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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 9, 2017 5:00pm-5:32pm PDT

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your left. the cavs going to try to stay alive and force a game five in these nba finals. wealth come in our #dubson7 pregame show. warriors ten-day veteran a don oladi ald foil. the numbers we're focused on, 16-0. because no team in in, ba history has ever posted a perfect postseason. are we going to see history tonight, mr. foil? >> you know how i don't like to do this. all right. >> people have been asking me all day long so i figured i'll ask you. >> i say, so this is obviously pride versus history. i think history wins tonight. >> so, you're counting on 16-0? i'm thinking it's going to be a close game. the cavs are not going to go without a fight. >> i agree with that. when you think about the historic season they have -- they had, you think about just the fact about what lebron james meant to the city. i think you're going to see them put up a fight. and they're going to leave it all out on the floor. >> lebron has a lot of pride. >> right.
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>> they're the defending nba champions and they don't want another steph quote, when i come to this arena, reminds me -- twice, they don't want that. let's send it to mike shumann who is live in the land as they call it. is it still believe land or are they resigned to the inevitable, this series is going to be over pretty soon? >> reporter: i think people around here think if cleveland can get one game, anything can happen because we saw it happen last year at 3-19. i'm going to step out. kevin durant warming up here for the final things. the warriors are thinking about 16-0 because they want to win the title as soon as possible. they don't want cleveland to feel like they have a chance for another miraculous come back. now, if you remember the nfl, the 72 dolphins won a per felkt 17-0. the players continued to pop champagne every year when there are no more undefeated teams in the league. steve kerr admitted he'd like to be able to do that and have some fun. >> i always love when mercury
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morris celebrates when the other team that's undefeated finally loses, one of my favorite moments of the nfl season. >> you can have 40 years of that if you go 16-0. >> wouldn't that be awesome in that would be great. >> this can turn if we come out there thinking we won the championship already. we haven't and they're still champions and we have to go take it. >> we're coming with the same energy, same effort for the cali as we did in game three. we give ourselves a good chance to win. does that result in a win? we'll see. we played well in game three and they were able to get that one as well. >> there is no other option, that's it. as much as it was for all the games, this is as do or die as possible as i've ever faced in my career. >> all right. this could be interesting. it could be a close game or the warriors could get up early and cleveland justify folds up their tent and takes off for the summer. we have mark spears from espn the undefeated coming up. stick around and of course the q is rocking already and this game has n't even started. reporting live in cleveland,
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mike shumann, back to you guys. >> all right, shu, we'll see you in a few minutes. they're on the brink largely because of one man, kevin durant. he's averaging 34 points, 10 boards, six assists. is he going to add an nba mvp to his resume? >> i think that is definitely going to be the case. when you look at the body of work that he produced this year, he has been kind of the game changer in almost every aspect this year. when you think about his defense, to me that's the thing i'm going to focus on, is his defense, his rebounding. we always knew he had good offense. i think those things, those intangibles, his complete game i think is what differentiates him in this year's finals. >> and you see a live look right here. great story by zach low, writing after the disappointment of game 7 in the finals last year, draymond green was in the parking lot at oracle arena, made two calls. one to the gm bob meyers and the other to kevin durant to say, we
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need you! i mean, isn't that remarkable? >> that is remarkable. i'm still trying to figure out what i feel about that. but it's like this year lebron is going to call who? >> he's calling paul george or higher authority. >> or higher authority. [ laughter ] >> let's go back to kfr.d. has he validated his decision? he was criticized by so many people, current players, former players to do this on this stage and perhaps capture a ring. does that put all the talk behind? or does it actually enrage the critics even more? now is the super team nobody can beat. >> i think it enrages them even more. now you have something. that's why it is important to win because now you have something. it doesn't matter what they say. you have something that you can walk with you, and it's on your shoulder. charles barkley, doesn't matter who talks bad about you, you have a champion. you have a championship. i think that's going to be the thing that motivates him and
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push him to get a championship tonight. >> you mean charles barkley with no ring? >> with no ring, yeah. >> i hope k.d. when we get to a parade, buys a whole bunch -- makes a bunch of t-shirts, i've got your cupcake right here. that's how they criticize the him in okc. the warriors come back a product of a number of things. great poise under pressure. serious mistakes by the cavs. they were up four on the home court, couldn't close. he passes up a shot. he drives, instead of trying to shoot a fade away, feeds kyle korver who misses a three. sees lebron in the three-point line. he's going to rise up and shoot a three, eventual game winner. he dribbles the clock away instead of driving and scoring like he did a thousand times, takes a set back three that he misses. the cavs waste time, didn't foul immediately to stretch out the game. so many little mistakes that created very large consequence.
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>> i have a rule that, a coach in the nba gets paid for the last five minutes of the game. i think that this is a coaching problem. i think players -- could you imagine stan van gundy, gregg popovich, they would have been at the half-court line communicating any changes, any signals that didn't go right, going to option one, option two, option three, i think that this is a coaching error. i think he should have been out there, he should have been really controlling the flow of the game. that's when you make your money as a coach in the nba. >> there were a lot of mistakes. you saw kyle korver a working on his jumper for game four. he needed to make one in game three when it counted the most. much more ahead on our #dubson7 pregame show brought to you by jeep. the stars get all the attention. guys like adonal. we'll give you the real reasons the warriors have a decided advantage over the cavs in this series adds series as we take one more live look at the q, this is oracle arena where they're getting ready for the watch party.
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sutter health. proudly caring for northern california, birthplace of pioneers. probably the most, most fire power, you know, i've played in my career. even when you're playing well, you've got to play -- you've got to play like, you know, a-plus-plus. >> plus, plus, plus. [ laughter ] >> welcome back to the #dubson7 pregame show presented by jeep. there's a look at some of that fire power. klay, the toaster thompson. i think the warriors are like 29 or 30 in and once he signed that fan's toaster autographed it, the warriors will take 30 points from him again as he had in game three. they'll take that tonight. let's go back to mike shumann with espn's undefeated mark spears. guys? >> all right, mark. history can be made tonight warriors win the game, they win the title, go 16-0.
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talk to most of the players, they're more interested in the title than the 16-0. >> yeah, it will be good fodder to talk about afterwards. i think they're more interested in winning it here. there was a lot of trash talking that's gone on over the last year, the 3 on one stuff, the lebron james halloween party with the cupcakes that said three on one, and the tombstones with steph curry and klay thompson's name on t. one of the players said it would make them feel better than anything to basically do champagne in their locker room again, celebrate on their floor. i wouldn't be surprised if they won there will be some trash talking. >> lebron is not going to lay down. he does not want them to clinch in his house. he needs to take the game over. >> but he can't play by himself. i mean, obviously he could have more energy because this could be his last game. but you could tell, he gets tired, man. the thing is, i wonder at this point when you're driving to the arena and one of your boys calls
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you and says, hey, man, i could meet you in miami tomorrow. you know what i mean? cancun sounds good. are you really going to go back to san francisco and oakland? >> yeah. >> i think if the warriors jump on them early, the call they got from their boy kind of clicks in their head and they start really thinking about, eh. >> let's talk about the future a little bit. andre had a cryptic statement yesterday. right, come july, me, k.d. and steph will all be talking about -- almost making it sound like they were willing to take less to keep him around. what do you think? >> durant got out that he would take less money. steph, steph is about to make a mint, you know. so, if they just cut their salaries down by 3 to $5 million, that's a dramatic help for guys like sean livingston, andre iguodala. when you're them, you want to be a part of it and i also think that living in the bay helps because andre has a lot of
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silicon valley stuff going on. >> right. >> he has another championship to his arsenal. then some more billionaires want to do business with him. so, perhaps he could go somewhere and make a couple more dollars, couple more million dollars. but long term, a champion in the bay, i think it makes sense for him to stick around. >> your pick tonight? >> i like the warriors getting it done. either two ways, it's going to be a close game or blowout. let's see how much cleveland wants this. i know the crowd is all of a sudden around town. oh, four in a row, we can do it. the warriors won't believe it till it's done. and i think the way that they played in the playoffs, especially in game four, san antonio was a little suspect. they showed the mentality of getting it over with and i could see them playing with all force tonight. >> all right. mark spears, espn the undefeated, a great job all year with the nba, mark. >> thank you, shu. i think mark spears is thinking 3, 2, 1, cancun. that's where he wants to be next
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week. when the warriors added durant the fear was the bench would be too weak to contribute. in this series the warriors bench has outscored the cleveland bench. 78-62 combined. i mean, that was the last game. the cavs bench contributed just 11 points. after only one day off between games, is depth going to be a factor? you have a close out game, you want to throw everybody you can at this, but i don't think the cavs have a lot of confidence in their reserves. >> i think that's the bigger problem, the confidence. i mean, i think at this point, if you're worried about being embarrassed, you're not worried about being tired. but if you worry about -- if the issue is confidence, you have a bigger issue because it's how you perform in this bigger he stage. the warriors is going to want to close you out. you have to defend your home court. so, i think confidence is a bigger issue. >> steph curry does not lack for confidence. >> no, he does n't. >> when you think steph, you think deep three's, crazy layups
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and the ball handling, but not rebounding the king. curry has 29 rebounds in the series. tristan thompson is like a foot taller than he is. his main job is to rebound. he has just 11 through three games. in game three alone, curry had 13 boards, more than thompson has in the first three games combined. what does that say about curry's effort level and also thompson's 5b ability to stay on the floor? he's been effective. >> i feel bad for thompson. they put him in positions he hasn't played before. it's one thing to be a big man down in the paint and somebody tell you, you have to guard one of the warriors' crazy shooting person. we have to get you picks and screens. i think it's very difficult for a big man who hasn't been there. but i think one of the things that's great about steph is the fact offensively we know what he can do. but you see in this, this extra stuff from klay. we talk about he's not playing well defensively.
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k.d., defense, defense and rebounding has been the team among those guys at the top. and that tells you something, they want to win. >> well, pat riley has an old saying, no rebounds no ring. and steph is zepg stepping up t some rebounds. >> eaindeed. >> you have a book coming up rngts when the ball is laid to rest. poetry. >> yeah, i wanted to -- i've been writing quite a bit and i wanted to really just finally publish some of my poetry and poems out there. i wanted people to get a different side of what i've been doing. >> the kinder gentler -- >> the gentle giant. >> that's available everywhere i assume? >> donald >> much more ahead on #dubson7 pregame show brought to you by jeep. we'll talk to the side line reporter for abc and revisit what could be the legacy moment of kevin durant's career. and they got their thunder sticks out at oracle arena
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durant for 3. it's good, kevin durant from downtown! golden state takes the lead. >> is that the one that's going to be your signature play? do you ever think about that kind of thing? >> i'm glad we got the w. i don't want to get too far off the goal i have, task at hand. i'm trying to stay, trying to stay in this moment and not worry about future. >> live look at warriors fans in cleveland. hoping that kevin durant puts up big numbers tonight. cheapest ticket price at this moment, $943 for the nose bleeds. side center court could be yours, donald, for 12 grand. >> 12 grand? real money? [ laughter ] >> absolutely. we are joined now by doris burke who will be on the side lines
5:19 pm
tonight for abc and does a fantastic job. doris, you have such a great perspective, able to observe these huddles up close. take me back to game three. was there anything that you observed that suggested there was an epic come back that was about to occur there? >> well, i'll tell you this. i was in the golden state warriors huddle about midway through the fourth quarter and steve kerr actually engaged me which no one really knows about because i would never go on tv. but one of the things he was saying to his team, larry, was listen, you know, we need to not help them on the defensive end. if we continue to be who we are, move the basketball, be patient, not turn it over and not take quick bad shots, i promise you we're going to get what we want. you can say that on tv, doris. and we sort of shared this moment. the guys looked behind him like, what's going on there? i'll say this to you. there was complete calm, the demeanor of steve kerr was absolutely perfect. the guys took that message to
5:20 pm
heart. they guarded and they ended up winning the game with that great run at the end. >> i've never coached so i'm undefeated. that's the way i look at it. i'm sure i'd be amazing at it though i've never done this. so, here's what i would do. you threw it out there so i'm going to go in that direction. i would get lebron off durant because he's not stopping him. he's averaging over 35 anyway. so, conserve his energy, put him on zaza or draymond to start the game and let him play free safety and rome like he prefers to do anyway. give me your take on that. >> well, larry, i think you will actually probably see that happen. they tried it a little bit in game three obviously with richard jefferson. i think what will be intriguing is, yeah, give tristan thompson a chance. the guy can move laterally. we saw in last year's series, lebron james is averse to mentioning this. he isn't 150u7er msuperman desp the numbers. i do believe he is tired. i do believe they need to find him rest somewhere. it makes sense on the defensive
5:21 pm
end. >> i love that we're in agreement here. now, wie did a little research, we have our own research department here. you were -- correct me if i'm wrong. you were the all-time assist leader at providence? >> when i graduated, i had the all-time assist mark of both the big east conference and providence college. but that is ancient history, my friend. >> no, no, no. it sets this up because you must have great appreciation for the way the warriors move the ball. >> listen, i think -- and this started with the san antonio spurs when they beat the miami heat heat with lebron james. i remember jeff van gundy saying this is absolutely beautiful basketball. anyone who objects to that spurs team or what we are witnessing with the golden state warriors simply can't appreciate the way the game should be played. it's unselfish. it's equal opportunity. you can tell the joy with which kevin durant is playing the game. and the best part about it to me
5:22 pm
is this style showcases kevin durant's game in its entirety. i don't want to mistake how many times scoring champion he is, but i know it's a multi time. but who would have known had he not played in this system what a superior defender and passer he is. it's been a joy to watch. >> yeah, and he figures to be in the running probably the favorite to get the mvp if the warriors close it out. doris, have a great broadcast tonight. as frp as i love listening to you, i hope i don't see you back here forgave five at oracle. >> thanks, larry. >> doris burke, she's terrific. don't forget to join us after doris's court side interview on after the game. we'll have all the highlights and perhaps a bit of champagne. we'll see. [ laughter ] >> you don't say? >> we are approaching the one-year anniversary of the passing of nba legend hall of famer nate thurman. number 42 is retired by the
5:23 pm
warriors and the kafrmz acavs. they are wearing that this season. i think it would be fitting to win a title while the warriors are wearing 42. >> it would be fitting, tell us, bring out the wave. >> the parade wave. >> it is such an amazing man in so many ways. but i think his passion and love for the game is the thing that we are going to remember him for, and just -- we know that he's sitting next to us and listening to us and being part of our life. and i think this would be special for him. >> for sure. i know you have a poem in your book about him. i just read it a few minutes ago. nate, we miss you and we love you. more ahead on our #dubson7 pregame show brought to you by jeep. predictions coming up. we'll take a look at some of the best postseason records in the history of sports. one more look at the watch party. got to get some food in you, right? before you cheer for 2 1/2 hours. they're live at oracle arena. place is going to be pac
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another live look inside the q, warriors with a chance to go 16-0 in the playoffs. we decided to look at the best playoff performances in other sports. in hockey, the 87-88 edmond son oilers won the cup. the 76 reds went 7-0. 95, major league baseball added a division series. 99 yankees are on the list. they went 11-1. miami dolphins, mercury morris, those guys 17-0.
5:27 pm
best postseason records in the nba philly went 12-1 in 1983. magic lakers, 15-1, 2001. of course their teams were better. frosting this from steve kerr today. >> they arrive, they would all kill us. [ laughter ] >> the game gets worse as time goes on. [ laughter ] >> players are less talented than they used to be. the guys in the '50s would have destroyed everybody. weird how human evolution is going reverse in sports. players get weaker e smaller, less skilled. i can't explain it. >> he said that. [ laughter ] >> he's just fantastic. let's get to the predictions. we'll start with the resident contrarian, mr. shumann. i heard this today. you can't spell miracle without c-l-e. >> that's a good point. i believe what steve kerr just said, by the way, all players feel a little better than the
5:28 pm
young ones. lebron is worth the win. i felt like they could get one here at home. and i feel if i pick the warriors tonight i might jinx them. so i'm going to go with the cavs to win -- [ laughter ] >> just so i don't jinx them, all right? >> nice, thank you, mr. subliminal. awesome. all right, make your pick donald. >> i think history wins tonight. the warriors win tonight. >> and they go 16-0. >> 16-0. >> all right. steve kerr has said the keys tonight 12-turnovers or less and defend like crazy. >> 48 minutes. >> 48 minutes and turnovers under 12. all right. that's going to do it for the #dubson7 pregame show brought to you by jeep. don't forget, keep it right here after the game. shu access to the dubs back stage, plus a donald the coach will join us, all the warriors press conferences will be live. nba count down is coming up next. and just one more
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and do your thing.
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five, four, three, two, one -- ♪ i got ♪ i got >> there is no more time. tonight, the crown will either be reclaimed or remain in the hands of the king. we are all witnesses. the warriors are one game away from playoff perfection. and the completion of a season-long journey to redemption. >> kevin durant from downtown. and golden state takes the lead. a crushing loss for the cavs. the warriors take a 3-0 lead in these finals. >> been a long season, and you hate for it to end this way. >>


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