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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  June 9, 2017 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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get it! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ here's a look at the final schedule. game five monday at oracle. 5:30 pregame. tip-off at 6:00. trust me the doves don't even want to think of game six in cleveland which would be next thursday. let's hear now from shaun livingston. >> give me a description of the game? >> yeah they came out punching, they threw the first punch, 50
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in the first quarter, hard to come back from. though rode the moment umt. >> seven technicals, were they getting them out of rhythm with that physicality? >> yeah that's just how the game went. wasn't really a blow to the game. i'm sure that's the type of game they want to play. we have to be better come monday. >> you guys weren't circling 16-0 it seemed you came out flat with a chance to close it out. >> hardest thing to do is close out a series. they're not going to lay down. they're here for a reason. we got to come back to being the aggressors. >> 24 threes. >> that's the game. we got to take them off the three-point line do a better job. >> what do you got to do to improve in game five. >> got to come out and throw the first punch, be the aggressors. >> i know you got family to visit. thanks for your time. shaun livingston back to you guys. >> they know exactly what they need to do.
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for whatever reason they didn't bring it tonight. we look ahead when we come back after the warriors lose their shot at history after being up in threes after a 137-116 loss at the q tonight.
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double t had his back toward me so just threw it on the glass and got is it. >> just the way you came out in the first quarter where tristan was establishing the tone, j.r. smith hitting big threes, how can you be sure to bring same mentality on the road at oracle. >> well we going to watch the film when we get to golden state
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and we'll see what ways we can be better. we didn't play our type of game in game one and two, if we play like that the series is over. so we have to continue to play how we played at home. we have to be physical at the point of attack. we got to continue to move the ball. share the ball. tonight we had 27 assists. that's very key. >> and the first three games you guys kind of struggled from behind the arc, hit 24 tonight. how different are you when you're knocking down the perimeter shots. >> i mean, that's part of who we are. we set a lightning ot of record this team last couple of years. that's just part of who we are. we got guys can stretch the floor, make big shots. did it tonight. everybody chipped in. >> lebron went for 3 1 p assists 10 boards in 21 point
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win by the cavs, they had most points in the quarter most points in halves and most threes in nba finals game not the 16-0 history we were looking for. look ahead to game five. >> i will say the cavs you've given them life and they will come out physical and we have to approach this game differently. >> lebron last eleven elimination games 31-9. you got to neutralize lebron and got to hit the first ball out of the park if you're the warriors. >> i don't know like the numbers on lebron. one final thought because i told the promo people, if you bring these out. >> oh. >> it's bad, bad luck. >> it wasn't the orange county . >> it wasn't the orange. >> you think was the broom. >> i got to tell you, voodoo you don't want to bring the broom out no. >> this is out of here. not relevant any more.
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>> cleto: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live" game night! tonight, owen wilson. los angeles laker julius randle. plus, zach lavine and jamal crawford. now, at the buzzer, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome, lovers of basketball. a special friday night nba pregame show. tonight from cleveland, ohio, the warriors versus cavaliers in game four of the nba finals. for the cavaliers, it's win or go on vacation. there is no tomorrow.
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the cavs, it was such a brutal loss, the whole team went hiking in the woods with hillary clinton yesterday. the odds aren't in their favor. no team has ever come back from a 3-0 deficit in the nba finals. even tom brady was like, i don't know, guys, i don't think so. cleveland's chance of winning is a very long shot. ironically, the only person who could make it, it's steph curry. and he plays for the other team so -- and it would be a huge disappointment for abc, having only four games. they pay the same amount, it's like halfway through "the bachelorette," if rachel gave up and went on tinder. you can't ever count lebron james out. this is a person who wanted to win so badly, he is the first person ever to move back to cleveland.
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[ applause ] thank you. if you've been following the team on social media, something mysterious happened after game three. j.r. smith tweeted, cavs in seven. which got thousands of retweets, and it got the fans excited. the only problem is, he claims he didn't tweet that. he says his account was hacked. for real. it would be the first hacker ever to hack in and post words of encouragement. i don't know. maybe he -- maybe he thoughtht was writing cavs in seven on his vision board, but wrote it on twitter instead. but there is a lot on n the lin tonight for both teams. the winner gets trophies, and rings, but they also g get kevi durant next season. that's huge. much of the focus this series has been on kevin durant. he is putting up big numbers.
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he got 31 points in game three, a big, key three-pointer at the end. he joined the warriors in the off-season, and he been a big reason for their scess this year. and the rumor is he's willing to take less money so the team can take another title run last year. he could make 33 million next year. he's willing to play for just $32 million just to play at golden state, which i think is heroic. i really do. [ applplse ] i ho they use that extra $3 million to build a statue of him. but there are other ways to make ma off t court like local mmercials. like this. >> chicago's original mr. submarine. >> there is one six footer i can't handle alllet's have a pa. >> jim: i miss that. it's timimto party. the saing is, because of these huge contracts, you don't see those types of commercials much anymore. so, we teamed up with julius randle of the lakers, and found a store that seemed like it could use some promoting, and
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the result is a return to the golden age of athletes in local ads. >> hi, i'm julius randle. when i want to rock it at home, i head to i head to the l.a. rocking chair store. let's s go inside. "l.a. magazine" named it the best rocking chair store in 2004, just 13 years ago, and you're about so see why. here's the manager, rowena. they have so many chairs, my butt doesn't know where to start. >> we can herm you find a rocking chair for you. >> let's do it. these rockers rule. these rockers rule.
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these rockers rule. >> we also carry the presidential rocking chair. >> these rock my world. so, if you're ready to rock, get on down to the l.a. rocking chair store! [ cheers and applause ] the l.a. rocking chair store located at 304 south liberty avenue. >> remember, at the l.a. rocking chair store, all sales are final. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, julius. we're going to take a time-out, but we have a great prank by zach lavine, and a great guest, owen wilson. so, stay with us. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] are allergies holding you back? break through your allergies. try new flonase sensimist allergy relief instead of allergy pills. it's more complete allergy relief in a gentle mist experience you'll barely feel. using unique mistpro technology, new flonase sensimist delivers a gentle mist to help block six key inflammatory substances that cause your symptoms. most allergy pills only block one.
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game four game night special. we're in primetime, and not just primetime. we have a new show later tonight with mandy moore, jarrod carmichael, and i go word for word with the kid who won the scripps national spelling bee. she's 12 years old. about to learn a lesson about l-i-f-e. that's later on. our first guest tonight gives voice to the most celebrated talking car since "knight rider." he plays lightning mcqueen in "cars 3." >> wait, is that the simulator? >> oh, yes. lightning mcqueen, i would like to introduce you to the multimillion dollar xl 24 gts mark "z." >> the xdl et cetera.
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>> he wishes he had this model. >> jimmy: please welcome owen wilson! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> how are you? >> jimmy: very good to see you. this is our basketball special. it's not our usual show. did you play basketball, do you play basketball? >> i didn't -- i was okay at horse, but -- not a great basketball player. you know what game i'm really good at, is that bean bag toss. cornhole. >> jimmy: yeah. i've played that game. >> it's a great game. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: what's your technique on that? >> i used to do it this way, but then i found it yourself supposed to give it a flick of the wrist. something with the torque.
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but i feel like the name has kept that game from catching on. it's not a game you want to brag that i'm unbeatable at cornhole. what are you doing this weekend? play a little cornhole? >> jimmy: not a game you can play with the kids, really. how old are your kids? you have two sons. >> 6 and 3. >> jimmy: are they into sports? >> yes. they're both into sports. >> jimmy: which ones? >> ford is into karate and the martial arts. i was watching "the karate kid" with the both of them. it's fun to see them into it. it's great, because it teaches them respect and discipline. i was at one of ford's little classes where the sensei asked them, what is your best tool for self-defense?
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and ford raised his hand, got called on. he says, an ax. and the guy thought he said ask, like ask your parents for help? and he said, no, an ax. he said, it's our voice to scream for help. and ford was like, better than an ax? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: ford seems like a bright kid. i think an ax is definitely better. are the boys impressed by the fact that their father is lightning mcqueen? >> yeah, i kind of feel like they should be more excited. >> jimmy: it's never what it should be. >> like, this is my "fast and furious." let's get some energy going here. i think part of the problem is, i'm not 100% sure they believe me, this is dad's thing, he
10:24 pm
likes to pretend he's this animated car. i honestly think that's part of it. okay, let's let dad have his fun. kachow, you're lightning mcqueen. >> jimmy: my daughter, not only does she like him, we have to call her lightning mcqueen. yeah, she loves lightning mcqueen. >> why am i not getting that from my child? >> jimmy: maybe we should have a kid swap. i would say, i don't know who she is, either jane or lightning. i'll say, like, hey, we got to wash your hands. she'll say, they're not hands, they're wheels. i'm lightning. in fact, yesterday, i'm not making this up, i make her pancakes. she's demanding lightning mcqueen. this is the pancake on the screen i made her. i squirted it out on a thing. >> it took me a second to get oriented.
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that's a beautiful pancake. that is edible? are they oreos for the wheels? >> jimmy: no, it's edible food coloring. it's a pancake batter. she eats it so we think it's edible. and we wanted to look at the pancake itself. and her mood shifted right to that. >> your comments are valuable, but let me continue. >> jimmy: be quiet, dad, i'm trying to eat my pancake. we're excited about this, we're going to the premiere, at disneyland. do they have a movie theater at ziz disneyland. how is it going to work? >> i know they have cars land, so maybe they'll show it on a drive-in type theater. >> jimmy: that will be a lot of fun. i know your kids don't care at all about what you're up to, but my daughter is very excited about your career as lightning mcqueen. if you want to come over for breakfast, that would blow her
10:26 pm
mind. >> we might have to do that, yeah. >> jimmy: very good to see you, owen wilson. "cars 3" opens june 16th. we'll be back with jamal crawford and zach lavine! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [vo] what made secretariat the of course he was strong... ...intelligent. ...explosive. but the true secret to his perfection... was a heart, twice the size of an average horse. we come into this world needi♪ others. th we are told it's braver to git alone.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: okay. hello and welcome back to our nba game night special.
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these gentlemen, zach lavine and jamal crawford, you guys are good friends, right? >> yes. >> that's my boy. or at least i thought. >> jimmy: zach asked jamal to appear in a psa for his charity. which ben fitz under privileged kids. what is the name -- well, you didn't know the name -- the name of the charity is -- >> children without hoverboards. >> jimmy: my cousin sal set up a shoot for a fake charity called children without hoverboards. jamal had no idea what hoe ev was walking into. jamal showed up for what he thought was a good cause. which turns out was not good at


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