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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 17, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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but it took a twist of fate to find a high-end curler at such a head turning price. and that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. ♪ are you ready for a heat wave? well, it is coming. here's a live look outside towards the east bay, where mother nature is expected to cook up some triple digit temperatures. it is saturday, june 17th. thank you so much for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. lisa, hi. >> i to the it was hot yesterday, as we look at live doppler 7, you notice there is low cloudiness out there. that's a good thing. we will see wall-to-wall sunshine, the northwesterly winds will allow for a
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comfortable day at the beach. here's our east bay camera, temperatures range from 68 to 63, low 60s oakland, mountain view. beautiful looking sunrise. it's 71 in concord. we have a heat advisory through 11:00 p.m. on monday you run the risk of heat-related illnesses. limit the outdoor activities. stay hydrated. keep an eye on those pets. temperatures ranging from the 50s to 70s by 7:00. 90s by noontime. chris. >> lisa, thank you. we'll get back to our heat wave coverage in just a second. first, developing news out of antioch, just before midnight, a 37-year-old man was shot and killed. it took place mere manzanita and mahogany way. at this time it's not clear what led up to the shooting. both the anti-ioc police department and the contra costa
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za are investigating the shooting. as you just we heard, it will be a hot one today. inlandsky cities can see triple digit weather and high fire danger. we are seeing proof of. that high winds and temperatures led to a quick this grass fire. it shows highway 4 at couplings skyway. crews -- coupummings skyway. why it couldn't have come at a worst time. >> reporter: he fwrabd the remote. no luck. -- he grabbed the remote. what's a kid to do? >> i don't know, kind of like old times, where you don't have technology, you have to figure out what to do. >> reporter: at its peak, some 4,000 pg & e commerce were without power t. cause unknown. it forced families to take a long trek to find a pool. >> the power was shut off.
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>> reporter: while some swim for relief. some for watermelon. a treat at a cross country training run. >> we have no way to change the weather. so if we train in it, we are acclimated for it. >> it sho you would be a beautiful day if santa cruz, temperatures expected to reach the low '80s. be aware lots of other people may have the same idea. leave early if you are looking to beat the heat and the traffic. drive carefully. highway 17 has seen an increase in accidents so far this year, mainly due to speed. >> give yourself extra time. expect delays. put your cell phone down, texting and being on your phone is illegal and unsafe. >> lifeguards are warning parents to watch their children and not turn their backs on the ocean t. dangerous rip currents, wind and surf can turn a fun day into tragedy in a matter of seconds. don't forget to stay on top
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of the heat wave with the abc 7 news app. if there is breaking news where you live, we will send out a push alert. now to a developing story the trump administration is leave income place an immigration protection program thought to have been on the chopping block t. decision to continue the deferred action for the child ood arrivals program sometimes called dreamers from deportation. the program does not grant them residency status, does permit them to work legally. seven navy sailors are missing off the japanese coast, two are injured including the ship's commanding officer after a freighter his a u.s. destroyer. chuck stephenson has the latest on the search. >> reporter: this medevac helicopter, the japanese coast guard says several more are missing. >> this ship is clearly in danger. it's taking on water. it's low on the water line.
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>> a big dash in the mid-section. damage above the water line and below. the u.s. defense department officials say water flooded three compartments. >> they are trying to get the water out of the ship. >> reporter: the invisible damage inflicted in the middle of the night when it hit the destroyer in open waters off the coast of japan southwest of its base the freighter clearly the bigger ship, over two football fields long. >> both ships should be looking at radar, so how these two large ships ended up hitting each other is hard to understand. >> reporter: japanese coast guard cutters, they say the propulsion is limited. >> happening today, house minority leader nancy pelosi will be at golden gate park. the memorial is holding a
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volunteer work day to honor pelosi's courageous leadership in the fight of hiv and aids and her 30 years of service in congress. it will include her joining volunteers to plant a new magnolia tree near the grove's main entrance. the two men facing charges for the deadly governmentship warehouse fire appeared together for the first time this week. they are facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow was in court with the new details. >> reporter: max harris's attorney says they are prosec e prosecuting the people least likely to have the financial means to defend themselves. >> somebody who loved people as mump as max harris clearly loves people, as much as somebody loved creating art, as much as max harris loved creating art, would never put people in a position to be destroyed or harmed. >> reporter: harris along with
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co-defendant derek al mena face 36 counts of manslaughter for the lives lost. >> max harris was involved in two events out of 15 or 20 over the course of two years where he had some kind of roam and this event was not -- he had some kind of role and this event was not one. >> there is no malicious bone in his body. >> i am heart broken, to be somebody who witnessed the horrible events and lost loved ones who now is on trial for something i never would have imagined possible. >> reporter: earlier today they were in court, their plea hearing was moved to july. >> we don't really do this trial foresee that emphasis on defending our client is going to be reversal of roles. we will be prosecuting. we will be prosecuting from our perspective the real culprits. >> reporter: derek almenez attorney says the owner, pg & e
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and building inspectors, none of whom are facing charges. >> it took fire crews more than three hours to control a warehouse fire in san francisco. abc 7 news was on donner avenue near candlestick point. at one point starks started shooting from electrical wires. fire crews were concerned the building would collapse so they shot a hole and put water through it. it was once used as a metal shop. no one was hurt. police are blaming a driver who blurred through a red light for a man that killed a man in east palo alto. our media partners, the mercury news reports the driver hit the light and slammed into a car that was turning. three people were injured. the fourth of july weekend is just around the corner. police in pacifica have a new way to keep people from using illegal fireworks.
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fines. every year, fireworks are blamed for wildfires. the pacifica city council just passed a new ordinance that allows officers to issue a $1,000 fine for those using fireworks or to the owners or ranch ranchers. >> even if we don't see who lit that fire, we have to see where it came from. >> pacifica does allow so-called safe and same fireworks that don't fly in the air or explode. happening today, an as hall of famer will be honored before this afternoon's game against the yankees t. sea gate at the coliseum will be renamed in honor of jim catfish hunter. he pitched ten seasons for oakland and is one of five people to have their number retired by the club t. ceremony will include appearances by 100 widow and chairman, the former teammates and it's at the time
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to begin at 9:30 this morning. warriors co-owners announce they'd will pick up the tab for the championship parade. yesterday we found out that final bill is $4 million. a team's city usually helps to cover the cost. the city is suffering so they footed the entire bill. >> slays argen is tracking that heat wave. >> that's right. we're in the 70s in the east bay. here's a live look from our emeryville camera. 62 in hayward as well as san jose. so today is starting out comfortable but boy as we gain all that heat today, we're going to be warmer tomorrow and warmer still into next week, i will explain in a few minutes. >> lisa, thank you. you may have we heard, amazon is buying whole foods what that means for people here in the bay area right after the break. also ahead, find out just
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how much money president trump has mad
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>> good morning, everybody. a beautiful shot from our tower camera. the time right now is 6:13. we're already experiencing some above average temperatures to start the morning. we'll get a check of that full accuweather forecast from our meteorologist lisa argen coming up. the biggest name in online shoping is buying one of the biggest names in organic and
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high end foods. amazon afwreed to purchase whole foods -- agreed to purchase whole foods for $13 million. what would that mean for area shoppers? eric thomas found out. >> reporter: if your grocery carolina, your name is not whole foods, a marketing expert says you might feel like this today. >> i'm scared. i'm very concerned now a big band wolf is coming on to my turf. >> reporter: that behemoth is amazon. the company that wrote the book on online retailing may rewrite the book on shopping. >> the two merging towing, my first reaction if it creates a super team. >> reporter: that's what whole foods is known for fresh produce and specialty items. they get the successful corporate culture. what does amazon get? >> an established brick and mortar north carolina, a supply chain already and the talent to manage that kind of business. >> reporter: amazon finally
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found the path into brick and mortar grocery market, that means brick and mortar stores are going to have to beef up their online presence to compete. that's because amazon's existing networks will expand whole foods online ordering and livery system. neighborhood grocers are hoping they will prefer the personal touch. like shoppers at piedmont market today. >> everyone that works here knows you. you get much more personalized attention. >> reporter: whole foods has 460 stores if canada and the uk. they will keep the whole foods brand and current management for now. in berkeley, eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> happening today, mipitas he school, cana is expected to discuss current events and how activities in congress will affect his constituents. he is expected to take questions from the audience t. meeting begins at noon and will go until 1:30. being president has not
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hindered mr. trump's ability to make money. he submitted a financial disclosure yesterday. his new washington hotel saw nearly $20 million in revenue. the mira la mira lag mira la m g million and palm beach club took in 18th million. this is since january. he did place his enormous portfolio of assets in a trust controlled by his two adult sons and senior executive. it listed $315 million in liabilities. the u.s. food and drug administration says it is concerned about the shortage of a life saving medication. it's working with the drug company pfizer to remedy the shortage. one of the drug in short supply is epinephrin, which is used to treat cardiac arrest as well as severe allergic reactions to bee strings i stings and certain foods like peanuts. in some cases, the fda is
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extending expiration dates. pfizer blames the shortage on manufacturing, consistent bugs and third party delays. >> privacy is getting tough to come by. we all know that hidden cameras can be found anywhere these days, 7 on your side michael fen my has the proof. >> it looks normal enough. >> that cutout is an on/off button. this hole, a camera. in the back a recording device and microsb car. we are in south san francisco. aw collision is allowing me to hang one of these hooks in an employee bathroom. i try a couple of different locations. they would never leave the camera unattended. i invite employees in to check things out. >> does anything look out of place to you? is there anything weird? is there anything that gives you pause? >> reporter: i am all but telling her, something is amiss.
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>> no except for why is that not there? >> the hook? >> yeah, usually the hook is by the you found it. i want to show you something. that is a hidden camera. >> oh. >> reporter: she spots it. so does general manager. >> out of place? oh, yes, you put a camera there. >> how'd you know that? >> how do i know? because that thing was not there. >> reporter: but would they have found it if i hadn't been so obvious? and more importantly, would you? this is not a rhetorical question. a south carolina man turned in his landlord after spotting a hidden camera in his bathroom. police arrested the landlord for using a camera like this on his property. >> he eventually admitted his purpose was to film these
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victims. >> reporter: police say several victims were recorded. so what can you do? look around and see if anything seems out of place, but no two hidden cameras like this one are getting harder and harder to spot and cheaper and cheaper to buy. i purchased this hidden hook cam for $12 bucks. i'm michael finney,p on your side. >> good saturday morning to you, check out like doppler 7. we do have low clouds along the san mateo coast and the delta. this has helped keeping the temperatures there cool in the upper 50s. in santa cruz, no wind at all yesterday. you climb to the mid-80s. today repeat performance. vacate right now, but no wind once again, so the wind will be confined to our neck of the woods, from mount tam you can see a
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little bit of haziness here. some patches of low clouds. >> that won't last very long. so the nights will not cool off too much. east bay hills looking hazy already. air quality will go down significantly tomorrow, the hottest day we'll be expecting in the next seven, boy, much of next week will be out of control with the heat inland, heat day for father's day weekend, records are possible tomorrow and triple digit heat continues. so here's the look we can expect today so looking at the warmth today in santa cruz, look at the comfortable conditions at half moon bay, ocean beach. we'll have a breezy northwest
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wind up to 20, maybe 25 miles an hour. we have that already at some of the higher elevations. air quality becomes poor tomorrow and the santa clara valley t. heat climbs. this is one of our hottest location, anti-ioc today 100 degrees. 103 on monday, right into thursday, no relief at all. next friday into the 90s. so highs today around the bay ranging from the upper 60s, half boone may 77 in san francisco. i think we will see a few 70s, with all that heat, it's going to take a long time to cool off. download our accuweather app. can you track the temperatures.
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>> looking at that forecast, lisa, thank you. dozens of dogs rescued in santa cruz, now the shelter helping them needs help itse ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90.
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the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer to take advantage of our midsommar sales event offer.
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welcome back, everyone, happening today, the annual festival in san francisco, bild billing itself as the largest african-americans in northern california. the festival commemorates the end of slavery in the united states. between turk and sutter. it will be in the same spot this year. activities include a car show, petting zhao and basketball tournament. east bay residents can attend the festival taking place in richmond today. also happening today, last minute preparations for tonight's big lgbtq event. all week long we have been following the story of tonight's first queer prom at the san mateo price center. it's opened to any teen. it aims to challenge the accepted gender norms of a typical high school prom.
6:26 am
>> they want a space where they can feel send and open. i know some schools don't allow you to go with someone of the same sex. >> there's hope to make this an annual event. it starts at 7:00 and goes until 11:00. the cost is $15 to get in. the operation in santa cruz county staged accidence of dogs from an apparent puppy mill. they are in the care of a very full animal shelter that could use some help, itself. abc 7 reporter katy marzulo has the story. >> reporter: the santa cruz animal shelter is overrun with black and white boston bull ter years. the dogs were rescued from a home in spots valley. >> the dogs did not have food the dogs did not have water. somewhere in here own excrement and urine. >> reporter: they s rescued 34 dogs, they were living in adult rooms with little renovation. it appears they didn't get out
6:27 am
very often. >> the majority were soliciting attention and wanted to come out. as soon as we opened the categories, almost jumped in our arms. >> reporter: he says they obtained a warrant after an anonymous tipster provided video of dog's living conditions. police and the district attorney are working to file charges against the owner. >> we would hear her swearing at her dogs loudly. >> reporter: he didn't know what was happening at his neighbor's house, he's glad it's over. >> it's good to hear. because i have been worried about what's been going on over there, especially if there is animals getting abused. >> reporter: a large influx of dogs puts a strain on the shelter'sresources, we will need your help. if you can donate to the extra mile unfund, it guess to their medical care. >> still to come on abc 7 morning, details on a deadly officer-involved shoot income antioch. plus more coverage
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we believe that you should always have room for the little things. and that your dream kitchen should work as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event. >> it is great to have you with us on this saturday morning. we're starting this half hour with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. she is tracking the conditions where you live. >> you may want a quick look. boy, it will be hard to take the
6:31 am
next several days from our east hills camera. the air quality will be going down, especially tomorrow, 58 in san francisco, 61 oakland, mountain view, 62 in san jose, mild in gilroy at 63. cooler, 54 halfmoon bay, from the golden gate bridge. a little of a breeze. we will have that today to help us at the coast. low 60s in the north bay. except novata 67. 65 in livermore, can you see from our future tower camera, looking haiz hazy, 60s to 90s noon time, 101 inleft hand, sunseting. it is going to be hot. the first heat wave of 2017, of course, you want to stay hydrated, wear your white clothing. check on seniors an pets. i'm have a look at the extended outlook in a few minutes. >> thank you. the heat will drive many people to the beach this weekend, as lisa is saying, it is expected to get hotter. we have more on why
6:32 am
telling beachgoers about certain dang roers. >> reporter: weather splashing on the water t. crowds started building by late morning. many came to escape the bay area heat. >> it's 105. so we thought it would be perfect to come out here. we brought all of our kids and two friends. >> reporter: the team of lifeguards are scanning the beach. >> that i know those coming from out of town may not be used to rip currents, wind and surf. >> they get out there, turn around, they realize how far out they are. they get tired, they get cramps. they get a little panicked. so they're always looking for people that maybe don't look like the strongest >> lifeguards stress not to turn your backs on the oaks. those with children should be an arm's length away. they encourage parents to find out about hazards on the beach. to make it to the waves, you have to brave the traffic on
6:33 am
highway 17. the chp reports a huge increase in crashes along the corridor in the last year, most due to speed. >> give yourself extra time to get where you are going. expect delays. there's going to be traffic. put your cell phone down, leave texting and being on your phone is illegal. it's unsafe. >>. >> reporter: it will all be worth it once you arrive to enjoy the sights and sounds of summer. >> and don't forget to stay on top of this heat wave with the abc 7 news app. if there is breaking news where you live, we'll sends out a push alert. now to developing news out of antiokay. just before midnight, a 37-year-old man was killed in an officer-involved shooting. it took place near manzanita and mahogany way. at this time it's not clear what led up to the shooting t. officer was not injured. antioch police and the contra costa da are investigating the
6:34 am
shooting. a san francisco police officer says the ups driver that shot and killed three colleagues appears to have felt disrespected by his co-workers t. officer said it could be one of jimmy lamb's motives. one co-worker says he struggled with personal issues but had shown repeat improvement. this was around the time he filed a grievance report over his work hours. officials say lamb appears to have targeted the three drivers he fightally shot. lamb killed himself as officers approached him. three people are if custody accused of attacking a lift driver earlier this year. the three men face charges ranging from assault with a deadly weapon to battery. this dramatic cell phone video captured the attack last march on southbound 101. abc 7 spoke to the driver shortly after the assaults.
6:35 am
>> i remember, oh, i laid there and cried and think about my kids. >> on social media, the chp thanked the public for giving them tips that led to the arrest. 6:35 is the time. fire rescuers pulled a man to safety at baker beach. check it out. this man was strandsed on the rock face, he tried to walk down the beach, down to the beach but kept on slipping. the fire department got the call at around 2:30 t. crew took 45 minutes to prepare for a high angle rescue. they brought him back up the cliff. the state's attorney general is promising to fight for anyone in california who is detained based on immigration status. abc 7 news was at the lbgt center in sfraent e san
6:36 am
francisco yesterday where he made a plea for human rights. he says he has support and the resources to help. >> make sure that people detained are being detained for the right reasons and the conditions are appropriate and that in california, regardless of who you are, are you have a right to know and a right to be fully respected. >> california has the second largest number of people detained for immigration purposes. texas has the most. california's unemployment rate is at a near 17-year low. new numbers released yesterday from the employment development department show the state's unemployment rate in may dipped to 4.7%. it was at 4.8% in april. this is the lowest since 2000. here in the bay area, every county but san francisco saw the unemployment rate go down.
6:37 am
it stayed flat in san francisco. san mateo has the lowest, zo olano has the highest. happening today the 63rd annual no beach festival is considered one of the country's original outdoor festivals. the annual tradition combines arts and craft and live music with for may grub. there is a chalk art area for kids and a beer garden for grownups. as can you see, last year, more than 125 vendors showed up to participate. entry is always free and will run from 10:00 to 6:00 today and tomorrow. still ahead, could all those winter storms we had be triggering earthquakes? a berkeley researcher puts down the science right after the break. but first, here's a live look outside from our east bay hills camera. wow, it doesn't get any better than this lisa argen will have your
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♪ ♪
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isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can. >> winter stormsz and snow could be triggering storms in northern california. the mountain range spring back up as the snow melts. >> that movement increases seismic activity by ten percent along the sierra in the spring. other areas are affected at different times. >> the central coast ranges, who we actually see is that the
6:41 am
stresses na are more favorable for zur that are in the late summer and early fall. >> that's caused by drying streams in the summer. research does not suggest there is an earthquake season in california. if you and your family are looking for some fun this week. the 105 alameda county fair is under way. we see the cool treats available to fair-goers. >> reporter: when it's hot outside, and a slushee or cold drink hit the spot as the fair begins, so does a heat wave. >> drink plenty of water. wear loose fitting clothes. where a wide brimmed hat. >> reporter: she and her son made a dash for misters after the summer treat. >> when we walked into the fair, all he did was talk about ice cream. >> reporter: the alameda county fairgrounds sits on 267 acres. while there are thousands of trees, the hot concrete often
6:42 am
makes it feel hotter. >> we have ambulances ready to go if case we have a heat emergency. we're able go and get the patient and bring them back here. >> reporter: fire and ems added one more mini plans to the fleet. it looks like a super size golf cart with a gurney and first-aid supplies and mobile tool on the fairgrounds in the event of a heat-related emergency. >> it's very cold and we're concerned about the heat, we are experiencing temperatures well over the 100s. >> reporter: plenty of animals are here, too, they're in the shade. happened lers will water them down multiple times during day. hydration is key for people and pets zpli love it. >> yeah? >> it's been so cold for so long, i have been waiting for this. >> reporter: the fair is expected to draw more than 5,000 people in a 20-day run t. first few days will be sizzling with father's day one of the hottest.
6:43 am
>> matt chapman was just called up to the majors by the as and up to the majors by the as and his first ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer to take advantage of our midsommar sales event offer. visit your volvo dealer to take advantage what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community
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♪ good goes around good goes around and around and around. hey! ♪ . the warriors are at mgm resort and being greeted. tonight they will be attending oakland native andre ward's
6:46 am
championship fight against sergei kovalov at mandalay bay. steph curry went to hollywood with his wife but he might rejoin his teammates to see that fight. today the giants are in denver. last night the athletics beat the bronx bombers in dramatic fashion. abc 7 sports director larry biel has the highlights in this morning's sports report. >> reporter: good morning, so you always remember your first and rookie matt chapman will never forget his hit. babies first game as well him check this out. probably asleep by the finish. cleanup in the 2nd. as take a 4-0 lead. aaron judge, judge, jury, excuseer. 4-3 yankees.
6:47 am
we go top 6. game tied at 4. cruise carter the go ahead, solo. so 6-5 yanks in the 8th. the bases loaded. the kid, max chapman, down the line. his first major league hit, drives in a pair. that wins it for the athletics 7-6 final. giants, rockies, co., happy father's day, daddy. how's your face? top of the 3rd, denard span. he likes the altitude off antonio senzetella. the expression is helping your own cause, solo homers. bottom five. here the shark is not helping his own cause. allows a 3-1 plast. 7-5 game now, facing the full count. he got the strike.
6:48 am
home plate umpire disagrees. he gets tossed. he probably has a fortune. we got to watch this from hunter pence. oh, away! oh, goodness, this is where the giants' whole season he is on pace to lose 101 games. got to bring back one last moment from the warrior's victory parade, steph curry putting the trophy on the ground. putting the crowd away. eb back, everybody back. making way for my man, ian clark. he can shoot 3s and do backhand springs. stick the landing. it will be like free agency when he picks up this money, too. i wish i can do that just once. seth, katy, draymond green, ought to be in vegas. he beat the crusher back in november. the decision controversial. this is the rematch. ward wants his fists to do the talking. >> i'm not trying to win an argument before this fight of
6:49 am
who won, who lost. who has the upper hands, i'm excited for the opportunity. i'm pumped to be on the big stage in this suppoport. >> he speaking a lot and overpaid and exactly reward will pay. >> round two of the u.s. open at erin hills in wisconsin, rickie fowler on 7. this is for birdie from 51 feet away. after opening with a 65 shot a 73 in round two, so he's one off the lead. bruce koepka, great approach on 12 here. ends up with a bird. she 7 under in a four-way tie for the lead. jason day and rory mcilroy both missed the cut. that's a wrap on sports. have a great weekend, everybody. >> now your accuweather forecast. >> hi there, everyone, good morning, a cool picture here from the exploratorium camera,
6:50 am
literally, temperatures are in the 50s here with an on shore flow, it will be nice and comfortable as we go through the afternoon in san francisco, although will be above average. so if you want to enjoy the weather, it looks like you will have to come to the shore line. in the city, we're looking at numbers above average, tomorrow temperatures will be in the low 70s and monday cooler. look what happens, we will go right back up as the heat wave continues for you inland and it will be comfortable in the city. most of you don't live in the city and inland in livermore, we're looking at 103 today and tomorrow not much change. tuesday would you say that's cooler? i'm not so sure. right on to thursday, we got excessive heat. as we look at the golden gate bridge, you notice you have a few high clouds, the wind is blowing there, from the upper elevation, we are looking at some breezes that will continue. but it's just going to be hot, no matter how you look at it.
6:51 am
like doppler 7. we got some low clouds along the coast, keeping temperatures in the 50s. northwest winds up to about 20 miles an hour or better today. making you feel a little better at times, but for most of you, you won't be feeling that. emeryville 50. 58 in san francisco, oakland 61 as well as mountain view. they aren't getting the winds we're getting so mid-'80s today like yesterday, 60s santa rosa, 62 in napa novato, int 50 all morning long. 70s in concord and livermore at 65 degrees. another cool looking picture in the 40s here in the sierra nevada, all week long in the '80s, 84 today at south lake. so a heat wave for father's day, the entire west coast is included in this from southern california to the central coast and even northern california around mount shasta, records are
6:52 am
possible tomorrow t. triple digit heat through thursday. let's look at the hottest day, . by tuesday we're up to the heat. looking at the sizzling temperatures for tomorrow. anywhere from 9 to 19 degrees above achg. the first heat wave of 2017. at the beach today, upper 60s. it should feel pretty good. at the oakland coliseum, it will be hot. in the mid-80s. you download our accuweather app. today will be well above where we were yesterday. it was hot yesterday. temperatures will be excessive inland, toasty around the bay as well. >> it took so long, because we
6:53 am
have seen the word hot six days in a row on that graphic. >> i know the extremes. >> lisa, tauvg. now, let's see what's coming up at 7:00 on "good morning america." >> coming up on "gma" at least seven u.s. sailors are missing after a u.s. destroyerco leads at sea. the uss fitzgerald is struggling is headed back this morning. plus, president trump taking to twitter saying he is being investigated for the firing of the fbi director calling it a quote witch hunt. how the white house is responding as questions rise over whether or not the deputy attorney general will recuse himself from the russia investigation. finally, celebrations are under way for the queen's official 91st birthday, the streets of london are lined with colorful crowds, a bash kicks off. we are on the scene with the pomp and pageantry this morning all coming up on "gma" this saturday.
6:54 am
hope to see you
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♪ ♪ be a powerful force. nature valley . a near record for san francisco based twitter. there katy perry has become the first person ever to reach 100 million followers. the social media accomplishment comes as she is in the middle of a pr for her new album "fitness" you will remember in 2015, up with of her back-up dancers dressed as a, sa.
6:57 am
they appeared to be out of left. left shark became a trending topic. it was a two years ago, it feels like it was yesterday. anyway, tell us about the weather. >> okay. if you want to, we have a heat advisory in effect today with numbers range from skating, halfmoon bay 102. it will get hotter tomorrow for father's day. 106 inland, 90 and on the bay, still at the 60s at the coast all week long. look we sort of cool off on monday for some of you. the numbers go right back. >> sort of cool off. >> sort of. >> lisa, thank you, thanks, to you for joining us. i'm chris nguyen alongside lisa argen. the news continues now online, on twitter, facebook and instagram. "good morning america" is next. we'll see you then.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, collision at sea. the crash between a u.s. navy destroyer and a giant container ship off the coast of japan. the injured airlifted to the hospital. at least seven sailors missing. the navy's damaged vessel towed into port. the investigation this morning. how did this happen? russia investigation. the president and the president's men hiring attorneys. all this as president trump releases financial disclosures. the light they shed on his business empire. officer acquitted. [ chanting ] the reaction overnight. protesters taking to the streets after a jury in minnesota cleared officer jeronimo yanez in last year's fatal shooting of philando castile. >> i told him to get his hand up


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