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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 22, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> sky 7 was overhead as firefighters both in the air and on the ground tried to keep the flames from spreading. this started when a car caught fire on i-80 just past the car kin as bridge toll plaza. >> abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley is live. you've been speaking to some of the feem who live there tonight. >> reporter: residents in this neighborhood told me they are so grateful tonight to the firefighters from all over this region who came together, converged here and got this fire away from the homes. they did drop fire retardant in many neighborhoods. as one woman told me, my house may be pink now, but at least i have a home. a wall of flames crackled up this hillside toward the glen cove neighborhood in vallejo. a plane dumped fire retardant turning homes, cars, driveways and porches pink. >> all of a sudden the pink
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stuff came flying down. i west down the hill more. >> reporter: residents were told to evacuat other neighbors pondered whether to leave as helicopters dumped water on the parched hillsides where the fire crept in between homes. >> i'm worried about my kids. i have kids at home, with four dogs. so i just don't really think about the house. i'm thinking about my kids. >> i was coming from the ven esha bridge, and i could see the smoke from way over there. i knew it was huge. >> reporter: but the concerted effort of fire crews from throughout the region saved these homes. it was a close call. the fire started in a jeep near the interstate 80 car quinn as bridge toll plaza. >> we've had two firefighters with minor injuries. it started with a vehicle fire here. the owner of the vehicle has yet to be located. chp is trying to find that person. >> reporter: heat was not a problem. the temperature was in the 80s. but wind did play a part in the
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fire spreading through grass as tall as the firefighters. here along bay hurst drive, backyard patios and landscaping burned and rooftops were blackened. four homes were damaged by the fire. three more by the retardant. leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. all right. at one point all east-bound lanes on i-80 were closed because of this fire and then it became one or two lanes open. it was slow. but all lanes are open now. but you can still see in these live conditions, we still see a lot of red there from crockett to rodeo, all the way to the car kinas bridge. it's still backed up to richmond tonight. we sent out an alert through the abc 7 news app. people who use our app were able to watch it live. the app is free to download and works for both apple and android devices. there is a 40-degree temperature spread across the bay area today. along the coast it's in the 60s, on the left looking at santa
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cruz where it's a little warmer, in the 70s. on the right is walnut creek where temperatures soared today. >> still pretty warm in some locations inland. here's a look at live doppler 7. today's high temperature so far, that 111 is an unofficial record high for this date. but look at the inland east bay. 106 at livermore and fairfield. highs 107 in antioch. 105 at concord. around the bay, 85. 72 here in san francisco. it was a sizzler. i should remind you that until 9:00 tonight, we still have a heat advisory in effect for much of the bay area. e areas outlined in orange. excessive heat warning in effect for those areas in red. basically the inland valleys and the higher elevations. and here's what's coming our way tonight. notice that fog is coming back to the coast. it will start to exert a cooling influence tomorrow.
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and temperatures will drop rather significantly in most locations from today's high. so the heat wave is just about over. hang in there, i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up shortly. these puppies got a break from the heat inside sonoma county animal services. the fire department posted these ctures online so we could share them. the puppies and their mom were brought in by their owner. one of the puppies was close to overheating. but after some cool towels and a chance to sleep next to a frozen water bottle they're all doing okay. look at those cute faces. pets are being allowed inside libraries because of the heat. they're changing the rules for today and tomorrow only. leashes and crates are encouraged but not required. two senior citizens died because of the heat this week. santa clara county is taking extra steps to prevent any more heat related dethsd.
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janine joins us live from santa clara to tell us what's being done there. janine? >> reporter: yeah, it's great, kristen, to be somewhere where you can get some water. and it's air conditioned. it's nice and cool in here. that's what county officials want. they want people to stay indoors and pretty much do anything that prevents them from getting sick or die from this excessive heat. >> hello! we came to offer services. >> reporter: with temperatures close to 100, living outside can be brutal. >> just try to hydrate. try to stay cool. go to the park and whatnot. it has been rough. >> reporter: outreach workers are visiting homeless encampments, offering water because much the heat. two elderly people died from heatstroke. one of the victims was 87-year-old jordan. neighbors say the day she died, she was gardening. >> she had a chain saw and was working on a bush. i was like -- i was surprised when i saw that, too. i thought, good for you.
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and then i came home and iot a text from one of my roommates telling me she had passed. >> reporter: around the corner from where jordan died, we found this young woman doing yard work at her grandfather's home. >> that's scary. i wouldn't want my grampa out here in this scorching heat doing something like that. while they're on vacation, we thought, why don't we come and do it since we're able to. >> we talked about how to be dehydrated. >> reporter: inside, a car center for the elderly, they gave tips on how to stay cool. >> i sweat, it's coming down. >> reporter: seniors who either live alone appreciated the invitation to come in for some relief. it's all in an effort to prevent any more heat related deaths from happening. in san jose, janine de levega, abc 7 news. hundreds of customers are without power because of the
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heat. crews loaded transformers on to trucks to take out to the field. workers have replaced at least 400 transformers in northern california. crews are also out all year patrolling for falling tree limbs which is a bigger problem when it gets hot. summer branch drop will cause a branch to drop. it seems healthy enough. there doesn't seem to be any wind. but this is just a hot-weather phenomenon. it has a lot of debate over why it's happening. >> it causes an increase of water and sap inside the branches, followed by a buildup of methane gas which forces those branches to snap. you can track the temperatures where you live with the abc 7 news accuweather app. find it free in your phone's app store. download it to be instantly notified of heat advisories and alerts. new at 6:00, brentwood police say a homeowner will not be charged for defending himself when he shot and killed two people last night. police say two men, one of them armed, tried to rob the man while he was alone inside his
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home on birch street. he shot both suspects. abc 7 news reporter lonny rivera has new details from neighbors who were shocked by what happened. >> just pow pow pow pow. >> reporter: the sound of gunfire coming from his neighbor's house startled reggie nichols. his home surveillance video shows what happened next. >> now the cops are coming. >> reporter: the camera captures nichols checking the street to see what was happening. >> he had a homemade mask, like out of a t-shirt. the eyes and nose and mouth cut out. >> reporter: nichols saw a man lying on the street who had been shot. and he smelled gas fumes. >> one of the shots hit his gas tank. you could smell it, you could hear it. >> reporter: his neighbors then came over and explained what happened. they called police. >> they made him open the safe. so after he opened the safe, i guess they weren't ready for him. >> reporter: brentwood police say two suspects came onto the neighbor's property to rob him. but the man was able to get his
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gun, firing two shots, killing both suspects. investigators say one suspect had a gun, too. >> the victim did fire his weapon. in self-defense. and there have been no formal charges filed at this point. >> i think he did what he had to do. was pretty shook up, you know. he's got a bad ba, s he's always in the garage. i don't think he was expecting that. >> reporter: neighbors say there was someone in the getaway car that drove off. police say their investigation is still active and ongoing. in brentwood, lonny rivera, abc 7 news. today senate republicans released their health care bill that will affect coverage for millions of americans. they hope to have the full senate vote on it sometime next week. it's complicated and somewhat different from the unpopular house health care bill. we asked abc 7 news reporter leeann to give us the nuts and bolts of this draft. >> it is a lot. let's get to the important stuff. those with preexisting conditions would not be denied
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coverage, and would pay the same amount as healthier people. under obamacare, if you opted out, you would pay a penalty. and that would go away under this new bill. now, we are going to see cuts in medicaid funding, and only if you make less money will you qualify for those subsidies. i tell you, so far, it's not a popular bill. at a rally at san francisco general, doctors and nurses said the proposed senate republican health care bill would hurt the poor the most. >> i think the consequences of the proposed legislation is going to be dramatic reductions in the number of people that can access to medicaid. >> reporter: right now medicaid receives extra federal funds. but under the proposed senate bill, funding would start phasing out. and by 2024, it would be restored to what it was before obamacare. >> we have costs overruns. unless everyone in america is
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willing to pay another tax, we have to find a way to save money in the system. >> reporter: under the senate bill, only those earning up to 350% of the poverty level would qualify. under obamacare, it's 400%. so what does that mean? it means that someone earning 351% of poverty is probably receiving more than $5,000 a year in subsidies. under the senate bill, that g away. >> so less care, less people covered, and for more meager benefits. >> reporter: the proposed senate bill would also eliminate taxes on the wealthy. in other words, under obamacare, anyone earning $200,000 or more a year pays an extra tax that helps fund health care. that extra tax would now be gone. republicans can only afford to lose two gop senators in order for it to pass. in san francisco, leeann melendez, abc 7 news. there are big changes coming
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to the world's biggest social networking site. next, hear how mark zuckerberg wants to change the meaning and the mission of facebook. we go to anybody in distress. >> for the second time this ferry captain found someone in distress in the water. his story of the rescue is one you'll see and hear only on abc 7 news tonight.
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breaking news, a fire burning in rodeo. you can see how close it's coming to the philips 66 refinery and homes just off california street. we do not yet have a size estimate on this fire. we'll continue to keep an eye on
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the situation and update you live on television and through the abc 7 news app as well. we are tracking breaking news in berkeley, where a gas leak has led to evacuations. the affected area is a two-block radius around 7th street and gilman street in the northwest portion of berkeley. berkeley fire department tells us that a construction crew hit a gas line. pg&e's on the scene helping figure out a way to fix that. repairs should take several hours we're told. san bruno police are looking for a robbery suspect after a pursuit earlier today. it all started with a residential burglary on crestmore drive this morning. when officers got there, one of the two suspects hopped into a car. after a short chase, the man crashed into another vehicle and ran away on foot. that caused authorities to place nearby john muir elementary on lockdown. officers found that suspect and he was arrested. the other suspect got away. a bombshell from facebook. at the inaugural community summit in chicago, founder mark
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zuckerberg announced he's changing the mission of the world's largest social media company. no longer is facebook just about sharing pictures of your pets or kids zuckerberg wants to use the platform to build community, and bring the world closer together. >> you need to give people a voice, so you can get a diversity of opinions out there. but you also need to do work to build enough common ground so we can make progress as a society together. >> zuckerberg said the way to do that is to facebook groups, launched six months ago this video from a fishing community, he plans to use artificial intelligence to recommend groups you may want to join. for example, zuckerberg is a member of max's circle. >> we just share cute photos of my daughter doing ridiculous things. >> that's a light hearted community. but the more serious ones, groups for new patients, or new parents, patients fighting illness, health and fitness, you can find groups that may -- you may want to belong to.
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zuckerberg said 100 million facebook users are currently in meaningful groups. he hopes to make it 1 billion in the near future. b.a.r.t. is backtracking on a policy to find passengers who take up more than one seat. today the board of directors voted to repeal the seat hog ordinance approved last year. the idea's not dead. the board will look at establishing a pilot program in the future. some board directors feared it would target the wrong people. >> my concern was, for travelers, for folks who are coming from our airports, for mothers, for folks with numerous children who arender 5, if you're over 5 you have to pay r tickets, they themselves would also be in violation of our one seat policy. >> the board also voted to increase fares for some riders. starting in january, anyone using paper tickets will have to pay 50 cents surcharge. b.a.r.t. is extending youth fare discounts to age 18. but reduce the discount to 50% of adult fares. all right. here's the picture that will
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cool you down. a live look from the sutro tower camera. the fog coming back in. that is a good sight. because boy, it's been hot. spencer christian is here with an update on your forecast. >> i'm happy to report the cooling has begun. we're going to use livermore and the seven-day high temperature trend there as an example of the cooling coming our way in the inland areas. tomorrow's high is 96 degrees. today's high was 106. and the cooling will continue in livermore through the weekend into early next week. by tuesday, we'll see just a puny little high of 81 degrees. it will bounce back up to 86 the next day. generally this is the pattern that all the inland areas will see. in fact the entire bay area will see a drop in temperatures. a steady drop going through the weekend and into early next week. here's live doppler 7. mainly sunny skies across the bay area. as you can see, from the sutro tower camera, a finger of fog is
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pushing out over the bay through the golden gate. 63 degrees right now in san francisco. oakland 73. 76 in mountain view. mid-80s in san jose. another view of the finger of fog pushing o over the bay from the mount tam camera. it's 80 degrees in santa rosa right now. napa 81. 84 in novato. we have mid to upper 90s at fairfield, concord and livermore. inland areas are a bit slow to cool down, but they are cooling down. here's how it looks at the golden gate right now. foggy near the coast overnight. we'll see intense heat easing up a bit tomorrow and the cooling continues this weekend and into next week. meanwhile, from 9:00 tonight to 9:00 tomorrow night, a heat advisory will remain in effect for all this area in orange here. basically that's the entire bay area away from the coast and the coastal mountain range. so we haven't lost the effect of the heat yet. overnight, look for mostly clear skies inland and over the bay. low temperatures there will drop into the upper 50s to mid-60s.
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near the coast, it will be a little bit cooler with lows in the mid-50s and a pretty good presence of fog there at the coast overnight. fog the linger at some coastal locations tomorrow. and again, it will be less warm inland than today. we'll see highs in the interior valleys in the mid-90s. right around the bay, upper 70s to low 80s. coast, low 60s. let's look ahead. air quality tomorrow will still be poor in the inland, east bay and santa clara valley. sunday, san francisco pride day, the pride parade takes place on sunday under mostly sunny skies. temperatures rising into the mid to upper 60s in san francisco on sunday. here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. for the entire bay area, we'll see, again, the steady drop in temperatures through the weekend. although inland areas will remain warm. not hot, but warm. as we get into early next week, monday, tuesday, temperatures continue to fall below the average level for this time of the year in some locations.
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under partly cloudy skies. and i think that will be welcome relief, don't you? >> oh, yeah. isn't it great to see the fog back? thank you, spencer. sky-high glimpse of
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much higher. but home prices in the bay area have just reached another peak. in may, the median price for all
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homes sold in the bay area was $755,000. that's a new high. up 7% from a year ago. these numbers are from core logic, a real estate data firm. home prices have gone up every month for five years. in a row. a dramatic transformation that's happening above the hustle and bustle of san francisco market neighborhood. with the hope of the drone 7, we're getting a glimpse at the work being done to build a grand central terminal of the west. we flew over the 5.4-acre public park built on the roof of the center. trees are being planted, footpaths are being built as well as an open-air amphitheater. there is still a lot of construction happening to get this done. the construction expected to be completed in late 2017, with buses beginning to serve the terminal in 2018. and san francisco's ultimate green rooftop should be open by then as well.
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only abc 7 sky 7 was in the air when this dramatic rescue unfolded in san francisco bay yesterday. the first sailor was pulled to safety by a passing ferry. tonight you'll hear from the captain of that boat. the performing arts have no shortage of ideas, but often a shortage of money. i'm jonathan ploom with the startup that plans to change that for all kinds of nonprofits. i don't know that they did know. how would they not know. >> there was another $160 million not being reported. >> onlybc 7 news digs into the true cost of a freeway project and why it cost 50% more than what cal trans told the public. i have that story as we
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another live look at a fire burning right now in rodeo. it's close to the philips 66 refinery and homes just off california street. you can see how much is charred already. flames are still going. where traffic is still backed up from that fire by the carquinez bridge earlier today.
6:29 pm
we don't have a size estimate on this fire yet. we will continue to keep an eye on this, of course, and we'll update you live on tv and through the abc 7 news app. drone view 7 flies over a controversial freeway project that cal trans repeatedly claimed cost $300 million. but it actually cost $460 million to build. that is 50% higher than what the agency repeatedly told the public. >> we've been investigating major problems with the willits bypass for four years. >> in a report you'll see only on abc 7, a look at how hard it can be to find out how your tax money is being spent. were you hiding the real cost of this project? >> no, we were not hiding the cost. >> that's what cal trans spokesman phil frisbee said, but documents obtained by abc 7 news, they've been giving out the wrong cost figures for years. the new freeway opened in november of 2016.
6:30 pm
you can see it here from drone view 7. six miles of freeway, and big interchanges designed to route cars and trucks around a traffic boughtneck in the tiny town of willits. the project divided the community. >> getting commercial truck traffic off of main street, and making it a safer community is important. >> reporter: but critics said the bypass was too big. and caused too much damage to protected wetlan streams. they wanted a aller, cheaper road. when the pject bke grod in 2012, this cal trans financial plan shows the total cost estimate was $290 million. but the agency told abc 7 news and the public it was $210 million. three years later, cal trans revealed the cost was up to $300 million. and stuck with that figure, through the freeway's opening day. but an internal agency document shows by then, the total was really $450 million. spokesman phil frisbee said he
6:31 pm
did not use the new total because he was not sure it was correct. it was. and six weeks later it went even higher. $459 million. still, cal trans issued no correction. >> all i can say is that cal trans is made up of imperfect people just like any other organization. we do our bist at transparency. >> reporter: the project faced a parade of problems, including a construction accident that injured three people and major issues with required environmental mitigation. the agency admitted costs were going up. but only reported a fraction of the increase to the public. >> the discrepancy is due to some cultural changes of cal trans. >> reporter: frisbee is talking about support costs. that refers to the cal trans staff that worked on each project. for many years, the agency did not include its own employees in total project costs. but after years of criticism, that changed. >> it's been cal trans' policy since about 2008 when we really
6:32 pm
started officially saying, you know, we need to make sure we include all of the core costs. that gives the public really a better idea. >> but it didn't change with the willits bypass project. >> thas correc >> 2008 it was supposed to change. but as recently as 2016, the public was being told it was a $300 million project. >> that's correct. >> reporter: frisbee said he thought the totals he gave the public included support costs. but they did not. cal trans documents show support costs roughly doubled, starting at $79 million in 2012, and up to $155 million by 2015. none of it made public. you may not have been aware until october of 2016, but your bosses were clearly aware that support costs were not included in those publicly released figures. >> i don't know that they did know. >> how would they not know, phil, that there was another $160 million not being reported? >> another piece of this puzzle is since 1989, we have changed
6:33 pm
accounting systems four times. >> reporter: we wanted to ask matt brady about that. he's director of the cal trans district that includes the willits bypass, the most expensive project ever in that district. but brady said he was busy, and preferred phil frisbee do the interview. >> i wouldn't be doing what i do if i didn't think that cal trans was overall a good agency, honest, and open. >> reporter: we showed the documents with the real bypass costs to some of the critics who fought the freeway. >> the real question is, why? why does cal trans hold such power over the public purse that they would get away with lying to the public? >> after i sat down with c trans for that interview, the agency posted a blog with the true costs of the bypass. and the total could still go higher, keep in mind, because cal trans will be working for years to finish environmental requirements. that work already accounts for
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$90 million of the $460 million total cost. now, to developing news on the backlog of untested rape kits. the abc 7 news iteam has been tracking for years. as many as 400,000 rape kits are just waiting to be tested in california, leaving many sexual assault victims with months or years to wait to have their cases advance in court. it can cost more than $1,000 to process the dna from one single kit. campbell assemblyman hopes to break that backlog by adding a new funding source that would let any californian to donate. >> to provide some source to be able to do that, on a voluntary basis, and provides an opportunity to educate california residents on what this issue might be. >> assemblyman lowe said they've raised more than $1 million on the check boxes on the state tax return. three capsized sailors are safe thankful to the watchful
6:35 pm
eye and safety training of a ferryboat captain. it unfolded yesterday afternoon in the chilly waters of san francisco bay. kate larsen caught up with the ferry captain who helped save these sailors' lives. >> the current had the boat spinning around underwater. it was kind of a bad situation. >> reporter: captain jim lily describing the rough conditions on the bay yesterday when he and his ferry crew spotted this capsized boat and three men in the water. >> we saw about a half mile away a couple guys waving. and they looked like they were in trouble, of course. >> reporter: at 2:30 yesterday afternoon, lily notified the coast guard and told his ferry passengers they were going on a detour to help. >> we yelled over to them, and asked if they were okay. and they kind of gave us, a little bit. we're kind of okay. that right away is when we said, okay, we need to get the man
6:36 pm
overboard gear ready. >> reporter: ferry crews actually rescue about ten people from the bay a year and assist the coast guard with dozens more rescues, which is why they train regularly on man overboard procedures. >> we keep our overboard ladder, life vests with ropes, life rings. >> reporter: overhead as they threw the life vest on a rope to one of the men struggling in the water -- >> the water is about 50, 59 degrees. in 20 minutes you're not doing good at all. >> reporter: thanks to captain lily's quick work, the men were only in the water five to ten minutes. >> eventually somebody would have found them but they were pretty cold. >> reporter: all three men here seen walking back on to shore had mild hypothermia. the coast guard said none of them were wearing life jackets or wet suits. captain lily wants to remind everyone on the water to wear or be in arm's reach of a flotation device.
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today, the hottest day of the week. work week anyway. which means tomorrow will be cooler. especially with that fog coming in. >> a live rolook in the east ba camera. when is the last time you checked your credit report? i'm michael finney. coming up on 7 on yourside, one co
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>> today a startup launched a new way for nonprofits to raise money. >> as jonathan bloom explains, it has a funny name, sure, but its founder hopes it could become an everyday word. >> reporter: here at z space in san francisco, no sooner does a performance wrap up than a rehearsal for the nt one begins. >> we have dance here, theater, film, we have music. >> reporter: they also have this dry erase board that shows where the money for those productions is coming from. >> through ticket sales, through foundations, individual donors. >> reporter: since president trump took office they said fund-raising has changed. >> the national endowment for arts is at risk now. >> reporter: and some donors have shifted their giving toward political causes. >> it's a precarious time for
6:41 pm
many arts organizations in the country. >> reporter: perhaps the perfect time for a new tool. >> we help donations. >> reporter: vivian was an investment manager. >> go to the foundation x, foundation y, z, to apply for those loans. >> reporter: but here they apply once to be looked over by all the platforms, and could get a better deal than the bank. >> instead of paying 16%, we're paying under 5%. >> reporter: it works some of the interest rate magic by looking at borrowers differently. they look at factors that are specific to the nonprofit world. >> they said receiving the grant for 13 years in a row, and consistently every year, about the same amount. >> reporter: they take grants, ticket sales, even a board member's personal assets as collateral. >> they can start collecting some payments back, and then maybe when they receive their year-end bonus or whatever that might be, then they can decide, okay, that's the time to convert it to a donation.
6:42 pm
>> reporter: with one click they can forgive the rest of the loan and get a tax write-off and maybe a spot on the wall of donors. >> these are tough times for a lot of the donations in the arts. >> reporter: in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. coming up next, "7 on your side's" michael finney helps one family with a complicated resolution to a simple mistake. >> that was getting in the way of their ♪ ♪ isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves
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to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can.
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a federal study found roughly one in five consumers discovered errors in their credit report that were eventually corrected. >> "7 on your side's" michael finney said it could be costly. >> it costs you a lot of money. an error on your credit report can reduce your score and lessen your chance of getting a good loan. a cheap loan. one oakland couple recently found that out firsthand. henrietta and ronald enjoy their oakland home. they applied to refinance their mortgage at the beginning of this year, but were denied. their credit report listed a second home the couple owned as a foreclosure. the fabios say their credit report had not been properly updated. >> the foreclosure never went through. >> reporter: the couple received a modification, but as late as
6:46 pm
this year, their credit report from transunion still listed the home as a foreclosure. >> everybody kept saying, you have a foreclosure onour record. >> reporter: transunion w the only credit bureau that listed a foreclosure. henrietta set they sent transunion the proof but nothing changed. suzanne is with consumers union. >> their processes may be relatively automated. they may just be checking boxes. if they check their records, and it appears the information is still accurate, they may not do anything, so you may have to be persistent. >> reporter: the couple wasn't ready to give up. >> for me, i'm thinking, i'm going to find a way. >> reporter: henrietta dropped by my "ask finney" event in alameda and talked to one of my consumer counselors. transunion told us, discrepancies potentially can result from a number of factors, such as identity theft, a disagreement between a consumer
6:47 pm
and their creditor, or a data entry error somewhere along the way. the company says within a week the foreclosure was removed from their credit report. henrietta was happy she paid me a visit. >> thank you, michael, and thank you for advertising that you're going to be there. and it was just so simple. >> our next "ask finney" event is july 14th at the town center in korta ma dera. as for the fabios, they tell us they're well on their way to get their mortgage refinanced. if you want more information, go to our website for a link to get your own free credit report. if you have another consumer problem, let me know about it. my hotline is open monday through friday 10:00 to 2:00. and of course, you can always reach me through facebook or our station's >> bringing into action as you always do.
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>> thanks. an update to the fire in rodeo we've been watching for you. it is now under control. that part is new. the fire burned grassland near the philips 66 refinery and some homes as well. still no estimate of how many acres actually burned. now take a live look outside. this is the view across the san mateo bridge. an unexpected visitor showed up in fro of this camera this morning. a curious bird kept popping his head up. hwas right there. peekaboo! >> hello. >> he was there for several minutes, just looking around. at one point he even jumped on top of the camera. >> how funny is that. an update on the weather forecast with spencer christian. isn't that funny, spencer? >> the funniest thing i've seen all day. fog returning to the coastline. which means our heat wave is about to end. it will be increasing its cooling influence overnight and tomorrow. overnight lows will still be pretty mild. we'll see some upper 50s and low 60s in many inland areas.
6:49 pm
check out the forecast for tomorrow. fog lingers at the coast. it will be sunny inland and over the bay. it will still be warm in the inland areas with mid-90s in the warmest spots. no triple digits. the cooling continues through the weekend. although tomorrow is another spare the air day. air quality is not great. but it will improve as we get into the weekend, and next week as we get a sharper cooldown. >> looking forward to that. >> so am i. money, money, money. >> somebody's got it. is it you? >> derrick carr has -- no. some of the details are out on the massive contract for the raiders quarterback. you probably heard $125 million. the key number is, the amount that's
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good evening. derek carr's deal is done. now the highest paid player in the nfl based on annual salary. five years, $125 million to lead the silver and black. today ehe tweeted, now it's done. i wanted to be a raider for life. one step closer to that. blessed. business done. let's just play now. $25 million a year is great.
6:53 pm
but keep in mind nfl contracts are not fully guaranteed. it's believed $40 million of the $125 million in this deal is completely guaranteed. it's also been reported that the contract is back loaded to take advantage of the fact that las vegas has no state income tax, and the raiders as you know will be playing there in a few years. carr threw for almost 4,000 yards lt season. the raiders have a news conference scheduled for tomorrow. the draft that i day of thee golden state warriors. not anymore. the nba champs don't even have a pick in tonight's draft which started with the philadelphia 76ers. >> the philadelphia 76ers select markelle fultz from the university of washington. >> no surprise here. markelle fultz. alonzo ball. fgs the celtics, suns go with
6:54 pm
josh jackson from kansas. keep in mind, the warriors could decide to buy a second round pick. we'll see like they did with patrick mckau. i believe in stephen vogt. but the organization stopped believing. today they got rid of their clubhouse leader and one of the more recognizable and popular players. stephen vogt has been designated for assignment. really struggling at the plate this season hitting only .217. yesterday their gm took vogt aside and said it was going to be his last game in oakland. >> he saw the playing time being cut back some and he wanted to know how he could get that playing time back. david was good enough to sit with him and explain the situation. a little bit of a heavy heart when he came out here. he'll end up, i think, at a place, hopefully, where he's in
6:55 pm
a pennant race who can help a club. he definitely can still help a club. look at the fans with their jerseys and umpire masks. they're ready to call the game. george springer had to leave the game. second inning three-run homer. gonzalez would cap off an eight-run inning with another ree-run blast. all ten runs in t innings of work. that didn't stop the umps, the backup umps from having a good time. strike three called! in the end they ended up getting swept by a final of 12-9. giants and braves started after a 90-minute rain delay. second inning, giants down 2-1. matt cain going the opposite way. scores austin slater and
6:56 pm
hernandez. that made it 3-2 giants. right now, 5-2 giants and they're in the third. complete highlights at 11:00. a six-year, $130 million contract, according to one report he's going to opt out of that deal after the season, hoping to settle a much bigger contract. the team wouldn't go for it. e.r.a. around 4.5. likely scenario is the giants trading johnny at the deadline. and we're probably looking at youth movements for both the a's and giants because both teams are struggling so much. play the young guys and see if you can build for the future. >> yep. thanks, larry. join us tonight at 9:00. california solar problem. we have so much of it. we're giving it away to other states. why we can't use it ourselves. that's at 9:00. on abc 7 news at 11:00, the new hope for a family who has gone 20 years without answers. after their loved one just
6:57 pm
suddenly vanished from san francisco. tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, the two-hour premiere of boy band. then at 10:00, the premiere of the gong show. and stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00. 11:35, "jimmy kimmel liv." anthony hopkins and comedian chris hardwick. that's a good one. breaking news on twitter and appreciate your time. have a good night. >> see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- an editor and writer from san bruno, california.. an appellate attorney from miami, florida... and our returning champion -- an office manager from easthampton, massachusetts... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. hello, everyone. welcome again to our program.
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i'd like to start things off today with some advice for our newcomers -- natasha and daniel, and the advice is based on comments made to me at the end of yesterday's program by our champion, lisa. she will, as you will recall, was in the red a couple of times, but she didn't panic. she persevered, finally mastered the signaling device, got her confidence going and wound up winning a lot of money -- a lot. could happen to you. here we go. into the jeopardy! round. and now a look at the categories, beginning with... homany are there? and finally... lisa, start. recent history & biography, $200. lisa. who is william shatner? correct. recent history, $400.


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