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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 7, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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at 5:00 a.m., and ready for
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game three nba finals. >> the countdown officially on. we are excited. thank you for joining us on this wednesday, june 7th. president trump just tweeted that he is nominating christopher ray as the new fbi director, so i am looking on getting more information and his back ground and we will have that store coming up. >> it's coming 24 hours before james comey is going to testify in front of congress, so interesting timing. let's talk about the weather this morning, mike. >> yeah, clouds are on the way and you can see them on live doppler 7. not dropping rain or drizzle this morning. you can see right above the fray over towards mt. diablo as we look at the east bay hills camera. the temperatures about the same as yesterday, and high clouds and our spread at 4:0059 to 75
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with the sun becoming dimmer as we head throughout the day. and 58 to about 68 degrees. when we come back, we will talk more about the wet weather and how it's going to impact your thursday. first, how about your wednesday morning commute. here's sue. >> so far so good. a couple problem spots. first b.a.r.t. is recovering from a ten-minute delay overnight track service in daly city and the pittsburg and dublin directions, and they are experiencing delays, and we will keep following that for you. still a 35-minute drive from still a 35-minute drive from tracy into dublin pleasant five vehicles involved here, and they are out of the lanes but there's debris and they will clean up that mess hopefully before the commute. we will take a look at the south bay when we come back in just a few minutes. breaking news from the live
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desk. >> president trump just announced who he will nominate as the next fbi director. minutes ago the president sent out the tweet saying i will be nominating christopher a wray, and details to follow. we have a picture of him. i will try and zoom in for you. this is him. he worked under comey for two years when deputy was attorney general, and wray is a private attorney in washington, d.c., and donald trump just tweeting out there and the announcement comes a day before comey is set to testify before congress, as reggie earlier mentioned, and so a lot of people anticipating the testimony that is happening tomorrow, and big news coming in this morning, and back to you,
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reggie. >> are you surprised? ma'am? >> that moment during violent protests at uc berkeley is tpnow leading to a multimillion-dollar lawsuit after that. >> this lawsuit goes after a number of people from uc berkel berkeley's president, and even nancy pelosi. the plaintiff is an oakland resident and she believes her rights were violated when she was attacked by pepper spray and mace. she had come to campus to hear milo yiannopoulos back in february. his speech was cancelled when the protest against him turned violent. she claims police officers were
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held back, and she is suing for $23 million. and berkeley released the statement saying berkeley intends to mount a vigorous and successful defense of its actions, and looks forward to contesting this collection of false claims. and they were facing an unprecedented organized violence that night. back to you. turning down rent control protections. 52% no, and 47% yes. measure c would have capped rent increase by 3% each year for any unit built before 1995. new this morning, daly city police need your help identifying this man accused of robbing somebody he met for a craigslist transaction. he used a knife to rob this person, and it's a good reminder there's a safe exchange zone in
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front of the police on 90th street. it's especially marked and it's under 24 hour surveillance. also tracking breaking news overseas, i have an update on the story that we have been following. isis now claiming responsibility for this twin attacks in iran overnight. and we just learned the attacker attackers left 12 dead and 42 wounded. that's higher than what we said earlier this morning. the attacks happened at the iranian parliament building. what is more, isis released a 24-second video, something they rarely do, and the video was circulated online with a voice in arabic saying, quote, do you think we will leave? we will remain. and four attackers in total were killed. i will keep my eye on these live pictures and i will have updates as they come in.
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back to you. >> thank you. and a bay area uber driver has been arrested after a passenger said she was sexually assaulted. only abc7 news caught up with that driver outside his bay area home. and here's the story now from moraga. >> reporter: police say this is the route of 42-year-old uber driver travelled as he drove a female passenger in from oak hroup tkrb oakland may 26th. >> he got out of the car and into the backseat with her and sexually battered her. >> the woman acted fast and distracted her attacker. >> we are very fortunate in this case that this young lady had the presence of mind to interrupt the attack that was going on and able to get it to stop. >> the woman demanded he drive to her final destination where she got out. the traffic surveillance cameras installed just last week captured becker's car and
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license plate, which aided in his arrest. uber tells abc7 news, what the rider reported is deeply troubling. this driver has been removed from auber. the company reports no prior complaints from riders about becker. >> we found him leaving his home in san francisco after bailing out of jail. >> can you tell us about the arrest? he drove off. apartment manager surprised about his tenant's >> i had no idea he was driver. we're getting our first look we're getting our first look at a assaulting several
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he led the congregation for the last 12 years, and police believe the assaults took place inside of the church and there are more victims. the life of gilbert baker is going to be celebrated at a memorial tomorrow at the castro theater in san francisco. he sewed the flag, and it's considered a symbol for lgbt equality around the world. a san francisco gay mens chorus will perform. new priorities for green energy and mental health. the proposed budget is 55$5 million. it's funding green power, and there's more money provided for outpatient treatment. however, because of increasing personnel cost the budget short
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fall is expected next year. let's open up the window on the north bay. looking southbound on 101 towards the north bay, and that's not as foggily as it was yesterday. and extreme sunshine is the only thing you have to worry about, because it's going to be pretty comfortable if you are out and about, and north of the bay bridge, that's where we will have gusty winds this afternoon. waking up at 52 in san leandro. and let's see if your neighborhood is in here. san carlos, san jose, and we have pleasanton at 51, and antioch and brentwood at 58. novato, 56. and pacifica, about 50 degrees. let's take a look at what is going to happen today. a couple high schools, san andreas high school, 72 to 73 degrees and breezy with high clouds and sunshine dropping
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down to about 60 by the time it's over. and then we have got one more, livermore, and then 102 in palm springs. and 75 with increasing clouds, but dry in tahoe. for us, over the next couple of days, look at the temperatures, 60s and 70s. no 80s, and right in the middle there for tomorrow, the chance of showers. i will have that coming up next. here's sue. >> we have a couple problems that we are looking at right now, and we'll take a quick look over in the east bay where in san lorenzo, we have an accident happening right there at the hayward off-ramp. pardon me, it's the 238 ramp moved over to washington, and so be aware of that. and they are all on the right-hand shoulder, southbound 880 to washington off-ramp. they are cleaning that one up. just now getting reports of an
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accident westbound 580 near grant line road. traffic is slow coming off of i-5 and 205, and looking at speeds under 30 miles per hour, and once you are past the accident scene things are picking up and moving towards livermore. we'll check back on a b.a.r.t. delay coming up in a few minutes. he waddles like a duck out of the store. >> this is one of the more awkward thefts we have seen. wait until you see everything this man tried to take. we will introduce you to the newborn gorilla. why this is such a big deal. and cheyenne posted this on and cheyenne posted this on social media, and we found
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a florida man arrested accused of hiding more than a dozen bottles of oil in his blue jeans. you see him waddling out of the 7-eleven. a deputy happened to be parked outside. he went out bigger than when he came outside. >> excuse me sir, do you have room for a couple loafs of bread.
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>> he got jokes. >> yeah, one by one, he unloaded 15 bottles of pennzoil. he hid 30 dvd's in his pants and work boots. william hall is the name of the guy and he's still booked on theft charges. and then a woman followed a sound and found the 2 to 3--week-old kitten trapped. mom and the rest of her kittens were nowhere to be found and now the woman that first heard the kitten is now caring for it. and then 100 jobs are being eliminated, and 68 of the jobs are from teachers and staff retiring, and district officials say declining enrollment is a big part of the budget. the rising cost of housing in
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napa county is a factor. we should get an official announcement on when the smart train service will begin. after a discussion they are expected to announce when passenger rail service will begin between santa rosa and san rafael, and service has been slated to happen this month. and then game three hours away as the series shifts to cleveland for the next two lanes. >> yesterday, the warriors practiced where they know the crowd will be ruckus. and it could put the cavs on the brink of elimination with a win tonight. kevin durant heard weird sounds coming from the ceiling, and apparently it was an air-conditioner on his last legs, and he decided it was time to go and take a look. >> you learned from him --
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>> that thing is shaking a little bit, buddy. >> that was the right call. he is too valuable for something to come barrelling out of the ceiling. >> that was good. >> not going to go down like that. >> yes. >> and here at home the warriors will open an official team store at 10:00 a.m. today. >> grab that gear early and make sure you are watching espn, and it starts tonight at 5:30 here on abc 7. and you can join them for the pregame show, and larry and mike will be live tonight at 5:00. >> all of us have our colors on, mike nicco, and we are ready to go. >> nice when you don't need a ladder to go and check out something in the ceiling. >> true. >> and a nice sea breeze is blowing once again this morning, and temperatures average if not below average. here's a look at mount
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tamalpais. highs increase and light showers tomorrow and a warmer and brighter forecast starting on sunday. let's start in san francisco. 62 and breezy on the bay side and across the golden gate. about 58 in daly city. south san francisco, 65. on the east bay shore, oakland, 67 and close to average, and that's the same in san leandro and hayward. and on the peninsula, 69 in san mateo, and the warm spot, redwood city at 73 degrees. san jose, 77 degrees and high clouds and sunshine. and as we go into the north bay we will have 75 degrees in santa rosa becoming mostly cloudy, and san rafael, 73. east bay, no air-conditioning again, murky sunshine, and san ramon, 75. as we look at tonight's temperatures, mid to upper 50s with the chance of rain starting to move in. i guess we will have to talk more about that coming up in the next weather, and here's a look at my accuweather 7-day
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at my accuweather 7-day forecast, and those showers will be a 1 on the storm impact scale. and then your commute lanes are getting by just fine. if you can, carpool. that's the great way to go. problem spots, an accident on the altamont on grand line road on 580 blocking the slow lane, and once you are past that accident, you can see the green sensors. things pick up nicely but you are slow and go and a real grind coming out of the central valley up and over into livermore. a drive time at 40 minutes right now. and a 10-minute delay in daly city. and that's due to overnight track maintenance otherwise no problems with cal train up and down the peninsula, and ace train leaving on time. we will check back in a couple
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minutes. a woman is facing manslaughter charges for allegedly encouraging her boyfriend to commit suicide in a series text messages. in this morning's "gma" first look, michelle carter accused of pushing the young man she said she loved to his death. prosecutors say carter at the time a high school student pressured 18-year-old conrad roy iii to commit suicide in 2014. at the heart of the case, tens of thousands of texts between the two, carter repeatedly telling him, it's time and you need to just do it. cell phone records showing carter telling him to get back inside the truck when he has second thoughts. carter's attorney blaming her behavior on the medication she was changing. >> it's a suicide, even if somebody supports another individual in the suicide, it doesn't create a homicide. >> and coming up, nancy grace weighs in on the case live, with
5:22 am
your "gma" first look, abc news, massachusetts. >> that's disturbing. next, the seven things you need to know as you start your day. >> and pg&e facing a massive fine right now. why they have to pay $400,000. and president trump suggesting something for the border wall that would be a boost in saving energy. and then a 90-year-old grandmother gearing up for the grandmother gearing up for the game, and that's a nice
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serious, sometimes fatal infections, lymphoma and other cancers have happened. don't start xeljanz if you have an infection. tears in the stomach or intestines, low blood cell counts and higher liver tes and cholesterol levels have happened. your doctor should perform blood tests before you start and while taking xeljanz, and monitor certain liver tests. tell your doctor if you were in a region where fungal infections are common and if you have had tb, hepatitis b or c, or are prone to infections. xeljanz can reduce the symptoms of ra, even without methotrexate, and is also available in a once-daily pill. ask about xeljanz xr. welcome back. 5:24. here are the seven things to know before you go, and number one is breaking news from our live desk. president trump set to nominate former justice department official, christopher wray as the new fbi director. he's a man of impeccable credentials. he's now a private attorney.
5:25 am
number two, a 36-year-old woman accused of giving meth to a child at a berkeley playground is getting ready to make her first court appearance today. the little boy was rushed to the hospital and now is recovering. a fan of the controversial milo yiannopoulos filed a lawsuit against the mayor of berkeley and the uc regents. she said she planned to attend milo's speech that was cancelled after protests turned violent. and then b.a.r.t. may rescind an ordinance that is man spreading, and that ban h never been informed because nobody could figure out how to do it. number five, let's take a look at the storm impact scale for tomorrow. it's 1 light, and the fact we are using it in june is still pretty significant. possibly a third of an inch in
5:26 am
possibly a third of an inch in the north bay, and inch for the rest of us. and then the we have minor slowing until you reach the livermore area. number seven, awfully cute. look at that close-up of the newborn baby boy at the philadelphia zoo welcoming in the gorilla yesterday. kyra is the mom, and this species is considered critically endangered and everybody apparently doing well this morning and just waiting on a name for that little guy. >> glad to hear it. and then tickets going on sale. sale. >> thefest who, and solange.
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we are coming back with a full 90 minutes of news, and why one city is apologizing. and google could make san jose the newhart of silicon valley. and then watching the feeds and then watching the feeds from all over the country a
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♪ if you grow up here, you really can be anything. sutter health. proudly caring for northern california, birthplace of pioneers. good morning on this wednesday, june 7th. and the warriors play tonight. >> oh, yeah. >> and we do have a countdown to our espn and abc coverage of the finals. >> yeah, just 12 hours, so thanks for waking up early and getting a head start on watching. >> sue, the keeper of the clock. >> thank you, sue. >> anytime. >> let's talk about what will happen in the next 12 hours
5:30 am
before the game. we will start with live doppler 7. you can see the next storm showing radar returns off the northern coast of the our wonderful state and that's going to stay up there for the better part of today. we are going to keep an eye on this the marine layer clouds have not made it down to the deck, but they will. we will stay in the 50s at the coast. 70, very comfortable. and 73 to 75 at 4:00. and dress for 67 to 68 degrees at 7:00. fingers crossed, we will get an hour-by-hour look at the rain in a few minutes. here's sue. >> a nice drive across the golden gate bridge there, and after we spoke metering lights turned on at 5:21 this morning, so just about ten minutes ago, as usual. the carpooling lanes whizzing by there. a problem on the altamont pass.
5:31 am
580 near grant line. once you are past the accident, an accident drive into the livermore area. you are looking at a 45-minute backup to get past that scene. 46 trains on time on b.a.r.t., and cal train moving up and down the peninsula nicely, and trains 1 and 3 for ace commuters are running on time this morning. we will come back and check on the all ttamont pass accident i few minutes. this is hard to believe this story. a little boy was at a play structure with his nanny in berkeley when this woman walked up to the boy and put meth in his mouth. and matt keller live for us at the santa clarita jail. >> reporter: the good news, the boy is recovering this morning. the suspect, who allegedly put him there, is here at the santa rita jail in alameda county.
5:32 am
here's a photo of the suspect. he's a 36-year-old woman, and the nanny called police after she said the suspect put something in the boy's mouth on monday afternoon. police arrested thomas and while driving to the booking station, police say she admitted to giving meth to the little boy. those who pass by the park daily are horrified. >> it's very sad. that's what it is, very sad, along with a lot of stuff that happens here in the park. >> i was telling my friend about it, and it was shocking that that would happen, especially a child. >> reporter: the boy was rushed to the hospital where doctors found meth in his system and tommi thomas is scheduled to make her first court appearance on attempted murder charge. new details now, san
5:33 am
francisco police are questioning the mother accused of abandoning her daughter. she pushed her out of the car and drove away. she had her 1-year-old with her, and the mother turned herself in. both kids are now with child protecti protective services and they were not hurt. and then take a look, before tuesday's city council meeting city officials had to apologize for this tweet that reminded people about the agenda item. the meme turned up in a rotation in a terrible way. the mayor issued an apology. >> i don't really know what to say, this was absolutely inappropriate. >> and making its stance as a sanctuary standing almost
5:34 am
unanimous. santa rosa police are asking for your help finding a missing teenager. take a look. her parents say she went out looking for a job on monday morning and never came home. police determined that gabriella dropped off applications, and she is 5'5", 120 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes and a thin build. and then a special security meeting in paris to extend the state of emergency. this comes one day after the attack outside of the noter dom. a man attacked a police officer with a hammer and he was shot in the leg before taken into custody. he was a dock trul student that declared allegiance to
5:35 am
state. and then uber launched an internal investigation in february after a former engineer said the company ignored her complaints of sexual harassment. more workers came forward and uber ended up look into 215 cases, nearly half of the people involved were cleared of wrongdoing, and more complaints are still under review. >> they are worried the company has a bad representation and they want to make it better. that's what i heard from people within the country. >> eric holder is over seeing a second investigation, the results of which uber will reveal next week. a new massive googleplex could be coming to downtown san jose, and it could be double the apple size in cupertino. it could bring 20,000 jobs to
5:36 am
san jose, and san jose leaders say the project entailed 6 million square feet of research and development space and officers. the deal hinges on google buying several city-owned parcels of hand including one that was set aside for a possible stadium for the a's. the proximity is to do it near the station, and there's a b.a.r.t. extension and high speed rail on the drawing board and that could be huge for san jose. tonight the warriors will try to make a three games to none lead in the nba finals. >> the series shifting on golden state now. the cavs came back to win in seven games. history, though, will not repeat itself, because this year we have kevin durant. yesterday steph curry was asked if he and kd are friends. >> from october to now i definitely feel like i know him a lot better than i did and that it will hopefully continue as we go forward in our careers, but
5:37 am
he's a great dude and has a great sense of humor. i feel like i am on a dating show right now. he's a great dude. great dude. i really like being around him, and hopefully that continues. >> yeah, the warriors are 14-0 in the playoffs with a chance to go 16-0, which, by the way, has never been done before in nba history. there are plenty of parties going on. the city of san francisco will put the game on a big jumbotron and there are still tickets available for tonight's event, 20 bucks each. if you want to watch frid though, it's already sold out, because a whole lot of fans are hoping they will watch the dubs clinch the title. >> if you want to watch the game at home, we have you covered. just before the game, you can join abc7's larry beil and mike shumann for the dubs on 7
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pregame show brought to you by jeep. let's talk about your commute this morning. we are looking westbound on the san mateo bridge. it's going to be a quiet day on the roads and also for mass transit, dry all day, and cool this morning to mild temperatures this afternoon. it's on the water during the afternoon hours north of the bay bridge, we have a small craft advisory for winds that could get up to 35 miles per hour. look at the temperatures, 49 in mill valley. american canyon, a little warmer than everybody else. 57. we have 53 in el sobrante. and cupertino, 54. alameda, 55 degrees. tracy and brentwood, 57. a couple graduations in san jose, broadway high school, at 11:00 it's going to be 70 degrees with increasing high clouds which will keep the temperature comfortable. you may still want to grab the
5:39 am
sun screen, and 72 to 74 by the end. and leland high school, later in the afternoon, high clouds and sunshine and mid-70s for you as you graduate at 4:00, and congratulations and have a fun but safe evening, everybody. and 280 at 17, starting off in the south bay, and look at the uv index, high in the south bay. and moderate tree and grass pollen, so if you are going to be on the grass field, you may if you have allergies take a little medicine. antioch, a quiet day today. showers will cool us in the mid to upper 60s. for most of us, a few cities in the east bay valleys, and 59 to about 76 degrees friday. two chances of rain. the first one starts thursday, and it's the greater one, and then we have another one on saturday. we will focus on tomorrow when i come back next, and here's sue with the morning commute. good morning, everyone.
5:40 am
we will look outside san rafa and coming up on 5:40 a.m. a 20-minute drive from this area getting past the civic center to the golden gate bridge, about 20 minutes. traffic is looking good. we do have a little fog forming at the golden gate so watch visibilities there. earlier an accident on the altamont pass, still blocking the slow lane near grant line. there's your drive time from tracy into the dublin area, just under an hour, i should say, it's 53 minutes. antioch to concord, westbound 4, about 20 minutes and there's your drive. san rafael to san francisco, better than we thought, 17 minutes. looking good. we will come back and look at your mass transit options this morning. >> thank you. officials are warning about aggressive coyotes in parts of the bay area, what is happening
5:41 am
that is causing them to act out. anticipation is building for james comey's hearing. the unusual place that is hosting a watch party at 7:00 a.m. eli and a few friends are showing warrior pride as we get ready for game three tonight on ready for game three tonight on abc7, and h
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police are hoping somebody out there recognizes this man. police say he broke into and vandalized a car in oakland and somebody got a clear shot of his face. you can see the busted out car window behind him. officers got it from a concerned citizen. happening today, a terrorists attack and it's going to be a training bases. it's called operation seasick. it will get under way at point. the fbi will coordinate the command with different agencies. and then the day before the highly anticipated james comey hearing in washington, president trump tweeted he will christopher wray has the new fbi director. a source close to comey tells
5:45 am
abc news he intends to directly contradict president trump on the repeated claim he told him he was not under investigation, and comey is expected to offer and comey is expected to offer no judgment on the investigation. they are going to be opening at 6:00 a.m., ahead of comey's testimony, and that's to begin at 7:00 a.m. our time. can you watch the testimony live here on abc7. george stephanopoulos will anchor the live coverage tomorrow morning beginning at 7:00 a.m., right here after "abc7 mornings." and then a fine by the public utility missions commission. 55,000 people were left in the
5:46 am
doc dark. and a substation toppled over and took down the lines. and took down the lines. the citation issue 5:46. dog owners are being warned dog owners are being warned about aggressive to a kay ocoyote nesting deny. wildlife experts say parents are being protective. the trail will be reopened once pupping season is over. and then an update whether sfo will honor harvey himilk in new way. they are looking at naming a road that connects the terminals after milk. the decision could lead to all
5:47 am
terminals at sfo being named after people. >> there are sometimes always issues at sfo. but we do have a chance of rain tomorrow coming our way, mike. >> yeah, something you can almost count on during the summer months because of the morning marine layer of clouds. they will let us know in about ten or 15 minutes, and i will put it out on social media if you are not with us there. and then winds from 2:00 this afternoon, 9:00 this evening, around 24 to 38 miles per hour. and the cloud deck rolling in, and that's going to make a great time lapse which i will put on social media later. and showers on thursday and friday and possibly saturday. let's talk about what is going to happen with your temperature. 70 in santa cruz today, and mid to upper 70s for most of the south bay, 73 to 79 is your spread. upper 60s, millbrae.
5:48 am
and then 70 to 73 for the lower half of the peninsula. upper 50s at the coast today. not quite as breezy. maybe not quite as much sunshine as we have seen the last couple of days. downtown san francisco, 62. hovering around 58 to 68 across the north bay. at the coast, 72 to 77 from petaluma to napa. upper 60s in berkeley, oakland, san leandro and hayward. and 75 in san ramon and livermore to around 80 in antioch and brentwood. temperatures tonight, mid to upper 50s. look at the yellows and the greens. storm impact scale, we have a light storm on the way for tomorrow. here's a look at the rainfall. waking up tomorrow at 4:00, everybody is dry. by the end of the commute, at least the north bay down to san francisco has a chance of measurable light showers and the rest of us have scattered light showers from noon around the san
5:49 am
mateo bridge and then sliding south during the afternoon hours. easier to get rain in the morning than afternoon and that's why we will have more across the north bay. and then saturday, the last cooling day. warming trend begins on sunday. and then so far so good. knock on wood, not on whatever you can if your commute takes you from hayward to foster city, and it's a little under a 20-minute drive and traffic is looking good. slowing once you get to the high-rise. an update on the accident. we have a new accident, i should say, south san francisco near brisbane. it's involving an accident with a car fire, so the fire crews have been called and you may see slow traffic there. the update on this accident, about 20 minutes out for a tow truck to clear the accident from the slow lane westbound 580 near grant line and up over the altamont pass, and that should lighten things up a little bit because right now it's bumper to
5:50 am
bumper out of the central value 83, and just about an hour drive to get to the doubleton pleasantton area. breaking news in san francisco. police right now investigating a possible attack at a hotel. the attacker may have used a hammer, and take a look at the video that we just got at the travel lodge on market street at valencia. we are told it involved three people in a hotel room, two men and a woman. an argument happened and a hammer was used to atault one of the men, and two other people were somehow injured as well. a witness says one man was taken into custody and several people were hospitalized. i will keep tracking any developments that come in. for now that's the latest. natasha, back to you. >> thank you. president trump is floating the idea of covering the border wall he proposed with solar panels. he told congressional republican leaders that the electricity generated would pay for the cost
5:51 am
of the wall. his vision is for a wall 40 to 50 feet high, and they could talk about the solar panelled wall as long as they said it was his idea. see if you can spot the popular feature that seems to be missing. and then an update on the cal rugby player that was paralyzed during the championship game. championship game. thanks to make a wish
5:52 am
5:53 am
we have a promising update on the cal student that was paralyzed while playing rugby. he fell on his head during the championship match and he's already on the road to recovery. look at the new video.
5:54 am
it shows him on rehab pedaling a specialized bike. it uses electrical stimulation to move limbs in patients with limited muscle control. he was moved to colorado a few days ago, and you see him there getting loaded off the plane. he expect to be in colorado for the next three months. a gofundme page gathered $672,000, and he has gone up since we have been talking, and if you want to contribute you can find a link on our website, >> we are all rooting for him. reassuring news for best cancer survivors who want to have children later on. a european study shows those that became pregnant were no more likely to have their cancer come back than those that did not have a baby. this is a big finding especially since more women are being diagnosed with cancer in their childbearing years, and 11% of
5:55 am
new breast cancer cases in the u.s. are in women under 45. a 10-year-old ohio boy had one of his best days ever when he met april the giraffe. the entire world watching on a live feed as she prepared to give birth. alex johnson was one of those watching, and yesterday after traveling six hours he got to meet april and her calf. >> i can't believe we are here, actually, because we watched online all day, and we thought the baby would never come. >> alex's mom says it was beneficial for all of them, getting out and experiencing things other families do. and then about to sweep the blue jays over at the coliseum. the temperature, 64
5:56 am
first pitch there. and big change in our forecast tomorrow. some wet weather on the way and i'll have that coming up soon. here's sue. chp is clarifying with more detail on the accident in the brisbane area, it's southbound 101 and it was a car fire. apparently it was off to the shoulder. you can see the red sensors in the southbound direction and it's closer to the candlestick exit. prepare for delays leaving san francisco on the 101. and waiting for the tow truck on the altamont pass for an accident that should be clearing. we'll check on that when we come back. a controversial mix-up in southern california, the way the "n" word was mistakenly printed on a yearbook. after the break, how this girl is fighting back against berkeleys. still tracking the breaking
5:57 am
news from the white house. president trump set to announce a new fbi director, and i am dig into his background next. accused of robbing at a craigslist meetup, and now he's on the run. and the police say one change could have prevented the incident. that's nice. a little bit of sunrise colors a little bit of sunrise colors
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> announcer: live where you live, this is "abc7 mornings." >> good morning. coming up on 6:00 a.m., on wednesday june 7th. and we are counting down to espn and abc's coverage of the finals. >> whose cou's we are. mike, tell us about the weather. >> here 's a look at live dopplr
6:00 am
7. some of the high clouds starting to come in, and definitely the low clouds climbing over. temperatures from the mid-40s to mid-50s through 7:00. high clouds and sunshine at noon. 57 at the coast. the rest of us around 70. 4:00, we will see the clouds filter the sunshine and keep our teperatures in the mid-70s, except for upper 50s at the coast and 58 to 68 is our spread to the coast and inland neighborhoods at 7:00. so a couple chances of rain coming up. here's sue. let's take a look at the accident leaving san francisco southbound 101, and chp tells us it's cleared out of lanes right now, and that's great news southbound near candlestick, and residual slowed traffic should be diminishing shortly. and 580 westbound near grant line, it's blocking the slow lane but traffic is real tough this morning. once you are past


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