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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 16, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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christian and the steamy forecast. >> we still have sunny skies all across the bay area, and let me show you how warm it is now even in the early evening hours, san francisco here's the picture, we have a heat had advisory in effect for all of the bay area, this until 11:00 monday night. avoid overexposure to the sun. please hydrate. then as temperatures continue to remain in that triple digit range into next week, we have a excessive heat warning for this entire area, from vallejo and venn nisha and beyond. it's important to protect children, the elderly and pets. i'll tell you exactly how hot
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it's going to be in a few minutes. lonny riviera is at is at ia francisco county fair. >> we're back underneath these misters here, but just in the last couple of minutes, fire and ems have responded to head related illnesses. that just shows you how important these misters are here. as the alameda county fair begins, so does a heat wave. >> drink plenty of water. >> wear loose fitting clothes. >> the second we walked into the fair, all he talked about was his ice cream. so we did a few rides and he got his ice cream. >> reporter: the alameda county fairgrounds sits on 600 acres,
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while there are thousands of trees, the concrete makes it hotter. >> we have our ambulances ready to go, in case we have a heat emergency, we're able to go and get the patient and bring them back here. >> reporter: fire and ems have added a gurney to their >> winter was very cold and we're very concerned about the heat and we're expecting temperatures well over 106. >> these animals are in the shade and handlers will water them down multiple times during the day. hydration is crucial for humans and pets. the fair is expected to draw more than 5,000 people during a 20-day run, and the first few days are going to be sizzling with father's day being one of the hottest.
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in pleasanton, lonnie riviera, abc7 the water park is now open daily for the summer. water world, california asked abc7 news to remind you to bring your sunscreen, flip-flops, a towel and a bottle or two of water, probably good advice wherever you're going in this heat. >> our team coverage begins. >> live in santa cruz, sure to be busy with beachgoers this weekend. >> reporter: there's a big crowd on the santa cruz beach boardwalk, they're kicking off their concert series, eddie money is performing tonight. if you're heading this way for the weekend, there are some things to remember.
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whether it was sclaplashing in water or playing in the sand, it seemed like everyone had the same idea today. the crowd began building early in the morning for people trying to escape the heat. >> i like the sand and i like the waves because i like to try to see what big ones i can face. >> reporter: but those who patrol are cautioning beachgoers, they know those from out of town may not be accust accustomed to rip currents and surf. >> they're not sure how far out they are, they get cramped, they get tired, they get panicked. >> reporter: life guards stress not to turn your back on the ocean, and children should always be within arm's reach. and you should check with the life guards to find out the conditions on the beach. >> he started spinning under that water, my husband pulled
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how many out quickly, but he still had that fear. >> reporter: to make it to the waves, you have to make it through the traffic on highway 17. there were crashes last year, most due to speed. >> expect delays, there's going to be traffic, put your cell phone down, leave texting and being on your phone. it's illegal and its unsafe. >> reporter: it will all be worth it once you arrive to enjoy the 150isights and sounds summer. this was a perfect day to eat your lunch outside. abc7 news was in san francisco's mission bay area to eat and drink by the bay. the sun was shining brightly enough to have the umbrellas out on the patio. check out this tweet from the marin county sheriff's office. a deputy rescued this dog from a hot car. as you can see, the dog got to enjoy some cool air conditioning
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with a smiling sheriff's deputy there. don't forget to stay on top of this heat with the abc7 news app, if there's breaking news where you live, we'll send you out a push alert. a paraglider is recovering at the hospital. you can see him crash into a helicopter. firefighters say there were turbulent weather conditions at the time. the man has injuries to his spine and apparently his knees as well. and fire department rescuers pulled a man to safety at baker's beach this afternoon. take a look at this team, sky 7 was over near battery crosby. the man was trand stranded on a rock face, he tried to climb down, but just kept slipping. the crews took about 45 minutes to prepare their lines for a high angle rescue. they had to get ready to go
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down. they brought him back up the cliff, no injuries were reported. fire officials are expected to be at this building until tomorrow afternoon. neighbors describe the one-story warehouse as packed to the gills. >> in there, we saw a lot of equipment, it's loaded in there, yeah. >> you sideways, it's floor to ceiling stacked with stuff. >> reporter: what kind of stuff? >> everything, furniture, metal, chandeliers, whatever you can name. car parts. >> the fire is now contained. firefighters have no record of previous violations at the site. the two men facing charges for the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire appeared together for the first time in court today, they're facing 36 counts each of involuntary manslaughter. abc news reporter melanie woodrow has details. >> reporter: the alameda county
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district attorney is prosecuting the people least likely to have the financial means to defend themselves. >> somebody who loved people as much as max harris clearly loves people. as much as somebody loved creating art, as much as max harris loved creating art, would never put people in art in a position where they could be destroyed or harmed. >> reporter: harris along with co-deft derek almeda face 36 counts of manslaughter for their involvement in the ghost ship fire. >> over the course of two years, where he actually had some kind of role. and this event was not one of them. >> there's not a malicious or greedy bone in max's body. >> harris wrote this statement. >> i am heart broken to be one who witnessed the horrific events and lost loved ones, but i never thought i would be in this position. >> reporter: their plea hearing
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was moved to july. >> we don't really in this trial foresee the emphasis on defending our client. it's going to be reversal of role we're going to be prosecuting, we're going to be prosecuting from our perspective the real culprits. >> the attorney says that means the fire department, pg&e and fire inspectors, none of whom are facing charges. this apartment fire left 55 people without a home. as we told you yesterday, the fire started on aston avenue in santa rosa. it we learned the fire started in a sofa when two children were playing with a lighter. a family is looking for answers when a 3-year-old girl died during a dental procedure in stockton on monday. the coroner's office has
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identified the girl. the little girl's mother said a dentist referred her to the children's dental surgeon in stockton. the girl's mother says all she did was take her daughter to the surgery to fix her teeth. 30 minutes later, they brought her back dead. the administrator of the dental center said they only do general procedures, they do not know why she died. months after her passing, the cause of death of actress carrie fisher has been revealed. and you see here on abc7, the warriors had their dub nation celebration. tonight we'll know the cost for their championship party. and new at 6:30, the bay area car show, this one hosted by one of the biggest names in
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film. and this is the camera outside the aquarium camera. the bay
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we continue to follow breaking news from japan, where seven u.s. soldiers are missing after their ship collided with a ship. you can see the mangled side of the uss "fitzgerald."fitzgerald" maintenance said that the "fitzgerald was damaged and taking on water.
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the crash happened about 50 miles off the coast of japan about 2:00 p.m. local time. the japanese coast guard is assisting. we'll keep monitoring this situation and bring you updates as soon as they become available. the coroner's office cannot tell what killed carrie fisher. sleep apnea played a role in her death, but she also had a dangerous buildup of plaque in her arteries. as the senate police department rebuilds its force, it seems to be paying off. >> san francisco welcomed it's newest police recruits today and witnessed some exciting years in the making. >> reporter: on great oaks park way in san jose, signs posted at the police south substation tell the story. >> i think we need the help out here. so i think having something a
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little closer would be nice, not having to wait so long. >> reporter: the building completed back in 2014 and originally meant to serve the city's southern division was supposed to be fully operational, a place where the public could interact with police. however that never happened. instead it became a training facility as the department lost a third of its officers due to retirement and frustration or overtime pay. >> we're going to have a serious conversation over the next six months on a plan to building. >> reporter: combined with the two previous academy classes, more than 100 new overs have been trained bringing staff to just under 1,000 sworn personnel. residents remain hopeful that the city's best days are yet to come. >> i have lived in san jose for
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most of my life, i can see the changes in the area, the crime rate, it's changed a a a >> reporter: entry level officers earn a base of roughly $84,000 a year. in san jose, abc7 news. in riverside county today, federal agents served arrest warrants for 22 members of the vagos motorcycle club, the warrants were served in moreno valley. officers from homeland security, atf and i.c.e. assisted. today the state's attorney general promised to fight for anyone in california detained based on immigration status. at the lgbt center in san francisco, a plea for human rights, he worried that imgrants
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rights a are being unlawfully mistreated. >> i will go out there and make sure that people being detained are being detained for the right reasons, that the reasons of their detainment are appropriate. and at least in california, regardless of who you are, you have a right to know that your rights will be respected. >> reporter: california has the second largest number of people detained for immigration purposes. texas has the most. well, oakland is getting back to normal after the warriors victory celebration. take a look at this drone view from lake merit's the after math kept cleanup through this afternoon. more than half a million passengers rode b.a.r.t. on the day of the victory prayed. i was the fifth larger ridership
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in history. there were 518,744 riders, to be precise. but it was down about 5% from the last warriors victory parade in 2015. and warriors co-owners announced yesterday that they would pick up the tab for the parade as a gift to the city. today we find out that the final bill is $4 million. the city usually helps cover the cost of the championship parade. so the co-owners volunteered to foot the bill. weather anchor spencer christian, hot, hot, hot. >> getting hotter every day. >> warriors were the hottest story in town yesterday, today the heat is the hottest story today. the average high in concord is
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83 degrees, tomorrow's high will be 100 degrees, 17 degrees above the average high, up to 105 on sunday which is father's day. then temperatures will drop down to the mid to upper 90s in concord, back up to 10 4 on wednesday, dropping off sharply next friday, getting back to a more seasonal rate. that's what most can expect in the inland bay area. we have sunny skies right now. and mild to warm conditions still, even at this hour, and it's breezy out there. but these are not cooling breezes. 35 miles an hour in santa rosa, 30 miles an hour in half moon bay, even though it's quite windy out there, it's still quite warm in, especially in our inland areas, in the mid to upper 90s, and mid to upper 70s along the coast. our forecast features, heat wave for father's day weekend, we'll
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see these triple digit inland temperatures lingering into next week and these hot temperatures lingering for about a week. clear skies and very mild conditions, temperatures will drop only to the low to mid 60s, in fact mid to upper 60s in the inland areas, right along the bay and along the coast, upper 50s and 60s. in santa cruz, expect a high of 85. inland, 100 the high in san too rosa tomorrow. 100 in antioch, 101 in concord. and it gets even hotter on sunday, but first the beach forecast for tomorrow. if you want to escape the heat, the beach will be the place to go tomorrow. if you want it really warm at the beach, there's santa cruz, take the sunscreen along and apply it. along we go to sunday, father's day, it's going to be sizzling,
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105 at clear lake, antioch and concord. we'll see 80s and low 90s around the bay. monday not much changed, fewer triple digit readings, but fewer locations will top out 100 or above. same on tuesday as the heat persists. let's take a look at the ac accuweather 7-day forecast, hot, hot, hot all the way through the seven day weiperiod finally as heat eases. and coastal temperatures will drop as well as the marine layer returns with its cooling influence. >> oh, by then we'll be so ready. >> yes, we will. i'm ready now. >> thanks, spencer. >> stay with us, ride em, cowboy. >> can you say
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they are starting to line up in san francisco to get a whiff of a rare plant. check out the lines at the conservatory of flowers. the corpse flower islower islowr for the first time. you can see but not smell a live stream of this stinky flower at
6:25 pm sky 7 captured the first ever cattle drive to kick off tonight's alameda county fair. a bunch of cowboys took the herd right down main street. it was a scene out of a hollywood western and the sidewalks were just jammed with thousands of people as that herd went by. >> just learned everything about it. you saw all the herding dog, you saw all the cowboys, you even saw the cattle so it was fun. >> this weekend is known as western weekend, i had the pleasure of saddling up and riding along this morning. the fair runs through july 9. >> i can imagine it's a lot of >> it is a lot of work in this regard, because the cattle are right beside you and there's crowds everywhere. and cattle spook easy, and you want to make sure there's no gap between the horses because they will try to make a run for it.
6:26 pm
you're concentrating the whole time trying to make sure you do a good job, but great fun, wonderful way to kick off the fair. as abc7 news continues, no id? no problem. >> the future of flying is making its debut for airline passengers. this woman's text drove a boyfriend to commit suicide. the punishment she's now facing. amazon
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right now at 6:30, amazon's $13.7 billion deal. tonight the company that rewrote the book on how we buy on everything we buy online is taking a megastep into the grocery industry. >> those stocks tanked on the announced. >> reporter: if you're a big grocery chain and your name is not whole foods, you may feel
6:30 pm
like this today. >> i'm scared, i'm concerned that a big behemoth is coming on to my turf. >> reporter: that company is amazon, the company that rewrote the book on online shopping, may be moving into groceries. >> if we can take a golden state warriors analogy, creates a superteam. >> reporter: that's because whole foods is known for fresh and organic food items. >> a network, a supply chain already established and the talent to manage that kind of business. >> reporter: if amazon has finally found a path into the brick and mortar grocery market that means that brick and mortar groceries will have to step up their game. that's because amazon will revolutionize online grocery
6:31 pm
shopping. >> everybody who works here knows you, you get much personalized attention. >> reporter: whole foods has four stores in the u.s., canada and the usa. in berkeley, eric thomas, abc7 news. and investors are certainly intrigued, amazon stocks spiked before leveling off up close to $23 a share. walmart and kroger's shares were down. bloomberg reported that the company might also try to buy slack. slack is a startup used in business settings to allow employees to message each other. walmart is going high end, the company is buying bonobos for $40 million.
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bonobos sells men's clothes online. and jetblue has officially started testing new facial recognition software that allows customers to ditch those boarding passes. cameras are cat s one on your passport. since 2013, the city's homeless population has fallen .5%. homeless advocates believe we are making progress. >> the only good number is zero, but there is some heartening news in there, we saw a reduction in family homelessness, a reduction in youth homelessness and a reduction in chronic veteran's
6:33 pm
homelessnesses. president trump confirms tonight that he is being investigated for possible ties to the russians. he did not comment publicly but made it clear in a series of tweets, lashing out against the news media and the russian investigation. in one of those tweets he said i'm being investigated for firing the fbi director by the person who told me to fire the fbi director. witch hunt. also today vice president mike pence hired a private lawyer in all matters related to this probe. something he calls routine. and trump made another big announcement in miami, a policy to tighten restrictions on u.s. commercial ties to cuba. >> to the cuban government, i say put an end to the abuse of dissidence. >> this is just trump's latest
6:34 pm
move after the progress of president obama. the judge found her guilty of involuntary manslaughter which could mean 20 years in prison when she is sentenced in august. michelle franzen has more about this verdict. >> having reviewed the evidence and applied the law thereto, now finds you guilty on the indictment charging you with the involuntary mans of conrad roy iii. >> reporter: judgment day for michelle carter, a judge finding her guilty of manslaughter. carter accused of encouraging her boyfriend conrad roy to commit suicide just so she could get attention. she was tried in juvenile court because at the time of roy's death, she was only 17. roy took his own death, of
6:35 pm
carbon monoxide poisoning while locked inside his truck. >> there is one cent to ms. carter. >> reporter: carter sent dozens of texts to roy telling him such things there isn't anything anyone can do to save you, not even yourself, and you have hit that point. but defense lawyers maintain she isn't to blame for roy's death, making the case that roy had long contemplated suicide because of physical and verbal abuse from family members. >> the male party was subsequent p ly placed under arrest? >> for assault and battery domestic. >> reporter: testifying that roy googled suicide by cop, a website that recommended which medications would kill him in his sleep. >> abc7 "news at 6:00" continues. coming up, this looks like an ordinary hook you would find in
6:36 pm
any house. >> but 7 on your side's michael finleyy says it's so much more. "cars 3"
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well, privacy these days is getting awfully tough co-come by. >> yes, because hidden cameras can be anywhere. >> look at this right here. okay, you know, it's pretty common enough, plastic, adhesive on the back, but there is so much more. >> it looks normal enough, but that little cutout above the hook, that's an on/off button. this little hole, a camera. in the back, a recording device and a micro sd we're at a.w. collision in san francisco. a.w. collision is allowing me to hang one of these hooks in an employee bathroom. i applied it in one location and never leave the camera unattended. and then i bring the employees
6:40 pm
in. is there anything that gives you pause? i'm all but telling her something is amiss. >> no, except for why is that not there? >> the hook? >> usually the hook is by the door. >> you found it, let me show you something. that is a hidden camera. >> oh. >> she spots it. so does general manager joe shebazi. >> out of place. oh, yeah, you put a camera there. >> how did you know that? >> how do i know? because that thing was not there. >> but would they have found it if i hadden been so obvious. and more importantly, would you? this is not a rhetorical question. a south carolina man turned in his landlord after spotting a hidden camera in his bathroom. police arrested the landlord for using a camera like this on his
6:41 pm
property. >> he eventually admitted that his purpose was to film these victims. >> police say several victims were recorded. so what can you do? well, look around and see if anything seems out of place. but know too, hidden cameras like this are getting harder and harder to spot and cheaper and cheaper to buy. i purchased this hidden camera online for 12 bucks. >> and it looks so generic and harmless. temperatures are soaring for the weekend. the weekend. >> this is our view from ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century.
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when you eat a subway® $6 footlong sub of the day. it's the taste you love, at a price you can't get enough of. the $6 footlong sub of the day. seven days, seven footlongs, seven more ways to enjoy subway®. start your engines, because lightning mcqueen is headed to the starting line in "cars 3" which opened in theaters today. >> jonathan bloom found out that people who love "cars" are pretty serious about their own cars. >> reporter: lightning mcqueen has some competition. and with a full sized model of
6:45 pm
jackson storm now gracing pixar's main lobby, john lassiter is getting hugs all around at this car studded release party for "cars 3." co-producer andrea warren is a producer who worked on "cars" since the first film. and like the rest of the team, she's become a bit of a gear >> that's a perk of working on this film. the research is really good. we get to go to these really good car museumin ings and race. >> motor ramma is a serious car show by anyone's standards. >> reporter: but three movies later, they have made some connections. from fay collectors to famous pieces of history. >> my uncle worked for chrysler,
6:46 pm
one of his cars is here today that he worked on. >> reporter: one of only three still running, a car. they have spent years studying cars and even how the paint catches the sun. >> metal is metal. but we try to be true that it doesn't bend a lot. >> it's got dry mud, chalky mud, thick mud. >> reporter: getting to know all about cars doesn't feel like work at all. >> it's a dream come true. it's just one more excuse to go to a car show or a museum? sure, it's super fun. >> jonathan bloom, abc7 news. here's a hint. >> is that hot? very hot? or superhot. >> this is superhot. >> that's coming, isn't it spencer? >> we'll all be fanning at high speed. it's warm right now, but it's going to get a lot warmer in the
6:47 pm
next few days. low temperatures will drop only to the 60s in many locations, especially inland, but even near the bay. temperatures will crank up to 100 or higher, 99 at morgan hill. as we look ahead to the accuweather 7-day forecast, we have six consecutive days of triple-digit temperature readings in our inland areas, and up to 106 again next wednesday, finally next friday, the marine layer returns, starts to cool down all areas of the bay area, but the inland areas are going to be slow to cool down. some fighting words tonight, right? >> oh, is that right? >> whoa. >> larry behl's here. >> andre ward wants to end the debate with coppola. they meet tomorrow night in vegas for the light
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good evening. what an incredible run the warriors had. but that's over now. so we take inventory of the bay area baseball teams. and finds that both the a's and
6:51 pm
the giants are in last place. the g-men are in colorado. the altitude usually leads to some offensive fireworks, at least we can have that. not from buster posy sitting out after tweaking his ankle earlier this week. deep to right field. early 1-0 giants lead. antonio with the pitch. dennard span loved his pitch. that is gone. right now it is 2-1 giants and they are in the fourth. you may have missed this last night. at precisely 11:38, the giants enjoyed some pie time. beat the yankees 8-7. a's and yankees, they should have done that to some dudes yesterday. fireworks tonight, highlights at 9:00 and 11:00. a funny cide to the parade.
6:52 pm
the guy who decided the poster, clay thompson was invited. the poster was a good luck charm, prompting the sacramento kings to tweet, casting call, poster guy, job is seasonal. the warriors are footing the bill, $4 million for the cost of the parade, nice gesture to the city of oakland. the arena is still under construction, so this may not be the last oakland parade that the owner is paying for. >> we recognize that times are hard, and this city in particular has had its share of issues over the years and it has had its shares of needs, a lot of fundamental needs, police, everything that goes around, schools and everything like that. we would just like to say, this parade, this whole day, all the cost, every dollar, is on us. it's our gift to the city of oakland. >> nice, $4 million. we missed this, but fortunately
6:53 pm
the warriors media team had a great angle. steph curry puts the trophy on the ground. look at ian clark doing a backhand spring. tremendous athleticism. i'm sure the front office is happy steph curry isn't doing that. i would like to do that once without going to the hospital. ward beat coppola lack in november, very controversial decision. a lot of people thought andre ward lost that fight. the judges gave him that decision. and coppola said he didn't train because he thought he was going to knock ward out early. he says this fight will erase all doubt about who's strongest. >> i'm excited for the moment. i'm thanningful for the opportunity, going on my 13th year in this sport.
6:54 pm
>> they will pay and exactly andre ward will pay. >> it's like ivan, i must breaks you. kevin durant will attend the fight. draymond green and steph curry will all be there. u.s. open, round two, hills wisconsin. a share of the lead. ends up draining it from 51 out. paul casey on the third hole. birdie putt. this is also for a share of the lead. shot of 71 among four golfers. shot of the day, thomas akin, fourth hole, he's at 2 under. bruce kepka at the top. ends up with a birdie and he is 7 under.
6:55 pm
the shocker, jason day and rory mcilroy both missed the cut. surprising. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on kofi-tv 20. there's a dangerous shortage of life saving drugs, and the fda is taking emergency action. deplorable and inhumane, those just a few words to describe the condition of 34 dogs in the south bay. tonight they are safe and in search of new homes. tonight some thoughts about really matters, good clean fun. yesterday's victory parade through the streets of oakland, and today the cattle drive that we showed you that i was proud to be a part of through the streets of pleasanton. if you look at the faces of the people of everyone in oakland,
6:56 pm
smiles, laughter, just plain joy. people of all ages and of every stripe all together enjoying a common experience and having fun. it can be tough to find large scale family friendly events these days that you can enjoy with children without worrying about drunks or them seei inin g something they shouldn't. i'm not an old-fashioned guy at all. but every now and then, what really matters is an old-fashioned good time. i always love hearing from you, follow me on twitter and facebook >> you had fun being a cowboy, you're not going to leave us. >> i'm still on the anchor desk. >> that's going to do it for this edition of abc7 news. thank you for joining us
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this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- a phd student in linguistics from fresno, california... a curriculum development program manager from atlanta, georgia... and our returning champion, a retired teacher from columbia, maryland... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] all right, johnny, thank you. and thank you, ladies and gentlemen. hey, it's friday. we're rarin' to go here. melanie and peter, welcome aboard. debb, good to see you again. pick up the signaling device as we go to work right now
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