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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 18, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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round... ♪ good morning, it is sunday, june 18th. hope you are having a wonderful start to your father's day. i'm jessica castro in for carolyn tyler. let's start with aquick look at the weather because it is going to be hot.
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here is meteorologist lisa argen. >> and it looks beautiful with the golden sun and right now the temperatures are comfortable. live doppler 7 showing fog-free conditions and at our east bay hills camera, it looks hazy. a spare the air alert day. second one of the season. 64 in san francisco. 71 in san jose and upper 60s in mountain view but 54 at half moon bay. so the breeze above 2,000 feet. helping this morning but by this afternoon, it is just going to be hot in marin county. mid-60s. 73 in concord and up everywhere compared to 24 hours ago, 2 to 9 degrees. so with a warm start and a heat advisory through thursday, we are in this really uncompromising fo uncompromising position for a while with heat-related illness possible and limit your out door activity and stay hydrated and wear light clothes and pets and seniors anita need extra care.
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and 90s by noontime and we'll talk about when the heat eases coming up. jessica, thank you. and breaking news, for the last hour, look at, this the boy bridge, chp investigating an officer-involved shooting on interstate 80. about three quarters of a mile from the toll plaza and chp tells us officers were investigating some sort of crash and while they were out at their patrol car a vehicle drove at those officers and they instructed the suspect to stop, officials say that person kept coming at the officers. the suspect was then shot several times. his condition not known. he was taken to the -- to the hospital in an ambulance. chp said eastbound lanes right now are closed, at least for the next few hours. so this is atory we're going to continue watching and continue following for you. it is closed right before the toll plaza. so a major heads if you are
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driving eastbound through the toll plaza. in okay. you just heard lisa, it is going to be a hot day and take it slow and hydrate and try to stay school. and in the south people could see triple-digits again today like yesterday. katie stopped by the alameda county fair grounds in pleasanton to see how people are coping with the heat wave. >> how hot do you think it is out? >> um super, duper hot. >> reporter: the bay area hit triple-digits. >> i think at one point i saw 103 on the weather gage. >> reporter: that means an increase in the number of heat exhaustion incidents. firefighters responded to a dozen calls. >> that is a huge spike. >> so if you are hitting up your favorite fair attraction. >> my favorite spot is where all of the rides are. >> how about you? >> mine is where all of the
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games are. >> mine is where all of the slides are. >> reporter: remember to take a break. at the water misters. >> they are amazing. those are like the hidden spots. we might head over there again later. >> reporter: some sought relieve at the wave in dublin. offering free rec swim between 6:00 and 8:00 this weekend. this heat wave may feel like the dog days of summer but didn't stop the style witnesses at corgi-con. take in the fresh air at the san francisco ocean beach or the evening breeze back at the fair. >> we geta face breeze through the property so definitely in the evening we've been seeing larger crowds. >> reporter: because a little heat shouldn't keep you away from your favorite fair treat. >> i come here just for this. it is so good. >> reporter: katie udis, abc 7 news. and a weather prompting from fire crews. the temperatures may have contributed to a grass fire that
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shut down highway road for hours. and they warn people not to throw cigarette butts out of car windows. in the bay area, this is where you want to go to beat the heat. look at that. the beach full of umbrellas and blankets. scattered along the santa cruz main beach yesterday where it reached a high of 85 degrees. and you can keep track of how hot it will get today with the new abc 7 news accuweather app. you could find it, it is free in your phone's app store. we want to get to developing news. concord police have a suspect in custody in connection with a shooting death of a man outside of a popular nightclub. it happened yet on salvo street. an argument broke out in front of the niko lounge. >> i couldn't hear. i couldn't hear the words but just -- i knew it was on bad terms. and then that is it, he just got shot twice and then fell and then it was done.
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so -- he was fighting for his life. >> reporter: police served a search warrant for the suspect and he wasn't home but they arrested the 27-year-old man later after being involved in a traffic accident. meanwhile friends tell us the victim is 42-year-old rob natural who often worked as a security guard at the bar. the temporary head of the sfpd watch dog agency has stepped down amid allegations of sexual harassment. for thees was the interim director for police accountability for a little more than a month. the harassment claims were filed by a senior investigators in the human resources department over an incident that allegedly occurred in 2014 so beginning monday eric balda czar is the new interim director. and time to look at how much money marin county has in the coffers and how it will affect you. they hope to pass a $555 million
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budget proposal. they include $3 million for storm damage repairs and $1.6 million for the firetation replacement and a library flagship vehicle and the plan would take effect in july and would be a 2.6% increase over the current budget. the little red scooters that you've probably seen zipping around san francisco may soon be allowed to park in neighborhoods for as long as they want. scoot is a shared scooter program with over 700 vehicles in the city and prior to 2015 the scooters would be ticketed by the city even if no one was renting them. but this new deal would allow the scooters an exemption from residential parking permit time limits. the san francisco mta will look at the issue. and steve scalise continuing to recover in virginia. doctors have now upgraded his condition from critical to serious.
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a statement posted to the louisiana republican twitter feed yesterday said he is more responsive and speaking with loved ones. the account also stated he was watching baseball and rooting hard for lsu, his alma mater. a sad ending to the search for seven missing sailors. and now the search and rescue mission shifts gears to a hunt for what went wrong. todd ant has a look at the investigation. >> reporter: late on saturday night, divers recover the bodies of all seven missing sailors trapped in the wreckage of the uss fitzgerald. >> it is hard to imagine what the crew has had to overcome but i'm extremely proud. >> reporter: now navy officials are trying to figure out how the 9,000 ton fitzgerald and the container ship collided. the cargo ship made a giant u-turn approximately a half hour before colliding with the fitzgerald. >> these are two sophisticated ships and they should have seen
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each other. >> the fitzgerald severely damaged, the mid section is gutted. >> this was not a small collision. it was near the pilot's house and there is a big puncture, a big gash underneath the water line. >> reporter: the destroyer likely out of service for a long time. >> the fitzgerald is one of the most sophisticated ships and it has a special radar and set of missiles and the navy will want to back-fill this very quickly. >> todd ant, abc 7 news, new york. developing story out of portugal. officials there declared three days of national mourning as the death toll rises to 62. look at what they are dealing with. the fire has prompted the e.u. to act evacuate the civil protection efforts so france and spain are sending aircraft to help fight those flames. about 600 firefighters have been deployed to the area. just 95 miles northeast of
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lisbon. authorities investigating the cause of the fire but the portuguese prime minister said recent temperatures of over 100 degrees may have been a factor. members of the national liberation army, the biggest rebel group in colombia denied having to do with a bombing that killed three people and injured nine explosive was found inside of a woman's bathroom and one of the victims was a french woman in the country doing volunteer work. the city's mayor is blaming the rebel group despite their denial calling the act cowardly. president trump's roll back toward cuba has angered many republicans and stiffened the resolve of u.s. citizens who do business with the island nation. the president's speech in miami this weekend was a hit with anti-castro conservatives but some republicans complain the plan surrendered a lucrative market for american goods to
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u.s. competitors. one man who makes pontoon boats to sell in cuba made his feelings pretty clear. >> you could go virtually anywhere in the world. there are very few places you can't go as an american and i think we should be ablant to go we want to go because we're the land of the free. >> the president's policy bans business dealings with the cuba military and put some limits on travel and will enforce the embargo. and back to our other big story. it is hot, hot, hot. >> and surpassing the highs of yesterday which we had hundreds and so today records are possible. and check out the beautiful view from our sutro tower camera and stay with us but right now 60s around the bay and gorgeous to maybe you want to do your exercising, take the dog out now because it is 73 in concord. 81 out by brentwood and today, yeah, the hottest day out of the next seven. i'll explain next. and that means a lot of people hitting the pools but right now a reminder to parents
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that as we go into the heat wave to stay vigilant, at the pools and the beaches and afterwards we'll talk about the quick thinking that helped save the life of a florida toddler. and the cosby case ended in a mistrial and when we come back, why one local woman who
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what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee. welcome back. the man once known as america's dad is a free man.
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a judge declared a mistrial in the sexual assault case against bill cosby, after deliberating for more than six days, jurors could not reach a unanimous decision on whether he drugged and molested andrea constand. s couldy walked out of court raising his hand in the air. they read a scathing statement from the wife. >> how do i describe the judge. overtly arrogant and collaborating with the district attorney. how do i describe the counsel's for the accusers, totally unethical. >> and now prosecutors have a year to retry cosby on the charges. >> we will retry it. as i said in court, our plan is to move this case forward as soon as possible. >> this is the only criminal case against cosby, yet still more than 50 other women have already come forward accusing
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him of drugging or sexual misconduct. lonni rivera visited a woman who said she was also sexually assaulted by cosby. >> watching this unfold on the news now kind of makes me sick to my stomach. >> reporter: candice checked her phone to know what jurors decides in the bill cosby sexual assault trial. >> given today's culture victims are often victimized again. she said it happened to her. >> i was one of the few vikes that accepted drugs from him while i was at a part. >> reporter: back in 1982 jap is was a 24-year-old bartender at hurrah's in reno and cosby was performing there. he invited her to a party where she accepted pills from him. she passed out and said cosby sexually assaulted her. >> even after i was raped, i perpetuated a rape culure because i blamed myself. >> she felt it was her fault for
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years and other women began sharingnd janice felt the courage to come forward. this new york magazine featured janice and others who accused cosby of sexual assault and many of the women have formed a bond. >> people were thanking us for coming forward because it helped them have a voice. >> reporter: after sharing her story, kenny heard from other female and male victims of sexual assault. >> to matter what happens with the verdict, guilty or not, this is the beginning for a lot of us. >> reporter: whatever the final outcome, she said the case draws attention to a problem and that in itself is positive. in the north bay, lonni rivera, abc 7 news. time now for a cautionary story as we head into the summer. a 3-year-old boy in a florida pool nearly drowned without anyone noticing and today the toddler alive thanks to the heroics of strangers. look at surveillance showing the boy's head bobbing in the water
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and three minutes goes by until a 9-year-old colby herd noticed what was happening and pulled the boy to nearby grown-ups. >> he is under water. and i don't even though -- you take care of the people you don't know and you should help them even though you don't know them. >> amazingly, colby's mother is a registered nurse and began immediate cpr on the toddler and he was revived and now making a full recovery. first responders called the pair heroes but certainly a reminder to parents and caretakers. lisa. what a happy ending. good morning, live doppler 7 where we are looking at cloud-free conditions but once again a heat advisory from emeryville -- boy a lot of sun here already and mild temperatures in the 60s. 64 in san francisco. 69 in oakland. as well as mountain view and 71 in san jose. half moon bay stuck at 54. why don't you stay there. it would be nice for everyone to get the cooling.
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but not the case today. today the hottest day of the week. 65 in santa rosa. 64 in napa and novato and 73 in concord and livermore at 66. and this looks like a beautiful place to be. teams though climbing to the 70s to near 80 today in san francisco. and in the north bay, we have several 100 degree readings by this afternoon. so spare the air alert today. air quality is declining. records are possible. and triple-digit heat does not ease inland until the end of the week. in particular on friday. did you see that? that flag not with a puff of wind yet that we could find on the coast today and not as strong. so air quality today, you could see how it goes down from yesterday an that is due to the heat. so 106 in antioch. yikes. the average high is 87. and san jose and napa up to 100 and everybody is warmer, and from 13 to 19 degrees above average.
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i'm sure you've heard the routine, but the changes come in the warmer temperatures around the bay and at the coast. we're into the 70s at ocean beach and bodega bay and even near 80 toward stinson and a warm beach it being 85 yeed and that beach gets warm without the on-shore flow. and 97 in milpitas. mid-90s from menlo park to mountain and millbrae 91 degrees and looking at san francisco at 80. the airport, low 80s today. 70s in richmond and the sunset, 97 san rafael. so thought it was warm yesterday. yeah, today is going to be awfully warm with numbers in the 90s to the east bay. so unusual of course with the sweltering warmth with union city, 92. and with 105 in brentwood, sure it gets hot there but this is
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excessive. overnight lows tonight with more fog. should be slightly cooler. that will help us out a bit into monday. download our accuweather app and summer arrives on tuesday. but this is just beyond what we expected for our summer but today for father's day, be extra nice to dad. it is certainly hot for everyone but the relief at the coast and the day as head, it looks slightly better around the coast but nothing like normal until the end of the week. >> slightly better. but the inland temperatures, wow! >> hopefully they have the air-conditioning and the pool. >> and lots of ice. okay. are queen b. and jay-z new parents? here the rumors around, whether they are boys
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welcome back. big pop news and an update to the reports that beyonce and jay-z had twins. according to tmz, they were born on monday, a boy and a girl. and a minor issue surfaces with the babies and they didn't elaborate and beyonce is okay, although she's also at the hospital still. french president emmanuel macron's party projected to win a huge majority in the french parliament and look at this video that we have today of him voting in the final round of the
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country's parliament elections. his central republican on the move party expected to win more than 400 seats in the national assembly and that would aloi lou him to move fast with promised legislation in particular labor laws to make hiring and firing easier. so a story we're watching. here at home, president trump spending father's day weekend at camp david in maryland. his first visit to the rustic hideaway. he flew yesterday with his wife melanie and and their 11-year-old son barron and the first lady's parents. the most weekends at his property in florida and he is scheduled to return to the white house later today. the drone industry really taking off but it does have one major limitation. pilots still required to be able to see the drone with their own eyes while they are flying it. jonathan bloom got a look at a new system from nasa that could soon allow thousands of drones to fly longer distances.
6:26 am
>> pilots have flight simulators and nasa has this full sized simulator for eric traffic control but down the hall they are building a new kind of eric traffic control. >> we have four separate operations -- >> reporter: not for planes but for drones. >> it is highly automated. the separation assurance between keeping drones away from each other. >> reporter: nasa is expecting millions of drones to be flying overhead in the coming years, many self-flying commercial drones like this one. >> they are being flown without any connection and awareness of what else is going on in the air space really. >> reporter: and nasa plans to change that with utm, that is unmanned aerial system traffic management. >> i'm going into this area. >> reporter: it lets drones electronically file a flight plan moments before taking off users get an instant green or red light. >> and it could tell you you have a conflict with others and wait some time or change your
6:27 am
path. >> making this system work will be a team effort with wireless carriers an the big name tech companies of silicon valley. back in february intel flew hundreds of drones for the super bowl half time show and they all talk to each another and now they're looking to do that over much greater distances. >> we have the ability to support lte. >> and utm will be required for drones flying outside of the line of sight but they hope hobbiests will choose to use it so they are notified if there is an emergency. >> it could rely to the pilots, you need to vacate the air space and land now or hover somewhere else. >> they could roll out in 2019. at nasa ames research center, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> pretty cool. still to come on abc 7 mornings, our coverage continues today. it is the heat and look at this, we'll tell you how lots of
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hi, everyone, 6:30. happy father's day. hopefully dad likes the heat.
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let's get a check of our weather and check in with meteorologist lisa argen. >> jessica, if it is only a couple of times a year, we could do with it. and we are in the thick of a prolonged heat advisory. it extends until thursday night. 64 in san francisco. 23469 oakland and mountain view. 70s in concord and livermore with 80s toward brentwood. we're at 73 in concord and 65 up in santa rosa. we're warmer than yesterday at this hour. as much as 10 degrees in the city. and with the heat advisory extended until thursday, you have an idea that this is going to be a prolonged time of kind of heat that will -- could make you feel not so great. so the idea is to stay out of the sun, stay in the shade and stay hydrated. light weight clothing and the pets feeling it as well. as well as seniors. so into the 80ss and 90s by noontime and 70s on the coast
6:32 am
and 106 in antioch today. lisa. >> back to breaking news on the bay bridge. it looks as though the eastbound lanes are closed at treasure island following an officer-involved shooting before 4:00, taking place three quarters of a mile from the toll plaza. the chp said investigators are investigating a crash and while they were out there a vehicle droefr at -- drove at officers and he kept coming and they opened fire. they shot the suspect several times. his condition is not known at this.. we know he is hospitalized. chp said the eastbound lanes are closed for the next few hours just before the toll plaza. so a major traffic heads up. and let's get back to the weather. another big story that we're tracking dwlout the day and the -- throughout the day and the triple-digits around the bay area as lisa just mentioned and it means an increase in the number of heat exhaustion
6:33 am
incidents. firefighters at alameda responded to more than a dozen heat-related calls yesterday. remember to stay cool and take a break. try the water misters. >> they are amazing. they are the hidden spots and we might head over there again later tonight. and i think it is 104 out here. and walking around and trying to stay in the shade and have cold drinks and slurpee and iced tea and just enjoying the weather. >> and for the east bay, get relief at the wave in dublin. looks look a lot of fun. the water park offering free rec swimming today from 6:00 to 8:00. and happening today, santa rosa city officials opening a cooler center to help people beat the heat there. the temperatures expected to peak around 103 degrees. the cooler center is located inside of the finley community certainty and doors open at 11:00 and close at 7:00 tonight. water will be provided. but what won't be there is a tv.
6:34 am
so you want to make sure to bring the books, music and laptops, keep yourself entertained and limited space so visitors could only have a small tote for each person and no animals other than service animals are allowed. more news now, police in the east bay looking for a gunman after a deadly shooting in front of a popular concord nightclub. witnesses say there may have been some sort of fight but now one man is dead. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard has more details. >> reporter: flowers and candles now mark the spot of the fatal shooting on salvo street in concord. >> we heard gunmans and we came and the guy was on the ground. >> he witnessed what i thought was an argument outside of the nica lounge before 2:00 a.m. on saturday. >> i couldn't hear. but i knew it was on bad terms. and then that is it. he just got shot twice and then fell and then it was done, so he
6:35 am
was fighting for his life. >> reporter: the gunman quickly left the scene. >> the car just took off. >> reporter: concord police served a search warrant for a possible suspect at a home on teresa street in oakley and closed down two blocks to do it. friends identified the victim at rob natural, who often worked as a security guard at the bar. >> he was that guy that you could always rely on. >> reporter: michael told us on facetime his friend was one in a million. >> he was the guy that was there with people and solid advice and listen to you and wasn't real judgemental. >> reporter: a message on the instagram page said they will closed until next tuesday n. concord, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. and on the peninsula, neighbors hoping to stop what is being called, quote, modern day slavery. abc 7 news was in san mateo as congresswoman jackie spear hosted an event to educate people on how to spot human trafficking and illegal
6:36 am
brothels. it is a problem we showed you last year when san mateo police raided a home across the street from sarah high school. >> sex trafficking isn't going on somewhere across the ocean bu right here in our communities and maybe even right next door. >> and police say it was tips from neighbors who noticed unusual activity that helps them make arrests and shut down that brothel last november. a large tree branch came crashing down on two women during a church picnic in the east bay. we were in please anton where this branch fell. two women were hit by it. one refused to be taken to the hospital and you could see there she put an ice pack on her neck instead. >> it happened just like that. which they just heard a crack and the tree came over, the brafrmgs, and then the other lady, she was just in shock and so they had to take her to the hospital. >> they are thankful more people
6:37 am
weren't hurt. a fast-moving brush fire in l.a. county has so far burned a thousand ache -- acres and more to be done. flames broke out at lake castaic, a popular spot for camping and swimming. a volunteer evacuation place took place at the evacuation area and the fire only about 10% contained. happening today, a main entrance at yosemite shut down by a rock slide will reopen. el portal road on highway 140 will open at 6:00 a.m. thanks to hard work by road crews and that means it opened half an hour ago. on monday 4,000 pounds of rock slid and covered the highway and it led to commuter nightmares, a lot of work there to get that open. tourists were definitely inconvenienced. park rangers say more than 100 dump trucks were used to clear the road. it will be repaired
6:38 am
later. and if your credit isn't where you want it to be, hope could be on the horizon. and the reason you may soon see a boost in your score starting next month. >> and a live look from the east bay hills camera and well it is nice out there now. but it certainly will get hot and for the full forecast, we'll check in with lisa argen. stay tuned for that.
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♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer to take advantage of our midsommar sales event offer. welcome back. the three big credit bureaus
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making some consumer friendly changes to the way they do business. starting on july 1st, experian and equifax and transunion will no longer report a tax lien on civil judgment expect in special circumstances. and beginning in september the bureaus will not display medical collections until at least six months after the account becomes delinquent. so some good news for credit scores. now let's see what is coming up at 7:00 on "good morning america" with dan harris. >> all right, dan not there right now. so we're going to take a
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it is 'mmmm', is good! it all adds up to a mouthful of joy. honey bunches of oats. have you tried it yet? >> okay. welcome back. in sports this afternoon the a's will try to sweep the yankees and the giants try to avoid being swept by colorado. tie block starts for the giants at coors field against the rockies, first pitch at 12:10 p.m. cotton takes the mound for oakland against the bronx bombers and first pitch at the coliseum at is 1:05. last night andre ward tried to remain undefeated in his highly anticipated rematch in las vegas. here is anthony flores with highlights in the morning's sports. >> the first time andre ward won
6:45 am
there was controversy and this time he didn't leave it up to the judges. the rematch in las vegas. now ward is still not lost a fight but he was in danger. kavolov the aggressor and he won five of the first seven rounds but ward countered with a tko in the 8th thanks to a right hand in the chin followed by three shots to the body. ward improved to 32-0 with 15 knock outs. even par is a good score at the u.s. open. not this year. a record 32 players were under par in the third round including justin thomas who played a round for the ages. ricky fo ricky fowler is a fan favorite in wisconsin. fowler shot a four under 68. this birdie on 16th was his third in a row getting him to ten under par. two shots off the lead. thomas, the round of the day, became the first player to ever shoot a 63 at the open and set the record low school in relation to par at nine under.
6:46 am
look at that birdie on five. how did he start that put off. he drains the eagle on 18 to complete the round. 11 under for the tournament and the clubhouse leader until tommy fleetwood made this birdie on 15 to go to 12 under and limped up and one shot back giving harman the lead thanks to the nine foot birdie put on 15 and that got him to five under par to harman will play with thomas in the final pairing on tuesday, and koepka and fleetwood are one back in the open. and if the a's played the yankees every game, they would be first. and this guy paying tribute to yanks outfielder is from lyndon, just outside of stockton. and joyce got on base five times. the a's had a 1-0 lead.
6:47 am
second inning, and yankees up 2-1 and a power trip and it ties the game at 2-2. then in the fourth, healy with a daily double. the second home run of the game. as far aaron judge, he struck out three times, hahn gets him here and picked up the win. five innings and three runs on two hits and struck out six and the a's win 5-2. joints and rockies, dad enjoying a special day with the two youngteres. giants had ten hits but only one run in the fourth. hernandez with a base hit to right and hundley beats the throw and we're tied at 1-1. matt cain worked five innings allowing two runs on nine hits and fifth inning story is back up the middle and the rockiys take a 2-1 lead. and then in the seventh, a pop fly and pence playing deep and can't make the play and the giants lose the fifth straight and they fall, the final score
6:48 am
is 5-1. the giants have lost eight in a row to the rockies. they will wrap up the four-game series this afternoon in colorado. have a great sunday and happy father's day. good morning to you. looking at all of the sunshine and temperatures comfortable in san francisco in the mid-60s. but boy, we are in for a very warm day today. once again, a heat advisory and spare the air alert and we hit 96 degrees in concord. but at the airport, we were a hundred. and today hour by hour team you notice that starting out in the 70s, quickly into the 80s by 11:00 and a hundred degrees for you as you get towards the 1:00 hour. but it gets even hotter than that because we are looking at 102 for a high today. and you notice behind me the flag is not moving. so we have a breeze on the way at the coast. up to 20 miles per hour an hour. but yesterday it was breezier
6:49 am
and we were enjoying that at the coast. today at about 10 to 15 miles per hour. and up in the north bay, you will notice only a puff of wind. about five miles an hour and the beach temperatures will be warmer today. and live doppler 7 and we are clear and with the warmth yesterday we are getting started and warmer today. santa cruz in the 60s. 87 for a high. and in san francisco, still in the mid-60s. 69 mountain view. 71 in san jose. half moon bay still holding at 54. and from mt. tam, the breeze in the upper elevations day after day but notice not right now. so that is going to aid in our warming, strong high pressure to the north of us. mid-60s in santa rosa and napa. 68 in novato and 73 in concord and livermore comfortable in the mid-60s. so a live look outside from emeryville and you notice how blue it looks. it looks comfy now. but a spare the air alert today, the second of the season. we'll see some records today and unfortunately our heat advisory extends into thursday night and
6:50 am
that will bring triple-digit heat each and every day through thursday. but let's show you the hottest place in the bay area, antioch with 106 and you are cooling tomorrow. it may not be by much but look at what happens on tuesday, wednesday and thursday and back up into just oppressive range and then friday into saturday, feeling more like summertime. summer arrives on tuesday. at about 9:30 at night. but we're already feeling the effects of the heat that is building day-to-day. 75 ocean beach. 72 in half moon bay. so we're out of the 60s today. warming up, ocean water at 56. bodega bay at 70 and stinson near 80 degrees. if you are going to oakland today for the game, it said warm but this is hot. 83 to 87 today. and it is going to be warmer than that up in the stands so make sure you have the hat and sunscreen and plenty of water. highs today around the bay ranging from the 70s.
6:51 am
how often does that happen in half moon bay. 80 in the city. mid-90s in redwood city and palo alto and 92 in fremont, up a few degrees and 100s from napa and santa cruz and antioch today. 100 in livermore and san jose. so overnight more fog and that should allow for a slightly cooler evening. download our accuweather app and you notice that the stretch of hot days will continue. even though we have a slight dip tomorrow, the accuweather seven-day forecast shows that temperatures will come back up into the 70s at the coast mid-week where everyone spikes more into the 90s. thursday actually looks almost as hot as today. but after that, if we could get through it and of course we will, we have much better weather into the end of the week. >> and summer officially on tuesday. >> on tuesday. >> we're going to blur those lines a little bit. >> totally. >> thanks. >> and at least we're not dealing with this. look at this video from the midwest. a drone took the shots of the damage caused by a tornado in the town of bellview, nebraska,
6:52 am
yesterday. could you see the roofs ripped off and trees uprooted and power lines blown down and winds there reaches as high as 80 miles per hour. remarkably and the good news is no one was hurt. tens of thousands of people are without power. and our heat wave bringing scorching temperatures not only here but also in the central valley. and animal services there had to rescue nearly 1,000 animals trapped in the heat inside the back of a moving truck in fresno, county. it is a sad story. 18 of those animals died. cory jams from our sister station in fresno has more. >> reporter: sitting in crates one by one are dozens of animals just rescued from the back of this moving truck in triple-digit weather. >> it was 955 small animals and birds. >> reporter: and they are all trapped for hours with no water or ventilation. >> it was heartbreaking. >> reporter: animal services said one of the officers got the
6:53 am
call around 3:00 p.m. on friday after people in a neighborhood reported the smell of something dead. >> when he got out there, he discovered this and was just panicked. >> reporter: inside were countless birds and rabbits and guinea pigs and three little pig lets. >> and it was 107 degrees at the front part of the truck and so the further you go back because they were stacked in there tight it was hotter as you went back. >> reporter: and now volunteers are working around the clock to help the animals recover, placing them in wading pools with food and water and because this is all unexpected they are in need of the public's help. >> we need duckling food and chicken food. just things like that to start off with. >> reporter: as for the person linked to the moving truck, no charges have been filed but the human services said it is still an active and ongoing investigation. in fresno, cory james, abc 7 news. >> and keep track of your pets as the heat continues. and speaking of animals, look at this. a little too close for comfort
6:54 am
there. a shark right near a beach. we'll tell you where and what happ
6:55 am
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welcome back, everyone. i want to show you a scary situation for beach-goers in alabama. look at this. those are sharks that they captured on camera. animals chased a fish to just feet from the beach. people had to scramble to safety. the good thing here, no one was hurt. friday. and one of the people who wasten d this video to
6:57 am
her facebook page. local emergency officials helped get everyone to safety. a little too close for comfort. meanwhile, the latest social media star swimming around the bay area is this. take a look. abc 7 news was on the san francisco side of the golden gate bridge yesterday where we spotted two humpback whales swimming in the chilly water. they shared the video showing the whales swimming side by il sightings don't happen year round because they look cooler water. the warm weather in the summertime driving them up from central and southern california. and you know, i was out on the bay yesterday in the sailboat and that was the talk. everyone was hoping to see whales. >> there is always today. it is going to be nice on the water if you are lucky enough to be there. look at that 72 in half moon bay. 102 in concord. we're hotter today for father's day, spare the air day alert,
6:58 am
100 in san jose. and cooler tomorrow with coastal fog but numbers come right back up on the first day of summer on tuesday. friday is our day for relief. >> friday. okay. but today happy father's day to all of the father's watching, including mine. okay. thanks for joining us on abc 7 mornings. good to be with you. i'm in for carolyn tyler, i'm jessica castro, find us on facebook, twitter and instagram, facebook, twitter and instagram, all with the laughing cow's nine flavorful varieties of creamy cheese, there's no end to what you can discover. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. ♪ hey! ♪ bee to hive to the comb ♪ combing that honey ♪ into some gold ♪ take that gold and make it an o ♪ ♪ good goes around and around and around hey! ♪
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good morning, america. and new this morning, crash investigation. the bodies of seven sailors now recovered in that tragic ship collision involving the "uss fitzgerald" off the coast of japan. >> our deepest sympathies go out to the families. >> the question this morning, why did that container ship make a mysterious u-turn, setting it on a collision course. new trial? prosecutors say get ready for round two after the jury deadlocks in bill cosby's sexual assault case and the judge declares a mistrial. >> we're going to retry the case. >> the reaction from the woman at the heart of this case and the scathing statement from cosby's wife. big bucks campaign. the most expensive congressional race in american history. the face-off for the seat now


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