,000 in all. every day they have to make a decision about who's the greatest threat. >> 23,000 cases. brian, thank you. we turn next to showdown looming on capitol hill. former fbi director james comey to testify on thursday about his meetings with president trump and the memos he wrote after them before he was fired. tonight, exclusive reporting. what abc has learned. what the fired fbi director plans to tell congress and american people. late word coming in tonight, has
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the attorney general jeff sessions offered to resign to president trump after what the president said about the justice department. here's jonathan karl. >> reporter: at a meeting with republican leaders today, the president was asked about jim comey's highly anticipated testimony. >> what message do you have to jim comey ahead of his testimony? >> i wish him luck. >> reporter: but tonight, a source familiar with comey's thinking tells abc news that the former fbi director will directly contradict what president wrote in that letter notifying him he was fired. "i greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that i'm not under investigation." it's a claim the president has repeated. >> i said if it's possible, will you let me know, am i under investigation? he said you are not under investigation. >> reporter: but according to our source, comey will dispute that. but the source says that comey will also testify that he does not believe the president was obstructing the fbi investigation, when trump
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allegedly told him he hoped they would be able to drop the investigation into fired national security adviser michael flynn. still, the conversation concerned comey enough, that he documented in a memo he wrote shortly after. as the white house braces for comey's testimony, sources tell abc news there is major tension between president trump and his attorney general jeff sessions. >> we need to make america great again! >> reporter: sessions was the first senator to endorse candidate trump and the first person nominated to a cabinet post after he won. but trump was furious when sessions recused himself from the russia investigation back in march. sources say, more recently, trump has again lashed out at the attorney general, blaming the recusal for many of his current problems. today, press secretary sean spicer refused to say if the president still has confidence in his attorney general. >> i have not had that discussion with him. >> reporter: so you can't say if
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he has confidence in his attorney general? >> i said i have not had a discussion with him on the question. i don't -- if i haven't had a discussion with him about a subject, i tend not to speak about it. >> let's get to jon karl. the president clearly seems frustrated with his attorney general. tonight, your sources telling you that frustration goes both ways. >> it does. after the president recently lashed out at the attorney general yet again, attorney general sessions said that he was more than willing to resign, when i asked -- when we asked the spokesperson for the department of justice whether or not in fact he had offered to resign, we got simply a decline to comment. david. >> more to come on this story for sure. in the meantime, on thursday, abc news will carry director comey's testimony live with a special report at 10:00. among those watching thursday's hearings, the president's son, donald junior
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and eric. tonight in an exclusive interview with tom llamas, don trump jr. speaking about the russian investigation now entangling the white house. >> you've described this whole thing as a witch zblunt to me it's not without a question reads and smells like a witch hunt. because i have no other proof or evidence to show otherwise. >> tom with us here in the studio. great to have you. another headline breaking while we're on the air. a charity golf tournament, forbes magazine reporting a portion of the money raised went back to the trump organization and you reached out to family. >> this story just broke, forbes is accusing eric trump of self-dealing when it comes to running his charity golf tournaments for st. jude jude children's hospital. the charity gets to use the trump golf courses 100% free of ch that's a quote,, forar benefits. but reviewing irs filings that's
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not the case. costs of mar than 300,000 for a day of golf and in 2014 alone, the charity paid the trump organization more than $87,000. now eric trump has released a statement through a spokesperson, here it is, contrary to e are cent reports at no time did the trump organization profit in any way from the foundation of any of its activities. now, eric trump's foundation said that number is more than $16 million. >> clear dispute over the numbers here. next to the arrest tonight of a government official after a top-secret document leaked. that arrest of a government c contractor for allegedly leaking that document, an army veteran and a language specialist, tonight she's facing charges. first significant proof that russia wanted to get to the software found in so many voting
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booths across this country? here's abc's justice correspondent pierre thomas tonight. >> reporter: tonight, this 25-year-old air force veteran landing in a federal jail, accused of leaking top-secret information. >> any disclosure of classified or sensitive information can clearly threaten our national security. >> reporter: reality leigh winner, an nsa linguist trained in farsi and pashto, who received an air force commendation medal, is described by family as a patriot. a young woman into fitness, seen here on facebook discussing yoga instruction and competing in weight-lifting. but tonight, her disclosure stunning. report about russian meddling in the 2016 election. efforts by russian military intelligence to hack the software of u.s. companies involved in voting machines and voter registration, as well as cyberattacks on more than 100 local election officials. a key senator saying the extent of the attacks is much broader than reported so far.
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>> it's important that the american people understand that the russian attempts to break into a number of our state voting processes was broad-based. >> reporter: winner faces up to ten years in prison and is the first arrest in the trump administration's promised crackdown on leaks. >> we're gonna find the leakers. they're gonna pay a big price for leaking. >> reporter: according to authorities, winner illegally obtained the classified report on may 9th, printed out a copy and mailed it to an online media group called the intercept, leaving a trail of clues. a scanned copy of the document shared by the media outlet with government officials revealed to investigators it had been folded or creased, suggesting it had been printed and hand-carried out of a secured space. an internal audit at the nsa showed only six people had printed out the report and after examining their computers only ms. winner had been in email contact with the intercept. >> this is amateur hour for not only the leaker, but also the news organization reporter.
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>> she now awaits her fate. pierre, back to what that classified document could reveal, we know this election was decided by less than 100,000 votes in three states, any evidence that any voting machines or election software was compromised on election day in this country? >> david so far no evidence of that. but the investigations are continuing and sources say, the russians are still launching cyberattacks and could pose a threat to upcoming elections. >> pierre, our thanks to you again. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday -- a service dog mauling another passenger on a delta flight. also the moment arrives. in court for bill cosby and his sexual assault trial. his accuser on the stand right across from him. and what she told jurors today. the risk of moderate drinking a handful of glassesover wine a week, what it
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aleve pm for a better am. we turn next tonight to that bombshell moment in bill cosby's sexual assault trial. his accuser there in court for the first time, confronting him with her testimony. cosby at times shaking his head in disagreement. abc's linsey davis was in the courtroom. >> reporter: 13 years after an alleged sexual assault, andrea constand walked into a packed courtroom to publicly tell her story. and for the first time in court, confront the man she says is responsible, comedian bill cosby. the former temple university employee gave tearful testimony as she recounted what she says happened that night in 2004 at cosby's pennsylvania home. she testified that she saw cosby as a mentor, and when he gave her three blue pills to ease her stress, she took them, but quickly started feeling dizzy. "i was trying to get my hand to move or my legs to move," she said, "but i was frozen." constand says cosby then sexually assaulted her.
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"i wanted it to stop," she said as she cried on the stand. at one point when her testimony got somewhat graphic, cosby, who had been sitting rather stoically until then, vigorously shook his head in disagreement. >> the direct examination is the easy part. her credibility will be judged based on the cross-examination. >> reporter: cross examination continues tomorrow. the defense is now beginning to pick apart constand's statements that are at odds with her testimony today. a dog mauling a passenger on a flight. and that health headline for you this evening. what a new study reveals about the risk of moderate drinking now. we'll be right back. about a medication... ...this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain... ...and protect my joints from further damage.
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he was seated next to marine traveling with the dog. jackson expressed concern about the dog and then heard growling and then a scream. >> his face was covered in blood. around his eyes, his nose, his cheeks, his shirt, when he walked out he had a cloth over his face and it was just completely bloodied. >> jackson was take on the the hospital. there's new studiy suggesting moderate drinking may be riskier than thought. around five large glasses of wine over a week over the course of 30 years are worst off in their mental ability. it's a girl and a boy. actor george clooney and wife amal welcoming twins ella and alexander, their first children. spokesmen announcing the arrival. saying they're doing healthy and doing well congrats to that
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no harness, no ropes attached. the famed el capitan, a 3,000 wall of granite in yosemite. it's called free soloing. and alex honnold of sacramento has been perfecting the ropeless climb for decades. look at this breathtaking moment about to reach the 2500 alex has been climbing all his life. what he told us two years ago. >> i go through the same calculation anybody else does with risk taking, is it worth taking this risk? i'm like, yes, it is. >> reporter: alex told us today what he was thinking as he neared the top. >> whit's not like your mind is wandering. >> look at the drop below. >> 2500-foot drop keeps you
3:58 pm
pretty focus. >> i looked down from time to time. but i was mostly looking up. i was charging pretty quickly and climbing ahead. >> reporter: in three hours, 56 minutes, he had made it to the top. becoming the first person to scale el capitan alone without ropes and safety gear. what did his mother say? >> she was glad i hadn't told her anything beforehand i have never really dreamt of anything bigger. i can't imagine anything cooler than el caps. >> reporter: which explains the smile after this american climber reached the top. that was the key there, you don't tell your mom until after. thanks for watching here. i'm david muir and i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. until then, good night. >> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news.
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>> we heard twoaw each other an. >> people running in terror after the sound of gunshots outside a french landmark this morning. good afternoon, thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil. >> and i'm alma daetz. a man with a hammer attacked police outside the famed cathedral in paris. we are learning new details about the suspect and just what happened. abc7 news anchor kristen sze is here with new video shot by a bay area man. kristen, and you finished talking to him about the ordeal? >> that's right, alma. i want to start with this picture. take a look. that's the suspect right there on the ground after police shot him. and on the ground near him, you can see the back pack that police say had knives inside and the hammer that he allegedly used to attack an officer while shouting, this is for syria. now look at this video. it shows an officer continuing to point his gun at the suspect after he was down. they say his i.d. suggests he is
4:00 pm
an algerian student. this was shot by kyle on vacation with his wife and we just talked with him on face time. >> i saw two things of smoke. i'm guessing the gun powder from the two shots we heard. and then probably two or three police officers surrounding a guy who was on the floor at this point. and as time went on, i could see blood coming out of his leg. >> in the meantime it was frightening for the 600 people inside notre dame cathedral. police told everyone to show their hands so they could be sure no one had a weapon. former president bill clinton's united nations ambassador happened to be inside. she tweeted that people were calm during the lockdown. parisian say the police and the attacker who was hit with the hammer will survive. they started the terror investigation. the terror threat level remains the same as it's been since the string of attacks


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