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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 13, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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creek, we have the sun up and we're doing so under mainly clear skies and the day ahead. that will be sunshine that's dominating the forecast. wear that sunscreen, the uv index running very high, you can burn quickly today. by the afternoon just a light breeze around the bay into the mid-70s and warpest spots inland are headed into the low 80s. let's get a check on the roadways with alexis. not quite as enjoyable as your forecast. we have three main problems to get to. southbound 880 at 23rd. we have a multicar crash, they push that to the right lane, still have a sig alert. we got toward that that semi is waiting for the tow truck. it's leaking fuel and they need something to absorb it to stop the leak. so that sounds like that could be there for a while. our other issue right now on 580, the within side before hopyard, waiting for a big rig tow truck.
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so an update on that and drive times coming up next. >> here it is, redemption for golden state, one of the great playoff runs of all time is complete. >> the warriors are nba champions again. >> it was a tough matchup against the cavs but golden state pulled it off at oracle in front of that loud sellout crowd. the warriors finishing the playoffs with a 16-1 record. fans celebrating the second warriors title in just three seasons. we came out hungry, we wanted to close out the game, you know? yeah, man, i don't know, i can't put it to words right now. it's -- it's such a good feeling, you know? >> as you can see, the players prepared for the celebration, they've got the golden goggles. >> this is history, you know? we're going down as one of the best teams ever >> that's why we're here, to make each other better and to win championships. >> the team says being at home
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for game five is what really helped fuel them to victory. >> before the game was over, dub nation's most faithful lined up at the sporting goods stores they wanted to get their hands on this -- the hats t-shirts, the gear. those places closed last night, we have the first look at some of it. it's great. >> i will do anything that steph curry does. so he wore his hat this way, i'm doing it the same way. this is what it looks like from the back. just moments ago dick's sporting goods opened up. they have all of this gear inside and that's where matt keller is right now. matt is trying to steal my t-shirt and hat. i'll tell you that. >> i was making a fair offer, if you want to see what that offer was you can go to twitter, mattkellerabc7 or reggie's twitter page as well. we're here inside the store on blossom hill road, dick's sporting goods. you can see fans are able to come in and grab all the shirts they want and get their gear. i'm wearing the 2015 gear here so to update my wardrobe i brought this so i can get out one of these -- these are the youth, that's not going to help.
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we're here over to the sizes here. there's the yellow one. 2017 nba champ s we had people waiting outside as early as 4:30. they opened at 6:00, here are the first two people waiting in line. line. >> kindergarten gear celebration. >> gear. i'm supposed to be at my desk at 35 o'clock a.m. so i had to get some sleep. >> and here's the line they were talking about. it went around the building last night. fans are so excited to come here. a lot of them came here at about half time at about 7:30 last night to get in line just in case the warriors won. o course they did. and they were able to get their gear first. now, as we come back out here live, i'll show you the hats they have here right now. these are the gray hats that
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you're able to buy. they're limiting them to two per person so if you come you can only get two. they sold out of the black ones last night. very popular. so if you want to get a hat, if you want to get a shirt, i'd get to one of these dicks sporting goods. they have opened up at 6:00 in the bay area, you can get your gear and say, hey, i'm a warriors fan and then in a year or two you can be as outdated as me but show you are a true fan from two years ago. back to you in the studio. >> looking good, matt, thank you so much. here's a look at what the parade route will look like on thursday at 10:00 a.m. it will be the same route we saw on 2015. it starts at broodway and 11st, head up grand, right on grand, right on harrison, left to 19th and continue to lakeside drive to oak. it gets to the henry j. kaiser convention center. of course you watch the warriors become nba champs on abc 7 so you should really watch the victory celebration. abc 7 news will have live coverage all morning on thursday, we are calling it dub
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nation celebration. and here at the live desk, look at this. new at this hour, we just got this, the next cover of supports illustrates and you bet it features the golden state warriors. "sports illustrated." the cover line reads "nba champs dawn of durant, kd, the dubs and the teches that triggered a title." this week's cover story says it will break down kevin durant's journey and howe a text from draymond green led durant to become the 2017 nba finals mvp. cool cover. back to you. >> we love it, the dawn of durant. so true. cavs star lebron james understandably upset after his team lost last night. >> during the post-game news conference james was asked how he feels now that kevin durant has won his first dhamp i don't kn knowship. >> well, i'm not happy he won his first. i'm not happy at all. it helps when you're able to
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experience things with this team as well. he felt like he needed to reassemble and reassess his career and come here. >> so that was not subtle shade, right? that's not his way. james is now 3-5 in his nba finals career. he won twice with the miami heat and once with the cavs. one of the special guests was the national spelling bee champion. abc 7 asked her what large word she would use to describe the experience. >> rhapsodical. >> reporter: what does that mean? >> like a flow, like music. >> rhapsodical. >> it's up and down and everything. >> reporter: spell it. >> >> she and her family got to ride in a limo from their home in fresno. this was her first nba game. she said it was really fun being inside oracle arena to watch them win. happening today, free tacos for taco tuesday.
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taco bell giving away free doritos loco tacos thanks to the warriors since they stole a road win during the finals. the fast food chain letting everyone steal a taco from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. they're limited to one taco per person while supplies last. if you notice more traffic in your neighborhood, you are not alone. hashtag "dubs on 7" in full force and we're showing your force and we're showing your celebration photos and vi
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time now 6:10 a.m. i want to give you a heads up if you are headed to the warriors parade on thursday in oakland. no weather worries. tons of sunshine, mild temperatures, 10:00 temperatures, 68 degrees and by 2:00 in the afternoon we're warming up to 75. so enjoy if you are headed there on thursday. as we get you out the door on tuesday morning, 53 at oakland, 52 in san jose, 53 in san francisco. cooler in santa rosa at 46. san ramon 47. later on today it's nothing but sunshine and really comfortable temperatures. 66 in san francisco later on today, 69 in oakland. 77 san jose, 80 concord and 79
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in santa rosa. i just want to alert you to the pollen. it's rising. tree pollen so if you peer sniffling and sneezing, that's probably why. the main offender is cedar, juniper and pine. we have intense heat headed our way. if i had into the weekend, look at this, saturday and sunday triple digits inland, going into the low 90s around the bay to round out the weekend. that's weather, let's get a check on the roads with alexis. good morning. >> it hasn't been the easiest morning. we have a couple traffic alerts to get to although i got really good news for tracy drivers. westbound 205 right at naglee road. we've had a crash involving two semis since about midnight last night so six hours later we just got the all-clear. >> however the backup worse than what you can tell. it's jammed back to i-5 so if you're coming from lathrop or manteca, we have hefty delays that will take a while to unwind. our other traffic alert is oakland southbound 880 at 23rd avenue. we have a semi involved in a crash. that's leaking fuel and we're
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getting close to two and a half, three mile backup in that situation. a new crash east of the san mateo bridge, i'll talk about that next. >> thanks, alexis. police in the north bay have arrested identity thieves in a traffic stop but they're still sorting through the wide range of victims. >> an investigation in cupertino almost too bizarre to believe. the story involving a naked woman, a hammer and a woman, a hammer and a neighborhood who
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an oakland motorcycle officer is recovering after being hit by suspected drunk drivers. it happened around 11:30 on international boulevard near 57th avenue. sky 7 was overhead as police helped the officer. police say the driver was arrested on suspicion of dui. >> santa clara county sheriff's investigators are calling a gruesome murder in cupertino a random attack. abc 7 news talked with the victim's neighbor who encountered the suspected killer without knowing it. richard freeman says he was at his home friday afternoon on tantau avenue when his doorbell rang. >> the woman was completely naked only holding a hammer, comes running out of my backyard, got out in the middle of the street and stopped and said "do you love jesus?" i said "jesus told me to put your clothes back on." >> he called 911.
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it wasn't until saturday morning friends found a 74-year-old woman dead in her home is a few doors down. santa clara county deputies arrested 39-year-old suzanne hernandez. abc 7 news was told a hammer was used in the attack. petaluma police are investigating cases of identity theft. police found personal information belonging to more than 100 people inside a car after a driver was stopped for a regular traffic violation. one of the three suspects worked in walnut creek and took names, addresses, social security numbers and credit card numbers. the three suspects have been arrested and face several charges. happening today, community members and parents are holding a news conference to talk about what they're calling a lack of action by school officials after a racial incident. this involves monta vista high school and fremont high school district administrators. parents say a student created a kill list on campus. that list targeting african-american students.
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parents are saying school officials should be doing more to prevent such threats and bullying. marin county supervisors plan to consider regulating short-term rentals in unincorporated parts of the county. the community development agency hired a consulting firm to research short-term rentals and how they're regulated in other cities. potentially a regulations will be presented next month. according to our media partner the marin ij, some supervisors have heard concerns about lack of housing on the coast and how short-term parentals threaten to reduce the housing stock. if you live or work in san francisco you know traffic is worse r worthan ever. now a new study says ride hailing companies could be to blame. according to, uber and lyft account for 15% of all traffic in san francisco. the information was intended to help lawmakers determine if uber and lyft worsen traffic. data shows most of the ride-hailing traffic comes from neighborhoods that already have the most congestion during peak times and they include downtown,
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south of market, the marina and the mission. warriors fans waking up still feeling euphoric, the crowd taking to the street in oakland and they have an impressive dance routine already figured out. >> it looks like a modified electric slide and i really like it. doesn't look like what we did in high school. megan brooks tweeted this video saying "pure joy" with the hashtag "oakland community love." this last night after the partying in the streets after the warriors big win. >> i like that. >> so quick how they got it all together. >> they're adding a little stank to that. >> so many bay area natives supported this team through years and years of drought, speaking of a different kind of drought, so we reserve the right to celebrate, that's what i think. >> i like your positive attitude all the time. >> and it's a positive forecast. >> a winner of a forecast. sunshine will dominate that sky. outside we go, a live look from our exploratorium camera. what a gorgeous shot we have.
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the barge passes along the bay and this will be your sight for the rest of the day, get used to it, number wise, hour by hour forecast by 9:00 later today, numbers warming in some spots into the 60s and by midday the lunchtime hour perfect weather to be outside. 60s and 70s will be the name of the game by that noontime hour. 77 in san jose, along the peninsula, 27 in palo alto, 70 san mateo. even sunshine along the coast, half moon bay 62 degrees. downtown san francisco 66, daly city sunny 74. 75 petaluma, 68 for sausalito on the water. 80 in calistoga. 74 fremont, about 70 in richmond and inland we're mild but not too hot. 77 san ramon, 82 in antioch and 80 the high in concord. accuweather seven-day forecast,
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watch the numbers rise each and everyday. that warming trent gets here tomorrow, heat increases thursday then it's down right hot friday but saturday, sunday and monday especially. take it easy as intense heat moves in over the weekend. let's get a check of traffic with alexis. good morning. good morning, we started out quiet and had a bunch of problems that popped up. a lot of folks still in the warriors celebration fog maybe not paying attention but we have remains on southbound 880 around 23rd avenue. a multicar crash was in the two middle lanes. that i got it pushed over to the right-hand lane. they are still trying to get that cleaned up and get a tow truck on the scene to get that cleared so a two and a half mile backup has been holding fairly steady. a quick check of the san mateo bridge. you're looking good but east of the toll plaza we have two crashes, one approaching the toll booths and one at
6:21 am
hesperian. westbound 580 tracy to dublin 45 minutes. we have the problem blocking the right lane before hopyard. dublin to mission boulevard in the green at 17 and 101 to cupertino, in the green at 16 minutes. next traffic update at good moe"good morning ameri coming up at 7:00. >> amy is live with what's ahead. >> reporter: good morning reggie and natasha. coming up next, another explosive hearing expected on capitol hill with attorney general jeff sessions set to testify plus major questions after a friend of the president said trump is considering firing robert mueller at special counsel. informal adviser to trump newt gingrich joins us with more. and then that breaking news that dennis rodman arrived in nk. the former nba star saying he's trying to open a door with this visit. our chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz
6:22 am
will have more of that. >> amy, we have to get you blue and gold for the warriors win. >> well, we're celebrating that, too. t.j. holmes goes one on one with kevin durant so you'll get all the warriors info you need right from the court. and my heart. >> anyone cheating bridge tolls is about to be put on notice. how officials are planning to fight back. we've told you about a water rate increase in the east by a but today you can have your say. and voice your excitement about warriors taking home about warriors taking home another titl
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abc news has learned that president trump will welcome south korean president moon jae-in to the white house at the very end of this month. the visit will happen june 29 and 30. the white house put out a statement saying the two leaders will discuss ways to strengthen the relationship of the two countries, they plan to talk about the economy and how to handle north korea and its weapons program. reggie, back to you. >> time to ask finney. jay from castro valley has the same question i do about mortgages and retirement. >> he spoke to our ask finney
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event in alameda. >> i would like to know if it would be possible i could pay off my mortgage before i retire. >> that's always the goal, go into retirement with a paidoff house. if you do that, you can live like royalty without much money so go online and use a mortgage calculator to figure out how much extra you will have to pay each month to reach that goal but i want you to remember one thing -- paying down a mortgage drops your tax writeoff. so you need to keep that in mind. take care and thanks for your question. >> i'm never going to pay off my mortgage. if you have a question for michael finney, record it on your smartphone or tablet, share it on social media using the hashtag "ask finney" or go to our web site and you can see your question answered here on abc 7 mornings. >> one company is letting you apply for a job through snapchat. facebook is looking to
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expand into san francisco. the painfully ironic location it's now considering. we watched the warriors celebrations throughout the bay area overnight. just about everyone was peaceful besides a few concerning incidents. and the warriors big win is handballer 1: you know what i could go for? scrambled eggs and pancakes. crave van! jack: hey, guys. try my jumbo breakfast platter with sausage or bacon, plus 8 mini pancakes, eggs and a hash brown for just $2.99. you crave it. we serve it. crave van!
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handballer 1: you know what i scrambled eggs and pancakes. crave van! jack: hey, guys. try my jumbo breakfast platter with sausage or bacon, plus 8 mini pancakes, eggs and a hash brown for just $2.99. you crave it. we serve it. crave van! the warriors are nba
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champions. >> reporter: the warriors getting their redemption and revenge. their reward, a second title in three years, both against the cavaliers. >> good morning and welcome to championship tuesday. >> we have got the brand new gere everyone will want to get their hands on and we have a feeling that there may be sick calls around the bay area today. we're here to get you a better start to your day so happy to be here with you. here with you. tons of sunshine, comfortable temperatures out there on our way to picture perfect skies. sutro tower showing you the iconic golden gate bridge soaked in sunshine 12-hour day planner. let's get you out the door by noon. by 4:00 just a light breeze.
6:31 am
mid-70s around the bay. lower 80s inland and lower 60s along the coast. how are the roads looking, alexis? we have major sun glare at the bay bridge toll plaza. expect normal delays. we had a few minutes extra before we had the metering lights flipped on. a couple problems on 92 in the hayward area. the first one westbound before you get to the toll plaza. traffic is stacked up to 880. the other problem eastbound 92 before 880 someone hit one of those barrels and we had debris all over the roadway. that isn't causing much of a backup. we have the sig alert in oakland, that's next. champions again. >> the warriors have captured their second title in three seasons beating the cavs 4-1. >> the cavs didn't hand this to
6:32 am
us. this was a close game, a big team effort. in the end, golden state got the win in front of the home crowd. that's something that hasn't been done since 1974. >> moments after the game, dub nation marked another celebration. >> they honored finals mvp kevin durant and his first championship. >> your bill russell 2017 finals mvp, kevin durant. [ cheers and applause ] >> look at mom. durant led the team throughout the series, scoring more than 30 points each game after just one season with the dubs durant says his teammates have made him a better player. >> to have teammates that encourage you that lift you up. that's what we all need in life. it was amazing to just see that all year. >> i'm happy for him. you have to call kevin durant a champ now. he's put the time in. i'm so happy to realize this
6:33 am
goal and be my teammate. >> head coach steve kerr says he is happy durant broke through and believes there is much more to come from him. >> kd calls his mama the real mvp. the mother/son duo shared an emotional moment. she kissed him on the cheek and said she is proud of him. mike shuman spoke with her right after the game. >> i told him when i met him on the podium, i told him you did this your way and that's what matters. you be a celebration of that. that's it. this is just a moment of celebration for our family and friends and those in the organization that helped put the work in with him to be there for him during the hard times and celebrate with him during the good times. this is for us all. >> when accepting his finals mvp award durant said to his mom "we did it, i told you when i was eight years old, we did it." one of the sweetest moments, too, steph curry celebrating with his two daughters after the game. >> he took his youngest daughter
6:34 am
ryan on the stage and he was jumping around with her and then riley showed up during the trophy presentation and stole the show by doing a cool little dance. >> she always steals the show, doesn't she? kerr also visibly emotional last night and that's understandable. steve kerr missed 11 games in the post season, sidelined because of complications because of back surgery two years ago, he said this is the perfect way to end the season. >> winning is fantastic. i've been so lucky to be part of so many championship teams as a player around now as a coach. it never gets old. tonight was a little different just based on the things i've had to go through during this time. >> absolutely. warriors gm bob myers said kerr is healthy and will be back as head coach next season. the city of oakland already preparing for a parade and oracle arena is housing a very important piece of hardware.
6:35 am
>> abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield live inside the team store with the larry o'brien trophy. let's see it, amy. >> reporter: good morning, natasha. there is the trophy sitting pretty in the team store. all 14 and a half pounds of it. it's got a 24 carat gold overlay. it's looking very beautiful this morning. it's a quiet morning for the trophy after a rowdy night. we have video of how it got man handl handled. the trophy will get a break for the next couple days, at least they're still working on his itinerary. the plan is for it to stay there until thursday when it will be featured in the parade and rally and a million people are expected to show up to see it and the players who earned it. it stays with the team forever. it doesn't get handed off to next year's winner.
6:36 am
the team's name will be monogrammed or engraved right into the trophy so it will say golden state warriors 2017 champions on the trophy and they can keep it forever. it won't be available in the store for fans to see. they're about to tuck it away and decide if it make any more public appearances before the parade but the store will open at 8:00 a.m. and championship t-shirts like this one and hats will be going on sale so you know everyone will be very excited to get their hands on these championship t-shirts for the warriors. reporting live from oakland, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. and new at this hour, more big names sending out their congratulations to the warriors from all across the globe including pop star and bay area native zen ddaya writing "woke in paris good news for the town, let's go." and this is from the barcelona team in spain.
6:37 am
the soccer team congratulating their fellow athletes saying messi and company salute the golden state warriors. congrats to the nba champs. >> fans spilled out on to the streets in oakland. a sideshow unfolded near 101st and international. there are a few close calls as cars and a van spun doughnuts. oakland police say officers responded to reports of celebratory gunfire in parts of the city. no injuries reported. sky 7 over san francisco in the mission district. large crowds gathered there and a few people threw glass bottles. small fires were set. witnesses say it sounded like police fired rubber bullets. one confrontation between a man and police officer was caught on video. video. [ yelling ]
6:38 am
video posted on social media showed at least one person being arrested. eventually the clouds cleared out. >> and look at the front page of this morning's san francisco "chronicle," it says "champs again" and it shows steph curry taking in the moment as kevin durant looks on smiling. you can find the papers at newsstands for $1.50. after the championship comes the championship parade, of course. it's set for thursday morning in oakland. the route will be the same as the 2015 parade the last time the bay area celebrated. abc 7 spoke with one fan who says they are looking forward to it. >> feeling amazing this morning. glad we clinched it. i have to talk to work but the plan is to go. i was there in 2015. i have to be there again this year. >> fans can line up for the rally as early as 5:00 a.m. >> here's the route, the same one you saw a couple years ago. it starts at broadway and 11th to grand avenue, head right on grand, right on harrison, left
6:39 am
on 19th. it continues on lakeside drive to oak and eventually the henry j. kaiser convention center. you watched the warriors become champs on abc 7 and you can see the victory celebration, too. aix 7 news will have live coverage on thursday, we are calling it a dub nation celebration. >> and bart expecting one of its highest ridership days ever. it carried more than 548,000 riders during the 2015 parade. that's the second-busiest day in its entire history. riders revised exit at the 19th street station in downtown oakland. be patient. to buy a clipper card or round trip ticket in advance. now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. if you will been one of the thousands headed to oakland the weather will be spectacular. by 10:00 in the morning a temperature of 68 and by 2:00 a temperature of 75. enjoy. we get you out the door. 50s in most spots, we'll warm up
6:40 am
nicely over the next couple hours highs on tuesday, nothing but sunshine from the coast inland. 77 san jose, 66 san francisco and 80 in concord. i want to give you an early heads up later this week into the weekend. intense meet will move in around the bay, 80s and 90s. triple digits return inland. that's weather. let's get traffic with alexis. taking a look at the roads, updates on a few of our many incidents we've had so far. southbound 880 in oakland 23rd avenue. still have the far right lane blocked. a crash involving a semi and the semi has started leaking fuel so they have the fire department on the way and caltran to help clean up that. so we're still hanging steady at a two and a half mile backup. also still have this problem westbound 92 before you get to the san mateo bridge toll plaza and the back up beyond 880 if you're coming in from award, usually one of our busier areas. that definitely is congested with that crash.
6:41 am
and finally good news here. westbound 580 before hopyard another long-term blocking collision. that involving five vehicles. just got the all-clear. so thumb's up and hopefully this backup, this red changes over into the yellow and green shortly. we'll look at drive times next. >> we want to hear from you. that's what east bay mun is saying after proposing water rate hikes. >> the last time we saw warriors >> the last time we saw warriors dance mom was with larry next, sights and sounds from one of the greatest nights in warriors history. >> steph curry with his second nba championship. nba championship. >> mom! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
6:42 am
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(vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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if you're looking for the most devoted dubs fans in your office, they'll be easy to spot. they'll be wearing the new championship gear like this. >> this morning sporting goods stores opening early so fans can
6:45 am
get their hands on the gear. >> matt keller is live at dick's in san jose with the hats and t-shirts. good morning. >> good morning, reggie and natasha. i have to go from the twicht hat and i have to transition to the 2017 nba championship hat. not sure how it looks on me but there you go. these are the new hats they're selling today. you can only buy two per person. i know a lot of people are trying to grab handfuls and get out. i want to show you t-shirts because i know a lot of you are curious out there. you have to regular 2017 nba champion shirt. here's the cool one that says the bay's day strength in numbers 2017 the b the most popular for the 2017 nba champions. people are grabbing handfuls of these. these shirts go from $24 to $28. i talked to one woman who told
6:46 am
me who she was buying for this morning. >> for me, for her, for my daughter. my stepdaughter, my >> >> reporter: can i join your family? >> for you. [ laughter ] >> that was a very nice woman. i do not get a t-shirt from her. i do not make her buy it for me but they are handing out these glasses as you walk into the store to dick's sporting goods. they opened at 6:00 in the morning at the bay area. i'm at the blossom hill one in san jose. let me give you an idea of what the glasses look like on. >> whoa! >> you look like a superhero. >> not sure about the look. does it make me look studious? >> studious is what i would go for. >> how about a steph superfan. >> matt keller, everything basically looks good on you so even those glasses you're pulling off and that is kind of
6:47 am
frightening. matt, thank you. >> reggie, whatever you want in the store i'm buying it for you. >> i knew buttering him up would help. thanks, matt, see you later. the bay area is losing nearly $13 million a year in bridge tolls because of cars without license plates, the san francisco "chronicle" reports more than 2.35 million of those vehicles passed through fast track lanes at the seven state-owned bridges without paying. some transportation officials say ride-hailing companies like uber and lyft might be a part of the problem because some drivers lease or rent cars that may not have permanent plates. a new state law is going to go into effect in 2019 that requires new cars and used ones sold by dealers to have visible and unique temporary plates. also happening today, attorney general jeff sessions will face questions from congress about his dealings with russian officials. sessions will testify before the senate intelligence committee. he's expected to answer to allegations of perjury during his con fair mission hearings.
6:48 am
sessions was forced to recuse himself from the investigation. now it's being handled by robert mueller. there's word president trump may have him fired. >> i think he's weighing that option. i personally think it would be a very significant mistake even though i don't think there's a justification. >> the white house, by the way, is denying that. sessions will likely be ask whether he played a role in the decision to fire fbi director james comey. comey testified before the committee last week. east bay mun users have a chance to speak out on proposed rate hikes. it wants to raise rate hikes by 9.25% next month and 9% next year and sewer rates would go up this year and next. they say they need the money to repair aging pipelines and systems. there's a public hearing set at 1:00 p.m. on 11th street in
6:49 am
downtown oakland? >> mcdonneald's is hiring worke through snapchat. they're trying to target millennials with snaplications. snapchat users will see ten second adds talking about how much they are loving it there. users can choose to go to mcdonald's career web page and apply to jobs at their local restaurant. ♪ were so gallantly streaming >> that is angelica, peggy and aber singing the national anthem at oracle arena last night. >> go dubs! >> you can't miss warriors dance mom on jimmy kimmel. look at her bedazzled top. kimmel opened the show with her at oracle arena and she read the guest lineup without skipping a beat. we just love her. >> she looked more committed
6:50 am
last night. >> it only gets better. >> got to love dance mom always bringing the spirit no matter what day. live look at sfo. we are sun-soaked, just checked one minute ago, sfo has no delays and neither does oakland or san jose mineta. let's take you to our highs. 77 san jose, 76 cupertino, 74 in santa cruz. along the peninsula sunny skies. sunshine at half moon bay. 62. downtown san francisco 66. 67 the number in south san francisco. into the north bay 78. today in novato 76. 76 napa, 75 ha 70 in richmond and look at this inland 80 in concord, 83 brentwood and 79 in livermore. accuweather seven day forecast, we are heating up. look at the weekend. we're going back into the triple digits inland. 90s popping up around the bay.
6:51 am
that's weather. let's get a check of traffic with alexis. good morning, drew. sounds like we are improving if you're trying to cross the san mateo bridge so the actual prosh suspe problem isn't on the bridge, just getting there westbound before the toll plaza, a crash in the left center lane. sounds like they're pushing that off to the left center divide. you are backed up to 238 if you are coming from hayward so beyond 580. took a while but we're filling in through walnut creek. southbound 680 looks okay. definitely stop-and-go traffic. no blocking situations for you. a quick check of drive times, westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze. about 19 across the bay bridge. san francisco to sfo you're in the green at ten minutes. still have our sig alert in oakland 880. we'll check on that next. very quickly want to tell you about breaking news in georgia. they're looking for two inmates after two prison guards were killed during a prison
6:52 am
transport. this is a picture 206 two men. officers were taking the prisoners by bus to another correctional facility, they were attacked and there's a huge manhunt under way for 43-year-old donnie russell rowe and 24-year-old rickey dubose. both men have extensive criminal records and there is a big warning for the public. natasha, back to you. >> jessica, thank you. also today, a public hearing on proposed modification to the coyote creek flood protection project. the santa clara water valley district is holding the meeting an noon. it's been four months since san jose neighborhoods flooded. the "mercury news" reports documents show flooding was reported nearly 24 hours before the city evacuated. san jose officials blame the santa clara water valley district. the district says the information it gave the city should have been sufficient to trigger alerts. we're back in 90 seconds. >> but first, we're going rogue because this video tweeted at us is too good.
6:53 am
thank you sherry ann showing off your new dub nation championship swag. swag. we love those
6:54 am
here are the seven things you need to know today. number one, redemption. the ws are the nba champs again after beating the cavs at oracle. kevin durant was named finals mvp after dominating throughout the series. it's the first time a local team has won the championship at home
6:55 am
in more than four decades. a live look right now at the larry o'brien trophy still at oracle leaving at 8:00. you can take a look at it if you want. number three, dub nation, get ready for a celebration. the victory parade is thursday morning in oakland at 10:00 a.m. at 11th and broadway and ends at the kaiser convention center. number four, get ready for our sunny tuesday, we are soaked in sunshine already. highs really comfortable, 66 san francisco, 69 oakland, 77 san jose and 76 napa. we have had quite a few issues on the roads including a sig alert in oakland so southbound 880 still has a crash backing the far right lane, sounds like they may have this cleared in the next 20 to 30 minutes but a two and a half mile southbound, onlooker delay on the northbound side. late-breaking news just into the live desk. northbound has released american otto warmbier serving 15 years
6:56 am
for alleged anti-state acts. the university of virginia student back to the u.s. to be reunited with family. number seven, facebook reportedly opening its first office in san francisco's soma neighborhood. bloomberg reporting they're considering leasing a space at 181 fremont. it will house less than a hundred instagram workers. >> i feel so lucky we were able to see this stuff this morning. >> it's so great. >> and it feels so good. >> so happy. >> no matter what you do. i hope you have a good one go. dubs and enjoy wearing the gear.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. attorney general jeff sessions in the hot seat facing a high-stakes senate hearing. questions about his secret meetings with the russians and his role in firing james comey. now the startling headline from one of trump's closest friends. he says the president is considering firing special counsel robert mueller, the man leading the russia investigation. breaking news, former nba star dennis rodman landing in north korea overnight during a period of high tension. his spokesperson saying he'll use his friendship with both trump and north korea's leader to, quote, open a door. how the state department is responding this morning. 30 tornadoes reported in the heartland. >> oh, no. >> this powerful twister leveling a house in seconds as a record-breaking heatwave scorches the country. new highs from the midwest to the no


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