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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 11, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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thanks for right to abc7 news meteorologist drew tuma. tell us more about this. >> eric, we're still seeing thunderstorms in parts of the area. we'll zoom in to where the action is this hour. what you'll notice, the past hour, the lightning strikes have become fewer, however lightning is till a threat within this line of showers. in the past 15 minutes, we've had nine strikes. not only lightning. we've seen hail come out of this system, dime to walnut size in the north bay right now. as we time-out this line it will be moving through parts of the east bay. concord 6:00 p.m., walnut creek 6:20. danville 6:30 p.m. future hour by hour 7:00, perhaps another shower popping up by napa. by 9:00, everything quite et cetera down as the sunsets. behind the system we have a major warm up to talk about. we'll have the numbers and the full accuweather forecast in a few minutes. eric? >> all right, drew, thank you very much. our other top story only on abc7
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news, a car goes into the water in the bay and two men rush to rescue the driver trapped inside. it happened near monarch bay drive at the san leandro marinan abc7 news reporter lilian kim is there for us. lilian? >> reporter: eric, this is the spot. this is where the carlanded upside down. as for the driver, he made it out alive thanks to two brave men. people enjoying the day at san leandro marina were shocked when they witnessed a car drive into the bay. he was going fast as he lost control. >> as he went around the corner, his car started fishtailing and he hit the rocks and went airborne and flipped into the water. >> reporter: witnesses sprang into action. some called 911 while two men went into the water. the driver was clearly trapped. >> that's when i just kicked off my shoes and threw my phone in the car and just ran right into the water with the other gentleman. >> i broke the window open.
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i felt the arm, grabbed him and pulled him out. >> reporter: witnesses say the man behind the wheel was in his early 20s, no one got his name because he took off in a truck with friends. police would like to find him to make sure he's okay. the two samaritans will be fine, but suffered a few cuts during the rescue. >> it was a great job by the citizens. without them being here, i believe that it probably would have been a different outcome for the occupant of that car. >> reporter:? san leandro, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> a man died in napa county when his toyota swerved off northbound i-24 into a grove of trees. it happened 12:30 this afternoon just to the north of hair lane. the chp was on the scene quickly. >> the driver in his 60s was traveling northbound on state route 121 at an unknown speed and for an unknown reason he crossed over into the southbound lanes of state route 121, off
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the shoulder, into some trees and down an embank. >> as you heard, it was 121. traffic was backed up significantly on both lanes for 2 1/2 hours. police are investigating the circumstances surrounding a body found in the water at lake park in san jose. it is not clear yet what happened. the person was found yesterday morning. boating is allowed there, but swimming is not. a san leandro church is cleaning up after police say a man shot up a statue yesterday. officers found the suspected shooter close to the church. he struggled as they tried to arrest him. officers eventually removed a gun from his waistband. police are investigating the shooting at the manor boulevard church as a possible hate crime. it is gay pride month and hundreds marched in downtown san jose for lgbt unity on the eve of the one year anniversary of the orlando night club shooting. abc7 news reporter leslie brnkley reports from caesar chavez plaza. >> which way are we going? >> forward. >> reporter: a massive lgbt march wound through downtown san jose peacefully.
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>> for the many watching these marches across the nation, we want to say this is not fake news. this is reality. we won't be erased. >> reporter: the resounding theme? >> we're not going to allow one election to reverse generations of progress at the height of our historic diversity. not here in california. >> what we know is that we still have far too high a rate of teen suicide. we are in the shadow of the orlando shooting. we have an administration in washington that is pointing anti-gay. people in positions of power like at the head of the department of justice, we've got a lot more work to do. >> you know, tomorrow is the first anniversary of orlando where 49 precious lives were gunned down. and i think that they would be prideful about what we're doing today, but they would also instruct us that we have a lot more work to do.
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>> when there is a national climate that perpetuates hate and bigotry, it is not too far off it would lead to an action. standing together is really the first step in bringing ourselves to a place where we feel safe and comfortable to live open and genuine lives. >> reporter: to remember those who died in the orlando shooting one year ago, a vigil is set for monday evening at 6:30 at 18th and castro in san francisco. i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. ♪ ♪ >> there were equality marches across the nation today, the gay men's correspond us of los angeles certificate naded a huge crowd in west hollywood that had earlier marched down hollywood boulevard. marcheres took time to honor the pulse night club victims, the one year anniversary of the tragedy is tomorrow. the solemn nature of today's marches was reflected in st. paul, minnesota, the names of those who died at the orlando night club were read aloud
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followed by the response present e. 49 people were killed most by a gunman who pledged loyalty to isis in a phone call just before the attack. a dozen police officers are hurt after a cocktail was thrown into a paris restaurant. it happened in the region, explosion sent flames through a five story building. it appeared to be part of a botched robbery. france is under a state of emergency after a series of terrorist attacks. the fall out from the testimony of former fbi director james comey continues to reverberate in capitol hill. comey's words rang true for several lawmakers. here's reporter david daniels. >> well, at this point i believe the fbi director. >> reporter: just days after former fbi director james comey's dramatic testimony on capitol hill, two members of the senate intelligence committee say they believe comey was being
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truthful. >> in this kind of thing, he's not going to lie. it's just not in him to do this. >> i found director comey, former director comey's testimony to be candid, to be thorough. i believe that the information that he gave our committee is what he believed happened. >> reporter: comey accused the president offing ask him to back off the investigation into former national security advisor michael flynn, and the nature of his ties to russia. president trump not only denied those claims -- >> i will tell you i didn't say that. >> reporter: he went on to accuse comey of lying. >> some of the things that he said just weren't true. >> reporter: comey's sworn testimony also put the spotlight on attorney general jeff sessions who recused himself from overseeing the russia investigation in early march. sessions announced saturday that he plans to testify on tuesday before the senate intelligence committee. however, one senate member argued, the panel best suited to look into any obstruction of justice is the judiciary committee. >> and i believe that the
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judiciary committee has the oversight responsibility for the justice department and, therefore, it is very fitting for the attorney general to appear there. >> reporter: i am david daniel reporting. >> coming up on abc7 news at 6:00, dangling from the 17th floor, a dramatic rescue of a man who waited for hours at the end of a rope. refusing to give up, a new effort by raider fans to keep their beloved team from leaving oakland. and what happens when swimming is canceled in the escape from alcatraz
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a construction worker is hospitalized after dangling from the 17th floor of a high rise in sarasota, florida. apparently one of the cables on his scaffolding snapped. the worker was stranded for more than an hour before fire fighters could pull him out. they performed what's known as a high-angle rescue, a tricky maneuver. >> the victim was harnessed in quickly so that he was safe. and once he was harnessed and safe we were able to take our time, make sure we did everything as safely as possible. >> the fire fighter who repelled over the roof said he talked to the dangling man the whole time. he said he was scared stiff. this is the first time he had to use that specific rescue in real life. well, a group of raiders fans will hold aid news conference on monday to announce they hired a noted antitrust
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attorney. he defeated the nfl in a landmark federal court case in 1992 that granted players unrestricted free sets the sta for a lawsuit against the nfl and the raiders over the team's planned move to las vegas. 2000 try athletes raced in san francisco but dangerous conditions forced them to skip a major leg of the race. abc7 news was at the marina green when they finished the escape from alcatraz triathlon. original plans called for a swim in the bay. stiff currents made it too dangerous for the boats that followed the race. >> and you see what's happening under the bridge, to put people in the water with that kind of conditions for a mile and a half swim wasn't the right thing to do. >> obviously very disappointing because of it, but it's still a race. they still let us race out there and there's still high stakes. >> the competitors pedalled for 18 miles before they ran eight more to finish the race.
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you're going to need a lot of different layers this week. and drew will tell you more about that coming up. the warriors left the door open for the cavs in the game against cleveland, right? >> they still have a 3-1 lead. the teams practicing at the
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>> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> and in accuweather forecast this evening we continue to track storms moving through parts of the region. they're weakening, but some of them are still giving off some lightning. live doppler 7 has been busy all afternoon. want to get you down to the street level and show you the action. live doppler 7, you notice over the past hour as these storms move out of the north bay and begin to enter the east bay, you notice a lightning strike becoming fewer and far between. so, while lightning, the threat is lessening, it is still there as the storms move through. ahead of that line another storm bubbled up. we go down to street level, this one approaching glenn wood. the next five minutes or so, and live doppler 7 estimating that rain is falling at more than an inch per hour. that is some heavy rain that is moving through the east bay right now. just want to time-out this line. you see right here a steady
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light rain that will be moving through over the next hour or so. concord approaching, you had about 6:22 p.m., expect a few drops there around walnut creek, 6:30. danville 6:42, san ramon, a few drops moving through your neighborhood shortly before 7:00 this evening. this is how it looked as the storm system moved through the north bay. this coming in from napa on my facebook page. this sky is just looking very angry with the dark clouds. and if you can safely snap a picture of the weather where you live, make sure to hashtag it abc7 news now on social media that way we can find it and hopefully share it on air or online. take a look at future weather. hour by hour we go, there is a chance even in the next hour that another thunder shower will try to pop up in the north bay. but the showers and storms are fueled by the sun. as the sun sets, we're going to lose that ability to produce more showers. by 9:00, look at this. it is a very quiet picture out there, drastically different than what we see right now on live doppler 7. there is a chance after midnight
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in the south bay could have a little bit of drizzle, but all indications are as the monday morning commute gets underway, we will be dry with mixture of sunshine and clouds. area wide, look at the winds right now. you certainly know it is breezy out there. something interesting to note, napa and fairfield have very calm winds. that's because the storm system just moved through and kind of wiped out the energy from the region. ahead of that line, though, the winds are gusting 37 miles per hour at oakland, 43 that current number at sfo. as we take a look at temperatures right now, it is col out there. 50s and 60s is what we're dealing with. certainly cool for june by any standards and 10 to 15 degrees below normal. overnight tonight we'll see a few clouds left over from the system scraping by. temperatures falling into the mid and low 50s. that will be your numbers as we get you out the door tomorrow morning. highs on your monday, no threat of a shower popping up. it will be mainly sunny, but still breezy and temperatures below normal for this time of
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year. in the 60s and 70s. 68 in san francisco, 67 in oakland. we'll take you into oakland oracle arena game 5 nba finals. hopefully we finally pull off the nba championship. next seven days for you, cool june day on monday, we are dry. then temperatures do a 180. look at this warming trend. we're going to finish the week on friday warm to hot and by saturday and sunday which is father's day, 80s and 90s will be widespread across the region. >> you heard him, father's day. you have time to get out and get us something nice. drew, thanks a lot. >> announcer: now abc7 sports with mike shumann. >> all right, the last bay area team to win a championship right here in the bay area at their own facility was the oakland a's back in 1974. warriors trying to join that club with a win over the cavaliers tomorrow night at oracle. cavs mauld the warriors to get back that 3-1 series record. same last season when cleveland
6:20 pm
won three straight to win the final. dubs didn't have draymond green and they do not want to go back to cleveland. >> am i disappointed we didn't play well the other night? aware we're playing a great time. they were desperate and they outplayed us. where we are we'd love to be. we're taking care of business. we plan on playing better tomorrow and we'll see what happens. >> we just want to win. obviously an opportunity to close this thing out. we don't want to keep letting the series so long. we have to come out and do everything. >> every game, for them predicter in game 7, from the standpoint of they don't want to go back to cleveland, they understand that anything can happen in game 7. i think both teams know that and understand that. >> all right. they should rename the men's version of the french open the rafael nadal classic.
6:21 pm
he won stan wharinka in straigh sons. he's the only one to win an open air grand slam ten times and the fifth to win a major title. raf at the top of the screen. despite knee juriinjuries, 9 m n an hour winner. rafa was too much today. ball finds the net. in two hours, straight sets, winning the tenth french open title and first major title in three years. >> the only thing that matters now is i have this trophy again with me and that means a lot for me. i worked a lot to be here, so for me it's very, very special. i played well during both weeks. i played well since the beginning of the season so very the twins trying to end a two game slide. matt
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hunter pin fouls, with the double off the wall. posy scores 7-5 giants, eight doubles in the game, tying the franchise total. giants four runs in the seventh, five runs in the eighth. three coming off the bases loaded by austin slater. four rbis. finally explodes, win the series with a 13-8 victory. >> mentally i was trying to come in with the same approach every day. whether i was in the lineup or not, it helps to get in a little bit of a rhythm being in there every day. i think that's natural you talk to anyone, i think they would say the same thing. but, you know, i'm happy that i got this opportunity. i'm trying to take advantage. >> all right. a's in tampa just behind facing the rays, not that one. he got offensive help from the catcher. two for four rbis, this coming from the base hit. the athletics will go up 2-0. rays kept coming back.
6:23 pm
allowed two rinz in five innings. he gets the no decision. he drives in deep center off hendricks for the 9th home run of the season. rays take three of four with the as with a 5-4 victory. yankees taking on the orioles. 6'7" of him. the longest home run recorded since they started measuring them in 2009. he ended up four for four and the yankees win it 14-3. all right, cavs facing elimination here on out and that is a dangerous team. warriors need to treat tomorrow's match up like a game 7 or we may be heading back to cleveland. no offense to the city of cleveland, but i do not want to go back. >> got your broom over there, can't take it with you any more. all right, shu, thank you. if you can't watch the playoff game in person, abc7's game and nba finals start 5:30 right here on abc7 and right before the game join abc7's larry beil and
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tonight on abc7 news at 9:00 over on kofy-tv 20, how much would you pay to see the warriors win the playoffs? some have deep pockets. coming up on abc7 news, the big e-3 game about to kickoff in los angeles. this event will be full of nostalgia. we'll have a preview. i like nostalgia. i weekend box office race was over before it started. women rule, and wonder woman absolutely buried the mummy. the saga, princess diana took in nearly double with a largely hand tom cruise movie did. wonder woman scored 57.$2 million in tickets this weekend, despite a respectable showing, the mummy pulled in 32 million. 12.$3 million was the total. that's it for abc7 -- kids like that. that's it for abc7 news at 6:00. we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00. take care.
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