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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 8, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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guys. >> game four is set for friday here at the q., where the warriors can make history, going 16-0 in the postseason. reporting from the q. in cleveland, mike shumann, abc 7 sports. >> thank you. little baseball. giants and brewers, the polish sausage, win big a mile. the brewers did, too. ty block allowed five in six innings. aguilar hits in the inning run. a double in the fifth. 6-3. the giants have lost seven of the last nine. how about the a's, trying to sweep the blue jays. matinee action. tenth inning, tied at 4-4. josh donaldson, a two-run homer, off frankie man tmontez. and the jays are victorious. abc 7 sports, brought by river rock casino. what a way to close it out with three minutes left. on the brink of history. >> that's crazy. >> see if they -- unbelievable. >> what a moment.
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really an exciting moment. >> you know the cavs are going to bring it all. everything they got. >> this had to hurt them. >> they had the game won. we'll
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we've got new viral videos on an all new show "right this minute." a menace keeps slamming on the brakes. how ka rma kicks a camaro to th curb and beyond. gates goes shopping with -- >> so guy named warren buffett. >> the meeting between two great minds. >> wait a minute. i just figured it out. everybody keeps cash under their mattresses. little laila is entranced. >> what are you looking at on that phone. >> the moment she like what is she sees. >> #me. and playing something ca called -- the game that can strike at any time. >> get out. as this red car with the dash cam is waiting to merge onto the road, this camaro goes
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zipping past. and the driver asks the question -- and i have to be honest it's a question you're going to ask a lot in this video. up ahead that camaro has been slowed down by slower traffic. i don't think he's happy about it. camaro starts doing this. one, two, and the third one, boom. then floors it. as he approaches this intersection, look how close he gets to that truck! just misses in that case. then heavy on the brakes as that white car turns to the light. >> now, what the heck is this guy's problem? >> that's my point. it continues. they decide they want to turn left and they're stopped at this red light. apparently the description for this video, he's continuing to communicate through the mirror. >> you see all that and you're kind of like, okay, bro. do your thing. go about your business. >> your instincts in this case are perfect. peels around the corner, loses the back end. >> oh!
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>> whoa! >> that's how you climb a telephone pole with your car. >> i did not see that coming. >> i have to be honest, i did laugh quite a lot when i saw that happen. apparently goes up one of those guide wires which holds it up. that's where that camaro stays. wheels are spinning. this driver was unlicensed and was arrested on suspicion of dui. now we head to russia. heavy on the brakes. look out, look out, look out! then we see why. >> did the child fall out? >> yes. >> the hatch opened up. >> you could see this 3-year-old girl lying on the road as the car disappears. but there's more to this story especially when we go from this angle. keep an eye on the car as it pulls out the intersection. there goes another child. two children fall out the back. you could see that the little boy jumps up to his feet and runs off to the side while the 3-year-old is still lying in the road until other vehicles stop and pick her up and try to render aid.
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>> why weren't they belted in? >> there are so many questions involved, gayle. i think the biggest one being, why did the mother not notice and not stop? that 3-year-old girl was taken to hospital to deal with injuries from being thrown from the car. they did catch up with the mother who faces charges for this but mostly people are amazed at the complete cluelessness to what was going on. check it out. oh, look. it's nebraska furniture mart. and there's bill gates driving up. >> wait. bill gates? >> yes. he's riding up with the owner of the furniture mart. some guy named warren buffett. >> that's like 50 countries' worth of value in that car. >> yeah. >> and they're going mattress shopping. >> for everyone? >> actually, they're chatting about this place and how warren became the owner. this is the real rose blumekin. she decided i'm going to sell it. she only wanted to sell it to
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warren. >> i just wish mrs. b. was around to see this. these two had never met each other at the time. it was their first meeting and they thought what do we possibly have in common? they found out they really liked each other and became fast friends and had to be separated because they just kept talking. >> it's the way to spend your time. >> wait a minute. i just figured it out. everyone keeps their cash under their mattresses. this is where buffett keeps his cash! >> i'd like to see you go check. >> i'm on my way. >> it is fascinating to think about how much money is between those two just hanging out. >> how much good these two guys try to do with their fortune. >> the bill and melinda gates foundation has helped so many
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people they willed another billionaire to donate money. >> it's true. i will be giving them my billions. >> oh. that's why you can afford that shirt. >> yes. i dress like bill, look. >> i think this is funny these are probably the two smartest guys and they can't seem to do one thing. that's leave. >> well, we don't want you to get out of here. >> rich white guy laugh. >> i'm so rich prp you rich? i am rich. all right. listen and look very closely. something down in that hole. you can hear some sounds beneath that storm drain. >> is it one of those sewer crocodiles in. >> let's find out. you could just barely see it through the hole. there it is again. through another hole. >> what part of the world are we in? >> we're in taiwan. now we've got a larger manhole cover. reach down inside.
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oh, hello little puppy. >> oh! >> washed into a storm drain because of some floods in the last few days. puppy had been down there for two days. you survived, little fella. the family that rescued this pup can't take it in. they've already got two dogs so they're looking for a forever home for this guy. but he's cold and wet and happy to be on solid ground after all that. to miami. usa. another storm drain. this guy has got himself some tools. that's monster mike and he has got something on the other end of that fishing pole. the fishing pole line leads down into a sewer. >> with all of that elbow grease putting into it, there's something on the end of there. >> he's got his back into it. he's reeled it in as far as he can go. get it, mike. get it. >> got him. i got the first fish. >> that's a peacock bass and monster mike is just out there sewer fishing. monster mike is a pretty darn good fisherman. and he just knows the open
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waters aren't the only place to catch awesome fish. he does it again with his buddy captain instigator. they go to another fishing hole. >> do you need a permit? >> good question. >> they got another one. >> that one's a large mouth bass. don't worry. in both cases, they catch and release. i think old school hip hop heads will really appreciate this. what's that noise? that's that classic beat boxing. what do we have here? a little bit of robot. well, it's obvious white boys can rap and can dance. >> that was sick. man, i wish i could do what you do. >> i wish i could do what you
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do. >> what if we were the same guy? >> what's when you put the two together. they're here to tell you just that. let's go! >> that is awesome. it's like frankentalent. >> they're so dope. i'm thoroughly amused. >> me too, man. there's so much talent involved in what is relatively simple idea. but the fact the cgi of the head and the talent of the beat boxes and the dancing all coming together is viral gold. >> i absolutely love it. >> that's so cool. >> i don't know what else to say. so cool. >> hey. hold on. where you going? there's trouble at the
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fungi-nail stops foot fungus fast before it spreads. fungi-nail. there's a certain farmer's market in russia that has some fresh peaches that are getting some attention. this leggy blond is out shopping. a lot of people in the market are paying her a lot of attention. watch this one mature woman. almost pats had her on the booty. you see the girl looking off to her left, there's a card game happening. this woman has since been identifying as victoria pandora on instagram. where there she gets lots of attention for her beauty vlogs. but her look not so appreciated on this day in the market. >> what's the sflobproblem?
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it seems people can wear what they want. >> it seems she's getting ridiculed. >> flatout letting her have it. >> as victoria turns around with her bag of apricots, she reaches in, pulls one out, and throws it at one of the other market keepers. the apricot lands and now here comes the lady who was selling eggs. >> oh, that's gross. >> yeah. victoria wasn't happy with this woman. and the egg lady attacks. >> and that's an older woman too. she is not going to play school games. >> that woman's got victoria by the scruff. a couple of guys step in to try to separate these two. and they do. but it isn't quite over. you see victoria speed up and walk after this woman.
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the old lady grabs her by the hair again. before victoria winds up leaving the market, she gets one last lick. one last little spiteful toss and she scoots off. that's where it seems to end. when you're going out minding your own business, but suddenly you catch sight of your own reflection, you're like wow, nice. >> you go, girl. >> little laila here totally gets it. she's got big old eyes. >> that permanent look of surprise. >> she goes scrolling through mom's phone. see if you can spot the moment when she spots herself. >> who is that? >> oh! wow! >> the first on fleek moment caught right there on video. >> it's just incredible.
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it's just like, mind blown! >> her response to her herself is even better. bailey, you like to talk about getting turned up. >> me? >> and sometimes all it takes is that one song. because even though this little one's fast asleep, dad's going to put on congratulations. watch how quickly he gets in the mood to dance. starts waking up. wait. i know that song! that's mine! that's my jam! hi, mom. hi, dad. this is amazing. he's like dad you play video games. and now i'm dancing like it's a club on a saturday. this is my song. >> how do you go from being knocked down cold to being up and krunk? >> that's the spirit of music.
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he's a genius. >> it's a simple life hack. as much as i love ramen, i end up with it on my clothes. instead of twirling, pulls out scissors, clips, and eats. >> does he not have front teeth? >> he does. but look how clean he is. >> he's got a white shirt and a bib. i'll give him tips. if you want to eat it and not get dirty, put knit a sandwich. >> you're so weird. >> i can picture what you're doing. doesn't make it any more right. >> hey, hey, hey. there's no judgment. >> i'm on board with him. >> me too. he did this in a restaurant and his friends were amazed. the people around him as well. >> so the secret is the chop chop sticks. >> the only drawback is you have to walk around with scissors. but other than that, you walk
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away with clean shirt, nobody know what is you had for lunch, and you're good. it's a new movie trailer -- >> for his new short film he's trying to create called "neutral." >> find out what this is all about. >> he's going to need a new car. and maila has discovered her new favorite show. >> she's watching you tell us a story. >> see what grabbed her attention. got my license! (cheering) woo! going on my first targetrun. need anything? laundry detergent! toothpaste! i'll get my purse. ok, nana. get everyday low prices on everyday essentials, targetrun and done. classic hershey's outside. with a new creamy, crunchy inside. new hershey's cookie layer crunch. classic reimagined. i had a very minor fender bender tonight in an unreasonably narrow fast food drive thru lane.
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for a long time. our friend nathan barnett has dropped a new trailer for his short film he's trying to create called "neutral." this is where nathan plays an inept bounty hunter taking a female suspect cross country when they strike up an unusual relationship. this is his latest trailer, his latest tease tore try to drum up support for his film. nathan known for his physical comedy which we love. he's got some car trouble trying to deal with it in this heat of the desert. car takes off on him. even getting dragged a bit. >> it's not his day. >> it's not his day. but the good news for nathan is it's his day on kickstarter. he put his trailer up on that funding website and started to raise money. and, man, people responded. because they love nathan, they want to see him make his movie. initially he had a goal of $10,000. blasted past that. he's raised more money than he expected so he's going to try for a higher goal of $30,000. he's got less than a week left and he's trying to crack into
2:03 am
that $30,000 mark. so it looks like his short film "neutral" is going to get made. and hopefully it will get made better than he imagined. >> this is why i like the social media and crowd funding thing. it's giving an avenue for so many creators in television, film, music to bring their indications to us. >> congratulations, nathan. you earned it. at first i thought it was you, oli. but it's clearly obvious it's the cat. see that? that's maila. maila is watching you tell us a story about jack. jack's the cat that belonged to the youtuber parents and the cat's in the car and the cat is making a lot of noise. >> yeah. did not shut up for the entire hour. >> yeah. jack kept meowing and meowing in the car. >> yeah. well that got the attention of maila here.
2:04 am
>> only got eyes for me there. you go right there. >> i love this. wendy is one of our viewers and she said i have to send this to you, because this cat clearly has good taste in tv. this next video is something for you, nick. >> cute little fox. >> watch what this fox does. it bounces on the ball. and then -- >> that's the last we'll see that ball i bet. mine mine mine. later suckers! >> they are amused. they were like it took it, right? they're happy. i don't think they're going to get that back. these two definitely have a sense of humor. >> the floor's lava. >> no! >> get out. >> find out the rules to this entertaining game.
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playing a game you may recognize. >> the floor's lava. >> the floor's lava! >> get out. >> these two are just playing this game. the rules are essentially if you tell one of the other people the floor is lava, they have five seconds to get off the floor. the fun part being they always do it at really inopportune moments. like, for example, in the middle of grocery shopping. >> kevin, the floor is lava. five, four, three, two -- >> cleanup on aisle three. >> and that's why mom hated that game. >> it doesn't matter where they are, they've got to go for it. >> the floor is lava. >> oh, my. >> oh! >> the floor a lava! that is commitment to the craft right there. >> and i think that's why these videos are getting so
2:08 am
attention. because their commitment is just, you've got to respect it. >> the floor is lava. >> panic. >> he always gets busted at the wrong, wrong time. >> i have to be honest, in my opinion she is by far the best at this game. and the winner for me comes at the end. looks like they're just in some random corner store. >> the floor is lava. the floor is lava. five, four, three, two, one. >> this is full commitment. when she figures out where to go -- >> bravo, girl. >> a lot of businesses may not want people to play this game, but please start playing this game and send us the videos. >> yeah. thanks for hanging out with us, friends. we appreciate it. we'll see you next time on "rtm."
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this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- a freelance writer and researcher from blakely, georgia... a lawyer from pittsburgh, pennsylvania... and our returning champion, an e.r. social worker from fort myers, florida... ...whose 2-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you. thank you, johnny. at the end of yesterday's program, her two opponents were telling chantelle, "you're really fast on that signaling device."
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but, uh, let me give you some important news, ladies and gentlemen. if you feel comfortable with the categories, it's amazing how much faster you become on that device. bala and phyllis, i hope you like the categories in the first round. here they come. let's take a look. hmm. all right. s-i-n in quotation marks. we want you to... and finally... the naismith memorial basketball hall of fame, the great legacy of the game that sprang from the mind of a canadian phys ed teacher. chantelle, you go first. original "sin," $200, please alex. chantelle. what is singular? good. "sin," $400. [ beep ] that would be sinister. chantelle.


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