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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 10, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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of unity. >> sign toting activists periodically walked across the street, police kept them out of the lanes of traffic. >> it's been completely peaceful. >> others say they're harassed. >> just wearing this hat is like i have a target on my back. >> the show down ended peac peacefully abc 7 news. officer-involved shooting in brentwood last night after 10:00 one man shot by an officer, a second suspect injured, but not by gunfire. the car the men were in went across a lawn and hit a home. both suspects are expected to survive. no officers were hurt.
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it's been 16 years sirnce a2 1d-year-old woman 21-year-old woman was shot and killed at the bar, she was killed june 10th, 2001. a single shot was fired and the murder weapon never found. $100,000 reward has been offered leading to information for the arrest and conviction of the killer. >> highly unlikely that no one saw anything that night. i'm sure someone saw something. >> palo alto police have rereleased this video they created two years ago and are asking people to share it on social media, find it on our website at new and shocking video reveals moments south carolina woman was rescued from a serial killer. warning. these images may be disturbing to some people.
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>> what a waits inside this metal storage container thing of nightmare, after finally popping over the door law enforcement officer tried to reinsure everyone inside they are rescued. >> is everybody okay. >> a young woman, kayla brown chained to the wall. >> we're going to get you out. hang loose. i need a handcuff key. >> they don't have one. >> we're getting bolt cutters. >> while they wait the officers talk to brown and document the surrounding,s a mattress, juice bottle, paper back mystery novels, she and her boyfriend had been missing for three months. as she is waiting to be set free one of the questions she has to answer. >> do you know where your buddy is. >> he shot him. >> who did. >> 300 in the chest put him in
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the blue tarp put him in the bucket of the tractor locked me here and i never seen him about. he said there's several bodies buried out here. >> last month 44-year-old pleaded guilty to the murder along with six other killings sentence will leave him behind bars the rest of his life. and the road to justice begins for kayla brown. an intersection shut down this afternoon after a crash. it blocked traffic several hours before mcdonald's between 27th and 25th street. police didn't say if the officer was injured. similar situation in san francisco last night a patrol car landed on its roof and the two were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. gasoline tax could raise $5 billion for california road projects but are californians will to fork over a few bucks a
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month to make it happen. and a rising nfl star in the bay area decides to give back to the community that helped raise him. and it's a bright start to the weekend, also breezy temperatures on the you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪
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well despite the condition
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of many california roadways taxpayers are saying enough is enough. a berkeley survey shows 50% of new voters don't want to pay for the new gas taxes. 35% of people support the recently passed bill. it would charge drivers an extr $10 a month. >> i can't find anyone who says this is a awesome they passed the gas tax no one likes it. there's more than one way to solve a problem. >> the taxes are expected to generate over $5 billion over next decade for transportation projects. facebook has a project with nine solar roofs that will eventually put in 25 in the park to generate $25,000 in electric savings and prevent 65 tops of greenhouse gas emissions each.
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grid altarations says many low income homes are being left behind in the new energy era so this will help them catch up. abc 7 was in san francisco where world's ocean day was celebrated, a beach clean up, trash, cigarette butts, straws and plastic. they sponsor four clean ups each year. vass equicould it heat up t? meteorologist drew tuma up next with the accuweather forecast what
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- return something home to richmond today, a meet and greet with mc kinley, four-year $10.2 million contract. went to kennedy high school and
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then ucla. >> to me it's all about the community. i think now i ftry to help the next kid make it as well. >> the non-profit group establish the his grandmother who he promised he would make it to the nfl. knitted knockers are crocheted prosthetics for those who under gone >> usual prosthetics are hot and heavy and very expensive. this is a great option available for women right after surgery or
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many wear them throughout their lives >> jennifer taylor first introduced it years ago and since 25 have open ed across the state. >> now your forecast. temperatures are on the chilly side by some 10 degrees below average and we're going to crank it by the end of the weekend. along with satellite. 99% of the region. few clouds. that's about it. temperature wise. here's the trend. concord below normal tomorrow and monday, in the low 70s. then rapidly warming by thursday, back into the 90s. as we go into saturday this time next week, in the location could be looking at 100 degrees reading as the mercury rises. outside we go. south bay looking gorgeous as always. sky line looking beautiful.
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trees are staying back and forth, active winds 25 miles at sfo. san jose 21 miles. fairfield closing in on 30 miles. n window co wind on the ocean, keeping it 60 in san jose. brentwood well below normal this time of year, checking in at 32 degrees. puffy clouds will filthy into the south bay. future weather. hour by hour. 10:00 tomorrow morning waking up to mainly sunny skies. what we'll be watching in the north bay, a weak ripple of energy scraping by to the east could touch off a shower and best chance maybe napa or middle
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town even far east as antioch and a there is a chance we could have a is at best. north bay looks to be the spot to watch. highs 16 in san francisco. well below normal. 60. in antioch 71. oakland up to 64 degrees. we'll take you to oakland on monday, game five, final cavs versus oracle mix of sun and clouds on monday, 64 degrees as you enter the arena around 9:00 temperatures drop to 57 degrees and can only watch it here on abc 7. best chance of shower will likely be in the north bay on
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sunday. monday it's still rather cool but then temperatures will turn around. by tuesday and wednesday warm back up, thursday and friday feels like summer, there's the heat on saturday around 100 degrees. >> so whatever kind of weather you want just wait you'll get it. all right thanks. now a look at sports. talking about what everybody else is talking about, the nba finals, just a little basketball game, not too important. we nobody is perfect not even the golden state warriors didn't go 16-0 but can dethrown the king on their home court right here on abc the king on their home court right here on abc 7. lebron james with the fans boos here's his postgame comments. >> i don't pay attention to anybody in cleveland don't seem
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to be the sharpest people around. so. >> yeah whatever. >> well it is rare for major league baseball to intentionally schedule a double header, even more rare at tropicana field. a's and rays gamed up for penal an entire game of baseball. game one six innings striking out ten, gray would end with no decision. oakland trailed 5-4 in the ninth, healy doubled to the left field wall to make it 5-5, goes to extra innings. bottom ten evan longoria with base hit off hendricks for with walk off hit. and win game one. game two, gave way to pitcher who immediately gives up solo
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home run. 2-1, a's, sixth inning. jacob with his first hit of the game, rbi makes it two, with the bust, stops on the line, a's would take a 3-1 lead right now in the seventh lead by 6-2. giants and braves chilling on the water. brandon belt 73rd slash home run in giants history, 11th of the season to give them 1-0 lead. samardzija on the him. second of the season. vargas tieing it up. dozer. samardzija dropped to 2-8 on the season. twins win it 3-2. >> we really played a good game. pitched well, made couple mistakes three runs the, we
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talked about the need to score. >> takes one guy to get going for everybody to kind of follow in line and then it just kind of comes contagious. we just need to keep going at it. we need to official ourselves better too. we can win games 2-1 and get it rolling that way also. now to the track. 149th belmont stakes did not feature a potential triple crown winner but still had plenty of drama, came down to two horses at the end. >> on the outside. temp temperant has taken the lead -- and he wins at the belmont stakes. >> and the belmont stakes. that horse 5-1 odds beats the favorite. finished the mile and half race in two minutes and 30 seconds. the tennis shocking upset of the women's french open final.
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the champion unseated by 22-year-old for her first ever grand slam championship. 4-6, 4-6, 6-3 she becomes the first unseeded at this champion since 1933. men's final will be on sunday. that's a look at sports. >> thank you sir.
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tonight on abc 7 news at 9:00, on coffee tv 20, saying good-bye to an original, looking back at adam west. and we'll here a guy who was denied his graduation because he wanted to wear his army young great white sharks, about 20 have been birthed in last three months near this ship many stick around because adult sharks leave and they feel safe.
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you're a brave man. have a good night.
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