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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 12, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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sky 7 over oracle arena where fans are hoping to see the final game of this nba season and confetti coming down over the rafters. steph curry took his famous tunnel shot, went 0 for 5. there's an asterisk on this because his first attempt was going in and somebody else warming up knocked his ball off target. i'm counting it as good. larry beil and mike shumann. .. >> let me start with this. hello darkness my old friend, i've come to speak with you again. we've been through this before. last year warriors had a three game series win and cavs came back to win it in seven. mr. schum man, ask you, is there a party an confetti tonight or will we hear the sound of silence and flight back to cleveland. >> i love the city and i do not want to go back to cleveland,
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nor do the warriors. they did what we wanted them to, they stole one in cleveland and we'd love to see them wrap it up, 16-0. they have to play their game, not cleveland's. slow down lebron james if possible and kyrie irving. in the first five minutes of the game you want to look for defensive intensity. warriors didn't have much in game 4. steve kerr and kevin durant warming up behind us have talked about this. they know to finish this series tonight, they have to bring it on the defensive end. >> we didn't play up to the level we were supposed to play at and they exposed that and took advantage of it and played extremely well. they just don't lay down and die. you know they will play with a sense of urgency and energy from the beginning and take it a procession at a time and focus what we have to do every time on
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the court on both ends of the floor. we'll be fine. >> it doesn't make any difference, if we were 15-6 instead of 15-1 we'd be thinking the exact same way. take each game and make your adjustments and do it. >> we understand we're one win away from getting the job done and have a chance to write our own story this year. this will be a fun night and keep a clear focus what's going on at the present for sure. >> let's bring in mark from espn. the undefeated, everybody talking about 3-1 and the possibility of a jinx. i was walking in safe way yesterday, in every aisle there was a dude talking about 3-1, i have to get out of this place. warriors are hearing about this as well. it's a different year, steph is healthy and draymond not suspend and they have kevin durant. >> i know one person excited
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about being in this game is draymond green. a year ago he was hanging with marshawn lynch and crossing himself inside for not playing in the game. everything changes and he's due for a good game. how about k.j.? he's due for a big game. that's what he came here for. what better place to do this than oakland. his worst game of the finals was his last game. him, steph and klay, they're giving very contested looks, the least amount of free shots they had. >> draymond struggled in foul trouble the entire series and something he has to stay out of. >> he's had at least four fouls at every game. he said to me, i get to play game five, game five.
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his mindset is very similar and i expect it tonight. >> let's talk about his mindset from a year ago. he highlights watching the as game, marshawn lynch and bob meyers. he was going to make the glorious sprint through the tunnels that connects the complex. unfortunately, that was a celebration that never came. we talked about this being a redemption series before it even started with draymond. foul trouble prevented him from going forward and game 4, ejected and unejected, bizarre. the officiating is key and warriors have to match the physicality than them and this is special. >> and they have a better crew, danny crawford, it might be his
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last game. he will have a better handle. when k.d. and lebron got into it, nobody had a handle on it and they weren't the ones that shot threes. >> i think the further the series go the officials let them play because they don't want to determine the title. >> the crew was bad and i don't expect that to be the case tonight. the best referee is the one you don't know. et i into it, you hear it on the radio talking about fixing this stuff. cavs did 24 threes and kyrie irving had seven. >> they had a magnet to bring the ball in? >> you saw klay there. it's his job mostly to stop kyrie irving. he went for 40 and it didn't matter who was guarding, he has such a soft left-handed touch. what can they do to contain him?
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>> you have handles and one guy worked with him and caused him a little bit of struggle. that's klay. when klay is not on him, it's a field day for him and does whatever he wants. perhaps you're playing with fire and perhaps klay may have to stay in this game a little longer or there as long as kyrie is in there. >> or andre iguodala. >> maybe double. >> we'll see. warriors haven't really blitz like the cavs have with steph. we'll see what steve kerr has out of his bag of tricks. lots more to come. we're talking about steph curry. what happened? what happened in game 4? >> steph who? >> we will see if he has an mvp performance tonight. we're bouncing back from a
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subpar game last friday night.
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da'ron welcome back to oracle arena, sky 7 where warriors are hoping to end this game. although that guy's outfit, i'm not sure. >> i think that's a carey keating line. >> i hear you wanted it but they didn't have it in his size. >> you can't get that off the rack. >> a former warrior join us right now. donald, let's talk about the splash brothers. in order to pop the steph and oklay have to get 24
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points. >> klay will play a lot better. what cleveland did to steph was the pick and roll and really bligts him and not giving him the opportunity to do it to other people. as they try to do that, you will see them on the weak side and talking on the week side and top steph on the strong side. >> cleveland really doesn't have a rim protector besides >> you don't always have to go for the three. when you penetrate you don't always get the shot but it sucks the defense and you can find the shooters at the perimeter. >> cavs had a record setting game 4, 24-3, as they were unconscious. can you assume they will level off and warriors can't shoot as poorly as they did in game 4.
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we expect progression from cleveland and certainly more aggression and more shot making from the warriors. >> i think you're seeing the same level of aggression on the part of cleveland because it worked for them. i think you will also see they will not shoot the ball particularly as well as they did in the last game. one of the things, if warriors come out with focus on defense, the offense will follow. >> how do you stop kyrie irving? >> mainly what you want to do is give him one or the other. he was able to take three-point shots and the layup. we have to decide what you give him and what he wants. if you want him to be a three-point shooter volume, let him do it. you can't give him layups and three-point shot. >> we saw the physicalcality has to be better because it can't be worse. zaza, we should mention no sanctions because he got into it
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with shepherd, a couple low blows there. in terms of defense and physicality, do you think they will call it tight early or let them play? >> i think they will let them play. the last game, cleveland had a spectacular game. 27-24 fouls committed. warriors had 27. if we are focused as warriors on the ref, they will not play in our game. when we're the aggressor we're much better and focusing tonight. >> and take control and quit worrying about the officials. and they have to play more physical. cleveland has gotten better with physicality and warriors have to match that. >> they believe this is bothering the warriors. if they come out and say, we will be just as physical, i think they have better advantage and better shooters and players. >> i think someone described the warriors as a skinny jeans team. >> ah!
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>> that's what i hear, what people tell me. lots more to come. i didn't say it. >> we will talk with jalen rose, nash veteran, you see on nbc and he is not shy at all for picking another winner. this is another one the donald wanted but could not get off the rack in his size. ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century.
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back live at oracle arena, warriors and cavs. countdown clock taking us down to abc's pregame show, 14 1/2 miutes away. will this be the final game of the nba season? that's the question we ponder as we countdown to game 5. >> we're joined by 13 year veteran, jalen rose.
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you see him on espn, abc, he has podcasts and radio shows and sitcom. years ago we did shows on yahoo! when you were still playing for the raptors. if i had known you were going to turn into this one man multimedia conglomerate, i would have been much nicer to you back then. >> i appreciate your support and looking forward to this year's finals. >> will this year's final end tonight? everyone is talking about the 3-1 jinx and all of that. from the players' mentality is it in the warriors heads at all? you can't go anywhere without hearing that. >> it's in the players' heads because the media will digest it. they won't lose four straight games and durant is here. and i think they will be fired
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up ready to go tonight and cleveland cavaliers will as well because they have a lot more momentum after cleveland. ⌞> sure, they will, hitting 24 threes gives you a lot of confidence. a desperate man is a dangerous man. they have to be think, if we could just get this game tonight, we will have the psychological edge on that. >> here's the cavs mentality, if you can't get an early league, make it close. make everybody bite their hands and fingernails. make everybody say, wait a minute, are we getting close to what we saw last year and see if you can find a way to get the home team to collapse late, somebody make a bad decision, get emotionally intoxicated like we saw draymond green last year and getting suspended for a game. can lebron james and kyrie irving close the field? >> you're make meg nervous just saying that, biting their nails
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and hands. >> cut to techase. are you going to be doused with champagne or have it all over us for the night? >> you can stand and rejoice and cheer. your team will end this series in five, celebrating. but the only thing is when do we get out of here. the party will never end. >> i have some party in thanks. great seeing you. >> thank you for having me on. >> all right. >> champagne in the campaign, a line i will be stealing. whether it's champagne flowing or tears flowing we will have highlights after the game. a man playing the determining factor is draymond green. how is he doing? that would be draymond, mary with shu.
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>> what do you think, game 5. draymond gets to play in game 5. that's a huge difference. >> my thing is for our crowd have the intensity the cleveland crowd has. it motivates the guys in a different direction and helps them a little bit and helps them out. looking forward to it. >> how proud are you of draymond and what he's accomplished? >> i never say i'm proud but i'm happy. this is his dream. this is something you always said you wanted to do. be like nike and just do it. >> you had to be supportive of him and keep him on the right path. >> i did push him. i knew what he wanted to do and have dreams. this is his dream and refer i time he gets off course, i would say, dre, this is what you wanted to do and i pushed him a little bit. >> he was egging them on in
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cleveland. that was a raucous crowd. do you think he can keep his emotions in check because he had foul trouble. >> i don't think it's a question of keeping his emotion's in check. dre just is green. just play your game. this is his crowd so it won't be like that. come in here and be that person the team needs you to be and be what you have to do and let's win this thing. >> you're a feisty woman from michigan, is that where he gets it from? >> he gets it from saginaw the culture itself. i am saginaw. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> nice wardrobe change there. >> this is looking good right here. the sparkle and gold. i will get me one of those for the parade if there is one. >> that's a keating line. >> he will join us for the post show. i want to show you numbers on
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lebron james. he moved into third place in the all time finals career scoring points. ahead of michael jordan and only jerry west in the house tonight. lebron is averaging a triple-double through four games in the finals. he is a man possessed. >> you look at the body of work-up of this young man, truly extraordinary. he's not done. he could play another 10 years. the way his body look and competing all throughout his career. i continue to expect great things for him. >> he seems to be indestructible. talking about his crazy off the backboard dunk in game 4. >> that was the craziest part about it, tristan came in he was made in a lab somewhere.
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there's a lot of things he does we can't speak on. >> i don't know if you can hear that clearly. he said he's a gatorade baby. they made him in a lab somewhere. doesn't it seem that way? >> i think that. i wish i was. >> you're just looking nor another endorsement possibility. this jerry west talking with stephen a. smith. he was on a fishing trip in alaska because he was too stressed out and back tonight hoping there is champagne flowing the ends of this evening. more to come on the "dubs on 7" pregame show. our fearless predictions coming up next. >> don't only
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welcome back, live at oracle arena. the subs at 7:00 pregame show. all they need is one more as we look at the championship banners in '74 and '75 and steph and company a couple years ago. another gold suit. are we the only dudes in the place not outfitted with gold
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suits? that is the place. no team has come back from a 3-0 deficit to win a playoff series. it is 126-0 and happened four times in the national hockey lague. the san jose sharks, i'm sorry, down and the most famous recently as the 2004 red sox that came back to beat the yankees. before we get to that, richard jefferson talked about all the pressure being on the warriors tonight. cavs are facing elimination. they have stress, too. do you agree with that? >> if the warriors want to have something for the fans. this is something that hasn't been done, winning on your home floor. the pressure is on both teams. warriors could win tonight and
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cleveland could go home. i want them to win and if the pressure helps them so be it. >> i come from a one and done league. cleveland is a dangerous team every night they play now is an elimination game. warriors have a couple games in their pocket and then you tend to relax. they have to go back to cleveland if they win. it's hard to say game four. >> i don't want to get into that conversation. how much does all the talk get in the warriors' heads, do you think? >> i think if you say it's not there, you're not being honest. very much rely on your experience. it will be there. this was a
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it's not a dynamic, they will win, before it was a k.d.less team. >> it's the splash brothers that need know up on offense. >> it's prediction time gentleman. >> i said warriors in six and if they don't beat them, cavs in seven. i'm changing it. who ever wins tonight wins the series. >> you can't change. >> you did it four times last year. >> who ever wins tonight wins the series. >> my thing is you never want to give a team hope but the warriors is winning tonight. >> there you go. >> i'm saying it's over. my earlier pick was warriors in seven. i hope we don't go seven. i can't take it. that's a wrap. nba countdown is next righ who are these people?
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