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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 7, 2017 5:00pm-5:32pm PDT

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repeat. ten year warriors veteran, you look pretty focused coming in. >> i'm ready, i'm ready. >> all smiles. today is a little more serious. a reminder, we're going to have the count down clock as we count you down to nba count down at 5:30 abc's pregame coverage. warriors up 2-0 on the cavs. i know a lot of people locally are thinking sweep and 16-0 and all that. but we've been down this road before and it got a little bumpy last year. >> yeah, 0-2 in game three, so you have this thing coming in your focus cannot be on a number, 16-0. what you have to focus on is being competitive in this game. the cavs coming out, they want to blow you off the floor and i think the big thing for the warriors is to stay competitive to the fourth quarter and give themselves a chance to win at the end. >> i think they'd rather be up 20. >> me, too, for my health. [ laughter ] >> exactly. let's get to mike shumann's summer home, the shu's third
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straight june he spent time in cleveland. he lost, in fact, there. thought of purchasing a condo. shu, you've been with the warriors every day the postseason. are fans nervous or expecting another comeback like last year? >> they're definitely expecting a come back. last year it was defeatist. this year, no, we're going home with a 2 out of three series. the warriors made a good point, circle number 73 ended up costing them the championship. this year they are not circling that 16-0. they want to win one game at a time. talk to most of the players in the shoot around, why is it so different when you change venue s? the background is different, different look at the shot. cleveland will feel comfortable tonight because their offense has not been part of that due to the warriors defense. but you can feel the anticipation here. cleveland fans are ready to rock this place so it's going to be a
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tough challenge for the warriors. as you mentioned, they lost by 30 points last year. they're hoping not a repeat of that for the warriors this season. >> they just took it to us right from the beginning. i remember our offense was pushed back to half-court the first few possessions. they set a great tone. i think they went up big right away. >> we usually haven't gotten off to a great start in this building. things click for them. we usually have to deal with a deficit. whether we come back or not is another question. but hopefully we can play better that first quarter, especially to give ourselves a little bit more momentum than we've had in the past year. >> i don't remember how i felt last year being down 2-0. it's last year and i don't even know the feeling any more. so -- >> we're not going to change our game because of who we're playing. i'm confident we can play that way and we did it last year. a lot of people said we couldn't, but that's our game. that's who we are. we're not going to change just because we're playing golden state. >> all right. i think steph curry had the
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great quote. not to get behind in the first quarter. iguodala, you played in games where you get down early, and warriors do that a lot to opposing teams. it's hard to catch back up especially the way this team can shoot three's. reporting live from the q, back to you, larry. >> thank you. lebron has been in attack mode, double-double. he was driving ferociously. he took only six shots. the king was asked yesterday, i believe, did you get tired? and he said, i'm averaging a triple double. i'm good. what do you think? >> i think it's a combination. i think he was a little tired. i think it's k.d.'s presence. i think you have to remember that everybody is looking at him on the basketball court. i think there is a third thing, and that's what i'm going to look to tonight, which is he really knows he can't beat the warriors by himself. so, he's been trying very hard to pull his team and bring them along. it hasn't been working so far. >> would you take him off of
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kevin durant defensively to try to let him rest on defense, maybe have him guard zaza? if you put him on any of the shooters he has to run around with him. >> i think it's a good suggestion. i think in part because he wants the room. he wants to be a romer. he wants to get in the passing lane. if you put him on a dedicated shooter, a player that has a lot of ability to go to the basket, shoot three's, it doesn't give him that opportunity to roam as much as he wants to do. if i were lou, i would look to put him on somebody else not as big a threat. >> kevin durant is as big a threat as you're going to find. he's racked up 71 points in the first two games of the series. also has emerged as an elite defender, quite effective surpri surprisingly in the small ball lineup. we've never seen this defense out of kevin durant when he played for okc. >> what has been pleasantly surprising for the warriors, you know you were getting an amazing offensive player, but what you end up getting is a complete player. and his defense, his shot
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blocking, but the simple thing, his rebounding and his ability to move and contest shots. i always say a good shot blocker, you don't always get the block, but you're always there. and he's now playing like he is a 5, and that is pretty impressive and dangerous because he's 7 foot and skilled in almost every facet of the game. >> spoken like a true shot blocker. a guy who loves shot blocking. after game two we were talking about this. we thought, they can't play at this pace. they have to slow it down, pound it inside, make it a physical half-court game. lebron and lou, the head coach, no, no, no, we're going to stick to our style. they think they're going to be better just because they are at home. and they were last warriors by game three. what's the biggest difference for the role players like kyle korver being at home and hearing their crowd? >> it's part of comfort. when you're home, you're sleeping in your own bed, things feel good. the fans love you, you're not getting booed. so, for a great player, you can play in any arena.
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when you're one of the guys coming off the bench, it matters that you're in your comfort zone, that you have confidence in that arena. you play most of your games there and that's the confidence i think you will cecum out a little bit tonight from the role players. >> you think they'll shoot better? >> i think the bench is going to play better. we know the big three will probably -- tyree will feel a little better as well. i think you'll see the supporting cast taking a role that is a bit more energetic and i think it will produce some results for them. >> all right. much more ahead on the #dubson7 pregame show presented by jeep. mark spears from espn undefeated will be checking in and we'll tell you why the return of coach kerr helps light a fire under draymond green. klay thompson was ice cold in game one, three of 16 shooting. heated up, had 22 points in game two. the warriors will take more of that in game three. much more ahead.
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curry off the dribble,
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layoff off the glass! razzle dazzle at its best. >> two-time mvp against lebron james. everybody out of our way. allow me to have this dance. bre straight down the finish. beautiful, that's steph curry with the shot. >> watch that a million times. from one angle it might have been a double dribble, not sure, but let's go from one splash brother to the other. we saw klay thompson a moment ago, played a lockdown defense in game one, but struggled with the shot. struggling with the shot for the two previous series. found it in game two, 22 points, had four three's. if klay is rolling with a jumper and you get normal games out of steph and k.d., cavs are in big trouble. >> yeah, from last year, we didn't talk about k.d. klay is such -- plays such a vital role in this team, not just what he does defensively, but when he gets going, it provides another option. that is impossible for the cavs
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to guard the warriors because there are so many threats on the floor. and klay is a big part of that because he can shoot the ball deep and often and quickly. >> and with no conscience. he has the ball, it's such a quick trigger. you see the ball going right up right now. it's impossible to stop when you're watching everybody else on defense. all right. let's send it back out to cleveland where shu is with espn, the undefeated mark spears. guys? >> all right, mark, you and i have talked about a change of venues, game three is always the toughest to win. why is that? >> well, the guys that play in this venue are used to the rims. they've got the crowd behind their back so there is always a confidence booster when things are down. it's just the comfort level when you play at home. i think you always play better on the road. i like playing better on road in college, but, you know, tristan thompson, the tyree irvings, kyle korvers, the j.r. smiths, i think they need a lit now, conf
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perhaps some home cooking can make them play better. >> warriors got killed here last two years in game three. 30 points, by 30 points last year especially. so, they know that it's going to be tough here tonight. >> yeah, but they have history to help them. they know that game three hasn't been their strong suit, especially here. but when you lose like they lost last year, i think last year is feeling them. like they're not taking any game for granted. i think they're pushing on the gas pedal not with 1 foot, but two. forget the brake. >> right. >> they're pushing that gas pedal all the way full throttle. and they just need to be better focused, a better mentality for them. so, we'll see, you know, how they come out tonight, but they seem to be more focused now than even in the previous two finals. >> and they have no answer for kevin durant so far. >> no, man. unless jesus come out here in a
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uniform, i can't see him -- i mean, lebron can't stop him. who is going to stop you? you're talking about a 7 footer who can shoot outside, who can dribble, score in the poles, play -- what can he not do? only thing that's going to stop him is an injury or himself. and talk about focus, he certainly has that. >> all right. there's talk now this might be the greatest offensive team in the history of the nba. are you on that bandwagon? >> showtime lakers were pretty great, man. i grew up watching that. talk to seven guys, showtime laker himself, byron scott said it's the best offense he's ever seen. but i did talk to a couple other guys like alex english and kobe bryant and isaiah thomas and kenny smith who played with akeem a olajuwon wan. they say the one thing that is keeping this offense from being the greatest of all-time is the center. there is no kareem abdul-jabbar. there is no akeem olajuwon.ol
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this wasn't the 70s, this wasn't the 60s. today is a different time. that's why it's hard to compare. harris, you know, magic said if they would sweep them, i don't know that those lakers were in shape to run with guys like that you know what i mean? james worthy was a great defender, but was he going to chase k.d. around? only way we'll know is the video games. >> all right. who do you like tonight? >> they're not near us, right? i like the warriors. i just like their focus. i think they play better on the road in these playoffs. i see lebron and tyree playing better. i see a tighter game today. but i do see the warriors figuring it out. >> i'll give my prediction later in the show. you know who i'm going with. mark spears, the undefeated espn, we appreciate your time, buddy. back to you, larry. >> all right, thanks, guys. much more ahead on our #dubson7 pregame show presented by jeep. we know curry and k.d. are
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incredible. are they the best tandem ever? ever? as in ever? we'll discuss that. take a live look at oracle. i think that's d.j. d. sharp getting ready to rock the house, the watch party. i tell you, there is hardly anybody in there. an hour from now the place is going to be
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>> one of the best duos to play together. maybe ever. kevin durant coming off the pick and roll. that's just unguardable. and steph curry, yeah, i said it. the best to play ever, together. one of them, steph curry. >> jeff van gundy. yeah, he said it. [ laughter ] >> with some high praise for the warriors' dynamic duo as we look live again at quicken loans arena. we are joined now by the man who
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will call tonight's game in cleveland, mike green. mike, first, thank you for the time. let me ask you about the cavs approach here. they say they don't want to change anything. they want to play fast, they want to shoot a bunch of three's. obviously that didn't work out in the first two games. are you a little bit surprised about this? >> well, i think they might not be revealing all their cards. i wouldn't be surprised to see if there is some adjustments. it's not just going to be about coming home. obviously the home crowd is going to help them. they're going to play with desperation even though it is not an elimination game. the season is on the line. i think they might have a few tricks up their sleeve rather than let everybody know about it, we'll find out when the game starts. >> what is your take on the story out of las vegas? i'm sure you heard the odds makers who said that they would have this warriors team as favored over michael jordan's great bulls team that went 72 -- is that a bunch of hype or are we really looking at the best team of all time here? >> larry, i'm one of those who -- i can't compare players, i can't compare teams from
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different eras. the game was played so differently back then. it was coached differently. it was officiated differently. it's really difficult to do. what i will say is if they win the next two or if they even win in five or six, they're one of the best teams i've ever seen when you combine their offensive fire power and how strong they are and how committed they are defensively. >> all right. we're talking about history and best ever, your broadcast partn partner jeff van gundy said the other night he thought steph and k.d. rank perhaps among the best of all duos, all-time. so, i have a two-part question for you. i want your opinion on that, and what are you putting in van gundy's drink at halftime? what is going on there? [ laughter ] >> well, as we found out from earlier in the series, he's easily distracted by celebrities walking in front of the broadcast table. so, that's our number one concern going into tonight. we hear there is going to be some good celebrities here. you know what? let's give him a little more
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time before we anoint them that. but when you look at the scoring prowess of these two the way they played the last several years, not just the numbers they put up, but how efficiently they do it, it is certainly one of the best duos in nba history. is it the best? again, i find it impossible to compare eras, but if they keep going at this rate, they're going to rank up there because they're so talented and, again, they're so efficient. >> i could just imagine michael jordan texting scotty pip in while watching the game. what is this guy talking about? >> the old timers don't really take to that. but i do have to ask you, larry, have you seen shu? i lent him some money last night and i've been looking for him all day today. i can't find him. i could use the money back tonight. >> that's gone. mike, that's a donation to his daughter's college fund. that's it. >> all right. >> mike, thanks so much for the time. [ laughter ] >> any time, larry. good to talk to you. >> all right. >> you never want to lend shu
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money. that's the first rule of broadcasting. after the game join us live reports exclusive dubs interviews. once we find shu in cleveland, plus donald foil and our nba scout terry keating. so, as i mentioned, just as soon as van gundy said that, i'm sure scotty and michael were on the phone, magic and kareem, shaq texting kobe if they get along, i don't know. what do you think about this best duo stuff? >> i think, you know, i'll say this right now. if k.d. and steph sign a five year deal and they do this for six more years, i'll be willing to say that because i think what you could see is the beginning of an unbelievable relationship. but whether or not in one year you can say that i think it's too early. >> all right. give it time. >> give it time. >> maybe three, four, five championships down the road. >> exactly. >> then we can fairly assess where they rank. i think joe lake will take that now. shu is not the only abc7 personality in cleveland. our own wayne freedman is also there. we have deputized him in the
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sports department today. so, wayne, after more than 50 emmys, you finally made it into sports. there you are, yes. >> i'm swearing into the sports department. happily doing it at this moment. the u.s. navy is locked on lake ear e erie. we also went to the rock and roll museum. we were looking for warriors fans in the city. it is pretty much orange and purple. we did find a couple of them, and it was interesting what they told us about being a warriors fan in cleveland. think oracle and oakland in reverse. >> it's amazing. you know what, people have given me a little bit of grief, but it's friendly grief. they haven't been rough. we're still not at game time. there's a lot of time for people to get lathered up. >> they have to shut down lebron, shut down tyree. i think draymond has to kind of
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step it up along with klay. >> reporter: are you worried? >> um, a little bit. but i think we can win. >> reporter: you know, and that kid could be an espn analyst. here's the new part about it. he is not from the bay area. he is from chicago. he was going to boston with his father. he dragged his father through cleveland on the way to boston. i said, so, where are you sitting for today's game? we're not going to the game. i said, are you sure? i don't think so. i haven't seen him, but he might be here. people are giving anything to get into this game night. court side seats, two or three rows up, $1600 and rising. live in cleveland, wayne freedman, abc7. >> thank you, wayne. those are at donald foil prices. >> ooh, not even me, man. >> that's pocket change, tip money for donald foil. much more ahead on #dubson7 pregame. fearless predictions and the
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story behind the moment gone viral from our game two post game show. ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer to take advantage
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as you know, the warriors are in cleveland, but thousands of fans will be at oracle arena tonight for a watch party. we were out there last year. the energy of the crowd was truly amazing. like they were watching a live game. still plenty of good seats available. live at the civic center now, this whole area is going to be covered with people. they're going to be body to body
5:26 pm
once the game starts and the big screen is up there. and back live in cleveland where the get-in price i'm told is about 800 bucks a ticket. that's just to get in. wayne freedman was with the high rollers, 1600 bucks and rising. the cavs pretty much have to win tonight to have any real chance of capturing the series. want to go back to a funny moment from our post two game shu that's gone viral. >> what was that like when you found out tonight steve is going to go ahead and try to do it again? >> tony, tony, excuse me. when i found out tony was going to be officiating the game, i was like man, i'm glad i'm not coaching tonight. what's that look for? that's the same look he gave me tonight. for what? okay -- my bad, tony. you have a good one. hey, you know it's all good. >> that moment has been on sports center, it's been all over social media. a lot of youtube post. shu, did you get mike brown in
5:27 pm
trouble? >> well, actually, i thought he was going to get a technical for calling that official out off the court. so, actually, i talked to mike about it and saw the same official today. he realized we were live. he kept his mouth shut. >> all right. i think the league office might get a copy of that for sure. i know executives are always watching our post game shows. we'll get to shu's prediction in just a moment. let me start with you, iguodala. a must-win game for cleveland tonight. >> i think because of that it will be a closer game. if the warriors keep it close they have a chance to win by a point. >> by one. you want to give us an exact score? >> no. [ laughter ] >> it's okay. i thought he would take the bait there. shu, you've been in cleveland. what's the sentiment, what's the feel? >> well, i think cleveland gets game three. change of venues, like i said, always the toughest. this team is too good not to win a game against the warriors.
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i'm going with the cavaliers tonight and we'll worry about game four coming up. >> all right. for the record, i really think in my heart that the warriors are going to take this game. but i know that cleveland has got to have it so part of me kind of feels like they're going to find a way to pull it out, certainly much better effort. we thank mike shumann with the time. eel leave you with one stat. 32 previous times a team went up 2-0 in the nba finals, 28 out of 32 have captured the championship. >> i like that. >> that's a good omen for the warriors. last year it was 28 out of 31, i guess. [ laughter ] >> but, you know what happened. all right. that's going to do it for the #dubson7 pregame show presented by jeep. don't forget keep it right here after the game. we'll have shu back, live interviews, highlights, donald, terry keating, all the press
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two games in and one team's creed of allegiance has become a call to arms. >> are you a smart guy? we don't defend home court, what happens? ♪ i got ♪ i got ♪ loyalty ♪ got royalty ♪ inside my dna >> clearly, before they can defend the land, the cavs need to defend the paint. the three, their pride. but the warriors are on a path to bring last year's nightmare to a reckoning. >> the avalanche continues. >> the series has shifted east. but has the home team a


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