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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  June 26, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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something wasn't right saturday. san francisco police say they discovered bags of human remains. a spokesperson with the alameda county sheriff's office said the bags were not in plain view. >> i just hope and pray that the body parts don't belong to my husband. but if it is, he has something to do with it. >> reporter: chai has been missing since mother's day. san francisco police named family friend bob tang a person of interest. they wanted to talk to him, but he took off. leaving his car at san francisco international airport. >> we believe he is in cambodia. >> reporter: u.s. trading company's owner said tang worked at the warehouse for 20 years. neighbors on borough street where tang lived say police were out here late week interested in another vehicle. >> there's a police car parked behind the car as they were towing it away. it was a range rover. >> reporter: the neighborhood mailman said he noticed a
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similar vehicle back at the home saturday. >> light colored older model range rover with two occupants. >> reporter: the chais and tangs were good family friends, part of a larger extended network that liked to hike and dine together. family friends who asked not to be identified showed this text message received today from a homicide detective, asking them to call him. both neighbors and friends say they can't imagine why tang would want to hurt chai. >> i hope they can get him back. >> reporter: in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. it's an emotional day for a san francisco family dealing with the loss of a man who died saving his young daughter's life. today officials identified the man as ronny al va rado. he and his 5-year-old daughter were kayaking off brannan island state park when their kayak overturned. his other daughter saw it all. she said her father and sister got into trouble when waves caused by nearby boats overturned their kayak.
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>> he really tried to get her. he was like that. and his head was in the water. he couldn't breathe. he made sure she was safe. he always took care of us. he always played with us. >> a good samaritan on a jet ski was able to grab the girl alvarado. neither he nor his daughter were wearing life jackets. an update on the investigation into a teenager's death at san francisco's land's end. 17-year-old torii died thursday after falling from a cliff near mile rock beach. investigators say she and two other teenagers disregarded a danger sign warning the area was closed. u.s. park police asked the hikers to adhere to all signage and keep a safe distance from cliff edges even in approved
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hiking areas. organizers of the effort to recall a santa clara county judge made it official today. abc 7 news was in san jose as opponents of judger rin persky filed recall papers. the campaign began after he brought turner to six months in jail for an on-campus sexual assault. >> we're tired of seeing sex offenders and domestic abuse perpetrators not being held accountable. >> if the petition is approved by the county, persky opponents will begin to gather signatures. more than 58,000 are needed to qualify for the june 28th county ballot. let's turn to our weather. let's take a live look from the east bay hills camera. nice and warm and sunny today. but a little breezy. >> especially here in the city. what's ahead for us? meteorologist drew tuma is in for spencer with the forecast. >> hi. not too cold, not too hot, kind of just in the middle, feeling
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nice after the heat wave of last week. live doppler 7 showing you the clouds are well away from the coast. in fact, we'll take you outside, a beautiful look from the emoryville camera. most spotsre sked in sunshine. we have an active breeze, gusting to about 24 miles per hour in napa, 21 that number in san carlos, 30 in fairfield. it will be a breezy night. temperatures on the slightly cool side for this time of the year. only 66 right now in san francisco. a comfortable 75 san jose. about 74 oakland. 87, though, in brentwood. grab the layers heading to the giants game. the fog will take over. about 57 as the game is wrapping up. future weather showing it will be a gray start for most of us tomorrow morning. that will set the stage for a cooler afternoon on the way. we'll let you know how long this cool weather will last coming up in the full forecast. eric? >> drew, thank you. a north san jose construction site was briefly evacuated because of a gas line break this morning. sky 7 was over the site near
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sanka road and innovation drive. people were told to evacuate. firefighters checked the site for pockets of gas, finding none, they gave the all clear and workers went back to their job. in lafayette, rescue crews responded to a traffic accident this afternoon that shut down the road for several hours. the crash forced the closure of about three miles of more ago road from st. mary's road to sky high drive. sky 7 was also over an area where a cow ran across eastbound lanes of 24. two cars got into an accident when they tried to avoid the cow around 12:30 this afternoon. no one was hurt. a short time later the cow ran up a hillside and back to its pasture. more help could soon be coming to crack down on car pool lane cheaters, a proposed amendment under discussion in sacramento. tiffany wilson has a closer look.
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>> reporter: drivers say hov diamonds are their best friend. >> you're obviously cutting ten minutes off your drive. >> reporter: lee is taking advantage of that perk, even when he's solo. >> definitely done it a few times in a crunch time. >> reporter: he's not alone. a study last year found about one in three car pool lane drivers should not be there. but the lack of enforcement has allowed the culture of cheating to continue. does it frustrate you if you're sitting in traffic doing the responsible thing and there you see them go down? >> yes. i get frustrated at that moment. i say, where are the cops. >> reporter: chp officers can only enforce cheating during overtime hours. so the ntc is turning to the state legislature for help. the ntc wants to amend a bill that would have a perk allowing electric and alternative fuel vehicles access to the lane if they purchase a sticker. those stickers currently cost $22. the mtc wants to double the
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price to $44 to raise money to cover the cost of overtime for chp patrols that would specifically target car pooling cheaters. drivers are split. >> yes, that's a good idea. >> no, there's probably better >> reporter: the next step is to meet with the bill's author next month. in menlo park, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. a popular san francisco play structure remains closed to the public after someone started it on fire early sunday morning, just across the street from the keeler stadium in golden gate park. abc 7 news was at the park this morning. you can see the extent of the damage. the fire left huge holes in the plastic slides and burned the wooden supports. police patrols will be increased in the area in case the arsonist decides to strike again. a suspect hasn't been identified. at the 11th hour, oakland is proposing to clean up its trash
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that ends up in the san francisco bay. >> leeann melendez is at city hall where the discussion will take place during tonight's budget meeting. leeann? >> reporter: it's going to be a long night. now, in that budget meeting, a number of plans will be introduced to keep trash from getting into the water of the san francisco bay. simply put, it's either pay now or later by being fined by the state. oakland has a trash problem that has been steadily getting worse. >> when it rains, all the trash that's on the streets goes straight into the storm drain and out into the bay. untreated. >> reporter: it first ends up in the creeks and es tu arys. the water control board mandated that cities with storm systems that feed into the bay must reduce the amount of trash by 70%. oakland is way behind. the only way to comply now is to
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spend more money on cleanup efforts, and a trapping system to keep the trash out. >> for oakland to avoid lawsuits and penalties that will cost xpayers a lot, they have to add this money to the budget and clean up more trash and do it quick. >> reporter: council member rebecca caplan wants the city to spend $2.3 million over two years to hire two crews and equipment to clean illegal dumping hot spots. these are where the homeless encampments are located and where people come to dump trash. >> that's why i'm saying don't wait for a member of the public to call in a complaint. assign work crews to hit the hot spots right away. so we get the trash out of our community. >> reporter: all that trash so close to storm drains is a threat to the bay. another oakland council member is behind another plan that will require millions of dollars. >> to put more of these trash capture devices on our drains and storm water system. that's going to help. but we have a lot more to do.
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>> reporter: oakland's goal is to have zero trash in its storm drains by 2022. in oakland, leeann melendez, abc 7 news. july 4th is just days away, and abc 7 news was in dublin where safe and sane fireworks are still sold. they open wednesday at noon. and while they fund a lot of good things, not everybody in the east bay is happy that dublin is still allowing fireworks sales. >> it's our biggest fund-raiser of the year. a lottery in dublin to get a booth. so we're always excited when we get one or two booths. >> don't use fireworks, go out and see a professional fireworks show. it's much, much safer, and generally they're free. >> fireworks are banned entirely in nearby contra costa county. union city and dublin county are the only to allow fireworks. 22 million more uninsured americans.
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>> stop the bill before it does damage to our health care. >> the congressional budget office gives its take on the senate health care bill. good news for drivers. the roads back open and close to open after this winter's bad storms. i'm kate larson live at at&t park. i've got it, the cheapest ticket in the house. right after the break, i'm going to tell you how much it cost. i promise it won't break the bank. and what's going on with ticket sales here now that the giants are continuing their slump. taking a live look at our traffic through san rafael on 101 southbound is your right side traffic. the traffic coming toward us is the northbound. it's moving quite nicely this afternoon.
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sorry giants fans, it's back, the june swoon has returned. more families can buy tickets this year to root for the home team. abc 7 news reporter kate larson is live at at&t park to explain exactly what's happening in the ticket office there. kate? >> reporter: well, here it is, the cheapest ticket at the box office is $9. it is for standing room only. the cheapest seat is $15. either way, a beer and a brat is going to cost you more. and the fans are taking notice. >> base hit into right field. >> reporter: the hits keep on coming against the giants. the latest strike being ticket sales, which for some are actually a grand slam. >> they're dropping. it's going to be a lot easier to
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bring a family. >> reporter: john brought his family from stockton to see tonight's game against the rockies. and since the june swoon prices are enough to keep them coming into the dog days of summer. >> we'll come to more than one game. >> as cheap as $15. i wouldn't doubt they will go down again closer to game time. >> reporter: the giants office confirming today a real softening of ticket prices in both the primary and secondary markets, because of the team's performance. the giants currently competing for the worst team in baseball. on stub hub the cheapest seats are just $6. if you want to splurge you can get a seat behind home plate at club level for $50. >> it was short notice. >> reporter: but not everyone has been finding the cheap seats. >> we had to go through a third party and paid almost 600 bucks for three seats. we were pretty high up. >> reporter: china basin has really grown up around at&t
4:16 pm
park. in large part because of the giants success. coming up in the next hour, at 5:00, how businesses like momos right across the street are doing, given this season's slump. live at at&t park, i'm kate larson, abc 7 news. >> kate, thank you. two san francisco giants infielders gave back to their community by throwing a pizza party for some of their youngest fans. they served fresh slices and signed autographs for children and their families. the hospice cares for terminally ill children and their parents. >> seeing these kids and try to put a smile on their face, seeing them happy, that just makes my day. it's just very rewarding. >> the pizza was donated by tony, jim and arnie. he's been donating pizzas to the house for the last ten years. a new america's cup champion was crowned as emirates team new zealand beat oracle team usa.
4:17 pm
new zealand won race nine today in bermuda to clinch the match. the oldest trophy in international sports now goes to the kiwis. 26-year-old burling the youngest ever to win the cup. >> he's a gold medal winner in the 49er class, a world champion in several classes of sailboats. he's a prodigy. i think it's fair to say we're going to see him for several more america's cups. >> this year marked a redemption for new zealand. the team blew an 8-1 lead to oracle in the last america's cup. which was held here in san francisco in 2013. good news for drivers in the santa cruz mountains, and in the east bay. one key road is open for the first time in months. and another is about to open after repair work was completed on winter storm damage. >> abc 7 news anchor kristen sze is here with new video from the
4:18 pm
drone 7. >> drone view 7 flying over the so cal san jose road. today marks the first time drivers have been able to use the major north-south route since february 13th. that's when this past winter storms watched out so much of the road. county officials shut it down indefinitely. they put this popular route on a priority repair list. the temporary fix is now complete. although engineers continue to work on a long-term fix. this means drivers will still find some restrictions. so be forewarned. there's also good news for east bay drivers. minor road in oh rin da is on track to reopening next monday. abc 7 news got a preview of the work today that's close to completion. you can see the new bridge over a creek. much different sight from january when a huge sinkhole formed. it caused the 97-year-old bridge to collapse. so bit by bit, the bay area is recovering from a winter that was brutal on the roads we
4:19 pm
travel. eric and ama? >> kristen, thank you. tioga pass in yosemite national park is still closed right now. the pictures from cal trans show you why. there's still a lot of snow, and melting snow is causing water to run over the road in multiple locations. there's no anticipated opening date at this point at least. abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma is in for spencer today checking on our weather. >> enjoy the cool pattern for the next couple of days. by the weekend, warmer air will arrive. enjoy this break from the heat while we have it. live doppler 7 showing you a really gorgeous picture out there. the fog well away from the coast. live doppler 7 giving you the active scan right now. it is coming up dry. beautiful as could be, not a cloud from the vantage point. baby blue skies soaked in sunshine. just one of those gorgeous summer afternoons we have across the region. out there right now, active breeze coming off of the ocean water is keeping our temperatures on the cool side.
4:20 pm
especially right along the immediate coastline. san francisco 66 right now. 64 half moon bay. comfortable inland. 80 in concord. no excessive heat this hour. 78 the number in san ramon. nice and comfortable in oakland. we'll keep the breeze between 10 and 20 miles per hour tonight. that breeze is really going to help to push a lot of the fog that will make its way on the coast. mid-50s for most of the region, starting tomorrow morning. hour by hour. 9:00, here we go, summer pattern, full effect, coastal fog making its presence known. it spreads across the majority of the region. tuesday morning, you can see about three-fourths of the region waking up to gray skies. typical summer-like fashion, midday the noon, lunchtime hour, the fog is pulling right back to the coastline. highs in the south bay on your tuesday, very comfortable numbers. similar to where we are right now. 75 in san jose tomorrow
4:21 pm
afternoon. along the peninsula, half moon bay, a lot of fog throughout the day. but cool, 64 your high. 72 palo alto. san mateo about 70 degrees. downtown san francisco, just slightly below normal for this time of the year, 66, cloudy in daly city tomorrow at 59. north bay, 61 simpson's beach. 78 calistoga. east bay, upper 60s to lower 70s. 72 fremont. inland, we're comfortable for this time of the year. 79 in pittsburg. 81 in brentwood. folks enjoying a nice day off on the afternoon. a couple of those daredevils dipping their toes in the ocean water. it's a cool 60 degrees right now if you're headed to the coast tomorrow. we'll have the morning marine layer breaking out for afternoon sunshine. do note that uv index is extreme right now. slap on that sunscreen. your skin can burn unprotected
4:22 pm
in less than ten minutes. sunny and really pleasant tomorrow. we could have morning drizzle along the coast wednesday with sunshine. we'll start to get a little warmer thursday and friday. by the weekend we're back in the low 90s inland, but nothing too uncomfortable. it stays in the summer-like pattern for much of next week, even next tuesday, july 4th, looking comfortable. >> thank you, drew. a big honor for draymond green. why these trees are getting all dressed up for winter.
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4:24 pm
draymond green first place votes. the warriors forward average two a game this season. he was also the first player in golden state history with at least 150 steals, and 100 blocks in a season.
4:25 pm
green is also a finalist for defensive player of the year. for the first time ever, the awards will be televised. that's tonight. green's been the defensive player runner-up each of the last two seasons behind the spurs. andre iguodala is the finalist for sixth man of the year. facebook is preparing to go hollywood. according to a report in "the wall street journal," the social network is in talks to develop and acquire original scripted tv shows. facebook is willing to spend as much as $3 million per episode. it's already reportedly lined up a relationship drama as well as a game show. amazon is considering beehive-like structures for its delivery drones. the u.s. patent and trademark office just recently published this back in 2015. they would serve as fulfillment centers for drones to take off and land. amazon said the centers could be placed in tensely populated
4:26 pm
urban areas, unlike their current warehouses which are on the outskirts of cities where space is available. summer trees in san francisco are wearing an extra layer and it's all in the name of art. the knit for life project crocheted sweaters around several trees. sisters were commissioned by the city to dress the trees as part of a public art project. tomorrow and wednesday the sisters will knit sweaters around trees located in civic center plaza. there are new details about that senate health care bill. why 22 million more americans could lose their insurance. plus, what the supreme court is saying about president trump's travel ban. why part of it can go forward. and check this out. that's not turbulence. what caused a flight out of australia to shake like that.
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stories making headlines at 4:30. san francisco's medical examiner said it could take several days to positively identify human remains found over the weekend in a hayward warehouse. they're believed to be that of missing uber driver chai. warehouse owners say person of interest bob tang also considered a chai family friend worked at the location for 20 years. abc 7 news reporter leslie
4:30 pm
brinkley tweeted this photo you see from the sacramento river delta, where the body of a san francisco man was found this morning near rio vista. ronny al va rado and his 5-year-old daughter were kayaking when both went into the water. he saved his daughter but died doing it. "world news" tonight, paneling used in the grenfell tower will no longer sell the material. thos aluminum panels may have contributed to the fast-moving fatal fire. the supreme court today said it will allow a modified version of president trump's travel ban to go into effect. the court will hear on the case in the fall. abc news reporter zack is live in washington. the trump administration is already calling this a victory. >> reporter: that's right, ama. they are saying that it is a clear victory for in the president's words, our national security. a few would dispute that.
4:31 pm
fundamentally, even as the state department is trying to assess how many visitors will be affected by this modified travel ban, one thing is true, by thursday it will be in effect. visitors coming into the united states without a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the u.s. can in fact be turned away, the supreme court announced. supporting in part the white house's temporary travel ban. in a statement president trump called this a clear victory for our national security. but the reality may be more nuanced. >> it was surprising. it wasn't a big win for the administration. it wasn't a big loss for the administration. it really did split the baby. >> reporter: while the court decided to overturn the injunction against the travel ban allowing it to go into effect, they provide an exception for people who have relatives in the u.s., students accepted into universities here and workers employed by american companies. a move that proptd dissent by three of the more conservative justices. who wanted to allow the full
4:32 pm
travel ban to take place without any additional exceptions offered by the court. opponents argue allowing part of the ban to go forward is a setback, including the refugees identified in the pan. >> the fact that this is a temporary suspension gives us no comfort at all. our clients' lives are in danger right now. by delaying their cases for ten days or 20 days or 120 days, that means they could be killed while they're waiting for the supreme court to make a decision on this case. >> reporter: now, the court will hear the fl case when they are back in session in the fall. but one thing interesting about this, it was a temporary travel ban. it's supposed to last 90 and 120 days. it's quite possible now that it's going into effect this week that it will be done by the time the opening arguments are first heard by the supreme court. reporting from outside the court, abc 7 news. ama? >> the supreme court today said it will also be hearing an anti-discrimination case out of
4:33 pm
colorado. what can you tell us about that case. >> reporter: that's right. that's the case of the baker who refused to make a cake for a same-sex marriage, arguing that his artistic creations, that he shouldn't be forced to do so out of the -- his religious liberties, that it violated his sense of religious freedom. so they're going to be hearing that case. and we also heard them make a ruling on another same-sex case, arguing that in the case of same-sex couples who have children, they overturned the highest court in arkansas saying that both the parents, even the nonbiological one, can be listed on the birth certificate. so that now is the rule of law in this country. ama? >> all right. thank you so much, lana zack. it's been two years since the supreme court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide. a few research centers surveyed found that for the first time. a majority of african-americans and baby boomers support it.
4:34 pm
republicans are split almost evenly. house minority leader nancy pelosi says house democrats are now fighting to pass the equality act which would amend the civil rights act to include lgbt people. she released a statement saying, quote, we will never stop fighting until all americans can live authentic lives, full of dignity, pride and love. late this afternoon, the nonpartisan congressional budget office came out with its score of the senate health care bill and it's not good. the cbo said the bill will knock 22 million americans off insurance rolls. maggie has the latest. >> reporter: according to a just released report from the nonpartisan congressional budget office, by 2026, the new plan will increase the number of people uninsured by 22 million. and reduce the federal deficit by $321 billion. senate republicans have been revising their version of a bill to repeal and replace obamacare hoping to win over both conservative and moderate republicans in time for a vote
4:35 pm
on the bill planned for this week. president trump is working the phones. >> he made several calls to multiple senators to hear their concerns, and get their ideas. >> reporter: democrats are united in their opposition. >> we've got to stop this bill before it does damage to our health care. >> reporter: just today, the american medical association denounced the new bill, saying it doesn't live up to the medical standard of first do no harm. warning that with the senate bill, the insurance of millions is under threat, especially the elderly in nursing homes and people with disabilities who rely heavily on medicaid. the senate bill is projected to slash spending on medicaid by $800 billion. >> over a ten-year period, medicaid funding will be significantly curtailed. >> reporter: the white house said don't call these cuts. >> we don't see them as cuts, it's slowing the rate of growth in the future and getting medicaid back to where it was. >> reporter: republicans are now working overtime to get their party onboard. they can only afford to lose two
4:36 pm
votes. and already, at least five have said they cannot vote for the bill as is. despite calls from both sides of the aisle, to postpone the vote, the senate majority leaders still plan to hold a vote before the end of the week, when senators leave for july recess. jury selection began today in the trial of the former pharmaceutical executive accused of cheating his former company out of millions of dollars. prosecutors say martin shkreli said he used the money to pay off personal loans and other debts. he faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. sh kelli is best known for hiking a price of a life saving aids drug by more than 5,000%. disruptive passenger was detained after trying to open an emergency exit onboard a flight from los angeles to houston. the woman was tackled by an off-duty police officer and other passengers when she tried
4:37 pm
opening an overwing exit mid-flight. her hands were zip tied and the flight was diverted to corpus christi where the passenger was removed. a fractured turbine blade caused a plane to shake like a washing machine yesterday, and the pilots to give this worrisome announcement. >> please listen to everything. our survival depends on your cooperation. >> passengers on air asia x flight 237 recorded video inside the cabin as the airbus a-330 returned to pert pert, australia, for a safe landing. pilots shut down the seriously damaged engine. australia's transportation safety board is calling it a serious incident and is investigating what caused the blade to break off midair. a minnesota city has reached a settlement with the family of a black motorist killed by a police officer. the city of st. anthony will pay $3 million to the family of
4:38 pm
castillo, the 33-year-old cafeteria worker killed during a traffic stop. the shooting gained widespread attention, after castille's girlfriend live streamed the aftermath on facebook. they found the officer not guilty. the juror in the bill cosby sexual assault case is telling his story publicly for the first time. the 21-year-old's only tv interview was with abc news after 52 hours of deliberations, he and the 11 other jurors could not reach a unanimous decision. duggan said after changing his mind many times, he came to the conclusion that cosby was guilty. >> he said himself, it was in a 2005 deposition, when they were asking him, would you use the word consent. he said, i wouldn't use that word. i was like, pretty much said it there, man. somebody brought it up inside the room. deliberation room. and so we went back out to hear it.
4:39 pm
just like a light bulb in my head. >> he said if there had been more evidence, the decision would have been easier. why the body of a painter is going to be exhumed. wildfires burning across the southwest. the concerns facing firefighters right now. i'm meteorologist drew tuma. a live look from the south beach camera. temperatures are below normal today, it won't always stay that wa
4:40 pm
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>> me an 20 fires are still burning acrosshe country. hardest hit, the soith west where extreme heat and low humidity making containing those blazes extremely difficult. >> reporter: firefighters are dealing with gusty winds and dry conditions, battling this utah wildfire that's forced over 15,000 people from their homes. >> if we get high winds, then it's going to become a safety issue, and we'll have to back those firefighters off. >> reporter: the brian head fire has burned over 43,000 acres and is only 10% contained. the fire sparked by someone using a torch to burn weeds, has grown to the largest active wildfire in the country. >> it's a lot of memories there. a lot of them. >> reporter: residents are watching the flames. sam is concerned his nearly 50-year-old cabin might not survive. >> i don't know how it's going to turn out.
4:43 pm
there's an awful lot of love and memories that go with that. anytime something like this goes through, there's anxiety involved. >> reporter: 21 wildfires continue to burn across eight states. officials blaming the dangerous mixture of triple-digit heat, bone-dry terrain and high winds for the growing infernos. red flag warnings and heat alerts continue through much of the west. in arizona, choppers fight this blaze from above. nearly 1,000 acres in the prescott national forest burned. meantime, crews here in california are allowing residents back in to about 100 canyon homes near santa clarita, north of l.a. over the weekend, a fire consumed close to 1 1/2 square miles, closing a major freeway while crews battled flames. alex stone, abc news, los angeles. now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. the clouds and fog well away from the coast right now. so we are enjoying mainly clear
4:44 pm
skies across the majority of the region. but tonight, very typical summer pattern will prevail. the clouds are going to move into the coast first and then inland. a lot of cloud cover overnight and that will keep the temperatures around mid-50s in most locations. tomorrow the fog pulls back to the coast. temperatures will be slightly on the cool side for this time of year. cool 66 in san francisco. 70 in oakland. warmest spot topping out at 80 degrees. santa rosa 77. we want to give you a quick update on the pollen. it's still having some issues in terms of tree pollen and grass pollen. your main offender is pine trees. the uv index running very high to extremes. next seven days, pleasant day tomorrow. we'll see a little bit of morning coastal drizzle wednesday. the numbers will slightly warm thursday, friday, into saturday. no excessive heat, all signs over the holiday weekend are looking aok. >> all right. thank you so much, drew.
4:45 pm
>> sure. >> i like the no excessive. last week we told you about snapchat's new features. the maps are raising concerns with parent is there such a thing as a quick and cheap fix for your credit? what y
4:46 pm
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4:48 pm
now on new concerns about snapchat. just about every kid uses it, and if yours is one of them, you need to know about the new feature called snap maps. abc news reporter jesse palmer is here with more on the red flags it's raising. >> reporter: thanks to a new snapchat feature called snap map, not only can you see exactly what your friends are doing, you can also track them down to join the fun. but this morning many parents of younger snapchat users are worried that the sharing has gone too far, putting their kids' privacy at risk. >> this is particularly concerning to parents. snapchat is one of the most popular social networks. >> reporter: how does it work? if you update your snapchat app on your phone, you'll be prompted to either opt in, sharing your location on snap map, or staying ghost mode. so you can see where others are, but they can't see you. according to snapchat, it's impossible to share your
4:49 pm
locations with someone who isn't your friend. you can even select which friends see you and win ones don't. the map only updates your location when you're actually using the app. still, some parents fear this type of visibility makes their kids vulnerable. >> you as a parent want to know who your children's friends are in snapchat because they can at any time toggle the settings to share their location or not with those people in senate chat. >> reporter: it may be alarming for parents. location sharing isn't new. apps like facebook messenger and apple spy on my friends allow you to share your specific location with others. since this type of technology isn't going 'way anytime soon, talking to kids about who they add on snapchat, being selective about what the word friend means, and above all when your kids update their app, make sure you're up to date on what that means to them. abc news, los angeles. girl scouts are going to be able to learn about cybersecurity. thanks to a collaboration with cybersecurity firm palo alto
4:50 pm
networks, scouts will be able to earn 18 cybersecurity badges next year. it will help them explore opportunities in science, technology, engineering and math. the tasks girls will do to earn the badges are still being developed. time for "ask finney." michael finney here to answer questions sent to him via facebook, twitter and e-mail. carl from oakland asks, all those companies that are coming out to fix your credit for $29.99, $39.99, are they a scam or do they really fix your credit? >> there are some legitimate credit repair companies out there. but they can't do anything you can't. they complain to the credit reporting bureau and try to get the information taken off. the credit bureau has 30 days to check and see if the information is correct. so do it yourself. just get a free credit report by going to annual credit look for loans that are not yours or any other information that's not correct. complain and see what happens.
4:51 pm
i've got to tell you, there are a few high-end credit repair professionals who can up your credit score. but they're far outnumbered cenby the fake. >> ramona from daly said asked, is this the best time to buy a house? >> i get this question a lot. it's important for anyone in the housing market. but there's really no way to know. here's the bottom line. here in the bay area if you have a secure job, planning to live in the home a few years, you're probably pretty safe in buying in any market. cut the best deal you can. wait for a while and you'll look like a financial genius. >> speaking of financial geniuses, zoe is asking is there such a thing as a $1,000 bill? >> ama has a pocket filled with them, right? a few decades ago, a $1,000 bill did exist. alexander hamilton and grover cleveland were pictured on the
4:52 pm
bill. the bills were not for buying stuff at the store really, they were for bank transfers. all of that is done by computers now. the government stopped distributing the bills during world war ii. they are now collector's items. that's just about it. >> her picture's on those bills. >> around here, they are. >> if you have a question, record a 10 to 15-second long video, post it on social media with the #ask finney and we'll answer it right here. >> michael, thank you. >> sure. the remains of a painter will be ex humid after a woman who claims to be his daughter filed a paternity claim. a court in spain claimed the body can be exhumed to get samples to determine if he's the father of martinez. the 60-year-old woman has been trying to prove that dali was her father since 2007. she said her mother had a secret relationship with the painter
4:53 pm
around the time martinez was born. harry potter was introduced to the world 20 years ago today. they hit the bookshelves june 26th, 1997. since then, more than 450 million copies of the books have been sold. and the movies based on them have brought in more than $2 billion. author j.k. rowling was rejected by several publishers before the first book came out. we're excited to get this going. it's the final bit of approval. >> what has a project off track right now. what's coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. coming up next, a victory for governor brown today in his decades-old plan to send northern california water south. also, some americans are tired of tv the way it is now. from "7 on your side's" michael finney, what they want instead. have you ever seen a lobster this big? it's where it turned out that's
4:54 pm
an even bigger story. i'll joiner rick for abc 7 news at 5:00.
4:55 pm
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coming up tonight, the bachelorette, followed by celebrity family feud, then stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. after years of waiting, the public is finally going to get to ride the long-awaited smart train in sonoma and marin counties. it has a soft opening. here's abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman with the story. >> reporter: in sonoma and marin county, the half billion dollar question. when will real service begin. >> next spring. >> reporter: now reality from sonoma county supervisor. >> within a couple weeks' time. >> reporter: originally it planned to open last november. engine problems pushed it back to early june. now as we approach july, the railroad has announced free
4:58 pm
preview rides beginning thursday. meantime, it has yet to earn approval from the federal railroad administration for an automated control system. >> every request they have, we need to respond to. >> reporter: meantime, smart has local critics who say the railroad has yet to meet their needs. >> as far as i'm concerned, they're on notice right now for their liability if a pedestrian gets hit. >> reporter: residents fought the railroad for years about this crossing through the middle of town. now they wonder why smart installed fences to 30 inches in order to keep pedestrians off the tracks. every day flagmen stand by to maintain safety. >> they've been responsive to the point of a gun. >> reporter: now the county will spend more than $2 million on sidewalk and traffic fixes. the railroad will be installing extra gates. so why didn't smart get this right the first time? >> it's going to be much, much better. should have been done from day one.
4:59 pm
that will do it for the news at 4:00. thank you for joining us. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts now. a family's strength after a tragic accident in the delta. a young dad dies while saving his little girl. a grisly discovery in an east bay warehouse. plus -- >> the concern among local muslims on today's supreme court announcement on president trump's travel ban. a major boost from governor brown's decades-old ambition to change california's water system. he always -- he never -- he always took care of us. he always played with us. >> a daughter's heartbreak. her family in mourning after her dad, a san francisco man, drowned when his kayak overturned.
5:00 pm
i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. an 11-year-old wanted to talk about her dad, and the tragedy that took his life. >> today authorities identified ronny alvarado as he saved his 5-year-old daughter's life. investators say neither was wearing a life jacket. >> leslie brinkley joins us live from the newsroom with the latest. >> kristen and eric, the whole family was having a picnic whe the dad took his 5-year-old daughter on a kayak ride. they were not, as you said, wearing life vests. his other daughter, 11-year-old maria, watched it all happen from the shore. and she wanted to share with me her dad's heroism. >> they were going really fast and they made waves. when the waves hit, the side


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