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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  June 12, 2017 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> a block on president trump's revised travel ban is staying put. the ninth circuit kourpt of appeals announced the ruling moments ago. it seeks to ban people from six muslim countries from entering the u.s. for 90 days. the ban was first rejected last month after the court ruled it essentially targets the religion. president trump has not yet responded. you can stay on top of the breaking news by downloading our app and enabling push alerts. thank you for joining us today. the top story, the warriors, chance to make history tonight, downing down the coverage of the
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finals. there's the clock right there, showing us six hours and 29 minutes to go. fans telling us they are confident. >> we're very optimistic. we know that we have the best team in the league. we know that we're going to take this. >> she tells the truth. the dubs could make history becoming the first bay area team to win a championship at home in 43 years. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live in oracle arena where there's a scramble to get it ready for tipoff, prepare for tonight's game. there's hope and even some expectation here in the bay area that game five was not going to happen. this young fan is trying, but it's hard to ramp up the energy level for a game five on a monday, especially when you thought your team would win in four games. that's what some fans did this
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morning, for an early morning broadcast of espn's first take record the at oakland's lake chalet restaurant. >> i'm nervous, but nervous about the warriors. >> one host upset the crowd when he said if the cavs win tonight, there's going to be a game seven. >> oh, man, no way. i know the warriors are going to close out tonight. they have to close it out tonight. go back to cleveland, it's that much harder. >> shirts were in place, but a tarp covered the court that needed polishing. the crew faced a quick turn around from the concert to an nba finals game. the team says it is ready with curry saying yesterday he's feeling confident, energetic, and positive about the opportunity. >> going to be a great night to get it done and take advantage of the, you know, home crowd, the energy. >> reporter: fans are also planning for a win. >> i have the champagne, i have
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everything on ice. going to be a wonderful night tonight. looking for a >> reporter: oakland place are preparing for a victory. a spokesperson says every available officer will be working tonight in case the warriors win and celebrations spill into the streets. live in oakland, abc 7 news. >> amy, some of the early risers need a nap like us. if you are trying to get a seat tonight, prepare to pay up. ticketmaster in the last hour with the lowest price for a single seat was $685. yeah. i know. oakland mayor is helping out, at least one fan to see that game in oracle. she auctioned off two luxury box tickets. the bidding just ended at 10:00 a.m. the mayor's office has not said yet how much the winning bidder paid or who the tickets go to. proceeds from the auction will benefit oaklands's emerging 100 niche 6 initiative to help under represented youth become entrepreneurs. don't worry about being there. you can be at home and watch on
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your big screen, right? espn and abc's coverage of game five of the nba finals starts tonight at 5:30 here on abc 7, and before the game, join abc 7's larry and mike for the dubs on 7 pregame show presented by jeep. larry and mike will be live at 5:00 p.m. new this morning, two oakland based community groups are taking a new step to keep professional football in oakland. they hired this man, james quinn. the groups we stand with oakland and forever oakland hope he preserves the rights todd name and silver and black colors even when the team moves to vegas. quinn defeated the nfl if a case in 1992 granting players unrestricted free agency. this could set the stage for a lawsuit against the nfl and raiders. the sheriff's office asking for help finding a missing kayaker. he was last seen thursday
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morning at lester beach in lake tahoe. weather conditions forced authorities to call off the search saturday. a go fund me page is set up to pay for additional search efforts. go to abc for a donation. new this morning, u.s. attorney general jeff sessions wants the testimony before the senate judiciary committee to be open to the public. sessions is going to face questions tomorrow about contact with the russian ambassador to the u.s. in last year's presidential campaign. the judiciary committee will decide if the public can see tomorrow's hearing. sessions says it should be open because he wants the american people to, quote, hear the truth directly from him. also new this morning, the attorney's general of maryland and washington, d.c. just filed a lawsuit against president trump accusing him of violating the constitution. their lawsuit claims mr. trump broke federal law by retaining ties to his global business empire. they call the president's businesses a conflict of interest that could, quote,
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threaten democracy. the white house has not commented. president trump called a similar previous lawsuit without merit. the propergoogle campus pro in san jose has millions drooling over the financial process, but progress is not free. we are live in san jose with what some business owners have to lose. matt? >> reporter: google's plans here in downtown san jose will have a ripple effect. more jobs, more development, but some businesses could be forced out. san jose leaders celebrated the announcement google planned a giant complex near the sap center station, more than twice the size of apple's spaceship headquarters, but a week later, reality hits businesses in the area. >> we've been here, like, long time. >> reporter: ed has run ed scientific auto body for more than 30 years here.
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as far as he knows, his long time landlord owns the place, for now. >> we have not talked about that because this is so new. but we will. probably this week, i guess. i'll call and see what's going on. >> reporter: in the meeting, the city counsel decides if it approves a resolution allowing the city manager to move forward with exclusive negotiation agreement with google for properties owned by the city of san jose and successor agency not redevelopment agency in the area including four properties in the planned ballpark site. google wants the fire training property on park avenue and montgomery street. on south autumn street, the owner, found out three months ago the landlord sold the building to google's development partner. >> there's a new landlord, but same terms, just changed where we mail the check. everything's the same. >> reporter: not much changed so far, he knows the clock is ticking. >> we love the spot.
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it was a good run. we'll get the most from it while we're here. >> reporter: this is the goal the city has been aiming for for years, to bring transportation, housing, jobs, and entertainment in one spot here in san jose. live in downtown san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> that would be a huge change. thank you. the right hand man of uber is out, and the company's board is reportedly discussing replacing the embattled ceo on leave. this was after a seven hour meeting waiting the fate of the senior vp of business and whether he should take a leave of absence. the san francisco based company announced last week they fired 20 employees after a sexual harassment investigation. travis founded uber in 2009 and has been running the ride hailing service since. new developments in the ghost ship fire investigation. the second man charged in the deaths of three dozen people just made his first appearance in a bay area courtroom.
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abc 7 news reporter is live for us in oakland. >> reporter: max harris was aryaned this morning, the creator director of the warehouse known as the ghostship here in oak llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerych wyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch . harris is charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter representing each of the people who were killed in the fire last december. the appearance in court was brief with blue hair, wore an orange jump suit behind a glass wall. his friends were in court, and they were emotional. none wanted to speak on camera, and they left the courtroom linking arms. the attorney also did not want to comment, but said this. >> arraigned on the charges. >> okay. >> his case set at the same time as his co-defendant in department 7. >> reporter: court documents say that harris collected rent and mediated disputes between people living in the warehouse. his co-deft, almena, the leaseholder of the building, not zoned as residential, yet dozens
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lived inside. the district attorney says both he and harris knowingly created a dangerous and deadly space and acted recklessly. they will appear in court on june 15th. reporting live from oakland, abc 7 news. >> thank you for the update. still to come on abc 7 news, honoring victims of the pulse nightclub massacre one year later. the try buttes in orlando and bay area. scary moments in the sky. what's to blame for the gaping hole in a plane? what it took for people on board to notice something was wrong? good morning to you. clouds are lingering around the bay area, but we'll continue to see brighter conditions, although the cool air wants to stay with us. in fact, temperatures today are cooler with a breeze, but wa
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video shows aftermath of a midair incident forcing a plane to make an emergency landing overseas. see the giant gaping hole there in the engine of the china eastern airlines jet. it was flying from sydney to shanghai yesterday when the engine failed. emergency crews only discovered the hole after the pilot landed safely. passengers said that they heard a really loud noise after takeoff, but nobody really worried about it until they started smelling something burning. there's a new development this morning in the london bridge terrorist attack. police made another arrest, a 19-year-old man held on
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suspicion of preparing terrorist acts. he was taken into custody in a late night raid in east london. six other men remain in custody after the june 3rd rampage pilled eight people. the suspects have not been identified or charged. britain's threat level remains severe, meaning attacks are highly likely. new developments, arrests in the bill cos we sexual assault trial. he arrived this morning with his wife by his side. cosby did not testify, his lawyers called just one witness to the stand, a police detective, defense attorneys referred to the accuser as a stone cold liar during closing arguments. the prosecution is next. cosby has pled not guilty to drugging and sexual assaulting the former temple university employee. church bells ring today to mark one year since the pulse nightclub massacre. here's maggie with the tributes now underway.
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>> how can one man, one person kill so many people? >> reporter: one year ago, 49 people were killed in the pulse nightclub massacre, the worst mass shooting in our country's history. today, orlando remembers every single one of them. >> think about the victims and the families and all the loved ones of the victims, and think about the survivors. >> reporter: as part of orlando united day, thousands of people gathered for a ceremony of remembering. honoring those who lost lives while trying to enjoy a night of dancing in the popular gay nightclub. >> terrorists try to divide us. it ended up doing opposite. >> reporter: survivors and family of the victims joined together in a memorial leaving candles and flowers. >> 2:00 a.m. in the morning, so many here showing compassion and
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love. >> reporter: marking the exact time the deadly shots rang out a year ago, and now the community leans on one another for support. >> that's really what this is about making sure people know they are not alone. >> reporter: and while they say the memories are painful, they are choosing to, instead, focus oncoming to the. >> one silver lining in all of this is the amount of love and amount of care that everybody had for each other. >> reporter: memorials happening not only here in orlando, but across the country. organizers say that even if you can't go to a planned event, go perform an act of kindness, and that could create a lasting legacy. abc news, orlando. sounds like a great idea. a vigil for the orlando victims tonight here in the bay area. people will be gathering in san francisco for a show of solidarity at 18th and castro streets starting at 6:30. next on at bc 7 news, oakland tackles a pothole problem head on. the work underway now and houpg
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it how long it he's an artist with a screwdriver because -- >> this art is meant to be touched. >> oh, cool. >> it's one of the most original things i've ever seen. >> next "right this minute."
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we are continuing our countdown, and you can see the clock right here, takes a lot of talent to do this. it really doesn't. six hours and ten minutes until coverage begins on abc 7. it's the perfect time to show warriors pride. oh, that's a cute one, huh? >> oh. >> yeah. we love that. thank you for sending that in. that's a young fan in a little tutu. one of the cutest so far. thank you for that. let's see the next one.
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oh. we always love it when we have our four-legged friends dressed up for the dubs. cute. i understand i'm making often appearance here? yes. so i'll be frank with you, i don't have a lot of gear, but i have a hat that curry wore because he saw hamilton, and i saw it last night too. you know, that's our connection. i love that he's sporting the arts and sports at the same time. use the hashtag abc 7 now and you may see yourself here. you're in warriors colors too. >> i thought about it, why not, we need the luck, it'll go our way. we are looking at the weather brightening up this afternoon. but, boy, lingering cloud cover here on doppler 7. partly sunny skies, but in the sierra nevada, snow ended. we picked up 6 inches at incl e incline, inch at truckey, and kings beach at 2 inches.
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the cool weather still in the sierra nevada pulling out of here, creating cloud cover in the bay area, but we are turning sunny in an hour or two by 2:00 in the south bay. 62 in mountain view right now. 61 in san jose. san francisco at 60. half moon bay at 60 degrees. another vantage point, sunny here, and winds pick up throughout the afternoon due to the onshore flow, but there's mild numbers from santa rosa to napa. mid-60s, 63 in concord, and livermore at 60, and look for today to bring, still, temperatures on the cooler side of average. san francisco right now looking at sun. breezy, a bit warmer today. we'll get into the sea breeze a a little bit later, and then temperatures dorm coming up inland as much as five to six degrees, more subtle increase tomorrow elsewhere around the bay, but, boy, after that, talking hot weather returning. close to 100 degrees in livermore by the end of the week. here we are, 3:00 in the afternoon. you'll notice wind at the coast still the purple shade.
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very breezy. 15-20 miles per hour inside the bay. better than yesterday. still adding a little bit of a cool atmosphere throughout the day today, but san jose, shy of average, tomorrow, you'll be there at 78, and 80s returning midweek. getting very warm by the end of the week, mid-90s for father's day. today, though, waiting on the sun, not as warm as yesterday, just a few degrees cooler, upper 60s today in the south bay, breezy for you downtown. can't get out of the low 60s, and in the north bay, seeing 71 in napa. east bay, mid to upper 60s here, a nice afternoon, 67 union city, and heading inland, 72 in antioch. download our app and track the warming trend and notice the skies brightening up hour by hour. 60s at oracle at 7:00. and the 80s
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days, 70s in the bay, and end of the week is summer. >> thank you. breaking news, san francisco police investigate a possible homicide. police got a call about a man lying on the ground here alemany boulevard before 6:00 this morning. pronounced dead at the scene. police say he suffered an injury. the medical examiner is going to try to determine exactly what happened. happening today, oakland crews start the pothole blitz to fill thousands throughout the city. crews spend a week in each districts repairing 16,000 potholes. the number is up this year because of the storms, and that work lasts through the end of july. this could be the most creative money gifts seen. a florida grad got a surprise when the family gave her a roll of
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coming up later at 4:00, how you can get both kids and adults to eat vegetables. the simple word trick that apparently works. tonight as 5:00, we're all about game five. we are live on the floor at
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oracle arena, for the pregame show brought to you by jeep. this is a gift that keeps on giving. she got cash from family, but not in a card. it cake like this. this is a doe roll. heard of that? that's a new one for me. this is money that is all, you know, put together, taped, and she just keeps pulling it out of the box. it seems like it's never going to end. >> wow. >> her mother, amy, recorded the moment her daughter, brooklyn, unravelled the money and counted it all. if you guess, how much is it? it's a thousand bucks. >> what? >> yeah. >> wow. >> that's a good present. >> i would be excited about that. thank you for joining us today. go warriors!
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