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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  June 12, 2017 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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called on steph curry. for a hold on a screen. that's his second. both teams now with 13 turnovers. >> jeff: curry's a great screener. but the little guy always tries to do more on their screen. >> mark: imagine if that was john stockton, hall of famer, great point guard. >> mike: irving fakes, pulls back. finds james. james, long three-pointer -- in and out. ball knocked out of bounds and it's golden state ball. after a record-setting three-point per certain in game four, cavs 9 of 21 tonight. curry inside -- off the glass.
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kevin love wants to post-up thompson. nice feed on a backdoor play and lebron james slams it through. >> mark: i like the way that steph curry on the offensive end has not settled. he's probed with the basketball and made plays in the paint area. >> mike: curry finds durant. durant. stops. pucks up. jumper -- got it! 13 of 17 from the field. 37 more points for kevin durant. irving. beautiful crossover, can't finish. green, the rebound. and curry is fouled by lebron james. not in the act of shooting. curry disagree. and they're not in the penalty, so, it will be side out for
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golden state. >> mark: this is the call that i don't like. steph curry, smart enough to get the contact and put it in the air. this is in the act of shooting, in my opinion. doesn't put the ball back down. the contact and throws it up. >> mike: second team foul. curry for three -- backs in. j.r. smith, another three-pointer. short. curry, the rebound. coming up on five minutes remaining. durant gets away from korver. all the way to the rim! time-out, cleveland. durant's mom cheering. another electrifying performance from kevin durant. >> mark: kevin durant. the guy has been so good, if i
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was harrison barnes watching this game right now, the former champion for the warriors, i'd say, i understand. the guy is that great of a basketball player and flat-out getting it done. momma, there goes that man. >> mike: aerial coverage provided by goodyear. honoring both of the blimp-worthy teams in this historic finals rubber match. goodyear, more driven.
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39 points for kevin durant. golden state up by a dozen. he's hit 30-plus in all five games. and look at the efficiency tonight. do the cavs have another run in them? james drives, spins and gets to the rim without any problem. 35 points for lebron james. >> jeff: that's called being left on an island if you're iguodala. >> mike: curry guarded by love. finds a seam and banks it home. 29-10 for curry. it's back to a dozen. irving, off the glass. misses. curry inside!
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oracle arena has erupted. and a foul called on jpd .r. sm. third team foul. golden state will take it out, with 4:03 remaining and a 14-point lead. >> mark: and mike, kevin durant has been special, but give steph curry credit. wasn't up to par on the last finals. as a matter of fact, the last two. taking it personal. and he's had about outstanding final. >> mike: double figure assists in four of the five games. 31 points tonight. durant. big mismatch. jump shot won't go. rebound, james. james looks up at the clock. drives, spins again, quickly and easily, lebron james.
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3:30 remaining. and a time-out called by golden state. 3:29 away from a title. warriors ball whn we come back. as fast as you can. you can't catch me; i'm the gingerbread man. it will be mine. ♪
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um, the songs over. rated pg. hey. pass please. i'm here to fix the elevator. nothing's wrong with the elevator. right. but you want to fix it. right. so who sent you? new guy. what new guy? watson. my analysis of sensor and maintenance data indicates elevator 3 will malfunction in 2 days. there you go. you still need a pass. >> mike: kevin durant finally back in the finals. was there in 2012, but they lost to miami. they thought there would be many, many more. james harden was traded. durant had some magnificent individual moments, but injuries prevented them from possibly
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coming back. last year, came close nm he finally signed with golden st e state, and now matching up against the man he met back in 2012. he is now 3:30 away from winning a title. and with another magnificent performance. would certainly be the favorite for finals mvp. emotional mother in the stands. the woman he called the real mvp back when he won the mvp. thompson with four to shoot. makes his move. pull-up jumper -- it's good. james on the drive. throws it away. but durant can't hold on. and the cavs will have it with 15 to shoot. >> mark: lebron james is the only cavs player to score in the last five minutes and change.
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>> mike: ten of his 37 for james here in the fourth. pass goes to tristan thompson. j.r. smith trying to launch -- count it, and a foul! he was close to the three-point line. they've called it a three. they'll review it. j.r. smith with a chance for perhaps a four-point play. >> mark: he's clearly behind the line. not even close. >> mike: you see curry behind him. curry picks up his third. so, it a chance for a four-point play. j.r. smith with 22 points. he's 6 of 7 from three-point range and keeping the cavs hopes alive of forcing that game six. still 2:59 remaining. can't hit.
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rebound, durant. saves it to curry. every point critical, obviously, for the cavaliers. curry to green. green, alley-oop, iguodala once again! james spins. james scores. 39 for james. with 2:30 to play. but the cavs have been unable to get stops here down the stretch. and curry wisely taking time off the clock. 20 points for andre iguodala off the bench. iguodala will try again. james.
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drives on durant. spins. falling away -- in and out. tristan thompson, the rebound. misses the follow. and green, the rebound. and they're starting to celebrate here at oracle arena. curry -- irving bounces off irving, and golden state will get it back. irving, who has been just brilliant in these finals. 0 for 5. hasn't scored here in the fourth quarter.
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durant hangs on. james stays in front. ball knocked loose and stolen by james, as we approach one minute remaining. james kicks it out, irving. er viirving, once bounce. green tips it to thompson. >> mark: how about kevin durant over here, emotional in the middle of the play. >> mike: curry three -- bang! james muscles in and throws it down. celebration tonight here in oakland.
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and james rushing up the floor. three-pointer is good, with 14.2 remaining. and now golden state can dribble it out. there it is. redemption for golden state. one of the great playoff runs of all-time is complete. the warriors are nba champions again!
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no one outpizzas the hut. see spider-man: homecoming in theaters july 7. >> mike: what a rivalry the warriors and the cavaliers, and speaking of rivalries, espn's 30 for 30 takes you on a trip into nba history. celtics/lakers, best of enemies. parts one and two premiere tuesday at 8:00 eastern, concluding with part three on wednesday. kevin durant is an nba champion. and he's with doris. >> doris: he just can't stop smiling. as he shares a moment with his mom. >> you hear me? look at me. you did it. >> doris: kevin -- five straight 30-point games in the nba finals.
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when you came in here tonight, 48 minutes separated you from your first championship. you went for 39 and seven. can you describe what your intengi intentions were walking into this building tonight? >> i couldn't sleep for two days, i was -- i was anxious, i was jittery. i just wanted to let it all out there. i put in work. i just had to trust in it. you know, we were -- we were really good tonight. you got to tip your hat to cleveland, man. they kept us up all night. lebron and kyrie -- i never seen nothing like them two before. but we prevailed. we're champions. it's amazing to do it here. >> doris: this is the second time you've had to go through a man that many consider maybe the best player of his generation. can you describe for us what it's like as competitors going back and forth with him? >> he's the only person that i was looking at since 2012, he's
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the only one that i looked at and said, he's the only one that can look me eye to eye. i knew it was going to be a battle. i was trying to challenge him. he averaged a damn triple-double. can't stop the guy. but we battled man. we battled and, you know, i told him, i told him, we tied up now, and, you know, we've been trying to do this thing again, but i want to celebrate this one tonight. >> doris: we had the moment, we just showed it a couple of moments ago, in 2012, when you fell into your mom's arms, when you fell short. this is the woman you called the mvp. can you describe what the moment was, winning with her? >> she's seen me as a kid, you know, putting in work. she's seen how i come home after losses and how tough i take it. she's been there with me, my brother, my family, my dad, my godfather, man, everybody in pg county, maryland, everybody in d.c., virginia, that been riding with me, and -- feels good to see it come full circle. i'm enjoying it.
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>> doris: congratulations, kevin. mike? >> mike: kevin durant shining his bringest on the nba's biggest stage. caps off a brilliant finals with 39 points, seven more rebounds, five assists, and the emotions flowing here at oracle arena. steph curry with his second nba championship. 34-10 tonight for curry. and this time, as durant just mentioned, they win it in front of these unbelievably loyal fans. and the finals mvp, andre iguodala, with 20 points off the bench. you see him there in that crowd. as golden state wins the 2017 finals in five games. much more to come. we will return to oakland for
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the trophy presentation after these messages. i like russo. his on/off splits are the best here. yeah, but his offensive win shares didn't even break 4. come on, check out that stop-and-pop! what do you think? my trade-off analytics indicate no one creates more space on offense. this allows him to nail a jumper from a densely populated urban area. what you're trying to say is from way downtown? i am still learning. i can see that. i am still learning. he's a skinny teenager, who'll never make it in a man's league. he's soft! s-o-f-t he's got some offensive skills, but you have to play defense. my opinion, he just alright. nah, he might drop forty, but he's not a real leader.
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he don't have that tenacity. he don't got that danger. scoring titles great. mvp big deal. kevin durant will sign with the warriors. oh you've got to be kidding me. traitor! weak! gravy train! that was the weakest move ever. cupcake. it's that what you call loyalty? durant out for six weeks. cry baby! the finals begin tonight. durant's playing at a whole 'nother level. and it's over! kd has his first nba championship. it's a... debate this
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>> mike: golden state finishes thefullyoffs 16-1 and perfect, undefeated here at oracle arena to win their second title in three years and the fifth in franchise history. for kevin durant, his first title. for steph curry, celebrating with his family and his daughter, second championship. and they do it with a 129-120 victory over the cavaliers. here in game five. what a rivalry between these two teams. and one that may go on for a number of years.
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draymond green, the new dad. you saw just a moment ago, david west, his first title in his 14th year. not just the stars, but some of the veterans, like david west. zaza pachulia, matt barnes, javale mcgee, all getting their first championships late in their nba careers. andre iguodala. there's david west, who we just mentioned, and you see the emotions of steve kerr. >> jeff: hugging mike brown, who did a heck of a job when steve had to take his leave of absence for medical reasons. >> mike: so, we're ready for the trophy presentation. there will be no surprise who gets the finals mvp, but let's get things going. send it over to p.a. announcer matt hurwitz. >> announcer: ladies and skre
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men, now at center court, for the presentation of the larry o'brien trophy, and the 2017 bill russell nba finals most valuable player award, please welcome abc's doris burke. >> doris: ladies and skgentleme with us tonight, representing the warriors ownership group, joe lacob and to present the 2017 nba championship trophy to your golden state warriors, please welcome nba commissioner adam silver. >> thank you, doris. we saw basketball played at the highest level. historic playoff runs by two teams which will raise the bar for players and teams for generations to come. let me first thank the beliecled cavaliers, dan gilbert, coach lue. what an incredible performance they put on. thank you.
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and now, to the golden state warriors. a few thank yous. steve kerr, incredible to see you out here. coach brown. to their gm, bob myers, jerry west and to joe and peter, congratulations, guys. you are the nba champions.
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>> doris: joe, i have a feeling this is your second championship in three years, but i have a feeling this particular group of people in the house is excited you won it on your home floor. so, congratulations. two championships in three years is not easy, and it's not accomplished without a great many people doing a great many things. who would you most like to acknowledge here? >> there is no doubt that who we have to acknowledge the most are these guys right here. fantastic team, every single one of them. we love them. they're great players. steph and draymond and everybody else and kevin, thanks for coming. >> yes, sir. >> we're just so proud of them. bob myers and our organization for putting it together. >> doris: well done. congratulations. peter, your back ground is one that includes some unbelievable hollywood story lines and story telling. of this particular group, what story line stands out for you? >> this was a thriller, a
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thriller here, but we won here. this is the champion's home. we're going to bring more, because they are great. the greatest crowd, the fans, their minds and hearts, the jewels of this team. >> doris: congratulations, peter. i know steve kerr is probably ducking me, but you can't duck me forever. steve kerr? i see you. come on. nice try, my friend. how about a hand for him, folks? congratulations. >> thank you. >> doris: steve, we have seen other nba franchises add great talent and it not necessarily result in a championship. so, how did this group add such
9:00 pm
an incredible talent and blend kevin durant in seamlessly and somehow yet still let him be his own brilliant self? >> well, we had very little talent, actually, it was mostly coaching. >> doris: yeah, okay. >> no, i want to say this. i've got -- i've got the best job in the world. these guys are so gifted. and so committed to each other. and so unselfish and i love the players, love the coaches and bob myers has been such a great friend to me these last couple of years. peter and joe, amazing organization. and i want to say a special thank you to mike brown and my whole coaching staff for keeping this ship sailing smoothly when i was out, so, fun to be part of this. >> doris: it has not been easy. this is a group that had to navigate a game seven love in the final few minutes here. you had to incorporate kevin durant. of this


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