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tv   ABC7 Morning News 9AM  ABC  June 25, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning. it is sunday, june 25th i'm tiffany wilson in for carolyn tyler. let's start with a quick check of the weather. here is meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning to you. we see all the fog behind you and check it out, looks like a summertime pattern here. live doppler 7 with all of the sunshine so far in our inland east bay. but don't worry it spreading to the west. and we'll have a good dose of that. want to point your attention no to the north of us, a source of further cooling as we get going for the last week of june. 56 in the city. 62 in mountain view . san jose, cloudy at 63. upper 50s santa rosa. 64 and sunny skies in concord and livermore nice at 63. 50s, 60s, to near 70 now with
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clouds and sun. partly cloudy through noon time. more sun, but still a little gray at the coast. 60s there. breezy. mid-80s inland. look at last full week of june coming up with my accuweather seven-day forecast in a few minutes. a celebration of diversity is about to take over san francisco. the 47th annual pride parade starts in just about 90 minutes. abc 7 news reporter janine della vega is along the parade route. >> good morning. a lot of excitement felt here, everybody is pumped up and we are here at the start of the parade on market and beil street. this is the route, they have barricades, you can see the bikes leading off the parade. everybody is gearing up. there is lots of floats, people getting ready to roll down market street. there is about 250 entries in the parade, a lot of people are also going to be walking besides floats. one of the groups walking, the
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survivors of the pulse nightclub shooting in orlando, florida. a lot of them said they're here because this is just the mecca for pride. they feel the love and support here. while this is a celebration of the lgbt community, they also want to send a political message, the resist movement is here, calling for action in support of equal rights and issues close to the lgbt community. back out here live, i have somebody who, it is h first time at pride, kiana ebharara. why is it so important for you to be here today. >> this year i had just came out and i thought it was really important that i got to experience it in person because i've always, you know, i've seen the floats and stuff like that on tv, so i just thought it would be a good experience, you know. >> you tell me you're 15, you're from oakland. to see the support and all the rainbows and the love here, how does that make you feel? >> it is refreshing, really.
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just to know i'm a part of this community that is so big, you know. yeah. >> thank you so much for speaking with us. we know that parade is going to get under way at 10:30. and there are crowds of people here rolling down the street. you can see all sorts of people here walking, so security is very tight. san francisco police none of them have gotten the day off. everybody is working. some are going to be under cover, some in uniform, some on rooftops with the recent terrorist attacks nationwide, they are on high alert. they want everybody to enjoy themselves here and keep in mind, if you see something suspicious, say something. they want this to be a very, very safe event. reporting live here from san francisco, janine della vega. one year after the pulse nightclub shooting in orlando, survivors and friends and families of victims travelled to san francisco to join the pride parade. abc 7 news spoke with a man
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whose best friend was killed in the nightclub shooting. >> that happens to be one of the very last things he did for me was there at pulse that night, standing on the patio, put his arm around me like he always did and said, i love you. >> brandon wolf is keeping his friend's legacy alive through the drew project. it is a group named after christopher andrew leinonen, killed at the pulse last year. it gives scholarships to member of the lgbtq community and prize leadership opportunities. >> the things that people remember about pulse ten years from now i hope are the things like the drew project, the things that are love and unity and compassion. >> there is always more that we can do in order to protect future kids, teens, adults, anybody who is in threat of being attacked. >> wolf and sarah grossman will speak at the pride parade today along with others who are representing the brady campaign
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to prevent gun violence. the iconic pink triangle is in place up at twin peeks now. it was used by the nazis in world war ii to identify and persecute home sexuals. the pink triangle will be taken down this afternoon following the city's pride parade. security will, of course, be high at today's pride parade. the parade runs down market street, between 8th and beil, you can see the route highlighted in blue. and then street closures started at 6:00 a.m., those are all indicated in red. many muni lines will be rerouted during the par and you can find a closer view of that map as well as a full calendar of events on our website, or by downloading our abc 7 news app. enable push alerts for pride updates throughout the day. several home invasion robberies, neighbors worked together to help police make an arrest of a teenage boy and detain two of his accomplices.
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abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley has the story from fremont. >> he was then attacked, punched in the face at a pretty significant -- i mean damaged his eye. >> reporter: this witness and neighbor wanted to remain anonymous as he described how the same intruders returned to the same house in fremont's ardent wood neighborhood, using the stolen keys to try to get in the house. they also tried to break a sliding glass door. the same woman victim and her son were home. >> they were startled, took off, ran off, we were able to capture some of the vehicle on both days on our cameras. >> reporter: the brazen suspects returned again, the very next day driving the same maroon honda accord. alert neighbors blocked their exit as they called police. this is cell phone video showing police arresting a 15-year-old boy on two counts of home invasion robbery, elder abuse and possession of a stolen vehicle. his accomplices were also
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detained, a 14-year-old girl and 10-year-old girl. 15-year-old neighbors say it was armed with a sledgehammer. >> i know they were young. but i was shocked. >> you're relieved now? >> releft now. >> reporter: others describe many thefts in the neighborhood and teenagers loitering on the streets with alcohol. >> few people not in the neighborhood come and hang out, just sit in the car, like, so that's like risky because you have kids here. >> reporter: police praised the neighborhood cameras and the vigilance of residents. >> we always need help from the community and the more support that we have, from the community, the better we're able to do ourfremont, leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. federal investigators were looking at a small plane that crashed about a football field's length away from where it was supposed to land. abc 7 news was just outside the san martin airport south of morgan hill where the single engine cessna 182 crashed just after 5:00 last night. the pilot was the only one on
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board, and he walked away with some cuts to his face. a man driving by on highway 101 saw it happen and then rushed over to help. >> actually came about 30 feet above his vehicle, he pulled over, and rendered aid to the party and actually pulled him out of the airplane. >> what a close call. the pilot told chp his engine quit as he was coming into land. he flies for a skydiving school and was just returning from dropping off some skydi divers. a fire in the castro district briefly interrupted yesterday's pride celebrations. a viewer shared video showing smoke and flames pouring out of a second floor balcony yesterday near 18th and castro streets. it happened just above the posh bagels restaurant. no one was hurt. new this morning, a fire that broke out last night at carmonte high school is under investigation. around 6:00 p.m., belmont fire
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and police vaevacuated 50 peopl from an adult basketball league after smoke was spotted coming from the roof of the gym. investigators are looking into a possible connection between the fire and some roofing work that had been done earlier on in the day. nobody was hurt, but damage to the school is estimated at $100,000. lost children and victims on the ground attracted a lot of attention at a busy public park, but not to worry. this is only a drill. abc 7 news was in menlo park as firefighters and police officers trained volunteers for the community emergency response team. the team is called into action anytime there is a major disaster. the mock scenarios help prepare those who don't save people for a living to help out. >> not just the firefighters who are doing it. it is everybody. it is you, me, it is our neighbors, our kids, our boy scouts who are doing it. that's exciting to see. >> this is the first time the training has been held in menlo park. surveillance cameras helped
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santa rosa police break up a side show and make several arrests. police say they received complaints of hundreds of people and cars gathering at the parking lot at the santa rosa marketplace on nights. police provided these pictures captured by cameras they set up. they arrested six people and towed two cars. in san jose, a flower shop owner is accused of stealing more than $26,000 from her customers. the mug shot for jasmine rivera shows the florist in tears. prosecutors say she refused to refund nearly $10,000 to a family who canceled their daughter's celebration and didn't deliver $8,000 worth of flowers and decorations for a woman's wedding. the time now is 9:11. and quick check of the weather, lisa. >> we're still pretty gray here in the city. that's what we would expect. 56 degrees here in san francisco. over in oakland, it is 61. and fairly typical for late june. we'll have low 70s and sunshine today. right now, the rain just about
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16 degrees, coast to brentwood. what to expect for sunday afternoon, look ahead, which includes summertime pattern, that's next. also next, president trump's big push for the senate bill that would repeal and replace obamacare as some believe the gop simply won't have enough votes to pass it. and big day ahead on sonoma race way. what officials a
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developing news this morning, the deng deth toll continues to rise after an oil tanker explosion in pakistan. at least 148 people have died after the tanker overturned in the eastern part of the country. officials say residents rushed to collect leaking fuel with cans after the tanker flipped and then it burst into flames. police tried to cordon off the area but were overwhelmed by villagers. 76 are wounded with dozens listed in critical condition. a fire in iron county, utah, is now at a week old, the largest active wildfire in the country. 13 residents buildings have been destroyed. fire crews managed to save a number of homes and no new property damage was reported on friday. around 700 homes have been evacuated. president donald trump is making a big push for the senate health care bill as we head into
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a potentially critical vote this week. now the details from washington. >> reporter: as the final push begins for the senate bill to repeal and replace obamacare, the gop appears to be well shy of the votes they need. of the 52 republicans in the senate, five said they'll vote no, four others expressed concerns, no democrats support the measure at all. bernie sanders for one out there campaigning against it. >> this bill is a moral outrage. it must be defeated and together we will do just that. >> but the white house is playing hard ball. >> we'll get it done, even if we don't have any help from the democrats, we'll get it done. >> reporter: after nevada republican dean heller said the bill would be catastrophic for low income residents of his state -- >> very difficult to get me to a yes. >> reporter: a pro trump pac threatened a million dollar ad buy against him in his
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re-election fight next year. the president doing his best to charm and cajole votes in his tweets and interviews. >> and i don't think they're that far off, famous last words, right, but i think we're going to get there. >> reporter: the president is also keeping a sharp eye on the russia investigation. cia director mike pompeo and his first interview insisted trump is an avid consumer of intelligence. >> he consumed his intelligence in a different way. he's demanding, asks us incredibly difficult questions, and counts on myself and other leaders in the ic to deliver those answers for him. >> reporter: david wright, abc news, washington. the democratic national committee came to san francisco and members pointed out how essential the black vote is to a winning democratic ticket. abc 7 news in oakland yesterday at the scottish rite temple for the event hosted by barbara lee. speakers said if democrats don't
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get 92% of the black vote, they don't win. and they accused republicans of making sure that that doesn't happen. >> they are suppressing the vote all over the country. they don't just suppress the vote because they're racist. they suppress it because there is a practical manner, it is how they win. >> speakers also blamed a misguided mass policy that leads against blacks and latinos as another way to suppress votes. south sacramento police are investigating the burning of a bacon filled koran outside of a mosque as a possible hate crime. here is a picture of that koran. a citizen flagged down a policeman after saying they saw a burned koran filled with bacon hanging by a handcuff from a fence. pork is forbidden in the islamic faith. the mosque is the largest in the greater sacramento area. and a sacramento woman applying for u.s. citizenship found out she already was one
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for six decades. 70-year-old honey gertiman lives in holland. she wanted to gain citizenship so she could stay in the u.s. undefinitely to be with her sick mother without the limitations of a tourist visa. an immigration attorney cleared everything up. >> this is such a relief. he looked into it. he said, but you're a citizen. you're a citizen. >> that attorney says he's never seen another case like it. it turns out that her mother and deceased father were both u.s. citizens and at one point she lived with them in the u.s. as a child and previously had a green card. she did not say why she thought she wasn't a citizen, she led the pledge of allegiance at her oath ceremony and got her certificate which dates back 60 years. nascar fans attending today's big toyota save mart 350 race are being warned. arrive early and expect a lot of traffic. today's event is a special
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significance because it will be dale earnhardt jr.'s last race at the sonoma race way before he retires. more than 40,000 fans are expected to attend. race way officials and the highway patrol expect significant traffic delays along highways 37 and 121, which are both single lane roads. the race starts at noon. now, your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> sunday morning, see the fog around the bay, except for inland valleys, they had all the sunshine, working its way to the west, the fog will line up along the coast. but want to take you to the east coast, you may have heard about the wild weather they had yesterday, two confirmed tornadoes in new jersey. but right now, new york and new jersey, enjoying some sunshine, temperatures in the upper 70s in new jersey. the humidity is on, though, low 80s in new york. you can see calmer conditions. hurricane season in the tropics starts may 15th. we have tropical storm dora here. 180 miles off the southwest of
9:21 am
acapulco, mexico. this will continue to strengthen. moving to the west/northwest at 12. you see anywhere from 1 to 3 inches of rain with isolated areas of five inches. so it will be pretty active here, right on through monday, expect it to be a hurricane. nonetheless some rough weather there. back home, stable air, that's -- we're all about it, right, san francisco with the low cloud deck here. yesterday, 73. about the same forecast. misty here in santa cruz. 56 in the city. 63 and gray in san jose. 62n mountain view. speaking of san jose, right here, below average yesterday, we'll do about the same today. 61 in novato. concord and livermore, 60s, plenty of sunshine. gray skies still up in the north bay. compared to yesterday, we are five to six degrees cooler in our inland east bay. going from average in some spots to below average on the peninsula. so with that sea breeze and the afternoon, you know the routine,
9:22 am
nice, take a while for us to get some sunshine here. going to pull back from the coast. the fog anyway temporarily. i mean, temporarily, then back in quickly. don't plan on a beach day today unless you like this weather. fog, coast and bay with mist and drizzle. cooling continues today. more cooling right on through tuesday. so if you're out and about in san francisco today, hopefully have the jacket, cool afternoon, breezy winds, low 60s on through the afternoon. some sun, some clouds, and breezy at the coast. so we're looking at our fog and you'll notice that throughout the afternoon temperatures will be fairly typical and that fog is going to come back into play as we get through the evening hours. 78 today, santa clara. 75 milpitas. look for numbers below average. we should see 77 mountain view. you'll notice the gray skies, sunset in richmond, north bay, 78, san rafael. 79, vallejo. east bay, nice afternoon. low 70s for you.
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most of you, mid-70s out towards alameda and if you go to the east bay, warmer, but cooler than yesterday. 83 in san ramon and the seven day forecast, keeping that cooling trend through tuesday and download our accuweather app and you'll be able to see that some of those cities along the east bay will be breaking out into the sunshine. and less than an hour, but the rest of you will have to wait. that's going to be the drill. right on through the middle of the week as the low clouds and fog dictate our pattern which we're used to around here. >> basically san francisco summer. >> subtle changes each and every day. >> sounds great, thank you. just ahead, the nba champs shine on the baseball field and some warriors even hit it out of the park. we'll tell you about the softball game for a good cause.
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happening today, spacex plans to launch the second rocket in 48 hours. now, this is video from friday's successful launch from kennedy space center in florida. today's mission includes launching another ten satellites for aridium. it is scheduled to launch from vandenberg air force base in southern california. the warriors kevin durant channeled his inner michael jordan yesterday, going yard in a home run derby to benefit javale mcgee's jug life
9:27 am
foundation. it is a group co-founded by mcgee that helps build wells in africa and encourages kids to drink more water instead of soft drinks. >> for a great cause. just to spend time with teammates and, you know, a lot of other people who's great. >> draymond green, andre iguodala and the nba championship trophy made it to the field. draymond's team won 19-15 over mcgee's team, despite dede being one of the only warriors to not hit a home run. sure he'll hear about that in the locker room. mcgee will become a free agent on july 1st, but has already expressed his desire to remain with the warriors. still to come on abc 7 mornings, a pride themed cross walk causing duelling protests in texas. also, a flight forced to return to australia after what one passenger described as the plane shaking like a
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good morning to you. we're starting off this half hour with a look at the weather. here is meteorologist lisa argen. good morning, lisa. >> good morning to you. you're looking at walnut creek, a little fog out there and more sunshine in the east bay. and so it is warmer. temperatures in the lower 60s there right now. mid-60s in gilroy. pretty great in the city. oakland, 61. right here from san rafael, this camera, it is gray in marin county. numbers are mild despite the low cloud deck, low to mid-60s. by the afternoon, in san francisco, breezy, cool, this is for the pride celebration today. the parade, numbers are just going to stay in the low 60s with a mix of clouds and sun. look at the rest of the bay area today and the week ahead moments away. >> the celebration of diversity is about to take over san
9:31 am
francisco. the 47th annual pride parade starts one hour from right now. abc 7 news reporter janine vega is at the start of the parade route. >> reporter: the crowd here is building. in the last 30 minutes, a lot more people here on the sidewalks, everybody in a good mood. we're seeing a lot of rainbows and right now people are trying to stake out a good spot to watch the parade here along market street. and behind the scenes, the finishing touches being put on the floats so colorful and should be fun to see. there is 250 entries on this parade. the survivors of the pulse nightclub shooting in orlando are among the people marching. a lot of them came here because they say this is the mecca for pride. about 1 million people are estimated to be here for pride weekend. some came in from out of state just to witness the love and support here. >> i come from a small town of missouri, coming to a city in san francisco, shows how everybody groups together.
9:32 am
they won't judge you, like here. it is like whatever you are, straight, bi, gay, they're going to push you together and makes you one happy family. >> reporter: security is a huge priority. every san francisco police officer is working today, some are under cover, some in uniform, some are on rooftops monitoring the parade below. with all the recent terrorist attacks worldwide, they are on high alert, they want everyone to enjoy themselves and to be safe. they're telling people if you see something suspicious, say something and report it. back out here live, the parade is going to get under way at 10:30 this morning. the start of it is right here at market and beil street and runs through 8th street. if you're not coming to pride, avoid this area because it is going to get quite crowded. a loud crowd, a lot of excitement here building. but should be a fun time for everybody. reporting live from san francisco, janine de la vega.
9:33 am
a local soccer club that cannot be at today's pride parade will show their support in a different way. san francisco city fcs next match takes place today during pride festivities. the team is showing their support with special edition jerseys to commemorate the event. the match worn jerseys will be auctioned off on the website afterwards with all proceeds benefiting san francisco's aids legal referral panel. please, we want you, share your pride with all of us at abc 7 news. we want to see how you areut there celebrating, how you feel pride. share your pictures andeo with us by using #abc7now. a houston neighborhood is now home to the only gay pride cross walk in all of texas. all four pedestrian crossings in the intersection are rainbow painted. houston joins atlanta, san francisco, and philadelphia as cities with similar cross walks. the addition has made anti-gay
9:34 am
protesters in the area angry. a group of them clashed with the lgbtq community on friday. >> go by what the bible teaches, the love of god is offered at the cross. hell fire is the vengeance of god for eternity. >> i wouldn't be out here making friends with these people and dancing and listening to cher. >> the pride parade one of the largest in the country took place yesterday. according to estimates, over 700,000 people from all over the world attended. in portland, oregon, bike riders strippe down to prove a point yesterday. thousands of bicyclists took part in the annual world naked bike ride. it has been going on in portland for over a rs call it a celebran of the bicycle and the human body. it is a protest against society's dependence on pollution-based transport. a scary situation last night
9:35 am
at a new york amusement park that could have ended up much worse. the eyewitness who captured this video said he heard some screaming just before 8:00 p.m. at six flags in upstate new york. he looked up to see a teenage girl hanging from the bottom of a chair ride. a group of bystanders gathered below to catch her fall from nearly 35 feet up. she did not suffer any sirious injuries, she is in stable condition at a local hospital, though. one of the men who caught her was also taken to the hospital suffering from a back injury. this morning, an air asia flight returned safely to perth, australia, after a terrifying experience for a group of airline passengers. they experienced violent shaking on board their flight, followed by a harrowing -- >> it was a terrifying midair scare for the hundreds of passengers aboard that flight. the entire cabin of this airbus violently shaking. one witness describing it as
9:36 am
shuttering like a washing machine. >> shaking violently, started using altitude. >> reporter: the air asia flight departed perth, australia, it was en route to the malaysian capital of kwuala lumpur, but 9 minutes into the trip, the pilot was forced to turn around. the captain of the plane issuing this dire warning. >> also please, listen to everything. our survival depends on your cooperating. hopefully erything will tu best >> lots of people crying, pulling life jackets and stuff, pretty much preparing. but we thought it was a good chance we were going to go down. >> reporter: somehow these two passengers managed to make light of the ordeal. >> as passengers, probably not the best thing to hear. said he advised us to pray for the plane and pray for and he said he was scared too. that's something you not want to
9:37 am
here as a passenger. >> reporter: the pilot was able to land the plane safely in perth. ron clayborn, abc news, london. still ahead on abc 7 mornings, did you know that you can buy a 3-d printer for less than the cost of a cell phone? 7 on your side's michael finney shows us what a $200 model can build. and, here is a live look from our camera along the pride parade route on market street. you see it is a rather gray morning, but it is going to be a very colorful parade in less than an hour. we'll have 60 degrees out there. lisa argen will have your ful
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welcome back. live look from our mount tamm cam above the clouds today, blue sky for many of you. the sun is going to burn through. you'll have a beautiful day this afternoon. lisa argen is going to give you your full forecast in a couple of minutes. the chp is looking for the
9:40 am
owner of a -- with an incredible survival story. officers found this little guy trapped inside of the median barrier of the golden gate bridge. they blocked off a lane of traffic to rescue him. and then an officer took him to the vet who gave him a bath and then a clean bill of health. now, the kitten doesn't have a microchip or a collar, so the officer agreed to take him home and foster him until the kitten's owner comes forward. he's calling the kitty very appropriately bridges. happening today in marin, street painting meets 60s hippie culture. the 50th anniversary of the summer of love is the inspiration for the italian street painting festival, continuing today in san rafael. over 100 street painters from across the country are paying homage to the cultural revolution that began in the bay area in 1967. the festival starts today at 10:00 and runs until 6:00. admission is $10 for adults and children 12 and under all get in
9:41 am
free. the art is absolutely incredible. lisa, today, going to be a good day to check it out. >> that's right. not too hot. so that's the key. compared to where we were yesterday as we look outside, you see the flag blowing here from our room camera. winds up to 20 miles an hour. it is 56 here in san francisco. we'll see a mix of clouds and sun and a cooldown before we warm up again. how warm? i'll let you know in a few minutes. lisa, thank you. also next, the giants bullpen woes continue against the mets as san francisco becomes the first team in the majors to reach 50, yes, 50 losses. rick kwan has the highlights coming
9:42 am
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such as kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. it's important to learn all you can... help protect yourself from a stroke. talk to your doctor about xarelto®. there's more to know™. in sports, dale earnhardt jr. will make his last start at sonoma race way after announcing his retirement earlier this year. you can see dale jr. in the toyota save mart 350, the race starts at noon. the a's trying for a three game sweep in chicago. first pitch at 11:10 a.m. and the giants will try to avoid being swept by the mets. last night, the giants became the first major league team this season to lose 50 games. here's rick quan with the highlights in in this morning's sports. >> good morning. how quickly things can change. just last year the giants had the best record in baseball at the all-star break.
9:45 am
now they're on pace to lose more than 100 games. after designating aaron hill for assignment, the giants called up rider jones. in his first big league at bat, jacob degrom gets him to ground out, jones went 0 for 4. scoreless until the fourth. johnny gives up a solo home run to wilmer flores. san francisco pulled even in the seventh. brandon belt leads off with a 14th home run of the season. and tied 1-1. not for long. the mets get to the giants bullpen in the eighth. jay bruce singles off sam dyson, curtis grander son scores the go en later in the inning,lore doubles off george cantos for another run. new york goes on to win 5-2. giants become the first team in the majors to lose 50 games this season. the last place oakland a's hoping a full fledged youth movement can turn their fortunes around.
9:46 am
yesterday, the future looked promising. before getting ejected, chicago manager rick renteria saw his team fall behind quickly. in first, rookie matt olson, first career home run, a two-run shot off james shields. he would hit another one in the seventh. that calls for some high fives. then in the second, another rookie, jakcob brugman, 3-0, oakland. oakland's franklin baretto making his major league debut. he goes deep. first time in american league history that three teammates have hit their first career home run in the same game. another rookie got the victory. daniel gossett. the a's win 10-2, they'll try to complete a three-game sweep later this afternoon. the field is set for told's toyota save mart 350 in sonoma. a.j. allmendinger will start fifth with danica patrick sixth.
9:47 am
the pole was one yesterday by oak grove native kyle larsson. the series point leader averaged 95.3 miles an hour on the road course. jamie mcmurray finished second. larsson didn't think he had done that well. >> surprised when i saw the team pull up on my dash and happy about that. cool to get a pole on a road course, my home state. this is my closest track to sfraemt or elk grove where i grew up. lots of friends and family here. >> race results later on tonight at 5:00. that's sports for sunday morning. i'm rick quan. now accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> good sunday morning to you. here is live doppler 7, low clouds, fog, with us this morning, even mist and drizzle. sunshine, inland east bay. we'll have it for most of the bay area today. but we have another couple of days of cooling thanks to an area of low pressure that will allow for a deeper marine layer and temperatures will not get too hot because of that. much calmer day in the northeast
9:48 am
yesterday. two confirmed tornadoes in new jersey. but today, we're looking at the typical summertime weather. humid conditions, upper 70s to near 80 here. much quieter through monday. the hurricane season starts here, june 1st in the atlantic. in the pacific, it starts may 15th. it has been pretty active. and right around mexico, about 180 miles southwest of acapulco, we have tropical storm dora. that will continue to strengthen. moving to the northwest at 12 miles an hour. paralleling the coast. this could be a hurricane as soon as tomorrow. d it bringing a lot of rain all the way along the shoreline here. so 1 to 3 inches of rain in isolated spots. could see as much as 6 inches of rain. if you have a cruise planned or heading down to mexico, you're going want to stay tuned to the forecast. back home, looking at a lot of gray sky here, mist and drizzle, limited sunshine at the coast. 56 degrees in san francisco.
9:49 am
with mid-60s on the peninsula, still pretty gray from mountain view, palo alto, san jose, 57 half moon bay. and a cool day there as well. so for mount tamm, look at the deck of low clouds. going to get deeper in next couple of days. if you want a beach day, you have to wait, couple of days, unless you like the kind of cool and gray sky on the way. 64 concord. livermore, 63. it is 62 in napa. and this morning, we are anywhere from 5 to 7 degrees cooler than we were at this time yesterday. so the cooling continues inland. and this morning, still a little cool on the coast. the breeze will pick up, in the low 70s for santa cruz. highlights then, fog, coast and bay. we'll look for that mist and drizzle to let up throughout the afternoon. the cooling temperatures will take us through not only today, you'll notice it, but also right on through tomorrow and tuesday. so throughout the day today, temperatures in the low 60s with that sea breeze, mix of clouds
9:50 am
and sun for the activities in san francisco and heading north, it is sunny skies, but we're looking at number 61 now up in sonoma. low 70s by noon time, 79 in the afternoon. south bay numbers, below average, 75, milpitas. low 70s, menlo park. gray skies, lots of cloud cover, stern grove. 74 in orinda. you'll notice that the trend is cooler and then as we get warmer, won't be too hot. >> looks like a typical summer spread is back. >> you got it. >> all right, thank you. the fascinating world of 3-d printers is becoming more accessible. michael finney takes a look at this emerging trend. >> reporter: this 3-d printer at stanford's product realization lab is out of reach for most consumers. the university purchased it for
9:51 am
$100,000. this 3-d printer from monoprize we saw at a trade show is much more affordable. it retails for $199. these are capable of printing objects like toys, wooden lock boxes like this, can be used as a mechanical representation. they could be used for, heck, artificial limbs. >> reporter: first grader joshua shanks of houston received a prosthetic handmade by fifth graders using a 3-d printer. he was born without a hand. his new plastic one built with the assistance of a company called enable allowed joshua to manipulate building blocks and practice throwing a ball. >> going to be in the nfl at this rate. >> reporter: this use of 3-d printers is something that dan soma is seeing more and more. >> i think they are going to get more prevalent, but i don't quite see it developing to a level where everyone is going to
9:52 am
have one. >> reporter: the printers can be used to build replacement parts for appliances, doorknobs, shower heads. chris atland explains how 3-d printers work. >> if you look at the traditional 2-d printer like you have in your house, think of that in 3-d. instead of printing down a sheet of paper, it is stacking layers and layers of ink on each other to form an object. >> reporter: this model was named best cool tech product last year by digital trend. this one is going to be released in august will sell for $159. >> yeah, that's -- it is pretty amazing. i've seen some printers that are very highly reviewed, in the $600 range. >> reporter: one young man who helped build joshua's new hand says it best. >> technology is like a blessing. >> now i have links to free sites where you can find various printable objects. make using a 3-d printer. all of that on our website, at
9:53 am i'm michael finney. coming up, a celebration to last throughout the summer. with the start of stern grove's free concerts. find out who is kick off this year's 80
9:54 am
the it senses your everyere with move and automatically adjusts on both sides. right now save on sleep number 360 smart beds. plus, it's the lowest prices of the season with savings of $500 on our most popular p5 bed.
9:55 am
okay, grab the tickets. here are the winning numbers from last night's $79 million powerball drawing.
9:56 am
wednesday's jackpot goes up to $92 million. good luck. the winning numbers from last night's $49 million super lotto plus drawing -- wednesday night's prize increases to $50 million. happening today, the stern grove festival opens its 80th season with cool and the gang. the event kicks off at 11:30 with the sold out big picnic party. at 2:00, cool and the gang with local r&b and funk musician quinn devo opening the show. admission is free as always, but seating is on first come, first served basis. get there early. the festival will run through august 27th of this year. one final check of the weather. lisa? >> cloudy there today. and always crowded and fun though. go through your weekend, san jose, look what you have to look
9:57 am
forward to, tomorrow, 80 degrees. tuesday, slow warmup into the mid-80s by the weekend. rest of the bay area, 70 in oakland. 73, palo alto. 86, antioch. ting t continue the cooling inland today. breezy partly sunny. below average temperatures tomorrow to tuesday. turning things around for warmer numbers for the end of the week. >> hundreds of thousands of people coming in to san francisco for the pride parade. your recommendation on what to wear, a jacket? >> sure. for a portion of it. won't need it the whole time. >> okay, good. glad to hear it. thank you for joining us on abc 7 mornings. i'm tiffany wilson in for carolyn tyler with lisa argen. the news continues online, on twitter, on facebook, and on instagram. abc 7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. today. if you're going to pride, have a great time at the parade. enjoy.
9:58 am
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