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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 6, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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far south. taking a look at the traffic maps, you can see the congestion map. trucks are not allowed on 880 because of the crash. >> a grass fire was burning outside an industrial burning not far from drake's brewing and walmart. sky 7 shows large flames burning a fence. firefighters are looking is that the cause. >> good evening. thank you for joining us. >> downtown san jose is just a twitter, make that on googly over twice the size of the headquarters in cupertino. >> it will bring thousands of jobs. >> abc7 news reporter is live at the site of a former sausage factory with the story. >> we know that google knows about links but maybe not so much about pork sausage.
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san jose has been planning for over five years to turn had area into a housing office. and google may be able to turn that dream into reality. >> the deal hinges on google buying several city-owned partsels including this one that was once set aside. sam lookardo says it won't be having any tax breaks. >> it is more serious in the last year or so. when google made it very clear that they're focused on acquiring the assembly >> google isn't announcing its plans yet. 6 million square feet of research and development space and offices. google issued a statement saying we're excited to have the support of the san jose city council as we evaluate our options and we look forward to collaborating with officials and community members. the appeal is proximity to the
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didiron station already served by the buses. high speed rail are also on the drawing board. >> they understand employees want to be part of an integrated community. they want access to the outdoors, they want mobility for trains and buses. it will transform our land scape. >> they will bring tens of thousands of jobs to downtown. >> this is type of funlt creates jobs in the city of san jose. jobs equal tax revenue for the city which helps create the financial stability for the city of sandal jose which has had a really rough go of it compared to other cities in silicon valley. >> abc7 news. new at 6:00, this woman admits to putting meth in a toddler's mouth at the park. she is accused of attempted homicide. we're just getting these disturbing details. police say it happened yesterday
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afternoon. a 2-year-old boy was on the play ground with his nanny when police say thomas, someone walked up to him and put something in his mouth. they checked his mouth and found nothing. she admitted giving boy meth. he is now recovering in the hospital. also new at 6:00, police are had asking for help to identify the suspect who attempted on vandalize a car. police released the photo of the person they believe is responsible. it happened on the 600 block of 40th street just after 3:00 in the afternoon on i am a 25th. the officers obtained the photo from a concerned citizen. uber has been in the midst of a fire storm. now company is taking action and firing employees. abc7 news report kate larson has the story. >> reporter: the head of uber hr
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held a huge meeting today that was streamed live to the 12,000 employees around the world. detailing that a number of people, senior people, have been fired. not only that, uber has doubled their employees relations team and created a new system for tracking complaints. ors tell me of the 20 uber employees fired, some were senior executives. most of whom were working out of the uber san francisco offices. >> it shows me uber is trying to make good on its promises. >> the report here covers uber says uber's actions may be what current employees want to see. >> worried that the company has this bad reputation and they want to make it better. that's what i've heard from people in the coil. this all started in february when a form he uber engineer wrote a blog post alleging sexual harassment and discrimination during her time at the tech giant. as a result, will for the first
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investigation, uber hired an attorney to look into the sexual harassment claims which eventually that paneleded to include 215 claims to hr, including discrimination, sexual harassment, and bullying. 100 employees were cleared of wrongdoing. 31 received additional hr training. seven people were given final warnings. 57 employees and cases are still under review and of course, 20 people were just fired. >> it's not an anomaly. >> greg he is the senior ceo and says unfortunately he's seen a lot of large companies with hr problems similar to uber. >> if you have to answer to stake holders about profit and the people are not taking nice are people that are profitable, maybe your patience is a little longer with those folks. they hired eric holder to lead their second investigation into company culture. the results of the investigation were recently submitted to
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uber's board and the details will likely be revealed soon. in san francisco, abc7 news. a man who was hit and killed by a cal train yesterday has been identified as a local lawyer. this is the third fatality this year. the san mateo coroner has identified the victim. his office posted this statement. he will be reynold as a great partner of the firm, a beloved colleague and advisers and a steadfast friend sto so many. day after the ghost shipment fire, the calls continue. right now founder of the ghost ship and his associate max harris are in jail on charges of involuntary manslaughter. only abc7 news was at the courthouse. he's since been transferred to
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the county jail. laura is there. >> reporter: hi, dan. he arrived here last night. he's being held on more than $1 million bail. his former second in command of the ghost ship is expected to join him here in the next couple of days. >> he believes the district attorney should have charged the owner of warehouse. >> i've been in that building. there's no way this landlord couldn't have known what was going on. >> we have something in the investigation. >> monday the d.a. indicated its six-month long investigation was over but wouldn't rule out the possibility of more charges. >> 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. >> in clarnling almena and his
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associates, they said the two men were deceptive about what was going on inside the ghost ship. >> they allowed individuals to live in the warehouse and to deceive the police, the fire department and the owners of the building to that fact. >> where do you live? >> 1360 33rd. >> shown here in the body camera video telling police he didn'tley in the warehouse when he and others reportedly did. according to o'malley, he also lied to the landlord, the owner of the building. >> ins nancy o'malley, i think she got it wrong. the message will not go out to the other land lords that they need to know what's going on. >> a spokesman for the owner told abc7 news, she would have no comment. abc7 news. now to an issue the abc7 news i-team has been following
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for years. the bill for rape kits would allow them to track number of untested rain evidence it is and explain why some weren't examined for dna or other evidence. they uncovered thousands of kits across the bay area. the author of the bill. last year, jim cooper successfully authored a bill that standardized kits across california. the idea is having the same methods used, it will help. some parts of california, it is election day. they have less than an hour to vote on three issues. measure c would impose rent control. would it cap rent increases for unit built before 1995.
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measure d would tax marijuana businesses in santa rosa. it is supported by both the city and growers. and voters in sonoma county will vote on measure e, a tax increase that would bring in almost $4 million a year for sonoma value high school. and atherton is holding a vote today with one item. it is an advisory vote only. it asks if voters there want the town to use general funds in addition to private donations to help pay for the new town center. and voters in los angeles county are deciding who will replace the state attorney general's vacant congressional seat. they're in competition for that seat. he left do know become state attorney general after kamala harris won the senate seat.
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tonight, see the evidence police say they found lying in plain sight. >> i'm spencer christian. we're looking at the clouds before the storm. the light storm nonetheless. >> thank you. one month ago, life changed drastically for a cal rugby player. next, new video that shows him already on the way to recovery. plus -- >> he just, you just want to live. live. >> satly he died ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century.
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are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ]
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a high school in pleasanton is mourning the death of a teach here passed away the day after he retired. eric teal had a long bucket list to do. his colleagues have set up a go fund me page. he is being reynold as a teach here never gave up on his students. >> tom hall is a physics teacher at ama dor family high school in pleasanton. he was supposed to be celebrating his retirement along side his good friend. but teal died unexpectedly. zach teal is one of his >> it was shock. i talked to him the day before. >> so far the cause of death has not been determined. on sunday he was meant to go see
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the play hamilton with another teacher. >> he went above and beyond. >> he was way ahead of the curve. he won so many awards. >> he speblt 28 years teaching, 25 were ator amador. he won educator of the year awarded by the national society of high school scholars. will we were shown all the comments left by teachers and students on his facebook page. >> his influence was insane. i didn't expect that. >> school is out for the summer but many have dropped by to leave flowers. teachers here say teal had many plans. >> we've got the spend time with the family. we'll spend more time, we were going to get paddle boards. >> ago fund me page was set up by another teacher. he leaves behind a wife, children and grandchildren.
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abc7 news. a 20-year-old cal student, an athlete, faces much different summer than he planned. a month ago, robert paylor foal his head while playing in the championship rugby match. the fall left him paralyzed below the chest. he is already on the road to recovery. this video shows him in rehab peddling an electrical bike that allows him to use er just days ago, here he is, getting off the plane, he expects to be in colorado for at least the next three months. a go fund me page has gathered nearly $700,000 to support his rehabilitation and there's a benefit event this weekend for him in el dorado hills where he grew up if you want to contribute. state lawmakers want california to do more to protect endangered wildlife. protection measures are their way through legislature.
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lawmakers and animal advocates are gather ordering the support the measures in sacramento. they want to boost it. the national parks service is trying out a new way for kids to interwakt the outdoors by it interactive with their smart phones. that's the why of a new app that guide kids through maritime museum. it isn't a tour guide. it is a detective game. kids follow a sea gull around the pier solving clues and answering questions. >> we're competing with other things, it is hard to get people out walking around. so i think this is interesting. we're making technology useful for us. >> the museum is just one of two parks included but there are many other museums, parks, and wetland. >> on to the weather forecast.
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really nice outside. >> we're going to start by talking little basketball. game three of the nba finals. the game will be in cleveland but you can see the doves on 7. if you're going over to oracle arena where there will be a big watch party, the crowd will be exciting and there will be lots of energy there. and the weather conditions will be mainly sunny with temperatures in the 60s. so you'll encounter lovely weather to and from oracle arena. however, if you don't want to go out, you can watch the doves. let's move on. take a look at what's happening with our weather. we've got mainly sunny skies. there is a slight increase in clouds moving through. as you can see, clearly, you can get a view of the skyline of san francisco. right now we've got a view of hazy low clouds. an actual view.
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63 degrees in oakland. san jose, gilmore, 55 at half moon bay. there's your view. another view from our camera looking westward toward san francisco, it is currently 74 in santa rosa. novato, 68 degrees. livermore, 72. and here's a view of clear sky from our roof top camera looking southeastward along the embarcadero. we'll see clouds continuing on increase. showers arrive on thursday and we'll have a much cooler pattern on friday and saturday. overnight, you see more low clouds sxraunld high clouds. the low temperatures will be in the low to mid 50s. then tomorrow, bright skies with a slight increase in clouds. upper 50s on the coast to upper 70s inland. let's look at our approaching storm. this is what it looks like.
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the main body is in the gulf of alaska. a band of showers will start pushing through tomorrow and thursday and we rank the storm, one of the storm impact scale. a stofrl light intensity. thursday morning and possibly lingering into friday morning. the north bay will see the highest rainfall totals to a quarter of an inch. most other region there's see under a tenth of an inch. thursday morning, you can see the first wave of showers. by 10:00, much of the bay area will see a chance of some light showers. and then into the evening hours. it will pretty much dissipate. that's about it. the rainfall totals we project will be around .05 of an inch, up to about a quarter of an inch in the north bay. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. dry tomorrow.
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scattered on thursday. maybe an isolated showers or two. on sunday we get subbier and mostly cloudy conditions. back into the 80s in our inland areas. >>
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. by this time tomorrow game three for the warriors will be underway. they're up on the cavs but that's the way the last series started and we all know how that ended. before the game, join us for the pre game show. larry will be live at 5:00. there are plenty of places to watch the game. the city of san francisco will put on it jumbo tron in front of city hall and you can watch there for free. the warriors are watching at oracle arena. this is from one of the parties last year. it was crazy in there. tickets for the party cost $20. tickets for friday's game four are already sold out. probably because they could possibly clinch the title.
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walnut creek was once the home of the times is being demolished to make room for a sports mall. it will be a sports training mecca with something for almost every recreational athlete. phase one of the project is already in place. the ultimate fieldhouse is a basketball training facility that focuses on teaching kids how the game is played. >> a fire side chat in front of thousands of developers. michelle obama today. you've heard of hybrid cars. the next thing may be hybrid bicycles. we'll go for a ride ahead.
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he came to the bay area with
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the intent to kill because he was doomed on die himself from stage four cancer. but the plot to kill at least two people were stopped. >> melanie shows us the evidence recovered in this case. law enforcement collaboration between three agencies stopped a potential triple homicide. >> we're very relieved for the sake of all these doctors that we were able to get him when we did. >> the 58-year-old was a stage four cancer patient who drove more than 200 miles from visalia to the bay area to murder at least three doctors who had treated him more than a year ago. >> as soon as visalia police department contacted us, we viewed the threat as real and credible. >> his wife contacted police after he took off in a rental car last week three registered firearms leaving a note behind that said if today i do not kill them, their sin there's continue. the chp officers stopped him on
6:30 pm
southbound 101. he? we don't know where our interaddiction may have stopped a crime or saved a life. >> they discovered a notebook the names and addresses of doctors, a face mask and two registered handgunsful? they have deextended capacity magazines. the guns were loaded. one of them had 30 rounds of ammunition. the other had 16 rounds. they were within arms reach of him. >> they recovered a note entitled yrgs do i kill with the reasons, revenge. he is being held at the santa clara main jail with three counts of attemped murder. even though it names the three doctors, the santa clara district attorney's office has asked us tonight release their names out of safety concerns. palo alto police say they believe more than three doctors were at risk last week.
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abc7 news. an update on that breaking news in the east bay. traffic is still slower than usual on 880 because of a fatal accident. all lanes are now reopened after the crash near davis street. san francisco police are looking for a couple who was seen abandoning a child yesterday near the zoo. it happened yesterday at 6:00 near the great highway. a source with knowledge of the investigation tells us, the child is about 5 years old. old. that same source says the couple is from, a ash. authorities are with them the child could be band only. something worries the human services agency. >> it is really just about using a better practice of a hospital, a fire station, school, somewhere where you can speak to someone who understands the net boring of child protective services, they can make sure the child is in medicare, not in
6:32 pm
imminent danger in the public. >> police say there are no physical injuries to the child who is with the children's protective services. we just received video of a violent attack against a police officer outside the notre dame cathedral in paris. you can see the man jump toward a group of officers. he repeatedly hit one of the officers in the head with a hammer saying this is for syria. an officer shot him. this happened at one of paris's most famous land marks our reporter spoke with a man whose european vacation took a frightening direction. >> that's the suspect on the ground after police shot him. let's look on the ground near him. you see what appears to be a black backpack. that right there is the hammer he allegedly used to attack an officer while shouting, this is for syria. now, look at this video. it shows an officer continuing to point his gun at the suspect
6:33 pm
after he was down. they say his i.d. suggests as he 40-year-old algerian student. this individual was shot by kyle who was on vacation with his wife. >> it took us by surprise. just by natural instinct, we ran away at that point. it was definitely scary. >> also very scarey for the 600 people inside the church when it happened. police told everyone to show their hands so they could be sure no one had a weapon. they said both the attacker and the officer who was hit in the head with the hammer will survive. they started a terror investigation. the terror threat level remains the sail as it's been since a string of attacks in 2015. the highest possible. abc7 news. meantime, investigators have
6:34 pm
released the names of the three attackers. two were not considered violent. the prime minister has promised an investigation into how the cases were handled. in response, president trump tweeted about the need for guns and a travel ban. the president is planning to 50s britain soon but has not set a date. former first lady michelle obama spoke today. she tried to inspire change. >> please join me in welcoming michelle obama. >> thunderous applause greeted michelle obama. she gave the shelf spoke about how they can effect change. >> the talk was held as fire side chat between mrs. obama and apple's vice president of social initiatives and environment. in the crowd were developers from all over the world. >> it gave us just a little bit
6:35 pm
of perspective outside of what we were doing. we're all here running businesses, making money, putting bread on the table. and she was just getting us to think just see what impact you can have. >> a lot of people who listened to michelle obama left the talk feeling hopeful. and many agreed more needs to be done to recruit women into the field. >> we need to educate and bring those women into technology and open the funnel up. she talked a lot about how we can do that. as entrepreneurs, as business leaders. >> mrs. obama took time to share pictures and talk about her experiences in the white house. >> it was exciting to hear about all the exciting things she did as a first lady and also, all the things she strives to do. >> cook tweeted this selfie with the former first lady, thanking her for sharing her views on diverse city and innovation and for encouraging developers to make the world a better place. bicyclists can get a boost
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no state sells more hybrid cars than california. so are bicycles the next big thing? >> you may be surprised to hear that e-bikes have been around since the 1990s but it is only recently that sales in the united states have really begun to accelerate. >> lee has been riding an e-bike for five years. derek just got on the saddle seven weeks ago. they both share an enthusiasm for electric bikes. >> it is really fun. it is like being a two-wheel golf cart. it is really fun. just the ride itself is fun. >> josh lamb who co-founded the company shows us the lithium battery that gives these bikes an extra oomf. >> it feels like you have a
6:40 pm
bionic leg. >> e-bikes can be like any other. you can power them solely with your legs. but as soon as you power them on, you'll notice a sudden thrust. >> the result is like zoom! you feel really strong. >> there's no feeling me that compares to riding on the bike. i would say the wind through your hair but it doesn't quite apply to me. >> they own one of the few retail shops in the bay area that sell ex bikes. they opened the doors for the first time in 2011. since then it has opened a second shop in marin and sales have increased from under 100 bikes to more than 500 annually. overall in north america, it is estimated 152,000 e-bikes were sold last year. compare that to nearly 33 million in asia. >> as bicycle infrastructure improves, we see the demand for electric bikes go way up.
6:41 pm
>> the class one and two can go up to 20 miles an hour and have no restrictions. claft three goes to 28 miles per hour. you must be 16 to ride they will. no drivers license or a special permit is needed. after just seven weeks of riding one, daierek says he can't see going without it. >> the lone ranger has his horse, silver, and this is my trusty steed. >> i like that. they go for several thousand dollars and they will make their bikes available to uber eats drivers. you may be seeing a lot more of the e-bikes on the streets. okay. i want to hear from you, the 7 on your side hotline is open monday through friday, 10:00 to 2:00. you can also reach me through facebook and abc7 coming up, traffic management
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today jonathan bloom got a look at a new system from nasa could soon allow thousands of drones to fly over long dingss at the same time. it's a story new at 6:00. >> pilots have flight simulators and nasa has this full size simulator for air traffic control. just down the hall, they're building a whole new kind of air traffic control. not for airplanes but for drones. >> it will be highly automated. the separation appearance to keep drones away from each other. >> nasa is expecting millions of drones, many of them self-flying like the oneful? they won't have any other awareness. >> i'm going to be taking off here. transitioning here. >> much like a human pilot, it
6:46 pm
lets drones electronically file a flight plan even moments before taking off. users get an instant green light or red light. >> it will tell you if you have a conflict with others, you can wait or change your path. >> it will be a team effort. not just between regulators and drone users. >> it is 280 grams. less than the weight of a volleyball. >> if february, intel flew hundreds of drones for the halftime super bowl show. they all talked to each ooflt now they're looking food over much greater distances. the communication will be critical for drones used the deliver pack ans. they'll be outside the operator's line of sight but they home hobbyists will use them as well. >> it could relay to the pilots, you need vacate the air space. land now and hover somewhere else. >> they could start rolling out in 2019.
6:47 pm
a big southwest business watch. one way flights could be as low as 49. you can book flights from late august through mid december. southwest has multiple out of all major airports. amazon announced faye customers with a validated card can qualify for discount and prime membership at $5.99 a month. it typically costs $9.99 a month. stocks duke a town turn day but amazon still closed down for the third straight day. the dow dipped to 21,000. abc7 news viewers send in pictures all the time. >> chris took this picture.
6:48 pm
>> that's a great shot, chris. >> spencer is back the forecast. >> we have a few clouds entering the picture but it is nice and bright. overnight, the clouds will increase and we'll see low temperatures dropping to the low to mid 50s for most of the bay area. a bright sky tomorrow but a few more clouds. highs will range from upper 60s around the bay to upper 70s inland. tomorrow in san jose, we'll have a bright and mild day for high school graduations. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. we have scattered or isolated showers coming our way. we may have a lingering shower or two early friday morning. temperatures continue below average through saturday before they bounce back to more seasonable levels and then we'll be warming up monday and tuesday. light showers, light rain.
6:49 pm
not a deluge. >> thanks. time to turn to sports. we have a big game coming up in a matter of hours. >> tomorrow we'll all be glued to our televisions. >> absolutely. the warriors and cavs. the warriors only two wins away from an nba title and history. no team has ever gone 16-0 through the
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♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer to take advantage of our midsommar sales event offer.
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good evening. after going a record setting 73-9 and then falling short of winning the championship, the last thing the warriors care about is chase go more history. but here they are. 14-0 overall this post season. no team has ever gone 16-0 on their way to a championship. media, fans, all talking about the possibility. clearly the warriors know about this. is 16-0 an unspoken goal? >> we want 15-0. that's what we want. we have never once mentioned 16-0. it is a miracle that it is even a possibility. it is so hard to do. we're here.
6:53 pm
like last year, we were up 2-0 that the series shifted. that's the important lesson. not any historical bench mark. >> i want to win four games. fits 4-3, it's 4-3. if it is 4-0, great. the championship is history. >> 16-0 doesn't matter in any stretch of the imagination unless it is a closeout game. all it is is winning a championship and doing what you need to do to get that done. so tomorrow is another step in that direction. the announcement the raid letters move to vegas shook every raiders fan native to their core. even marshawn lynch who said it is what urged him to come out of retirement. the touch stone run for practice here. today, lynch held a rare news conference. his conference is two two years. exactly how long they're supposed to
6:54 pm
>> play at hole, have the opportunity. [ inaudible ] the way we feel just about where we're from, what we represent, we know what the struggle is and how we get done. >> it will be fun to see him run. the giants trying to find their way. matt hasn't gotten. help. the giants scored a total of four runs in those three losses. bottom of the second. perez leading off with a big fly to the second deck there. 1-0. eric, the bomb fly. this is in no man's land. everybody chasing and nobody gets there. two runs scored.
6:55 pm
they put up five runs. top of the fifth. brandon belt at the plate. strike they will out, throw they will out. trying to steal. right now it is 5-0, brew crew. the a's host the jmpbs. one last thing during kevin durant's press conference, he started hearing weird sounds coming from the ceiling. apparently it was an air conditioner on the fritz. seeing how an air conditioner falling out of air, he decide, i'm up and out of here. >> he learned from him -- >> that thing is shaking a little bit, buddy. >> time to go! >> that's the last thing warriors need. so our pre game is at 5:00
6:56 pm
tomorrow. then the nbc countdown. warriors and cavs. game three. join us tonight on cable channel 13. this is unbelievable. a peacock goes on a rampage, destroying expensive bottoms of wine. >> then we're staying on top of our developing story, a woman arrested. accused of giving a toddler meth. we're gathering new information this case and we'll have a live report from berkeley. >> coming up tonight, it is downward dog followed by the middle, and then back to back episodes of blackish. then at 10:00, american housewife and then fresh off the boat. >> that's it for now though.
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- a community college professor from arvada, colorado... a film and television producer from north hollywood, california... and our returning champion -- an e.r. social worker from fort myers, florida... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. good to have you with us today. as is so often the case on our program, the beginning of a new week of "jeopardy!" programs also creates a new champion,
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and that was the situation yesterday with chantelle winning a lot of money. mike and tracy, good luck. here we go. categories... followed by... now in the break fa-st, each response will begin with f-a and end with s-t. chantelle, start us. break fa-st for $200 please, alex. mike. -what is, uh, first? -no. -what is -- -chantelle. -who is the fastest? -fastest. yes. break fa-st, $400. -mike. -who is faust? yes. major league baseball team nicknames for $400.


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