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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  June 7, 2017 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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a strange sight in san francisco's golden gate park. you see these horses, a couple dozen of them. they are free running around at their will. the question this morning, how did they get out of their pen? thanks for joining us, i'm reggie aqui. kristen is on assignment. for a while, it was an exciting morning in the park. amy hollyfield is live for us in san francisco. >> reporter: hi, reggie. here they are, enjoying a mid morning snack. they are safe and sound after quite an adventure. here they are on the loose.
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checking out golden gate park on their own, 23 horses run loose for at least two hours. the parks department said a wrangl wrangler discovered they were out at 5:00 this morning and they got them all corralled and back home around 7:00. they don't know why they were able to get out. i asked if it was an accident, an accidental gate left open or someone intentionally let them out. they will only say it is under investigation. no one was hurt and the horses are fine. one of the daily visitors got a giggle out of the fact that they made a run for it. >> i'm surprised that they would have left the paddock, and all of their food. but then again, their horses. i'm nor concerned of criminals running around than horses running around. this is san francisco and this is golden gate park. there has been people killed in the park. they could just come over and have all of the apples.
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>> reporter: jeff and 1-year-old everett feed the horses apples every day and we are relieved to see they are back and safe. they are here on a trial basis as rec and parks offers the possibility of offering horseback rides to the public. they got here in april and scheduled to be here until the end of the month and it is $60 for an hour long ride if you are interested. no word on how their jail break this morning will impact their stay here. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> glad to see they're doing all right. amy, thank you. traffic is moving again along interstate 680 in fremont after a deadly crash this morning. sky 7 was over the scene around 8:20 this morning on 680 northbound before the mission boulevard exit. the chp said the driver of that honda swerved on to the shoulder, slamming into the back of that big rig that was parked there. the honda driver died at the scene and he is a san jose man. no name has been released.
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the big rig driver was not hurt. the chp said drugs and alcohol do not appear to be factors in this crash. and developing news in bay point where the chp is investigating a deadly hit-and-run crash. officers say a man and his dog were found in the road on port chicago highway at lake view drive last night. you could see in the video the man's shoe in the street. he and his dog both died. officers have determined the man was 41 years old from antioch and they have not released a name. the chp has not released a description of the vehicle that took off but they are asking anyone who saw anything there to please come forward. and san francisco police are investigating an attack at a hotel where someone may have used a hammer against several people at the controversial lodge at market street at valencia involving two men and a woman in a hotel room and several people were sent to the hospital and one man was taken into custody. a men lo park pastor accusea
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of sexual assaulting members of his congregation. he was arrested on thursday after several people came forward with similar stories of sexual abuse. his church is el senor [ inaudible ]. he led his congregation for the last 12 years and police believe the assaults took place inside of the church and there are more victims. when you hear what happened to a little boy at a berkeley park, it is just about impossible not to be horrified. police arrested a woman who they say put methamphetamine into the boy's mouth. she is a total strange tore him and we expect she'll be in court later today. matt keller joins us live from oakland. >> reporter: the suspect has yet to make her first court appearance, coming this afternoon or tomorrow. the d.a. does have the case, they are reviewing it to see which charges to bring against her.
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here is a photo of the suspect, police arrested her for attempted murder. she is 36-year-old sidena thomas after the suspect put something in the 2-year-olds mouth on a structure on monday afternoon and police arrested thomas and while driving to the booking station she admitted to giving meth to the loyal boy. people's park regulars say they know the suspect. >> she's not a good person. she steals people's stuff and runs around talking to herself and she's crazy. >> reporter: police say she does have a record. the boy was rushed to the hospital where doctors found meth in his system. police say he is recovering. and the d.a. is expected to see this suspect in court this afternoon or possibly tomorrow. live in oakland, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you. and we have breaking news in oakland right now.
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sky 7 over the scene of a house fire in north oakland. this is 59th street and martin luther king boulevard. right now there is concern about two other homes or structures that could be in danger. the fire broke out about half an hour ago. it is not clear right now how this started. and could you see the firefighters who are still there. it looks like they have put this out, although there is still some smoke that is rising from the top of the structure. you could download the abc 7 news app and enable push alerts for breaking updates on this and any other stories. santa rosa police are extending a thank you after a missing teenager was found safe. the 17-year-old gabriela rosa is back home this morning and police say she is found. she went out looking for a job on monday morning and didn't come back. she just graduated from high school on friday. again, she is safe. an oakland woman attacked during a rally at uc berkeley is suing for $20 million. she was pepper sprayed, you'll
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see it right here, during an abc 7 interview in february. she said she planned t attend a speech by conservative commentator milo yanoplous and that was canceled. and she said her rights were violated when they were subjected to bodily harm because they were expressing a different view point. berkeley's mayor and others all named in the lawsuit. u.c. released a statement that said they intend to mount a vigorous and successful defense to its action and it looks forward to contesting this collection of false claims. new details from the shareholder's meeting from google involving the pay information. it appears the mountain view based company will not report on the gender pay gap. that is cording to the wash post. alphabet have been asking shareholders to demand that report. it would have included the percentage pay gap between male and female employees. google has been accused by the u.s. department of labor of
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extreme pay discrimination against women. president trump has announced his new pick for fbi director and here he is. christopher wray. the 50-year-old is a yale law school graduae and involved in the department of justice as an assistant attorney general from 2003 to 2005. he headed the criminal division under president george w. bush. wray also represented new jersey governor chris christie during the bridge-gate scandal. the president called him a man of impe peckable credentials. that comes one day before the fired fbi director james comey is set to testify before congress. the fireworks started today with top intel officials testifying. abc 7 news reporter stephanie ramos has the story now from d.c. >> reporter: today as president trump heads to ohio to talk infrastructure, in washington lawmakers are grilling top national security and law enforcement officials about the foreign intelligence surveillance act but the investigation into russian
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interference came up almost immediately. >> each of you here today, we all know, have taken an oath to defend the constitution. >> reporter: "the washington post" is the director of national intelligence dan coates said the president asked him to get james comey to back off on the investigation into former national security adviser michael flynn, and russia. >> any attempt by the white house or even the president himself to exploit this community as a tool for political purposes is deeply, deeply troubling. >> i have never been pressured, i've never felt pressure to intervene. >> reporter: but the main event is slated for tomorrow when comey testifies before the senate. on thursday, comey is expected to talk about his conversations with president trump. who allegedly asked comey to end the investigation into trump campaign ties to russia. >> he had told me in general terms that the president is uncomfortable with me because he asked for loyalty and i told him
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i could only give him honesty. >> reporter: in a new washington post abc news poll a 56% majority of u.s. adults say trump is interfering with such investigations rather than cooperating while 61% say trump fired comey to protect himself rather than for the good of the country. the president is said to be blaming jeff sessions decision to recuse himself on russia for many of the current problems. when asked by a reporter if he'll resign, the a.g. says -- >> no. >> reporter: stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. >> and watch the james comey tomorrow live here on abc 7. george stephanopoulos will anchor our coverage tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. right after abc 7 mornings. i know it is surprising a few people yesterday when i talked about grabbing your umbrella and dusting it off. we are on storm watch, even though it is june. not only do we have a chance tomorrow, our best chance at
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about 50%. we have another chance on saturday. a smaller chance of wet weather and that is across the north bay. so let's focus in on this storm first by talking about the storm impact scale. check this out, it is a one. it is going to be light. we have scattered showers that are going to happen, especially across the north bay and then the storm weakens as it spreads southward. so a third of an inch in the north bay to a tenth of an inch in the other neighborhoods. the difference in today and yesterday, the storm is picking up speed. have i'll more for you coming up. and the countdown clock that is appearing on our street, or there it is. tonight the warriors will try to take a commanding three game lead. the switch now to cleveland and that didn't end the way we wanted it to and this year they t hopefully will. they ride an impressive 14-0
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impressive playoff record and if they could sweep to 16-0, that would set a record. the city of san francisco will put the game on a jumbo-tron in front of city hall and watch it for free. and the warriors hosting a watch party at the hor acle arena, you see the video from last year. and there are still tickets available at tonight's event, $20 each but if you wanted to go on friday, game four is already sold out. a lot of people of course hoping that the dubs will clinch the title friday. if you want to catch the game from the comfort of your own home, we have you covered there. espn and abc coverage of game three starts tonight at 5:30 right here on abc 7 and before the game, join larry beil and mike shoeman for the dubs on 7 pre-game show and they are live tonight at 5:00 p.m. a pop star proving triumph over tragedy is real.
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the step ariana granda is taking. >> and the trump family accused of funneling charity money into the businesses. what his son said really happened. >> and golden gate park is ready to
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new details on the terror attack in london. the death toll was brought to
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eight. the body fou was found overnigh. his giffor friend was injured w three suspects plowed into pedestrians on london bridge and went on a stabbing spree. police killed the attackers. and happening today, ariana grande will resume her dangerous woman tour in paris. the pop singer canceled shows immediately following the may 22nd terrorist attack that killed 22 people at her concert in manchester, england. she'll stop in several more countries in europe before moving to latin america and asia. during a benefit concert on sunday, she and several other artists raised more than $13 million for victims in the attack. a new report raises serious questions for the trump organization and charity golf events that were meant to raise money for kids with cancer. the president's son eric trump hosted the events on behalf of st. jude. forbes magazine reports hundreds of thousands of dollars in charity expenses went to the trump family business despite
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eric saying many of the costs would be covered by the trumps. forbes said the problem started with the charity when donald trump allegedly demanded the foundation be charged for using his facilities. >> donald came in and said, you know what, we're going to start billing you guys. even though this is a chart event, even though this is for kids for cancer, we want you to pay. >> a spokesperson for eric trump released this statement to abc news that said contrary to recent reports, at no time did the trump organization profit in any way from the foundation or any of its activities. still to come on abc 7 news, rain in this june forecast. a live look now at our exploratorium camera at pier 15. there are gray skies but nothing coming down just what teachers don't say -- >> we've always wanted to get inside their head. now we can. >> every teacher watching this
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goes, yes! >> next "right this minute."
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now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> as the storm system continues to speed up, it looks like the real focus is on tomorrow's morning commute and the lunch hour and then the chance of showers taper. and from mt. tam, a cooler afternoon and my other accuweather highlights include showers on friday, up into saturday and in the norm bay d summer, you have to wait until next week. and radar return, and the system is spinning and moving more toward the north. so we are lacking deep moisture. we are lacking the energy as it stays to the north. we're getting the tail end of the scraps out of the storm and what it is doing today is increasing the winds. small craft advisory, bay bridge north and east through the delta community. 2:00 to 9:00, it is choppy and
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breezy. 24 to 35 miles per hour. temperatures today at 59 in half moon bay. 62 in san francisco. upper 60s to low 70s in the next couple of hours around the bay. mid to upper 70s for most of the inland neighbors in the next couple of hours. going for the game, going for a sweep. the blue jays and a's. 64 at 12:35 to 67. even though it looks cloudy, if you are sitting in the sun, you could get sun burned. take sunscreen. we say that always. but we mean it. 67 is the temperature at noon at new valley high school and you start graduation. and down the road we have another graduation taking place in san jose. this one at leyland high school. starting at 4:00. 74 and dropping down to about 71. you are going to find there is not too much heat anywhere today which is great for graduation. san andreas high school at 3:00, 72. about 73 at 4:00 but the clouds get thicker and the breezes will kick up and you'll be in the upper 60s by the time graduation is over.
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and then in livermore, one more here and temperatures 73 dell valley high school and to about 66. tbts mid to upper 50s. warmer than the last couple of mornings. a quick look at 4:00 on thursday morning, not much going on there but as we head toward noon, the showers will come out of the north bay and start to fall apart an you could see in the afternoon to the early evening, a shower possible. to the best chance is in the north bay during the morning commute and for the rest of us from 9:00 to 3:00. it is not a lot out there. but it will keep our temperatures down and it is enough in the north bay to keep the one on the storm impact scale. it is cool through saturday, and then you could see a gradual warming trend begins on sunday. >> i got a hot drink and she said are you sure you want this? it is summer. >> open the window and look outside. tickets on sale for this year's outside lanes music
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festival and expected to be extra especially because this is the tenth anniversary. it is happening in august at golden gate park. single day tickets going on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. so this is the lineup. metallica, gorillas, the who, lorde and solange and tickets start at about $150. one florida couple welcomes a not so little bundle of joy. coming up, what the proud mom has to say after giving bir
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and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. be the you who talks to your dermatologist about stelara®. babies come in all shapes an sizes and unique in their own way and they are all gorgeous. some bigger than others. one florida mom was not expecting her new bundle to weigh more than 13 pounds. this is baby carly corbett and she is adorable. of course. mom said when she was having carly, she could hear the medical staff in the operating room laughing with excitement about the baby. at one point the doctor said, i don't think this baby is going to end. baby carly arrived via c section, thank goodness, 13 pounds and 5 ounces. >> she is big-boned. >> yes. >> i feel for her. i know what that is like. you know what it is like to be 13 pounds? >> no. >> okay.
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>> 13 pounds, no. >> she'll be just fine. >> holy cow, could you imagine they have to take the clothes back and exchange them. >> it is a journey. she'll be all right, though. >> thanks for joining us. who wants to be a millionaire is coming up next. >> i'm big-boned, come on. >> it's fine.
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>> you know, they say money can't buy happiness, but i've given a lot of money on this show, and those people all look happy to me. so, why stop now? let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire"? [cheers and applause] let's do it. as a college student and president of his fraternity, our next contestant has a lot to prove and big plans for the million. from petersburg, indiana, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome zach riddle. [cheers and applause] welcome, zach, how you doing, man? >> nice to meet you. [cheers and applause] right there? i don't know where i'm going. >> i thought you were just gonna do a walk-off, that's it. >> i never know where i'm going. they--i already got some applause. >> and scene, i'm done. darn college kids.


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