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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  June 8, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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kevin durant made a huge three-pointer with 45 seconds to go leading a way to a victory. >> this is a crazy game. anything can happen, so i don't want to relax or feel like it's over. it's not. you know, i am just trying to enjoy this moment, and try not to look in the future or the past, and stay in the present and enjoy this moment and just keep pushing. >> the warriors are a perfect 15-0 in the playoffs. no team has ever come back from a 3-0 series deficit in nba history. >> look at the joy. dub nation with the cheering here at home. the action was larger than life on the jumbotron and the excitement was infectious.
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>> they came back! they are superstars. >> let's go warriors, here we go, baby, another championship under our belt, another ring for us. >> no word yet if the city is planning another watch party for game four tomorrow. >> the team was not even there and 15,000 fans showed up at oracle for a watch party. the crowd as loud as they are at home games. it cost 20 bucks to get in and another $10 to park, and a portion of the proceeds goes to two local charities, the warriors community foundation and aeg oakland foundation. another watch party happening tomorrow night and that one is sold out. >> game four of the nba finals starts tomorrow at 5:30 here on abc7. join larry beil and mike shumann for the dubs' pregame show
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brought to you by jeep at 5:30 p.m. tomorrow. a few hours from now, fired fbi director james comey will make his first public remarks. even before he says a word, he has given the nation a lot to chew on. >> james comey outlines the loyalty pledge he felt trump was demanding from the fbi, and the president saying i need loyalty and expect loyalty and i didn't move or speak or change my expression in any way. we simply looked at each in whichsilence. the president tried again after the meal, and he said i need loyalty and i replied, you will always get honesty for me, and he said, that's what i want, honest loyalty, and i wpaused ad said you will get that for me. >> he confirmed right out of the
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box the question asking for loyalty and he made it clear that the president was enquiring about flynn, and that alone really almost rises to a watergate-like level of interference. >> as the senate gets ready to question comey in public, the prepared testimony is being lobbed as a political football as to whether comey was fired over the influence from the oval office and what should be independent. and he did assure the president three times he was not personally under investigation. >> there's another question here in the senate, will the president live tweet during comey's testimony. he is too busy to tune in, but we do understand from some sources that the president has had time blocked off on his schedule. reporting from the capital, lana
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zak, abc news. >> and people will be getting up early. the new parkway theater is opening to show the hearing. a few san francisco bars getting in on the act. and clooney bar, and ace's and geno & carlo sports bar will all be open to show the hearing. stephanopoulos will cover the hearing starting at 7:00, and we will live stream it. we need to get to some breaking news happening in pennsylvania. four people have been killed in the supermarket in the northeast part of the state, and it happened in east township miles northwest of stracranton. there's now a big investigation under way, and troopers say the
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public is not in danger. reggie and natasha, back to you. now a plan to shut down the greater most section of the highway. >> amy hollyfield is live with the reason behind the proposal. >> reporter: they have an erosion problem out here with the sea level rising, but if they shut down this section of the great highway it's commuters on the peninsula that will have a problem. they are looking at shutting down the great highway between sloat and skyline boulevards. and the intent is to protect the waste water infrastructure and the beach and in the past the focus has been to protect the road but now the thinking has shifted, they will look out for the tunnel and the beach. today the planning commission looks at the idea but will still
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have ways to go. it still has to be approved. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. and then an arraignment for the man that illegally convert the ghost ship. he faced 36 charges of manslaughter. he was in a courtroom on monday after his arrest here. and prosecutors say he along with his business partner, max harris, were intentionally deceptive about what was going on inside the warehouse before the fire. authorities arrested him on monday until l.a. take a look at the video that takes this quite literally
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inside a firefight in oakland. they were inside a home battling a fire yesterday. crews prevented the huge flames from spreading to nearby homes. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. happening today, the b.a.r.t. board will consider backing away from the rule that punishes passengers that are seat hogs. the policy aims to find people that take up more than one seat during commute hours, and $100 for the first offense and that includes using a seat for a backpack or luggage. and then an independent investigation into a recent state audit. according to the "mercury news," the audit accused napolitano's office of hiding millions of dollars in a secret fund and tampering with a confidential survey sent to campuses, and a
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former supreme court justice has been hired for that fact finding information. and the next governor race is tightening up. 22% of likely voters support lieutenant governor, gavin newsom. former l.a. mayor, raw gosa, in second place. 37% of likely voters said they still did not have a preference. now your accuweather 7-day forecast with mike nicco. >> doppler 7 is zoomed down where one of our better radar returns is showing up right now. you can see yellow and orange, and you can see light to moderate rain falling there. puddles developing? possible. we had 0.04 of an inch so far in santa rosa, and you can see yellows and oranges off the
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coast there. golden gate bridge, light rain falling there right now so it looks like we will need to slow down today. your commute planner on the water or on the roads, it's going to be wet and slick but not as breezy. you might want to take an umbrella this morning if you are riding mass transit, especially in san francisco. look at the warmer temperatures we talked about yesterday, 56 in west portal, and 56 to 58 everywhere else in san francisco. and 61 in tracy, pleasanton and union city. notice the lack of green or radar returns in the future because the storm is going to fall apart quickly. and look at this, clouds opening tonight, cooler, 50 to 55. we have a 1 on the impacts. it's a light storm and i will tell you how much rain you will get and when it will get to your neighborhood next. just one minor incident on
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the roads right now, and that's right around the walnut creek area, so north bay 680, the lighter side of traffic before you get to pleasant hill, and we had a solo vehicle collision and it's off on the right-hand shoulder so not seeing delays in that area and i doubt we will. the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights should be flipped over about 50 minutes from now and maybe a little less than that and that usually happens around 5:25, 5:30, so that will happen, too. two people break into a high-tech company in the south bay and made one big mistake. what they stole that led police straight to them. hundreds of families are celebrating in oakland and it has nothing to do with the warriors. how programs put in place four how programs put in place four years ago are paying off in a
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it's the second leading cancer killer in the u.s. but, it is almost entirely preventable. most colon cancers start as polyps. and screening finds polyps, so they can be removed, before they even turn into cancer. if you're over 50, get screened for colorectal cancer. screening saves lives. 4:43 now. listen to the high-tech heist in a santa rosa startup and it came to a quick ending. police say a man and woman broke into reason bea last tuesday. it's a shipping and tracking company and they stole two boxes full of tracking devices and
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that meant employees knew exactly how to find a suspect. >> he and his fellow officers could track live in their patrol car where these two individuals were driving. >> the suspects drove to san jose and then to a storage unit in union city where there were other stolen goods and then alameda where they were arrested. one of them drank half a beer in the break room and left fingerprints all over the bottle, and bloody tissues were left behind after one of them cut their finger. and then fraudulent applications for disabled parking placards. they were sold for as much as $1,000 that piece. he forged doctor signatures on applications claiming the person was disabled. he faces fines up to $10,000 for each violation if he is
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convicted. the oakland school district ending the year on a positive note. >> they have seen the graduation rates go up four years in a row, thanks in parts to programs launched four years ago. >> the senior pictures are posted on the wall at castle mont high in oakland. the most recent numbers revealed today shows positive news for oakland. the graduation rate has increased in the past four years from 59.3% in 2012 to nearly 66% in 2016. >> it was achieved by the hard work of our students and parents and teachers and all the staff in our schools. >> two other programs here in oakland also helped increase the graduation rate, number one linked to learning, and number two, dual enrollment
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>> dual enrollment are rigorous classes where they get high school and college credit. >> this way they get a head start on their college careers, and the second program, linked learning involves project learning and internships. >> it was up to me to say, nicole, you are going to break all the stereotypes and not going to be a statistic and you are going to graduate. >> she is headed to san francisco state. jaden starks is going to mississippi valley state. >> nothing comes easy. you work for it. whatever you get is what you work for. >> the incoming superintendent begins her tenure on july 1st, a long-time employee of the district, johnson will continue to support the programs that are working. in oakland, abc7 news. >> congratulations to them. that's awesome. looks like we will get rain today which is something we have
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not said in quite a while. >> yeah, one of those rare june storms coming, and from the bay area to vancouver, we are on the tail end of the storm, and i'm not expecting a lot but we will talk about how it's going to affect your day and we will go hour-by-hour. you can see the leading edge of the moisture encroaching upon sfo and possibly the san mateo bridge. notice the lack of yellows except from vallejo headed up towards fairfield. the storm system is going to weaken as it pushes south. by 9:00, there's a chance we could have sprinkles down in the south bay. a little better chance of steadier rain around the heart of the bay and turning it over to scattered showers up in the north bay by 9:00, and by noon you can see how the line is kind of getting broken up a little bit, and it's not a solid shield of wet weather. that's the transition to scattered showers. and then look how isolated they
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become, and they dry up rather quickly. as we head through the evening, still a chance of a sprinkle or two or rogue shower, and then overnight you can see the drier and cooler air filters in, and we wake up tomorrow morning and we have a drier commute. you can see measurable rain as far as half moon bay, and concord, and then noon, we have measurable rain in livermore and hayward, and notice nothing in san jose and you may never get any rain. and let's look at the accuweather 7-day forecast, after today, clouds they are going to linger tomorrow but we should be dry, and there will be a cool front and it reinforces the cooler weather for the rest of the weekend and then a warming trend that brings us back into the 70s and 80s by next week. this is northbound 87, we have a brushfire off on the
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shoulder and we have one fire engine right now and they are saying they should be able to put it out for one unit and should not have to have a second one. i doubt we will see delays but i will keep my eye on that. and another b.a.r.t. engine, lake merritt station will be closed and a free bus bridge will be provided. we will take a look at the central valley coming up just before 5:00. people who are wondering when they will be riding a b.a.r.t. train will have to wait for the answer a little longer. >> the federal government has to complete an audit of the operations and that starts operations and that starts monday and will and then the rail line will run from santa rosa to san rafael.
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the controversial plan to put out more family friendly films. >> and then why one owner is being forced out of business. and the seeds of creativity being planted at a famous bay area garden. first this morning's tech bytes. >> apple is making it easier for you to fix your phone. >> it's sharing its secret repair remedy sending remedies to hundreds of shops including best pwaoeubuy. >> china has unveiled the world's first railless train and it's driverless and runs on electricity. >> it follows painted white lines with the help of sensors and it goes 25 miles on a full charge. >> and apple history up for aucti auction. and sneakers with the old rainbow logo
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sunday. sunday. >>
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and i take my job seriously. while i'm busy watching the game, i need your help keeping an eye on the stands. if you see something that doesn't look quite right, tell a law enforcement official. we all play an important role in protecting our communities, and you can help. if you see something suspicious, say something to local authorities. [ crowd cheering ] >> announcer: today's storm is level 1, that means light rain. track today's storm anytime on the abc7 news app, download it now. now breaking news from the abc7 live desk. >> there was chaos overnight in
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san diego at a concert after a rap concert was attacked onstage and a concertgoer was stabbed. the concert was for a rapper that goes by xxx, and it led an all-out brawl, and the rapper tweeted later he was sucker punched but okay and the person stabbed is hospitalized now, and i am seeing cell phone the moment he got knocked over, so we will have more for you. and then wings chinese restaurant in japan's town opened in 1925, and a sign on the door says the restaurant can't afford a rent increase and the family that runs wings tells abc7 news the rent hike is close to 50%, and wings is set to close by the end of the month.
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and then next time you go to golden gate park you might hearing is unexpected. the flower pea aianos will be back next month. the public is invited to sit down and play or just listen. the event will feature performances by professional and student pianists. they were a hit two years ago when they debuted for the anniversary. >> there's a guy that plays piano. >> yeah, i always want to do a story on him. maybe not so great for your morning commute, wet weather rolling through. is it june? yeah, it really is. we have graduations. let's talk about those and see about the wet weather. there's an isolated shower possible in redwood city for redwood high school, 70 at 3:00,
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and then 4:00, temperatures around 70. and then branham high school, graduation at 4:00. richmond, dress for cloudy conditions and temperatures in the low 60s. congratulations, everybody. taking a look at our camera in san rafael, quite a bit soggier, and this is 101, and traffic heading southbound on this side of the roadway, and yep, you can see the drops, you will have to use those wipers one of the days, and just slow down and drive for conditions. and then marin county, a showed their wet windshield. a quit check of drive times, tracy to dublin, 42 minutes for you, 680, dublin to mission boulevard, 15 minutes. that's looks great.
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85, highway 101 between cupertino in the green at 16 minutes. we have an issue in the south bay coming back. rated r movies may soon be entertainment for the entire movie. movie. sounds crazy but is trying to make that happen. a warning to watch your mail. one city asking residents to be careful with their letters. >> concern after a student poked other students with a needle. what we are learning about that what we are learning about that incident.
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>> announcer: good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> announcer: this is "abc7 mornings." >> golden state stays perfect. a crushing loss for the cavs. >> the warriors steal one on the road. fans counting down for tomorrow, just one more win until the nba championship. >> still have chills from that ending. as usual, golden state raining threes last night. actual rain in the golden state this morning, and this is not going to do much to change our dryness outside. >> just a little rain in june. >> absolutely. just at the right time to miss the morning commute. so thank you, appreciate that. >> i do what i can. >> let's look at live doppler 7. a closer view and you can see moisture over san pablo bay, and that will move


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